Manufactured fake threats?

  • How to get the sheeple's sympathy for the royal mafia? Manufacture fake threats?
    (They've been using these ploys for decades when their popularity is waning)
  • Who are they trying to fool with the new tenner?
    Royal parasite pays £180 for a skinhead

  • Royal parasite pays £180 for a skinhead (Murdochs royal ass kissing Sun claims that's news)
  • ‘Such compassion’: UK official calls for removal of homeless before royal wedding VIDEO
    Royal estabishment try to butter up their drunken sheeple by opening pubs later during the royal wedding

  • MORE HERE (Meanwhile homeless getting turfed out of Windsor so they don't spoil the vile spectacle and outrageous amounts spent on security alone never mind the rest of the lavish affair. The UK's twisted media and especially the American media think this is worthy of wall to wall coverage)
  • Anger on streets over royal parasite's wedding VIDEO
    Bastard council leader calls for homeless people to be removed from Windsor before royal parasites wedding

    Only a loyal fucking FREEMASON could make such a disgusting statement

    A council leader has demanded police clear his borough of homeless people before the royal wedding in May.

    Simon Dudley, leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, has asked Thames Valley Police to ‘focus on dealing’ with homelessness ahead of the wedding.

    He tweeted of his concern at ‘an epidemic of rough sleeping’ in the borough and on Tuesday wrote an open letter to Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley. The Conservative councillor wrote in the three-page letter: ‘There is a growing concern amongst residents, businesses and visitors regarding the number of people occupying the streets of Windsor, who are begging during the day and in some cases taking occupancy throughout the night.

    ‘In the Royal Borough we believe homelessness is completely unacceptable in a caring, compassionate community such as ours. We are working to create the necessary housing for our residents.

    ‘Obviously, the level of tourist interest is set to multiply with the Royal Wedding in May 2018, and there are increased concerns from our residents about their safety. The whole situation also presents a beautiful town in a sadly unfavourable light.’

    Councillor Dudley’s tweet last month read: ‘Sadly there is an epidemic of rough sleeping and vagrancy in #Windsor @RBWM [Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead]. I will be writing to @StansfeldPCC [Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner] copying @TVP_Chief [Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police] @Bhupinderrai70 [a Police Superintendent] at @ThamesVP [Thames Valley Police]… asking for them to focus on dealing with this before the #RoyalWedding’.

    Anthony Stansfeld, Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, has since responded by saying he is happy to listen to any concerns.

    Councillor Dudley also tweeted: ‘It’s largely vagrancy and begging… People marching tourists to cash points to withdraw cash, hanging out near car park ticket machines to get discounts and ask tourists for money’ during a lengthy discourse with residents.

    But Thames Valley Police said it has received no such reports.

    In a statement released today, Mr Stansfield said: ‘I am always happy to listen to any concerns they may have and work together where possible.

    ‘My office and Thames Valley Police work in close partnership with all local authorities and regularly meet with representatives from every council. I myself attended a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council in October and these issues were not raised. I will of course provide Cllr Dudley with a full response addressing his concerns once I have received the letter and investigated further the issues he has raised.

    ‘Supporting the vulnerable, including the homeless, is a priority within my Police and Crime Plan and I have previously provided funding to homeless shelters in Berkshire. I also provide a Community Safety Fund to local authorities which allows them to fund any local priorities they may have to prevent crime and improve community safety and this year provided Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council with nearly £150,000.’

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19. Tens of thousands of well-wishers and tourists are expected to descend on the town for the ceremony.

  • A HOMELESS project set up in Windsor after the tragic death of a rough sleeper is looking for a part time manager
  • Council boss asks police to clear rough sleepers before Windsor royal wedding
  • Council leader demands action by police against Windsor's beggars
  • More celebrities line up to kiss the royal arse accepting frivolous nonsensical honours claptrap

  • 100+ orangemen from Northern Ireland on the royal parasite's dishonourable list
  • ‘Sir Lose-a-lots’ slammed as Clegg set to get knighthood
  • Establishment lackey Nick Clegg kisses the royal arse and accepts a knighthood
  • May risks cronyism row after MP who holds her survival in his hands is knighted
  • Freemason Prince Michael of Kent's wife wears 'racist' jewellery to meet Meghan

  • FULL ARTICLE HERE (depicts men of colour - i.e. in positions of servitude)
  • Freemason Prince Michael of Kent's wife apologises for wearing 'racist' brooch (Worried about someone of colour about to become embedded in their clan?)
  • “I hope the Queen is going to ban this racist, horrible woman from any further gatherings. She is an embarrassment to the Royal Family
  • Something in common with the UK's royal mafia and the North Korean mafia

    Cross paths with either of them and you'll end up in a psychiatric gulag
    Lunatic press barons pathological obsession with NAZI parasites

    Desmond (Daily Express), Harmsworth (Daily Mail) and Murdoch (The Sun) use their EVIL rags to promote parasitic entity. The power of a few headcases who get away with warping the perspective of the sheeple to view the royal NAZI bastards as worthy of some sort of deference.
    Wall to wall royalist bullshit

    Corporate rags unite to brainwash the sheeple

  • 'The Royal Family are parasites, they cost us too much'(from 2002)
  • Britain's royal parasites (from 2011)
  • The parasite papers? VIDEO
    The royal family are parasites and scroungers VIDEO
    Corporate rags go crazy over royal parasite's engagement

  • Corporate rags will never let us hear the end of wee Nazi Harry and his new moll getting hitched
    (Weddings, new sprogs and molls always an excuse to promote the firm)
  • Desmond's vile royalist rag has outrageous claims about the royals putting money BACK into the economy

  • MORE OF THE BULLSHIT HERE (The biggest leeches on the planet and with more STOLEN wealth than the next top 100 put together. Most of the top tax havens in the world are controlled by them and their freemason lackeys and it all goes straight into their coffers when their rich tax dodging couriers die off)
  • Sick bucket out for Desmond's nasty filthy rag promoting the royal gangsters
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat still spouting the royalist propaganda and bullshit
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • Crying over fallen soldiers or getting caught tax dodging?
    Royal parasites connection to offshore tax dodging

  • Prince Charles's estate made big profit on stake in friend's offshore firm
  • Prince Charles lobbied to alter climate change policy 'after secretly buying shares in an offshore company that would benefit from a rule change, Paradise Papers reveal
  • The royal tax dodging parasites

  • Offshore Queen: So where's the rest hidden?(Are Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs going to do an audit on Her Majesty? Which one of Her Majesty's courts are going to arrest Her Majesty and jail Her Majesty?)
  • Britain has come under mounting pressure to launch a crackdown on tax avoidance and reform its network of offshore havens
  • The tax dodge parasites: Billions "leached" as Lewis Hamilton, Apple and three Mrs Brown's Boys stash cash offshore (Including the Queen)
  • The Queen should apologise if her advisers invested money offshore in order to avoid tax, Jeremy Corbyn suggested today
  • Massive Document Dump NAMES Politicians and Elites Hiding Billions From Public(VIDEO)
  • Paradise Papers expose world elite's secret tax havens(VIDEO)
  • 'Web of financial secrecy': UK wins title of biggest tax haven for rich (Queen behind tax havens and where wealth flows when the rich die off) (VIDEO)
  • Law society lawyer lackeys behind the devious tax haven scams (How a global law society know where all the money is stashed and a powerful tool to bring ANYONE down)
  • The royal parasite, tax dodging offshore accounts and a company that exploits poor families
  • Royal parasites dosh found in tax dodging freemason run Cayman islands then Brighthouse who preyed on the vulnerable
  • A huge new leak of financial documents has revealed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy, including the Queen's private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens
  • How Queen's millions are 'invested offshore' as tax havens , Trump's cabinet and Tory donor Lord Ashcroft' are exposed in new Paradise Papers leak
  • Tory donor Lord Ashcroft avoid questions about offshore tax havens revealed in Paradise Papers leak
  • Lord Ashcroft, who donated millions to the Tories was domiciled for tax purposes in Belize
  • Offshore Queen: So where's the rest hidden?

    WHAT? Only 10 million? A rare occasion when her corporate rags question her wealth.

  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • The royal parasite, tax dodging offshore accounts and a company that exploits poor families
  • Royal parasites dosh found in tax dodging freemason run Cayman islands then Brighthouse who preyed on the vulnerable
  • A huge new leak of financial documents has revealed how the powerful and ultra-wealthy, including the Queen's private estate, secretly invest vast amounts of cash in offshore tax havens
  • How the Queen's millions are 'invested offshore' as tax havens 'used by Bono, Trump's cabinet and Tory donor Lord Ashcroft' are exposed in new Paradise Papers leak
  • Royal parasite attends Druid ritual in Wales in 1946 VIDEO
    The royals and the trail of protected paedo's

    Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Savile ,Ted Heath, Greville Janner and Cyril Smith

  • Harry and his devil horns meet Melania
    Royal parasites in punch up over power struggle

  • Royal parasites want to give up ONE of their palaces to the people?
    (Or just a way to make a quick buck charging the peasants to see their vast opulent living arrangements?)
  • Media playing the sympathy for the royals scam again
    Young royals hang on to the coat tails of the ONLY royal that cared

  • Royal parasites were 'jealous' of Diana's popularity
  • Murdoch rags crank up threat to royals with Uber driver bullshit

    A regular ploy to garner sympathy from a long suffering public
    Victoria: Glamorising dead ugly royals using models in drama's

    They get Jenna Coleman to play Queen Victoria (Laughable)

    There's no lengths they wont go to paint them as some sort of beautiful goddess's
    queen and duke of kent


    How could a seemingly wholesome angelic religious family be the kingpin or more like queenpin behind some of the most evil traits on the planet? Or that is what HER compliant media keep telling us in endless propaganda and despite mounting evidence of them deeply embroiled in the paedo empire that started to unravel with TOP BBC presenter and predatory paedo Jimmy Savile.

