jerry sadowitz There was a showbusiness personality brave enough to voice his concerns about Jimmy Savile. He’s the comedian they won’t let on television.

Jerry Sadowitz is not what you would call a family entertainer. Some revile him, most comics admire him. A few, such as Frankie Boyle and Ricky Gervais, have taken the germ of his act and watered it down for mass consumption. They sell out arenas pretending to shock; Sadowitz, the real deal, exists in relative obscurity. Sadowitz is also one of the finest sleight-of-hand magicians in the world and his 2011 tour carried the banner ‘Comedian, Magician, Psychopath’. His shows remain the most uncomfortable night out in modern comedy. Few brave a seat in the front row. And, 25 years ago, this is what he had to say about Savile.

‘There have been serious allegations of child abuse in Cleveland. To my mind there is only one way to find out whether this is true or not and that’s to . . . CALL IN JIMMY SAVILE! You can’t afford to f*** about! Bring in an expert! Am I right? A friend of mine reckons Jimmy Savile is a paedophile. Rubbish — he’s a child-bender! That’s why he does all the f****** charity work: it’s to gain public sympathy for when his f****** case comes up.’

That show was called Total Abuse. And it was. Unrepeatable jokes about Princess Diana, Terry Waite, Norman Tebbit, Nelson Mandela. A gig at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, was recorded and turned into a live album, which was swiftly withdrawn, over fears Sadowitz had libelled Savile. It can still be heard at seats of learning and public record, such as the British Library and my house.

Obviously, Sadowitz wasn’t making jokes on the back of painstaking research into Savile’s private life. One presumes he had heard the rumours and was bold enough to put them out there. The point is, what about the rest of them? If Sadowitz, a fringe comic with no connections to TV or radio at the time, had heard enough to joke about Savile in 1987, it is fair to presume his more famous contemporaries knew, too. This would include people who have done some serious moralising in the media of late. Some people who have been very quiet, when it would have needed only one voice to speak out. The Sunday Mirror had evidence against Savile in 1994 but, according to their legal advisers, not enough to go to publication.

Sadowitz was right about Savile using his charity work as a shield. Newspapers would have been terrified of a legal challenge from such a popular national figure. The Sadowitz album was self-released. He had to back down at the first hint of a legal claim.

Savile was careful in his choice of victims. He selected those who were most vulnerable, least likely to be believed. Yet the most depressing aspect of these drip-feed revelations coming decades too late is how preventable it now seems. Just one whistle-blower with the clout to be heard was all it needed. Instead it was left to the usual maniacs, howling in the wind.

  • UK Comedian Jerry Sadowitz on pervert Jimmy Savile in a concert 1987(AUDIO)
    Jimmy Savile in hell

  • UK British establishment 'HERO' paedo Jimmy Savile melted down

    Our group have been disgusted over many years as to how the British establishment have used the BBC to create the necessary propaganda that has allowed the British judiciary and lawyers acting for an evil crown to destroy families stealing their homes , assets and children. We have spent many years exposing the hypocrisy of a corporation that takes money from the peasants while providing the propaganda for the UK establishment headed by the Royal mafia and their masonic henchmen and assassins. A corporation looking down at those same fleeced peasants who pay for their inflated salaries at the top. The BBC licence system a racket and data gathering network that gives them the finance to manufacture VILE FILTH.

    Many families have been destroyed , in particular men, from the propaganda pumped out by this vile public broadcaster, aiding and abetting the biggest heist in history with millions of homes stolen under the guise of family law and under the ruse of domestic violence and the smearing of fathers that make them vulnerable to attack by legal aid funded lawyers milking a trillion pound money pot that seizes homes to pay for their racket.

    While the BBC have endlessly smeared decent law abiding men with some of the most awful alleged slurs wheeling on radical feminists to provide the lies that give carte blanche to an evil legal mafia to steal with impunity, they themselves have, behind the scenes, protected a ring of paedo's who have themselves used BBC premises and their STAR lifestyle to access and harm vulnerable children.

    The disgust we have for the BBC has increased expotentially as more and more exposures show the extent of the abuse network hiding behind the facade of BBC self righteousness and dodgy morals with at least nine BBC staff under investigation. Is it even conceivable that by allowing the legal mafia to seize ever more children into the care system, with propaganda created by the BBC, that they were in fact feeding those paedo's like Savile with kids from care homes who may have been there through the sinister propaganda generated by the BBC to destroy the families those children previously came from?

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  • 'Get a grip Mr Entwistle!' MPs order the Director General during humiliating grilling over Jimmy Savile scandal
  • 'The girls were teenagers, they were not too young': Reporter's explosive email reveals reason Newsnight editor 'gave her for axeing Savile expose'
  • The BBC can’t be trusted to uncover the truth

    A sex scandal at the BBC has broadened with the broadcaster saying that it is investigating claims of sexual abuse and harassment against nine staff members and contributors, in addition to the late disgraced children's TV host Jimmy Savile.

