$1,500,880,000,000 THE COST OF THE ANNUAL WAR BILL

While the Media Industrial Complex pumps out propaganda that there is no money they fail to mention the incalculable waste spent on our behalf by the Political Industrial Complex a system we are forced to vote for every few years and does not come close to what REAL democracy should be about.

Unless you are ONE of them or part of the political parties that are sanctioned by the ruling elite you won't be getting air time soon on their heavily controlled media machine to tell the voters what you stand for. When the lackeys get into power (through dodgy rigged elections) they immediately condone the enormous waste of energy and resources that are being pumped into the Military Industrial Complex, the Space Industrial Complex and the Science Industrial Complex.

While millions are being made homeless , or are already homeless, globally these mobsters rubber stamp $1.5 trillion ($1,500,880,000,000) on the annual war bill, $9billion ($9,000,000,000) approx. spent so far on the LHC Large Hadron Collider at Cerne , and the $150 billion (150,000,000,000) approx. spent so far on the ISS International Space Station. These sums are SO VAST the ordinary Joe on the street fails to comprehend the enormity of why OUR supposed leaders entertain themselves with what many regard as scientific trivia while we struggle to keep a roof over our heads and feed and cloth our families.

You would think before the human race would start spending vast amounts on potentially worthless science, most of it relating to the military, we would see our slums cleared and the poorest given a decent standard of living prior to any fanciful ideas about visiting other planets or finding the GOD particle? However we are not being ruled over by decent guys with morals and ethics we are being enslaved by a breed of psychopaths , who have for centuries, been manipulating the earth for their own ulterior motives of superiority and with outlandish, even sinister experimenting, at the very edge of science to the endangerment of all humanity.

These people in power have signed their souls away to the devil and any deviation from the ruling elites plans will see them being quickly snubbed out, as was the case with JFK who dared to warn the world about what those sinister plans might lead to. There is no doubt technology is allowing the people of this planet to awaken from this nightmare scenario , a side effect of their tinkering as the internet was originally designed primarily as a complex war communications network that has caught the powers that be by surprise, but will it be quick enough before another great war is created to destroy what we have learnt through the free flow of information?

There is no doubt these monsters are desperate to continue on their destructive path with vast waste instead of vast wealth redistribution. They must be stopped from the continuing madness until all of humanity has reached a level of decency that can easily be achieved by refraining from the vast plundering of our hard earned wealth on absurd and ridiculous science experimenting and warmongering. Those who believe the lie they spin that there is no money in the kitty need to study closely where our money is going and without a radical change of policy the human race is going nowhere while we turn a blind eye to the enormous suffering of those paying a heavy price for our leaders selfish squandering of this planets limited resources.

  • Large Hadron Collider LHC approx. cost $9billion (9,000,000,000) as of Jun 2010
  • $150 (150,000,000,000)billion (total cost to date)of the ISS
  • What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy