Well maybe you shouldn't be as the legal predators stalking this earth are devouring land, business and property like there is no tomorrow. The supposed debt mountain and austerity has been a great smokescreen for the scum , filth and dregs of the earth to hide behind as they consume mens assets at a rate never seen before on this planet.

If you think you can rest easy at night with these parasites baying at your door for ever more riches you should start learning from their victims who have paid a heavy price for being dragged into their dens of iniquity and fleeced of all their worth. Meantime the controlled media bleat on about terrorist threats, money systems that have gone AWOL, wars past and present and all of it to keep the SHEEPLE distracted as to the real terrorist threat from the lunatic judicial mafia and their minion lawyers plundering on a scale so vast no one can truly comprehend just how massive this global legal scam is raking in every day. However there are plenty of victims using the internet to waken up the sheeple blinded by their masonic light that suggests they are working in our best interests.

That is the myth being fed to the sheeple as the parasites continue on a path of destruction were millions of families find themselves homeless and penniless thanks to a nightmare scenario that remains hidden from the majority who won't seek out the real truth of what is going on right under their noses. We can say with certainty their scams WILL NOT repeat WILL NOT continue as long as we have the energy to warn the public about the impending doom that awaits their downfall unless they join the growing body of victims uniting to take these evil bastards down.