caner In the boom years of the buy-to-let market, businessman Cevdet Caner made a career, and a sizeable fortune, in the property market. So it is perhaps ironic that following the collapse of his company in the recession his £20m home has been seized in what is thought to be Britain's biggest ever house repossession.

Last week court-appointed bailiffs officially repossessed the six-storey luxury flat in Charles Street in London's exclusive Mayfair district. And today the house will be put on the market by estate agents Hamptons International together with Sotheby's, with a list price of £20m. The sale brings to an end a rags-to-riches tale which has seen Mr Caner, son of a modest Turkish immigrant, rise to become to a billionaire property magnate with a portfolio of nearly 30,000 properties, and then go bust. The repossession saga started in December last year, when administrators were appointed to oversee debts of £1.2bn that Mr Caner owed various creditors following the collapse of his property empire in August. Then they put the house up for sale, evicting the businessman in the process.

But Mr Caner, 35, fought the sale and eviction, claiming that he had twice offered to repay the mortgage on the property but had been rejected by Investec, his mortgage lender. Investec refused to comment on this suggestion. He also blamed his financial woes on the banks who had pledged to loan him money but then apparently reneged on the deal, rather than on any mismanagement on his part. However he lost his battle. Mr Caner moved out two weeks ago and on Friday the receivers Allsop, working for Investec, confirmed it had taken control of the property, "a rare beast" on "one of the best sites in Mayfair", according to Jon Gershinson, a partner at Allsop.

The value of the property is twice that of Britain's previous biggest repossession: in September, Robert Bonnier, 38, had his £11m home in Holland Park, west London, seized. A spokeswoman for Hamptons said: "It is highly unusual for a property at the top end of the residential market like this to be repossessed." Mr Caner bought the property in July 2007 for £16m and spent £6m refurbishing it. It boasts 11,500 square feet of floorspace and has a mews house and underground swimming pool. It also has a wood-panelled boardroom, which the Austrian-born Mr Caner used as an office when in London. Planning permission was obtained in December last year to demolish a carriage building at the rear of the house and rebuild it as a garage, with a four-bedroom apartment upstairs and a sauna, gymnasium and solarium in the basement. It is unclear whether this work was ever carried out.

Mr Caner was born in Austria, the youngest of seven offspring of Turkish immigrants to Europe. He began property investments in 2003 after reading that income from rent would easily cover the cost of borrowing money to buy buildings. He had started his first venture, a company operating call centres, as a business school student in his hometown of Linz – where he was also president of the Young Socialists. He gradually reduced his stake in that company, CLC, until he was ousted by the board in 2002. Two years later it went bust. Then between 2004 and 2007, relying on bank borrowing, he spent £1.5bn buying 27,000 Communist-era social housing units in East Germany, while getting used to a lavish lifestyle. As well as his Mayfair home, he owned a £4m house in Berlin, and he once said that he spent 500 hours a year in his private jet commuting between London, Berlin and Linz, where his aides managed 200 companies registered in Germany, Jersey, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.

The business came unstuck after wrongly predicting that home ownership in Germany was set to rise at the rate it had in the UK. Zurich-based bank Credit Suisse is now the main creditor heading a list of many, and is owed about £250m.

Mr Caner says his undoing began in March 2007 when Credit Suisse offered him a £93m bridging loan while his German houses were being sold. "It was my biggest mistake," he told Bloomberg news agency. "I was too greedy and wanted to grow my portfolio faster." Despite his current predicament, Mr Caner plans to fight Credit Suisse's demands with a view to clearing his name and, incredibly, returning to property investment. "German real estate looks extremely interesting," he said. "That's why I have to fight to show that the wrongdoing was all on the other side. I know I'm right."

  • Property tycoon forced to sell £20 million home after going bust

    repo There may be as many as 75,000 homes repossessed this year – destroying lives, families and communities. From today, The Big Issue is calling upon the government to freeze repossessions during the current economic climate – to prevent the onset of a social disaster

    When a person or family loses the roof over their heads, the consequences are devastating. There are months of uncertainty leading up to a single repossession; there’s the humiliation of having bailiffs flanked by police officers evict you from your home; then there’s the anxiety and instability of being re-housed. The impact can be long-lasting, and for some it is a route to long-term poverty and substantial debt.

    Today, The Big Issue, along with new campaigning group 38 Degrees, are calling on the government to freeze all repossessions during the current recession and to keep irresponsible mortgage lenders in check. We are urging Big Issue readers to sign our petition, which we will present to Gordon Brown. We want the government to explore the alternatives to repossession and act to make the lives of thousands of people secure for the future. “The government are busy bailing out the banks, but offering little to ordinary people,” says Big Issue editor-in-chief John Bird. “They have a moral responsibility to keep people in their homes. We cannot see people dragged into homelessness to then wait decades for them to get out.

    “There has to be investment in the lives of individuals and families, otherwise they will be the ones filling our streets and our hostels: the places where people don’t keep their families or their sanity.” Working alongside The Big Issue is 38 Degrees, a people-powered campaign group that launched last month in response to the growing numbers of people who feel let down by politicians, and unheard in the decision-making process. Executive director of 38 Degrees, David Babbs, says: “Campaigning together is vital if we are to prevent the gulf between rich and poor deepening even further in the UK.

    “Repossessions are a disaster, whether we’re directly affected or not, and together we can put pressure on the government to do much more to stop them.” The current economic crisis affects us all. It was sparked by a collapse in the housing market, but its origins go back further. Since the 1970s, successive gov-ernments have pushed home ownership, but it has come at a price. Deregulation in the banking sector has led to reckless mortgage-lending to the public. Now, rising unemployment and fluctuating interest rates have seen home reposs-ession rates double in England and Wales since 2008. Predictions for 2009 suggest that there may be as many as 75,000 repossessions. This is equivalent to 200 homes lost every day. In the midst of financial collapse in September 2008, the government responded to the problem. They launched a £285m Mortgage Rescue Package designed to prevent the most vulnerable families in England and Wales losing their homes.

    The scheme is twofold: struggling homeowners can receive a loan from a housing association borrowed against the value of their property, allowing their mortgage repayments to reduce; and a mortgage-to-rent scheme, where the debt is cleared completely by a housing association and the former homeowner pays rent to them at a level they can afford. But critics’ fears were borne out last month when it was revealed that, due to the narrowness in eligibility, only one family in England had benefited from the measures since their introduction in January 2009. In Wales, 36 homeowners have benefited: not a promising start for the 6,000 people that communities secretary Hazel Blears pledged the emergency measures would help over the next two years. Similarly, in December 2008 the government launched a secondary measure, the Mortgage Support Scheme, which aimed to help people who couldn’t pay their mortgage in the short term. Yet by April this year, half of the eight biggest mortgage lenders had refused to sign up to the scheme.

    Rising repossession rates, however, don’t just affect the individuals and families whose security is shattered. There are broader negative social consequences, too. A recent study by Glasgow University looked at the impact of repossession on communities. They concluded that clusters of repossessions can depress house prices in a local area, and, as the properties lie vacant, crime begins to thrive. The study also concluded that higher rates of repossession could further destabilise the banking sector resulting in a long-lasting and deeper recession.

    Over the coming weeks, The Big Issue will examine repossession in its entirety, and map out the ways in which a moratorium could work. As well as examining the issues, we will also be calling on expert opinion from all sides of the debate. “Together we can bring the issues to life, with coverage that reflects the reality of repossession for the people directly affected by it,” adds David Babbs. “If enough readers join us in this campaign we can make repossessions an issue politicians can’t ignore. “Bankers’ mismanagement should not mean that we suddenly lose ground on things we’ve all spent years fighting for, like reductions in child poverty and rough sleeping, which rising repossessions could now threaten.”

  • Petition urging the government to freeze repossessions and keep irresponsible lenders in check

    rbs He's an ominous tale for all you middle-aged male bankers thinking that you need to spice up your life.

    The Daily Record reports that two brothers were convicted earlier this week of blackmailing a banker over his frequent visits to a Scottish sauna, and escapades with a vice girl known as 'Cindy'.

    Leslie Hogarth, 55, an IT professional over at Royal Bank of Scotland, apparently met Cindy (real name Catherine Purcell) at the sauna for twice-weekly sessions over a three-year period. He clearly became infatuated with the 'masseur', and began to drive her to and from 'work', and showered her with gifts, including once allegedly giving her money for heroin, which, she claimed, helped ease the pain she said she suffered due to Crohn's disease. In reality, Ms Purcell is said to have been a heroin addict.

