How The Royal Family are Destroying Britain
How the hell anyone can be proud of the Queen's squalid, mean-spirited and patronage-ridden feudal-backwater we call the UK is beyond my imagination...

I don’t understand the Brits. I never have. Although I’m from Scotland and, technically, I suppose, that makes me a Brit (at least until 2014) I just don’t get the national psyche. They’ll rage furiously at the thought of a hard-working Polish plumber grafting his arse off because he’s “stealing our jobs” yet fawn, grovel, bow and scrape at a collection of German-Greek immigrant benefit-scroungers bleeding the country dry. As long, of course, as they’re wearing crowns while they do so.

Despite all of Cromwell’s efforts, the British remain a people in love with the Monarchy and their fascination with the interminable minutiae of the Royals’ pampered lives remains a source of endless fascination. They’ll tell you better Mrs Windsor than Mr Blair as head of state, any day of the week. Quite how and why Tony Blair would be the mandatory head of state if we didn’t have a monarchy is something only they know. Why they feel we need a head of state at all, in fact, is a topic you’ll debate at the risk of your sanity.

They seem to think, also, that the Windsors are to be thanked for generating every single pound of tourist revenue and that that justifies their existence. In fact, to the British, it seems as if the Windsors are the constitutional equivalent of the bloody Beatles; every single thing of any merit is to be laid at their door, irrespective of any evidence to the contrary. It’s a nonsense argument, of course. Like all the arguments from toadying monarchists are nonsense. It presupposes that somehow, someway, were we to rid ourselves of this decaying, corrupt, anti-democratic, feudal hangover, people would suddenly cease to visit our septic isle. People come to see the sights, the palaces, the artefacts, and the visible reminders of centuries of history. It’s not as if the Queen, or one of her dysfunctional offspring, pop out onto the lawn at Buck House to pose for photos with Japanese tourists, is it?

But let’s talk about the money for a moment. Those crazy Brits have spent the last 18 months or so bitterly complaining that because those of them in the private sector have had their pensions looted so public sector workers should shut up moaning and take it too. Frankly, this absolutely mystifies me; this spiteful, resentful ignorance that drives so much British political opinion. Yet it’s woefully inconsistent, isn’t it? Perish the thought nurses, doctors, cleaners, firemen and teachers should manage to hang on to their derisory pensions, which average out at a miserable £5K a year, by the way, but they’ll smile vapidly and cheer moronically while waving a plastic union flag at just one family raking in somewhere in the region of £340 million a year of public money. That doesn’t even include the indirect payments for security, travel, maintenance and those sumptuous dinner parties where the Queen entertains despots, torturers, dictators and murdering tyrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The nauseating Jubilee jamboree added a few extra zeros to the nation’s outgoings column as well. Oh, and the wedding the year before and soon another Royal mouth to feed (despite the Tories saying benefit claimants should have no further children). As if all that weren’t enough to challenge even the most resilient sycophantic ignorance, the Queen, with breathtaking gall, had the effrontery to ask for a further contribution from the government’s cold weather pot, set up to help poverty-stricken pensioners with rising fuel costs, to help heat her bloody palaces! God forbid this fantastically wealthy scrounger should actually pay for these things herself. Her personal fortune, including stocks, shares, property, art and so on is estimated at somewhere in the region of £3 billion.

All this at a time when public services, public sector jobs, wages, terms and conditions are being slashed in the most savage round of austerity measures yet seen in modern times. We can’t afford them, you see. We all need to do our bit and make sacrifices because “we’re all in it together”, remember. We throw billions of tax pounds at crooked and incompetent bankers, while allowing them to continue enjoying six and seven-figure salaries, bonuses and stock options and then we have these publicly-funded bean-fests of gluttonous and hideously expensive proportions as well. But we can’t afford to let nurses draw the pension they were promised, as part of their legally agreed terms and conditions of employment. Go figure, as the Crown’s former colonial subjects might say.

