Austerity? so why are one million more people joining the ranks of the global super-rich?
A million more people joined the ranks of the global super-rich last year, almost a third of them in Asia, as soaring stock markets helped bolster the fortunes of wealthy investors.

The number of "high net worth individuals" climbed by 10% in 2012, taking the total worldwide to 12m, according to research by Royal Bank of Canada and consultancy Capgemini. Between them, these twelve million people owned assets worth $46.2tn (£29.5tn) – more than three times the entire annual output from the US economy, and a 10% increase on 2011. A high net worth individual is defined as anyone with $1m (£641,000) or more in "investable assets". The definition excludes the value of a main home and of any "consumer durables" such as cars.

World markets were volatile in the first half of 2012, as the eurozone crisis deepened; but after ECB president Mario Draghi promised to do "whatever it takes" to protect the single currency in July, and the Federal Reserve unleashed a drastic third round of quantitative easing in September, share prices recovered strongly, boosting the wealth of those with investments. The findings are likely to increase concerns that the benefits of central banks' radical policies to rekindle economic growth have accrued overwhelmingly to those at the top of society, while unemployment remains stubbornly high in many countries and incomes have been under severe pressure. Britain is home to the fifth-largest group of super-wealthy individuals, according to the report, with 465,000 super-rich individuals, up from 441,000 in 2011.

The wealth report came as the latest UK inflation figures showed that with the consumer price index running at 2.7% in May wages for average British workers have now failed to keep up with prices for more than three years. Frances O'Grady, general secretary of the TUC, said, "economic stagnation has caused incomes to fall for most ordinary families but the wealth of the super-rich just keeps on growing. Unless this inequality is tackled Britain could experience a pretty joyless recovery, with the majority of the population seeing little or no benefit when economic growth returns." The US regained its place at the top of the league table in the report, as the home to 3.73m high net worth individuals, up by more than 11.5% on 2011, as the recovering property market helped repair the damage to wealthy investors' housing portfolios inflicted by the downturn of the past five years.

The Asia-Pacific region was just behind the US, with a population of 3.68m super-rich investors – up by more than 9% on the year. Europe, where the economy of the single currency zone has now been in recession for 18 months, was home to 3.4m high net worth individuals, but saw a smaller rise in their number, of 7.5%, in 2012. The researchers also sub-divide the millionaires according to their wealth. There was an increase of 11% in 2012 in the number of people classified as "ultra high net worth individuals", the creme de la creme of the super-rich. These 110,000 people are worth $30m or more, and hold assets worth more than $16tn between them.

A middle group of just over a million people, the "mid-tier millionaires", held $10tn-worth of assets between them; and a much larger group of 10.8m people, which the report refers to as the "millionaires next door", held assets worth $1m-$3m. The data also underlines the stark geographical divide in the distribution of wealth across the world, with just 140,000 of the 12m super-rich living across the entire continent of Africa. That was an increase of almost 10% from 2011; but still fewer than in Italy, Australia or Brazil. RBC and Capgemini's analysts forecast that the super-rich will continue getting richer, with the total wealth held by this group expected to expand by 6.5% a year over the next three years.

The super-rich emerge from the survey conducted as part of the research as a relatively conservative group. They managed their assets cautiously in 2012, while fewer than half of them said they trusted financial markets; and fewer than 40% trusted regulators. The authors said the super-rich respondents to the survey, "exhibited a clear bias toward safety and wealth preservation, allocating nearly 30% of their financial wealth into cash and deposits." This careful approach applied to millionaires of, "all ages and wealth levels, suggesting that the overall lower level of trust in the financial markets may be playing a role."

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    The Battle Against "The Banking Swindle"
    banking swindle New book recounts popular opposition to the mother of all frauds, private central banking, which has enslaved mankind.

    by Anthony Migchels (

    Kerry Bolton's new book, "The Banking Swindle" begins by relating how the bankers conquered Europe via Holland and Britain and later the world through the US. He describes how the current financial system came to be and what problems it brings.

    But where the book really takes off is the description of the public discourse in the thirties that arose in reaction to the Great Depression. Opposition to the financial system itself was universal throughout the industrialized nations. Social Credit activists were active throughout the West. But also other financial systems were both promoted and, what is more, even implemented. New Zealand implemented financial policies that were very similar to Hitler's Germany. A large scale social housing program financed with State Credit relieved 75% of the unemployment during the Great Depression. This iconic project has disappeared in a memory hole. Canada also printed its own money from the mid thirties up to the early seventies. Here is an eye-opening account of the Canadian economy with Government money.

