Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express, Star and OK mag ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

If you walk into any newsagents the length and breadth of Britain you wont see many, if any at all, newspapers critical of the Royal parasites. Most of the newspapers published in Britain are controlled by five establishment scumbags. We all know fuckwit Rupert Murdoch responsible for some of the most vile attacks on victims of his spying and hacking yet even with so many of his staff being charged he is STILL allowed to publish some of the most vile filth in his poxy rags. He is a loyal royalist promoting the royal parasites at every opportunity when he isn't promoting warmongering.

He isn't waiting for the royal sprog to arrive he already pays for lookalikes to be photographed with the new dummy sprog trying to get some sort of exclusive even though the freemasons he uses to spy had went to far and tried to bug the royals themselves and the only reason the bastard's henchmen and moll got caught, they being the only ones with the power via GCHQ and MI5 to catch the bastard at it.

The next vile royalist scumbag is Richard Desmond paying thousands to push his OK magazine during the top TV shows and last night between breaks of Big Brother his filthy rag had a front cover of the new Royals posing before the latest sprog arrival.

His other filthy rag the Daily Express regularly kisses the royal ass so much that half the editorial consists of bullshit and trivia about their escapades elevating them to some sort of superstar status, which they ARE NOT. Third on the list of royal arse kissers is Jonathan Harmsworth the head honcho at the Daily Mail and such an avid royalist he might need to have hospital treatment to have his tongue removed from the royal posterior. Him and his vile staff have a pathological hatred of the peasants so much so that he features regular articles smearing and demeaning some of the most vulnerable and severely disabled citizens as scroungers while promoting murdering tory scumbags like Chris Grayling, Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne as some sort of moral guardians.

In between attacks on the poor he produces some of the most mind numbing trivia on the royal parasites no doubt expecting a knighthood in the coming years for his never ending obsession with the royal scroungers who he thinks deserves the thousands of spare rooms in their mansions while attacking any peasant with more than one bedroom as deserving of the tory filth's bedroom tax. A vile ultra rich parasite with so much inherited wealth he has more spare cash than all of the benefit claimants he so despises put together.

And last but not least the Barclay Brothers who control the Daily Telegraph and have done such a good job of kissing the royal arse she gave them both knighthoods. Like the other loyal royalists they will be going overboard come the arrival of the new sprog to add to the long line of scroungers who feed off the peasants allowing them to live in vast opulence thanks to their partners in crime Murdoch, Harmsworth, Desmond and the Barclay Brothers with the BBC zionist Danny Cohen pushing up the rear.

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  • Royal arse kisser Richard Desmond's VILE royalist rag attacks severely handicapped comedian for daring to joke about the royal sprog
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    royal baby

    First picture of the new royal sprog showing the same parasitic traits as the grandmother

    The lunatics really are running the asylum

    Don't the sheeple realise every time the establishment have a sprog thousands of OUR own children will live in poverty to pay for their vast greed?

    Don't the sheeple realise that once the royals are old enough to be GROOMED in how to live off the peasants they will learn to use the global masonic network to control the cops, judges, politicians (Groomed by their henchmen at Eton like loyal royalist Cameron), lawyers, councils, MI5, MI6 and a myriad of government agencies to fleece the peasants of the trillions they need to survive as a host parasite of the people?

    Don't the sheeple realise that they claim to SERVE the people and country but they in fact SERVE themselves?

    Don't the sheeple realise each generation of royals always inherits vast swathes of land and property stolen from the peasants that if returned to the people would eradicate poverty?

    Don't those sheeple realise they use third party tactics to distance themselves from the murdering assassins within the many military agencies that operate for and on behalf of their agenda and with the Grand Master of satanic freemasonry, who presently is the loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent, who masterminds the incarceration of dissenters of their vile system of control?

    Don't the sheeple realise every single psychopath hand picked to control the newspapers, tv and radio provides the propaganda to instil in those same sheeple deference towards their enslavers and it is NOT that the sheeple are drawn to the royal parasites but it is those propaganda merchants that impose this structure by brainwashing techniques and at every opportunity? Those morons to thick to see they are being hypnotised to serve their every need and for them to assume they can demand to live in vast opulence due to some hereditary entitlement and not because they head a long line of murdering psychopaths who had previously raped and pillaged the world. The old queen owning one sixth of the world land mass at the last count.

    Don't the sheeple realise that millions of children are without fathers thanks to their judicial mafia using family courts to destabilise every family that is not part of the freemason network used to weaken men while propping up their vile dimwitted lackeys, thieving our homes, assets and children on a grand scale ?

    Don't the sheeple realise all of the media presenters PAINT a royal smile from ear to ear as part of their contract NOT to deviate from a well oiled machine that , until the internet, had browbeaten the world into buying into this massive royal hype machine?

    Don't the sheeple realise until that machine is crushed they only have themselves to blame for the present state of the world and in particular the UK with the massive class system propped up by the biggest despots on the planet?
    This is NOT a time to celebrate but to view this as another tier of royal parasites lining up future generations to impose their vile greed on a gullible population forced, using propaganda, to buy into the royal charade?

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  • New royal sprog delivered in one of the most exclusive private maternity facilities in Britain (While the peasants and their children starve no expense spared for the arrival of the latest parasite to join the ranks of the royal scroungers)
  • Royal baby media getting 'frustrated' 'Obsessive' mass media circus surrounds royal sprog arrival (Press, TV and radio barons are psychopaths as well as loyal royalists just like the freemason Dukey Kent)(VIDEO)
  • Britain's propaganda merchant press barons ready to drool over another royal scrounger by going into overdrive in the run up to another Royal sprog dropping
    royal mafia freemason

    Are we finally seeing a change of view in a once compliant media???????????

    Scrounging royals should stop feasting on our taxes

    Royal family blasted for living off the sweat of the UK taxpayer as the country's poorest fall further into despair.