    The BBC has been rocked by allegations that Savile, who died last year, abused under-age teens over several decades, sometimes on BBC premises. Some of the alleged victims have accused other entertainers and BBC staff of participating in abuse during the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Since Savile's death, scores of women and several men have come forward to say the entertainer, long-time host of music and children's programmes including "Top of the Pops" and Jim'll Fix It" abused them when they were children or teenagers. Police have identified more than 200 potential victims.

    The BBC, one of the world's largest and most respected broadcasters, is under fire for failing to stop the abuse and for pulling an expose on Savile from TV schedules at the last minute in December.
    Up to 10 people being investigated over 'serious sexual' allegations

    BBC boss George Entwistle today admitted that a “culture” within the BBC had allowed Jimmy Savile to get away with decades of abuse. As he was grilled by MPs, the Director-General said the scandal was a "very, very grave matter" which he deeply regretted. He also revealed that between eight and 10 "serious allegations" of sexual misconduct are being investigated by the BBC, including against people it still employs.

    He conceded he had taken too long to act once the Savile scandal broke, but insisted the corporation had acted correctly. Mr Entwistle also admitted the scrapped Newsnight investigation into Savile's paedophile activities should not have been axed. His comments came during a tense appearance before the Commons culture, media and sport committee. It gathered to hold him to account for what BBC journalists have described as the worst crisis to hit the corporation for 50 years. MPs repeatedly confronted Mr Entwistle over his handling of the affair, with one claiming his lack of grip on some key facts was "unacceptable" and others insisting he should have responded far quicker when the allegations about Savile were first raised.

    Mr Entwistle defended his actions, but admitted: "There is no question that what Jimmy Savile did and the way the culture and practices of the BBC allowed Jimmy Savile to do that is a very grave matter. "I cannot look back on it with anything other than horror. That is a matter of very grave regret to me" Asked by Tory MP Philip Davies if he believed there was a culture of abuse of children and women at the BBC, Mr Entwistle said he did not know the extent of the problem, but accepted that such a culture had existed.

    "I am convinced that it must have been a cultural problem within the BBC. I don't believe that Jimmy Savile could have got away with what he was doing without there being a cultural problem." Mr Entwistle said that between eight and 10 cases of serious allegations of sexual misconduct during the Savile period were being investigated, but admitted he did not have full details. Asked if a culture of sexual abuse was "endemic" at the BBC, Mr Entwistle said he could not be sure, but accepted that there had been a widespread problem during the decades in which Savile had worked there.

    He said he was unsure whether BBC staff concerned about sexual abuse during the Sixties and Seventies would have felt able to "do anything about it" because of the culture at the time. He admitted it "will raise questions of trust for us and reputation for us. "One cannot look back at it with anything other than horror, frankly, that... his activities went on as long as they did undetected."

    The Met now says there are 200 potential victims of Savile, and criminal investigations into living people who might have been involved in his alleged crimes are now under way. On the scrapped BBC Newsnight investigation — which critics claim was axed as part of a "cover-up" to avoid damaging the BBC's image — Mr Entwistle said he now believed the probe should have continued. But he denied any "managerial pressure" was to blame for the programme being dropped. He also insisted that the BBC, which has set up two independent inquiries into the Savile affair, had acted correctly in its response, despite delaying more than some critics would have liked.

    "There are times when we have taken longer to do things than we would have liked, but we have done much that we should have done," he told MPs. Mr Entwistle spoke about conversations between BBC Head of News Helen Boaden and Newsnight editor Peter Rippon: "I understand that Helen's only conversation with Peter was to remind him just because Jimmy Savile was dead there could not be any skimping on standards. "I don't regard that as an inappropriate point," said Entwistle when asked whether that could be construed as pressure. Today Martin Bell, a former senior journalist at the BBC and MP, warned Mr Entwistle's position was "untenable". Speaking on Daybreak he said the Director-General would not have been given the top job had the Savile scandal broken before he took the post.

    Pressure continued to build on the BBC today after a Panorama programme last night revealed bosses knew of Savile's suspected abuse of teenage girls four decades ago. The hour-long programme raised questions about the BBC's handling of the sexual abuse allegations against the TV presenter, including the decision last year to shelve the Newsnight investigation. Mr Bell, a former BBC correspondent said: "I think his position is very difficult, it's absolutely untenable. "I do know that if the scandal had broken, shall we say before he was named as the new Director-General I'm sure he would not have been. I say bring back Greg Dyke, the best one we've had in recent years by far."

    As she headed into work today, Ms Boaden confirmed she had seen the Panorama programme. But when asked if it plunged the corporation into "crisis" she said "no". More allegations of a "cover-up" were thrust at the BBC after it emerged emails sent by one of the reporters who worked on the scrapped Newsnight documentary were blocked from the Panorama programme.

    Liz MacKean sent three emails expressing concerns about management interference to a friend. All were censored by Panorama's lawyers, who are understood to have been concerned about the potential for legal action. In one, sent on November 30, she described how Mr Rippon, who yesterday stepped aside from his post, was having a "panic attack" about the affair.