    He alone proves the complicity of the British royal parasites in allowing Savile to abuse with impunity for decades. So how can they be at the forefront of protecting a network of evil perverts despite their star status? In the first instance the royal parasite is personally responsible for hand picking the chief constables and judges running the legal system who systematically failed time and again to do anything to nail Savile. Her loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent as head of the worldwide freemason mafia answers directly to the royal parasite and ensures only loyal (using blackmail) subjects get the key positions of power.

    A whole tier of individuals, including those given OBE's and knighthoods that included Savile, are then given extra special treatment and protection in that whatever they involve themselves in the good old masonic cops will take whatever measures to cover up for them even if they have to use dodgy DNA evidence to divert their criminality onto an unsuspecting member of the public to be used as another patsy to take the rap for their crimes. Any man who has seen the royals cop mafia in action during divorce will know the lengths they will go to relieve non-mason men of their assets and estates BUT especially their children who become part of the paedo empire Savile was involved in and proven when he got access to seized children in homes right across the UK and where many judges are patrons who ensure easy access for their lackeys .

    The Dunblane massacre was a cover for speculative society members , the legal arm of the freemasons, who had been removing children from Queen Victoria boarding school (its current patron is the Duke of Edinburgh) to abuse over weekends and was about to be exposed just before freemason Thomas Hamilton's mass murder, that as well as being a massive smokescreen to hide the abuse, led to the disarming of a whole population and to a tyranny unseen in any other country across the globe thanks to the inability of the peasants to protect themselves against this evil network of power.

    Despite the growing mountain of evidence linking the ruling elite with abhorrent crimes their media still spout out the propaganda that sees the sheeple blindly continuing to show deference and like Michael Jackson fans and despite exposures of his crimes against children over decades, his loyal sheeple still blindly follow and support him while ignoring his crimes. You can never underestimate the gross stupidity of sheeple when herded by a global propaganda machine.

  • Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail - Insider
  • Noel Edmonds claims the royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • Royal parasites deny "any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors"
  • Royal parasite "categorically denies" sensational allegations by a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with him while under 18
  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England - Prince William's uncle
  • Prince William, the Royal family and Freemasonry
  • More on Dunblane
  • More on speculative society
    Royal's now milking the Diana cow

    They have NO shame

  • UK establishment knows how to play the royal card to mask its failings
  • Diana puts royal parasite's future in jeopardy

  • Charles's popularity plummets amid the 20th anniversary of Diana's death: Just a third of Britons
    think he's doing a good job while only 14% want Camilla to be Queen, according to shocking new poll
    (Or get rid of the lot of the spongers)
  • Princess Diana may have been KILLED after secret six month plot, former agent claims

    A FORMER secret service agent has described the “ludicrous” security measures imposed by the Paris Ritz hotel on the night of Princess Diana’s death – and believes the people’s princess may have been murdered.

    Alan McGregor said he saw a mystery bellboy drive her car just minutes before she got into her vehicle before her fatal crash in a Paris tunnel on August 31 1997. The 68-year-old believes a potential murder plot could have been planned six months before her tragic end. Mr McGregor worked was tasked with protecting the Saudi royal family at the Ritz hotel in the months leading up to her death.

    He said: “The night she died my wife woke up to tell me the news. “My first response was ‘I’m not surprised’. “I’d seen so many breaches in her security at that hotel and strange goings-on it was bound to happen sooner or later. “The security that night was ludicrous.”

    Mr McGregor claims that a bellboy in a green uniform drove her car to the hotel’s back entrance, where it was left unattended until driver Henri Paul appeared. He added: “Why was it driven by a bellboy? It should have been a specially-trained driver or a security agent. He could have been anyone. “You just don’t do that in security — especially when it’s somebody as high profile as Diana.

    “Nobody used that entrance either because it wasn’t secure. Any member of the public could have walked up to it.” He added: “You could say all the elements that led to her death were just a tragic coincidence but part of me believes it could have been six months in the making. While I was working in Angola earlier that year we had lots of meetings to discuss ways Diana might be killed or injured.” Driver Henri Paul was said to have been three times over the drink driver limit the night of the crash, yet Mr McGregor is skeptical of the claims.

    He added: “Paul wasn’t a drinker at all. I never saw him buying alcohol. He just wasn’t that sort of bloke. It doesn’t make any sense. “I’d been through that tunnel so many times too and it would have been almost impossible to hit that pillar.”

  • British royals even use psychiatric gulags for their own family VIDEO

  • The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, a stucco town house opposite Buckingham Palace
  • Since 2006, 246 people have been detained under the Mental Health Act following a referral from the FTAC Fixated Threat Assessment Centre
  • Freedom of Information request on the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (How British royals use psychiatric gulags when their position is threatened)
  • British royal parasites bump off enemies using car crashes
  • Plans to display Diana crash car as a warning to anyone who crosses the royal parasites
  • Hidden Cousins Of The Royal Parasite Exposed! VIDEO
    Murdoch rag claims dodgy poll wants Wills not Charlie boy as top dog (NONE would be best of all)
    The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre used by royal parasites to section dissenters
    ftac location

  • The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, a stucco town house opposite Buckingham Palace
  • Since 2006, 246 people have been detained under the Mental Health Act following a referral from the FTAC Fixated Threat Assessment Centre
  • Freedom of Information request on the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (How British royals use psychiatric gulags when their position is threatened)
  • British royal parasites bump off enemies using car crashes
  • British royal parasites bump off enemies using car crashes

    The modern day version of being 'hung, drawn and quartered'. We know if you cross paths with these evil bastards you will end up in a psychiatric gulag and there are enough activists who have been attacked by freemason thugs acting for the royal mafia and forced into mental asylums. War criminal and lawyer Tony Blair brought in laws to do that for them called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.

    'British police told me Princess Diana was murdered': Death crash driver's dad claims son was 'collateral damage' in plot

    Henri Paul's dad, Jean, says he fears he will go to his grave without knowing the full story behind the crash The dad of Diana’s death crash driver Henri Paul claims UK police told him she was murdered. Jean, 85, said: “Inside Scotland Yard, some believe there was a secret plot to kill Diana.”

    In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, Jean has told how he fears he will go to his grave without knowing the full story behind the crash that killed his son Henri , Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. But he remains convinced the royal and her lover were deliberately killed in a bid to stop the future king of Britain’s mum marrying a Muslim – and the couple’s chauffeur was “collateral damage”. Despite a string of official enquiries ruling Diana and Dodi died in a tragic accident when French driver Henri crashed their car while drunk in a Paris tunnel, Jean insists they were targeted in an Establishment plot.

    And he claims some British police investigating the smash also believe the pair were “bumped off”. In an emotional interview at his home in Lorient, Brittany, Jean – who has studied the evidence and seen classified information surrounding the tragedy over the past 20 years – said: “Diana was killed and my son was killed. I believe they were both murdered. My son was simply ­collateral damage of a plot to kill Diana and they killed him as well.

    “I am 100% sure he was not involved in this plot. He was too honourable and too honest. The English police came here to visit me and sat exactly where you are sitting now. “Even inside Scotland Yard there are two sides. One believes there was a secret plot to kill Diana, the other believes it was a genuine accident. “Even today there are too many classified secrets with this incident.

    “I have no real hope to know what really happened. Perhaps it will be known in 30 or 50 years. But I would really like to know before I die. But I don’t think it will happen.” And the former council worker angrily hit back at claims Henri, 41, was boozed up at the time of the crash in August 1997. He added: “He was not an alcoholic. He was not a drug addict. That’s just lies.” He claimed his son’s blood sample could have been swapped or tampered with to make it appear he had drink in his system.

    Jean, who saw Henri’s body at a hospital, said: “On that day there were over 20 autopsies that took place and it was easy for the authorities to switch blood samples to show alcohol was present in the sample they said was Henri’s.

    “That is what I believe happened.”

    The jury at Diana’s inquest, which heard from 250 witnesses and lasted three months found the 36-year-old and Dodi, 42, had been unlawfully killed and the deaths were the result of “gross negligence” on the part of Henri and paparazzi who were following their Mercedes on motorbikes. And in 2013, the Met dismissed reports claiming SAS troops were behind the couple’s death, ­insisting there was “no credible evidence” of secret service involvement. There were also ­allegations a mystery white Fiat Uno could have collided with Diana and Dodi’s car.

