Comments on an article written by one of the Queen's henchmen Sir David Hare

The monarchy is the symbol of greed and class division - it is telling that the queen has chosen to put on a vulgar display of her diamonds for the Jubilee at a time when many families are suffering a decline in their living standards - she is rubbing the noses of the poor in her great wealth - she could have decided to auction these jewels to be used to provide food and shelter for 'her' dispossessed rather than put them on display for the peasants to gawp at


What the Queen has taught us then is that to succeed in the Great Britain you just need to get your feet under the table, dig in and just wave at the oiks.


But, the Royal Family are at the very centre or should one say, Apex, of the great stink!


Republicanism, unlike Monarchism, is a coherent and rational political principal. It doesn't rely on publicity, fawning sycophancy, or vested interests to keep it afloat.
I think David Hare should have made his Knighthood clear to readers; it's salient to his point of view.


To put on this display of ostentatiousness in the middle of the most difficult times most of us have ever had shows a determination and steeliness last seen in the emperors of the East. To help this along never has a nation been so grovelling since those days either.


We are grateful that there is one British citizen who is not at the mercy of market forces and shameless profiteering

Definitely one of the funniest, most ridiculous things I've read about Betty von Windsor this week.


Monarchs were hired to maintain mercantile capitalism back in 1689, that is what the Civil List is, their signing on fee from the Premier League of Aristocracy then running across Europe. They are completely based on market forces. We dont even have a constitution with which we could get rid of them like Europeans have been doing since 1789.


Four more days of this shit and then, hopefully, we can return to normal. Even articles pretending the Olympics aren't shit are an improvement on the constant fawning to a woman who has done nothing for this country other than take our money and reinforce the notion that we are inferior to her and her ilk by accident of birth.


Possibly the abolition of such feudal relics as knighthoods - Sir David.


Everybody's favourite rich German granny, then!


Royalty is one of the greatest problems affecting the UK. Whilst few can join "the firm" - and only then via marriage - there are plenty on the gravy train of getting as close as they can be with their little awards for doing bugger all, for doing a job like anyone else, for being one of those dirty politicians, all validated by minor awards to the truly brave and the truly deserving. It's time all this bollocks was dumped and put into history books for our grandchildren to laugh at when they read of such idiotic occasions as this weekend.


Reading out a Queen's speech that heralded the demise of the NHS, legal aid. benefits for the disabled and crippling austerity for most of her subjects should have stuck in her throat. It didn't.
That's all we need to know. She'll be looking out of the window at us starving proles and telling us it's our own fault - just like Gideon and Dave.


As the oh so accurately lampooned PR person in that brilliant satire on the forthcoming five rings event '2012' suggested, the Jubilympics are upon us. Four days of fierce lickspittle arse licking and fawning from a huge cast of usual suspects replete with 24/7 wall to wall coverage of Mrs Saxe-Cobourg wearing a different pastel shade hat each day. We may be absolute shite in every other department but we are world leaders in national delusion and debasement when it comes to Royalty


If I had a personal fortune of £300+ million derived from inherited wealth and had led a life of unbridled luxury due to an accident of birth I dare say I'd be above market forces too. It's hardly a strength though is it?


If the queen is as popular as the media seems to think (and apparently it's increasingly necessary to tell us, this). Then an awful lot of people I meet seem to be keeping their love of royalty firmly hidden.


If it is to wondered at. As to why the British population,in this modern day and age. Still live in legal subjugation to a monarchy. Without a written constitution,or the legal rights of citizenship.
Well wonder no more. For it is the likes of David Hare. That will perpetuate this absurdity ad nausum.


We're told British quality journalism is the best in the world. But when was the last time any journo asked the Queen or her feckless offspring the kind of question they ask tinpot foreign dictators? "How come you live in 7 huge houses, while people in your own country cannot feed their families or heat their homes?"
Instead we get obsequious stuff like "why do people love you so much, maam" or "tell us about your great work for charity, sir". They know they'd get the sack and never work again if they did anything but toe the official line. And none of them will actually put principles above their job.

These journos go to North Korea, comment on the carefully choreographed tribute parades to the unelected leader and the creepy way every member of the public you talk to has nothing but total love and admiration for him. And then come back to blighty and they cannot stop themselves pouring out the same old crap about 'her maj'. Hypocrites.


She's the veneer of entrenched capitalism that is capitalism and privileged hierarchy based on wealth.The nauseating stench of brown nosed sycophancy from the ownership of media makes a mockery of democratic equality.


Sadly, it's not given that it's already successfully imposed itself on us for centuries. And we still pay taxes for it. And we still celebrate it. And even the author above who dares to write the slightest, meekest of criticisms of the monarchy, has the brass-necked hypocrisy to do so after having accepted a knighthood. Stink indeed.


Well Ive had a couple of bucks fizzes and I can think of the perfect socialist expression f*ck off you right wing tosser :)

PS I think royalty is an risible wealth-sucking set of backward pillocks , servilely pampered by dingbats like you but my next door neighbour has invited me to her party so I will go and be a hypocritical champagne socialist! :)


Sorry David, but you've lost the plot there.