    The level of public involvement seem to have been huge. They were talking banking and monetary reform in pubs and on street corners, all over the West. In Britain itself there were the 'Green Shirts for Social Credit', started by John Hargrave.

    green shirts The Green Shirts kicked off in 1930. Hargrave soon realized that nothing could be done through Parliament and that a mass agitation was necessary.

    Bolton: "Hargrave advocated a militant campaign that would break the media blackout. The Green Shirts took to the streets on marches, behind drums and banners, held street corner meetings, and sold newspapers on the street, delivering the Social Credit message in a cogent manner. Facing the violent opposition of the Left, they were noted for their discipline in the face of provocation. They were also noted for throwing green painted bricks through the windows of banks and using the consequent court cases to publicize their views." Bolton analyzes the struggle for monetary reform in all major western nations, including the USA with Father Coughlin, who at his peak had 40 million followers.

    I must say that this comprehensive overview was eye opening for me. I never really realized what kind of trouble the Money Power faced back then. It also shows that the system may not be quite so unassailable as it often looks. True, the consequences of today's depression have been much milder than 80 years ago. Millions of people actually starved or were close to starvation back then. However we feel about the welfare state, it has prevented that kind of mass suffering this time around. On the other hand: we can also be sure that this is a vital part of the Money Power's calculations. Because hunger is a powerful motivator, the usurers have learned to sedate us to the nastiest side effects of our hidden slavery.


    The book analyzes a number of alternative financial systems that were simply not (yet) part of the banks' control grid. For instance Czarist Russia financed its modernization without the usurers and was rapidly developing into a rival of the West. This, undoubtedly, was the prime reason for the 'revolution'. Or how about the Confederate "Greybacks" during the Civil War? I had never heard of them. Apparently they were actually real debt free notes, as opposed to the interest-bearing bonds backed Greenback. As always, the money system reflects the real dynamics behind the scenes. I'm not well enough versed in US history to come to any conclusions, but Bolton makes a very plausible case that the Confederacy was a real rebellion and that they were cut off from bankster loans.

    Just as the British inflated the "Continental", George Washington's debt free unit, the Union destroyed the "Greyback" through counterfeiting.


    The Banking Swindle is in many respects an effort to reconnect the Right to its roots. After reading the book, I understand why Bolton considers the classical populist resistance against Money Power the true Right. In this day and age, the true Left-Right paradigm has been so utterly discredited because this insight has been lost. The Right today is associated with Capitalism and the current financial system. People in the Truth Movement are a pretty heterogeneous bunch. The kind of awareness that it represents and which is now influencing more people cannot be called 'conservative', even though personally I feel very connected to real conservatism.

    The Banking Swindle exposes both the scale and the nature of a truly international, diverse and very powerful monetary reform movement. Post war propaganda and guilt by association have labeled these movements as 'fascist', but many of them were not, and fascism itself has been demonized. Bolton does a wonderful job of rehabilitating them and showing their profound importance. This is exactly the kind of inspiration and insight we need to build on.

  • Conspiracy No Theory - World Bank Insider
    Karen Hudes Karen Hudes, left, a 20-year veteran at the World Bank confirms the central banking families own and control the world. She also confirms the bankers are prepared to use martial law to defend their fraudulent monopoly on credit. (The war on terror is of course a pretext.)

    by Alex Newman
    World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Fed (The New American)(edited/abridged by

    A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained. In an interview with The New American, Hudes said that when she tried to blow the whistle on multiple problems at the World Bank, she was fired. Now, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers, Hudes is determined to expose and end the corruption. And she is confident of success.

    Citing an explosive 2011 Swiss study published in the PLOS ONE journal on the "network of global corporate control," Hudes pointed out that a small group of entities -- mostly financial institutions and especially central banks -- exert a massive amount of influence over the international economy from behind the scenes. "What is really going on is that the world's resources are being dominated by this group," she explained, adding that the "corrupt power grabbers" have managed to dominate the media as well. "They're being allowed to do it."


    Hudes, an attorney who spent some two decades working in the World Bank's legal department, has observed the machinations of the network up close. "I realized we were now dealing with something known as state capture, which is where the institutions of government are co-opted by the group that's corrupt," she told The New American in a phone interview. "The pillars of the U.S. government -- some of them -- are dysfunctional because of state capture; this is a big story, this is a big cover up." At the heart of the network, Hudes said, are 147 financial institutions and central banks -- especially the Federal Reserve, which was created by Congress but is owned by essentially a cartel of private banks. "This is a story about how the international financial system was secretly gamed, mostly by central banks -- they're the ones we are talking about," she explained. "The central bankers have been gaming the system. I would say that this is a power grab."