Meanwhile, just a few miles across the English Channel the French shake their heads in disbelief. The average Brit sneers at the French while they riot, strike and rebel at every injustice and outrage. The average Brit, on the other hand, prefers instead to whine, bitch and sulk that someone may be slightly less badly-off than he is and when someone finally does take action, he condemns those people for doing that which he lacks the guts and integrity to do himself. He prefers, instead, to fawn, grovel and scrape at the feet of a corrupt, anti-democratic collective of glorified social security spongers, parasites that the French had the guts to excise centuries ago.

How the hell anyone can wave a Union flag and be proud of this squalid, mean-spirited and patronage-ridden feudal-backwater we call the UK is beyond even my impressive powers of creativity. But it’s not even the money, the inequality, the nauseating display of riches, power and privilege we continue to fund simply due to accidents of birth. It’s the affront to democracy that represents the biggest sin. The Queen and her fellow ermine-clad panhandlers aren’t just some quaint, loveable, eccentric legacy from medieval times. They aren’t powerless and they aren’t harmless. As fellow Saboteur, Nick Margerrison, has noted, they represent and also wield considerable powers, which can be utilised in times of national crisis (for crisis read rebellion, protest, civil disturbance and an uppity peasantry). Via the Royal Prerogative a panoply of special powers exist which can be wheeled out to suspend parliament, implement martial law and snuff out any forces deemed to threaten the existing order. Please don’t delude yourself these powers are merely symbolic; just ask Gough Whitlam…

Oh, and get this; the Monarch is exempt from prosecution for any offence at all. Ever. Outrageous, disgraceful and absolutely impossible to justify. A constitutional, hereditary monarchy, along with an unelected upper chamber which can overrule decisions made by those whom the public has elected, has no place in any country claiming to be a democracy. No place at all; into the dustbin of history with these reactionary worthies and their entire apparatus of class-privilege, patronage and inequality.

As April looms and the Coalition’s vicious ‘Bedroom Tax’ starts to bite, merely the latest salvo in their ongoing class offensive against the nation’s poorest, will we see the Windsors forced to cough up the extra cash for their unused rooms in their opulent palaces and houses? I’m afraid there’s more chance of waking up tomorrow and discovering unicorns urinating rainbows on your front lawn. Apart from anything else, what the hell is wrong with a people who individually and collectively have such little self-respect they’ll happily debase themselves before a collection of maladjusted misfits who only occupy the position they do thanks to centuries of incest, tyranny, murder, thievery and bloodshed?

And so you can do one of two things; you can continue to be a party to the triumphalist orgy of sickening, sycophantic fawning that celebrates the anti-democratic concept of inherited, unelected, wealth, privilege and power, paid for by us. Or you could fight for a future where no one dies alone, cold, starving and homeless on our streets, while a single family of leeches is subsidized to the tune of hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of pounds every year. A world where the poor are not booted from their homes for the crime of having a spare room and the real benefit scroungers are targeted with the same gleeful spite and callousness as that experienced by the most desperate among us.

Here’s to a better, more humane, more egalitarian, world. A brighter, monarchy-free, future.

Vive la republique.

  • Royal parasites behind tax dodging in their crown colonies
    One of the royals best kept secrets Cayman Island tax dodging?

    There was a recent exposure about Prince Charles ripping off the residents of Cornwall here through the vile duchy system were even on death a person's lifes work will go to him and shows a sinister feudal power still operating to this day that seldom gets reported. The gutter press are far to busy promoting these parasites as some sort of saints when that is the very opposite of how they and their 5million + strong freemason lackeys operate under the control of their loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kunt.

    But there is a far more sinister aspect to this that really has not been properly analyzed and it came to a head over the recent death of a lawyer in Pakistan Paul McBride. Now McBride was part of the legal mafia who control the trillion dollar purse strings at the Scottish Legal Aid Board he was a homosexual and worked alongside Douglas Haggarty who was caught with a rent boy in a Glasgow shopping mall. Now both of these homosexuals were responsible for signing huge pay cheques for the lawyers who have a history of attacking heterosexual men during divorce accusing them of all sorts of abuse and then to ultimately steal their assets and homes leaving them homeless and penniless .