The Queen, as distinct from Mrs Elizabeth Windsor, is an imaginary construct. She's a bit like the queen in Jean Genet's 'Le Balcon', sitting in an imaginary room, embroidering an imaginary robe.
And that construct is used knowingly by the ruling class to perpetuate the magnificent myth (to use Plato's term) that we are somehow 'all in this together', united by some 'sameness' that sets us apart from 'others'.

That's why earlier attempts by the royals to become 'one of us' (the ill-judged 'It's A Royal Knockout' being a prime example) were doomed to failure.
Popular affection for the royal family exists only to the extent that they remain a blank canvas on which we plebs can embroider our sentimental fantasies of togetherness, solidarity, and decency.


If the BBC was balanced and unbiased, as it purports to be, then where is the coverage or representation of the views of the millions of republicans in this country, as we are being force-fed the syrup of an elitist, Monarchist agenda? Indeed, where is that balance in the Guardian?

I find the fawning establishment and the vulgar displays of monetary excess simply gross, while people struggle to make ends meet, while the banksters continue to gloat and demand austerity measures for the rest, while the environment continues to burn and governments continue to pursue war as a means to secure their hegemony: this is the world the 'Queen' - the world's largest land owner, presides over, this is the reality of her 'reign'. Yet she clearly believes in maintaining this status quo, indeed she is a figurehead for it. With vast, vast wealth, and the legalised control of millions of her 'subjects', she is an intrinsic part of Johnny Rotten's 'fascist regime'.

Step down your 'majesty', surrender your rights and land to the people of this world, make a positive difference that is lasting and meaningful, towards peace and prosperity for all, then I will salute you. until then I say fuck the jubilee, and fuck the corporate fascist olympics.

    power dress

    When God said let there be no kings or queens

    Peter Wilby rightly criticises the BBC and press for non-stop glorification of the royals and their virtual gag on republicans (Forget the jubilee. Let's have a party for the Magna Carta, 28 May). So who will make a case for a republic? I say Christians should do so. The Old Testament records that God warned his people not to have a king. Jesus refused pressure to be an earthly king and, in my bible reading today, I came across his instruction not to lord it over others but to be servants. Christians should be calling for a republic characterised by democracy, sharing and service – all of which are inconsistent with an unelected, grossly rich and elitist monarchy.

    Bob Holman, Glasgow

    • Peter Wilby highlights the requirement by MPs, judges, magistrates, police, armed forces and privy councillors to swear an oath of allegiance. I recently retired after 32 years as a member of industrial and employment tribunals, which a law change has now brought under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. I was suddenly required, after 31 years in office, to swear an oath of allegiance to Elizabeth Windsor and all her heirs and successors. If I did not take the oath, no more tribunal sittings would be allocated to me. This shows the establishment means every word of the oath and that republicans have no right to serve the community in such posts. I fail to understand why, after long, non-partisan service, I was then required to become partisan on behalf of an unelected, elderly woman.

    John Geleit, Epsom, Surrey


    The ruling mafia have, for centuries, used power dressing and tacky adornments to try and separate themselves out from the peasants. Their judicial lackeys, army generals and a myriad of masonic henchmen all dress in the same garb. But you cannot improve a turd by dressing it up in regalia and that is precisely what the Royal scum are now failing to realise that all their tacky garb does NOT impress the public who are looking on with growing disdain at their pathetic attempt to remain steeped in their former glory.

    There is hardly a week goes by when the royal parasite or her parasitic offspring are handing out the most vile tat as some sort of reward for loyalty or worse lives being lost in their wars . The media have aided and abetted the hype that convinces the SHEEPLE that a bit of metal with a ribbon attached is some sort of mark of importance and worthy of the continuing deference that we are required to show to the most evil family on the planet.

    Most of their deadly exploits are well covered up and third parties used to get rid of dissenters in the most vile manner well away from the camera's that wont catch the psychiatric lackeys who defile and murder under the mental health act with impunity. The media are complicit with the murderous past of the Royal mafia and avoid at all cost any bad publicity that would tarnish the royal arse.

    Young men, who gave their lives or limbs in their wars, are left homeless and penniless with only a tacky medal to show for their misfortune. No decent homes or pensions just kicked onto the streets after they are used and abused by the royal military mafia who are totally controlled by the establishment and one of the few countries that have failed to overthrow the most vile despotic regime on the planet.

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  • Harmsworth's lunatic royalist rag DM quote "Prince Philip in his splendid array of medals and finery as the Queen spoke"
  • Exposing The Royal parasites
    parasites unite

    The King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa al Shitbag, and Swaziland's King Kong M’Twatsi Bongo Jaffacake III are among a group of controversial monarchs with worse human rights and wrongs records than Caligula, Atilla the Hun, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Joseph Kony and Ratty Mladic combined that were invited to attend the Royal Parasites’ Jubilee Parade and lunchtime banquet nosh being hosted by Queen Lizzie at Windsor Caatle on Friday.

    This extravagant noontime Lucullan feast was to be followed by yet another bacchanalian nose-bagging session in the evening at Buck’s Palace, hosted by the Plant Whispering Prince Chazzer and his chain-smoking troll of a missus, Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole. Also in attendance were Prince Willy and Kate Middleclass, along with Prince Harry Hewitt, the ginger-mingin Royal Cuckoo, and the influence-peddling Duke of York, accompanied by his piranha-toothed daughters, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – aka the Ugly Slapper Sisters.