    Anyway, Ms Purcell had a boyfriend, 39-year-old Stephen Dobson, and Dobson and his brother John, 36, thought it would be a good idea to blackmail Hogarth, by threatening to reveal his shenanigans to his wife. But the brothers Dobson didn't stop there. In fact, they threatened violence against Hogarth (saying that they would cut off his little 'finger'), and his family, unless he paid up. And pay up he did - to the tune of $16,000.

    The whole sordid little episode ended up in court, and the brothers Dobson were convicted of extortion. Taking the moral high ground, Ms Purcell said at the trial that 'any man who has to come to a sauna to pay for sex is a bit perverted'. She also claimed that she was unaware of the plot her boyfriend had hatched against Hogarth. Hogarth, who was described at the trial as a man who had 'mug' written all over his face, said that his wife was now 'considering a divorce'.

    And there's a post-script to this story, too. As this matter was being investigated, it was discovered that Edinburgh sheriff (basically a judge) Andrew Lothian, 66, was a regular client of Ms Purcell too (he was apparently into spanking and whipping sessions). Anyway, he was forced to resign following the revelations. You couldn't make this stuff up!


    Ian Parrott Only one example of the ruthless house thieves that operate in Britain. Corrupt judges,lawyers,banks,bailiffs and cops, many who are MASONS, using British courts to seize homes illegally on a grand scale. THIS UTTER NONSENSE MUST BE STOPPED.

    Father returns home to find house boarded up after 'incompetent' bailiffs repossess wrong property

    A semi-retired father-of-two returned home to find 'incompetent' court bailiffs had repossessed his house by mistake. Ian Parrott, 62, discovered his locks had been changed, the letterbox boarded up, and a repossession order hanging in his window.

    The notice said his detached home in Eynesbury, Cambridgeshire, had been repossessed and that he had seven days to reclaim his belongings. But Mr Parrott, who is single and has no debt or mortgage, investigated the mistake and found the bailiffs should have visited a house with the same number - 47 - on another road 200 yards away. The gaffe forced Mr Parrott, who is semi-retired and has a hip complaint, to stay at his son's house until he was given a key and finally allowed back in.

    Mr Parrott, who inherited the house on April 1 from his late father, said the mistake by Huntington County Court was 'disgraceful'. He said: 'What has happened is outrageous. It's just sheer bloody incompetence. A two-year-old child could have done a better job. 'The courts need to look at their strategy if they are sending round such incompetent people. 'I felt my home had been invaded. It's trespassing and I find it terrifying they can do this and get away with it.'

    The ordeal began last Thursday when Mr Parrott, who works with engineer son Mark, 20, returned home at around 7pm. After he was unable to gain entry, he spent hours with a neighbour until Mark came to his aid at 11pm. He said: 'I tried my key in the front door and spent about 15 minutes trying to get in.

    'Then I saw the letterbox had been boarded up and walked around the front of the house to see a repossession order in the window. 'My son had to drive half an hour at 11 o'clock at night to pick me up or I would have been sleeping on the street.' The following morning, Ian and Mark visited nearby Lovett Residential estate agents, which was named as the key-holders, to demand an explanation.

    There they were told bailiffs, who were on the orders of Peterborough County Court, had got the two addresses mixed up. The two roads in question merge into each other, with no sign saying where one ends and the other begins. Mr Parrott was finally given a key but found bailiffs had emptied his fridge and freezer, drained his radiators and turned off his gas, electricity and water.

    A contractor came round to reconnect the utilities and clear up the 'awful mess' that was left behind. 'I have been ridden roughshod over with no apology,' Mr Parrott said. 'I don't even know who is responsible. 'No one has told me who the bailiffs are and no one seems to be being held accountable for their actions.'

    A spokesman for the Magistrates' Court Service said: 'We apologise to Mr Parrott. There was a misunderstanding over the address which we resolved as soon as we became aware of it.' A spokeswoman for Lovetts added: 'This wasn't down to us it was down to the courts. 'We did everything to help Mr Parrott get into his property but we had nothing to do with repossessing the wrong house.' The original reposession order was applied for by GE Money Home Lending.

    A spokesperson for the company said: 'We have been made aware that, as a result of an administrative error by Huntingdon County Court, bailiffs were instructed to take possession of an incorrect property. 'As the original case related to a GE Money Home Lending borrower, we have expressed our disappointment that such an error could have occurred. 'We understand that the Court Manager has now apologised to the tenants involved and we have requested a full investigation by the court into the circumstances which led to this action being taken.'


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  • There has been plenty of proof for a long time that the Land Registry aid and abet lawyers in the UK stealing land and property, especially in the utterly corrupt and secretive family courts.









    masonic banker While the masonic corporate media struggle to explain away the biggest banking scam in history, lets put a little perspective on the usual disinformation that arises when masonic plots go wrong. Zionist Madoff will be a high level mason as was Stanford, why else would British and American bankers, who are all masons, put so much money into their BOGUS investments without proper checks and balances?

    As long as they are in the right lodges, thats all they would need to LODGE our money in their accounts. What is shocking is that both men are still FREE and every law enforcement agency and regulatory body have at no time taken the steps to have them jailed pending prosecution. Conveniently the political leaders skull and bones Bush and New World Order Blair and Brown are all high level masons who allowed carte blanche to their masonic banking buddies to go ahead and do what they liked, with banking regulation dramatically reduced and assured, by putting their key lodge buddies in charge of that side of the business.

    Why are the regulators not in jail as part of that scam ? In fact why are the three Bxxxxxx's Bush ,Blair and Brown not jailed for their part in failing us due to their own policies of letting the banks and city get away with murder? Once you see this from the perspective of a MASONIC PLOT all the smokescreen that their partners in crime , the corporate media are spinning, falls into place. Our group have been warning for at least 10 years of the consequences of having satanists running key positions of power across the world, but especially in the UK and USA, a HOTBED of masonic control. Iraq has been an excellent diversion for the banking fiddles as well as one excuse to justify so much banking money disappearing down a masonic led war and black hole . No media mention the fact that prior to Saddam's downfall he had planned to close EVERY masonic hall across Iraq, knowing full well Zionist Israel controls political, legal and banking leaders across the globe in their satanic dens of inquity.

    Rothschild, the KEY Zionist banker and overlord will have been instrumental at the head of this crime wave ensuring neither Madoff or Stanford was touched by the authorities from orders issued by their evil lodge system. Bush and Brown will have been told to back off, even when there was clear evidence of massive fraud and corruption going on and even now they are free to walk the streets. Any of us who stole even the smallest item could face a jail sentence yet these MASONIC criminals have stolen billions and still not behind bars and shows how much protection from high level masons they are getting. No Chief of Police is as yet locking them up, No judge , NO prosecutor , NO regulator as they are ALL key members of the satanist club and sworn oaths to protect BROTHERS at all costs.

    The latest exposure of a masonic list with key names and address's, that even the Sunday Times has mentioned, will be a stepping stone to EXPOSE the criminals that live among us and who are the ears and eyes of a ruthless and devious spy network that is allowing them to get away with so much. We have plenty of evidence that shows UK and USA masonic judges, for years, having been stealing men and their families assets and homes in corrupt family courts were the masons have been consolidating their power. With the authorities and politicians turning a blind eye to this blatant misuse of OUR courts by corrupt judges and lawyers operating primarily to fill their masonic coffers.




    madoff Jail the men who stole our economy, demands former DPP

    Robust: Former legal chief Sir Ken Macdonald says bank fraud is worse than terrorism

    Britain's former chief prosecutor has attacked Labour's record on tackling financial crime and declared that fraudulent bankers are more of a danger to society than terrorists. Sir Ken Macdonald said that Britain's system for regulating markets and prosecuting City crimes had completely broken down. Sir Ken, who served as Director of Public Prosecutions between 2003 and 2008, said: 'If you mug someone in the street and you are caught, the chances are that you will go to prison.

    'In recent years, mugging someone out of their savings or their pension would probably earn you a yacht.' He added: 'We need a new financial regulatory and law enforcement authority that inspires respect and, when it's needed, fear.' In his first major announcement since leaving office, Sir Ken called for tougher regulation and a single, powerful authority to replace the 'failed' Financial Services Authority and the 'struggling' Serious Fraud Office.

    Writing in the Times, he said there should be more laws to 'confront the clever people who have done their best to steal our economy'. The new powers need a reputation that 'regulation must be respected and that, with the right evidence and scrupulously fair trials, prosecution means long years in jail', he added.

    He said: 'In Britain, no-one has any confidence that fraud in the banks will be prosecuted as a crime. But it is absolutely critical to public confidence that it should be. 'Do (the authorities) really believe that an illiterate, mother-of-five drug mule from a village in Gambia should be serving five times the sentence of a millionaire City fraudster?' Cricketer Chris Gayle with Sir Allen Stanford, who is being investiagted over an alleged £6billion fraud He added that legislators 'preferred criminal justice to be an auction of fake toughness'.

