they live How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare

by L. Wolfe
Printed in The American Almanac, May 5, 1997.

``I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television.... You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images....'' --Hal Becker, media ``expert'' and management consultant, the Futures Group, in an interview in 1981 [1]

In the 15 years since Becker's comment, Americans have become even more ``wired'' into a mass media network that now includes computer and video games, as well as the Internet--an all-surrounding network whose power is so pervasive that it is almost taken for granted. As the standup comic said, ``We are really a media conscious people. I know a guy who was run over by a car in the street. He didn't want to go to the hospital. Instead, he dragged himself over to the nearest bar, to check out whether he made it onto the evening news. When it wasn't on, he said, `What does a guy have to do, get killed, to get on television?'|''

In the highest circles of the British monarchy and its Club of Isles, this great power is not taken for granted. Rather, it is carefully manipulated and directed, as Becker describes from a limited standpoint, to create and mold popular opinion. In a 1991 report published by the Malthusian Club of Rome, entitled ``The First Global Revolution,'' Sir Alexander King, top adviser on science and education policy to the royal family and Prince Philip, wrote that new advances in communications technology will greatly expand the power of the media, both in the advanced and developing sectors. The media, he proclaimed, is the most powerful weapon and ``agent of change'' in the fight to establish a ``one-worldist,'' neo-Malthusian order that will transcend and obliterate the concept of the nation-state.

``It is certainly necessary to engage in a broad debate with the journalists and the top media executives involved to study the conditions for them to be able to define this new role,'' King wrote.

In his project, King's Club of Rome can count on cooperation from the media cartel, which is a British asset, as documented in our report. It can also call on the capabilities of a mass psychological warfare machine, also run by the British and their assets, which extends into key phases of media production, and includes writers and psychiatrists who help shape the content, and the pollsters who fine-tune and analyze the impact on targetted populations. Beyond this interacting network, there are millions of participants involved in the production, distribution, and transmission of media messages, whose thinking, in turn, has been shaped by the content of the media product, and who are, effectively, self-brainwashed by the culture within which they live.

    Who owns Britain This is a remarkable and original survey of landownership in Britain and Ireland, detailed county by county.

    For Britain, Cahill analyses this landownership, showing how a tiny minority exploits British society. 160,000 families, 0.3% of the population, own 37 million acres, two thirds of Britain, 230 acres each. Just 1,252 of them own 57% of Scotland. They pay no land tax. Instead every government gives them £2.3 billion a year and the EU gives them a further £2 billion. Each family gets £26,875. By contrast, 57.5 million of us pay £10 billion a year in council tax, a land tax, £550 per household. We live in 24 million homes on about four million acres. 65% of homes are privately owned, so 16 million of us own just 2.8 million acres, an average 0.18 acres each.

    The top landowners are the Forestry Commission, 2.6 million acres, the Ministry of Defence 750,000, the royal family 670,000 (including the Crown Estate 400,000 and the Duchy of Cornwall 141,000), the National Trust 550,000, insurance companies 500,000, the utility companies 500,000, the Duke of Buccleuch 270,700, the National Trust for Scotland 176,287, the Dukedom of Atholl 148,000, the Duke of Westminster 140,000 and the Church of England 135,000. The Forestry Commission, Britain's biggest single landowner, runs its holdings conservatively and secretively. We could expand the forest estate by a million acres a year, producing rural jobs, getting profits from the sale of wood and pulp (cutting our balance of payments deficit) and reducing the output of greenhouse gases. This would cost between £588 million and £750 million.

    Through the 18th century enclosures, the landowning class stole eight million acres from the people. They still hide their crimes and their takings. The 1872 Return of Owners of Land was made, but then hidden and never updated. Shares have to be registered; land doesn't. The Land Registry does not know who owns between 30 and 50% of land. Cahill compares Britain with other countries where revolutions have ended the feudal tenure of land. Denmark redistributed its land to the peasantry in 1800. In Ireland, in 1876, 616 landowners owned 80% of the country. By 1930, 13 million acres of Ireland's 20 million acres had been sold to owner-occupiers. Now, there are no landlords - home ownership is 82%, Ireland's 149,500 farms are 97% owner-occupied and owner-farmed, there is no poll tax, water is free and pensioners get free transport, TV and glasses.

    Cahill claims that Blair's reform of the House of Lords "definitively cut the permanent link between power and the landowners." But just as in 1872, the state is defending landed capital by making it less visible. Class power does not depend on sitting in the House of Lords, but on private ownership of the means of production, protected and subsidised by a capitalist state. The Greens, like the heritage lobby, shield the landowners against public ownership of the land. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says its mission is to shift EU subsidies from food production to land management, but the EU already does this, with its £2 billion annual subsidy to the landowners, not to working farmers. We need to produce our own food: food production is in our national strategic interest. It is a national security issue that must not be determined either by the EU or by the market.

    Landowners' wealth is a parasite on Britain, the least productive part of the economy, with the most state support. Their wealth comes not from farming, nor even from renting, but from trickling land onto the urban housing market. They sell land to property developers, at an average price per acre of £404,000 in 1999. The clearing banks and building societies strip our industries of investment capital, then support their clients the landowners by running the rigged and overpriced land market. Britain needs land reform. "Windfall gains on development land should be made subject to windfall taxes." We should also tax land and stop the owners avoiding tax through offshore trusts; this could raise £17 billion. The European Convention of Human Rights says there should be no confiscation without compensation. Haven't landowners had enough compensation already? We need more land for housing. This would cut land prices, free more to invest in good quality, spacious homes and gardens, and revive the building industry.

    Queen caricature by Wat Tyler

    Here are some amazing websites and some extraordinary information on just who owns MOST of the land in Britain. Did you know that in the year of 1872 was the ONLY ever comprehensive survey done of who actually owns the land of Britain ? It's results were so shocking and have therefore really been supressed ever since.

    Even at that date nearly 70% Britain was owned by far, far less than 1% of the British Population ! (The figure is actually closer to 0.003%). And huge tracts of land today run nominally by the Forestry Commission, the National Trust, the MOD etc. The Church of England, so-called.

    A lot of it falsely labelled as belonging to government. A subject you really MUST be aware of. You will be amazed, but appalled, at how few people own so much of Britain . This will really open your eyes to the inequalities of ownership and how that translates into everyday life. You will also be surprised at how tens of millions of us live on just a tiny fraction of the land available in this country. The UK is run for the benefit of a ruling incompetent buffoon, elitist, strata of people and the mass of we the British people suffer in many ways as a direct result of our own ignorance and laziness. Cahill's book 'Who Owns Britain' lays to rest once and for all the grotesque lie that the UK is 'short of land', revealing by plain facts that there is actually a land surplus despite 60 million people being crammed into only 7.5% of the British land mass.

    It reveals the propaganda machine that insists there is widespread “concreting over the countryside” and “urban sprawl”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This cramming of the population into less than 7.5% of the British land mass has created a wholly artificial land shortage ramping up land prices to the point that 2/3 of the value of the typical UK home is actually the value of the land on which it is built. As a direct result UK homes in comparison to those of other similar countries are very small and are vastly overpriced. The benefactors of this massive scam are the enterpriseless rent taking large landowners - this '1%' of the population owning 70% of the land, a situation not seen in any comparable nation of the entire western world ! A single landowner, the Duke of Westminster, with a weighted system to suit him, naturally is the UK’s richest man. See how the British people are being ripped off !