  • Jimmy Savile was a 'necrophiliac' who had sex with 'under-age subnormals', says former BBC colleague
    PAUL GAMBACCINI LEFT: Paul Gambaccini claims BBC paedo Savile was a 'necrophiliac'

    A former BBC colleague of Jimmy Savile accused him of being a necrophiliac whose usual sexual partners were 'under-aged subnormals'.

    The astonishing allegations were made on Radio 5 Live by Paul Gambaccini, who started working as a DJ on Radio 1 in 1973. He said he was made aware of the necrophilia claims in the Eighties.

    His comments stunned presenter Nicky Campbell who tried to stop the conversation by saying the allegations were not in the public domain. Gambaccini continued, saying the BBC was not the only organisation at fault for failing to expose Savile.

    He said the press was equally to blame and claimed a reporter was heard talking at a wedding 10 years ago about Savile being a necrophiliac. He said: "The expression I came to associate with Savile's sexual partners was either one used by production assistants or one I made up to summarise their reports ... 'under-age subnormals'. "He targeted the institutionalised, the hospitalised - and this was known. Why did Jimmy go to hospitals? That's where the patients were."

    But he said these things were taking place at a time when staff failed to get to grips with the concept of paedophilia. "It was considered so far beyond the pale that people didn't believe it happened," he said during the 5 Live Breakfast Show. And he said the problems with failing to call Savile to account went well beyond the BBC.

    He questioned why newspapers had not acted when he said a tabloid reporter had boasted that his colleagues were aware of a story linking Savile to "necrophilia". Campbell pointed out: "That particularly lurid accusation that you have just brought to people's attention is one that has not been in the public domain." Gambaccini agreed and asked "why not?". And he asked: "Who vetted the knighthood? Coco the clown?"

    He said the entire society was taken in by Savile - "including the Prime Minister who invited him to Chequers; including the royal family, photographed with him, he got a knighthood in this country, he got a papal knighthood. "This is not just the BBC this is history, this is a man who conned an entire society," Gambaccini added.

    savile in israel With the Bridge in Britain friends in Tel Aviv in 1975; John Levy is far right. Zionists and their freemason lackeys protected Savile throughout his long history of abuse.

    Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah

    He claimed to have "invented the disco", but Sir Jimmy Savile, the DJ and presenter who died last weekend, also claimed to have done his bit towards peace in the Middle East. Sir Jimmy always said he had berated the Israeli Cabinet in 1975 for being too soft after the Six Day War.

    The bling-loving Leeds-born presenter of Jim'll Fix It and Top of the Pops, who once described himself as "the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet," was a strong supporter of Israel and through fun runs, marathons and personal appearances, raised funds for many charities including WIZO, Ravenswood, and the British Friends of the Laniado Hospital in Netanya. His ten-day visit to Israel in 1975, when he met President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

    The trip was filmed for the BBC's Jim'll Fix It after nine-year-old Gary Merrie from Liverpool asked "to see the land where Jesus was born." Sir Jimmy recalled his advice to the Israelis: "I arrived at this reception. The president came to me and asked how I was enjoying my visit.I said I was very disappointed: the Israelis had won the Six Day War but they had given back all the land, including the only oil well in the region, and were now paying the Egyptians more for oil than if they had bought it from Saudi Arabia. "I said: 'You have forgotten to be Jewish'. He said: 'Would you like to tell my cabinet that?' Next morning, I went to the Knesset; they interrupted a cabinet meeting and I told them the same as I had told him."

    Mr Levy recalled: "He was a gorgeous, impish, creative character. Of course, he was an egomaniac, but he was incredibly generous. He wanted to film us walking from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, so there are these scenes trudging the Judean Hills. He had many close Jewish friends, he was a real philosemite. When we returned, I asked him to be a 'Friend' of the Trust and he insisted that I listed him as 'Special Friend'." During his visit, Sir Jimmy spent time camping near the Sea of Galilee and at Kibbutz Lavi, where he recorded a discussion programme for his Radio 1 show "Speakeasy." Famous for his "clunk-click" road safety campaign advocating the wearing of seat belts, Sir Jimmy loved nearly everything in Israel, with one major exception - the driving. After his trip and a meeting with then Transport Minister Moshe Dayan, when he returned to London, he presented Israeli ambassador Gideon Rafael with two road safety films which he hoped would be shown on Israeli TV.

    Mancunians Pearl Gruber and her late husband Harold were close friends of Sir Jimmy, and invited him to their daughter Sharon's batmitzvah in 1968. Mrs Gruber said: "He was wonderful; he broadcast his radio show 'Savile's Travels' from the batmitzvah party at the Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation in Cheadle. One of the boys at the party really wanted to be a disc jockey and nearly drove him mad." Sharon Gruber, who now lives in Mill Hill, recalled: "He came to my batmitzvah in a silver suit, and people were whispering 'who does that man think he is, Jimmy Savile?' They didn't realise it was really him!" One of his eight homes was a small flat in the heart of the Leeds Jewish community in Roundhay. He spent much of his time socialising at the Flying Pizza restaurant on Street Lane, a popular local haunt.