    However anti-monarchist protesters and human rights activists were unanimous in voicing their opinions of condemnation at such an ostentatious display of profligate splendour when the peasantry of Broken Britain have the Libservative Coalition government’s ‘austerity measures’ jackboot on the backs of their necks – and collectively informed one press hack from the Spendthrifts Gazette that the invitations were a shocking misjudgement which served to illustrate how truly Queen Lizzie was out of touch with her own masses and the humanitarian values of the nation’s unemployed proletariat – aka the 99% ‘have not’s’. Baz McSkanger, director of the Twat-Watch charity told the media "Invitin’ a bunch of blood-stained despots an’ cannibals ter a semi-civilised place like the UK an’ Windsor Castle brings shame ter the institution of the effin’ monarchy an’ tarnishes the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It’s a kick in the fuckin’ teeth fer pro-democracy campaigners an’ political prisoners in the dungeons and torture chambers of these totalitarian regimes wot’s getting water-boarded an’ their fingernails pulled out every fuckin’ week – the old Abu Ghraib manicure.” “Wot’s more, it adds insult ter injury when yer got the Queen’s invitation juxtaposed wiv the hypocrisy of supplyin’ the psycho Bahrain Plod Squad’s thugs wiv arms wot sends an effin’ message that the British monarchy approves of human rights abuses – which is nowt new, either.”

    On Thursday, former Foreign Office Minister Sir Dinsdale Armitage-Shanks, the incumbent Tory MP for Old Scrotum, criticised Bahrain for the arrest, torture and extra-judicial murders of thousands of its own people since the Western- conspired Arab Spring ‘regime change’ revolts kicked off in 2011. "For too long has Britain maintained this hypocrisy of condemning human rights and wrongs abuses by the Third World fascist regimes of raghead monarchs while making great and profitable industry by supplying these homicidal maniacs with lethal arms and the essential tools to expedite the savage repression of their disaffected and marginalised peasant classes.” “We have turned a blind eye to this culture of repression carried out under the rule of royals across the expanse of Greater Arabia and the Foreign Office’s Minister, this pro-Zionist clot Willy Vague, should be protecting Broken Britain’s Monarch rather than expose her to a most compromising situation where she has to sit down and break bread and sup with a bunch of dodgy despots and dictators."

    Meanwhile, a group of UK-based Swazilander gollies protested outside the Savoy hotel, in London, where career kleptomaniac King Kong M’Twatsi Bongo Jaffacake III - who is widely accused of profligate spending while his people live in abject poverty - is shacked up on the entire top floor and the £10,000 quid per day penthouse suite with his entourage and harem of 300 concubines. The King is rated by Forbes magazine as the world's 15th richest monarch and worth what banksters refer to as ‘lots and lots of money’. Bahrain besides, the royal barbarians of Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait are also attending the banquet in their best tea towels, duvet covers and flip flops – and whose presence has been protested by Amnesty international that, along with WickedLeaks, highlighted the human rights abuses in all of the fascist-governed shitholes as the authorities there crack down on demonstrators and reformists – with any form of protest being labelled ‘domestic terrorism’ - a ‘capital criminal offence’ under the statutes of their draconian Dark Ages Sharia laws. Meanwhile, the slack-arsed Queen Sofia of Spain will not be attending due suffering a fit of pique over a dispute concerning fishing rights off Gibraltar, a UK territory that Spain also claims. Likewise her wastrel scumbag of a husband, King Juan Carlos, has declined an invitation, using the piss poor excuse he is recovering from a broken hip sustained when he fell over a darkie gopher while pissed out of his head on a tax-payer funded safari in Botswana – when the real reason lies in the fact the Spics have a super cob-on over Gibraltar – plus they’re still hurting over the British sinking their Armada back in 1588.

    The brouhaha incited by this parade of Divine Right regal embarrassments besides, King N’Kunta Chuckabutty of Sao Tome arrived in Windsor riding on an elephant and presented QE2 with a McDonald’s chew n spew burger bag full of conflict diamonds - plus two sacks of free trade bananas – the traditional gift of homage. The grossly obese and bulimia-beating King Tofu Walla-Walla Porkchop of Tonga arrived earlier in the week with an equally-corpulent entourage - and his personal throne designed by Vosper-Thornycroft Shipyards and built by Tata Iron and Steelworks of Mumbai, to accommodate his 300 kilo lardy arse.

    Also in attendance for the Windsor luncheon treat is batshit bonkers Datu Ratu Tatu of Johor in Malaysia, who has been formally requested not to repeat his customary party piece trick of beating erring servants to death with a #7 iron golf club, then driving the state limo into the swimming pool. The Regal Heads of State will be entertained during their repast by the choir of Windsor’s St Sodom’s Church for Latter Day Catamites.

    Windsor Castle Banquet Hall Lunch Menu:

    Starters: Merits Royal Hampton Peasant Bone and Sorrell Soup.

    Windsor Court Salad of English Landfill Site Watercress, with Avocado and Tomato and a Seal Vomit Dressing.