    The Fed in particular is at the very center of the network and the coverup, Hudes continued, citing a policy and oversight body that includes top government and Fed officials. Central bankers have also been manipulating gold prices, she added, echoing widespread concerns that The New American has documented extensively. Indeed, even the inaccurate World Bank financial statements that Hudes has been trying to expose are linked to the U.S. central bank, she said. The shadowy but immensely powerful Bank for International Settlements serves as "the club of these private central bankers," Hudes continued. "Now, are people going to want interest on their country's debts to continue to be paid to that group when they find out the secret tricks that that group has been doing? Don't forget how they've enriched themselves extraordinarily and how they've taken taxpayer money for the bailout."


    As far as intervening in the gold price, Hudes said it was an effort by the powerful network and its central banks to "hold onto its paper currency" -- a suspicion shared by many analysts and even senior government officials. The World Bank whistleblower also said that contrary to official claims, she did not believe there was any gold being held in Fort Knox. Even congressmen and foreign governments have tried to find out if the precious metals were still there, but they met with little success. Hudes, however, believes the scam will eventually come undone. "This is like crooks trying to figure out where they can go hide. It's a mafia," she said. "These culprits that have grabbed all this economic power have succeeded in infiltrating both sides of the issue, so you will find people who are supposedly trying to fight corruption who are just there to spread disinformation and as a placeholder to trip up anybody who manages to get their act together.... Those thugs think that if they can keep the world ignorant, they can bleed it longer."


    While the media are dominated by the "power grabber" network, Hudes has been working with foreign governments, reporters, U.S. officials, state governments, and a broad coalition of fellow whistleblowers to blow the entire scam wide open. There has been quite a bit of interest, too, particularly among foreign governments and state officials in the United States. .. "We're going to have a cleaned-up financial system, that's where it is going, but in the meantime, people who didn't know how the system was gamed are going to find out," she said. "We're going to have a different kind of international financial system.... It'll be a new kind of world where people know what's going on -- no more backroom deals; that's not going to keep happening. We're going to have a different kind of media if people don't want to be dominated and controlled, which I don't think they do."

    While Hudes sounded upbeat, she recognizes that the world is facing serious danger right now -- there are even plans in place to impose martial law in the United States, she said. The next steps will be critical for humanity. As such, Hudes argues, it is crucial that the people of the world find out about the lawlessness, corruption, and thievery that are going on at the highest levels -- and put a stop to it once and for all. The consequences of inaction would be disastrous.

    Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is currently based in Europe. He can be reached at

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    Our Chains are Forged by Usury
    evil bankers Money should be interest-free

    The New World Order is based on debt and usury. Humanity is being re-engineered and enslaved to ensure this fictitious debt is repaid. This is what drives the "progressive" social agenda. The Illuminati bankers are God. They re-define reality to conform to their material interests and perversity.

    Using Gentile fronts, Jewish bankers succeeded in privatizing the money supply and making it a liability of the State. (This is like controlling the oxygen supply.) Money is just a medium of exchange, like a coupon. It has no intrinsic value. They have bought everyone and everything worth owning, beginning with politicians and mass media, and ensured that humanity is diverted and depleted by constant wars and depressions.

    by Anthony Migchels (

    Usury is the original sin and the root cause of all our economic and political problems.

    The truth is we have everything we need to create an interest-free money supply. An usury-free economy ends poverty and saves our souls in the process. The love of money is the root of all evils. Usury is the weaponization of money love. It feeds the avarice of the usurer. It forces ever more debtors into ever more immoral behavior. It replaces love with commerce. It corrupts commerce, which becomes ever more exploitative. It rips apart the fabric of society and makes a mockery of any kind of social contract. Billions of people live in abject poverty all over the world because of it. Entire communities, nations are gutted to pay the interest to the opulent. Nobody counts the billions dying prematurely from its effects. Poor countries pay ten times more interest on their foreign debts than they receive development aid.

    Even when not in debt, forty percent of our income is lost to interest passed on in prices by producers. The many pay anywhere between five and ten trillion per year to the wealthy. All other rents ultimately are based on cost for capital and would hardly exist without usury. It is the ultimate centralizer of power and it is global. It has been growing at a compound interest rate for centuries, and now this incredible cancer is ready to devour the host body.