    The Scottish Legal Aid Board have a loooong history of this sort of behaviour which is financially lucrative to the legal mafia and their godfathers operating under the guise of the Law Society of Scotland who feed off of the men destroyed by this system. Now when McBride died it was reported he had only £200 in the bank. Although he had a large house, as most of the legal mafia seem to have, most of it was on a mortgage so the question has to be asked how is one of Scotland's most successful lawyers SKINT? Like many of his fellow legal pals he would have been well aware of the offshore tax havens, most of them across the globe controlled by the British Crown one in particular the Cayman Islands is a freemason haunt and where vast sums have been stashed to avoid tax.

    Now just as in the case with the Duchy of Cornwall were deaths of residents see their estate being handed to Prince Charles on a plate there is a strong possibility that the royal mafia have over centuries encouraged their masonic lackeys and others to use offshore crown territories to hide their vast cash stashes. Would it be nigh impossible to imagine that the ultimate goal of this dodgy practice was to allow the royals to then syphon up all that money when the tax dodging perpetrators die and like Paul McBride their families find little in the bank despite them being successful businessmen? Well we say successful in that they just might have a massive help stepping up the ladder of success through the contract system dominated by freemasons that makes the job of success so much easier when dodgy contracts are involved.

    We have no definite proof this is what is going on but the royals and their Eton groomed tory lackeys do not seem to be in any hurry to push Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs into closing down a system were vast amounts of money are leaving Britain and being hidden in vaults that are ultimately controlled by the Crown and out of the arena were any kind of investigation could take place into where it all ultimately ends up . There is always METHOD in their MADNESS.

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    Bogus austerity manufactured by her masonic banking lackeys
    queen bogus austerity
    Royal parasite has one more egotistical painting unveiled by the latest parasite's

    SICK BUCKET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hypocritical royal parasite says forces destroying wildlife are 'sophisticated and powerful'(So why is he and his family shooting wildlife at Balmoral and beyond?)
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    SAS gave snipers ex-wife envelope stuffed with £500 to keep quiet that they killed Diana
    The former wife of an SAS sniper has sensationally claimed that she was paid cash to buy her silence about his astonishing accusation that Princess Diana was murdered by the elite regiment.

    The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons but who we will call Sarah, says she was given a brown envelope stuffed with bank notes by an SAS officer who told her to ‘keep quiet about Diana’. The sniper’s claim that the SAS was ‘behind’ Princess Diana’s death emerged last year at the court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a handgun and ammunition.

    Yesterday, speaking for the first time about her ‘nightmare’ marriage to the sniper known as Soldier N – who made the claim – 40-year-old Sarah revealed that:

  • Scotland Yard detectives who probed the alleged SAS link to Princess Diana’s death are themselves now under scrutiny by the Metropolitan Police’s Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit over claims that they intercepted an email sent by the wife of Soldier N.
  • An SAS officer warned her that she would ‘end up dead like the Woolwich soldier’ Lee Rigby if she gave evidence that undermined her former husband’s witness testimony at Nightingale’s court martial.
  • She told SAS top brass in 2010 that her husband was unstable and should not deploy to Afghanistan the following year. Soldier N was later found guilty of illegally possessing a high-powered pistol, a silencer, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a hand grenade.

  • Sarah, who is in hiding as she now fears for her own safety, said: ‘The threatening and sinister way that the SAS dealt with me made what my husband had said about the regiment’s role in Diana’s death all the more believable. ‘I had never been handed £500 before and told to keep quiet about the payment and what it was for.

    ‘They wanted me to keep quiet about Diana and SAS operations. But I couldn’t stay silent about something so serious. The payment was deeply suspicious and made me very uncomfortable.’ Soldier N’s claim that the SAS killed Princess Diana was made in a letter written by the woman’s mother to the regiment’s Commanding Officer (CO) in September 2011. Sarah says that weeks later she was visited at her marital home by an SAS officer.

    Soon after that, she had another meeting with a representative from a Services’ charity and two SAS officers who told her they were visiting her on behalf of the Commanding Officer. At this meeting Sarah says the SAS officers repeatedly denied another claim made by Soldier N – also detailed in the letter sent to the SAS Commanding Officer – that troops from the elite regiment would encourage each other with rewards to harass or harm individuals who were causing them difficulties. The soldiers would apparently write the person’s name, address and details on a slip of paper and place this in a box along with a cash payment.