    But frail Jean said: “It took them over an hour to get Princess Diana to hospital and that is when they made arrangements to make up the story about the Fiat Uno, the white car. It was a diversion and a decoy. “This was just one of the many things that do not add up. For example I still cannot believe a street cleaning vehicle was going through the tunnel cleaning up just a few hours after the accident. That is shocking.” Dodi’s dad Mohamed al Fayed also believes his son and Diana were murdered by an Establishment appalled at the idea of having a Muslim wed a royal.

    A friend of the Harrods owner reportedly said last week: “Mohamed remains confident that information will emerge confirming his belief that Dodi and Diana were deliberately killed by the security services. “He always says, ‘My son was slaughtered’, and he believes that was because the Establishment would not allow a Muslim to be married to the woman who would be the mother of the future king.” Diana’s former lover James Hewitt told an inquiry into her death that he was “warned off” and received phone calls telling him to end their liaison, which lasted from 1989 to 1990. But he denied reports he had been warned by MI5 that if he did not stop seeing her he would die in a car crash.

    Diana’s first lover after her marriage to Prince Charles, bodyguard Barry Mannakee, was killed in a 1987 road smash. Some of his family believe the secret services were behind the death, but that has never been proven. His brother-in-law Richard Emmins reportedly claimed: “First, he had this accident, then Diana dies in a Paris car crash...however getting to the truth will probably be impossible. We are up against the Establishment. They only let you know as much as they want you to know.” On Saturday the Mirror told how chauffeur Karim Kazi claimed the Mercedes was a “death-trap” and should never have been allowed on the road after it was written off and parts stolen. And Jean added his thoughts to the state of the Mercedes the princess and Dodi died in. He said: “The truth is the car was old and it was dangerous and it should not have been driven. “The brakes were dangerous. They discovered 6% water in the brake fluid. How did that happen?

    “There was a piece of metal found at the scene, but nobody knows what it was. There are too many ­unanswered questions. But I do know my son is dead.” Jean still lives in the in the house where he and wife Giselle raised their five sons. Former teacher Giselle, 87, was traumatised by Henri’s death and is now very ill living in a care home. Jean told of the terrible moment they were informed their son had died. He said: “I was here at home and the phone went in the middle of the night. “It was about 3am, it was a colleague of Henri. He told me Henri was dead.

    “The Chief of French Police should have called me to tell me the news but he didn’t, but did apologise later. It didn’t matter really as it didn’t change anything. Henri was dead.” But it was not the only tragedy to hit the family – as Jean and Giselle have outlived all but one of their five sons.

    He added: “Henri was still alive and attended the funeral of his brother Pascal who died of cancer. Then Henri died in Paris, then Jean-Luc who died from a heart attack. Then the youngest Sylvan died. He died suddenly. It was an aneurysm he was only 51.” Henri was buried but then exhumed and cremated. His ashes were placed with those of his brothers.

    Jean paid tribute to his chauffeur son and said it was time the world knew “the real Henri Paul”. He said: “Henri was a loyal and generous man. “I remember we received many letters of support from all over the world, one in particular from Australia and another from an English milkman.

    “They both said, ‘We know your son is innocent.’ And that is what my son’s friends put on a wreath for his funeral. “The very last thing I want to say about this incident is: Someone killed my son. Someone killed my son.”

  • The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was quietly set up by Tony Blair to identify individuals who pose a direct threat to VIPs including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Royal Family
  • Royal parasites use children AGAIN to wave flags as propaganda stunt in Warsaw

    An old trick they use regularly in Britain with unsuspecting children and without the CONSENT of their parents. How do we know? It actually happened to us when we were kids. Dragged out of school a flag pushed into our hand by a teacher and asked to wave at a strange women in blue.
    David Cameron and Prince William implicated in FIFA corruption probe VIDEO
    Super-rich especially the royals get richer from subsidised farming
    Royal parasites laughing all the way to the bank

  • The Royal parasite set for eye-watering pay rise funded by YOU
  • While British peasants live impoverished through austerity the royal parasites just keep getting richer (The media still HIDE most of her ill gotten gains)
  • Queen to get 8% PAYRISE thanks for taxpayer as jet-setting royals travel soars by £4.5m
  • Royal parasites global travel at public's expense
  • Young royals power dressing in top hats perpetuates UK inequality
    Murdoch's Times provides first bit of good news about Brexit

    Royal parasitic Saxe Coburg Gotha mafia will be first to be booted out
    Establishment rags promote establishment wedding
    When it comes to the royals and the British establishment
    the corporate rags just look like one big propaganda machine.

    Corporate RAGS speak in ONE voice when promoting demise of royal despot


  • After decades deluded into believing he's WORKING for a living
    the royal sponging parasite CLAIMS to be retiring
  • Two despots but only ONE is the richest on the planet

  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat derides fake North Korea party that resembles the fake royal parasite parties they promote all the time
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • Feigning one of the main royal 'jobs' that justify vast peasant plundering

  • Royal parasites swan across the globe using public money to fund jet travel
  • Is the Royal parasite dying?

    Multiple articles have appeared this week in the compliant rags about some secret plans that will kick into gear when the Queen dies. We can only surmise why they are all running the same story as more propaganda to promote the present and future generations of a parasitic entity that, over the last few years, a myriad of websites have done a spectacular job of exposing the behind the scenes machinations this lot have been getting up to.

    For far to long the sheeple have been browbeaten to tug the forelock to a bunch of ultra greedy parasites who have so much wealth thanks to the control they exert over the political and legal systems of Britain and with tentacles across the globe. The British crown ain't just a few posh toffs working a racket in London city they are intimately woven into a global fleecing machine that makes ALL the mobs and mafia's pale with what they are robbing from the unsuspecting public and with the complicity of the media that spends so much time kissing the royal arses.

    Just as the BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile was hailed a legend in those rags when he died we KNEW the evil he was hiding behind and the same rags only exposed after his death in case he brought the establishment down. All the rags who praised him in death had mountains of evidence that he was a serial abuser of children and did nothing allowing that abuse to carry on throughout his life and until his death. He was KNIGHTED by the royal parasite for his services and used the BBC as a platform to promote them at every opportunity. No one at the BBC had their head up their arses more than Savile.

    So despite the mourning already starting before her death we will ensure the enormity of her crimes are fully published, as others have done, and the evil network of power she controls with her loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent who heads the freemason mafia (5,000,000+) who do her dirty work and why she remains the richest despot on the planet by far.

    There will be no love lost for the millions of men, many who are not even fully aware, they have been ruthlessly and brutally treated by her lackeys in the crown courts that have caused monstrous damage to those men's families touched by pure evil.

  • Why are the compliant media (Guardian) en masse getting the sheeple ready to mourn the death of the royal parasite? Is she ill?
  • 'London Bridge Is Down' (Daily Rat) gets sheeple geared up to mourn the death of the royal parasite
  • 'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • Royal mafia feign concern for young boys killed in the Crown's illegal wars VIDEO

  • Blair isolated as Iraq memorial unveiled while royal parasite shows total lack of concern
  • Never underestimate the royal toffs impact on the UK's vast inequality

    Meanwhile let's visit a local homeless shelter to feign concern
    Beckham another celebrity desperate to kiss the royal arse
    British royal parasites have their own Friends of Israel club

  • Labour being destroyed by zionist funded traitors like MP Ruth Smeeth (The community security trust, an arm of mossad, manufacturing supposed threats against jews in UK to garner sympathy the British royal mafia use these ploys ALL THE TIME)
  • Let the royal parasite pay herself: Brits against financing ‘essential renovation’ of Buckingham Palace VIDEO
    Petition to block £369 million from the royal parasite palace upgrade passes 120,000

  • Sign the Petition HERE
  • Trump being lined up to kiss the royal arse

    He knows who's boss

    Royals masonic lackeys try and justify massive PUBLIC spend on their palaces VIDEO
    Royal parasites on the benefit scrounging again into the millions

    A shocking state of affairs when the political mafia spend years telling the peasants WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER as austerity pulls the heart out of communities up and down the length and breadth of the UK while they condone £369 million EXTRA spending of public funds to cover the cost of a make over for only ONE of the old royal bag's palaces.

    The royalist sheeple who bow to this tyranny condone the mass murder of the most vulnerable sections of society who have endured years of tory 'sanctioning', their version of the Nazi final solution, only to see that saved money being spent on ONE individual who is the richest despot on the planet see below link .

    Also the billions allocated towards a make over of their own palace at Westminster while they cut people's pittance to the bone or remove altogether.

  • While British peasants face austerity the richest bitch on the planet gets £369 million to do up only ONE of her palaces (If there is a time for a revolution on that news it is LONG overdue. The political bullshitters ALL swear allegiance to this royal cow)
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • Palace of Westminster renovation 'could take 32 years and cost £5.7bn'
  • Thousands sign petition for royal parasites to pay for Buckingham Palace repairs themselves
  • Petition to Make Royals Pay for Palace Renovation
  • The Truth about the British Royals VIDEO
    Princess Diana - The Secret Tapes VIDEO
    The Royals Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and freemasonry

    Any doubts about what sinister royal connections there are with freemasonry is captured in this old image.