    He was a regular at fundraising dinners at synagogues in Leeds and Manchester, particularly for the British Friends of Laniado, donating large sums to the organisation. He told the BBYO group in Leeds: "I knew nothing about the Jewish community growing up", but visiting Israel had made him realise that "the world owes the Jewish community a great debt."

    Manchester Laniado chair Dov Hamburger recalled Sir Jimmy's appearance at the charity's annual dinner, which he did for nothing. Mr Hamburger said: "I cannot recall a keynote speaker who has behaved so generously before." Former Norwood chief executive Norma Brier recalled Jimmy Savile's visit to Ravenswood Village in 1989. "He came to open the Ravenswood fair and was a great hit, turning up in his gold Rolls Royce. He walked around chatting to the residents and spent lots of time there. We were very grateful for his support."

  • Jimmy Savile once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet"
  • Jimmy Savile plaque removed by Jewish welfare service
  • UK Shocking admission from BBC chief: We let Savile get away with abusing children

    The Savile scandal has thrust the BBC into one of the gravest crises in its history: in the words of Corporation veteran John Simpson, ‘the worst in my 50 years’.

    Yesterday’s ‘temporary’ resignation by Newsnight’s editor is only a beginning. Some of the Corporation’s most senior executives, from the Director-General downwards, could well lose their jobs — and deserve to. BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten has spoken of a ‘cesspit’ of revelations and allegations. The entire moral ethos of the Corporation is being called into question. Such a crunch is overdue.

    Most of the men and women who rise to the top of the BBC hierarchy are self-serving bureaucrats of meagre abilities and scant editorial judgment. Their most conspicuous skill is in securing extravagant rewards. Their most consistent characteristic is cowardice. In recent days, a succession of former BBC panjandrums has taken to the airwaves, to assert sanctimoniously it is unthinkable that top management would interfere in editorial decisions, as is alleged to have happened in the suppression of Newsnight’s report on Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia. Yet every presenter and producer who has worked at the sharp end of the Corporation knows this claim for a travesty. Senior executives meddle constantly, almost always to stop the broadcasting of anything that might threaten their own chauffeur-driven existences. In the early Seventies, I worked as a reporter for two BBC TV current affairs programmes, 24 Hours and Midweek. We took it for granted that the departmental bosses with their grey suits, grey manners and grey morals took a hand whenever politicians or tycoons bent their ears.

    In 1973, I made a film about Robert Maxwell, produced by Tom Bower, who later became famous as the old monster’s biographer. Maxwell was already known to be a crook, but that did not stop him lobbying the BBC incessantly, to get our film indictment of him softened. Corporation managers buckled almost without resistance. Bower and I were forced to accept substantial changes to make the script more sympathetic to Maxwell — supposedly in the name of fairness. A newspaper reporter who appeared in the film, and saw to his disgust how it was emasculated, said: ‘The BBC’s idea of fairness is to say: “Okay, perhaps the world isn’t flat, but to be fair, perhaps we should agree that it might be flat some of the time.” ’

    That episode reflected the same executive pusillanimity so vividly displayed over Jimmy Savile. We now know from email transcripts, and last night’s unprecedented Panorama film, that Newsnight reporter Liz MacKean wrote to a friend on November 30 last year, saying programme editor Peter Rippon had told her ‘if the bosses are not happy [he] can’t go to the wall on this one’. As the BBC now admits, this is in direct contradiction of the version of events first given by Rippon. We also know that Director of News, Helen Boaden, warned George Entwistle, now Director-General, on December 2, 2011, that his Christmas tributes to Savile would have to be reconsidered if the Newsnight investigation went ahead. Instead, however, the latter was halted. Seven years ago, I suffered my own experience of Helen Boaden’s editorial vision. As a guest on Radio 4’s Sunday morning programme, Broadcasting House, I was invited to comment on some Northern Ireland election results, and gave my opinion that it was a sad day for those of us who reported on Ulster for many years to see Ian Paisley’s party on top, when he had played such an evil role in the start of The Troubles.

    Some time later, I received a phone call from a BBC lawyer. Paisley was suing in Northern Ireland, he said, and the Corporation wanted me to join it in making a broadcast apology. I laughed and said: ‘That wouldn’t be very convincing when I’ve been using the same words about him in print — even in a book — for almost 40 years.’ The next I heard from the lawyer was that, unless I joined the BBC in its apology, I would be cut loose on my own to deal with Paisley in court. I rang up the Controller of Radio 4 —Helen Boaden. In time-honoured Corporation style, she refused to accept my call. Bewildered and angry, I rang another BBC executive I knew, and asked where editorial courage and integrity had gone. My friend replied: ‘Helen says you can’t go around calling democratically elected politicians “evil”.’