    Sir Ken continued: 'So no one likes terrorists? Let's bring in lots of terror laws, the tougher the better. Let's lock up nasty people longer, and for longer before they are charged. 'This frequently made useful headlines. But it didn't make our country or any other country a better or safer place to live.' Regulators existed to create an environment which allows people to make decisions safe in the knowledge that their assets will not be stolen, he said.

    'This is the basis of all law and is shockingly absent from our financial markets,' Sir Ken added. He also called for fewer laws on terrorism and restricting the right for people to speak freely. Instead there should be more laws to 'confront the clever people who have done their best to steal our economy'.

    Sir Ken added: 'If the Government really wants to protect people beyond armoured-vest posturing, here is the opportunity.' His comments come as financial regulators in the United States charged Allen Stanford, the billionaire cricket impresario, with masterminding a $9.2billion fraud - and after Bernard Madoff's alleged $50billion fraud. Tory leader David Cameron has in recent weeks claimed that the FSA has failed to match up to the American regulators' tough action on City fraud.






    masonic bankers Heres the deal, they let you stay in a house and tell you "YOU OWN IT". They charge an extortionate rent for this house that you pay for over 25 years of your life or more.

    They keep the deeds and have the POWER over your life for all those years. Any sickness, unemployment, divorce or indeed anything that may cause a hiccup in your life or finance that the banks can also cause with varying interest rates will see you very QUICKLY booted out of your home and made homeless.

    THEY not only have your home but EVERY penny you paid them, including the money you still owe when they calculate, that despite having no where to live, you still owe money outstanding on a house that was NEVER yours, a house that cost you a fortune in mortgage payments and have nothing to show but a massive hole in your wallet.

    This is THE CON of the century .There is NOTHING more lucrative to thieving masonic bankers than to repossess, or should it be, STEAL the home you thought you owned by the banking mafia with the aid of the legal and media mafia (who get the advertising revenue from your stolen home that is sold on to the next dupe) .

    Millions of families are now realising they have been caught up in a massive masonic debt trap that is impossible to get out of. The dream of owning property is an illusion, as so many people are paying more and more money for smaller and smaller homes that are not even big enough for an animal, never mind a human to survive in. Yet take a look at the MANSIONS the bank managers, lawyers ,judges and media owners live in ?

    Then compare their abodes to the average Joe's, there is NO comparison. A small bunch of criminals have conspired to create a financial and property empire that is so lucrative to the few, yet has become an enormous noose to the many, caught in their masonic mortgage web of deceit. Maybe the sheeple will now waken up to the unsavoury truth they have been lied and deceived to for so very long. A government that is supposed to create a just society has allowed a small cabal of masonic crooks to destroy millions of families for their own financial GREED.

  • 'War On Bankers' - New Public Enemy Number 1
  • Bank advisers charge £60m in fees – but insist that it’s a bargain

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    By Henry Makow Ph.D.
    "It is absurd to say our country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the people." --Thomas Edison International bankers live in fear.

    Not of starvation, disease or war. These are the concerns of children in the Third World. Bankers are terrified we might object to paying them billions each year in interest for money they create out of nothing, guaranteed by our taxes. (The Federal Reserve Board, a private cartel of mostly foreign banks, finagled this monopoly in 1913.) The bankers are frightened that, like the homeless man's dog, we might say, "I can do this myself." They are scared the government might go even further and "default" on trillions of make-believe "debt." They are frightened of losing "control." They toss and turn at night.

    In order to sleep more soundly, the bankers have taken "steps." These precautions help us to understand the world we live in, why it is becoming safer for bankers but less safe and more bizarre for everyone else. First, people who own money machines tend to have a lot of friends. The bankers helped their friends establish monopolies in oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, transportation, media,etc. and took a healthy stake. As you can imagine, these people are thick as thieves. Lawyers, journalists and intellectuals all vie for a piece of the action. (Servicing this cartel of cartels is what passes for "success" these days.)

    The bankers' first precaution is to buy all the politicians. The second is to buy the major media outlets in order to promote the illusion politicians make decisions and represent our interests. The third precaution is to take control of the education system, ensuring that people stop thinking at an early age. Then the bankers use the government and media to convince us that religion, nationalism and nuclear family are unfashionable, and we want what they want. We "want" world government ("globalization"). The bankers need to eliminate nation states, freedom and democracy in order to streamline their business and consolidate their power. The UN, the IMF and World Bank, -- glorified loan sharks and collectors -- will make the laws.

    We "want" secularism and the separation of church and state. Even though we were fine with Christianity and Christian values for centuries, the bankers don't want any authority to challenge their satanic decree. We "want" diversity. Countries are not allowed to maintain their national identities or traditions. Last Christmas, my provincial Premier tried to rename the Christmas tree at the legislature a "multicultural tree." Diversity is respecting every culture but our own. Every nation must be heterogeneous as a box of Smarties -- no one in a position to challenge the bankers. Or take "feminism." Masquerading as equal rights for women, this ideology is designed to spread lesbian dysfunction. If women focus on careers, it means they give less importance to husband and children. They have fewer or no children who will be raised in state day cares.

    Under the guise of "womens" and "gay" rights we are being re engineered to behave like homosexuals, easier to control. Psychological and biological differences between men and women are not "stereotypes." But signatories to the latest UN "CEDAW" Convention ( passed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee) will be required to "take all appropriate measures to modify all social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women." (Article 5) This kind of Communist-inspired social engineering is simply persecution of heterosexuals. It is intended to arrest our natural development: the birth rate has halved while the divorce rate has doubled. An army of highly paid lawyers, social workers and bureaucrats treat the casualties. These self-serving do-gooders are the bankers' biggest constituency.

    People --stunted, love-starved, sex-obsessed -- without family, religious or national identity, are easy to control. (They'll join anything; they're looking for a family.) But in case of resistance, the bankers have created a bogeyman, "terrorism" to justify a huge security apparatus. The Office of Homeland Security is designed to control us -- the domestic population. Why would this be necessary? We're "in debt" trillions of dollars and the bankers intend that we pay. One day they will take away our toys. In case that's a problem, an Orwellian police state will be in place. But first,the Muslims must be subjugated and robbed. Talking about the United States as if it were an independent country is silly. American politicians pawned U.S. sovereignty in 1913. Ever since, U.S. soldiers have been bullyboys for international bankers, and nothing else.


    The American taxpayer and soldier made the First World War possible. It started just six months after the establishment of the "Fed". Its purpose was to increase debt, cripple the great European nation states, slaughter a generation, and establish two of the bankers' pet projects: Communism (Russia) and Zionism (Palestine.) After the war ended, banker world government -- The League of Nations (a.k.a., "The League to Enforce Peace") was established. The US didn't enter the Second World War in Dec. 1941 to save Western Civilization. England had stood alone against Germany for more than two years. The U.S. entered the war just six months after Hitler attacked Russia. The purpose was to save Communism! [I am indebted to A.K. Chesterton ("The New Unhappy Lords," 1969) for this insight] For the same reason, the USSR got $5 billion in U.S. lend-lease after the war ended. After the smoke cleared, Communists instead of Nazis tyrannized Eastern Europe. Soviet agents/ US diplomats Alger Hiss and Harry Hopkins established the United Nations on land donated by John D. Rockefeller. One of the UN's first acts was to create the State of Israel.

    Ben Hecht (in A Child of the Century) wrote "the Twentieth Century was cut off at its knees by World War One." Before committing suicide in 1942, Stefan Zweig (The World of Yesterday) spoke in the same tones about the demise of Western Civilization. The planet has been hijacked. Our leaders are dupes, opportunists, traitors or all three. Almost everything we know about modern history is a hoax. A stench of moral compromise hangs over our public and cultural life. Anything promoted by the media, education, or government is suspect. This is what happens when we deny Moral Order i.e. God. This is what our children will inherit, a world that is safe ... for international bankers.


    banker To Irish News daily newspaper

    Dear Editor,

    Breidge Gadd's article, April 15th '08, was thought-provoking, but I still think it is important to own one's own home/property.

    Liam O'Maolchluice, Letters April 16th '08, asked who is even talking about programmes and targets for eliminating poverty from our society.

    Look at the bank note in your pocket - if you have one. "I promise to pay the bearer on demand 20 Pounds". What with? 20 pound coins? The bank note is only a promissory note and of no intrinsic value, and, unlike ancient gold coins, properly identified as valuable and used as a proper means of exchange, our pound coins, as well as our present bank notes, are really only fake currency. It could be said that the AIB/First Trust bank notes are honest since that bank doesn't even make a promise to pay anything on its 'banknotes'!