    The European nations put up $4.5 trillion in handouts, easy credit and guarantees to 'save' their banks and the euro. The Fed provided an unimaginable $16 trillion dollars in easy credit to its banking buddies. Much of it was never repaid. This is 'necessary' because without banks we would not have money. So the West put up $20 trillion to have some bits and bytes and paper and coins circulate to exchange goods and services. Surely the end of our civilization is near when we allow such rapacious plunder while there is no money to save the poor from starvation and the Earth from pollution.


    We think: "without interest there will be no credit! I would not lend if I didn't get anything back." But the Money Power doesn't lend anything!

    Money is just bookkeeping and credit is an automatic result of double entry bookkeeping, which by its very nature knows debit and credit. The problem is not the creation of money! Quite the opposite: it's marvelous that we never need to have a shortage of money.

    The problem is when the bookkeeper starts raping the debitor with interest for no other reason than the associated minus. And takes all this interest himself. Just for the service of bookkeeping! We pay $300k in interest in thirty years for our $200k mortgage which was created by entering some numbers in a computer bookkeeping application!


    We don't want to pay $300k interest in coin! We want bookkeeping at cost-price! Interest-free! Even in ancient times Gold and Silver were circulated by private parties. This is touted as a wonderful free market operation. But who circulated the specie? Those owning the mines, of course! They circulated the metal by lending it out at interest and manipulated the volume from day one.

    Today, nobody knows how much Gold there is. All the Gold mines are owned and controlled by the Money Power. Those owning the mines are the Money Power, that's how it all started. Vast amounts of Gold are in their vaults, ready to be unleashed onto the market through usurious lending, aiming to create asset bubbles, only to stop lending a little later to create a deflationary crash when people pay off their loans. It is exactly the same way they create the boom-bust cycle with paper based money. Just look at what they are doing to Gold today. They have been doing this forever. The Golden Calf is the archetypal symbol of avarice; the Money Power is unthinkable without it.


    Jesus admonished us to lend freely, expecting nothing in return. The Vedas abhor usury. Moses forbade it. Half of the Q'uran is Allah threatening severe punishment for those taking Usury. Money is bookkeeping. We don't need interest for savers. The bank doesn't need savers. Debit and Credit are the two sides of the coin in bookkeeping. They are automatic. Yes, the volume must be managed, but that is unavoidable. No monetary system can exist without managing volume. The problem is not management; it is allowing vultures to do it.

    The reason we have a boom-bust cycle is because we allowed private parties, banks, to manage the volume in their own interest. They set up Central Banks to create the illusion of 'officialdom'. Saying 'the market must do it' is saying the Plutocracy has been doing a good job over the last 5000 years.

    We want interest-free mortgages, no income tax, no poverty. We want abundance, good will, a cultural rebirth, fairness and an end to Plutocracy.

    Kill Usury!

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    Social Capital is Best Store of Wealth
    rockefeller family There is nothing fancy or magical about the "House of Rockefeller" left. It is a family business

    Social capital and multiple streams of income, not home ownership or "precious" metals, is how the elites have built inter-generational wealth and attendant political influence.

    by Abe "in East LA" (

    I have a follow up to "Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses." Many comments asked: "If the metals aren't a good investment at present, where they should put their money?" I would suggest that they do what the elites do - build social capital and then start a business. Social capital is the ONLY true wealth. It is the ability to get cooperation from others. That's why money works: it facilitates third party cooperation. Any money invested in learning a new language, carpentry, (real) masonry, or gardening will have a better ROI than Gold or the Dow.

    Social capital is THE TRUE SECRET to illuminati-masonic-judaic-secret society power: Really, it's just simple social capital, i.e. having enough people on the same page to get things done. We should all cultivate it for ourselves as well. A proliferation of openly Christian and ethical fraternal organizations would be the sociological equivalent of free energy. As for businesses, an LLC corporation can be formed on the cheap in most states, and is only $800 in the most expensive (CA). Just have "consulting" be your business and have your friends and family be your "customers".

    With a business of your own, you can have all your productive and collectible assets passed on to the next generation without an estate tax since no one is inheriting property but merely being placed in charge of the business' next generation of leadership. Thus, there is no tax on giving your son a job managing the family assets. Social capital and multiple streams of income, not home ownership or "precious" metals, is how the elites have built the inter generational wealth and attendant political influence that allowed them to monopolize the economic gains from increased productivity and technology. We could all make use of these simple secrets to start leveling the playing field.