    Kevin Cahill's extraordinary book shown below emphasises the benefits of land re-distribution and gives examples of how it has benefited many countries. He also exposes how a major British landowners fund has as its P.R. front 'ecological groups' spouting “keep Britain green”, to maintain their vast highly lucrative and virtually unknown acres. Jonathan Poritt of 'Friends of The Earth' comes in for severe criticism as he spouts that the UK is 'short of agricultural land'. In point of fact agricultural land only contributes 3% of the UK economy by taking up far too much highly subsidised land. It's a farce.

    Cahill's book uncovers the deceit and skulduggery that large landowners and their privileged ancestors went to, to maintain their wealth to the detriment of the British nation as a whole. Of how they infiltrated politics in the form of the then House of Lords and changed laws over centuries to fully suit themselves.

    See for yourself how Britain is still being ruled as if it is in the Middles ages. It's amazing but it's the true situation ! Enough is enough - Britain is crying out for radical change by we, the British people, to bring it in line with reality. Cahill reveals too that the ejected 66 hereditary peers from the House of Lords alone owned between them the equivalent of 4.5 average sized English counties !! As Cahill highlights, we can no longer sit on the fence and be more and more exterminated by this machinery of exploitation.

    So we still don't need a government BY THE BRITISH PEOPLE AND FOR THE BRITISH PEOPLE ? Anyone who thinks differently will definitely change their mind when they see such plain and indisputable facts. Amazing !!

  • Who Owns Britain and Ireland
  • Who Owns Britain and Ireland (Paperback)
  • Finding out who really owns Britain isn't easy(How the establishment use masons)
    Queen caricature Walk down any street in a UK city, especially London, and you can't fail to notice how many streets and roads are named after the monarchy throughout history. Also notice how many building ,libraries, museums ,art galleries, theatres and a myriad of other government buildings are also named after the British monarchy. What is worst of all is, that you cannot even go for a pint without noticing so many watering holes are ALSO named after them as well.

    What has happened in the UK makes Saddam Hussein's self promotion pale by comparison. We have the biggest and richest despot across the globe promoted along with her masonic minders who adorn the streets of London in a never ending display of bronze statues all of them atop masonic phallic symbols and monoliths who were the commanders and generals that carried out the battles and atrocities that created the British empire. Whether its in the British corporate newspapers ,TV or radio there is a never ending stream of images of the British Royals parading around doing bugger all but smile at how lucky they are to be so rich having thieved all of their wealth from the victims of their utter tyranny. For added impact they put royal images alongside REAL stars of stage,screen and music to create the illusion that they have some sort of talent , apart from being descendants and inheritors of the biggest rogues and mobsters the world has ever seen .

    They have protected themselves by ensuring their judicial lackeys, who are all high level masons , and control British civil courts were daily thousands of families are being destroyed and thrown onto the street and makes Hitlers Gestapo pale by comparison. At least the media made sure we knew about that tyranny. However Britain is living under the most draconian court process's that make even the star chambers of the middle ages look like places you could have got justice in.

    We are in contact with thousands of victims of the British crown and its massive theft of land,property and assets via their evil and corrupt judges who fail time and again to provide us with JURIES , the only sure way of protecting us from a system of law and order that is as corrupt as any third world junta across the globe. Their propaganda machine, the BBC Big Brother Censorship, have been EXPERT at protecting their tyranny while broadcasting human rights abuses from far flung areas of the world. While just along the road from the BBC Bush house in the Strand the Royal Courts of Justice daily destroy the many families caught up in their legal vortex.

    Britains corporate media have been aiding and abetting a draconian system for far to long and sweeping their evil abuses under the carpet. Only for the internet NO ONE could believe just how evil this system has been at controlling the wealth and power that remains in the hands of the very few, who happen to have the biggest arsenals in the world protecting them , while their media constantly remind us about taking GUNS off the street. You will NEVER see Lizzie without armed guards at ALL of her massive mansions and castles across the UK while her judicial lackeys steal ALL OUR HOMES in their dens of masonic iniquity.While we have been stripped of ALL means to protect our own assets from her judicial mafia.

    She remains the richest despot across the globe ,despite what the papers say, owning ONE SIXTH of the worlds land mass while British citizens remain utterly impoverished and indebted and NOTHING like the images the BBC creates to persuade us otherwise.

    queen THE Queen has slapped a gagging order on all palace staff—to preserve royal family secrets.
    Servants must also GIVE BACK all royal mementoes, letters and gifts when they quit. Workers who don’t sign up to the extraordinary secret service- style contract face the sack.

    One angry employee said: “We will fight this—it’s like working for MI5.” The Queen has been forced to act in the wake of embarrassing antics by some former servants.

    News of the clampdown tops off a week in which paedophile former royal butler Paul Kidd was jailed for six years on child sex charges—after using his regal links to groom and abuse a series of young boys.

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  • Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership
    royal perverts Once again another royal butler caught abusing children.
    This is how Britain's royal mafia CONTROL the UK. Everyone connected with them and who have knowledge of how they conduct their lives has to have a blackmail clause inserted into their employment contract that keeps them under their thumb BIG TIME, a MASONIC agenda .

    If you are a pervert, and an increasing number of ROYAL hangers on are being proved to be, the Queen, Phillip,the late Queen mother and the rest of the royal mafia have far more POWER over those who work closest to them , by having pa-edo agendas , that ensures they can be blackmailed or in fact easily have them JAILED and shut up, if they dare betray them.

    Diana got every one of them removed from Kensington Palace when her first child was born for fear of them interfering with her kids. That was disclosed in Kitty Kelleys book The Royals that was banned in the UK for the exposure of a mafia that should have fallen a long time ago but for the vast network of perverts who protect them while they carry on their disgusting conduct against young and vulnerable children.

    This is HOW the establishment in the UK protect themselves and ensure they continue to remain the richest dynasty in the world. That wealth and power is protected, all the more, when they surround themselves with evil perverts who molest children under the very noses of a Royalist mafia. A mafia equally protected by a mass media that KNOWS exactly what they are doing, but provide the propaganda to keep this evil network of power in total control of the UK's political and legal systems to the extreme detriment of the rest of the population. A populous who see the UK's class system dominated by royal protocol and the massive void between the establishment rich and the extreme poor in the UK.

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  • Ex-royal butler on sex charges(NOW PULLED)
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  • Pervert royal butler boasted of royal connections
  • UK Judge lets perverts walk free(NOW PULLED)
    paul kidd Royal butler jailed for child abuse

    A paedophile royal butler was jailed for a minimum of six years after he admitted committing a string of historic sexual offences against young boys. Described by police as a "brilliant groomer", Paul Kidd, 55, of Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, even took one of his victims for tea with the Queen Mother.

    Kidd started grooming one of the boys when he was aged 12 as he met him as a patient on a hospital ward where he worked as a trainee nurse. Another was 14 years old when he first spoke to Kidd on the CB radio airwave, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard. The defendant was senior footman to the Queen Mother from 1979 to 1984 and previously worked as a royal butler to The Queen from 1977.