    Reference 'negative equity'! A moneylender 'loans' 200,000 promissory notes with demands and gets the deeds on a house which the 'market force' later determines is now worth only 150,000 promissory notes. The 'householder' who was paying, say 7000 promissory notes each year in mortgage 're-payments', is required by the law of the land to keep paying the same number of promissory notes for a house now valued at 150,000 promissory notes by the same land's 'market force'. The moneylender accepted the house at the outset as valued at 200,000 promissory notes yet the law of the land protects the moneylender from the effect of 'market force' but does not afford the 'householder' the same protection. Why? This could be said to be institutional injustice, but it is much worse. This injustice is compounded by the fact that there is no value in the promissory notes themselves being only paper and not a means of exchange in any way and even the 'loan' is a figure typed out on a computer with no substance other than a moneylender's perceived promise. In practice it is not logical.

    The 'householder' on the other hand and most likely with the help of a spouse who has to bear and rear children and work out when she can, give enormous value to the promissory notes they are handed for slaving at keeping the wheels of society that the law makers and moneylenders rule over, to gain ownership of their home. So then the land's law enforcers step in as the 'market force' bites at workers' jobs and wages. The enforcers take over the bricks and mortar they 'spent' 200,000 promissory notes on and write off the hours of slave labour endured by the workers. They did exactly that in my case. The moneylenders don't have to worry about their 200,000 promissory notes since they were only promissory notes, of no intrinsic value and allowed the moneylender to actually part with nothing but the price of 200,000 sheets of paper or a tiny fraction of a printer ink cartridge. They gained thousands of the promissory notes paid in by the workers which have value that the moneylender's promissory notes did not have and that was the moneylender's only concern.

    I would take Breidge Gadd's statement a step further and say that rather than the house owning the householder in a 'negative equity' situation, the 'householder' becomes owned by the moneylender, with the blessing of the government, from the signing of a mortgage. The moneylender becomes a slave-driver and the householders become slaves. Prices don't rise, that is just the effect of 'money'/promissory notes becoming devalued. It follows that if house prices 'fall', that is the effect of 'money'/promissory notes becoming more valuable. So the moneylender not only rips off a householder by being able, 'legally', to demand and get the extra 50,000 promissory notes, which were really the moneylender's risk/bet at the outset and retain those 50,000 promissory notes of greater 'value', but is also able to demand, and get, from a Court of law, the keys to, and ownership of, the house if the 'householder' becomes unable to pay for the moneylender's bad bet, is unable to accommodate the "rationalisation of the property market" and is unable to force the Court to provide an educated jury to see through the charade that the legal and monetary systems have become.

    Negative equity? There is no such thing. This is a financially incorrect coinage to hide the loss-making risk a moneylender takes when making a loan in a 'volatile market', and the cost of which loss-making risk the law assists the moneylender in forcing the working man and woman into paying for. This is the conduct that helps to create the poverty Liam O'Maolchluice was referring to.

    The intrinsic value of a bricks and mortar does not change at all. It is the perceived and illusive 'value' of the promissory notes and promissory typed-out 200,000 that changes. The moneylenders cannot lose simply because they parted with nothing but paper and/or a computerised image of a group of numbers.

    The time has come to challenge, and call the financial and legal bluff of, the money-lending cartel which is aided and abetted by our politicians and bring some sanity into our slave-driven society.

    Yours faithfully,
    Gerry Rice.


    ZIMBABWE NOTE Zimbabwe is a perfect example why the UK and USA money system has little to do with assets and more to do with printing worthless paper money. When inflation takes hold that paper note is not worth the paper its written on.

    Anyone with ANY capital should be wary of depositing it in any British or American bank as they, like Zimbabwe will be worthless as more and more people waken up to the fraud committed by the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. Zimbabwe introduces Z$500,000,000 note


    zimbabwe note We have got access to TWO original Zimbabwe bank notes.

    The two notes together are worth $1,000,000,000 yet couldn't even buy a loaf of bread in Zimbabwe. For anyone who needs convincing the bank notes they have in their pocket are worthless pieces of paper, that the banks fool you into thinking they have value .One look at these notes is enough to convince anyone that we are ALL being fooled by a bank cartel that allows an economy to run and survive on worthless pieces of paper , or even worse plastic cards.

    Until we return to a banking system that provides coinage that matches the value of the coin in its metal content we will see the banks continue to loan artificially created money that causes the massive increase in properties, that like the artificially created money, only worth a fraction of the cost of what we are forced to pay for them .This while propping up the corrupt bankers who wheel and deal with our lives and the roofs over our heads AND why we are forced to tolerate this despicable fraud against us all.

  • 28-7-2008: Zimbabwe issue 100bill dollar note that wont buy a loaf of bread

    zimbawe note For anyone who still think bankers money has value.One look at Zimbabwe's $750,000 note will show how banks can create money from thin air.

    You would need half a dozen of these to buy a coffee. When coins were made of gold and silver they had value.Neither paper money or debit and credit cards are of any use when the banking system collapses.

    Anyone who still thinks keeping money in the bank is SAFE is not aware how they thieve homes with ease. Homes they previously supplied mortgages on ,bank mortgages are short term tenancies agreements the bank actually possess's and you the victim pay outrageous rent to live in until the time for the lawyers,judges and banker to thieve back(repossession)

    They change the goalposts to capture ever more victims duped by their SCAMS.


    What do the symbols and numbers on the dollar bill actually mean? Why does it look the way it does and how has it changed through the ages? We'll analyze the significance of changes in the bill's appearance over time and examine alternative designs.
    We'll also look at the historical context of the bill's conception--what the dollar bill set out to represent--the patriotism and idealism of a young republic; and go inside the Treasury's Department of Printing and Engraving for exclusive access to the presses and the people who process the millions upon millions of dollars in circulation. Typical corporate media (HISTORY CHANNEL)try to debunk everything in the second half of the film.

    Harrowing video of the thousands of families who lose their homes every year in the UK.
    Whether its family or civil courts single judges have the power to remove families in a tyranny not seen since the middle ages.The UK has returned to the medieval star chambers outlawed when the British Crown and monarchy abused the power of courts using their own lackeys, masonic judicial crooks.

                          FULL SCREEN PART1 HERE                               FULL SCREEN PART2 HERE


    Character references don't come much deadlier than this.
    Douglas Mill, former Law Society of Scotland boss,forced out in disgrace for hounding the public, protecting crooked lawyers, and implicated Mill in a concerted attempt to protect dishonest lawyers from negligence claims, gives a glowing review of Sir Fred Goodwin, former boss of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which used to be one of Scotland's best banks, now saved by the Bank of England, and 70% nationalised.
    Mill did almost the same to Scotland's legal profession, which itself now stands ruined, and suffers from the same failures of regulation Mill tries to blame on the Government.

    Excerpt from Radical Truth: Knowledge and Revolution, the four-hour DVD of David's presentation before 2,000 people on an incredibly hot night (with no air conditioning!) in Los Angeles in October.

    In this incredible 4 hour presentation author and truth-teller David Icke shows how the human race got into the present crisis and the keys to getting out.'

  • David Icke: 'What is Money?'



    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the Federal Reserve Act, conceived in deceit, is dedicated to the proposition that all men are slaves to the money masters.

    "The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole... Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world's money..."


    HOW THEY F*CK YOU by Ryan Dawson
    How the USA government and the neocons collaborate to use your money to prop up their companies that produce the armaments used in the wars the US government continually impose on countries across the globe they want to bully and abuse.

    War is the backdrop for vast sums being plundered by the neocons in the government to steal your hard earned cash for their weapons of mass destruction.


    How they f*cked the economy by Ryan Dawson
    Yes with chalk again

    Both the borrowers and the lenders are to blame for living beyond their means. But its the bank who are trying to shift the risk and payment over away from itself and the borrower and onto the general public who had nothing to do with it. So that's the greater crime.

    I made this video in April. Now they are calling for a communist style bail out.


    Robert Edmondson Robert Edmondson "Testified Against the Jews"
    By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    Our Zionist mind controllers have succeeded in eliminating almost all record of Robert Edmondson. Until today, there was no reference to him (or photo) on the Internet. Yet he was thrown into jail in 1936 and again in 1942 for producing hundreds of bulletins and broadcasts alerting his fellow Americans to an International conspiracy financed by the central bankers consisting largely of Communist Jews. This conspiracy has grown into the New World Order. A measure of Zionist subversion is when a nation's defenders are defamed and forgotten, while its traitors are rewarded and honored. Other 1930's patriots tarred as "anti-Semites" include Charles Lindbergh. Henry Ford, Charles Coughlin, William Pelley, Louis McFadden and Huey Long. Their fate proves that despite what Americans think, the US is a colony of the London-based Masonic Jewish central banking cartel and its leaders are traitors. Americans haven't been "free" for a very long time.