    In 1886 photo taken of Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught (the third son of Queen Victoria), Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales (eldest son of Queen Victoria), and Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence (grandson of Queen Victoria)
    Royal Family Secrets Exposed 2016 VIDEO

    Hypocrite royals and their bullshit on animal conservation VIDEO

    Duke of Cambridge rants about Ivory trade

    From left to right; Prince Philip (extreme left) with Prince Jagat-Singh (with his foot on tiger's head), the Maharajah of Jaipur, Queen Elizabeth II and the Maharanee of Jaipur. The tiger which was over 8ft long was shot by Prince Philip during a tiger hunt during the Royal Tour of India. The skin will be sent to Windsor Castle. 26th January 1961

    Royals enjoy shooting wildlife with their vast arsenals
    The royal hand picked to push domestic violence scams globally
    Crocodile tears but NOT for the millions of male and child victims of these evil bastards

    Today Britain's top royalist rag the Daily Rat pushes one more royalist propaganda story

    'I promise I'll keep trying to help': Camilla's pledge after meeting survivors of domestic violence see here.

    Now this is NOT a one off article Charlie's missus is traipsing around the world with the same chant and just one search for "Duchess of cornwall on domestic violence" will bring up hundreds of links to stories from all over the world with her ranting about domestic violence.

    Domestic violence is the means by which the royals hand picked judges can steal men's entire estates but most especially their children to hand to their paedo friends in high places. This is the most despicable global scam that lets the royals and their freemason legal lackeys remove trillions from men in family courts NOT on the strength of real evidence but on manufactured bullshit from lawyers on the gravy train of legal aid.

    The Duchess of Con-wall is more interested in the financial returns to her EVIL family than interest in women genuinely in need. The vast chasm of wealth this bullshit generates requires a steady stream of lies and deceit to emanate through their controlled media to justify stripping men bare.


  • The royal pushing the domestic violence racket globally that allows their hand picked judges to steal mens estates and children for their paedo empire (Do a search "duchess of cornwall visits domestic violence")
  • The British royals and their child procuring pals like Epstein (Freemason lawyers ensure a steady stream of vulnerable children enter the paedo ring network)
  • The grotesque horrors of Britain's royal mafia and its global tentacles of masonic power and control
  • Being unable to sue a lawyer ensures they continue to provide stolen children to their paedo friends
  • The man hating feminist at the heart of the British INjustice system who let lawyer who abused young boys avoid jail (Hand picked by the royal mafia)
  • VIP homopaedo ring operating out of Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle
  • Noel Edmonds claims the royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • VIP homopaedo ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'
  • How The Royal parasites are Destroying Britain
    How the hell anyone can be proud of the Queen's squalid, mean-spirited and patronage-ridden monarchy is beyond my imagination...

    I don’t understand the Brits. I never have, I just don’t get the national psyche.

    They’ll rage furiously at the thought of a hard-working Polish plumber grafting his arse off because he’s “stealing our jobs” yet fawn, grovel, bow and scrape at a collection of German-Greek immigrant benefit-scroungers bleeding the country dry. As long, of course, as they’re wearing crowns while they do so.

    Despite all of Cromwell’s efforts, the British remain a people in love with the Monarchy and their fascination with the interminable minutiae of the Royals’ pampered lives remains a source of endless fascination. They’ll tell you better Mrs Windsor than Mr Blair as head of state, any day of the week. Quite how and why Tony Blair would be the mandatory head of state if we didn’t have a monarchy is something only they know. Why they feel we need a head of state at all, in fact, is a topic you’ll debate at the risk of your sanity.

    They seem to think, also, that the Windsors are to be thanked for generating every single pound of tourist revenue and that that justifies their existence. In fact, to the British, it seems as if the Windsors are the constitutional equivalent of the bloody Beatles; every single thing of any merit is to be laid at their door, irrespective of any evidence to the contrary. It’s a nonsense argument, of course. Like all the arguments from toadying monarchists are nonsense. It presupposes that somehow, someway, were we to rid ourselves of this decaying, corrupt, anti-democratic, feudal hangover, people would suddenly cease to visit our septic isle. People come to see the sights, the palaces, the artefacts, and the visible reminders of centuries of history. It’s not as if the Queen, or one of her dysfunctional offspring, pop out onto the lawn at Buck House to pose for photos with Japanese tourists, is it?

    But let’s talk about the money for a moment. Those crazy Brits have spent the last 18 months or so bitterly complaining that because those of them in the private sector have had their pensions looted so public sector workers should shut up moaning and take it too. Frankly, this absolutely mystifies me; this spiteful, resentful ignorance that drives so much British political opinion. Yet it’s woefully inconsistent, isn’t it? Perish the thought nurses, doctors, cleaners, firemen and teachers should manage to hang on to their derisory pensions, which average out at a miserable £5K a year, by the way, but they’ll smile vapidly and cheer moronically while waving a plastic union flag at just one family raking in somewhere in the region of £340 million a year of public money. That doesn’t even include the indirect payments for security, travel, maintenance and those sumptuous dinner parties where the Queen entertains despots, torturers, dictators and murdering tyrants from the Middle East and Africa.

    The nauseating Jubilee jamboree added a few extra zeros to the nation’s outgoings column as well. Oh, and the wedding the year before and soon another Royal mouth to feed (despite the Tories saying benefit claimants should have no further children). As if all that weren’t enough to challenge even the most resilient sycophantic ignorance, the Queen, with breathtaking gall, had the effrontery to ask for a further contribution from the government’s cold weather pot, set up to help poverty-stricken pensioners with rising fuel costs, to help heat her bloody palaces! God forbid this fantastically wealthy scrounger should actually pay for these things herself. Her personal fortune, including stocks, shares, property, art and so on is estimated at somewhere in the region of £3 billion. (Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000)

    All this at a time when public services, public sector jobs, wages, terms and conditions are being slashed in the most savage round of austerity measures yet seen in modern times. We can’t afford them, you see. We all need to do our bit and make sacrifices because “we’re all in it together”, remember.

    We throw billions of tax pounds at crooked and incompetent bankers, while allowing them to continue enjoying six and seven-figure salaries, bonuses and stock options and then we have these publicly-funded bean-fests of gluttonous and hideously expensive proportions as well. But we can’t afford to let nurses draw the pension they were promised, as part of their legally agreed terms and conditions of employment. Go figure, as the Crown's former colonial subjects might say.

    Meanwhile, just a few miles across the English Channel the French shake their heads in disbelief. The average Brit sneers at the French while they riot, strike and rebel at every injustice and outrage. The average Brit, on the other hand, prefers instead to whine, bitch and sulk that someone may be slightly less badly-off than he is and when someone finally does take action, he condemns those people for doing that which he lacks the guts and integrity to do himself.
    He prefers, instead, to fawn, grovel and scrape at the feet of a corrupt, anti-democratic collective of glorified social security spongers, parasites that the French had the guts to excise centuries ago.

    But it’s not even the money, the inequality, the nauseating display of riches, power and privilege we continue to fund simply due to accidents of birth. It’s the affront to democracy that represents the biggest sin. The Queen and her fellow ermine-clad panhandlers aren’t just some quaint, loveable, eccentric legacy from medieval times. They aren’t powerless and they aren’t harmless. As fellow Saboteur, Nick Margerrison, has noted, they represent and also wield considerable powers, which can be utilised in times of national crisis (for crisis read rebellion, protest, civil disturbance and an uppity peasantry). Via the Royal Prerogative a panoply of special powers exist which can be wheeled out to suspend parliament, implement martial law and snuff out any forces deemed to threaten the existing order. Please don’t delude yourself these powers are merely symbolic; just ask Gough Whitlam…

    Oh, and get this; the Monarch is exempt from prosecution for any offence at all. Ever. Outrageous, disgraceful and absolutely impossible to justify.

    A constitutional, hereditary monarchy, along with an unelected upper chamber which can overrule decisions made by those whom the public has elected, has no place in any country claiming to be a democracy. No place at all; into the dustbin of history with these reactionary worthies and their entire apparatus of class-privilege, patronage and inequality.

    As the Coalition’s vicious ‘Bedroom Tax’ starts to bite, merely another salvo in their ongoing class offensive against the nation’s poorest, will we see the Windsors forced to cough up the extra cash for their unused rooms in their opulent palaces and houses? I’m afraid there’s more chance of waking up tomorrow and discovering unicorns urinating rainbows on your front lawn.

    Apart from anything else, what the hell is wrong with a people who individually and collectively have such little self-respect they’ll happily debase themselves before a collection of maladjusted misfits who only occupy the position they do thanks to centuries of incest, tyranny, murder, thievery and bloodshed?

    And so you can do one of two things; you can continue to be a party to the triumphalist orgy of sickening, sycophantic fawning that celebrates the anti-democratic concept of inherited, unelected, wealth, privilege and power, paid for by us.

    Or you could fight for a future where no one dies alone, cold, starving and homeless on our streets, while a single family of leeches is subsidized to the tune of hundreds of millions, maybe even billions, of pounds every year. A world where the poor are not booted from their homes for the crime of having a spare room and the real benefit scroungers are targeted with the same gleeful spite and callousness as that experienced by the most desperate among us.