    Corroboration can be found in the dynastic wealth that presently controls the world. Instead of making this case at length, I would point readers to four books on the history of money: Babylon's Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell; The Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins; The Grim Reaper by J. W. McCallister, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. The gist is that all the secret societies serve central banking interests; and central banking is indeed a family affair WHICH is best summarized from the following quote taken from Dean Henderson's article "The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part 1: The Eight Families - "80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank- by far the most powerful Fed branch- by just eight families, four of which reside in the US. They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

    .... Ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Schauf lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals who own large shares of the Fed. The Schiffs are insiders at Kuhn Loeb. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan at the turn of the century."


    Another forceful image of the power of social capital and extended families in action can be seen in the Rockefeller family portrait featured in the article by Olavo de Carvalho on this website: Very few of the Rockefellers seen in the above photo will inherit anything, but they will administer one of the many corporations or subsidiaries that belong to the House of Rockefeller. There nothing fancy or magical about the "House of Windsor" or the "House of Rothschild" or anything else. This kind of self- appellation doesn't use metaphysics to confer elite status. It is a simple way of denoting a family business. Imagine if entire nations were filled with such interconnected, networked, God loving, pro family, and racially conscious folks.

    There would be no poverty or alienation. In every neighborhood, ordinary folks of acquired means and ability like the "House of Smith"and the "House of Jones" would serve the same function as Chinese Benevolent Societies - which is a prime factor in Asian economic mobility in the West. Even in "the hood," newly established families like the "House of Garcia" or the "House of Jamal" could serve the same functions and provide avenues to social modernization for races and communities left behind. We don't need to redistribute wealth, we need to let people create it by taking charge of their families, society, and future. It starts with the simple realization that no man is an island and that no investment will allow you to win this fight single handedly.

    Note: I asked Abe if he was practicing what he preaches. His reply:

    I've just recently purchased some rural land in a part of California that will remain undisclosed. The land is in fact a carefully selected network of inexpensive properties that, once developed, support one another and will require the active input of multiple families working as a team to keep things running. I am in the preliminary process of developing that land with a network of extended family and close friends. All of this will be managed under a corporate entity in which each family will own a share of the issued stock. To elaborate a bit, one of the properties will be farmed responsibly, one will have a small grocery store, one a specialty shop, and some will provide lodging income. I hope in time to build something able to rival In-N-Out burgers or Chik-fil-A in size, scope, and civic engagement. I also want to stress that the social capital acquired through one's familial and/or fraternal network needn't be limited to gardening and other arts and crafts, see this video about 3-D gun printing.

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    Russian warning to get all money out of western banks
    cash machine NICOSIA – A web site on Friday claims to have seen an urgent bulletin from the Russian Foreign Ministry sent to its embassies all over the world advising both Russian citizens and companies to begin divesting their assets from Western banking and financial institutions “immediately”. The site said the Kremlin feared grow that both the European Union and United States were preparing for the largest theft of private wealth in modern history.

    According to this “urgent bulletin,” this warning is being made at the behest of Prime Minister Medvedev who earlier today warned against the Western banking systems actions against EU Member Cyprus. “All possible mistakes that could be made have been made by them, the measure that was proposed is of a confiscation nature, and unprecedented in its character. I can’t compare it with anything but ... decisions made by Soviet authorities ... when they didn’t think much about the savings of their population. But we are living in the 21st century, under market economic conditions. Everybody has been insisting that ownership rights should be respected.,” he said on Thursday. The story on the site “What does it mean. com” was written by Sorcha Faal without further elaboration.


    We have known, for quite a while, that every single mortgage ever established was unlawful. Because there is ZERO "Contractual Consideration" from the Finance Company ... because they create the so-called "finance" out of thin air. This was discussed in the 2nd Edition of my book. Thanks to someone who has poured through a load of Statutes, we now discover that mortgages are also illegal - in other words -'not legal even under Statute'. IT IS A FACT that - when applying for a mortgage - one is sent a Title Deed to sign. And whoever is applying for the mortgage signs and dates it, and posts it back to the Finance Company. There is only space on the Title Deed for the Applicant(s) to sign. There is no space for the signature of the Finance Company (i.e. 'Representative') to sign. Thus the Title Deed does NOT, in itself, form a Lawful Contract. Another way of describing a mortgage is to call it a "disposition". A "disposition" of funds (to pay for the dwelling being purchased). Now, the full argument is here.