    IN a week that a child poverty report revealed the cost of pecuniary to the nation, it’s time to consider clamping down on our worst scroungers. I am talking about the family who get the state to pay for their housing, their transport, their clothes and even food and drink. While the rest of us sweat on the hamster wheel, we have to suffer tax-dodging parasites whose bank accounts are expanding as the rest of the UK tightens its belt. The Coalition are right, that type don’t deserve our hard-earned cash.

    And here we are awaiting the arrival of more of their offspring and another mouth for the state to feed. The royals really are shameless. Kate and Wills will have the world fawning over their new-born. Sycophants are salivating at the thought. To large numbers in this nation, that child is more worthy, more deserving of attention than the thousands living below the breadline. In Scotland alone, 710,000 people are living in poverty and 150,000 of those are children.

    In front of them stretches a future dogged by social and economic ill, sub-standard health and education. For the majority, they are destined to be just another grim statistic. For baby royal, a gilded carriage awaits to take him or her to a life of privilege beyond our dreams and we are paying for the ticket. The cost to taxpayers of refurbishing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new Kensington Palace home has hit £1million so far. We are told that the apartment is not theirs but ours.

    queen devil

    I recently met a homeless mother and child crammed into one room in a hostel, if only they had known they owned a palace. The Queen is to receive an inflation-busting five per cent “pay rise” next year, giving her an annual income of £37.9million. This week, Granpa Charles was dubbed a “tax dodger” after MPs dared to question corporation and capital-gains-tax exemptions to his £847million hereditary Duchy of Cornwall estate.

    The Duchy may make its money from a complex array of businesses, just like a corporation. But as William Nye, the Prince of Wales’s principal private secretary, pointed out, looking and doing business like a corporation doesn’t make you a corporation. He said: “Essentially it’s a set of properties that belong to the Duke of Cornwall. The fact that it’s a large set of properties doesn’t mean it is a corporation.” Even if one of those properties is say, a Waitrose depot.

    Across the UK, child poverty is said to cost £29billion a year in lost taxes and the cost of tackling the problem. Allowing children in 21st- Century Scotland to languish in poverty makes no moral or economic sense. I grudge those children not a penny of my taxes, take it all with my blessing. But how dare the royal greed supersede their need.

    The Windsors are one of the richest families in the world (THE RICHEST!!!!!!), yet their hand is always out for more. In this time of hardship, they should remember that decency and grace is about more than silverware etiquette, it is knowing when to leave the table when you have had your fill.

  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • Britain's royal mafia: cut this anti-democratic dynasty out of politics
    Murdoch's staged royal clones even before the sprog was born. From a DROOLING media to a solitary compliant media article about the shambles that are the royal despots

    As a rule, progressive Britain prefers to ignore the monarchy. First, it's embarrassing: 364 years after we first abolished it and long after most of the rest of the world dispensed with such feudal relics, we're still lumbered with one. Second, there are always more important things to confront – from rampant corporate power and escalating inequality to incessant war and the climate crisis. And last, the media and political class form such a sycophantic ideological phalanx around the institution that dissent is treated as, at best, weird and miserabilist.

    The last few days have been par for the course. As in the case of every other royal event, the birth of a son to the heir but one to the throne has been reported in tones that wouldn't be out of place in a one party state. Newsreaders adopt regulation rictus grins. The BBC's flagship Today programme held a debate to mark the event between two royalists who fell over each other to laud the "stability", continuity" and "mystery" of the House of Windsor. The press is full of talk of "fairytales" and a "joyful nation". But ignoring it leaves a festering anti-democratic dynasticism at the heart of our political system. As things now stand, Britain (along with 15 other former island colonies and white settler states) has now chosen its next three heads of state – or rather, they have been selected by accident of aristocratic birth. The descendants of warlords, robber barons, invaders and German princelings – so long as they aren't Catholics – have automatic pride of place at the pinnacle of Britain's constitution.

    Far from uniting the country, the monarchy's role is seen as illegitimate and offensive by millions of its citizens, and entrenches hereditary privilege at the heart of public life. While British governments preach democracy around the world, they preside over an undemocratic system at home with an unelected head of state and an appointed second chamber at the core of it. Meanwhile celebrity culture and a relentless public relations machine have given a new lease of life to a dysfunctional family institution, as the X Factor meets the pre-modern. But instead of rising above class as a symbol of the nation, as its champions protest, the monarchy embodies social inequality at birth and fosters a phonily apolitical conservatism.

    If the royal family were simply the decorative constitutional adornment its supporters claim, punctuating the lives of grateful subjects with pageantry and street parties, its deferential culture and invented traditions might be less corrosive. But contrary to what is routinely insisted, the monarchy retains significant unaccountable powers and influence. In extreme circumstances, they could still be decisive. Several key crown prerogative powers, exercised by ministers without reference to parliament on behalf of the monarchy, have now been put on a statutory footing. But the monarch retains the right to appoint the prime minister and dissolve parliament. By convention, these powers are only exercised on the advice of government or party leaders. But it's not impossible to imagine, as constitutional experts concede, such conventions being overridden in a social and political crisis – for instance where parties were fracturing and alternative parliamentary majorities could be formed.

    The British establishment are past masters at such constitutional sleights of hand – and the judges, police and armed forces pledge allegiance to the Crown, not parliament. The left-leaning Australian Labor leader Gough Whitlam was infamously sacked by the Queen's representative, the governor-general, in 1975. Less dramatically the Queen in effect chose Harold Macmillan as prime minister over Rab Butler in the late 1950s – and then Alec Douglas-Home over Butler in 1963. More significant in current circumstances is the monarchy's continual covert influence on government, from the Queen's weekly audiences with the prime minister and Prince Charles's avowed "meddling" to lesser known arm's-length interventions.