    I next received a call from a BBC lawyer in Belfast, who said he was speaking in a purely personal capacity. He thought the Corporation’s eagerness to surrender to Paisley was despicable, and would like to act for me if I kept fighting. In the end, however, rather than face the bother and time-wasting, I signed the BBC’s shamefully grovelling statement. An apology was duly broadcast. The Corporation paid Paisley £35,000 of licence-payers’ money in damages, and almost the same again in costs. It was a dirty little business, which rankles with me still. So I am not surprised to find Helen Boaden once again in a hot seat, with hard questions being asked about what she knew, or did not know, about Newsnight’s suppressed Savile programme.

    Such people do not get their jobs because they are courageous or even competent journalists, but instead because they know how to play the corporate game. BBC’s current affairs and documentary programme-making are today starved of resources, while senior executives draw fat salaries for sustaining a culture whose rottenness now stands exposed. John Birt, who later became Tony Blair’s familiar, was their role model. You may remember that he became notorious as the deputy director- general who charged his Armani suits to business expenses, and squandered tens of millions on hiring management consultants. I have no knowledge of what was or was not said among the BBC’s top management about Jimmy Savile.

    But every one among my own acquaintance who has made programmes for the Corporation assumes they attempted a cover-up, because that is what such people do. It is not credible for the BBC now to conduct its own inquiries into this episode, even under allegedly independent chairmen. If the Government thought it necessary to appoint Lord Justice Leveson to investigate phone-hacking at News International, it must recognise a far stronger moral imperative to commission a public inquiry into Savile. The charge that a hugely prominent BBC star was able to commit paedophile offences for decades, in some cases allegedly on Corporation premises, without hindrance from senior executives, is shocking enough.

    The allegation that even after Savile’s death, when evidence of his conduct was available, the BBC suppressed the story, can only credibly be investigated by outsiders. I am a biased witness — but only because I know from personal experience how the Corporation’s top brass go about their business. Once an inquiry has taken place, a purge will be necessary. The challenge for the Chairman of the BBC Trust, Lord Patten, will be to see that the next generation of bosses are better, braver and more talented people than the current regime — but it will be hard to identify suitable candidates in today’s Broadcasting House or TV Centre.

    The BBC is a great institution which still does some things very well. But a deadly topweight of managers and consultants has steered it into a quagmire. The Corporation is dominated by men and women who lack both moral compass and journalistic skills. The Savile scandal has exposed a profound malaise which will take years to cure.

    Our organisation more than most has been challenging the BBC with more than a dozen freedom of information requests over a number of years . Many of those requests have been deliberately sidelined by the BBC as much of the information we requested would have exposed the hidden agenda right at the heart of an establishment propaganda machine.

    However despite all attempts by the BBC hierarchy to avoid the necessary scrutiny a public broadcaster should be held accountable to they have shown a complete disregard to the increasing opposition to how they are becoming ever more dangerous and devious in the manner in which they use their powerful position to provide an establishment view of the world looking down on the peasants who pay their salaries.

    Now the BBC, with the recent exposures of their former DJ , presenter and predatory paedophile Jimmy Savile, can no longer avoid the scrutiny they have spent so much time and effort avoiding. While they have been smearing the male population as a whole as abusers and molesters they themselves have been harboring not only ONE but a number of paedophiles who had preyed on young children inside the hallowed walls of the BBC itself over many years.

    While they have been endlessly pontificating about morals and while hiding behind a facade of self righteousness the hierarchy of the BBC and many of its own staff have been colluding with a known child abuser to protect the good name of the BBC while turning a blind eye, for over forty years, to one of their key front men molesting children and even to the point were they gave him a show specifically related to children's topics 'Jim'll Fix It'.

    For anyone watching that show develop there must have been serious concerns not only from the general public but within the BBC as to why someone showing all the signs of being a creep , both in his demeanor and dress being allowed to, not only mix with children, but to be able to whisk them away to his dressing room without a chaperone to molest them any time he felt the need.

    Despite the BBC resisting any attempt to be open and transparent using malicious actions to avoid our FOI requests and no doubt FOI's from many other sources, the long term criminality of this vile pervert Savile will FORCE the BBC to finally open its doors to what is now a criminal investigation that they can no longer avoid. We could be smug and say for over ten years we have tried to expose the evil behind the BBC brand but it is shocking that due to them being allowed to remain outside scrutiny, and sanctioned by British judges who agreed with legal cases that challenged their refusal to answer FOI requests in an open and honest way, a child molester has had free reign to carry on abusing thanks to the protection he was given by the secrecy that dominates the entire BBC corporation.

    They are only exposing a tiny fraction of what is going on at the heart of one of the biggest propaganda machines on the planet as when those doors are finally forced open there will likely be far more sinister goings on that will show the extent to which the BBC hierarchy have been lying and deceiving the public during its almost monopolistic hold over public broadcasting and it cannot come soon enough.