    In 1936, Edmondson wrote in his defense, "I am not against Jews because of their religion, as a race, a people or as individuals, but because Jewish leadership [i.e. the bankers] is actively anti-American, is attempting to jettison the American political philosophy and take over the Country, and that I would continue to be anti-Jewish until Jewry repudiated such subversion. Were the offender any other than the Jewish minority, my attitude would be precisely the same. This problem is the biggest and most acute thing in the world today.... "Knowing that...pitiless publicity is the only cure for public evils, in 1934 I started on a campaign to expose Jewish Anti-Americanism and Talmudic Communism which has been called the "Code of Hell": a "Rabbi Racket" that victimizes its own followers; an international "Satanic System" subverting France, Britain, Germany and Russia, causing the present depression and moving to take over the United States through the Jewish Radical administration [of FDR.] " We are all victims of brainwashing which equates defending our freedom, family and values with Nazi bigotry and genocide. We are under merciless hate-filled attack from the bankers, yet we are accused of "hatred" when we identify the source. It's a pathetic disingenuous ruse. Remember the little boy who said the Emperor has no clothes? The Zionists put him in jail.


    The majority of Jews are not aware of the Jewish leadership's secret agenda, which meshes with that of the central banking cartel. Yet the security of ordinary Jews is jeopardized by this centuries-old plan for world government now reaching fruition. Unless they oppose it, they will be blamed for it. If they defend it, they are part of it. In 1954, Edmondson published a collection of his bulletins entitled "I Testify Against the Jews." He quotes rare documents such as a letter published in the 1880 Review of Jewish Studies financed by James de Rothschild. The letter, dating from 1489, is from the head of the Grand Sanhedrin in Constantinople to a rabbi in Arles France who asked how to counter anti-Semitism. He was advised to infiltrate gentile society.

    The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis was to convert to Christianity as the French King demands but "keep the Law of Moses in your hearts;" make your sons merchants "that they may despoil Christians of their [property]; doctors that "they may take away Christian lives." "Make your sons canons and clerics that they may destroy the churches.....Arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with affairs of state in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them." (71) Edmondson also quotes a May 11 1933 address to the Hebrew University by the famous Jewish poet N.H. Bialik which confirms a Jewish agenda few Jews are aware of. He says Jews have undermined Christianity by "deliberate Jewish has been effected in great measure by cyrpto Jews (Secret Jews) who have permeated Christianity and spoken through the mouth of Christianity." (51)

    He says these crypto Jews are also the creators of "the Renaissance, of Liberalism, of Democracy, of Socialism, and of Communism." (151) Remember he was speaking in 1933: "The Gentiles have at last realized this secret--that Judaism has gradually penetrated and permeated them like a drug. The Gentile nature is in revolt, and is trying to organize the final battle...They would 'smoke us out' of all the cracks and crannies where we have hidden. They would exterminate us like baccilli and be rid of us." (152) This is proof that millions of innocent Jews, including my grandparents, died partly because of the demented megalomania of the Jewish leadership, and ironically the Nazis were financed by the Jewish bankers as a way of forcing Jews to support Zionism.


    Judaism is a conspiracy against Christian Western civilization which has succeeded to such an extent that it cannot even be mentioned. It has inspired the bankers to recast society so there will be no families, no marriages, no freedom and ultimately no private property. It has divorced society from God, who is synonymous with absolute truth and justice. It has deluged us in pornography and trivia, poisoned the well of gender and subverted relations between men and women. We live in a decadent, superficial, hypocritical society where people sell their souls for jobs, where mass media and education are devoted to propaganda and indoctrination. We are denied the truth, and kept in a state of arrested development, befitting children or "cattle." We can be as politically correct as long as we want, but we can't escape the fact that mankind is in the clutches of a Satanic force which is enslaving us.


    brown nwo Brown and his New World Order brigade are the biggest terrorists of all. See his NWO speech to his mega rich CBI buddies

    They are the same mob that are driving the fear factor to push for their fascist world government and bank. The UK needs to wake up to the devious and dangerous megalomania of those intent on enslaving us all in a one world tyranny .Anyone who has NOT seen the ease with which those who head this agenda ,UK judges, how easily your worldly possessions can be seized for their war chest should visit any UK court and see if Brown and his mob are doing anything to stop the rape and pillage of mens wealth and the theft of our homes that has been going on for many years with total support by every administration since this century.

    The UK's legal and political mafia have been getting away with MURDER for far to long and now they can hide this appalling system behind the facade the NWO are creating with more FEAR. If its not fear of terrorists it is fear of debt,unemployment and the myriad of other self generated NWO ploys that create the Problems ,Reactions and Solutions for the likes of NWO saviour Brown to take us further down the fascist road we are being forced along stealthily by a dangerous group of megalomaniacs who are the stooges for the secret societies behind all of this madness.

    Join the growing resistance against the MOB who have taken control of and destroying our lives for their own greed.

    Gordon Brown will today step up his call for a fundamental overhaul of the international financial system as yet another world leader copied his bailout plan with George W Bush announcing that the US government would take a $250bn share in America's leading banks.

    The Prime Minister will press his case for radical reform when he travels to Brussels this morning for an EU summit, set to be dominated by the banking crisis, but which comes amid a backdrop of domestic woe with inflation at a 16-year high of 5.2%, a slump in house sales and the lowest levels of home loans since modern records began. Having confirmed that he intended to break with tradition and campaign in the Glenrothes by- election, Mr Brown last night turned the financial emergency to his political advantage by insisting an independent Scotland could not have bailed out the stricken banks.


    The present credit crunch manufactured by the New World Order mafia to create a One World Currency.

    1. Create the problem ,a global financial crisis.

    2. Get the reaction , demands for governments to resolve it.

    3. The NWO solution a one world currency to ensure their One world government plans are assured.


    repossession Neighbours of a woman who tried to kill herself when she faced repossession of her home today spoke of homeowners' desperation as the U.S. presidential candidates battled for their votes.Addie Polk, 90, shot herself in the chest moments before bailiffs were due to march her out of her house, after mortgage giant Fannie Mae hardened its approach to victims of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis.Ms Polk, now recovering in hospital, had taken out a 30-year mortgage four years ago for $45,620 - when her two-storey house in Akron, Ohio, was valued at $31,230. She had lived in the house for 38 years.

    She placed her life insurance policy next to her keys in the neatly kept house and shot herself after being told the house would be repossessed as she could not keep up repayments. She had told neighbours she could not afford to carry out repairs but no one in the small community knew the extent of her crisis. Barack Obama and John McCain are campaigning in the state, a key battleground where either could now win. Robert Dillon, 62, a friend who visited Ms Polk in hospital after she shot herself on October 1, said: '"She said that was a crazy thing to do. [I told her] that's crazy to you."'

    Campaigners said her plight highlighted problems facing up to 40 per cent of US borrowers - or 20 million households - after lenders gave out impossibly high mortgages during the housing boom. Fannie Mae, now under state control, has since dropped the repossession and said Ms Polk could remain in the home.

    obama sign by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    The Illuminati bankers had us where they wanted us Friday. Everyone was in a panic, dumping anything of real value -- gold, real estate, oil -- and rushing into US dollars, something the Illuminati bankers create out of nothing with the help of their lackeys in government. Why the sudden appeal of US dollars? Well there is a huge shortage of them because the bankers put our money into mortgages and then they crashed the housing market. Trillions disappeared. Now their lackeys in government have to "borrow" trillions to make up the deficit. The result: the bankers are trillions richer. Did they do this deliberately? Do you think Rich Fuld, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, got a $250 million sendoff just for driving his company into bankruptcy? No, that's likely his payoff for selling out his employees and his country. Multiply that throughout the financial industry.

    Throughout history the Illuminati bankers have always used war and economic turmoil to advance their goal. Since we have enjoyed prosperity, I have been focused on the potential for war. But now I am forced to consider how they use economic hardship to advance their world government. It's brilliant when you think about it. Depression doesn't involve bloodshed and the destruction of valuable property. On the contrary, it allows the bankers to suck up real wealth at bargain prices. And people under duress will accept anything to regain the delicious prosperity they once knew.


