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More devious domestic violence propaganda from the paedo protecting BBC VIDEO

  • Elfyn Llwyd MP pushing domestic violence propaganda is a lawyer lackey for the law society

  • Once again the protectors of paedo's the BBC try to suggest they are moral guardians while smearing men as abusers through their feminist / masonic / zionist / crooked lawyer propaganda. There are MANY vested interests when men are fleeced by crooked judges acting for the British crown and the royal parasites, domestic abuse is the common factor they ALL use when dissecting the trillions stolen under the guise of abuse. The only abuse is the psychological torture inflicted on men by the freemasons behind every last manufactured smear campaign to justify mass extortion on the grandest of scales.

    The old adage 'Shout at your spouse lose your house ' seeks to show the lengths crooked lawyers on billions of legal aid will go with their partners in crime womens aid who are never around when females are murdering their partners or children. Only when they obsessively rant that men are all bastards and women are all angels when the reality is so far from the truth even when they conjure up manufactured stats to justify their fraud aiding golddiggers and their legal teams to dramatically increase their financially worth not on hard work and graft but by lying that they are somehow victims of all us bad men.

    Sinister that the BBC think they still have the authority on these matters despite them protecting paedo's like Jimmy Savile whose criminality and abuse of children was protected by the BBC themselves for over 50 years. The use of the BBC domestic abuse propaganda has allowed children to be removed from the care of GOOD fathers into the hands of the perverts in care homes who gave Savile and his cohorts access to those vulnerable children and why there is evil method in the BBC's pathological madness on this serious matter.

    These are the same thugs who vote for wars where millions of women and children are murdered

  • Power mad psychopathic freemason judges want even MORE power (Meanwhile millions of men are destroyed in civil courts with no juries and NO chance of justice)
  • How Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises
    Bloody Big Con exposed like NEVER before the utter scum and dregs of the earth who claim they are a news broadcaster yet protect the most vile criminals who work for them

    The BBC will be plunged into a major crisis with the publication of a damning review, expected next month, that will reveal its staff turned a blind eye to the rape and sexual assault of up to 1,000 girls and boys by Jimmy Savile in the corporation's changing rooms and studios.

    Dame Janet Smith, a former court of appeal judge, who previously led the inquiry into the murders by Dr Harold Shipman, will say in her report that the true number of victims of Savile's sexual proclivities may never be known but that his behaviour had been recognised by BBC executives who took no action. Smith's investigations, which followed the Pollard inquiry into why the BBC shelved a Newsnight programme about Savile, will send shockwaves through the corporation.

    A source close to the inquiry told the Observer: "The numbers are shocking. Many hundreds and potentially up to 1,000 people were victims of Savile when he was representing the corporation. The report will overshadow Pollard. It will go right to the heart of how Savile was able to get away with the most heinous of crimes under the very noses of BBC staff for more than 40 years." The sheer scale of victims' testimonies being examined has delayed the publication of Smith's report by a month.

    Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (Napac), which has been consulted by Smith's inquiry, said: "In Savile's lifetime I wouldn't doubt [that 1,000 people had been abused by him on BBC property]. The other thing I have found extraordinary, and very sad, is the number of people I have spoken to connected to the BBC, and that is a lot of people, who said: 'Oh yes, we all knew about him.' "I was talking to someone at BBC Manchester in Salford who said 'we knew about Stuart Hall. He had a room where he would take women and young people'. You think: 'Oh my God, these people were offending almost in open sight and no one thought to intervene.'" Liz Dux, a lawyer representing 74 of Savile's victims, said Smith had been forensic in her examination of witnesses and her report was likely to cause serious concerns for those at the top of the organisation. She said: "Every single opportunity Savile took it. He never had a quiet day basically so these numbers wouldn't at all surprise me.