    Another meeting between the SAS officer and Sarah took place in early 2012 when, she says, the officer handed over a brown envelope containing £500 and insisted that she should never discuss the payment with anyone, or discuss the Diana claim with anyone. Sarah said last night: ‘The strange thing was that at no time during this meeting did the officers mention what my ex-husband had said about the SAS being involved in Princess Diana’s death.’ Indeed, the contents of the letter only became public knowledge last year following Sgt Nightingale’s second court martial for possessing the gun and ammunition, when Soldier N appeared as a prosecution witness for the Army against Sgt Nightingale.

    Sarah said: ‘The fact that they stayed silent about Diana compounded my belief that my ex-husband had told me the truth in 2008 when he talked about an SAS soldier directing a beam of light into the eyes of Princess Diana’s chauffeur as their Mercedes entered the Pont d’Alma road tunnel. My husband had added that after the SAS had caused the car to crash, a soldier had run back to the wreckage and looked inside to see how badly Princess Diana was hurt. ‘Apparently he then gave a signal to a colleague that their mission had been successful. So now I’m convinced that this operation is the SAS’s big secret.’

    Yet another meeting with the SAS took place in June last year, and it left Sarah terrified. She says that at that meeting the SAS officer suggested that she could ‘end up dead like the Woolwich soldier’ Lee Rigby if she spoke out against the regiment. At the time she was separated from Soldier N and was struggling to pay her household bills.

    The officer collected the payment notices and promised her that he would take care of them for her. But just as he was leaving Sarah’s house the conversation apparently took a dark turn and she was asked whether she was going to give evidence against the Army in its case against Sgt Nightingale, due to take place the following month. Sarah recalled: ‘The officer said that if I spoke out in support of Danny, and against my former husband who was the Army’s main prosecution witness, I might have cause to worry about my safety and my children’s safety.

    ‘I was already shocked but he then said that if I went public with anything I knew I could “end up dead like the Woolwich soldier”. ‘He was staring at me the whole time he was saying this and he was very intimidating. ‘I was really trembling as he left my house. Thankfully I had arranged for Theresa Lumby from the charity Women’s Aid to be present.

    She heard what the officer was saying to me and gave a statement to Danny Nightingale’s solicitor, Simon McKay.’ Ms Lumby declined to comment on the incident last night, but Mr McKay said: ‘Theresa Lumby overheard a conversation between the officer from the SAS and the former wife of Soldier N which touched on the fate of the Woolwich soldier Lee Rigby. ‘The impression of Theresa and the former wife was that this comment and others made by the officer about potential threats were intended to dissuade her from giving evidence on behalf of Sergeant Nightingale at his second court martial.

    ‘The incident was reported to the Service Prosecuting Authority as the defence was concerned it may amount to an attempt to intimidate a witness.’ Mr McKay added: ‘This is a matter of deep concern. The Metropolitan Police’s standards unit has now launched an investigation.’ Even though two inquiries – by Scotland Yard and the French police – had found Princess Diana’s death was an accident, the claim included in Sarah’s mother’s letter led to the Metropolitan Police to reopen Operation Paget, the official UK investigation into the fatal accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. This led to yet another bizarre twist in the tale.

    As part of the new inquiry, on August 28 last year Sarah and her mother attended a police station in West Wales where they were interviewed by two senior detectives. At this meeting the officers handed her a copy of an email she had sent to her lawyer detailing her husband’s ‘erratic’ behaviour during their marriage. The 17-page document also briefly mentioned Soldier N’s claim that the SAS had assassinated Princess Diana.

    Sarah said last night: ‘When I saw the statement I was shocked because I knew that I had not sent the email to anyone other than my divorce lawyer. 'Later I confirmed with her that she had not sent the email to any third party. So I am sure that the police intercepted this email.’ Scotland Yard’s Serious Misconduct Investigation Unit is now investigating how their officers came to have a copy of the email.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘We are aware of the complaint which is the subject of an ongoing investigation.’ And an Ministry of Defence spokesman said: ‘As the Metropolitan Police have said previously, when considering the allegations made in this letter they have found no evidential basis upon which to open any criminal investigation. ‘We take the welfare of our troops and their dependants extremely seriously and it is normal for service personnel and their families to be briefed on personal security measures, especially so at a time when they are likely to receive a high level of media attention.’