    The key to understanding our world is the 1938 interrogation of Illuminati insider Christian Rakowsky (Chaim Rakover) by the Stalinist secret police, the NKVD. Rakowsky was an associate of Trotsky, and a former Russian ambassador to Paris. Rakowsky explains that the real goal of Communism is the same as the New World Order, essentially a dictatorship of the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. The real meaning of "revolution" and all socialist and liberal enterprise is this dictatorship, thinly veiled as "world government." All of the propaganda associated with social justice etc. is a ruse to hide the centralization of all wealth and power in the hands of this relatively small network of Satanist bankers and tycoons, known as the "Illuminati." Rakowsky explains that war is necessary to revolution. The Illuminati bankers financed Hitler because they had lost control of Stalin. Now Rakowsky invited Stalin to return to the fold and help them destroy Hitler or else they would give Hitler free rein. Thus Hitler was set up for a war on two fronts. [First, the two dictators forged an alliance in August 1939, mere months after the Fascists defeated the Communists in Spain. Then when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland, the Allies declared war against Hitler only.]

    Rakowsky describes how the illuminati use economic turmoil to achieve totalitarian control. He says Oct 24, 1929, the date of the crash of the New York Stock Exchange ( "the beginning of the so-called 'depression'") was more important than the 1918 Bolshevik revolution in the annals of revolution. It began "a real revolution." "Although the power of money is political power, before it had only been used indirectly, but now the power of money was to be transformed into direct power, The man through whom they made use of such power was Franklin Roosevelt. Have you understood? Take note of the following: In that year 1929 the first year of the American revolution, in February Trostsky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October...the financing of Hitler is agreed in July 1929. You think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover was used for the preparation for the seizure of power in the United States and USSR; there by means of a financial revolution, and here [Russia] with the help of war and the defeat [of Stalin] which was to follow."


    Barrack Obama is pictured above giving the Illuminati sign of Baphomet. Yes, technically the thumb should be folded in, and his excuse is that it is the American Sign Language "I Love You." Just like Bush who pretended this was the Texas Longhorn sign, these Satanists need a cover story. Have you ever wondered why the ASL signal is so similar to the sign of Satan? ASL was financed by the Rockefellers and devised by Helen Keller, a theosophist i.e. Mason. History repeats itself because the Masonic Jewish bankers control it and use the same old bag of tricks. If this is an indication, we are in for tough economic times. If the government controlled its own credit, we could easily re inflate the economy at no cost in debt or interest. But with the central bankers controlling credit, I wonder if they will do enough to replace the capital they have drained from the system. We can expect a FDR-like "New Deal" from Obama which no doubt will involve much more government control and "international cooperation." Like FDR, Obama will be venerated as some kind of savior. These trends are already evident. Take a look at this video made by a friend.


    Insider Denis Healey wrote: "World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings." The goal is always the same: total control of wealth and the human race by the Satanist megalomaniacs and their minions who command our credit. Their vehicle is world government and their tool of the hour is Barack Obama.

  • Obama hit by affair smears following claims attractive aide was banned by wife

    Its not about you. Its not about Main Street. Its not even about Wall Street.

    No, its about Shanghai, London, Berlin and Sydney. And no, I'm not kidding.

    The cover was blown this evening on Kudlow. If you don't get this video into the hands of the entire American Population within the next 24 hours, you are going to be paying taxes to cover the bad debt on a failed office building - or a hundred of them - in China.


    BANKS To all; it's over. The European banking system is unraveling after a bank failure in Iceland of all places was the chain link that broke. The EU countries met today to form some sort of bailout plan for the banks and when all was said and done, it is now every country for themselves, no agreement was reached between Germany and the Latin countries. Russia's market was down more than 40% over the last 2 days and closed down 1% today after P.M. Medvedev pledged another $36 Billion to the banking system. The British P.M. and the Chancellor of the Exchequer are meeting on a bailout for the British banks.

    British credit cards are being declined for use in Europe proper. The Fed is now paying interest on funds deposits to put a floor in on rates so they can literally pump unlimited $s into the system without pushing rates to 0. The Fed also announced that they will backstop the commercial paper market with liquidity. Libor rates went higher again today, and the Treasury announced yesterday that they can make direct investments in any corporation. The best of all is the margin call by JP Morgan to Lehman Bros. [bankrupt] and Merrill Lynch [now part of Bank America who went to market today for $10 Billion in new capital that was undersubscribed]. I wonder if they'll be paid?

    We are witnessing panic on the part of governments worldwide, they are fiddling while Rome burns. They might as well fiddle as there is no solution, the banking system missed the ditch and is going off the cliff. The news cycle is jamming up because more and more "solutions" are announced on a daily basis as the world turns and markets open [or try to]. The banking system worldwide is in a spiral stage that even if panic is stemmed, it will rear it's ugly head again a day, 3, or 7 later. Panic is the absolute outcome here, this has gone too far, too wide, and the infection is too deep to be reversed. Nothing goes straight down, and this is no different, but we are witnessing the end of the banking system.

    I don't think there are any band aids left that can last more than 3-5 days at a time. Gold and Silver [and the shares] will catch a bid that has never been seen before. Couple this bid with virtually no supply and the results will be a move to the upside in an asset class as has never been seen nor imagined before. I spoke over the weekend with a liaison to several European banks and he advised me that a waiting period of at least 3-4 weeks for Gold delivery is now the norm. He has never seen anything like this in his thirty years. As the banking system unravels, whatever little physical supply that is left will disappear. The jig is up, either you are out of the paper system or you go down with it. There will be NO paper survivors, either you are a charter member of the next banking system or you will be leapfrogged and left behind.

    The Price of Gold will be beyond the reach of the common man. This has got to be the plan, the only way to recapitalize the banks is to revalue Gold up 10 fold, 100 or even 1000 fold. This is no joke, currencies will devalue and approach zero in many many cases. This is not 1929, it is WORSE for several reasons. The biggest being our currencies are bad. Back then the world had a hard and real currency, Gold. The level of debt back then looks highly conservative when compared with today's circus. The world went to sleep and woke up with more debt and more risk than all the previous asset bubbles combined. This IS the biggest financial BUST of all time, by multiples. This is it, it is over.

    Bill Holter


    Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out. The Cowichan Citizens Coalition and its "Duncan Initiative" received high praise from those who previewed it.

    I recommend it as a painless but hard-hitting educational tool and encourage the widest distribution and use by all groups concerned with the present unsustainable monetary system in Canada and the United States

    FEDERAL RESERVE by Kieron McFadden

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from banks, and restored to the people.” Thomas Jefferson

    Money was originally invented as a convenient alternative to barter, an alternative without which a highly developed civilisation like ours could not exist. Imagine trying to pay the taxi driver with a bag of coal or the grocery bill with a box of spanners and a set of golf clubs. Imagine trying to carry all that around with you when you go shopping. As societies grew more complex and social roles became more specialised, the idea of money was conceived as a better and more flexible way to exchange, and thereby distribute among men, goods and services.

    Money is quite simply an idea agreed upon among people that some system of tokens or symbols: discs of metal (coins) paper with symbols on it (notes) and so on, will be used by them to represent or stand proxy for goods and services and that those tokens can be exchanged for goods and services. One can then exchange the tokens rather than bags of coal, boxes of spanners or what-have-you and the tokens are easy to carry around. Its workability depends upon the participants' confidence that those tokens are and will continue to be exchangeable for a certain amount of goods or services. That's all money is. It is no more complicated than that, although men may try to make it seem complex and hard to understand. The truth however, as truths tend to be, is simple; it is alterations of the truth - lies -that are complicated. Many societies have used gold and silver coins as their tokens, then later pieces of paper to represent gold and silver coins, and later cheques and ledger entries to represent notes and coins and in modern times electronic money, the shifting and balancing of numbers in computer memories, alongside or in place of coins, notes and cheques. Thus when we receive a computer print-out of our bank statement saying we have £500 in our current account we usually visualise a stack of £l0 notes sitting in a vault somewhere, or perhaps a bag of gold coins, although in reality there is no pile of notes or bag of coins, merely the ledger-entry in an electronic memory Saying we have £500. Should we then write a cheque in order to spend £50 of it, the numbers in our ledger change to £450 and the payee's account increases by £50, although no notes, gold or anything else move from one account to another.

    Yet it works because we have confidence in it and trust it and we know we can change that £500 for real notes, real coins or real goods or services whenever we want to. This evolution in the system of tokens we use to represent real goods and services comes about through a succession of bright ideas in the direction of making distribution and exchange more convenient, the movement of wealth between people smoother and faster. However, anything can be used for money, provided people agree to use it and have confidence in it. For instance dried yak dung was once used in Tibet, notched pieces of wood in Medieval England, leather discs in Medieval Europe and even cigarettes and tins of coffee in post-war Germany. The money in use in a country is called currency, from the word current, meaning prevalent, in circulation or in use. Governments firm up that agreement and confidence by enshrining a particular system of tokens in law and demanding those tokens in payment of taxes. A particular system of creating, denominating, issuing and circulating money - currency - where backed by law and deemed by law the only recognised system, and which cannot be legally refused as payment of a debt, is called legal tender. Where barter is no longer practised, one has to possess those tokens in order to acquire goods and services from others. It is the medium of exchange. Tokens, be they yak dung, metal discs or numbers with the '£' symbol in front of them, are exchanged back and forth between people instead of goods and exchange does now usually occur without the use of tokens or the promise of tokens on the future.