    "Dame Janet is very widely respected and I am confident she won't leave any stones unturned. The clients who gave evidence said that they felt they were listened to very sensitively and sympathetically and were able to give their evidence in a lot of detail. This will not be a what-the-BBC-want sort of report." A second report on the scale of Savile's abuse within the NHS has also been delayed due to the number of places in which Savile committed crimes and it is not expected until June. Smith has used a similar methodology to that employed during the Shipman inquiry, which found the GP had killed hundreds of patients, not just the 15 for which he received life sentences before taking his own life in his prison cell.

    Her team sent letters to every member of BBC staff past and present asking whether they had witnessed criminal acts by Savile in order to piece together his pattern of behaviour and establish an understanding of the scale of his crimes. In three known cases, one of which involved a BBC cameraman who has since died, Savile carried out his abuse with others connected to the corporation, the review has heard. The report will, however, express frustration that some of those closest to Savile or culpable for allowing him to go unchallenged have refused to co-operate. His criminality peaked in the 1960s and 1970s, when he was middle-aged and at the height of his career at the corporation, but continued right up until the last filming of Top of the Pops in 2006 when at the age of 79 he groped a girl aged between 13 and 16. Smith's review has been in contact with more than 1,000 witnesses and victims, including the 138 who are pursuing civil claims for compensation, but the scale of those affected by Savile's crimes dwarfs the number who have so far come forward.

    The Observer understands the BBC has provided more than £10,000 in funding, and the assistance of a business consultant, to Napac to allow it to increase its helpline services. Further money is expected to be made available when the review is published. Lord Hall, the BBC's director general, met the charity's chief executive shortly before Christmas and asked for his support when the Smith report is launched. Dux hopes the BBC will respond to Smith's findings by offering further support to the victims, who are due to receive limited compensation through a scheme being agreed with the corporation, the NHS and the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust. Those raped by Savile are unlikely to receive more than £50,000 in compensation.

    Dux, head of abuse cases at Slater & Gordon, said: "What I hope doesn't happen is that the BBC goes into some sort of navel-gazing period. Rather than look internally, look at how they are behaving and accept some corporate responsibility, which is not what they have done so far. "I have asked for counselling for my clients who have given statements but the BBC have done nothing; my clients have been left absolutely high and dry." If the BBC really cared about these people then they would have contacted them as soon as they have given evidence and said: 'We accept that you have gone through an awful ordeal and whatever the outcome of the report we have made facilities to let you go and see this counsellor.'"

    She added: "Whether these cases are resolved by settlement scheme or by court the amount of damages the victims of the BBC will get is absolutely tiny compared to what they have spent on their own legal fees, the Pollard inquiry and their own staff. The damages for compensation in civil law for rape is rarely over £50,000 and that is something that is life-changing and hideous. They are actually getting an insulting amount". A spokesman for Smith's review declined to comment.

  • Take note, BBC, whistleblowers are good for you
  • BBC DJ Dave Lee Travis enters court with a masonic tie
    dave lee travis

    Have the freemasons running the BBC and Met cops been
    protecting more than just freemason predatory paedo Jimmy Savile?

  • BBC DJ Dave Lee Travis described as 'opportunist' sex offender
  • Victims of BBC paedo Jimmy Savile want alternative inquiry to the cover ups VIDEO

  • BBC paedo Savile victims call for single inquiry
  • Paedo protecting BBC TV Licence Extortion Racket Exposed VIDEO

  • BBC TV Licensing goons get paid to play skittles(VIDEO)
  • BBC relegate men to talking about one subject
    bbc queen

    Anyone who watches BBC breakfast to find out what the latest propaganda is being pumped out by the royalist/feminist/masonic/zionist lackeys will not have failed to notice how the BBC go out of their way to ensure MEN at every turn are tarred with the same abusing brush . Men are relegated to talk about one subject sport , with even the sports presenters now women. A women dominated editorial ensures the royalist/feminist/masonic/zionist bullshit agenda is strictly adhered to and at no time are MEN to be classed as anything but the brutes that need kept in their place by the freemason system of protecting their own while oppressing the men who have to tolerate the masonic menace.