    Here's to a better, more humane, more egalitarian, world. A brighter, monarchy-free, future.

    Vive la republique.

  • Queens 90th a good excuse to browbeat the peasants with ever more royalist propaganda and bullshit
  • Imprison the Royal Family and Abolish the Monarchy (From 2013 Gawker which is about to declare bankruptcy over a 'co-ordinated barrage of lawsuits intended to put the company out of business')
  • Power dressing and sprogs on display at royal parasites extended birthday that goes on for months (Humility is never part of the performance)
  • More tacky trinkets and dodgy anarchic names dished out to anyone prepared to kiss the royal arse (The most disgusting face of tyrannical rule)
  • No shortage of guns on display for old royal tyrant at trooping the colour facade while peasants are disarmed to ensure evil regime remains unchallenged (The establishment pushed for gun control despite the fact SHE has a massive arsenal at her disposal, and despite claims of wanting guns off the streets)
  • Royalist BBC claims Queen's 90th birthday: St Paul's service marks Queen's 'faithful devotion' (or decades of her and her freemason mafia thieving with impunity. Any man will know what they do in HER crown run courts. An uncritical controlled media lavishes completely unwarranted praise on her royal bitch)
  • Royal parasites out in force power dressing for their ultra rich gran (Another disgusting display of wealth while the homeless are struggling to find something to eat)
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat's gushing fawning propaganda for the royal despot
  • Harmsworth give it a break with your sickly sweet fawning over an ultra rich royalist despot
  • 'The Royal Family are parasites, they cost us too much'
  • The royal family are parasites and scroungers VIDEO
    No rush to help guardsman who collapsed during royal parasite parade VIDEO
    Who's the creepy old bastard behind Kate at old lizzie's 90th ?

    It's the grand old freemason the Dukey Kent never far away from the old parasites arse
    HRW and Amnesty slam decision to seat UK Queen beside Bahraini king VIDEO
    Royal parasites induce Stockholm Syndrome to ensure peasant loyalty
    The royal parasites use their media to create a form of Stockholm syndrome the psychological phenomenon first described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

    Those enslaved by the royals lackeys show the same empathy and sympathy that hostages show towards their captors. Delusions created by attachment to the very bastards that head the hierarchy's that make sure most of the peasants have the very minimum to survive on and leaves them with no ability to get out of the sink estates that system creates.

    A system that requires huge populations to do all the menial tasks that prop up a totalitarian regime. Those enslaved by the system aren't even aware they are enslaved when it is staring them right in the face. The world's sheeple have been conditioned to accept their fate and to hold those behind their pathetic existence as something to admire and to tug the forelock in appreciation of their dire situation. However lately their control mechanisms have been working overtime as the internet untangles the massive web of deceit they have been getting away with for far to long.

  • The Power behind the Throne (VIDEO)
  • Obama's visit shows the deference American presidents kowtow to the royal parasites and gives them the media platform to brainwash the American royalist sheeple
  • Sickly sweet propaganda about the royal parasites coming out of her compliant media (Unbelievable bullshit being fed to the peasants)
  • UK monarchy the most expensive in Europe (But still grossly underestimating her real worth)(VIDEO)
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Why do the global media still grossly underestimate her true wealth?)
  • Obama back kissing the royal arse on her 90th birthday
  • Obama gets round to kissing all the royals arses
  • Politicians come and go but the Queen gives us a sense of continuity (NEVER ever seen on British council schemes mixing and shaking hands with the peasants. Sick bucket out for the unbridled bullshit coming from her controlled media lackeys)
  • Eton groomed Cameron grovels at the feet of his royalist masters
  • Young Royal Prince William claims 'Duty can weigh you down'(Has he tried a year on welfare?)
  • The freemason controlled BBC is an enormous propaganda tool for the royals paid for by the long suffering peasants
  • Why I won't be wishing the Queen a Happy Birthday - she should be Elizabeth the Last
  • Bizarre mass media royalist propaganda using chocolate Buckingham Palace (ONLY disturbed psychopaths could be behind the promotion of an ultra rich despot)
  • Britain's compliant media peddle royalist bullshit during 90th (A long line of scrounging parasites eating out of her multi-trillion dollar gravy train and the benefits system)
  • UK monarchy most expensive in Europe VIDEO
    Royal parasite Phillip struggles to cosy up to Obama's missus (the gap says it all) VIDEO
    I won't be wishing the Queen a Happy Birthday - she should be Elizabeth the Last
    Creepy face swap

    As Britain's longest reigning monarch turns 90, Kevin Maguire reveals why he won't be gushing with the rest of us (Notice the compliant media still suggest they are talking on behalf of EVERYONE else a psychopathic trait)

    Many happy returns to the 178,000 people celebrating a birthday but please spare me the gush over this embodiment of “something for nothing” in British life.

    The state-orchestrated mass curtsey over our country’s Ruritanian relic will have a jealous Kim Jong-un machine-gunning his Generals, the tinpot tyrant demanding North Korea copy the obsequious propaganda hailing this country’s Dear Monarch who knows little about the lives of her subjects and probably cares even less. Born into privilege and perpetuating privilege, the Queen’s role is to apply a royal gloss to grotesque inequality and greed with Forbes estimating her fortune at £275m. (a widely inaccurate account of her vast wealth see link below for a more accurate figure)

    To legitimise the unfairness of a roll of the DNA dice which condemns many to poverty, others to graft and a lucky few to a golden carriage ride. To deploy deference as a weapon shielding the unearned loot of a ruling class, whether blue bloods or the corporate world’s robber barons. My objection to the kowtowing isn’t the Queen ’s a nasty old lady, cruel to corgis and great-grandchildren.

    Like most Britons, I’ve never met her. I’m unlikely ever to after irritating hubby Phil a while back by ignoring a flunkey’s instruction to bow in Buck House. The happy returns extend to her as one of the 178,000 but the institution she represents belongs to the past and should dumped in the dustbin of history when she’s gone, Elizabeth II also Elizabeth the Last. We should elect our head of state to meet and greet instead of cranky King Charles III being foisted on Britain.

    To be followed by workshy Wills and simpering Kate, the Spencer Matthews and Kim Kardashian of the royal reality show, straining purposefully for the cameras to appear employed on another fabulous junket. I don’t want to live in a Britain represented by hand-me-downs who must think the entire country smells of fresh paint, streets are paved in red carpets and the population waits silently in line to bend the knee or wave a little flag.

    Electing a head of state is fundamental if we’re to call Britain a democracy and finally shake off the feudal family, whether we pick for the job a J K Rowling or, gawd, tax-avoiding billionaire Richard Branson or two-bit politician. We Republicans will be ignored on Betty’s Birthday but the poll finding 17% want to axe the monarchy means there’ll be up to 11million of us silently spending our money face down and grumbling at the telly.

    I admire how the Queen, with her German heritage, and Phil, a Prince of Greece and Denmark, prove migrants integrate successfully in Britain but its time to say goodbye to a Disney production way past its sell-by date with Elizabeth the Last.

  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000
  • The Royal Parasites...Worse Than We Ever Imagined VIDEO
    The History Of England's Crown Jewels (Pomp and ceremony that masks a ruthless regime) VIDEO
    The Power behind the Throne VIDEO
    Royal parasites exposed interfering in government legislation with access to secret government papers VIDEO

  • Royal parasites privy to secret government documents (Queen and Charlie boy intimately involved in the running of government despite claims that is NOT what they are supposed to be doing)
  • Labour demands inquiry into Prince Charles's access to cabinet papers
  • Prince William also receives highly sensitive cabinet papers
  • As citizens we have a right to know how our constitutional monarchy operates (Democracy a farce while a bunch of royal parasites control behind the scenes)
  • Paedo's doing the vilest dirty work for the British royal mafia VIDEO
    ROYAL BABYLON: The Criminal Record Of The British Monarchy VIDEO
    Royals and MPs may give evidence in Westminster abuse probe over claims of connections to paedo gangs

    MPs and royals could be ordered to give evidence over claims they had connections to paedophile gangs, it has been revealed.

    Justice Lowell Goddard, the chairman of the landmark inquiry into historical child sex abuse, said politicians still serving at Parliament could be made to testify. Child abuse allegations against VIPs, the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, schools, local councils and 'certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster' will be among 12 areas for initial scrutiny, she announced. The probe, set to cost up to £100million, will even look at claims the Royal Household was embroiled in the scandal. Members of the Royal Family could be called to give evidence.

    Last month, Prince Charles was forced to deny he interfered in the case against paedophile priest Peter Ball, who was eventually jailed for sexual abuse. Justice Goddard, a New Zeland High Court judge, said the investigation – to begin immediately – would look at allegations involving current and former MPs, plus government officials. The inquiry will look at whether public bodies failed to protect vulnerable youngsters, with councils in Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale all set to be probed.