    The way one acquires tokens is by producing something and then selling it to someone who has expressed his want for it by offering us some of his tokens. We do the deal and receive the tokens he has offered. Now we can go and exchange those tokens for other products that we desire, which we do not produce ourselves. Thus money enables goods and services to be exchanged among people and distribution of those goods and services to occur naturally, and according to the needs and wants of the participants. The more of those tokens one possesses or is able to acquire through one's production, the more one can if one wishes acquire goods and services from others. One can also store money in a safe or bank account without having to build a couple of warehouses in which to store container-loads of spare goods. Money therefore confers exchange power or spending power on he who possesses it in direct ratio to the amount of it he is able to offer up for exchange.


    In the old days gold was minted into coins and those coins, along with silver coins, formed the nation's currency. Goldsmiths had strongboxes and vaults in which to securely store the precious metal with which they worked. It was natural enough then that other people took to asking the goldsmith to store their gold and gold coins in his vault and to pay the goldsmith for the service. A merchant (for example) would entrust to the goldsmith £20 worth of his own gold for safekeeping. When he handed over his gold, the goldsmith would provide him with a receipt or note promising to hand back the gold (pay the bearer on demand) whenever the depositor returned and presented the note. The receipt held by the depositor was in fact as good as gold because he could exchange it for his £20 worth of gold any time he chose. But the note was easier to carry around than heavy and bulky amounts of gold and easier to conceal, so the depositor was often content to leave his gold in the goldsmith's safekeeping for long periods. In fact when the time came to pay for some commodity with his £20 of gold, instead of returning to the goldsmith, exchanging the receipt for the gold and then using the gold to pay for his purchase, it was more convenient for him simply to hand over his receipt to the seller. The seller was happy to accept the receipt in lieu of actual gold because it was more convenient to carry around and he knew that should he present it to the goldsmith, £20 of gold would be handed over to him. Thus those gold receipts began to circulate and became the first paper money. People were happy to exchange them back and forth rather than the cumbersome gold they represented. The receipts had value because people were confident that in the goldsmith's vault lay the gold, which they could redeem at any time. Eventually the goldsmiths noticed that the gold left by depositors remained in their vaults for longer and longer periods. People turned up wishing to exchange their receipts for gold less and less often, and that the receipts they had issued to depositors circulated in its stead. It seemed a shame to have that gold just sitting there doing nothing. Why not lend some of it out for a while? If it just sat there for year after year the owner, the holder of the receipt, was not going to miss it if it were loaned to someone else for a period.

    As long as there was enough gold in the vaults to satisfy anyone who did turn up with a receipt, then no-one would be any the wiser. So depositor Joe would leave £20 of gold with the goldsmith for safekeeping and depart with his receipt which he would then use as money in lieu of the gold and it would circulate. It might be years before anyone turned up with that £20 note asking for £20 of gold. Meanwhile Tom would turn up at the goldsmith's asking to borrow £20 of gold and the goldsmith would lend it to him, demanding that it be paid back after a certain period at a certain amount of interest. But instead of lending Tom actual gold, the goldsmith would draw up a £20 receipt, just like the one depositor Joe had been given. Tom was happy to take the receipt in lieu of the gold because it was more convenient to carry around and people were happy to accept such receipts in payment for things. So Tom went off with his £20 note, content that through it he was now in temporary possession of £20 of gold. But unbeknownst to Tom, Joe also has a receipt representing that gold. In other words there are now two notes in circulation representing the same £20 of gold! Clearly the goldsmith's issuance of two receipts for the same amount of gold is fraudulent - particularly when Tom repays the gold he believes he has borrowed in real gold. As each receipt promises to hand over the same £20 of gold on demand, the goldsmith is making a promise he knows he cannot keep. Several things are clear at the moment the second receipt was issued and entered circulation: new money has been created out of thin air; that new money has been loaned into existence; as the loan has interest charged upon it, then a debt has been created out of nothing that is greater than the amount of new money created.

    And another thing: Tom will eventually return to the goldsmith and repay his £20 loan, say at 10% interest. He will therefore hand the goldsmith, £22 in real gold. In other words, the goldsmith, in creating that bogus receipt and lending it to Tom, is creating for himself, albeit after a delay, real debt-free gold worth more than the new money he loaned into existence! It gets worse. After a while the goldsmith, seeing that his fraud is working pretty well, thinks that if he can issue two £20 receipts against the same £20 of gold, then why not two, three or even four? So Joe deposits £20 of gold and the goldsmith gives him his receipt. In time four other people turn up at his shop wanting to borrow that £20 of gold. The goldsmith obligingly lends it to each of them at interest, giving each a receipt purporting to represent that £20 of gold. There are now five receipts in circulation representing the same deposit of gold, one for the original depositor and one for each of the four borrowers. For that deposit of £20, £80 (4x £20) of new money is created merely by writing on a fancy piece of paper.

    If(say) £2 of interest (10%) is charged on each loan, at the same time that £80 of new money is created out of thin air, a debt of £88 is also created out of thin air. Property is held as security against these loans so if the borrower fails to repay with real gold the fraudulent piece of paper he borrowed, the goldsmith takes his property. Each time the goldsmith lends £20 of bogus gold he charges 10% interest on the loan. By lending out £20 four times over and charging £2 interest on each loan, the goldsmith makes a whopping 40% (four times £2) in interest on the £20 "reserves" that were not even his to begin with! The goldsmith cannot lose and soon begins to amass a fortune from his fraud. It is the greatest get-rich-quick scheme ever invented. And it is, in essence, the basis of the modern banking system. The goldsmiths of yesteryear became the bankers of today and although paper money and latterly electronic money took over from gold, essentially the same fraud is being run.


    The business of lending pieces of paper pretending to be gold made the goldsmiths very wealthy and very influential men. Their easy wealth enabled them to move to upmarket premises. They became pillars of the community and some even became international financiers, lending money to kings and governments. In the seventeenth century conflict between the bankers of the day and the Stuarts led the bankers to act in concert with bankers in Europe. They joined forces with those in the Netherlands to finance the invasion of England by William of Orange. William overthrew the Stuart Kings in 1688 and became King William III. By the end of the 1600s England was in financial ruin, gold and silver supplies were running low and a costly civil war followed by costly wars with France and Holland, all in a fifty year period, had left her heavily in debt.

    Government officials met with the financiers to negotiate the loans they needed. King William was £20 million in debt and he could not pay his army. Apparently it did not occur to William or anyone that if William needed to pay his army or get the economy going, all he had to do was have the government print its own money and use that to pay the troops -something that Abraham Lincoln would do successfully during the American Civil war nearly two hundred years later! King William's "friends", the bankers, were willing to loan him the money he needed but the price they wanted for their "help" was high. They wanted a government-sanctioned but privately owned central bank that could; through fractional reserve lending, create money out of nothing and loan it to the government. They got their way. In 1694 the world's first privately owned central bank was created. It was to be called the Bank of England. The Bank's charter included the following immortal words: "The bank hath benefit on the interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing." Instead of exercising its right to create money and spend it into the economy, the government had the bank create it, then lend it to the government so that the government could spend it into the economy, then pay the loans back later at interest. That completely unnecessary complication was to have devastating consequences for the futures of the English people.

    As well as delivering extraordinary power over the nation into the hands of a privately owned business corporation, it began the National Debt, a debt that would go on increasing remorselessly over the ensuing years until it had reached around £380 billion in 1996, costs us around £30 billion a year in interest payments and is still climbing. By the end of the 17th century, the goldsmiths' scam had become respectable banking. The role of the banks in issuing money through lending to individuals and businesses had already become widely accepted. Thus there came to be established two routes by which money was borrowed into the economy: private and commercial borrowing on the one hand and government borrowing on the other. That combined debt in the present day has now soared to well over one trillion pounds. In 1704, just ten years after the creation of the Bank of England, the banks' promissory notes, on the recommendation of the bankers and financiers who advised the government, were declared legal tender.

    Although the new central bank was an entirely privately owned corporation, the name chosen for it led generations of Englishmen to believe that it was part of their government, when it most certainly was not. Like any other privately owned corporation the new central bank sold shares to create its initial capital. Its investors - whose identities were never disclosed - were supposed to put up a total of £1 ¼ million in gold coin to purchase their shares. Only three quarters of a million was ever received. Nevertheless, despite that minor technicality, the bank was chartered in 1694 and began the business of lending out several times the money it supposedly had in its reserves. In exchange for this unique and immensely profitable privilege, the bank would very kindly lend the English, and later British, government as much money as it wanted, at interest, provided the debt was secured by direct taxation of the people.