  • Why is this evil fucker so rich?
    queen devil


    queen duke of kent

    queen duke of kent

    queen psychopaths


    queen gold

    queen ugle

    Through a network of third party assassins and destroyers of men the royal parasite has inherited an evil system of money creation that was devised centuries ago and to this day each despotic descendant inherits the corrupt thieving practices of their predecessors through the manipulation of the law. Gone are the days of burning down villages and hung, drawn and quartering anyone who resists their tyranny, today they use the law to attack , persecute and steal with impunity. Family courts, as one judge recently admitted, are the most powerful on the planet and do more damage than ALL OTHER TERRORISM put together.

    Trillions are being stolen behind closed doors but that centuries old feudal system is being exposed as never before as men who survived their murderous regime are destroying the legendary status their controlled media create that see the groomed sheeple showing total deference to a regime that murders with impunity and as comedian Jimmy Carr hinted at during his last TV performance and now being condemned by the very bastards like press baron Jonathan Harmsworth the owner of the Daily Mail and who prop up this murderous tyranny everyday with vile propaganda praising a despotic regime.

  • Royal arse kissing Harmsworth's Daily Rat goes after comedian Jimmy Carr for his anti-royalist joke. "What do you get if you cross the Queen and Prince Phillip? Killed in a tunnel"
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  • Ex-SAS sniper claimed his old regiment murdered Princess Diana
  • Family courts hold the most drastic powers of any tribunal (and that's from a judge)
  • British spies (controlled by freemasons) told to turn a blind eye to torture: MI6 chiefs told staff they had no obligation to intervene if they saw the CIA mistreating suspects
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • The Most Powerful Woman in the World
  • Media finally admit Queen is BY FAR the richest person in the world (so why don't the RICH LISTS state that?)
  • Royal mafia and their meaningless titles to make themselves LOOK important when they are NOT
  • How the richest despot on the planet avoids scrutiny of her vast riches, SHE hides them behind a facade of the STATE and CROWN
  • The dodges that push the richest despot on the planet down the trillionaire list

    All the crooked murdering henchmen and spies answer to this mob and responsible for the deaths of men caught up in their vile persecution campaigns especially during divorce.
    Fascist British monarchy, freemasonry and their Hitler adoration
    Hitler and British Royalty

  • Freemasonry "triggers" World War Two to halt the Anti-Masonic movement in Europe and Japan!!!
  • Jon Bon Jovi kisses the royal arse to supposedly HELP the homeless VIDEO

    He's having a laugh as its the royal mafia regime enforced by their freemason lackeys
    via the Dukey Kent that are the cause of MASS homelessness
    Royal parasite earns her trillions
    queen plaque

    The old bastard has been doing this all her life and
    her media lackeys have the bare faced cheek to call it work.
    Brand on the royal parasites (from 2010) VIDEO
    What a striking resemblance?
    gestapo buckingham palace

    Former Gestapo Headquarters Munich and Buckingham Palace
    Despots and their POWER dressing
    power dressing

    despot crowd
    Royal cover up: Police censor Jimmy Savile interview transcript
    jimmy savile with the queen If the GCHQ have been eavesdropping on ALL our calls along with their partners in crime the NSA how can they say they knew NOTHING about Savile's twisted behaviour?

    BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile named the royal family in his bombshell interview with police but any mention of them was removed from the released transcripts.

    The papers from a 2009 police quiz were released last week. But the 26 pages - which exposed the evil pervert as a bully and a liar - came with 96 redactions (crossings out). Today we can reveal the documents had been vetted by Buckingham Palace - and that the serial sex attacker's royal connections were removed. One reference Savile made about a cousin of the Queen was included in an internal police report released in January. But on Tuesday, when Surrey Police published the interview transcripts, there was no mention of her. Other references to royalty were also seemingly erased - and during our fight to obtain the records, police let slip Buckingham Palace's involvement.

    Tony Smith, the force's information access manager, made the reference as he explained why it was taking so long to release the documents. He told us that, as well as going to a senior police chief outside the force, the papers had gone "to Buckingham Palace to consider...because they are mentioned in it". There is no mention of Buckingham Palace or anyone from the royal family in the edited scripts.