  • Ex-royal butler on sex charges (NOW PULLED)
  • Royal aide quits after palace report

  • THE ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE is an illusion created by the British MASONIC controlled media to prop up the mega rich royals who head the establishment , the British class system and the VAST inequality between the rich and poor in the UK. Something that should be condemned NOT condoned.
    British talent? paraded for the worlds richest oligarchy. Most of them controlled and funded by masons. Also vetted to ensure they are safe from exposing the ruthless power behind the undemocratic UK.
    Simon Cowell uses virtually every show he produces to promote them while he licks their ass BIG TIME in the hope of a future knighthood.

    william tallon Tallon’s reputation will be challenged in a film by staff who worked alongside him, ­including Liam Cullen-Brooks, a page who says he left service after four years because of Billy’s bullying. He claims Tallon and his long-standing boyfriend, deputy steward Reg Wilcock, would “target” new footmen, “plying them with vodka or gin to see how far they could go”.

    Billy was highly rated by Prince Charles,who visited him in hospital when he was ill. Charles gave him a generous allowance after he lost his job and lodgings at Clarence House when the Queen Mother died in 2002.

    palace mason A former member of the Royalty Protection Department has made the allegation in documents lodged at Southwark Crown Court. The documents also accuse Prince Andrew, 48, of entertaining female friends at the Buckingham Palace – including Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late tycoon Robert Maxwell – without going through proper security procedures. It is claimed they would be allowed in without being vetted properly and did not have to sign the visitors’ book – presumably to protect identities.

    The documents, lodged by former PC Paul Page, further allege that the Queen’s protection officers routinely handled firearms while under the influence of alcohol, sold steroids, dealt in hardcore pornography from Buckingham Palace and watched explicit films in the police annexe at the Palace between shifts. Mr Page, an ex-protection officer, is currently facing fraud charges as a result of his alleged involvement in a multi-million-pound spread-betting syndicate. It is alleged Page helped run the pool, known as the Currency Club, from a locker room in the Palace.

    It is claimed the club bet on oil, gold, and currency prices. Officers in forces from London to Scotland are thought to have been involved in the syndicate. It folded in 2006 with losses of more than £1million. Mr Page, 37, a married father of five, worked at the Palace for a decade before being sacked and charged with fraudulent trading, which he denies.

    A Palace spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on security matters.’ A Met spokesman said: ‘We are not prepared to discuss this.’

    palace mason Secret society defies royal aides to set up lodge

    ROYAL flunkeys have defied their bosses and set up a freemasons’ lodge at Buckingham Palace. The branch of the controversial secret society was officially consecrated this week. It has male Palace servants and royal protection squad cops as members.
    But the move will infuriate officials and senior royals, who blocked plans for a group called The Royal Household Lodge when it was first proposed earlier this year. So the defiant masons simply changed the name to Mulberry Lodge — a reference to King James I who grew silkworms in a royal palace mulberry garden in the 17th-century.

    A royal source revealed: “They won’t be meeting on royal property because all masons have to meet in a masonic hall. But the lodge will be open to male members of the royal household — not just Buckingham Palace, but every royal residence from Balmoral to Windsor and the Tower of London.” “It’s all being driven by cops in the Metropolitan Police royal protection squad. “The lodge has a cop as the grand master and another as the secretary.”

    Although the Queen’s cousin the Duke of Kent is head of English freemasonry as its Grand Master, Palace officials had hoped plans for the lodge would be dropped. They felt a society whose members indulge in bizarre rituals was out of place. And it is the last thing the Palace needs at a time when it is trying to be seen as more modern and open. The Masons have long been accused of being of being a secret society that indulges in bizarre initiation ceremonies and traditions.

    They acknowledge each other through peculiar handshakes and wear aprons at meetings. And they have been accused of furthering each other’s interests through the sect. The founding of the lodge has alarmed some royal staff who fear they will be overlooked for promotions if they don’t join. Women staff are said to be angry because although there are freemasonry organisations for women, this branch is a men-only institution that will not admit them.

  • Royal Protection officer exposes porn,gambling and insider trading at Buckingham Palace
    queen and charles Get the sick bucket out for another round of royal propaganda as Charlie reaches his 60th birthday. As usual ALL the UK mass media earn their licences to print and televise by licking the arses of the real controllers of the UK or at least through their hand picked masonic legal and political mafia that ensure they remain the RICHEST DYNASTY IN THE WORLD.

    Despite the continued failure of that mass media to accurately state that the British Monarchy own more land across the globe than any other ruler(despot). We can say with certainty the underplaying by the UK mass media of the grotesque wealth they own shows how embarrassed they now are in expressing how much they really own when they seldom appear at the TOP of the Rich list by manufacturing figures that take little account that they own one sixth of the worlds land mass.

    That is thanks to the masons who ensure they ruthlessly control all English based courts across the globe. Most seldom use juries to decide on the vast wealth they can control via those courts. Only hand picked masonic judicial lackeys ensure their tyranny goes on ad infinitum under the guise of the ruthless English crown.
  • Masons in Buckingham palace
    queen mum When is the British public going to waken up from the UK's mass media propaganda on this bunch of leeches descended from the worst bunch of ruthless tyrants and oligarths across the globe.

    Edward Stourton, the urbane presenter of the BBC’s flagship radio programme Today, has admitted thinking that the late Queen Mother was “a ghastly old bigot”. In a book on political correctness, he reveals the content of a private conversation with her in the early 1990s. After he told her he was back from a European summit, she said: “It will never work, you know . . . It will never work with all those Huns, wops and dagos.”

    Stourton writes: “The words were delivered with the eyes on maximum tiara-strength twinkle, but I am afraid I froze. The Nation’s Favourite Grandmother was, I thought, in fact a ghastly old bigot, a prey to precisely the kind of prejudice which had driven the conflicts the European project had been designed to prevent . . . I thought that what she had said was nasty and ugly.” Stourton, whose son Ivo was a close friend of Prince William at Eton, is no stranger to royal controversy. After the Queen Mother died in 2002, he said in a heated debate on the Today programme that a tabloid newspaper was “quite comfortable in the gutter” because it had published intimate details of her last moments before death.

    Stourton said this weekend that he may have been harsh on the Queen Mother. “I didn’t mean to be severe,” he said. “I just thought it was a striking illustration of how our attitudes have changed.” He added: “The Queen Mother came from a certain generation when people did talk like that

    queen Now MPs want to ditch 500-year oath of allegiance to the Queen

    A group of MPs are campaigning to scrap their traditional oath of allegiance to the Queen, the Mail can reveal. The declaration has been sworn by those joining or returning to Parliament for more than 500 years. But 22 MPs from all three main parties say their 'principal duty' should be to represent the people who voted for them - not the monarch.

    They want the Commons and the Lords to be allowed to swear allegiance to their 'constituents and the nation' instead. The unofficial campaign yesterday triggered uproar among royalist MPs - one of whom said the change would amount to ' constitutional vandalism'.

    It is also likely to cause dismay at Buckingham Palace.