    Women are wheeled on to discuss every topic under the sun and what their feminist views are while men sit on the sidelines merely spectators as everything women is seen as important and everything else relating to men , apart from sport, is seen as irrelevant. The BBC has been highjacked by a monstrous evil psychopathic madness that even their former presenters regularly attack but no one is listening at the BBC as they are to busy protecting their paedo rings headed by Jimmy Savile and that is despite dozens of their former presenters now being jailed for the long term abuse of the innocent children lured into the evil dens of satanic brainwashing.

    The only men who are wheeled on and worshipped as hero's are those who kill for the British murdering state or are part of the political, police and legal structures who are used to chain and enslave men not part of their creepy masonic mafia. The main licence payers are men yet they are having to tolerate the most despicable smear campaigns generated by the psychotic radical feminists charged with ensuring freemasons always have an excuse to relieve men of their life's work .

    That is the main purpose of the Bully Boy Corporation and why given time they will fall on the very swords that they have wielded so ruthlessly against the men caught up in the legal machinations that remain unexposed thanks to the BBC's media lawyers who ensure the biggest crime syndicate on the planet are NEVER reported as the main terrorist threat to all men facing the vast criminality that endures thanks to the BBC's vile propaganda machine.

    BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT IF WE CAN HELP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One more BBC royal arse kissing paedo TV presenter Rolf Harris charged with three further sex offences including indecent assault on seven-year-old girl
  • Paedo protecting BBC use strong arm tactics and masonic thug cops to force entry VIDEO

    As we have stated for decades let the Bully Boy Corporation encrypt their
    royalist shite and see how many subscribe?

    samantha poling BBC Panorama reporter Samantha Poling

    We have spent many years cajoling the BBC into exposing the biggest terrorist group on the planet the global Law Society. They are responsible for more death and destruction of families, particularly men, than ALL other pseudo terrorism right across the planet.

    Recently we have gotten wind that Panorama, a supposed flagship BBC investigative program, was canvassing victims of the law society to appear in an up and coming program they had planned. Now this came as a bit of a shock seeing the BBC, more than any other media organisation, have been protecting the murdering arses of the scum and filth that frequent the hallowed walls of the most sinister mafia on the planet.

    Just like the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile , who abused children for more than five decades, the law society's crimes have been protected from exposure thanks to law society media lawyers sitting in judgement over what and what doesn't get aired in their news output.

    We suspect someone has been crawling the books of the BBC to find evidence that not only did they protect a known paedophile for decades , but also that the long suffering licence payers have been informing the BBC en masse about the blatant criminality of crooked judges and lawyers acting for the Law Society that have destroyed their lives to the extent that many were psychologically and financially pushed into suicide because of the failure of the BBC and all the other major media outlets to expose these murderous vermin. Despite the suggestion that the Panorama researcher Samantha Poling had been chasing up Scottish victims proposing to do an EXPOSE on the Law Society of Scotland the whole issue has since died a death.

    There is no doubt Law Society plants Rosalind McInnes and Alistair Bonnington are the media lawyers acting for the BBC, or more importantly acting in the best interests of the murdering crooks at the law society, have gotten wind of this program and have shut it down.

    alistair bonnington rosalind mcinnes ROSALIND MCINNES HISTORY

    Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I can’t believe I get paid to do this job?’ BBC Scotland lawyer and the recently-crowned Scottish Legal Personality of the Year 2005, Rosalind McInnes, has.

    In fact, she says it quite often, particularly when watching the latest edition of Chewing the Fat before it is broadcast across the nation to ensure that the quick quips and one liners won’t land the Corporation in any legal hot water.

    As one third of BBC Scotland’s in-house legal team, McInnes is tasked with working with programme producers to guarantee that the BBC retains its squeaky-clean reputation and steers clear of offending any licence fee payers. Glasgow-born, McInnes graduated from Glasgow University in 1991 and completed her traineeship at A&WM Urquhart in Edinburgh. She then spent a year with Bird Semple Fyfe Ireland before moving to Maclay Murray & Spens where she worked in construction litigation until she saw an opening at BBC Scotland.