    Entree: Sirloin of Platypus Flambée with chives; Pickled Baby Grey Whale Tongues; Dodo Eggs Benedict; Snow Leopard’s Testicles in Aspic; Walrus Kidney’s Devilled; Roasted Black Swan in Fragrant Herbs served with Duchesse Potatoes and Carrots Royale; Aardvark’s Eyeballs with a Blue Cheese Dressing; Choirboy’s Sphincter stuffed with Chestnuts; Lark’s Hearts encased in Puff Pastry with a Butter and Chive Sauce.

    Dessert: Freemasons Paedophile Delight of Virgin’s Maidenheads steeped in Kirsch - or Cherry Royale Mousse al la Vanilla Harlot in a Chocolate Cup Drizzled with the Fresh Blood of Kidnapped Palestinian Children.

    Coffee and Petits Fours, followed by Napoleon Brandy and Cohiba Siglo VI Cigars (rolled on the thighs of 12-year old Cuban whores).

    The full Royal guest list for QE2’s Jubilee lunch:

    King Willy Dingbat Billabong of Wallamaroo, representing the Aboriginal Ayers Rock contingent of Australian nobility; HM King Mohammed al Shit of Bahrain; HRH Princess Mingeeter Dildodo (Bahrain); HM Leo the Leper, King of The Belgians; HM Queen Fellattia of The Belgians; HM The Snotty Sultan and Yang Di-Pussylips of Brunei along with HM Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Cock Gobbler – aka ‘Wife Number Two; HM King Slimy Simeon II of the Vulgar Bulgs; HM Queen Margaritaville of the Bulgarians; HM Queen Slutsky II of Denmark; HRH The Prince Consort Bunghole (Denmark); HM King Flatbroke of the Greek Hellenes; HM King Twatty-Twatty of Bongoland; HM Queen Anne Sucknswallow of the Hellenes; HM The Glow in the Dark Emperor of Japan; HM Sue Doku Empress of Japan; HM King Manuke Khara of the Hashemshite Kingdom of Jordan; HM Queen Sharmuta of the Hashemshite Kingdom of Jordan; HM Emperor Highly Unlikely of Ethiopia; HH King Ibn Zamel of Kuwait; HM Sheikh Well Before Using; HM King Jabba the Hutu of Rwanda; HM Queen Seiko Stopwatch of Lesotho; HSH Prince Hans-n Feet II of Shittenstein; HRH Walbert the Dog Wanker, Grand Duke of Luxembourg; HRH Sapphie The Grand Dog Wankeress of Luxembourg; HM Bumi Putra ibn Himar of Malaysia; HM Sheikh Fizzy Al-Kaseltzer of Yemen; HM Seri Shopping Bag Perma-wave of Malaysia;

    HSH Prince Porsche Brum-Brum of Monaco; HRH Princess Sucko Gamerouche of Morocco; HM Queen Beatrix Godermiche of the Netherlands; HM, Quisling the Tenth, King of Norway; HM Queen Quislinga of Norway; HH Sodom al Arsehole bin Fat Git, Emir of the State of Qatar; HM King Gustav the Pikey of Romania; HM Queen Pikeska of Romania; HRH Prince Mohammed bin Bala’a il A’air of Saudi Arabia; HM King O’Dinga Greedy Kunt of FuzzyWuzzyland; HM Turnip, King of Sweden; HM Turnippa, Queen of Sweden; HRH Twatdunk Foreskin, Crown Prince of Thailand; HRH Princess Slapperatti of Thailand; HRH Guido Corruptioni, Duke of Milan; HM King Donga of Tonga; HM Queen Bonga of Tonga; HH Shitbag al Greedo, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; HRH Yoghourt, Crown Prince of Yoghourtslavia.

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    elizabeth karadjordjevic
    HRH Princess Elizabeth Karadjordjevic
    Grand Patron of the Order and Patron of the Fleur de Lys Foundation
    atlantic council
  • The Atlantic Council(another NWO group) kiss the royal parasite's arse
    After the tories fall on their backsides during the recent local elections the media almost immediately talk up Labour as the only alternative to a system of government that has been so patently flawed the rich and ONLY the rich are assured the ongoing protection of the political lackeys that masquerade as some sort of force for good. That is despite the fact they are all controlled via the Duke of Kent and his freemason thugs out of the satanic UGLE United Grand Lodge of England who ensure NO OTHER party will get the level of promotion and publicity that dupes the SHEEPLE into believing their vote will make one iota of difference.

    When the leaders of the major political parties are all controlled by the same despot there is NOT a hope in hell of creating a political system that assures JUSTICE AND EQUALITY for all, when the rich backers of the scumbags we have little option to vote for , time and again create the policies that have turned millionaires into billionaires and with a New World Order agenda that is turning the billionaires into trillionaires. All of it on the back of vile propaganda that suggests there is no money while the ultra rich get richer by the day on the lies and deceit promoted by a mass media run by the press barons who are all lackeys of the royal parasitic mafia hell bent on destroying anything that dares challenge their evil reign of power and control, but only if we let 'em.