    Former Tory party chairman Lord Tebbit said: 'This seems to me to be an attack upon the State itself. The monarch is the one embodiment-of the State which is outside the political, partisan process. 'The people behind this campaign must either oppose the idea of anyone who is non-partisan having a role in the affairs of state, or they would rather be swearing allegiance to Brussels.'

    Since the Middle Ages, all MPs and peers joining or returning to Parliament have been compelled to swear allegiance to the monarch of the day. The wording has been much amended over the centuries, but currently reads: 'I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.'

    Atheists are allowed to replace the religious element by saying that they 'solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm' their allegiance. All MPs and peers must take the oath in the Commons before they are able to take their seats and draw their salaries.

    Anyone who attempts to take part in Parliamentary proceedings without having sworn the oath risks a £500 fine for every 'offence' and can eventually be stripped of their seat. In recent years, a number of Labour ministers and backbenchers have staged protests against the convention. The former Labour Sports Minister, the late Tony Banks, famously crossed his fingers as he read out the pledge of allegiance. Labour MP Dennis Skinner was heard adding the words 'and all who sail on her' under his breath after promising to be faithful to Elizabeth II.

    The late Tony Banks swears allegiance to the Queen, with his fingers firmly crossed John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister, was said to have deliberately mumbled the words. Now a coalition of Labour and Lib-Dem MPs - and a single Conservative - have signed up to the extraordinary campaign to reform the practice.

    They are demanding an alternative Parliamentary oath allowing MPs to 'swear allegiance to their constituents and the nation and to pledge to uphold the law, rather than one pledging personal allegiance to the serving monarch'. Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who is spearheading the campaign, said: 'This is a matter of democracy. I'm put here by my constituents and it's to them I owe my allegiance. Taking the oath to an unelected person is a nonsense.' Mr Baker said that Justice Secretary Jack Straw had told him he needed to demonstrate backing from MPs before any reform would be considered.

    He added: 'I'm pleased by the support this change is getting. It's a debate we need to have about modernising our activities.' Former Tory Transport Minister Peter Bottomley said he supported any proposal to make the oath voluntarily. 'We need to make the oath something that people are offered, rather than required to take,' he added. 'We should make provision for republicans or separatists.

    'I wouldn't drop the oath - I would make it optional. I am a subject of the Queen even more than I am a citizen of this country. I'd much prefer a bad monarchy to a good president. 'But people ought to be able to come to Parliament and argue that they don't want the monarchy.'

    So far, 22 MPs have formally backed the campaign, despite a convention that the monarch must not be criticised in the Commons. And Mr Bottomley, MP for Worthing West, said he believed a majority would vote for reform if given the chance. 'The Government should say, "Let's have a debate, hear the arguments and see if there's a majority against changing the oath",' he said. 'I don't think there would be.' Glasgow North's Labour MP Ann McKechin, a republican, said the alternative oath would enable the likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, the abstentionist Sinn Fein MPs, to take their seats in the House of Commons.

    'We should have an alternative procedure,' she said. 'There is an increasing number of people who find it difficult to support a monarch in terms of taking an oath. 'Parliament is based on the service we do to our constituents. Now that devolution in Northern Ireland is up and running, there is an issue as to how we can try to bring those Sinn Fein members into the chamber.' She added: 'The oath to the Queen is awkward for them. It's their choice, but their constituents don't get a fair deal as their MPs don't sit in the chamber.'

    Lady Boothroyd, the former Speaker of the Commons, has also backed calls for modernisation, claiming 'a lot of members' object to the declaration in its current form. But Lord Tebbit yesterday launched a furious attack on the MPs behind the campaign. 'If something has worked satisfactorily for the past 500 years, as the oath of allegiance has, the fact that a silly group of people at the beginning of the 21st century think they know better seems to me to be a very dodgy proposition,' he said.

    Geoffrey Cox, Tory MP for Torridge and West Devon, added: 'This is an act of uncomprehending constitutional vandalism. The Queen is the centre of the British constitution. 'To remove her from the Parliamentary oath taken by Members of Parliament is a covert attempt to republicanise our constitution.'

    palace The question of monarchy goes to the heart of the sort of society in which we want to live
    Her Majesty the Queen has let it be known that, as one headline put it “One is on one's uppers”. Apparently the Queen cannot afford to get the decorators into Buckingham Palace without more government money.

    In which case, might one make a modest proposal? Parliament should vote to abolish the monarchy, declare the United Kingdom “an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular and inclusive democratic republic nation”, then give the Royal Family a fortnight to quit the palace and turn it into a museum.

    queen Usual media spin she costs us only 66p per year.She OWNS billions in land and property ,on the last estimate 1/6 of the worlds land mass and a lot they dont tell us .They even remove her from the surveys of the worlds richest people to save the embarrassment .She is ultimately responsible for the judges who are hand picked lackeys of the state.

    The old etonians that fill Westminster are educated (brainwashed)at Eton to fulfil the ROYAL commands. Our major parties are ALL under the orders of British monarchy and the British Council and the Royal Institute of International Affairs(Chatham house) are only two of the many sinister organisations used to control our courts and business .The queen is patron of both illuminati cells. She is also the patron of British freemasonry the most EVIL satanic cult anywhere across the world and responsible for more wars and inequality than any other force ,British media being their main protectors.

    The overall cost of the Royals went up from £38million to £40million in the past 12 months.

    But the Royals came under fire again over the cost of their travel, with the annual bill up £800,000 to £6.4million. More than £22,000 was spent on chartering a helicopter to take the Queen, Prince Philip and two pals to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville during a state visit to the US in May last year.

    The official five-day visit to the US cost almost £412,000 in total. Travel for Charles and Camilla’s two-week official visit to the Caribbean in March totalled £275,625.

    Graham Smith, of campaign group Republic, branded the travel costs “a disgrace” and said: “Elected politicians would never get away with this kind of extravagance.”

    ascot Anyone watching ROYAL ascot on the BBC needs the sick bucket out. The BBC are expert at providing the best Royal A_ss licking presenters to nauseatingly discuss the royal party ,their dress sense,their entourage ,the establishment hangers on at Ascot giving the usual well rehearsed standing ovation.

    What exactly do they warrant such deference ?

    Another royal occasion, a bit like the American presidency, when the dumbnuts stand behind the contenders with huge boards spewing bile about why they should be in charge. Everything royal is an ancient ploy by the elite with platforms that create a mystique and the mass of dim wits who fall for this is breathtaking.

    Scotland is being destroyed by the ENGLISH controlled crown and its judicial lackeys.
    des o'connor If its not worthless metallic trinkets in the guise of medals to young lads who gave their lives or have been severely wounded in phony wars,never decent financial recompense. To the royalist a_ss licking safe media types like O'Connor who ensure they have not upset the richest dynasty in the world during their extended appearances on British TV.

    Virtually every comic on British TV is SAFE. They have gone through a process that ensures they do not rock the British establishment boat. O'Connor only one of a long list of royalist a_ss lickers who constantly reminds us in his act and shows the importance of having the richest dynasty in the world ,while our streets are still full of homeless victims of the class system that is maybe the worst in the world. These people should be ashamed of themselves for accepting the pathetic hand me downs of royal patronage that ensures a bunch of toe rags keep the massive inequality seen in many cities throughout the UK. This system has done nothing to ensure we have a JUST and fair society .The British empire founded on the rape and pillage of other countries who finally got independence of SORTS.