  • 'If we blabbed on Jimmy, the family would have been left with nothing': Savile's abused great niece tells how paedophile DJ bought his relatives' silence
  • BBC lawyers behind the cover up of Jimmy Savile abuses over 40 years as emails are censored, the BBC is dominated by men and women who lack both moral compass and journalistic skills
  • The BBC did know: Panorama reveals corporation suspected Savile of abuse nearly FORTY years ago
  • Savile's victims to sue for millions: As BBC faces allegations over 'censored' emails, 12 abused by DJ head for court
  • BBC Newsnight editor warned of being accused of a cover-up over Jimmy Savile revelations
  • BBC Editor 'Steps Aside' Over Savile Scandal
  • Newsnight team who worked on Savile documentary were told 'he had abused young girls on BBC premises' and failed to tell the police about new victims
  • BBC Savile probe puts Entwistle under new pressure
  • Jimmy Savile crisis ‘could put BBC in very dangerous position’
  • BBC crisis deepens as new allegations emerge
  • BBC 'In Crisis' Over Jimmy Savile Scandal
    Edwina Currie and Esther Rantzen First zionist jew BBC presenter and childline chief Esther Rantzen states she and her BBC colleagues turned a blind eye to Savile's vile abuse of children now zionist jew and tory henchwoman of Maggie Thatcher, Edwina Currie is accused of assisting Savile to access vulnerable children in a mental institution.

    Edwina Currie - says she has 'nothing to hide' on Savile

    Former health minister Edwina Currie has said she has "nothing to hide" over her involvement in giving Sir Jimmy Savile a role at Broadmoor in 1988. The Sunday Telegraph reports she appointed him to the taskforce at the hospital where he has been accused of sexually assaulting patients. His appointment is being investigated by the Department of Health (DoH).

    Kenneth Clarke who was health secretary at the time says he was unaware of any sex abuse claims against Savile. Police say they have identified 200 potential victims of the late BBC presenter. Mrs Currie, who was a health minister in 1988, said notes on the links between Savile and Broadmoor were in the archives. She told the BBC: "The Department of Health is currently digging them out.... It goes back at least 25 years, even 30 years and isn't just to do with me at all. "But as and when documents do surface, they should be published in full. I have nothing to hide."

    Not significant

    Former justice secretary Kenneth Clarke - who was health secretary in the 1980s - said on Sunday that the appointment of Savile at Broadmoor was "not significant enough" for him to have had any involvement. "He was regarded as a public celebrity," said Mr Clarke in a BBC interview, "a national hero and a man who did charitable work. "Until two months ago, no politician or journalist would have dared attack Jimmy Savile.

    "As secretary of state, I may have been told about it. But I honestly can't remember. It was not significant enough. "It was Edwina Currie. She was my junior minister. It plainly created not the slightest interest at the time."

    A former barrister, Kate Lampard, has been appointed to oversee the DoH's investigation into Savile's involvement with Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary, Broadmoor and inside the DoH itself. It comes after the Sun newspaper said Savile assaulted a 17-year-old patient during a visit to Broadmoor as a hospital fundraiser in the 1970s. Savile died on 29 October 2011, at the age of 84.

    On Friday, the Metropolitan Police announced it had started a formal criminal investigation into Savile and other living people after a "staggering" number of victims had come forward. The police involvement began after ITV broadcast an investigation in Savile's behaviour called Exposure, the Other Side of Jimmy Savile, on 3 October, 2012. In it, several women alleged he sexually abused them when they were under-age. Other alleged victims then came forward after the broadcast.

    Internal review

    The NSPCC children's charity said he may have been "one of the most prolific sex offenders" it had come across. (But did bugger all while he was alive despite many reports that were ignored) Meanwhile, the BBC is to air a special edition of Panorama, looking into the issues surrounding the allegations about Savile, on BBC One at 20:30 BST on Monday.

    The corporation has launched an internal review into Savile's time at the BBC - it is being led by former Court of Appeal judge Dame Janet Smith. A second inquiry will examine whether there were any failings in the BBC's management of the Newsnight investigation relating to allegations of sexual abuse of children by Savile. The BBC is also to appoint an independent expert to look at sexual harassment claims and practices from the 1970s until the present day.

  • Esther Rantzen may be axed as charity patron over Savile scandal
  • UK I know from experience that the BBC is an empire of control freaks and cowards
    savile gets a knighthood

    The British media create hero's from the utter dregs of the earth. They have spent more than 40 years propping up evil bastard Jimmy Savile but only in death have they finally gotten round to expose his crimes against children .

    The sheeple should now be looking at every last one of those HEROES promoted by the hideous press barons like Rupert Murdoch who obsessively promote the royal parasite and her many masonic henchmen , BBC pervert Jimmy Savile being only one of a long line of entertainers hand picked to promote Queen Lizzie at every opportunity. See each years Royal Variety performance list for the rest of her arse kissing lackeys.