  • Closing in on the Real Scroungers
    Ultimately Diana may have been murdered because she wanted a loving marriage. She found no real men within the British Monarchy.

    by David Sinclair (henrymakow.com)

    On 10th April 2012, Queen Elizabeth 2 bestowed on Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, the highest honour: Dame of the Highest Order of the Victorian Cross - for Services to the British Monarchy. In normal circumstances this award is reserved for acts of heroism in the Armed Forces. In this case, it means that Camilla, unlike Diana, has fully passed the Monarchy test - and is free - like Prince Charles - to do as she pleases.

    She is now equal to Charles and the Queen in their personal lives. Diana was never prepared to accept that situation - because she was horrified by what she saw from the inside. She was a Natural Woman who sought her equal in a Real Man. For as long as Monarchy has existed - sex has been a key to the upper layer of royals. Ruling monarchs can do as they please in sexual terms and bisexual behavior has been prevalent for all time. Centuries ago, brides could be as young as two-yrs-old! The catalog of European facts is shocking. Anyone who 'pleases' a major royal sexually will be honored. Many members of the Pop Industry have enjoyed honors for that reason only. Diana hoped to break the mold. That proved to be fatal. She found no Real Men within British Monarchy.

    The first Real Man she did find was the first to be suspiciously killed off - in another motoring accident - as a warning - to Diana. She was convinced of that and those who know the bigger picture are also convinced of it. He was Barry Mannakee who was once her personal Bodyguard. He also saw what went on first-hand and sympathized with Diana's plight. That was not approved. Barry was taken off duty to Diana and put with MI-6 Security. While on a motorbike mission, a very odd accident was set up.

    That also involved a Fiat Uno. From all accounts - the motorbike on which Barry was riding - suddenly became erratic - as did the Fiat Uno - as if electrical interference was disturbing his vehicle's electrics and a skid and crash took place in which he was killed. It all happened like clockwork - and got the desired message to Diana - of fear and terror. Some time later - a copycat accident was set up for Diana herself on the Cromwell Road, London again with a Fiat Uno involved. That was 22nd March 1996 - the year before her third and final fatal experience.

    Diana was under extreme pressures to keep silent about insider royals. She was prepared to do that - to help her retain rights as Mother to her sons. She had Paul Burrell the Butler to share her secrets with - which acted as a buffer for her. However, Burrell wasn't always absolutely confidential. Certain menace merchants wanted to get rid of her altogether including top Church of England officials. They made no secret of it either. They began a very nasty smear campaign questioning her sanity. However, it didn't convince the British public who knew the real monarchy and insiders only too well.

    This was a source of outrage to the Monarchy - so the assassination strategy evolved. Diana was scared. Centuries ago, they could just have executed her - so whatever happened would have to be subtle - as per the two crash warnings she had received. Diana knew Camilla was the reason. Camilla was a senior female to Prince Charles - she had first rights - over Diana.

    Even her husband , Andrew Parker-Bowles had to defer to her and Charles. He had no say in whether - or when - they could disappear for sex sessions - even though he was her husband and had children by her. Andrew had been a senior security guard for Charles. Monarchs have these privileges - they can take who they want. It is barbaric in modern terms such as Diana understood.


    On the eve of Diana's marriage to Charles, Camilla left a note on Diana's bed telling her what days she would be allowed access to Charles. Diana spent that night alone - whilst he went to Camilla - as Camilla requested. This scene from a horror movie was reality for Diana. In 2-12, UK press reported that Camilla and Charles spend most of their time apart. She said she prefers her old life in her old house. She complained about Charles' very bad moods and verbal sniping. He has male friends.

    One of those is Tony Blair. With Camilla as his new wife, he felt less free to be - free. However, now that she has proved herself - she has royal seal of approval to move out and do as she pleases whilst keeping up the 'united' front for press - with no threat to Charles. Charles and Blair are open supporters of Islam. In fact, they are very clear about that. They both want one religion - and hope to define that for the Earth. This is despite Blair having converted to Catholicism. He reads his copy of Q'uran every single day. Their patronage of Islam has raised very major concerns amongst UK people and press. Followers of Islam in UK have realized outrageous powers and that is creating unrest. Consequently, Diana had wanted to prove that the two different religions could live well together - as real people - and sealed her allegiance with Al Fayeds on that. Dodi Al-Fayed was a real man.

    The Establishment wanted their own way - with no success for Diana and no future access to her own children. They could not risk her being active anywhere-especially America, where she planned to live. Diana became a Martyr for the Real Man. She is remembered for that. When Paul Burrell looked likely to spill the beans on insider reality and facts he also knew about the sex-ploits of bisexual persons - he came under a life threatening situation. Diana had left him some memorabilia in her Will. The Queen accused him of stealing them and he landed in High Court where he could have been imprisoned for many long years. Once they had sealed his silence and made their point - at the eleventh hour - literally- as he stood in the Dock awaiting judgements - the Queen changed her story - to acknowledge that he had agreed to be lip stitched. It was a tense moment. His family were threatened too.


    The royals have been extremely angry that Diana is still so missed. Her name is forbidden to be mentioned within their private circles. Camilla is and was duly rewarded. She can do whatever she wants now and anyone who dares expose her will be dealt with like Diana. It is very prehistoric.

    Now UK boys are being groomed and pressured into believing that all men are gay really - but just don't understand that and won't admit that. You can't succeed in government, business or entertainment unless you sign on to this agenda. Diana separated on all of that. She hoped to protect her Sons from it too. She will always be remembered as a real warrior for the Right to be NATURAL in your chosen inclinations - by personal choice. She will always be missed.