    We have nothing to be proud of in the self perpetuation of monarchic rule through the secret society back door. All part of the New World Order system being set up by the goons in every area of British society. Check their latest ploy Common Purpose same initials as the Communist Party and being used across government departments in every area affecting our lives.A sinister network of anti democratic place men with the same royalist agenda.

    Also check out the biggest illuminati den Chatham House previously the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

  • Chatham Corporate Membership List
  • Chatham Major Corporate Members List
  • Chatham Patron the Queen
  • Des O’Connor CBE
    eton Socks available for establishment boys of Eton emblazoned with a skull and bones.

    There is a sinister network ensuring mostly ALL positions of power in the UK are those indoctrinated into a royalist mindset.Yales skull and bones matched by Eton who are all working for the New World Order brigade. Cameron the Tory leader was educated at Eton.
    eton Eton, a stones throw away from Windsor Castle, is where the establishment's lackeys are educated. Interesting name for the first school after a former French master.

    More and more of the royal hangers on have been jailed for child abuse we wonder what message this primary school gives off as children develop and are more aware of the connotations.
    cowell It is amazing our supposed impartial media daily demean the poorest sections of British society while propping up the richest dynasty in the world.Even Simon Cowell and his Britains got Talent show is a media circus for royalty . The winner will be performing before "HER MAJESTY".

    Cowell repeats this over and over again throughout the show and hints that it will get him a knighthood. Cowell only there through his ZIONIST backed record label and funded by illuminati bankers. Also a bully boy who cruelly demeans acts in front of the whole of the UK while massively increasing his bank account .He has brought the victorian stocks back in a different form for modern TV consumption.
    al fayed Al Fayed gets his chance in court today over what he believes is the cause of his son's death.He said those involved in the death plot or subsequent cover-up were Prince Charles and Prince Philip, Tony Blair, judges, Paul Burrell, police chiefs, senior politicians, the secret services of Britain and France, the CIA, newspaper editors and even Diana's sister.

    With the seriousness of these allegations made against senior figures within the British Establishment you would expect a rush of lawyers issuing writs against the statements of Al Fayed, yet all there is from the named conspirators is SILENCE.

    Does that silence suggest GUILT ,or are they just to scared to take him on in court?

  • 18-2-2008: 'Tony Blair gave order to kill Diana', Al Fayed tells crash inquest
  • 15-2-2008: Princess Diana 'could have been killed by MI6'
  • 13-2-2008: Diana crash mirrored MI6 plot to assassinate top Balkan leader says spy
  • 12-2-2008: MI6 team operating at British Embassy in Paris at the time of Di’s death
  • 12-2-2008: Home Secretary 'blocked Diana squidgygate tape inquiry'
  • 12-2-2008: Queen's private secretary denies conspiracy to kill the princess
    echr The European Court of Human Rights is run by judges for judges.From the many who have tried this route,this court is a joke and as it is judges ,NOT juries that decide on human rights their warped decisions seem only favorable towards serial criminals ,gays and masons.

    Very few genuine cases are even heard.There is a K.Reid(Not sure if the name is exact )who handles all British human right applications which virtually all fail before the first hurdle.What this lot have been set up for is as a last resort after exhausting all remedies before crooked judges.

    But with more judges judging appeal judges there is little hope of getting anywhere near justice.ECHR looks good on paper but is a joke in practice due to the perverted judicial decisions that bears no resemblance to the general publics view of justice.

    camilla POETIC JUSTICE
    THERE's trouble brewing in palace over a shocking booze rehab crisis! Prince Charles and Camilla had a screaming row that ended when the heir to the British throne stormed out in a huff.

    This week's GLOBE reveals why palace insiders say the royals' marriage is once again on the rocks, how a message from beyond the grave drove Camilla to drink - and why she now fears for her very life.

    (Mainstream Publishing, £25)

    Kevin Cahill is a former army officer who has worked at both Westminster and European parliaments as an adviser and researcher. His latest book expands upon 2001’s opus, Who Owns Britain, and is the first compilation of landowners and landownership structures in every single one of the world’s 197 states and 66 territories. This is a tome of huge political, economic and social importance.

    How was the current pattern of land ownership across the world established?

    By force and theft. If you look at the largest landowners now they are all monarchs, the descendants of despots and some of them still despots.

    Who are some of the largest landowners in the world and how much land do they own?

    The largest individual legal landowners on earth are: Queen Elizabeth II (6.6 billion acres); King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (580 million acres); the Pope (about 177 million acres held in his name); King Bhumibol of Thailand (126 million acres); and King Mohamed V1 of Morocco (110 million acres, excluding the illegally occupied Western Sahara). The Queen owns one sixth of the planet’s surface.


  • Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership
    qbb First the Queen now Brown it doesn't matter a damn what they are sending out in disinformation,both Brown and the Queen head the masonic conspiracy that has been controlling the UK for way to long.This is another masonic ruse to try and suggest the BBC at times are critical of those in power, not through proper democracy ,but through hand picked masonic lackeys acting primarily for Britains establishment.We have yet to see a British Prime minister who truly acts to decrease the UK's vast inequality, instead they continue a masonic agenda of increasing the wealth of the 10% of the super rich that fund their political ego's. The BBC have been throughout its history controlled by toff's with a toff's agenda.

  • BBC in row over doctored TV footage with Gordon Brown
  • The BBC used to stand for the best of British - but who'd trust Auntie now?
  • Scientist to Sue BBC for 9/11 Public Deception
    queen judge Why does SHE get to hand pick the mobsters controlling our courts? Also how can SHE be brought to justice if she commits a crime, in HER own courts? This is unacceptable in a democracy and NO ONE is above the law.We have a position were those hand picked to judge are also immune from ignoring the very laws they sit in judgement on. They should NEVER have been allowed to be judge and jury as they seem to have given themselves.

    queen bush Britain has been under fascist rule disguised as a royalists version of democracy.Eton across the road from Windsor is where they BREED and hand pick lackeys indoctrinated into the royalist mind set. They are then place men for the masonic/royalists who are embedded in the political and legal structures,so much for choice? Also our legal and judicial system is full of masonic bigots.



  • Bushs and Windsors celebrate Wests masonic tyranny (VIDEO)
    obe British establishment trinkets ensure all who fall into the royalist trap have to swear loyalties to the sinister DARK forces they head. Throughout history men have died and have been severely injured to be given a token piece of metal on a ribbon. Medals cannot hide the rape and pillage associated with Britain's self appointed toffs who undermine ALL of Britain's people with the nonsense of the pomp and ceremony and the tacky regalia they adorn themselves with.

    trooping For a country who's media rants on about taking GUNS off the street . Watching this endless pathetic sight of 100's of machine guns being paraded to let HER subjects know that even if we can't arm ourselves to protect our homes and children against HER corrupt CROWN and courts, SHE has plenty of automatic machine guns to shot us dead if we dare go near one of her palaces.