    Savile was only ONE of many monsters, that includes right at the top the Duke of Kent, who heads the freemasons worldwide and who dishes out the orders to persecute anyone who dares challenge the EVIL might of Lizzie and the millions of subservient RATS who do the dirty work for her everyday via orders from the United Grand Lodge of England and the 33 degree freemasons who operate out of the backdoor of Chatham House in London.

    Savile is a small fish in a massive pool of sharks, who like Savile, have been getting away with murder. Tory scumbag David Cameron groomed at Eton, next door to the House of Windsor, and hand picked by Hier Majesty to destroy the peasants to satisfy the greed of the Royal parasite herself and her many henchmen who eat from the overflowing Royal trough. Each and every one of the HEROES her compliant media prop up are far from heroic when they serve the most evil regime on the planet in a satanic web of corruption , fraud and murder that encircles the globe with tentacles reaching into every area of virtually all human beings on the planet touched by her personally charged web of deceit .

    Despite Savile being a very close friend of the Royals GOOGLE conveniently have removed every single image of him in contact with her despite him having received a knighthood. There is NO DOUBT her henchmen at MI5 and MI6 knew exactly what Savile got up to but as long as he promoted her at every opportunity , which he did faithfully, he was allowed to get away with that abuse against innocent children for over 40 years. That is the sick society that remains while these evil bastards are in control.

  • Police investigate possibility Jimmy Savile was centre of child abuse ring
  • BBC chief Entwistle refuses to be interviewed by Panorama over Jimmy Savile scandal
  • BBC's Jimmy Savile wasn’t a saint — he was a monster, a paedophile, a sex offender
  • UK The vile NSPCC make comment and take credit over possible Savile abuse ring yet did fuck all during his 40+ years of abuses
  • Hypocritical complicit media (Daily Mirror) classed BBC pervert Jimmy Savile a 'legend' when he died
  • The Royal Variety Performance where those who sell their soul to the devil, kiss the right royal arse
  • Jimmy Savile cannot be stripped of knighthood, say officials
  • Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse at three NHS hospitals
  • Royal butler jailed for child abuse
  • Ex-royal butler on sex charges
  • Royal aide quits after palace report
  • Pervert royal butler boasted of royal connections
  • UK Judge lets perverts walk free
    wilfred brambell Steptoe and Son star is latest BBC star accused of child sex abuse as two men claim he molested them in early 1970s

  • Actor Wilfrid Brambell allegedly abused the boys in a theatre in Jersey
  • TV star, who played Albert Steptoe in the BBC show, named following the scandal engulfing the corporation over abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile

    Steptoe and Son actor Wilfrid Brambell last night became the latest BBC star accused of child sex abuse.

    Two men claimed the late actor molested them when they were children in Jersey in the early 1970s. He was named following the scandal engulfing the corporation over the reign of abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile. The actor, who played Albert Steptoe, is accused of attacking the boys in a back room at a theatre.

    One of the boys lived at the infamous Haut de la Garenne children’s home, the focus of a major Channel Islands police investigation into child abuse. He said he was taken to the Opera House, Jersey’s main theatre, as a ‘treat’ before meeting Brambell backstage where he was molested. The other boy said he was also abused by the actor there. Both were between 11 and 13 at the time.

    Former Jersey health minister Stuart Syvret, an outspoken critic of the handling of the Haut de la Garenne scandal, said the men were among dozens who had come to him with allegations, including some against Jimmy Savile. He told the Mail: ‘In Jersey everyone covers each other’s backs when it comes to the child abuse situation. ‘The two boys came to me about Brambell because they did not trust the police. They came to me and told me they were sexually abused by him.

    ‘They were both around the ages of 11, 12 or 13 and didn’t know each other so I am sure they were telling the truth. ‘They said the abuse happened in the back rooms of the Jersey Opera House – behind the stage. One of them was a resident at the Haut de la Garenne at the time.’ Brambell, who died of cancer in 1985, was gay, although he had been married briefly in the 1950s.

    He had a criminal record after being arrested in 1962 for soliciting in a public toilet in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and battled alcoholism in his later life. The Dublin-born actor became a household name in the 1960s and 1970s playing a rag and bone man in Steptoe and Son. His co-star, Harry H Corbett, constantly derided him on the sitcom as ‘you dirty old man’. Brambell also appeared as Paul McCartney’s grandfather in the Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. When he died at the age of 72, only a handful of people turned up at his funeral. He left the bulk of his estate, and a flat in Pimlico, London, to a close friend and flatmate, Yussof Bin Mat Saman. Yesterday health chiefs announced an inquiry into Jimmy Savile’s reign of abuse at three NHS hospitals.

    It will be run by the Department of Health itself, raising fears it cannot be truly independent. Former barrister Kate Lampard will oversee the investigation to provide ‘independent oversight’. It will examine why the presenter was given the keys to Broadmoor mental hospital, a bedroom at Stoke Mandeville and free rein at Leeds General Infirmary. He allegedly raped and molested young victims for decades without anyone stopping him.