    This month the high court rejected an attempt by the Guardian to force the publication of Charles's "particularly frank" letters to ministers which they feared would "forfeit his position of political neutrality". The evidence from the controversy around London's Chelsea barracks site development to the tax treatment of the Crown and Duchy of Lancaster estates suggests such interventions are often effective. A striking feature of global politics in recent decades has been the resurgence of the hereditary principle across political systems: from the father and son Bush presidencies in the US and the string of family successions in south Asian parliamentary democracies to the Kim dynasty in North Korea, along with multiple other autocracies. Some of that is driven by the kind of factors that produced hereditary systems in the first place, such as pressure to reduce conflict over political successions. But it's also a reflection of the decline of ideological and class politics.

    Part of Britain's dynastic problem is that the English overthrew their monarchy in the 1640s, before the social foundations were in place for a viable republic – and the later constitutional settlement took the sting out of the issue. But it didn't solve it, and the legacy is today's half-baked democracy. You'd never know it from the way the monarchy is treated in British public life, but polling in recent years shows between 20% and 40% think the country would be better off without it, and most still believe it won't last. That proportion is likely to rise when hapless Charles replaces the present Queen.

    There are of course other much more powerful obstacles to social advance in Britain than the monarchy, but it remains a reactionary and anti-democratic drag. Republics have usually emerged from wars or revolutions. But there's no need for tumbrils, just elections. It's not a very radical demand, but an elected head of state is a necessary step to democratise Britain and weaken the grip of deferential conservatism and anti-politics. People could vote for Prince William or Kate Middleton if they wanted and the royals could carry on holding garden parties and travelling around in crowns and gold coaches. The essential change is to end the constitutional role of an unelected dynasty. It might even be the saving of this week's royal baby.

  • Royal Sprog Certified a ‘True Blue’

    Here is were the BBC lie that the royals want away from the limelight that is in fact manufactured by their lackeys the press barons who control the newspapers, tv and radio that creates the propaganda that keeps these bastards in power and with the sheeple browbeaten by endless bullshit.
    Royal mint getting minted with new sprog tacky trinkets VIDEO
    The UK's brainwashed dimwits really have gone royally nutty over the new sprog VIDEO
    Lunatics running the royal sprog propaganda circus VIDEO
    Royal parasite shows his black nobility roots with Venice mask show
    prince charles in venice mask
    Charlie Boy and his moll in Venice black nobility gear
    Royal parasite avoids scrutiny thanks to judges hand picked by his mother

    Prince Charles's letters to ministers to remain private, court rules

    Judges reject Guardian attempt to force publication of 'black spider memos' that would reveal efforts to influence government

    Three senior judges have ruled that the public has no right to read documents that would reveal how Prince Charles has sought to alter government policies. The high court judges have rejected a legal attempt by the Guardian to force the publication of private letters written by the prince to government ministers. Cabinet ministers have conceded that the prince's private letters – dubbed "black spider memos" because of their scratchy handwriting – contained the prince's "most deeply held personal views and beliefs" that could undermine the perception of his political neutrality.

    In a verdict published on Tuesday, the lord chief justice of England and Wales, Lord Judge, ruled that the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, had acted properly when he employed a rarely used veto to block the publication of the letters. The lord chief justice, however, noted that the existence of the veto was troublesome and appeared to be "a constitutional aberration". The Guardian is intending to appeal. A spokeswoman for the newspaper said: "We are obviously disappointed. We consider the publication of these letters to be squarely in the public interest."

    Tuesday's ruling follows an eight-year battle by the newspaper to shed more light on the way the heir to the throne seeks to influence government ministers even though he holds no elected position. Grieve had argued that disclosure of the 27 "particularly frank" letters between the prince and ministers over a seven-month period would have seriously damaged his future role as king. The attorney general said there was a risk that the prince would not be seen to be politically neutral by the public if the letters were published. "This risk will arise if, through these letters, the Prince of Wales was viewed by others as disagreeing with government policy. Any such perception would be seriously damaging to his role as future monarch because if he forfeits his position of political neutrality as heir to the throne, he cannot easily recover it when he is king," Grieve had said.

    In 2005, the Guardian had submitted a request under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act to see copies of correspondence between the prince and ministers in seven government departments, but the government refused to grant the request. The paper won a landmark victory last September when three judges in a FoI tribunal ordered the government to publish the letters as it was "in the public interest for there to be transparency as to how and when Prince Charles seeks to influence government". However, a month later, Grieve, with the support of the cabinet, issued the veto which overrode the tribunal's decision.

    The Guardian went to the high court to argue that the cabinet had acted unlawfully by deploying the veto to block the disclosure of the letters. It was the first challenge of its kind to try to obtain royal correspondence. On Tuesday, the lord chief justice, accompanied by Lord Justice Davis and Mr Justice Globe, dismissed the challenge, finding that Grieve had acted in the public interest in a "proper and rational way". However, Judge said that the power of ministers under the FoI Act to issue a veto and override a decision reached by judges raised "troublesome concerns", particularly as even a ruling by the supreme court could be overridden.

    "The possibility that a minister of the crown may lawfully override the decision of a superior court of record involves what appears to be a constitutional aberration," he said. "It is an understatement to describe the situation as unusual," he wrote, adding that barristers could find no equivalent in any other British law. "It is not quite a pernicious 'Henry VIII' clause, which enables a minister to override statute, but unconstrained it would have the same damaging effect on the rule of law."

    However, Judge said the possibility that any override could be challenged in a court "provides the necessary safeguard for the constitutionality of the process". Tuesday's ruling follows long-running concerns that the prince has been meddling in official policies for many years.

    Ministers, fearing that there was a possibility the prince's letters could be disclosed under the FoI Act, tightened up the law in 2011 to block any chance of them being published. Ministers argue that the letters must be concealed as it enables the prince to air his views privately with ministers so that he can "be instructed in the business of government".

    royal mafia freemason

    Where there's a spy there's a freemason and the Royal's loyal Lord Lieutenant the Duke of Kent will be behind the selection of the spies in the UK and USA reading all our data. That ensures they THINK they can retain their power and control via a global network of satanists.The BBC forget to mention her priceless jewels , art work and owning one sixth of the world's land mass at the last count, yet Eton groomed tory Cameron and his toadies are throwing money at them like there is no tomorrow, meanwhile the peasants are starving and homeless on the streets.