    The Anglican and Catholic churches and 'certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster' are facing investigation in the independent child abuse inquiry, Judge Goddard said. The New Zealand judge did not name any individuals. The royal family has not been specifically identified as an institution being examined but it is understood it has not been excluded from potentially falling under the scope of the inquiry. It came as the £18 million-a-year probe, which has been beset by delays following the resignation of two previous chairwomen, formally entered its investigative phase.

    One of 12 separate strands set out by Justice Goddard on Friday was an 'objective fact-finding' inquiry into allegations of abuse by 'people of public prominence associated with Westminster'. She added: 'The investigation will focus on high profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former members of parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers, and members of the intelligence and security agencies. 'It will consider allegations of cover--up and conspiracy and will review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations.'

    The inquiry - set up last July following claims of a high-level cover-up of abuse - can compel witnesses to give evidence but is not able to determine criminal or civil liability.

    There are two main categories for the investigations.

    In an 'institution specific' strand failings to protect children in the care or supervision of Lambeth Council in London, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Councils, and Rochdale Council will be examined, along with abuse in the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. The inquiry into Rochdale will focus in part on claims that boys were subject to sexual abuse by individuals including former MP Cyril Smith. Custodial institutions and residential schools in both the private and state sector also face scrutiny.

    The other section concerns a series of 'thematic' investigations into: abuse facilitated by the internet; sexual exploitation of children by organised networks; the protection of children outside the UK; allegations linked to Westminster, and the legal remedies available to victims through the civil justice system. Justice Goddard said the investigations will begin immediately, with all likely to lead to public hearings, with the first preliminary sessions expected to take place in February. She said: 'I am confident that this broad range of investigations will give a voice to victims and survivors who have experienced abuse in a variety of institutional settings or where there may have been institutional failings; and will combine consideration of non-recent allegations of abuse with urgent, contemporary issues of child protection.'

    The judge said running 12 investigations in parallel is 'an organisational challenge that is unprecedented in a public inquiry in the United Kingdom', but added: 'We are determined to succeed and expect the full co-operation of all institutions and individuals who can assist us in our work. 'The scale of child sexual abuse in this country requires urgent and careful attention.'

    The investigations are expected to take between 18 months and several years to complete. Justice Goddard said her aim of the inquiry's work being finished within five years is 'achievable'.

  • What the British Royal parasites Dont' Want YOU To See! Zion King VIDEO

  • The incestuous British royal parasites (Willie and Kate are kissing cousins)
  • The Royal Family The Richest Most Disgusting Evil People On Earth VIDEO

  • Another day of fakery by the British establishment as if they give a fuck about the war dead
  • War memorials disguise freemason symbolism thanks to top mason Sir Edwin Lutyens
  • Top mason Sir Edwin Lutyens judged the selection of Freemasons’ Hall, London architect
  • Top mason Sir Edwin Lutyens designed Washington's British Embassy using a silver-handled Masonic tool to spread mortar
  • Poppy Day: Hypocrisy – In Spades
  • Harmsworth's royalist rag tries to distance the royal parasite from the secret, smug and sinister Privy Council
    Only one arm of the royals vast army of freemasons who encircle the globe corrupting, murdering and abusing with absolute impunity. Makes every other terrorist regime pale with the extent of HER power and control including Hitlers mafia the Gestapo.

    They forget to mention her Loyal Lord Lieutenant and head of the global freemason cult the Duke of Kent in all of their murderous goings on. When vile rags like Harmsworth's Daily Mail start exposing the murky world of the Privy Council you know they have much more to expose about their murderous subterfuge. Labour's new leader Jeremy Corbyn should have immediately refused to have anything to do with this royalist machine that is behind the cover up of how they use blackmail to control.

    They've covered up torture, led us into an illegal war and are now placing the Press under state control. It's time to kill off the shadowy establishment mafia that is the Privy Council

    * Membership of the Council is for life and are appointed by the Queen
    * The Privy Council approved the design and specification for new coinage
    * It has also amended several Acts of Parliament and altered various laws

    Earlier this month, a private ceremony took place at Buckingham Palace. Along with the Queen, four Cabinet ministers were present. All stood, including the 89-year-old monarch. Nothing was reported in the Press, but this obscure group transacted more business than any Cabinet meeting.

    They approved the specification and design for new coinage, including a commemorative £5 coin to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. The secretive group also amended several Acts of Parliament, altering the law of the land on crime, terrorism, education and adoption law. They changed the statutes of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy and gave notice of the ‘discontinuance of burials’ in certain English churchyards.

    It was a routine day in the life of the Privy Council, the government body whose origins are so ancient no historian is certain of when it was founded. Much of its business — such as the issue of university charters and regulation of churchyards — sounds innocent enough. However, I believe that the Privy Council is one of the most sinister organisations in Britain. Significantly, it dates back to the days when the monarch and their advisers could do what they liked, untrammelled by Parliament, the rule of law or the indignities of exposure by the Press.

    Membership of the Council is for life. Appointments are made by the Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. Anyone who is made a Cabinet minister is automatically invited to be a member, and the rest (mostly politicians) include the so-called ‘great and good’ — the Commons Speaker, leaders of all major political parties, archbishops, senior judges and some royals. Through the Privy Council, the monarch possesses several residual powers, including the right to declare war.

    For criminals facing capital punishment in Commonwealth countries (a surprising number of which still have the death penalty), the Privy Council is the final right of appeal. Crucially, too, it is the ultimate repository for the state’s most sensitive secrets and has the power to suppress highly classified information it feels should not be in the public domain. All this would not matter too much if these powers genuinely were in the hands of the Queen, a woman who has been universally trusted and loved during her long and magnificent reign.


    But the Queen does not exercise any of her formal powers. She is obliged by Britain’s unwritten constitution to act only on the advice of her prime minister

    This means that government can use the Privy Council as a tool of clandestine, unaccountable power.

    As a result, prime ministers use the Council to make arbitrary decisions for which they are not accountable or subject to democratic inspection. One shocking example of this abuse concerns Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the Iraq war, instigated in 2009 and expected to deliver its report with a conclusion within two years. The inquiry was set up as a ‘Committee of Privy Councillors’ (though it is independent of the Privy Council office and reports to the prime minister).

    Sir John has now sat for more than six years, with no end in sight. Every day that passes, the inquiry looks more and more like a cover-up. It has, notably, been far too deferential towards witnesses (many of whom are fellow privy councillors).

    This could never have happened if Chilcot’s inquiry had been set up by Parliament rather than on privy council terms. MPs could and would have held Sir John (a Privy Councillor himself, of course) to account for procrastination and failure to ask penetrating questions. Consider also another shaming example: the Privy Council has helped to suppress devastating allegations that the British intelligence services were involved in torture during the so-called ‘War on Terror’ that followed the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. In 2010, David Cameron set up a committee of Privy Councillors to look into these allegations. Five years have passed. The committee discovered nothing material and is now in abeyance.

    What a contrast with the situation in the U.S., a country that came into being in deliberate defiance of the British monarchy and the secretive and ‘quaint’ medieval customs that go with it. In the U.S., a Senate Committee, lead by Dianne Feinstein, mercilessly asked questions of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies and produced a crushing report that revealed the horrific scale of CIA abuses. Yes, the disclosures were terrible, but the very fact that they were published in such detail was a vindication of the U.S. democratic system.

    Had the investigation been carried out on cosy ‘privy council terms’, Senator Feinstein would have got nowhere. The problem is that in Britain, the Privy Council has become the vehicle of a stagnant political elite. Indeed, anyone who wants to know what the British Establishment is really like should inspect the Privy Council.

    It is almost exclusively white, male (12 per cent of members are women) and middle or upper class. It is a murky place, where scurvy deals are struck away from the public eye — a prime example of that very British institution, the old boy network. No wonder a certain type of politician craves membership. No wonder prime ministers have been unable to resist the temptation to use the Privy Council as a source of patronage, something David Cameron has been particularly guilty of.

    For he expanded the size of the Privy Council from 554 in 2010 to a grossly and over-inflated 657 in June. (At the start of the Queen’s reign, membership of the Privy Council stood at fewer than 300.) Far too many recent appointments have been given to the Prime Minister’s cronies, such as the Tory chairman Lord Feldman and the Downing Street Chief of Staff, Ed Llewellyn. Mr Cameron has also arranged for Privy Council status to be offered as a consolation prize to disappointed ministers.

    I now come to the role of the Privy Council in probably the most disgraceful episode in British post-war history. This concerns the British Indian Ocean territory of Diego Garcia in the Chagos Archipelago. In the late Sixties, Britain expelled about 2,000 islanders from their ancestral home in order to make way for a U.S. military base (where it was rumoured to have hosted terrible human rights abuses). As they were fully entitled to do, the Chagossians appealed to the British courts, arguing, not unreasonably, that eviction was illegal. The courts found in their favour and the islanders won the right to return to their homeland.

    This appalled the U.S. government, which successfully exerted heavy pressure on Tony Blair in Downing Street. The unfortunate Chagossians still live in exile, thanks to a decision made in secrecy in 2004. Instead of obeying British law, Mr Blair advised the Queen to use ‘orders in council’ to change the law. As the Lib Dem Lord McNally told fellow peers in the House of Lords in 2009: ‘The shadier part of our constitution, provided by the Privy Council, allowed that decision to be overturned.’