    The bulk of her work is programme advice, which sees her getting close to the BBC Scotland newsroom and being involved in programme making from an early stage, particularly on programmes such as Frontline and Panorama where the issues covered are often controversial. Unfortunately McInnes’ week is not all about watching TV. As a committed author on media law, McInnes writes and contributes to many of the Scottish texts currently available. She is a regular lecturer on media law at Glasgow Graduate School of Law, a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, holds a board position for the Glasgow Repertory Company and also a judge at the World Schools Debating Championships.

    There are a number of issues, which, as a lawyer with one of the biggest media organisations in the world, McInnes has to keep on top of: “Privacy is a big issue and perhaps the most frightening issue at the moment, because, basically, we are all pretty much flying by the seat of our pants,¯ she commented. “The law in this area is so unpredictable at the moment. Professionally the unpredictability is inconvenient, but intellectually it can be very stimulating to watch a whole new cause of action taking shape. The area of defamation is also one causing McInnes concern: “Since George Galloway won his £150,000 from The Daily Telegraph there is much more libel activity in England, and I am sure that will spread to Scotland. The English courts are now saying that you can get more from a libel action than you would if you were rendered paraplegic in a car crash. I don’t particularly like the sound of that.

    From a Scottish perspective though McInnes does feel that the Scottish Courts are getting their act together in the area of contempt. “The Scots Law of Contempt has got better. It has always been very rigid, and they have never had any difficulty in doing journalists and editors in what really is a criminal sanction. I am still amazed with what the English get away with. On the whole the law of contempt has relaxed quite a lot recently.

    As a media organisation, getting TV cameras into Scottish courts is also high on McInnes’ agenda: “The difficulty is getting the legal consents from everybody, and I hope there will be liberalisation there. In a world where so many people get their news from the TV, then there is a limit to how much information a reporter standing outside a court building can realistically offer viewers.

    “I suppose the other issue we face is trying to get hold of court productions and evidence after a trial has finished. English media lawyers are working on a protocol with the courts to do this. Obviously we wouldn’t want everything as some things are inappropriate, but here there isn’t even a right to get an indictment from a Sheriff Clerk, which makes it very difficult to follow and report a case if you can’t get access to the information you need to report a high profile case to the public.

    So, what of the future? McInnes appears extremely happy in her position and, with the BBC’s move to its new Pacific Quay premises in around two years’ time, a degree of change is on the cards for McInnes. She concluded: “I am not really one of these five-year plan people. I would like to go on living as balanced a professional life as I do now. I want to go on thinking of work as a satisfying part of my life rather than continually striving to become a managing partner of a private firm by the time I am 40. “If I can feel that I am in some small way contributing to the important work that the BBC does, then I am happy.

  • From the Firm magazine here


    Attention of Samatha Poling

    We have been given information that you have been working on a Panorama program that relates to the Law Society of Scotland .Our group have many victims who over the years have made attempts to contact the BBC to have this exposed to no avail.Now like Jimmy Savile we are well aware that the BBC have been protecting criminals and paedo's for many years, but the crimes of the Law Society even make Savile's crimes pale yet NOTHING has ever been done by the BBC to expose this.

    We also know that the likes of lawyer and Law Society of Scotland plant Rosalind McInnes and others operate as media lawyers for the BBC.We are also aware they are spies reporting back about any issues that may impact on their mass thieving of their victims into the £trillions. So we ask you to comment on WHY this program has seemingly died a death and no doubt like Savile will be buried with the rest of his crimes against children.

    Also there is no doubt lawyers helped protect Savile to carry out those crimes by also protecting his back. We have made many requests to the BBC using FOI legislation and have been appalled at the secretive way they can avoid scrutiny by suggesting FOI can be undermined using the excuse program making is not covered by Freedom of Information laws. Since then the Savile revelations prove secrecy within the BBC has hidden the most vile abuses carried out on BBC premises with the nod and wink from senior establishment figures.