    Government spending on the monarchy rose by almost £1m to £33.3m in the last financial year, Buckingham Palace accounts have revealed.

    The Queen's official expenditure increased by £900,000 in 2012-13, compared to the previous 12 months. Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse, said the figure was a "real terms reduction". The grant paid to the monarchy is calculated as 15% of money paid by the Crown Estate to the government.

    The estate, which includes property across the UK, increased its profits by 5% to £252.6m in 2012-13. The Queen's official expenditure excludes the costs of police and Army security and armed services ceremonies.

    Palace maintenance(How about hitting her with the BEDROOM TAX????????????)

    Sir Alan said: "The royal household has continued to reduce its expenditure funded by the taxpayer in successive years since 2008-9, achieving a real terms reduction of 24% over the last five years." The 2.6% spending increase in 2012-13 represented a real terms decrease of 0.2%, he added. From the public purse, an undisclosed but large sum is spent on royal security; Prince Philip receives an annual allowance of £359,000; and there's the Sovereign Grant. It was £33.3m in 2012/13, £36.1m in the current year and will rise to 37.9m the next year.

    Such rises at a time of austerity are potentially uncomfortable but at a briefing a royal official said he was happy to live with a "day's discomfort". The reality, he said, was that they needed the money in order to tackle a very significant backlog of property repairs to royal residences which are maintained for the nation.

    These annual briefings - the focus this time was the Diamond Jubilee year - often throw up odd nuggets about the ways royals function. In 2012, we learnt, the cost of laundry increased by £200,000; 20% of the Queen's employees belonged to a union; and Princess Michael of Kent flew on a budget airline. Public money used to fund the Royal Family, known as the Sovereign Grant, is expected to rise to £36.1m in the current financial year and £37.9m in 2014-15.

    Sir Alan said a "significant part" of the increase for the current year will be used to "tackle a backlog in essential property maintenance at the working royal palaces". Asked whether David Cameron supported the increase to the Sovereign Grant, a No 10 spokesman said: "There is a process that is gone through. I don't think the Prime Minister disagrees with that process." Royal staff costs rose from £17.5m to £18.3m in 2012-13, while the cost of maintaining royal buildings increased by £200,000 to £9.1m.

    The most expensive royal trip was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Diamond Jubilee tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific, which cost almost £370,000, including a planning visit in advance by staff. The accounts also revealed £1m had been spent repairing and refurbishing the Kensington Palace apartment where Prince William and his wife will live. The overall cost of official air and rail travel at home and abroad fell by £500,000 to £4.5m.

    'Lavish lifestyle'

    Graham Smith, chief executive of campaign group Republic, said it was "unbelievable" the Queen would "sit silently by as she is handed millions more in public money". He added: "The Crown Estate is not - and never has been - the personal property of the royals. "The Windsors have no more right to its revenue than I do. To claim that it should fund their lavish lifestyle is deceitful and dishonest." The Crown Estate, now worth an estimated £8.1bn, does not include the private property of the Queen.

    The estate owns a vast range of property, from large parts of London's West End to 15 retail parks in cities including Liverpool, Swansea and Nottingham. It also manages the seabed around the UK to a 12-mile limit, and has been involved in the creation of offshore wind farms. The Sovereign Grant is worked out as 15% of the Crown Estate profit from two years previously, so the estate's £240.2m profit in 2011-12 led to the £36.1m grant for the current year.

  • Tory government (Eton groomed) funding new royal parasites home makeover with £1,000,000 of public money (and the rest)
    The rotting of the royal parasitic regime
    buckingham palace rotten



  • The great and the good (or more like the bad and the evil 'freemasons') join the royal parasite to kiss her arse at ANOTHER 60th anniversary of the Coronation

  • Britain's TV and press barons disagree on many subjects but there is one were they are totally united and that is when promoting the royal parasites. Never have the long suffering population been brainwashed and browbeaten so much than by these scum and filth's endless and incessant propaganda that has reached biblical proportions due to the never ending celebrations for one anniversary or another and now with the new royal sprog on the way we will NEVER hear the end of the ranting of the nutbags that dominate the newspapers, tv and radio.

    It is so full on it feels like they are pushing the population into a hyper overdose of royalist bullshit driving many to insanity. Never ending trivia about a family so devoid of any care or humanity yet held aloft by the press trolls as something to admire and show deference to every time they swan down a road going to the next banquet to stuff their faces while the moronic sheeple line the streets waving flags to their enslavers. The world presently is going through a nutty stage when, despite exposures across the internet there are still those so deranged that they feel they have to pay homage to the descendants of the most ruthless scum on earth. Those same morons always willing to show a complete lack of concern for the victims of a tyranny so vast and so ruthless they do not realise they are being lined up to be the next victims of their bastard freemason henchmen and with more fodder to line their golden trough where all their merry lackeys sup out of.
    Heroes who refused to kiss the royal parasitic arse
    knighthood Ten celebrities who turned down a royal parasitic knighthood

    1. David Bowie

    A few rock stars have been knighted, including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John and Sir Mick Jagger – much to the anger of his fellow Rolling Stone, Keith Richards, who felt that Jagger should have declined … like another of Sir Mick’s friends, David Bowie. Bowie turned down a knighthood in 2003. “I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that,” he said. “I seriously don't know what it's for. It's not what I spent my life working for.”

    2. Vanessa Redgrave

    The Oscar-winning actress is often considered one of the “grand Dames” of the British stage. But unlike Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren, Redgrave actually turned down the title in 1999. Known for supporting various left-wing and humanitarian causes, she might have thought (like many others) that a knighthood would make her too much a part of the establishment. Still, she was happy to be awarded the next-highest honor, a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire).