    The case of Diego Garcia is a truly shaming example of how the Privy Council can be used by the British state to take away decisions from Parliamentary control, democratic accountability, the rule of law and the eyes of the Press. These decisions can only be made because the Privy Council is theoretically (though not actually) under the control of the monarch. A more recent example of blatant abuse of the Privy Council concerns Mr Blair’s notorious propagandist Alastair Campbell.

    When Mr Blair was elected prime minister in 1997, he was determined to place Mr Campbell at the heart of government. This in turn meant giving Mr Campbell — a political appointee — the ability to give orders to civil servants. But this meant challenging the traditional, and highly cherished political neutrality of the British civil service. There was only one way that the incoming prime minister could secure these new powers for Campbell. This was by forcing the Queen to authorise special ‘orders in council’, which over- rode constitutional norms. The consequences of this breach in procedure were grave. The integrity of the Downing Street official bureaucracy was compromised.

    Five years later, Mr Campbell had the power and authority to use the government machine as a propaganda tool to sell the case for war with Iraq. The world still lives with the dreadful consequences of that disgraceful episode. This brings me to yet another abuse of the Privy Council: the way it is used as a forum for the exchange of information concerning national security. All opposition leaders have automatically become members of the Privy Council (giving them the right to put the title ‘Right Honourable’ before their name). This means they can be briefed by Whitehall on ‘Privy Council terms’ during international crises.

    In theory, this enables opposition politicians to be better informed. In practice, though, they can be fatally compromised. The classic case concerns the Iraq war, when Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, as a Privy Council member, was briefed on secret intelligence. As we all now know, the material shown to Mr Duncan Smith was based on fabricated claims about the existence of weapons of mass destruction that were not justified by the facts.

    It would have been better for Britain (and the world) if Iain Duncan Smith had never taken up the offer of these special Privy Council briefings and adopted an independent position. Indeed, apart from avoiding an international catastrophe, if the Tories had opposed Blair over Iraq, they could, possibly, have won the subsequent General Election. Undoubtedly, there is a lesson here for Jeremy Corbyn as he ponders whether or not to follow convention and become a Privy Councillor. Corbyn has devoted his life to campaigning against political stitch-ups and official secrecy. He should refuse to join.

    If he took such a stance, he would be vilified and mocked by the Blairite wing of the Labour Party — but let’s not forget that the crimes committed by the British state under Tony Blair have all been hushed up with the complicity of Privy Councillors. More troubling than the Privy Council’s use as a vehicle for patronage is its exploitation by politicians as a weapon to suppress the truth. As David Rogers has shown in his wonderful new book about the Privy Council, it was only in the Sixties that its role as censor of the theatre was abolished.

    The Privy Council also helped to provide the authority for so-called D Notices (Defence Advisory Notices), which prohibit newspapers from publishing sensitive military information. In theory, these D Notices were justified in the name of protecting national security. In practice, they were used just as often to save the Government of the day from political embarrassment. This tradition of using the Privy Council to silence the Press is still very much alive. Next month, it will unveil a new Royal Charter to supervise the regulation of British newspapers.

    This means, effectively, that Britain’s boisterous and unruly newspapers are being placed under state control — thus ending 300 years of Press freedom. As a brilliant and penetrating article by the respected journalist Nick Cohen in this week’s Spectator magazine demonstrates, this Royal Charter has the potential to eradicate investigative reporting in Britain. For the first time, judges will be able to impose exemplary damages against newspapers, most of which can barely afford to fight legal actions anyway.

    Even more insidiously, judges will be able to order a newspaper to pay any claimant’s costs — even if he or she loses their claim. Moreover, I am convinced that the MPs’ expenses scandal would never have come to light had this Royal Charter been in place, for no newspaper could have afforded the legal costs if all the MPs affected had gone to court. Under the new system, the rich and powerful will be able to claim back protections they have not enjoyed for three centuries.

    The Privy Council’s involvement in this disreputable attack on the Press should come as no surprise. It lies at the heart of the British culture of secrecy. It is accountable neither to public nor Parliament. There is no conceivable justification for the continuing existence of this morally bankrupt body, which has been complicit in many of the worst crimes the British state has committed since World War II.

  • New Labour leader Corbyn kisses the royal arse accepting privy council position (The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of Jeremy Corbyn MP as a Member of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council. Establishment immediately gets him onside)

  • Royals told: open archives on family ties to Nazi regime
    Buckingham Palace has been urged to disclose documents that would finally reveal the truth about the relationship between the royal family and the Nazi regime of the 1930s.

    The Sun’s decision to publish footage of the Queen at six or seven years old performing a Nazi salute, held in the royal archives and hitherto unavailable for public viewing, has triggered concerns that the palace has for years sought to suppress the release of damaging material confirming the links between leading royals and the Third Reich.

    Unlike the National Archives, the royal archives, which are known to contain large volumes of correspondence between members of the royal family and Nazi politicians and aristocrats, are not compelled to release material on a regular basis. Now, as that relationship becomes the subject of global debate, historians and MPs have called for the archives to be opened up so that the correspondence can be put into context.

    “The royal family can’t suppress their own history for ever,” said Karina Urbach of the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London. “This is censorship. Censorship is not a democratic value. They have to face their past. I’m coming from a country, Germany, where we all have to face our past.” The Sun was subjected to a backlash on social media, after publishing 80-year-old home movie footage from the grounds of Balmoral Castle, in which a laughing Elizabeth, her mother, Prince Edward (later Edward VIII) and Princess Margaret, were shown making Nazi salutes. Barbara Keeley, Labour MP for Worsley and Eccles South, retweeted a message that read: “Hey @TheSun, if you want to stir up some moral outrage about a misjudgement in history, look a bit closer to home.”

    Many expressed incredulity that the paper had published the actions of a child. But the managing editor, Stig Abell, defended publication. “It is an important and interesting issue, the extent to which the British aristocracy – notably Edward VIII, in this case – in the 1930s, were sympathetic towards fascism,” he said. The paper declined to comment on how it acquired the footage. Legal experts suggested a police investigation was unlikely, especially given the collapse of recent cases in which Sun reporters walked free after being accused of paying public officials for information. “On the face of it, this information has been obtained legitimately and used in accordance with what the newspaper feels is appropriate interest,” said John Cooper, QC.

    “It’s really a question not so much on the law but whether it’s in the public interest for this material to find its way into a newspaper. The public interest in this document being produced is nothing to do with the royal family but how startling it is that in 1933 people were so naive about the evils of Nazism.” Urbach, author of Go-Betweens for Hitler, a new book about the relationship between the royals and the Nazis, has spent years trying to gain access to documents relating to Nazi Germany held in the royal archives. She described the archives, in Windsor Castle’s Round Tower, as “a beautiful place to work but not if you want to work on 20th-century material … you don’t get any access to anything political after 1918”.

    She described seeing shelves of boxes containing material relating to the 1930s that no one is allowed to research. She suggested that much of the archives’ interwar material no longer existed. “We know that after ’45 there was a big cleanup operation,” Urbach said. “The royals were very worried about correspondence resurfacing and so it was destroyed.”

    Helen McCarthy, a historian of modern Britain at Queen Mary University of London, echoed Urbach’s comments, tweeting that “if Royal Archives were more accessible & welcoming to researchers, ‘shock’ discoveries like Sun’s front page could be put in better context”. Historian Alex von Tunzelmann suggested on Twitter that the lack of access to the royal archives for historians and the public “is profoundly undemocratic. We need much greater access. We need to be grown up about it. The history of this country belongs to the public”.

    Paul Flynn, Labour MP for Newport West, a member of parliament’s influential political and constitutional reform committee and a prominent supporter of the recent release of Prince Charles’s confidential memos to politicians, said the royal family needed to allow full access to its archives, including those relating to Germany in the 1930s. “It was a very interesting part of our history, when we had a future king who was flirting with the Nazis and the Blackshirts, and we need to know the truth of it,” Flynn said. “We need more openness. The royals have great influence still. Charles is still the most important lobbyist in the land.”

    The Sun’s decision to publish the 17 seconds of footage, thought to have been shot in 1933 or 1934, has served as an unwelcome reminder for the royal family of its past links to the Nazis. The Queen, then aged six or seven, joins her mother, then Duchess of York, and her uncle Edward, the Prince of Wales, in raising an arm in salute as she plays alongside her younger sister, Princess Margaret. Her mother then raises her arm in the style of a Nazi salute and, after glancing towards her mother, the Queen copies the gesture. Prince Edward is also seen raising his arm. Edward, who abdicated to marry the American socialite Wallis Simpson, faced numerous accusations of being a Nazi sympathiser. The couple were photographed meeting Hitler in Munich in October 1937.

    A palace spokesman said: “It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner.”