    What that is saying is that the mortgage is only created (according to Statute) when the Charge is lodged at the Land Registry. This only happens after the Title Deed has been signed and returned to the Finance Company. Thus the actual creation of the mortgage ("disposition") is in the future of the Title Deed. And the Statutes state specifically that any Contract for a future disposition, must bear the signature of BOTH Parties. And, since the Title Deed only bears the signature of the Applicant, this fails to create the necessary "Contract for the future disposition". Which means that "lodging the Charge with the Land Registry" was entirely fraudulent. "Entirely fraudulent" means "null & void in Law".

    Thus to claim "possession" - at the time of foreclosure - is "utterly, and completely, entirely fraudulent, and thoroughly reprehensible" ... even according to Statute! So, you say, "Well, why don't the Finance Companies correct this by applying their own signatures, then?" ... to which the answer is: "What signature?" ... something like "A. B - for, and on behalf of, XYZ Finance Ltd"? DO YOU REALLY THINK MR. A. B IS GOING TO PUT HIS NAME TO AN UNLAWFUL FRAUD? (It's always UNLAWFUL, don't forget!) They have got away with this fraud, because THEY DON'T SIGN ANYTHING ... and because THAT OMISSION has gone unnoticed for so long ... because people are INDOCTRINATED at school, as opposed to being "educated".

    When, during your childhood, and young adulthood - even during your life - were these things explained to you ... things such as YOUR ACTUAL, FUNDAMENTAL, RIGHTS? The whole thing, "society today", operates "by omission". George Orwell said "Omission is the biggest form of a lie". You want proof that is true? OK, consider the Oath that Witnesses must take, before giving testimony to a Jury: "I do solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth". That's just another way of saying: "I swear not to omit anything relevant", isn't it? Which means that "omission" is tantamount to perjury.

    Other links:

    Land Registration Act 2002, Section 27(1)

    Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989, Section 2(1), 2(3), 2(5)c, and 2(6)




    It used to be the main exchange currency in Europe, but soon after WW1 governments ditched it. Now, amid turbulent financial times and economic woes, gold is fashionable once more
    The educational charities that do PR for the rightwing ultra-rich

    Conspiracies against the public don't get much uglier than this. As the Guardian revealed last week, two secretive organisations working for US billionaires have spent $118m to ensure that no action is taken to prevent manmade climate change. While inflicting untold suffering on the world's people, their funders have used these opaque structures to ensure that their identities are never exposed.

    The two organisations – the Donors' Trust and the Donors' Capital Fund – were set up as political funding channels for people handing over $1m or more. They have financed 102 organisations which either dismiss climate science or downplay the need to take action. The large number of recipients creates the impression of many independent voices challenging climate science. These groups, working through the media, mobilising gullible voters and lobbying politicians, helped to derail Obama's cap and trade bill and the climate talks at Copenhagen. Now they're seeking to prevent the US president from trying again. This covers only part of the funding. In total, between 2002 and 2010 the two identity-laundering groups paid $311m to 480 organisations, most of which take positions of interest to the ultra-rich and the corporations they run: less tax, less regulation, a smaller public sector. Around a quarter of the money received by the rightwing opinion swarm comes from the two foundations. If this funding were not effective, it wouldn't exist: the ultra-rich didn't get that way by throwing their money around randomly. The organisations they support are those that advance their interests.

    A small number of the funders have been exposed by researchers trawling through tax records. They include the billionaire Koch brothers (paying into the two groups through their Knowledge and Progress Fund) and the DeVos family (the billionaire owners of Amway). More significantly, we now know a little more about the recipients. Many describe themselves as free-market or conservative thinktanks. Among them are the American Enterprise Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council, Hudson Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Reason Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Mont Pelerin Society and Discovery Institute. All pose as learned societies, earnestly trying to determine the best interests of the public. The exposure of this funding reinforces the claim by David Frum, formerly a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, that such groups "increasingly function as public relations agencies". One name in particular jumped out at me: American Friends of the IEA. The Institute of Economic Affairs is a British group that, like all the others, calls itself a free-market thinktank. Scarcely a day goes by when its staff aren't interviewed in the broadcast media, promoting the dreary old billionaires' agenda: less tax for the rich, less help for the poor, less spending by the state, less regulation for business. In the first 13 days of February, its people were on the BBC 10 times.