    And Savile - given an OBE by the Queen in 1972, followed by a knighthood in 1990 - was someone who liked to name-drop his royal connections. The presenter, who died in 2011 aged 84, two years after Surrey's bungled probe into sex abuse claims, often boasted of his friendship with Prince Charles. He was also a confidant of Princess Diana and claimed to have helped the Duchess of York as her marriage to Prince Andrew fell apart. Crucially, in his 1974 autobiography Savile boasted of his friendship with the same cousin of the Queen he mentioned in the 2009 police interview.

    jimmy savile with princes charles Under caution, he told officers the first time he visited a Surrey school where he was said to have abused girls was with Princess Alexandra for a garden party. If detectives had investigated that reference by looking at his memoirs they would have discovered he was someone who preyed on vulnerable young girls. He wrote: "Princess Alex is a patron of a hostel for girls in care. At this place I'm a cross between a term-time boyfriend and a fixer of special trips out." The 76-year-old widow of Sir Angus Ogilvy is the Duke of Kent's sister and a granddaughter of King George V.

    Our investigations suggest Savile's mentions of the princess are among ten lines of blacked-out text from pages five to six of the transcripts. The revelation is likely to spark further criticism of Surrey Police's 29-month Savile investigation which resulted in a prolific paedophile never facing justice. But it also raises questions as to whether the force took out the reference to Princess Alexandra to avoid further embarrassment or whether the royals insisted it be excluded.

    We have been told that 19 of 32 redactions made to Savile's answers were on the grounds they contained "personal information". One answer given by Savile had around ten lines of text blacked out for that reason. The other 13 redactions were made because they contained information sensitive to criminal investigations.

    And 64 redactions were made to comments or questions from the two female detectives who quizzed Savile over allegations from three women. Surrey Police has said its decision to release the edited papers was made "following extensive consultation which included speaking to the victims" and the Association of Chief Police Officers. It made no mention of consulting Buckingham Palace. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has been asked to investigate the redactions and consider the arguments any outside bodies made.

    As we revealed in May, Government papers showing links between Savile and PrinceCharles, 64, were redacted. An extract from the files - relating to Margaret Thatcher's dealings with Savile - was blacked out by the Cabinet Office to hide his claim that Charles had agreed to be a patron of one of his charities. It was reinstated after an appeal by the Daily Star Sunday. A Palace spokesman said: "We would not comment on police or Freedom of Information matters.

  • Freemasonry is at the heart of the Operation Newgreen/Savile cover-up
  • Freemason cops 'censored' 2009 interview with Jimmy Savile so it removed all reference to the Royal parasites
  • How’s about that then boys and girls? ~ Jimmy Savile Cover-Up Continues – Thatcher Files Erased to Hide Paedo Network
  • TOP-level cover-up was ordered to hide close links between Prince Charles and paedo Jimmy Savile
  • Royal parasite in hideout over paedo Jimmy Savile; why?
  • Savile's satanic ring of paedo's
  • Dying Diana 'finished off by the SAS'

    Image from computer of soldier N who claimed SAS behind Diana murder

    SAS hitmen on motorbikes swarmed around Princess Diana’s crashed car to ­“finish her off”, it was claimed yesterday.

    Royal author John Morgan ­believes a squad of Special Forces soldiers disguised as press photographers had trailed her. And they were first to the stricken car after the smash in a Paris road tunnel to make sure she did not survive. But Morgan, who has written nine books about Diana, says they made one major mistake during their mission. They rode “heavy duty” bikes rather than the light scooters favoured by the Paris paparazzi at the time.

    Morgan, who has spent 16 years researching Diana’s mysterious death, wants his claims to form part of Scotland Yard’s new probe into the 1997 car smash. The inquiry was triggered by a former member of the SAS, known as Soldier N, who claims Diana was murdered in an ­Establishment plot for fear she would undermine the monarchy by marrying Dodi Fayed, 42. He said: “There was a group of motorcyclists. They were seen by quite a few witnesses between the Place de la Concorde and the Alma tunnel where the crash happened. Those motorcyclists were riding heavy machines, big motorbikes.