    3. L.S. Lowry

    The artist, famous for paintings of the Lancashire industrial scene, turned down more honors from the Queen than any other individual – a total of five, including an OBE in 1955, a CBE in 1961 and a knighthood in 1968. Always a friend to the working class, he turned down the honors because, according to a friend, he did not want to “change his situation.”

    4. Alfred Deakin

    The Australian statesman turned down a knighthood in 1887, when Australia was still a colony of Great Britain. He went on to become one of Australia’s founding fathers (it became a nation in 1901) and serve as Prime Minister three times. It seems that his refusal of a knighthood was due to a combination of humility (he would turn down several honors) and his preference for Australia becoming a republic, severing the last of its political links to the British Empire. Australia continued to award knighthoods (conferred by the Crown) after winning independence from Britain, even though many saw them as a remnant of the colonial past. Though it has still not become a republic, Australia finally stopped awarding knighthoods in 1983.

    5. Robert Morley

    The actor and playwright, famous for playing a variety of rotund eccentrics, accepted an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1957, but turned down a knighthood in 1975. Other actors to turn down knighthoods included Trevor Howard, Alistair Sim and Paul Schofield.

    6. Aldous Huxley

    The essayist and author (Brave New World) refused a knighthood in 1959, only four years before his death. Random fact: Huxley, C.S. Lewis and John F. Kennedy all died on November 22, 1963.

    7. Doris Lessing

    When she was young, the Nobel Prize-winning author was an ardent communist, rebelling against the monarchy and the British political system. In 1993, at the age of 74, she refused to be made a Dame. “Surely," she said, "there is something unlikable about a person, when old, accepting honors from an institution she attacked when young?” Some years earlier, she had turned down an OBE, as the honor came from a “non-existent empire.” In 2000, however, she accepted a Companion of Honor (CH), claiming to prefer it because “you’re not called anything."

    8. Henry Moore

    The great sculptor, a major figure in the modern art movement, was always keen to remember his roots as the son of a Yorkshire coal miner. Hence, he turned down a knighthood in 1951 because he didn't want to be seen as an establishment figure.

    9. Rabindranath Tagore

    One of India’s great hyphenates – spiritual man, the first non-European to win a Nobel Prize (for literature, in 1913), poet, songwriter, dramatist, novelist, painter, educator – Tagore was offered a knighthood by King George V in 1915… and accepted it. However, he renounced his knighthood in 1919, following the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, in which hundreds of Indians, suspected of plotting an insurrection, were gunned down by British troops.

    10. Michael Faraday

    Just to prove that turning down knighthoods isn’t just for modern-day rebels, Faraday (1791-1867), the great chemist and physicist who discovered the electromagnetic field, also turned down a knighthood. Over a century later, another famed scientist, Stephen Hawking, also reportedly said no to the Queen.

    Bonus: John Lennon

    While turning down returning an MBE, Lennon spelled out his reasons in a letter to the Queen:

    "Your Majesty, I am returning this in protest against Britain's involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against Cold Turkey slipping down the charts. With Love, John Lennon of Bag."

  • 116 people turned down honour from the royal parasite in past three years
  • No thanks! Stars who refused to kiss the royal arse
  • We don't want your tacky royalist trinkets
    london royal overdose


    Greatness can be described in ONE word HUMBLENESS. No matter what talents people may think they have unless they are used in the best possible way they are worthless. There are many GREAT people who you will never hear about who have no ego driving them to get to a world stage They may even have an inherent modesty that stops them from standing on a platform for the world to share their abilities.

    As the world is run by psychopaths those great talents have been buried and hidden from us all to get pleasure from a unique individual who may even be so impoverished they will never rise above the scum and filth that pollute our planet. However the internet has opened up doors to talented individuals who have been deliberately sidelined and oppressed while the ruling mafia gave promotion to their lackeys who they were assured of their loyalty before letting them loose on a world stage. One reason why we get the dregs who have sold their soul to the devil getting maximum publicity and with ego's that drive them to go to any lengths to get fame while conspiring with the vermin who have until now controlled all the major outlets that is before the internet changed ALL the goalposts.

    We are still a very long way from REAL talent being given proper platforms as the sheeple still buy into the zionist / freemason platforms and their dodgy advertising that assumes ONLY their artists can flourish due to propaganda that stifles every other way of getting talent out to a wider audience. To show how talentless bastards rise up in this tide of filth you only need to look at the royal parasites themselves who get endless media attention thanks to freemason media control yet they have NO talent other than being the descendants of the biggest despots who plundered the globe under the British Empire using the most wicked form of brute force to conquer lands that were once free of tyranny. The world's financial, banking and legal systems have been founded on their sinister brutal control system that isn't so obvious today as many of their victims had been silenced by their controlled media until the internet started waking the sheeple from their vile propaganda.

    The royal parasites and their millions of masonic henchmen are far from GREAT they are the utter scum and dregs of the earth who for far to long have stifled real talent that is now beginning to drown out their lying devious press barons who have aided and abetted the stinking system that uses the facade of GREATNESS to mask the real truth about how these evil bastards operate. Given time those who should be classed as great for their positive traits will eventually usurp those that claim GREATNESS while using evil to further their talentless cause, that global mafia will in time get their day.

  • The royal parasites psychopathic obsession with POWER dressing
    queen and duke of kent


    How could a seemingly wholesome angelic religious family be the kingpin or more like queenpin behind some of the most evil traits on the planet? Or that is what HER compliant media keep telling us in endless propaganda and despite mounting evidence of them deeply embroiled in the paedo empire that started to unravel with TOP BBC presenter and predatory paedo Jimmy Savile.

    He alone proves the complicity of the British royal parasites in allowing Savile to abuse with impunity for decades. So how can they be at the forefront of protecting a network of evil perverts despite their star status? In the first instance the royal parasite is personally responsible for hand picking the chief constables and judges running the legal system who systematically failed time and again to do anything to nail Savile. Her loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent as head of the worldwide freemason mafia answers directly to the royal parasite and ensures only loyal( using blackmail) subjects get the key positions of power.