    Never have I heard its claim to be an independent thinktank challenged by the BBC. When, in 2007, I called the institute a business lobby group, its then director-general responded, in a letter to the Guardian, that "we are independent of all business interests". Oh yes? The database published by the Canadian site shows that American Friends of the IEA has (up to 2010) received $215,000 from the two secretive funds. When I spoke to the IEA's fundraising manager, she confirmed that the sole purpose of American Friends is to channel money to the organisation in London. She agreed that the IEA has never disclosed the Donors' Trust money it has received. She denied that the institute is a sockpuppet organisation: purporting to be independent while working for some very powerful US interests. Would the BBC allow someone from Bell Pottinger to discuss an issue of concern to its sponsors without revealing the sponsors' identity? No. So what's the difference? What distinguishes an acknowledged public relations company taking money channelled by a corporation or a billionaire from a so-called thinktank, funded by the same source to promote the same agenda?

    The IEA is registered with the Charity Commission as an educational charity. The same goes for Nigel Lawson's climate misinformation campaign (the Global Warming Policy Foundation) and a host of other dubious "thinktanks". I've said it before and I'll say it again: it is outrageous that the Charity Commission allows organisations that engage in political lobbying and refuse to reveal their major funders to claim charitable status. This is the new political frontier. Corporations and their owners have learned not to show their hands. They tend to avoid the media, aware that they will damage their brands by being seen to promote the brutal agenda that furthers their interests. So they have learned from the tobacco companies: stay hidden and pay others to do it for you. They need a network of independent-looking organisations that can produce plausible arguments in defence of their positions. Once the arguments have been developed, projecting them is easy. Most of the media is owned by billionaires, who are happy to promote the work of people funded by the same class. One of the few outlets they don't own – the BBC – has been disgracefully incurious about the identity of those to whom it gives a platform.

    By these means the ultra-rich come to dominate the political conversation, without declaring themselves. Those they employ are clever and well-trained, with money their opponents can only dream of. They are skilled at rechannelling public anger that might otherwise be directed at their funders: the people who tanked the economy, who use the living planet as their dustbin, who won't pay taxes and demand that the poor must pay for the mistakes of the rich. Anger, thanks to the work of these hired hands, is instead aimed at the victims or opponents of the billionaires: people on benefits, trade unions, Greenpeace, the American Civil Liberties Union. The answer, as ever, is transparency. As the so-called thinktanks come to play an ever more important role in politics, we need to know who they are working for. Any group – whether the IEA or Friends of the Earth – that attempts to influence public life should declare all donations greater than £1,000. We've had a glimpse of who's paying. Now we need to see the rest of the story.


    There is plenty of poverty in the world in terms of investing in developing
    countries, there is no competition in this area the President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim

    Mortgage service industry makes more money from foreclosures than restructuring debt

    Meanwhile the political mafia try and blame the poor for damaging the economy
    As we have been warning for a very long time and confirmed in this latest report that property theft under the guise of a bank mortgage system is the single biggest criminal racket across the planet and this report shows how in America at least crooked freemason judges, lawyers, cops, bailiffs and bankers are all implicated in the largest global crime wave ever.

    Largest crime-wave in human history in terms of the number of acts of fraud is serial mortgage fraud

    In the first decade of this century, the Wall Street crime syndicate perpetrated the largest crime-wave in human history in terms of the number of acts of fraud: its serial mortgage fraud. This initial crime-wave was conducted in order to facilitate an even larger crime-wave (by dollar value): the “securitization” of these fraud-tainted mortgages. None of the ring-leaders of this crime-wave have even been charged, let alone prosecuted, let alone convicted. An estimated 60+ million U.S. mortgages (more than half of all outstanding mortgages) have been tainted by Wall Street mortgage-fraud – primarily through the invalid/illegal use of their own, private “land registry” (known as “MERS”), as opposed to the official/legitimate land title registry required by law. The Wall Street fraud-factories never even sought permission to bypass official registry requirements. They simply collectively and unilaterally flouted the law, partially to “streamline” (i.e. evade) processing fees and requirements, but mostly to facilitate the $trillions in mortgage-related fraud which Wall Street built atop their original crime-wave.

    It’s important to take a moment here to note that we are talking about “fraud” on numerous levels. The fraudulent registering of approximately 60 million “MERS” mortgages was only one facet of this fraud. There were millions upon millions of other acts of fraud connected with these mortgages. The fraud-chain began with the “liars’ loans” – primarily instigated at the lenders’ end – where mortgage applicants were assured that no one told the truth on these documents, and thus applicants were free to fill in whatever numbers the mortgage-broker told them would help to facilitate purchase. On top of the Liars’ Loans, on top of the 60 million fraudulent entries in the MERS pseudo-registry; the Wall Street crime syndicate piled on 10’s of millions of additional acts of fraud. This primarily revolves around the “robo-signing” scandal: serial, deliberate fraud, where the Wall Street crime syndicate literally “manufactured” fraudulent documents to create entirely separate, fallacious paper-trails for these already fraud-tainted mortgages. Indeed, some of the individual foot-soldiers for these fraud-factories are known to have committed thousands of acts of fraud per month.