    The Sex Pistols, the punk rock band famous for their anti-establishment antics, are to re-release their classic anthem God Save the Queen to coincide with the jubilee celebrations this summer.

    The song, widely regarded as an attack on the monarchy with lyrics equating the Queen with a “fascist regime”, is expected to be released in the final week of May, in a bid to top the charts over the Diamond Jubilee weekend at the beginning of June. The move means the single is likely to go head to head in the charts with a special Diamond Jubilee song to be written by the pop singer Gary Barlow and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, which will be performed at a concert for the Queen outside Buckingham Palace on June 4. Originally released on May 27 1977, ahead of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, the single, which featured a defaced image of the Queen on the cover, sparked widespread controversy and was banned by the BBC and the Independent Broadcasting Authority which regulated commercial television and radio and independent radio.

    Many major record chains also refused to stock the single, which featured the lyrics “God save the Queen/she aint no human being,” and “our figurehead/is not what she seems,” sung by the band’s front man, John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten. Despite being banned for sale from HMV and Woolworths, and being denied Radio 1 air time, the record sold more than 150,000 copies and reached number two in the charts, behind Rod Stewart’s I Don’t Want to Talk About It/The First Cut is the Deepest. Speculation has persisted that God Save the Queen was the biggest-selling single at the time but was kept off the number one spot to avoid offending the Queen.

    On June 7 1977, during the Silver Jubilee celebrations, The Sex Pistols performed the song aboard a boat named The Queen Elizabeth as it sailed down the Thames, past the Houses of Parliament, in a gesture mocking the Queen’s river procession that followed two days later. When the boat docked, several members of the band and their entourage were arrested. The single was later described by a music critic as the “greatest outbreak of pop-based moral pandemonium”. Earlier this year, The Sex Pistols signed a deal with Universal Music for the world rights, excluding North America, to the band’s back catalogue.

    Their only album Never Mind the B******* Here’s the Sex Pistols which also features the singles Anarchy in the UK and Pretty Vacant will be re-released later this year to commemorate its 35th anniversary. When it was first released in 1977, the band and their record label, Virgin, then owned by Sir Richard Branson, faced legal action over the allegedly “obscene” name of the album. The case was dismissed after John Mortimer QC, defending the band, produced expert witnesses who successfully demonstrated that the word “b*******” was not obscene, but a legitimate Old English term originally used to refer to a priest, and which, in the context of the album’s title, meant “nonsense”.

    The Sex Pistols broke up in 1978 and the following year, Sid Vicious, a singer and bass guitarist with the band, died of a drugs overdose. The remaining members including Lydon, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock, who Vicious replaced in early 1977, have reunited several times since, including in 2002, the year of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, when the band played a concert at Crystal Palace in London. The band recently declined to take part in the London Olympics closing ceremony this summer.

    Lydon will tour later this year with Public Image Ltd, a band he formed in 1978 and later re-formed in 2009 using the proceeds from his appearances in advertisements for Country Life butter. Karen Simmonds of Universal, said: “To be given the opportunity to re-evaluate The Sex Pistols’ catalogue is every music lover’s dream. We’re looking forward to working with the band and celebrating their impact on worldwide culture.” Sir Richard said: “That trip up the Thames 35 years ago was certainly memorable. There is no doubt the BBC and the chart people rigged it so that it didn’t go to number one. But I think even the Queen will smile this time round.”

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  • Even corporate giants are now refusing to subsidise the Royal parasite
    UK Uncut calls on supporters to close roads and occupy public spaces in defence of public services, welfare system and rights

    Anti-cuts campaigners are planning to stage a series of alternative street parties before the Queen's diamond jubilee celebrations and the Olympics to highlight opposition to the government's austerity programme. They are calling on supporters to close roads and occupy public spaces as part of a nationwide anti-cuts campaign this summer. The group says it has no plans to directly disrupt either the jubilee celebrations in June or the Olympics, which begin on 27 July, but wants supporters to stage "street parties with a twist" on its first day of action on 26 May.

    "We want people to stand up and demand that we keep our public services, our rights and our welfare system and to celebrate a new future that isn't dictated to us by a handful of millionaires but decided by us all – together," said Anna Walker of UK Uncut. The protests will focus on Britain in 1948, the year the National Health Service was founded and the last time the Olympics was held in London. "Britain was emerging from a world war and had a huge national debt. Much bigger than the one we face today. Did we see painful cutbacks and austerity measures?" the UK Uncut website said.

    "No, quite the opposite. We saw the birth of our National Health Service and the welfare state … 1948 saw the launch of groundbreaking new laws designed to protect and care for everybody in our society, including universal unemployment benefits, universal child benefits, disability benefits, rights to housing and the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." The group, which has staged a series of protests over the past two years against tax avoidance and government cuts, said volunteers would be touring the country to help organise the street parties and other protests. "We want people to work with their friends, family and neighbours to pull off a massive street party that inspires everyone in your region to resist the cuts and celebrate our future," said Walker.