    The brainwashing by Britain's media ensures this pomp,ceremony ,regalia along with the arsenal of weapons replaces the spectacle of the gallows used to hang anyone that raised any issue against the wealthiest dynasty in the world. This is another day when the masonic controllers come out in force to back up the REGIME that has been created to keep their WEALTH AND POWER protected from the citizens they steal off everyday in despotic court process's. They only remain with that power thanks to the MASONIC place men used in the political and legal structures that masquerades as THEIR form of democracy.No matter who you vote for their Masonic plants will see they remain a permanent blot on the fascist landscape of the UNITED(that's a joke) Kingdom.
    queen by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    "The Queen" illustrates how the public is lulled to sleep with Mother Goose stories. The drama rests entirely on Queen Elizabeth II's refusal to speak publicly after the death of Princess Diana in 1997; and how, under pressure from a grieving nation, she graciously rose to the occasion. Nominated for "Best Picture," the movie doesn’t mention she had good reason to be reticent. Helen Mirren won for "Best Actress" but if Mohammed Fayed is right, Elizabeth II deserves the Oscar.

    She may have orchestrated the hit with her husband and son. "I want Charles and Philip together in court." the father of Diana's fiance said recently. "These are the people who ordered the murder." Now that would have been a movie!

    However in this movie, Elizabeth's excuse is she wishes to "suffer silently and with dignity" and "focus on her grandsons' suffering." The tensions between the Princess and the House of Windsor are only implied. The movie is comforting. Elizabeth II really is a good person, not the front for the world's greatest criminal syndicate, dealing in drugs, arms, prostitution and banking, according to Lyndon LaRouche's book "Dope, Inc." (1992.) Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Tony and Cherie Blair are dedicated citizens and family people, not inbred Masons, Satanists, traitors, warmongers, criminals perverts and crystal gazers depicted by David Icke. (I reserve judgment on reptilian shape shifters.)

    Philip is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England. After seeing "The Queen," I left the cinema feeling with Robert Browning, "God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world." Our leaders are decent people trying to do what's right! The old ladies in the audience shouted, "pip, pip" when Elizabeth finally saw the light. "Well done, your majesty!" The movie critics felt the same way. Ninety eight per cent gave the movie positive reviews.


    However, in the case of murder we always ask, "Who Benefits?" After the divorce of Charles and Diana in 1991, The London Daily Mail emphasized England "now has effectively two Royal Houses—the House of Charles and the House of Diana. In the first five months of separation, Princess Diana attracted five times as many spectators, twice as many reporters, and more than twice as many photographers than her husband." (Peter Fearon, "Buckingham Babylon" p. 372) Diana's death looks like an old fashioned Mafia hit, a British dynastic spat. Didn't Queen Elizabeth I have Mary Stuart beheaded in 1587? Diana threatened the family business and she had to be rubbed out.

    According to "This is London" (March 2) "Mr. Fayed has been implacable in his insistence that Prince Philip 'masterminded' the couples' death. He says Dodi and Diana planned to marry but the British establishment could not accept the prospect of the mother of a future king marrying a Muslim." Or giving him a Muslim half-brother? There were rumors she was pregnant. Diana expressed fears that Charles would use MI-6 to arrange a car crash. There is evidence this is exactly what happened. Imagine if this movie revealed the truth instead of covered it up?


    "In pre-movie days the business of peddling lies about life was spotty and organized." Ben Hecht, a veteran screenwriter wrote. Since then, "One basic [movie] plot only has appeared daily...the triumph of virtue and the overthrow of wickedness.... (A Child of the Century, p. 468) But, in real life, the bad guys have overthrown virtue. The Cabbalist central banking mob finagled control over national credit and is consolidating this advantage into world tyranny. They fund the movies that deceive, distract and debilitate the boobs while they advance toward their goal. Society as a whole is organized like a secret society (i.e. Freemasonry, Communism, Zionism, Feminism.). Most members are not told the real agenda. They are easier to manipulate with idealistic sounding platitudes about freedom and righteousness. The function of the mass media and education: is to lie; to reinforce the official illusion: how things "are supposed to be." [In a famous interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992, George Bush Sr. admitted: "Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."]

    To be duped (by some Cause) is probably the characteristic modern human experience, but of course few know it. Even those who rise in the NWO Masonic conspiracy are often "useful idiots" who provide a convincing facade. James Forrestal, for example, was an investment banker who became Truman's Secretary of Defense. When he realized the Masonic bankers controlled Communism as well as Capitalism, he couldn’t keep quiet. He was deemed "insane" and thrown from the window of Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was a good guy. He lost. There are no movies about him. Joe McCarthy was probably murdered at the same hospital a few years later.

    "Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

    Richard Nixon eventually realized the same thing and wanted to take back the USA. The CIA used The Washington Post and Watergate to impeach him. Yet the movie "All the President's Men" tells a cock-and-bull story about the press bringing down a corrupt ruler. The truth – a political hack who reaches for greatness by defying the Rockefellers--would have been wonderful. Even Oliver Stone missed this story in his "Nixon." Have you seen an honest movie about the murder of George Patton or Huey Long? One about 9-11? What about Margie Shroedinger, the woman who sued G.W. Bush for rape and then "committed suicide" ? There are dozens of "good guys" murdered during the Clinton Administration. Each one would make a great movie. [At the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, David Rockefeller thanked the media for covering up elite plans for the "supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers." “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years."]

    "News" and "Entertainment" are the main reason for our collective arrested development. They define reality, past and present. We depend on them for guidance and inspiration. Yes there are good movies but most fit the description above. Hopefully the Internet will provide entertainment that nurtures rather than enslaves.

    diana A FORMER spy who claimed MI6 might have been involved in Princess Diana's car crash has been banned from giving evidence at the inquest.

    Richard Tomlinson, Britain's MI6 agent in France between 1991 and 1995, has been gagged by the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith.

    A permanent injunction stops Mr Tomlinson, who lives in Cannes, from talking about his former role as it would breach the Official Secrets Act. He said: "I think they have been quite crafty."

    During the earlier inquiry led by Lord Stevens, he had told of seeing a top secret file detailing how to make an assassination look like a crash. The inquiry rejected his claims. Last month the ex-SAS man said he would be prepared to give evidence at the inquest into Diana's death via a video-link.

    al fayed Mohamed Fayed is set to 'get his day in court' A jury will decide on a series of extraordinary claims made by Mohamed Fayed about the deaths of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed.

    A sensational High Court ruling today means that Mr Fayed will "get his day in court" and put his allegations to 12 members of the public. The decision prompted an outburst from the Harrods chairman in which he demanded that princes Philip and Charles be called to give evidence, adding: "This country is ruled by donkeys. They are gangsters and murderers and Nazi bastards who killed my son."

    He said of the ruling, which overturns a decision by Lady Butler-Sloss who wanted to hear the inquest alone: "I am very happy. It means we have got an ordinary jury." A £4 million report last year concluded the 1997 car crash was caused by chauffeur Henri Paul being drunk and driving too fast through a Paris underpass while pursued by paparazzi. But Mr Fayed maintains the couple were murdered as part of plot by the Establishment worried that Diana was going to have a Muslim child with Dodi. He has specifically singled out Prince Philip.