    A whole tier of individuals, including those given OBE's and knighthoods that included Savile, are then given extra special treatment and protection in that whatever they involve themselves in the good old masonic cops will take whatever measures to cover up for them even if they have to use dodgy DNA evidence to divert their criminality onto an unsuspecting member of the public to be used as another patsy to take the rap for their crimes. Any man who has seen the royals cop mafia in action during divorce will know the lengths they will go to relieve non-mason men of their assets and estates BUT especially their children who become part of the paedo empire Savile was involved in and proven when he got access to seized children in homes right across the UK and where many judges are patrons who ensure easy access for their lackeys .

    The Dunblane massacre was a cover for speculative society members , the legal arm of the freemasons, who had been removing children from Queen Victoria boarding school (its current patron is the Duke of Edinburgh) to abuse over weekends and was about to be exposed just before freemason Thomas Hamilton's mass murder, that as well as being a massive smokescreen to hide the abuse, led to the disarming of a whole population and to a tyranny unseen in any other country across the globe thanks to the inability of the peasants to protect themselves against this evil network of power.

    Despite the growing mountain of evidence linking the ruling elite with abhorrent crimes their media still spout out the propaganda that sees the sheeple blindly continuing to show deference and like Michael Jackson fans and despite exposures of his crimes against children over decades, his loyal sheeple still blindly follow and support him while ignoring his crimes. You can never underestimate the gross stupidity of sheeple when herded by a global propaganda machine.

  • Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail - Insider
  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England - Prince William's uncle
  • Prince William, the Royal family and Freemasonry
  • More on Dunblane
  • More on speculative society
  • Royal parasite's arse constantly protected by the skivvies running after him with his favourite cushion

  • More here
    As if the world's media do not create enough bullshit for the world's sheeple to consume, when it comes to the British royal parasites they totally unite to create a facade of moral self righteousness when promoting these evil bastards as some sort of force for good.

    As victims of their freemason henchmen who have been deployed in every area of British life under the control of the Queens loyal lord lieutenant the duke of kunt these vermin are the inbreed scum and filth who are responsible for the enormous pain and suffering of millions of men and their children cheated out of their livelihoods by their evil bastard henchmen and why they are the richest and most powerful despots on the planet. They have in residence judges, cops, lawyers and bailiffs who do their bidding and who descend en masse on families whose lives are ripped apart and destroyed of every last bastion of decency while their masonic press barons globally hold them up as some sort of godly creatures when they are the lowest form of life with their lackeys getting away with total murder and that doesn't include the wars they manufacture and used as an excuse to kill millions of their victims.

    When you have a centuries old scheme that encompasses the globe to protect ONLY them and their henchmen you have global tyranny and which their compliant media ensures is protected at every level, instead creating a facade of pomp and ceremony that hides the evil wickedness that their forefathers are implicated in that plundered the world under the British Empire and where their masonic thugs raped and pillaged with total impunity. That same enormous scheme goes on to this day in every court across the UK and globally where English law is imposed on the unsuspecting public. How can you believe anything their media tells you if they can provide the lies and deceit that elevates them to some sort of superstars on the back of their crimes against humanity?

  • Harmsworths Daily 'hate the peasants' promoting nazi loving Harry in Washington
  • Royal parasite's speech on 'fairness' while she rakes it in VIDEO
    queens psychopaths

    queens eton tory lackeys

    The United Kingdom is unique in having a breed of morons who just don't seem to realise that despite voting endlessly in a two party election system that the scum and filth that are put up for them to elect will NEVER provide solutions to improve the lives of all of the general public . Since Thatcher came to power there has been a long line of psychopaths continually voted into power by the most undemocratic election system that is totally controlled by the ruling royal parasites and their freemason lackeys and still there is no realization of the massive scam those same sheeple are acquiescing to and the dubious quality of the psychopaths given those platforms come election time. Cameron and his henchmen are all Eton clones groomed to serve the Windsor mafia next door .

    Is it any wonder Britain is in a mess thanks to the monsters who have been given free rein to carry out the mass plundering of the public to prop up the richest dynasty on the planet, meanwhile her press mafia are telling the long suffering public there is NO money despite London and the South of England gorging on the Royals overflowing trough of wealth that shows no sign of abating. We have a country were the biggest group of psychopaths reign supreme for and on behalf of Old Lizzie in courts the length and breadth of the UK and despite bankers continually being blamed for the present state of affairs it is only thanks to the laws drawn up by the law society, lawyers and the judges they serve that gives this self appointed elite power over us .

    Centralized governments ensure the ruling elite can thwart any resistance to their power and control and why they have spent so long developing a system that serves only them and their lackeys while everyone else remains enslaved, with many of the enslaved only to happy to show deference to their enslavers who are carried along by the mass media propaganda that elevates them to godlike status. Only a massive wake up call can rid this country of the perverted psychopaths that have caused so much mayhem and destruction that continues to impoverish vast swathes of the country while the rich get fatter and while resources are squandered on the military industrial complex and massive projects that are all being provided for the very South of Britain while the peasants elsewhere struggle under a massive cloak of imposed austerity.

  • Royal parasite Charlie boy makes millions from the dead who have no family
    prince charles Prince Charles has used money from people who die without wills or family in Cornwall to fund his own charities and to support bursaries at his old private school in Scotland.

    As Duke of Cornwall, a title that already provides him with an £18m private annual income, a quirk of history means Charles becomes the owner of the assets of anyone living in the county who dies "intestate". Last year that provided him with more than £450,000 and he is sitting on £3.3m in cash from many years of collecting Cornish legacies, latest accounts show. In 2012, the benevolent fund he set up to use the money made one of its largest grants of £5,000 to the elite public school of Gordonstoun in Scotland where a place now costs £30,000 a year.