    UK Uncut started in October 2010 when a group of friends decided to target Vodafone, claiming it had avoided £6bn in tax – an allegation denied by the mobile phone company. The protest, organised through Twitter, went viral and hundreds of protests have taken place since, targeting companies that avoid tax and the wider government cuts agenda.

    The group's success has inspired the creation of similar organisations in other countries, including the US, Portugal, France and Ireland. Rachel Woodhead, a supporter of UK Uncut, said: "We can let the government and corporations control our future. Or we can fight, taking our future out of the hands of a tiny group of millionaires to instead create a future which benefits everyone."



    And neither do her masonic henchmen who control the courts, judges, legal mafia, police, politicians, civil servants, tax men, prison governors, councillors, bankers, bailiff's, sheriff officers and the armed forces for her and her lackeys self enrichment.
  • Royal parasite's masonic henchmen putting on a show of loyalty to con the blinded sheeple
  • More Royal henchmen con the blinded sheeple
  • The royal's freemasons working overtime on the jubilee scamfest
  • Masonic East India henchmen honour the Royal parasite
  • Merchant Taylors' Company Diamond Jubilee Ball
  • Parasite procession in London with no expense spared to flaunt their stolen wealth and power
  • Tacky royal parasitic jubilee souvenirs for the MUGS!!!!!!!
  • Pubs and hotels named after the parasites celebrate the scamfest
  • England's well heeled masonic south come out for the parasite
  • Oxford's hawty tawty show their royal parasitic allegiances
    power dress

    The ruling parasites have throughout history had a strict dress code to separate themselves out from the peasants. The British judiciary, the most criminal elite across the globe, are a perfect example of how they remain heavily embedded in power dressing despite them no longer able to put fear in activist's minds but only to look ridiculous as lackeys for the Crown and for the richest despot on the planet, the Royal parasites.

    This mindset is used throughout the military and police where extremes of discipline ensure every last piece of military outfit resembles a paler version of the ruling mafia's, as could be seen during the Royal parasitic wedding . This is psychotic criminals, crooks, thugs and murderers hiding behind a facade of greatness with vast opulence to suggest to the serfs and peasants that somehow they have status when in fact they are the utter scum and dregs of the earth. Utter filth masquerading as a bourgeois and part of the NWO agenda that continues the vile class system were the wealth of the planet remains in the hands of the few. All arms of the state ultimately controlled by laws ruthlessly enforced by their eloquently dressed judicial lackeys . No matter how well you dress up a turd it's still a turd.

    The power dresser's days are numbered as the propaganda machine used to brainwash the sheeple is breaking down with the free flow of alternative news that directly contradicts the press barons who are another bunch of power dressing scumbags who have provided the vile articles that smear the poor while promoting and propping up the well heeled despotic psychopaths.

  • Power dressing parasites still look bugger all like each other
  • Royalist ass kisser Harmsworth DM rag desperate attempts to support failing parasites
  • Compliant media and the utter drivel about Royal parasites

    Once again, the latest and the greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

    The ginger-mingin royal cuckoo, Prince Harry Hewitt, is in Belize for his first overseas solo trip on behalf of his Granny as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebration’s ‘Waving the Imperial Flag’ campaign. Harry was greeted by Prime Minister Dr Wormhole Chuckabutty and a guard of honour when he arrived in Belize City then travelled on to the capital of Bedpan to meet the governor-general Sir Dinsdale Ffitch-Gargoyle and his wife Chlamydia. Here the Prince got a taste of Belize’s unique ‘welcoming’ culture when he had his genitalia milked dry as the guest of honour at a street party on a new 'royal' toll road which he will formally name HM Queen Elizabeth II Boulevard.

    The planned seven-day tour will also include Harry making visits to landfill sites, nightclubs and whore bars in the Bahamas and Jamaica before moving on to sample the sexy tanned shemale delights of Brazil’s Copa Cabana and the notorious La Puta flavela red light district where he will be also representing the overseas interests of Gay Pride, Flamboyant Fudgers, and Cross-Dressing Paedos International. Meanwhile other mooching members of the Royal Family will visit a veritable legion of Commonwealth countries to round up the usual annual tributes – plus drop in on some fifteen other countries where the Queen holds Chief Parasite status. Prince Andrew will be calling in to put the hard word on the rulers of several Third World shitholes around the Mid-East regarding the ‘substance’ of their 60th Diamond Jubilee gifts (and doubtless engaging in his favourite sport of group sex with the underage white slave harem totty while in Saudi Arabia) – while his self-promoting piranha-toothed daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice, have been designated to ‘stay out of the fucking way’ and do the Ugly Sisters tour - visiting the Aleutian Islands in search of Cinderella.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – aka Prince Willy and Kate Middleclass are scheduled to do a circuit of the Far East and the Indian Ocean and Pacific islands as soon as Wills thaws out following his funky Falklands posting which he described as “the pits – the arsehole of the world with nothing to shag but sheep – just like RAF Valley on Anglesey”. The royal couple have been tasked with rounding up wheelbarrow loads of Jubilee gifts and homage tributes comprised of gooks ears, coco-de-mer, sea shells, Cassowary feathers, wild boar biltong and shrunken heads.