    The corrupt U.S. judiciary has willfully blinded itself to this organized, serial fraud; rubber-stamping 100’s of thousands (millions?) of illegitimate foreclosures, with the result being that the Big Banks illegitimately took possession of these properties based on known, fraudulent documents and without ever proving they had the right to take possession of these properties in accordance with the law. It is with this context in front of us that we must view the extremely offensive headline from the propagandists at Reuters:

    Bank of America, other banks move closer to ending mortgage mess

    Obviously the initial paragraphs of this article indicate that nothing has “ended” regarding this “mortgage mess”. Sixty million properties are still tainted with MERS-fraud alone. Many of those properties have been tainted with multiple acts of additional fraud, and some properties outside of the MERS registry have also been tainted with this additional fraud. This takes place in a land registry system which is supposed to guarantee “perfect title” to any/every bona fide purchaser. Where even the tiniest flaw is discovered, this mandates a thorough litigation: to unearth each/every act of fraud, trace back the land title to a point in time before it was tainted with fraud, and to thus “fix” the title at that time. What this means in practice is that many (supposed) U.S. “homeowners” will be told they do not own the home which they just finished paying for. If these cheated homeowners are able to identify the specific perpetrators of the original fraud, if those perpetrators have not already been bankrupted by their serial fraud, if the corrupt U.S. judiciary actually does it duty, and if they can afford to hire a lawyer and fight a battle in court; then these would-be homeowners may actually end up with the property they thought they had purchased. Or they could end up with nothing.

    With these 60+ million fraud-tainted properties having now been “swept under the carpet” by the U.S. government, the U.S. judiciary, and (of course) the Big Banks themselves; what did Reuters mean when it talked about “an end to the mortgage mess”? It meant that its friends, the Big Banks, were now on the verge of obtaining nearly complete legal immunity to the largest crime-wave in human history. In other words, many (innocent) purchasers of these fraud-tainted properties will be told that they are barred by law from suing the only parties who can compensate them for the properties they thought they had purchased – guaranteeing that many (most?) of these victims will never be able to obtain either the property they thought they had purchased or the money they paid to purchase that property. Worse still is simply the unimaginable quantity of these fraud-tainted properties. If every U.S. court with jurisdiction to try such cases ceased to perform any other litigation, and devoted 100% of their time/energy/resources to fixing these fraud-tainted properties (one at a time) it is a virtual certainty that no American currently alive today would see a real “end” to Wall Street mortgage-fraud.

    Understand that because of the (additional) serial acts of fraud attached to the 60+ million original acts of mortgage fraud (primarily “robo-signing” fraud) that most of these litigations will be slow, arduous, and time-consuming. This reality is a further condemnation of the U.S. judiciary, where these fraud-accomplices sometimes rubber-stamped dozens of illegitimate foreclosures in a single day. Obviously, nothing at all has “ended” with respect to U.S. mortgage fraud – other than most of the legal/criminal liability for the original perpetrators of the ‘lion’s share’ of this fraud. In fact, U.S. mortgage-fraud has entered a new era which we can simply call “buyer beware.” If one was to purchase any U.S. property which has had a mortgage against it at any time in the last decade, the odds are somewhat over 50% that the “purchaser” will not have (legal) bona fide ownership of that property; meaning that “their home” could be taken from them at any time – via some future litigation.

    The end to (most) Big Bank liability means that these “homeowners” could have their properties taken from them (at any time), and be legally prevented from even attempting to seek compensation for losing their homes. Thus, as Reuters dubs the next chapter of U.S. mortgage-fraud as “the end of mortgage fraud”, we have learned one thing: we’ve learned who the Reuters media oligopoly actually represents – the Big Banks. If they are in the clear, then in the eyes of Reuters (and the rest of the Corporate Media) it’s “problem solved.” Meanwhile, for ordinary Americans the era of “buyer beware” for all would-be homeowners has just begun. Unless you want to hire a lawyer to conduct some exhaustive (and very expensive) title verification prior to purchasing, then the majority of Americans “buying a home” today are doing little more than rolling the dice – and praying they don’t end up with “snake eyes.”

  • Freemason run Land Registry try and talk up the artificial home ownership scam