    The biggest grant was £19,300 to Charles's charity Business in the Community, whose supporters include some of the biggest companies in Britain. Another £1,000 went to his London-based Prince's Foundation for Building Communities, which champions the prince's controversial ideas about architecture and planning. The donations have drawn particular criticism in Cornwall, where there were calls for the inheritances to be channelled into the public purse as they are in the rest of England. Burt Biscoe, a councillor in Truro, said Charles was "abusing the loyalty" of Cornish people and the "privilege" of receiving the intestate assets. "If he is using this money to fund his own charities and his old school in Scotland then a further covert injustice is being prosecuted against Cornwall," he said. "Think what he could achieve if he gave that £450,000 to Cornwall every year … The area of giving should coincide with the area of taking."

    John Angarrack, a Cornish nationalist who scrutinises the Duchy of Cornwall's activities, said: "We are one of the most impoverished regions in the UK and the money would be much better used here, where all sorts of youth projects are in need, than at Gordonstoun." Rob Simmons, a member of the Cornwall search and rescue team who is standing for Mebyon Kernow, the Party for Cornwall, in Thursday's council elections, called on Charles to instead help the food banks in Camborne and Truro, which he said were regularly running out of supplies.

    A spokeswoman for the Duchy of Cornwall said Charles's charities carried out work in the south-west and the money for Gordonstoun was intended to fund bursaries for Cornish children. The fund's annual report states it is being treated as "a quasi-endowment" with income being distributed and the capital sum maintained in real terms. It said that grant giving was "constrained by the availability of sufficient suitable grant applications". Charles has also been criticised for only distributing £100,000 – less than a quarter of the assets received from the deceased last year.

    "Many people will be shocked to learn that Charles receives money from the dead, but we were always told that it went to charity," said Graham Smith, director of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state. "Now we see that only a tiny proportion actually goes to good causes. Charles is sitting on those funds when they could be supporting the vital work of charities, many of whom are really struggling at the moment. The trust has only negligible costs and doesn't deliver any services so there's no reason why that money can't be used by voluntary and community organisations right now." The Charity Commission's guidance on reserves states it will stage "regulatory intervention" if a charity's reserves are excessive. "While the funds remain in the trustees' hands, the charity's current users or beneficiaries – actual or potential – are not being as well served as they could be," it warns. The benevolent fund made 151 grants last year. Others went to the Soil Association, the organic farming movement which Charles supports, the Dorchester arts festival near his Poundbury housing development in Dorset, the Friends of the Countryside, and several Cornish churches.

    grosvenor house

  • UK Grosvenor House directly across from Kensington palace (future royals residence) and the Israeli embassy kisses the royal arse (and where all the royal arse kissers stay while in London along with the main London music and fashion awards)
  • Eton: Where the Queens henchmen groom public school twats to TAKE all the TOP jobs
    eton toffs Eton toffs the laughing stock of the world yet the royal parasite ensures they get all the top jobs and operate SOLELY for her best interests and hand picked to do her vile dirty work and why she is the richest despot on the planet. Tory scum and filth Cameron, Osborne and Boris Johnson are only some of her evil political lackeys.

    An adviser to the PM has defended an interview in which he said Eton's "ethos" of public service was why so many former pupils were in top positions in government.

    Tory MP and Old Etonian Jesse Norman told the Times: "Other schools don't have the same commitment". Mr Norman clarified his comments on Twitter later, saying he was not attacking other schools. He was appointed to David Cameron's parliamentary board this week.

    "Other schools don't have the same commitment to public service. They do other things. 'Defending not attacking'" "It's one of the few schools where the pupils really do run vast chunks of the school themselves. So they don't defer in quite the same way, they do think there's the possibility of making change through their own actions.

    "Of course, they are highly privileged - it would be absurd to deny that - but the whole point of what Michael Gove [education secretary] is trying to do is to recover that independent school ethos within the state system, so that people from whatever walk of life can feel that they can take a proper part to the maximum."

    The prime minister - who is Britain's 19th prime minister to have been educated at the Berkshire school - has faced criticism over the number of fellow Etonians in top government positions. They include chief of staff Ed Llewellyn, Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, chief whip Sir George Young and new policy unit head Jo Johnson - who is brother of London Mayor Boris Johnson, another former pupil. Mr Norman said the school's "old-fashioned" principles had helped its students succeed.

    "Things like rhetoric and poetry and public speaking and performance are incredibly important to young people succeeding in life." Later on Twitter, Mr Norman said his comments were "defending one institution, not attacking others".

    He also suggested he had been referring to public rather than state schools, and had meant that other public schools "don't always have the same commitment to public service".

    In his interview with the Times, he went on:

    "I didn't know any of the people at the top of government when I was at school. I did know Boris. He was a couple of years below me. But then everyone knew Boris. He was a rather distinctive figure. Jo is much younger. I knew Cameron's brother slightly, but he wasn't in my year."

    Mr Norman said it was "tragic" class still appeared to be important in Britain.

    "I wish we could find some way of creating a society which was freer in its own mind about that. The problem is when you have a preoccupation with class, you get people believing that they can't succeed. I've no doubt that the big universities are dying for more people to apply from less privileged backgrounds, but they aren't getting them. That's one of the problems."

    two top terrorists The worlds leading terrorists the royal parasite and the Duke of Kunt heading a worldwide secret army of freemasons

    The world is being run by thugs, bully boys and psychopaths hand picked by the ruling mafia to do their bidding.The world's top terrorists, who hide behind a facade of respectability, robes and regalia are the British royal parasite and her loyal Lord Lieutenant the Duke of Kunt .

    Every other supposed terrorist pales next to the damage inflicted on men across the globe by a vast army of freemason henchmen secretly conspiring to fleece decent men of their livelihoods and estates. There is more damage being done in crown controlled courts globally than all the raping and pillaging that transpires during wars inflicted on nations that the axis of evil instigate.