    In emotional scenes outside the High Court, Mr Fayed accused Mr Paul, who was also killed in the crash, of working for MI6. He also said Tony Blair was aware that Diana, 36, and Dodi, 42, were murdered. He said: "I want Charles and Philip together in the court. These are the people who ordered the murder. "I am certain when we see all the evidence and all the proof their (the jury's) judgment will come definitely and approve my belief. "How can this happen in a great country? Our politicians are like zombies. Tony Blair himself knows what happened to Diana and my son."

    The inquest could start in May. It could pave the way for further curbs on sections of the media, including a possible privacy law to curb the activities of paparazzi. The decision will be a further blow for the royal family who had hoped the conspiracy theories would die down following December's report by former Met chief Lord Stevens which said the crash was simply a tragic accident. During the hearing of Mr Fayed's application, the judges were told there was an "eerie similarity" between the paparazzi pursuit of the Princess and their recent "hounding" of her son Prince William's girlfriend Kate Middleton.

    The judges said: "It is likely that there will be a recurrence of the type of event in which the paparazzi on wheels pursued the princess and Dodi al Fayed." They were shown letters by former prime minister John Major and Press Complaints Commission chairman Sir Christopher Meyer voicing their concerns over the media harassment faced by Miss Middleton. In their statement, the High Court judges said the letters "drew attention to the dangers of such behaviour and called for new sanctions against the paparazzi". The High Court statement added: "It is not only members of the royal family and their friends who receive this unwelcome attention. Any celebrity is vulnerable. Not only is the safety of the person pursued potentially put at risk but there may well be a risk to bystanders.

    "In our view, occurrences such as this are prejudicial to the safety of a section of the public."

    edward hitler Britain has been under fascist rule disguised as royalist form of democracy.Eton across the road from Windsor is where they BREED and hand pick lackeys indoctrinated into the royalist mindset. They are then place men for the masonic/royalists who are embedded in the political structures, many prime ministers where old etonians,so much for choice? Also the legal and judicial system is full of masonic/royalist/old etonians.

    The House of Windsor came into being in 1917, when George V, formerly of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, concerned that his Germanic sounding surname would alienate his subjects at the height of German xenophobia during World War I, changed the name of his dynasty to the more English sounding Windsor. The House of Windsor has produced four British sovereigns, George V, his son Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in favour of his brother George V, and the present queen, Elizabeth II. This section not only covers the monarchs of the House of Windsor but also contains biographies on the Queen's extended family.

  • British Crown
    The establishment is riddled with Old Etonians controlling much of the CITY and working to keep royalty as the secret society devil worshipping masonic controllers of Britain. There is bugger all GREAT about Britain other than the stench of hypocrisy , regalia, OVER THE TOP pomp and ceremony and the endless tugging of forelocks by wee crawling subservient Old Etonian lackeys.

    windsor map
    rf As ever all the pomp and ceremony was once again paraded in London to celebrate Mams 80th birthday.

    The regalia masks a most sinister system of control in the UK that has (so far at least)STOPPED a revolution removing the crooks who have for centuries survived by controlling us using their secret society mobsters who are in key positions throughout British society.

    We are living in a country dominated by a brutal regime that inspired the British Empire created thro the rape and pillage of countries who in time fought back to gain independence from the monsters who initiated despicable acts against vulnerable societies. That mind set have NOT changed ,instead they have turned inwards and continue to attack its own people.Anyone facing litigation in the UK know about the secret masonic controllers destroying peoples lives daily in the most appalling and tyrannical regimes operating thro our courts.

    The victims of this system know the brutality that created the British Empire is alive and well in every courtroom the length and breadth of the UK. The establishment and heirarchy of the UK are answerable, through the sinister masonic system of control to one individual, the monarch and her huge entourage of hangers on systematically and brutally stealing UK citizens assets on a grand scale .Little of that plundering gets into the national press and TV controlled and dominated by knights of the realm,bankers and barristers who ensure the UK lives in a Nazi like state . The same press and TV making such a hue and cry about the celebrations of a dominant power undermining real democracy ,that allows a priviledged few to remain(at least for the meantime) extremely rich while flaunting their wealth in their imposed regalia,pomp and ceremony to the detriment of ALL UK citizens.

    It is fortunate technology has advanced enough to ensure the secrecy they operate under can no longer silence the millions of victims of the pariah who cannot and will not get away with this indefinitely . The murder,rape and pillage must not continue.George Farquhar,Andy McCardle and Dixie Deans are only three of the many who suffered unbelievable treatment when they tried to whisteblow on this most evil system.

    knighted This form of PATRONAGE should be outlawed in a civilised society .To swear an oath to a single individual undermines each citizens right to protect one and other against STATE tyranny. Awards such as these provided by the ESTABLISHMENT confer on those awarded and who swear oaths of allegiance to an Establishment with a history of the rape and pillage of any country they have plundered throughout history.

    We are now seeing the internal plundering within the UK of land ,business and property on a GRAND SCALE using hand picked JUDGES ( NOT A JURY OF OUR PEERS)who have sworn allegiance to the CROWN.

    A crown that fails to produce accurate accounts of where all the assets go that have been seized by a sinister star chamber civil court system unaccountable and answerable only to THOSE they serve.


    The origins of knighthood are obscure, but they are said to date back to ancient Rome, where there was a knightly class Ordo Equestris (an order of mounted nobles). Knighthood became an established military guild in many European countries, and it had certain characteristics: a would-be knight would undertake strict military training from boyhood, including some time as an assistant (an esquire, probably derived from the Latin scutifer; shield-bearer) to a knight with whom he rode to war. He would also have to prove himself worthy according to rules of chivalrous behaviour, such as 'faithfulness to his Saviour and his Sovereign', generosity, self-denial, bravery and skill at arms. In addition, he would be expected to have the financial ability to support the honour of knighthood, so that he could provide himself with arms, armour, horses and the required number of armed followers to render military service to his Sovereign for a minimum period each year.

    In former times, no person could be born a knight (the use of the term 'knight' in England may have come from the Anglo-Saxon word cnyht or cnite, meaning 'military follower') - even monarchs and their heirs had to be made knights. Alfred knighted his grandson Athelstan; William I was knighted when he became king (although he had previously been knighted in Normandy); Edward III, Henry VII and Edward VI were all knighted, after coming to the throne, by one of their subjects. The conferment of knighthood involved strict religious rites (encouraged by bishops who saw the necessity of protecting the Church, and of emphasising Christian ideals in order to temper the knights' ferocity), which included fasting, a vigil, bathing, confession and absolution before the ceremony took place. The first and simplest method of knighting was that used on battlefields, when the candidate knelt before the royal commander of the army and was 'stricken with the sword upon his back and shoulder' with some words such as 'Advances Chevalier au nom de Dieu'. (The action of touching the sword on the recipient's shoulder is known as dubbing.)

