Not exactly accurate as it is the demise of a marriage that has led to the mass homelessness of men.

We have spent many years on the streets discussing the problems of why men end up homeless. For most men it isn't alcoholism or drugs that see them struggle to cope with the horrendous task of surviving on the streets, for many the trigger was the breakdown in their relationship with either their wife or partner.

Due to the take over of family courts by freemasonic judges and lawyers, land and property theft is disguised as family law and justifies the removal of men, who had thought they previously owned their homes, but also equally for men who used to live in rented properties and so heavily weighted in favour of women the system is geared up to throw men onto the streets despite maybe paying a lifetime of mortgages in many cases into the millions . Along comes a lawyer with an A4 sheet of paper with a masonic judges signature and you find yourself very swiftly with no roof over your head.

Sadly many men find out to late to do anything about this and it is only when they are staring at a lonely road with nowhere to go that the reality kicks in that NO MAN is safe from the clutches of the thugs that have taken over, by stealth, land and property theft. The legal mafia have the total monopoly of land, business and property contracts right across the planet and were there is a monopoly you can be sure there is massive fraud on a scale so vast no one has yet calculated the exact figure as to how many properties are stolen by judges making up the law as they go along. All of this a front for the global freemason mafia that weakens men not part of their creepy satanic network while propping up their vast coffers with assets stolen from men screwed in their utter dens of iniquity.

ALL men require to understand the enormity of the threat now facing their future as there are countless stories of men stripped of all their worldly possessions and sleeping rough after they have been put through the torture of secret star chambers courts that operate via a sinister cabal of some of the most ruthless bastards on the planet. We do not underestimate the enormity of what men now face if they settle into a relationship of any kind with a female. The odds are stacked against the men who will be their next victims and who will find out the speed at which homelessness rises up and grabs them by the balls before they have had a chance to realise what has hit them.

For many men the most frightening experience outside a war they will ever encounter. The psychological methods used to break men who dare to stand up to these scumbags has seen a massive rise in suicides caused by the financial and mental pressure they use to destroy any last bastions of fight left in their victims . They are the world's ultimate parasites who have to be STOPPED.