    The BBC are now under enormous pressure to ACT on reports from their viewers particularly regarding issues that have been buried by Law Society informants. We ask that you respond prior to taking any further action on this matter.

  • Samatha Poling BBC Panorama
  • Rosalind McInnes book Scots Law for Journalists
  • Rosalind McInnes Legal personality of the Year 2005
  • Alistair Bonnington solicitor/advocate representing BBC Scotland in High Court
  • BBC Scotland trebles the number of lawyers on its books (They are all being paid by BBC licence payers money to subvert exposures of vast criminality)
  • BBC's Naga Munchetty and her weird illuminati 'ALL SEEING EYE' dress
    naga munchetty all seeing eye dress
    BBC paedo Savile had 36 Rolls Royce's paid with licence payers money VIDEO
    Amazon still have Jimmy Savile 'Stranger Danger' book for sale
    jimmy savile stranger danger

  • Benjamin Rabbit and The Stranger Danger

  • Reviewers wrote the following

    I was looking to upgrade my Gary Glitter babysitting tips book. Someone recommend Rose West's gardening book but that claim was with foundation. Look forward to the pop out version.

    This book is a must read for all children, as it clearly identifies right at the top of the book cover the type of stranger Benjamin should be frightened of. Benjamin goes to a recording of Top of the Pops, sneaks into a famous DJ's dressing room to steal some sweets, only to be caught in the act. Happily he manages to escape leaving his clothes behind, but learns a valuable lesson about being a child in the seventies.

    In this short book Sir Jimmy exposes an array of tried and tested techniques discovered during his extensive career as TV's greatest paedophile. As the holder of a convictionless quadruple-decade streak Savile's credentials speak for themselves; this book is guaranteed not to disappoint. Being stranger-oriented, part one of this trilogy focuses mostly on lines involving puppies, sweeties and other classics known for famous delivery. The other two books in this series "Betty Bunny and the Fundraiser Fondler" and "Harriet Hare and the Hospital Humper" are for a slightly more niche market, though are well-written and offer sound advice for hospital staff and charity workers looking to establish a more intimate relationship with that special Lolita.

    A surreal satire on the dangers of young teenage girls being exposed to Tory sympathisers buried in Yorkshire. Astonishingly insightful and entertaining!

  • Masonic cops who protected paedo Savile referred to watchdog
  • Freemason run BBC and cops protecting identity of latest paedo caught through Savile probe

    Latest man arrested in Savile sex abuse probe is famous TV and radio star... and both police and BBC refuse to name him

    The 64-year-old man was one of two men arrested on Tuesday morning
    Witness said it was a BBC star and said 'there was no doubt who it was'
    Campaigners say it's 'chilling' not to release the identities of the men

    A top BBC presenter has been arrested by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal.

    Officers from Operation Yewtree have refused to name the suspect, 64, who still works at the BBC and is a household name. The BBC, the suspect and his agent have all refused to confirm his identity.

    The situation provoked a new row about so-called ‘secret arrests’. Critics say that refusing to name arrested suspects means innocent people are falsely linked to high-profile arrests by Yewtree officers. And yesterday an innocent entertainer of the same age was widely named on the internet as the person who had been arrested. But despite the potential damage to the man’s reputation, the Metropolitan Police and BBC both refused to confirm the identity of the man who had really been arrested.

    Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty, criticised the decision not to publicise the star’s identity, saying it was ‘chilling for officers to refuse to confirm names of those detained or charged’. Tory MP Philip Davies, a member of the Commons culture committee, said: ‘My view is people should be named, particularly for sex offences, and one of the reasons is that it could encourage other potential victims to come forward.’ He added: ‘I don’t want to live in a country where the police go around arresting people secretly and quietly. The fact that they name people is an important safeguard.’