    The second method involved greater ceremony, which could include the offering by the knight of his sword on the altar. Although the monarch's 'lieutenants in the wars' and a few others of high birth 'possessed of special royal authority' could knight others, over the years successive Sovereigns began drastically to limit the power to confer knighthood - particularly Henry VIII. Eventually, it became the custom for monarchs to confer all knighthoods personally, unless this was quite impracticable. However, knighthoods were not necessarily sought after, as there were men who wanted to avoid an honour which compelled them (at great expense and personal inconvenience) to reinforce the Sovereign's armies. The alternative to knighthood was the payment of a fine instead of military service, and kings such as Edward II, James I and Charles I found such fines a useful source of income for the crown (this practice of fining was abolished in Charles II's reign). James I even instituted a new honour of baronetcy (a title which could be passed on to descendants) in 1611, so that he could raise money and valuable reinforcements for his army.

    In extreme cases, when a knight was found guilty of treachery or treason, he could lose his honour by formal degradation - a public ceremony in which his accoutrements were taken off him. In 1468, Sir Ralph Grey was taken to Doncaster where, being guilty of treason, his 'gold spurs were hewn from his heels while his sword and all his armour were broken'. The last public degradation was in 1621 at Westminster Hall, when Sir Francis Mitchell was found guilty of 'grievous exactions' and had his spurs broken and thrown away, his belt cut and his sword broken over his head. Finally, he was pronounced to be 'no longer a Knight but Knave'. Other more recent examples of degradation from honours are when Sir Roger Casement had his knighthood cancelled during the First World War for treason (he was subsequently executed), and in 1979 when Sir Anthony Blunt (a former Surveyor of The Queen's pictures) also had his knighthood withdrawn. Currently, a person may be stripped of his knighthood should he be convicted of a criminal offence by a Court of Justice.

    Today, The Queen (and occasionally members of the Royal Family on her behalf) confers knighthood in Britain. The knight-elect can be knighted at a public Investiture or privately. The ceremony is similar: after his name is announced, the knight-elect kneels on a knighting-stool in front of The Queen who then lays the sword blade on the knight's right and then left shoulder. After he has been dubbed, the new knight stands up (contrary to popular belief, the words 'Arise, Sir ---' are not used), and The Queen then invests the knight with the insignia of the Order to which he has been appointed (a star or badge, depending on the Order). By tradition, clergy receiving a knighthood are not dubbed, as the use of a sword is thought inappropriate for their calling.

    Over the centuries, knighthood has evolved: it is no longer awarded solely for military merit, it cannot be bought and it carries no military obligations to the Sovereign. However, knighthood remains as a form of recognition for significant contributions to national life. Recipients today range from actors to scientists, and from school head teachers to industrialists. Foreign citizens occasionally receive honorary knighthoods; they are not dubbed, and they do not use the style 'Sir'. Such knighthoods are conferred by The Queen, on the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on those who have made an important contribution to relations between their country and Britain. Foreign citizens with knighthoods include the former US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, Chancellor Kohl, President Mitterrand and Mayor Giuliani of New York.


    This is ALL the ESTABLISHMENT are good for ,remembering the dead who fought and died to keep the FIRM in POWER while they constantly resurrect warmongering ,started and funded by the ESTABLISHMENTS banking dynasty friends, the illuminati.

    Most of the war memorials are a cover for masonic symbolism,monoliths(Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey full of them with a sequence of rebirth at the end ) and obelisks with their eternal flame on top . Everytime they place flowers at the foot of these emblems its not for the war dead its to their backers ,the eternally secretive masonic protectors.

    crown Our groups have evidence of the most appalling human rights abuses going on throughout the UK.All of these abuses are perpetrated from government agencies and associated hangers on who protect them.The so called regulatory bodies are there supposedly to protect UK citizens rights but in fact are there first and foremost to PROTECT THE ESTABLISHMENT.

    The UK has in place the most sinister network operating , using secret societies ,to keep the ESTABLISHMENT in permanent control of the UK that has only an illusion of democracy.

    Why is the UK in its present appalling state?

    Her Majesties Courts
    Her Majesties Judges
    Her Majesties Prisons
    Her Majesties Police
    Her Majesties Crown Offices
    Her Majesties Government
    Her Majesties Army
    Her Majesties Navy
    Her Majesties Air Force
    Her Majesties Subjects of Scotland
    Her Majesties Inspectorate
    Her Majesties Customs and Excise
    Her Majesties Stationers office
    Her Majesties Dominions
    Her Majesties Knights
    Her Majesties Chambers
    Her Majesties Warrants
    Her Majesties Properties
    Her Majesties Treasury
    Her Majesties Justices of the Peace
    Her Majesties Lords
    Her Majesties Privy Council
    Her Majesties High Commission
    Her Majesties Foot Guards
    Her Majesties Royal Authority
    Her Majesties Colonies
    Her Majesties Coastguards
    Her Majesties National Civil emergency service
    Her Majesties Secret Service
    Her Majesties Fleet
    Her Majesties Printer
    Her Majesties Secretaries
    Her Majesties Mint
    Her Majesties Servants
    Her Majesties Opposition
    Her Majesties Special Services
    Her Majesties Commissioners
    Her Majesties Royal Guard
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabularies
    Her Majesties Private apartments
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Education
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Pollution

    Who exactly do these people work for US OR THEM?
    rf UK Secret Services MI5 and MI6 ,who's members are largely MASONIC, are there first and foremost to protect the UK's royalty ABOVE all else.

    MI5 denies conspiracy to overthrow Wilson as PM

    THE Security Service MI5 yesterday made a pre-emptive move to rubbish new allegations that its officers plotted to bring down Harold Wilson in the 1960s. Claims that MI5 members conspired against the then prime minister will be given a fresh airing tonight in a BBC documentary, which suggests that senior military officers and even members of the Royal Family tacitly endorsed a planned coup d'état. However, the intelligence agency has issued what amounts to a public denial of any conspiracy. Although MI5 does not comment publicly on its activities, it maintains a public website, that was yesterday updated with an entry about "The Wilson Plot". The entry seeks to undermine the credibility of Peter Wright, a former MI5 officer who wrote of a plot against Wilson in his 1987 book Spycatcher. Wright's evidence is "discredited," MI5 says, pointing to the former officer's own admission that his memory of discussions with colleagues about Wilson was "unreliable".

    The Security Service's latest contribution to the debate on Wilson's fear of persecution is unlikely to allay suspicions of a plot against him. Careful readers will note that nowhere on its internet posting does MI5 deny that some of its members did, indeed, consider removing Wilson from office.

    crushed car Police chief's offices targeted

    Computer equipment belonging to the man investigating the death of Princess Diana has been stolen from his offices on Tyneside. Lord John Stevens, former chief constable of Northumbria Police and the former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has an office in Newcastle. Just over a week ago computer equipment including a laptop was taken, without any sign of a forced entry.

    A second break-in took place at the weekend, but nothing was taken. The investigation into the thefts involves officers from both the Metropolitan and Northumbria Police. However, police say that Operation Paget, the investigation into Diana's death, would not be affected as all information was kept in London.


    The crooked establishment go free while innocent whistleblowers are jailed and murdered in state mental hospitals.Andy McCardle (Murdered in Carstairs)is only one example of how that system operates to shut down anyone with evidence of criminality by those in the above list. Dixie Deans and George Farquhar are two fortunate souls who survived the chemical lobotomies sanctioned by the EVIL establishment masons controlling the UK the worst ones operate in Scotland.