    “It’s been shown that those motor-cyclists were not paparazzi because the paparazzi were all accounted for and were way behind because they were on scooters. “So the question is, who was on those motorbikes? “It is a quite possible that MI6 employed SAS personnel to ride on those motorbikes.” Mr Morgan is convinced the SAS men were on hand to ensure Diana’s injuries were non-survivable, as they proved to be. He also believes three senior MI6 o­fficers moved to Paris shortly before the smash to co-ordinate the operation. Australia-based Morgan says the claims of ex-SAS sniper Soldier N are a breakthrough in solving the riddle.

    Soldier N is due to be quizzed by Scotland Yard after telling his wife that security forces caused the smash by shining a bright light into ­Diana’s driver Henri Paul’s eyes. Former Royal Protection officers insist that Diana’s death was a tragic accident.

  • New twist in Diana SAS assassination
  • ‘Crass’ Diana film advert placed at entrance to tunnel where princess died in Paris

    A poster promoting the movie Diana has been placed near the entrance to the tunnel where the princess died in a car crash in 1997.

    The decision to place the advert close by the Pont de L’Alma in Paris has been criticised by some of the late princess’s friends. Rosa Monckton, who was thought to be one of Diana’s closest pals, described its positioning as ‘despicable and crass’. She also lambasted studio bosses for making the film which tells the story of the royal’s love affair with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan.

    ‘I really don’t have any words to describe how I feel about this cynical and shameless attempt to publicise a film that should never have been made,’ Ms Monckton told the Daily Mail. She is calling for the poster’s immediate removal.

    It also stands close to the gold-leafed Flame of Liberty where fans continue to write messages in memory of Diana, 36, who died with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed on August 31, 1997. Their chauffeur was trying to outrun paparazzi when the Mercedes they were travelling in smashed into a pillar. Reviews of the movie, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and starring Naomi Watts, have been mixed.

    queen bank notes

  • Royal parasite as she appears on the World's Banknotes
  • Royal parasite's use and abuse of the Duchy of Cornwall VIDEO

    Despots getting away with murder
    Royal parasite probed over business empire VIDEO
    Royal parasite quits free flying lessons for a life of Riley VIDEO
    New line of royal parasites paraded by their compliant media VIDEO
    Cops 'Looking At' New Info That Princess Diana Was Assassinated By SAS VIDEO
    Diana death driver's family delighted at cop probe into claims she was murdered by SAS
    Family of Henri Paul, who died in the 1997 crash, welcomed investigation
    Scotland Yard's specialist crime and operations command assessing information handed to it by the Royal Military Police
    Allegations emerged in second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale
    Paul's mother said family 'know in our hearts that our son was murdered'

    An investigation into a claim the SAS was involved in the death of Princess Diana has been welcomed by the family of Henri Paul, her driver on the night she died.

    Scotland Yard has confirmed that officers from its specialist crime and operations command are assessing information handed to it ‘recently’ by the Royal Military Police. The extraordinary allegation emerged during the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition. It was outlined in a letter seen by the Daily Mail and written by the mother-in-law of an SAS sniper, known only as Soldier N, who was a key witness for the prosecution.

    The eight-page correspondence claims Soldier N boasted it was the SAS that had ‘arranged Princess Diana’s death’ and that it had been ‘covered up’. Soldier N is also accused of saying he could enlist the help of his colleagues to ensure his wife – the mother of his two children – would ‘disappear’.

    The letter says Soldier N told his wife there is a ‘box which members of his unit use for private jobs’. ‘They put in the box the name, address and details of what they want done and then one of them who wants to earn extra money does that job.’ When Soldier N was challenged by his mother-in-law, he is accused of saying: ‘Let me stop you right there – I kill women and I kill children.’ The Metropolitan Police has confirmed officers are ‘scoping’ the details of the new information and ‘assessing its relevance and credibility’.

    An inquest in 2008 found that Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were unlawfully killed due to the ‘gross negligence’ of Mr Paul, a security manager at the Paris Ritz Hotel, who had been drinking. However, the driver’s mother Gisele said she believed her son was murdered together with Diana and Mr Al Fayed when the Mercedes he was driving crashed in an underpass. Mrs Paul, 83, said: ‘We believe there was a plot to kill the Princess that terrible night in August 1997.