  • Images show Queen as child giving Nazi salute (American zionist / royalist media once again interview the royal's henchmen for comment)(VIDEO)
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  • Royal parasite's freemason henchmen threaten legal action over her Nazi salute
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  • Was the royal parasite's Nazi salute filmed by the Queen's own father?
  • Two MPs report same serving Labour politician to police over sex attacks and corruption claims
  • Is THIS the moment Edward forced Mrs Simpson to 'Sieg Heil'?
  • Images show Queen as child giving Nazi salute VIDEO

    American zionist / royalist media once again interview the royal's henchmen for comment

  • Queen Elizabeth filmed performing Nazi salute with uncle Edward VIII in 1933 footage
  • The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came to the British Royal Parasites in 1840

  • Royal parasite's lackeys dupe sheeple into celebrating their enslavers once again VIDEO
    Campaigners demand cuts to British royal parasite's benefit scrounging VIDEO
    £1,000,000 and counting the jet setting royal benefit scrounger

  • FULL ARTICLE HERE (For one of the richest bastards on the planet to get subsidised holidays at the peasants expense shows the tyranny that they claim is some sort of democracy. Meanwhile the peasants line up at foodbanks thanks to their Eton groomed political lackeys imposed austerity)
  • While the peasants struggle under austerity the royal parasite gets massive benefit subsidy to update one of her many palaces (Is this the same country whose media were smearing Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi for their opulent lifestyles?)
  • Richest despot in the world gets publicly funded free luxury private jet travel everywhere the royal parasite wants to visit
  • Royal parasites help themselves to £5 million in public money to swan across the globe
  • How predatory paedo Savile seduced the royals

    As it's claimed he nearly became godfather to Harry, how the predatory DJ wormed his way into the very heart of Palace life.

    Staff at St James’s Palace could hear Jimmy Savile approaching long before they saw him. The jangling of his gold chains and a trailing cloud of cigar smoke announced his arrival.

    Just as with the psychiatric hospitals and prisons where he preyed on the vulnerable, the serial paedophile also had a licence to roam in the Prince of Wales’s London base. After inveigling himself into Charles’s life as a mentor and adviser, Savile was granted unprecedented access across all the royal palaces upstairs and downstairs. The DJ was not just at ease with the Queen’s family, but every bit at home with her servants, too.

    ‘He was in and out of Buckingham Palace,’ recalls a footman. ‘He would often ask if there was any gossip about the royals, and when you look back, maybe he was building up information which would be useful to him if he ever needed leverage. Lots of people were taken in by his fame, which he used to get people to open up to him. I never heard tales of any sexual abuse, but it was perfectly normal to see him with an arm round the young housemaids and other female servants. ‘We were all taken in by him, and thinking back on it now is frightening.’

    Indeed it is. This week an uncomfortable spotlight has been shone on those royal links Savile so assiduously cultivated, thanks to the devastating new play, An Audience With Jimmy Savile, in which the broadcaster is chillingly brought to life by the impressionist Alistair McGowan. The play chooses to highlight the connections between Savile and Charles, and the way the Prince was deluded by the TV presenter’s phoney man-of-the-people bonhomie. But Savile did not confine himself to one royal. Prince Andrew was called on to help in an episode of Jim’ll Fix It when an eight-year-old girl asked to visit a warship.

    The Naval officer Prince was her host on his minehunter, HMS Cottesmore. Princess Anne was similarly obliging on another episode of the Saturday night programme, while Prince Philip was leant on to help a fundraising drive for the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire. Savile persuaded the Duke of Edinburgh’s office to send a letter signed by Philip, thanking a millionaire businessman for offering his services to the unit, even though the help had not yet been secured. The letter sealed the deal. No royal was safe from his sinister embrace.

    Even the Queen couldn’t resist his charm — or so he liked to claim — telling one interviewer: ‘She thinks I’m odd.’ Savile, of course, meant odd in an amusing way, but perhaps the Queen was simply being perceptive. Quite how much she knew of his traipsing around with her domestic staff is not clear. But on one occasion in the late 1980s, he turned up at a drunken Christmas party where apparently punches were thrown. It didn’t involve Savile, but he later went to bizarre lengths to deny he had been there, threatening a journalist with violence if he dared report it. However, it was the patronage of Prince Charles which was to provide him with his passport to the royal household, and to weasel his way into the circle of one royal after another.

    Savile was so close to Charles that not only did he advise on the appointment of a senior aide, but also sacked another figure because, I was told, the Prince didn’t have the stomach to do it himself. Astriking indication of Savile’s reach — and the Prince’s questionable judgment — came in 1990 when Charles asked him for advice before choosing Major-General Sir Christopher Airy to be his private secretary. Savile and Charles then met Airy before he was offered the post.

    Around that time, Savile took it upon himself to deliver the coup de grace to another prominent aide who had fallen under royal disapproval. Princess Diana insisted to me that Savile did the firing because ‘my husband couldn’t bear to’. Unlike Charles, Diana was suspicious of Savile, the only man the Prince permitted to smoke in his home. ‘She was wary because she worked out that he was using the royals for his own publicity,’ the Princess’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe tells me. He was tolerated, however.

    ‘He would turn up unannounced at Kensington Palace,’ recalls Wharfe. ‘He would bamboozle the police on the gate and just breeze in. He would tell Diana he was on a mission “from the boss”, in other words her husband, but he just wanted to check up on her.’ He even arrived out of the blue during a walkabout the Princess was doing in Leeds. ‘He wasn’t meant to be there and we didn’t want him there, but there he was,’ says the ex-policeman. ‘He turned it into a Jimmy Savile visit. She was right to keep him at arm’s length.’ Later, Diana herself told me she had always found Savile ‘creepy’. She said that she had once recoiled from him when he went to greet her with a kiss to her hand, but had instead licked it.

    When the infamous ‘Squidgygate’ tape was published in 1992, Savile’s name came up. In the conversation between the Princess and Lotus cars executive James Gilbey, Diana was recorded saying: ‘Jimmy Savile rang me up yesterday, and he said: “I’m just ringing up, my girl, to tell you His Nibs [Charles] has asked me to come to help out the redhead [Fergie], and I’m just letting you know so that you don’t find out through her or him. And I hope it’s all right by you.” And I said: “Jimmy, you do what you like.” ’ Diana explains to Gilbey that this was to do with the Duchess of York’s poor public image. Diana went on: ‘He said: “You can’t change a lame duck — or something — but I’ve got to talk to her ’cos that’s the boss’s orders and I’ve got to carry them out. But I want you to know that you’re my number one girl.’ The Princess then describes Savile as a ‘sort of mentor’ to Charles.

    This week, the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column suggested that in 1984 Charles had included Savile’s name on a list of potential godparents for Prince Harry. The eccentric suggestion was said to have reduced Charles’s private secretary, Sir Edward Adeane, a stiff courtier of the tweed-and-tradition set, to a state of bemusement. He was found wandering in a dazed state at St James’s by a friend from the Lord Chamberlain’s office, who sat him down with a stiff drink. Subsequently Adeane sought advice from Sir Alastair Aird, the Queen Mother’s comptroller. Aird assured him the matter would be ‘dealt with’. Whether Diana would have countenanced Savile’s proximity to her son seems highly unlikely.

    And, sure enough, when Harry’s godparents were announced, there was no mention of Savile. Instead the Prince and Princess had opted for reliability, choosing Prince Andrew, the painter Bryan Organ and the Berkshire landowner Gerald Ward. At that point, however, Savile was not the omnipresent figure he had become by the end of the decade. ‘Like the Fool in King Lear, he was allowed to say things to Prince Charles that other courtiers were not,’ Diana’s former private secretary Patrick Jephson told me. On one occasion, Charles was getting tetchy because the royal train was running late. Savile, who was with him, asked: ‘What do you want me to do? Shoot the station master?’

    He used the same easy familiarity to persuade staff to let him come and go as he pleased at St James’s Palace. Dickie Arbiter, who handled media relations for the Prince and Princess of Wales, said Savile’s presence was deeply uncomfortable. ‘He would walk into the office and do the rounds of the young ladies, taking their hands and rubbing his lips all the way up their arms if they were in short sleeves,’ he recalled. ‘His bottom lip would curl out and he would run it up their arms.’ And because Savile had the run of Stoke Mandeville, Broadmoor and other hospitals, Charles believed him to be an obvious person to tap for advice on Britain’s health authorities.

    But health chiefs were said to have been ‘gobsmacked’ to arrive for a meeting at Highgrove to find Savile at the table. He apparently threatened the officials after the Prince left, saying making them unhappy could cost the officials a knighthood. Savile was a guest at Charles’s 40th birthday party at Buckingham Palace in 1988, and at his 50th. When Charles received a gift of a box of Cohiba cigars from Fidel Castro, he passed them on to Savile. Later still, on Savile’s 80th birthday, Charles despatched another box of cigars, together with a pair of gold cufflinks and a note that bizarrely read: ‘Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.’

    Reading that again today in the light of Savile’s appalling sexual aggression, Charles must surely cringe with embarrassment. You might argue that Savile took in the Establishment and the BBC with equal cunning. But there is something about the heir to the throne being so utterly gulled — and, in turn, giving Savile carte blanche to grease up to the rest of the Royal Family — that is truly disturbing. No wonder the backers of An Audience With Jimmy Savile are making no plans for a royal command performance.

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