    The BBC star who was arrested was one of two people detained on Tuesday morning after police swooped on two separate addresses in South London. The pair are the 15th and 16th people to have been arrested under Operation Yewtree, which was set up to investigate claims of sex abuse carried out by DJ Savile and others. The identity of the other suspect, who is 74, has also been kept secret. According to reports, a witness said that police arrested the 64-year-old star at 5am on Tuesday, and were seen removing material from his home. The witness added that the celebrity was easily recognisable, saying: ‘There’s no doubt who it was.’

    When the star’s name was put to the Met on Wednesday, it refused to confirm his identity. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘We are not prepared to give a running commentary on the investigation. We don’t discuss names. We never have done.’ But the Yard indicated in a statement that the man is not suspected of committing offences with paedophile Savile, saying he came under the strand of the investigation dubbed ‘others’. The BBC said it was unable to comment on the arrest. But it later confirmed that there were no plans, at present, to take the star off air. A radio programme featuring him is scheduled to be broadcast in the next week.

    Entertainer Rolf Harris, former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis and PR consultant Max Clifford are among the high profile figures already arrested and charged with sex offences following Operation Yewtree. They all deny wrongdoing. Comedian Jim Davidson, who was arrested in January, learned in the summer that he would not be charged. Fellow entertainer Freddie Starr remains on police bail, as prosecutors decide whether to charge him. Former pop star Gary Glitter is also waiting to learn his fate after his arrest.

  • BBC DJ Paul Gambaccini arrested in Savile Operation Yewtree inquiry
    Jimmy Savile and cop Mick Starkey
    Savile with former West Yorkshire Police Inspector Mick Starkey

    Grinning wildly as he stands beside Jimmy Savile, this is the ex police inspector accused of acting on the DJ’s behalf before his ­controversial ­interview over sex attacks on girls.

    Mick Starkey, described by the TV star as his “bodyguard”, is being ­investigated by the police watchdog over claims he contacted Surrey detectives as they looked into allegations against the pervert. The 61-year-old former West Yorkshire officer was a regular at the Friday Morning Club, a men-only meeting with friends including police at Savile’s flat in Roundhay, Leeds.

    Transcripts of the Jim’ll Fix It host’s interview, released this week, sparked anger as they appeared to show officers adopting a soft approach. The 2009 interview – in which Savile boasted of his “collection” of police contacts in Leeds – took place months after Mr Starkey allegedly contacted Surrey Police over their plans to quiz Savile on claims he assaulted girls in a school near Staines in the 70s. As he allegedly brokered the interview, he is said to have told officers he knew the DJ “personally”.

    A Surrey Police report referred to the officer as “Inspector 5”. The ex-cop would often drive the paedophile in his Rolls-Royce. In Savile’s 2012 ­biography, Mr Starkey said: “I feel privileged to have known the real Jimmy. "It amuses me when I read reports saying he was a loner with few friends. He was popular.”

    The case was referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in February. Yesterday, a spokesman said it has recently launched a full probe. Mr Starkey has not been quizzed. A former officer who yesterday revealed in the Mirror he caught Savile seducing a girl of 15 in 1965 but left him to it has been urged to come forward by detectives.

  • BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile now in the frame for murder of 13 year old girl (Britain's freemason cops kept quiet about Savile being a suspect in Yorkshire ripper murders)
  • BBC top brass to face Commons grilling over predatory paedo Jimmy Savile 'cover-up'
  • How freemason mafia cops helped protect the BBC's top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile
  • Savile and the tapes that damn the police: Revealed, the kid-glove treatment that allowed BBC paedo DJ to escape justice
  • Jimmy Savile NHS abuse probe: 'Up to 30' hospitals involved
  • Savile abused children at more NHS hospitals: Investigation widened beyond 13 trusts where DJ targeted patients
  • Savile preyed on Scottish hospital patients
  • Savile: gangster and freemason
  • The HERO worship from the mass media on Savile before the vile exposures
  • Dr Savile, the Devil’s Highway and the human battery farm of Broadmoor
  • Freemasonry, like their vile lodge buddy Jimmy Savile, use 'CHARITY' as a front to cover their murderous abuses
  • Jimmy Savile's masonic rings
    Jimmy Savile masonic rings
    Establishment protected Savile and Smith to protect the establishment
    When the police launched the Jimmy Savile inquiry a year ago, I suggested they might just as well re-open the case of another novelty Northern nonce, Cyril Smith.