    Israel, America and Britain are behind more warmongering than all other countries put together. The Israeli zionist supremacists totally control the political systems of the USA and the UK through freemasonry and with their head honcho and royal overseer in the UK providing the orders to set about the ongoing smear campaigns against any country, leader or ordinary Joe they are about to relieve of all their worldly possessions. Whether it's Saddam Hussein or some wee guy from the sticks, who may have worked hard all of his life to provide for his family and has a little property these evil bastards see ALL assets, big and small, as adding to the worldwide masonic trough where all of them lavishly eat from thanks to a conspiracy so vast few can truly comprehend the inner workings of how they do it in plain sight and get away with it.

    They have a media circus globally that when required unite to create a wall of propaganda that few individuals are prepared to see past but instead, bamboozled by a frenzy of bullshit, join the herd that provides the acquiescence to let these monsters get away with mass murder and psychological torture inflicted on their victims, either individually or en masse, by a myriad of agencies totally controlled by masonic henchmen.

    All of the rest is a massive smokescreen deliberately set in motion to distract and point fingers, NOT at the real terror threat, but at those they seek to destroy. How much more time and effort is it going to take to waken the dupes and sheeple from the masonic slumber created by some of the sickest forms of human life and with vile traits that have been the cause of the massive inequality and poverty that encompasses the globe thanks to their evil agenda?


  • Scouts and how to brainwash our kids into a royalist mindset when young (Bear Grylls another TV royal arse kisser)(VIDEO)
  • Royal parasites show off their complete lack of talent while using naive kids as a propaganda platform(VIDEO)
  • How the Royal parasite keeps herself off the top of the RICH list
    queen caricature When the rich list started in 1989 the Queen was placed at the top when her wealth of £5.2bn included the Crown Estates and the royal art collection but since 1993 the Queen has been valued only on personal worth for the purposes of the list

    Russian tycoon Usmanov tops Sunday Times Rich List

    Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov has topped the Sunday Times ranking of the wealthiest people in Britain and Ireland with a fortune of £13.3bn. The Surrey-based tycoon, 59, who has a 30% stake in Arsenal football club, owns iron ore producer Metalloinvest.

    Warner Music's Len Blavatnik comes next in the 25th annual list with £11bn but steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal's £10bn sees him drop from first to fourth. The 1,000 richest people in Britain and Ireland share a wealth of £450bn.

    The highest British-born person in the list is the Duke of Westminster in eighth place with £7.8bn from property. He is the only person to make the top 10 of the list in each of its 25 years. Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand, is in 19th place with £3.5bn and Chelsea FC's Russian owner Roman Abramovich, who made his fortune in the oil industry, is down two places to fifth with £9.3bn. In third place are Sri and Gopi Hinduja, of the London-based global conglomerate Hinduja Group, with £10.6bn.

    Rich List top 10

    1. (2) Alisher Usmanov (mining and investment) £13.3bn
    2. (5) Len Blavatnik (investment, music and media) £11bn
    3. (4) Sri and Gopi Hinduja (industry and finance) £10.6bn
    4. (1) Lakshmi Mittal and family (steel) £10bn
    5. (3) Roman Abramovich (oil and industry) £9.3bn
    6. (9) John Fredriksen and family (shipping and oil services) £8.8bn
    7. (8) David and Simon Reuben (property and internet) £8.2bn
    8. (7) The Duke of Westminster (property) £7.8bn
    9. (6) Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli (pharmaceuticals) £7.4bn
    10. (11) Charlene and Michel de Carvalho (inheritance, brewing and banking) £7bn

    Source: Sunday Times Rich List (last year's positions in brackets)

    Former Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli shares her £7.4bn pharmaceuticals fortune with husband Ernesto, the same amount as last year, but they have slipped three places down the list. There are a record 88 billionaires in the list - compared to 77 last year and just nine when the rich list started in 1989, and the Queen was placed top. Her then wealth of £5.2bn included the Crown Estates and the royal art collection but since 1993 the Queen has been valued only on personal worth for the purposes of the list.

    The combined wealth of the top 200 people in list is £318.2bn which is more than eight times the figure 25 years ago. Mr Usmanov started his business empire with the manufacture of plastic bags. His interests now include Russia's biggest iron ore producer Metalloinvest, a stake in internet business mail.ru and a holding in mobile phone operator MegaFon which became listed on both the London and Moscow stock exchanges last year.

    Mr Usmanov owns Sutton Place in Surrey, the former home of the late oil baron J Paul Getty, as well as a £48m mansion in north London. Mr Blavatnik saw the biggest rise in wealth among those listed with an increase of £3.4bn over the past year. The Russia-born media mogul, who now holds US citizenship, sold his stake in Russian oil and gas giant TNK-BP for £2bn last month.

    Mr Mittal, who topped the list for the past eight years, was the biggest faller in wealth terms after his 40% stake with his wife in steelmaker ArcelorMittal plunged from a peak of £28bn to just under £6bn. Earlier this month former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney was revealed to have topped the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians with the £680m fortune he shares with his wife Nancy Shevell.

    Sir Paul, whose American heiress wife is said to be worth £150m, has topped each music list since 1989 when he was worth an estimated £80m. Andrew Lloyd Webber was second with £620m and Irish rock band U2 were third with £520m.


    On 2 April 1989, when the first Rich List was published, the Sunday Times was covered with Margaret Thatcher. The front page stories were about the prime minister visiting Namibia and there was an article by Jeff Randall saying she had called a crisis meeting to discuss the controversy about the takeover of Harrods.

    The top story, announcing the Rich List, declared that "Britain is still dominated by 'old' money despite nearly 10 years of Thatcherism". Twenty-five years on, the list that was dominated by inherited wealth and aristocracy is now full of cash earned from commodities overseas, such as steel and oil. Russian-born businessmen make up three of the top five places. New money has replaced old, but not much of it has been earned in Britain.