    ‘We know in our hearts that our son was murdered and we still live with the hope that one day the truth will be known.’ The new information was also welcomed by Dodi’s father, former Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who also insists the couple were murdered. He said he trusted the Metropolitan Police would investigate the new claims ‘with vigour’.

    Sergeant Nightingale, 38, was found guilty last month of illegally possessing a pistol and ammunition at a Hereford house he shared with Soldier N. Soldier N, who is serving a custodial sentence for possessing firearms at the same address, was originally reported to the police by his wife, from whom he is now separated. The letter was sent to Soldier N’s commanding officer in September 2011 and passed to the Service Prosecuting Authority before the start of the Nightingale trial. All references to the SAS were removed by the SPA.

    The paragraph referring to the death of Diana says: ‘He also told her (his wife) that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up.’ Soldier N’s wife last night told the Daily Mail that she had not spoken to detectives about the allegations. She said: ‘I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. The local police are making sure we are okay.’

    The new claims were described as ‘mystifying’ yesterday by Dai Davies, a former Head of Royal Protection. Mr Davies insisted the deaths were ‘an accident by any definition’ and that three separate inquiries had come to the same ‘independent conclusion’. A royal spokesman said there would be no comment from the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry or Clarence House.

  • Hard labour for world media as saturation sycophancy goes global over royal sprog
    Sick bag out for this gushing OOT media mayhem for the royal's sprog.

    AS farces go, it could have been called Carry On Up The Birth Canal.

    For Royalists, the birth of baby Cambridge has been manna from heaven. For republicans, the experience has been as palatable as the contents of the royal nappy. This week it was hard to gauge who had suffered more, Kate giving birth or the TV reporters labouring for an eternity, outside St Mary’s Hospital. Veteran BBC hack Simon McCoy, standing for hours in front of a closed hospital door, summed up the frustration.

    He told viewers: ”Plenty more to come from here of course. None of it news, but that won’t stop us. Back to the studio.” Paul Leinster, chair of Republic Scotland, said yesterday the saturation coverage would backfire for monarchists. He said: “What we have seen in the past, with the Jubilee and the wedding, is, the more sycophancy, the more it annoys people and the more likely they are to be openly republican in their views.” The Australian republican movement sent their congratulations to the new parents but said they hoped for a republic long before the baby can become king. And the satirical magazine Private Eye came up with a front page saying simply: “Woman has baby. More stuff inside.” Not even a plane ticket would have provided escape from the baby coverage. In America, a country which this month celebrated getting rid of the monarchy in 1776, there was royal overload. Perhaps it’s easier to enjoy the Royals when you are not footing the bill.

    In a baby special on US TV, ABC’s veteran journalist Diane Sawyer announced the new prince would some day be “a King of England”. Anyone with an English accent living in the US was wheeled out to give an “authoritative” view and the news was declared to gasps in New York’s Times Square. Sadly, the announcement wasn’t made using comedian Darren Walsh’s tweet: “Prince William’s Heir has fallen out.”

    the geroge

    New royal sprog has been named after a pub or in fact thousands of pubs, or should that be the other way around in that so many buildings and monuments across Britain are named after the biggest parasites on the planet. Rather than change all the pub names they call the we'an after them seeing they get all that free advertising using the monarchic industrial complex outside drunken dens of inquity. A great way of keeping the royal crest as a morally upstanding part of the community connected with booze ups.

    The few names the royal mafia stick to have a long history of blighting a nation with egotistically naming of everything and another method of ingraining those names into the sheeple's brainwashed minds. At least some of us have managed to shake off the masonic propaganda machines they have in place to burn their names into our psyche . If its not georgian, victorian or elizabethan even the style of houses throughout history are royally named thanks to the total hold of property ownership monopolized by their legal and judicial mafia. Their psychological scams are being exposed like never before thanks to the internet and has broken the back of their press barons and a complicit media part of a grand master plan centred on top freemason their lackey the Duke of Kent.

    George Alexander Louis = GAL