    There are suspicions a blind eye was turned to the abuse because the hospitals reaped millions of pounds through Savile’s fundraising. Labour is still calling for a full independent inquiry into the scandal. Deputy leader Harriet Harman said: ‘I think what we need to do is get to the truth. Clearly something terrible went on for many years across a number of institutions and I think we need to learn the lessons.’ A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘[Kate Lampard] will provide oversight of the Stoke Mandeville, Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor inquiries as well as the Department of Health’s inquiries into the appointment and role Savile held at Broadmoor Hospital. ‘All relevant information from these inquiries will be passed to the police.’

    Unlike the BBC, which has issued several grovelling apologies, none of the hospitals has yet said sorry for the abuse. Savile, who raised £40million for Broadmoor, boasted that he ‘lived’ in a bedroom managers had given him at Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, and said he could do as he pleased. Tory MP Rob Wilson, an aide to the Health Secretary, has questioned whether Savile’s fundraising ‘made him untouchable’ at the hospital. He demanded an independent inquiry ‘so we understand who knew what and when they knew it’.



    BBC covered up a second 'national treasure' child abuser known as Uncle Dick, claims veteran reporter John Simpson

  • Veteran reporter exposes another BBC cover-up of a second paedophile
  • 'Radio presenter would take children into BBC toilets and abuse them after winning competition to meet him'
  • 'If parents complained, Director General's office would write back saying he was a much-loved figure'

  • 'Abuser was so famous he gave tours to the Queen'
  • BBC refuses to comment on Simpsons' claims
  • Harriet Harman reiterated calls for independent inquiry

  • BBC executives covered up a second paedophile who abused children in the toilets at the Corporation's studios, a leading journalist claimed.

    John Simpson said a radio presenter, at the time one of the biggest names at the BBC, preyed upon youngsters after they won competitions to tour the studios and meet him. But when Simpson, who has worked at the BBC for more than 40 years, tried to expose the predatory paedophile after his death, bosses called him an ‘idiot’ and instead told to praise the star in his obituary. Veteran war correspondent Simpson made the claims in his 1999 autobiography Strange Places, Questionable People, first published in 1998, where he refers to the abuser as simply 'Uncle Dick'.

    But in the light of the Jimmy Savile scandal they will make uncomfortable re-reading for the Corporation. Days ago a Jim'll Fix It director claimed he made several attempts to expose disgraced Jimmy Savile to the BBC but had been ignored by bosses. David Nicolson, 67, said he reported Savile decades ago when he caught the star having sex with a 15 or 16-year-old girl in his dressing room. Yet he was told by bosses: ‘That’s Jimmy’ and ‘that’s the way it goes’.

    Claims that bosses covered up child abuse spanning 40 years by a second paedophile, said to be 'a children's favourite', will cast further doubt on the practices at the Corporation. He claims the BBC's attempt to silence the claims went as high up as the then Director General, as reported by The Sun. The radio presenter he claims abused children was one of the BBC's biggest names from the 1920s until his death in 1967.

    He is alleged have taken children, who won competitions, into the BBC toilets and abused them. During his stardom he was so famous he reportedly gave tours of the studios to royalty, including the Queen. Simpson - who today declined to comment on his revelation - said he heard of the allegations when Uncle Dick - whose real name is not known - died.

    He had been asked to write an obituary for the presenter and was given the details of the abuse by a female colleague of the star, who he referred to as 'Auntie Gladys'. He said she referred to the man as 'an evil old b******' and added: 'I hope he died in agony.' He wrote in his book: 'Week after week, children from all over the country would win competitions to visit the BBC and meet Uncle Dick.

    'He would welcome them, show them around, give them lunch, then take them to the gents and interfere with them. 'If parents complained, the Director General's office would write saying the nation wouldn't understand such an accusation against a much-loved figure.' Simpson said he told his editor what he had learned but was instead told to praise the star. A senior journalist told him: 'You stupid, unthinking, ignorant, destructive young idiot'.

    His boss then dictated: 'Auntie Gladys told the BBC tonight that she was deeply saddened by Uncle Dick's death. He had a wonderful way with children. 'That's how you do an obit.' The BBC declined to comment.

    Meanwhile Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman reiterated her party's calls for an independent inquiry. She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: 'I think what we need to do is get to the truth.

    'Clearly something terrible went on for many years across a number of institutions and I think we need to learn the lessons.' Challenged that it was the job of the police to investigate possible criminal prosecutions, she pointed out that Savile was dead and 'therefore will not be able to stand trial'. 'One of the really key lessons that we need to learn from is why did so many people feel they couldn't complain, that they weren't able to complain, and those that did complain, why weren't they believed?'

    She said it was 'a problem' that there were a number of different inquiries at different institutions because 'we are looking at one man who manipulated the whole system'. 'It's the Government's responsibility to say this is very serious and has to be investigated independently,' she said. 'The perpetrator is dead but the institutions need to learn the lessons of why this could go on for so long, and that needs one independent inquiry.'

  • He thought he was Peter Pan, being surrounded by children was his elixir: Savile's former PA says radio DJ thought he was 'untouchable'