    Chazzer, the Prince of Wales - whose ‘taxi door’ ears have been specially tattooed with the Union Jack for the occasion - will be heading off to Lesotho in Southern Africa along with his chain-smoking troll of a wife Gorgonzilla, the Duchess of Cornhole – to advertise the royal presence and Diamond Jubilee awareness at the St Sodoms Mission Church for Latter Day Catamites – and collect several sacks of conflict diamonds for his Mum. While Anne, the horse-faced Princess Royal has been deemed – alike her mongrel Greek father - far too ill-mannered, insouciant and grotesque to dispatch on any kind of Jubilee-promotion stint, rumours that the grossly obese Fergie, aka the money-grubbing Duchess of Pork, will be let loose on another of her influence-peddling excursions on the Queen’s behalf are being vehemently denied by Bucks Palace staff.

    Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

    Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a newsheet and media source not owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Masonic Zionist kikester lobby – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.


  • Eton(next to Windsor)groomed Cameron struggles to remove tongue from Royal parasite's arse

    george alagiah All the main UK TV stations have ONE thing in common. When news reporters mention anything to do with the Royal parasites suddenly HUGE exaggerated grins appear on their smug faces clearly from orders from their production masters to ensure no dissent is suggested by anything other than an inane vacant smile.

    What is worse is that while they are smiling from ear to ear they continue to talk and surprisingly they do not drool over themselves despite holding that grin throughout whole reports on some absurd planting of a tree or other frivolous nonsense they constantly report about them. The BBC's George Alagiah is the worst culprit with the most stupid and absurd attempts to paint on a fake nauseous smile to please the vile powers that be. THE FAKE SMILE SHOWS HOW DESPERATE THEY ARE TO PAINT A ROSY PICTURE OF MURDEROUS DESPOTS AND THEIR FREEMASONIC HENCHMEN THAT MANY MEN HAVE FALLEN FROM THEIR VILE ABUSES.

    The royals and their freemason lackeys globally have manufactured the UK getting the Olympics to coincide with her Jubilee and to promote the Royal parasitic brand as if it is relevant to Britain.

    Queen to announce Games open

    The Queen today made a rare appearance on foot outside Buckingham Palace as she confirmed she will open the London Olympics. She unveiled the final plaque in a 60km walking and cycling Jubilee Greenway route that connects the Palace with the Olympic Park and other main venues. She was driven to the front of the palace in her Bentley with the 90-year-old Duke of Edinburgh.

    The Queen, 85, will declare the 30th Olympiad open on July 27 and will witness the lighting of the Olympic flame and Danny Boyle's spectacular opening ceremony. Today's confirmation of her role came six months before start of the Paralympics, which the Queen has also agreed to open on August 29. She will be accompanied by Prince Philip at both events. London 2012 chairman Lord Coe said: "This summer we will be hosting the largest Paralympic Games ever and the opening ceremony on August 29 will be a fantastic event to start us off. The Paralympic Games will undoubtedly be a time of extraordinary pride for our nation, and it is fitting that Her Majesty will declare us under way." It will be the second time that the Queen has opened the Olympics. As Canada's head of state, she opened the 1976 Games in Montreal, in which Princess Anne competed in the three-day event. However, the 2000 Games in Sydney were opened by Australia's Governor General after controversy in the run-up to a referendum on retaining the Queen. The Olympic Park will be renamed Queen Elizabeth Park after the Games. The Queen will be at Balmoral once the Games begin, as the Palace opens for the summer.

    The 1908 Games were opened by her great grandfather Edward VII at White City, and the 1948 Games at Wembley were opened by her father George VI. The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth and pregnant with Prince Charles, attended. The Queen has visited the Olympics site twice - soon after London won the right to host the Games in 2005, and in 2009, when she planted the first tree in the surrounding park. Today's unveiling of the Greenway is one of the few times the Queen has mixed with the public immediately outside the Palace gates.

    There were gasps of surprise from tourists awaiting the Changing of the Guard - which was delayed to allow the last of 542 glass markers to be unveiled - as the National Anthem sounded and the Queen appeared. The Greenway route passes through Hyde Park and Regent's Park via landmarks such as Kensington Palace, the Thames Barrier and Shakespeare's Globe, and Olympic venues including the O2, Greenwich Park and the Serpentine.


    This year of all years the western media will be seen to operate as ONE with no critical eye exposing the unaccountable wealth, power and privilege of the biggest despots on the planet. The fawning complicit compliant media will be bombarding the 'SHEEPLE'S' senses with the necessary propaganda to instill a psychologically induced adulation for the head of the New World Order and her Jubilee celebrations. They have MILLION's of outlets pumping out the necessary garbage to ensure wherever you look or whatever you hear will have the same adoring message, similar to the stuff used on '1984' .

    Meantime her henchman the Duke of Kent will be summoning his freemasonic troops across the globe via the United Grand Lodge at Great Queen Street (no coincidence there then?) and the 33 degree gangsters at 10 Duke Street St. James. Mobsters who pollute and corrupt the many law enforcement agency's they TOTALLY CONTROL to ensure any dissent is stifled and ANYONE who dares compromise the facade of global worship for the descendants of former ruthless despots will find a form of SECRET punishment and retribution awaiting brave protesters prepared to run the gauntlet of masonic tyranny .