    The rumours had been doing the rounds for decades. Word had it that, like Savile, he was protected by friends in high places. Yesterday came confirmation. Smith, the elephantine Liberal MP for Rochdale, who died in 2010, was at it for years. But his serial abuse of young boys was covered up by police and MI5.

    A file was found in a safe at Lancashire police headquarters naming at least eight of his victims. They describe being beaten, stripped, massaged and subjected to bizarre ‘chastisements’ and ‘hygiene inspections’ by the 29-stone Smith. The file was handed to prosecutors in 1970 but went ‘missing’. It was discovered seven years later by a Special Branch detective, Tony Robinson. He told Channel 4’s Dispatches programme, broadcast last night, that when news of the file leaked out, he received a call from MI5 requesting that it be sent to London by special courier.

    Another officer, Paul Foulston, says he was ordered by Special Branch not to pursue an investigation into the murder of an 18-year-old boy alleged to have been involved in a sexual relationship with Smith. The assistant chief constable of Lancashire, Andy Rhodes, admits that Savile and Smith got away with it for years because people who had the opportunity to stop them chose to turn a blind eye.

    It’s more serious than just turning a blind eye. What is being alleged is that senior police and security services officers were involved in a conspiracy to bury serious sex crimes, up to and including murder. So can we now expect the Crown Prosecution Service to send for the files, interview Robinson and Foulston, and bring charges against any of the conspirators still alive?

    Don’t hold your breath.

    The CPS is only interested in celebrity collars, like Coronation Street’s Michael Le Vell, acquitted of child rape this week after having his life turned upside down for two years. When it comes to those who facilitated the crimes of Savile and Smith, the police and the CPS don’t want to know. The pair of them preyed on children in care homes like chocoholics in a sweet shop. Someone gave them access, someone allowed them to abuse young people in their charge.

    Off the back of Savile, the police have been kicking down the doors of assorted DJs, comedians and TV weathermen. But there have been no charges brought against those who handed them the keys to hospital wards and special school dormitories. Savile was given a free run at Stoke Mandeville and Broadmoor, where he was photographed with the Yorkshire Ripper. Yet no NHS manager or nurse has been called to account. Nor has any senior BBC employee, past or present, been arrested, even though many stand accused of being complicit in Savile’s crimes on Corporation premises.

    Why’s that, then? Could it be because once they start lifting those particular stones, there will be no hiding place for people the Establishment would rather stayed hidden? We already know that Savile’s drinking buddies in the Old Bill in Manchester and Leeds protected him. Now it’s claimed that the Funny People covered up for Cyril Smith, who was heavily involved in the negotiations to prop up Jim Callaghan’s Labour government with Liberal support. Someone must have given the orders, maybe a senior politician still sitting in the House of Lords today. OK, so many of those involved are no longer with us. Others are very old. But Stuart Hall is 83 and that didn’t prevent him being brought to justice. Nazi war criminals have rightly been prosecuted, even though they were well into their 90s.

    This column has never gone in for conspiracy theories. But the selective nature of the investigations into ‘historic’ crimes stinks to high heaven. While that ambitious, hatchet-faced, bottle-blonde bird at the CPS gets to call a press conference every time a celeb is forced to walk the plank, other less well-known individuals are getting away scot free. Meanwhile, Cyril Smith, like Jimmy Savile, remains dead.

  • BBC now under total control of extreme feminism VIDEO

    BBC discuss anonymity for men in rape cases with NO man, only women, interviewed
    about any change in the law as if men are totally irrelevant to the conversation.

  • Innocent, but named and shamed: So WHEN will men get pre-conviction anonymity in rape trials?