    What happens when you or I, or for that matter the government, borrow money from the bank? Prepare yourself for a surprise. Let's say we want to borrow a £100,000 mortgage on a house. The bank or building society does what the goldsmith did and creates £100,000 out of thin air. Instead of handing us a paper certificate, it simply credits our bank account with the £100,000 and registers that £100,000 as a debt, with (say) a further £100,000 interest over 25 years. The money is simply penned into our account without any account anywhere being debited the loaned money. New money is therefore created. Alongside it a debt (in this case £100,000 plus the roughly £100,000 of interest) is created. When we repay the debt, the interest is accounted as income for the bank. The £100,000 we originally borrowed is withdrawn from circulation and is accounted as collateral for further lending, loaned back into circulation when someone else borrows. Our house is held as security so if we fail to keep up our repayments, the creditor takes possession of it. The repayments themselves can vary through no fault of our own, according to interest rates set by the banking industry.

    After 25 years of blood sweat and tears we finally pay back the last installment of the £200,000 capital-plus-interest we owed and the house in finally ours. It is not ours until that point. The lender, who loaned us money which did not exist until the moment he created it out of nothing, winds up with £100,000 of interest on the loan: that is real, spendable income that comes courtesy of our real work and real wealth creation. The numbers have been simplified to highlight the nature of the fraud and in practise the process is hidden under a great deal of complexity but this in essence is the process of money creation. Each time the banks create money they create a debt that is greater than the spending power they create. One can see too that each time they are creating a debt for the borrower, they are ultimately creating debt free money for themselves.

    Before the goldsmiths' scam began, the money in circulation was hard currency - usually gold or silver minted into coins which then circulated as the tokens used to represent goods and services. That minting and circulation of coinage was usually administered by the government or king. However as soon as the goldsmiths' certificates became used in lieu of gold, paper money had made an appearance. As soon as the goldsmiths began issuing paper notes for gold they did not actually have, the goldsmiths were themselves creating new money and lending it into circulation. One can see that this establishes debt as the basis of our currency. Where once, long ago, the British pound represented something -so much gold or silver - it now represents so much debt, which is not only nothing it is less than nothing. Extracted from: Your Business Under Siege…and the reasons why. Published by the BAMR, email: Tel: 01342410962 (UK)

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce. And when we realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few very powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” U.S. President James Garfield. A few weeks after making this statement, he was assassinated on July 12, 1818.

  • Billions for Bankers--Debts for the People

    banking mafia WHAT IS CREDIT?
    as edited by Leslie A. Lummis

    Today there are thousands of people who are losing their homes, farms, and businesses because they do not understand the meaning of credit. This article will explain the difference between money and credit and will show you how the banks create "credit" and pretend that it is "money". The mystery of how banks deceptively carry on this practice will be revealed as well as the legal basis which will enable you to fight back by suing banks on fraud and usury charges. The devil himself would call this "forbidden knowledge".

    For a long time monetary debate has centered around two distinct issues: that Constitutional money is gold and silver coin; and that the dollar is defined by the Mint Act of 1792, and that a Federal Reserve Note is not a dollar. The third area has not been discussed much because it is not as well understood. It is the most important issue of all because 97% of our money supply today consists of bank credit whereas Federal Reserve Notes and coins consist of less than 3% . Today every bank loan in the United States can be legally voided because it is based on credit instead of money!


    Credit is the opposite of money. Money is legal tender for the payment of debts as defined by Congress in 31 U.S.C.A. Sec 392. This section basically describes all coins and currency issued by the U.S. government as legal tender for all debts, public and private. For purposes of this article we will call money as either coins or currency. No effort will be made here to argue that Federal Reserve Notes are unconstitutional; that is beyond the scope of this article. Now if you went to an auto dealer who offered to sell you a car with no money down you might say your credit is good. What exactly does that mean? It means that your promise to pay money in monthly installments is good. In other words he trusts you.

    You sign a loan agreement in which you pledge the auto as collateral for the security agreement. In other words the auto dealer has accepted your credit, your promise to pay, in exchange for the auto. Consider how different a bank loan is. When you apply for a bank loan you sign a loan agreement pledging to pay the bank so many dollars with interest. When the bank accepts your promise to pay, in exchange for a loan, it means your credit is good. However, the next question is the most interesting.

    What does the bank loan you?

    Well, the bank will invariably give you a check which is also a "promise to pay" you so many dollars, with interest. What you and the bank have done is exchange "promises to pay". In other words you have accepted each others credit, and yet no money has exchanged hands. Now what do you do with the check? Probably one of two things: either you deposit it in your checking account or you bring it to your car dealer. In either instance, the check when deposited goes directly to the bookkeeping department, where the numbers are transferred from the check and are added to your account in the bookkeeping department. Once this bookkeeping entry is made a bank will say that its deposits have increased.

    Actually, this fictional increase is all on the books, as there is no increase in the actual amount of money in the bank's vault. All of these bookkeeping deposits are called "demand deposits" which means that the customer can literally walk into the bank and demand the deposit. These figures are placed into the bank's liabilities column as this is the money which the bank owes the people. Now, what do you think the bank's assets really are? Well, it is a small amount of vault cash plus a large amount of IOU's, which are all those loan agreements people sign when they signed those loan papers. All those promises are their assets. Thus these assets are all on paper. All this amounts to is a transfer of numbers or book entries from one checking account to another. The same thing happens when you write a check. Numbers called "dollars" are transferred from your checking account to someone elses. When a credit card is used, bank credit or book entries are created and transferred to another person at the same time.

    The next question is, if it so easy for a bank to create "credit", which is used like money, how then is this "credit" destroyed? The "credit" is destroyed when the principle of the loan is repaid. However, the interest collected by the bank on the "credit" it loaned, is transferred, to another account for distribution to its stockholders. What happens is that because 97% of the nations money supply consists of credit which is all created by private corporations (banks), and because interest is charged on every dollar of "credit" used, debts are constantly created for which no money or credit exists to repay these debts. Hence our money system can be best described as a "debt usury" money system, for every dollar of credit which comes into existence, a debt is created to the banks and interest (usury) is charged. Under our present money system, the Federal government will never be able to balance its budget and the national debt will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. However, don't despair, for every bank loan made in the United States today, is illegal, since all bank loans are based on" credit" instead of "money"!


    The words "ultra vires" are important words because they mean that "a contract made by a corporation beyond the scope of its corporate powers is unlawful".(see Black's Law Dictionary). The courts have consistently ruled that banks cannot lend their credit, but can only lend their money and that all loans of credit are "ultra vires". Since no bank charter gives them permission to lend their "credit", and Congress never gave the banks permission to create money, all such loans of credit are ultra vires or unlawful. The bank, by loaning credit, has unjustly enriched itself. It pays no interest for the use of its credit but charges its customers the same amount of interest as if it loaned out its money.

    It is a racket and con game to say the least. It is deception and fraud. The collection of interest on credit is in violation of all usury laws. After all, the bank is collecting interest on money which doesn't exist. It is little wonder that as more Americans are getting to understand this issue, they are suing banks on fraud and usury charges. There are over two trillion dollars worth of illegal bank loans out there waiting to be challenged. This is a much better alternative than bankruptcy since you get a chance to void the bank loans and keep your property at the same time. Anyone can walk off his property and let the bank have it, but to do so is to reward them for their fraudulent acts. It would be much better to sue the bank on fraud and usury charges and ask that all contracts which you signed on the day you took out the loan be declared "ultra vires", null and void. That includes deeds of trust, mortgages, notes and security agreements.

    For a long time, patriots have been writing to their Congressmen asking them to give us an honest money system without extortionate interest rates and they have ignored us. They won't ignore us much longer however when thousands of banks start getting sued on fraud charges and the big money men on Wall street get indicted. With faith in our Creator, let us go forward. Christ drove the money changers from the temple 2,000 years ago. We can do it again! As described in countless articles published by the Editor, and posted on INTERNET, we can make the banking system honest if we eliminate "fractional reserve" procedures and institute a fully funded State Banking System. To do this we will have to eliminate the fictitious Federal Reserve System, but so what! If then we replace it with an Association of State Treasurers we can "recycle" our national currency throughout our economy, and then, in the normal course of business, we can support the government, liquidate the debt, and eliminate taxes. From then on we won't have to worry about loop holes and tax rates. From then on life would be like Christmas every day!