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  • Homelessness: ‘People think it can never happen to them, but it can, in the blink of an eye’
  • Channel 4 associate homelessness with drug taking (Doing no favours to the thousands on the streets thanks to political machinations NOT drug use)(VIDEO)
  • Thousands sleeping rough as Britain freezes(VIDEO)
  • The many faces of homelessness
  • Freemason run councils giving homeless people 'meaningless advice' (Councils and their staff treating homeless people in ways that are dismissive and at times discriminatory. This is the most serious issue facing Britain but you would never guess from the complicit media)
  • If you're black your more likely to be homeless in London

  • Homelessness the face of a selfish society

    The tragedy is that for every homeless citizen there are a 100, 1000, 100,000 or even 1,000,000 individuals who do not care or recognise the plight of the homeless. In Britain a country showing serious signs of a police state and draconian laws and austerity cuts, millions still vote for a government with a history of mass murder. It is not only the political scum that are to blame for the monstrous homeless figures but anyone who turns a blind eye and votes for the very party that does more to massively increase homelessness come election time.

    Britain is a sick society devoid of the care and consideration required to be taken towards those least able to defend themselves who have been thrown in the gutter while millions of uncaring feet trample on their faces failing to realize, or deliberately avoiding the fact, they may become a homeless statistic like the homeless they ignore at their peril. Homelessness can happen to anyone, absolutely anyone, and individuals with the most distinct hatred of the homeless have found that ill health can very quickly lead them to spiral downwards towards an epidemic that they cannot stand themselves.

    You may have a neighbour, friend, work mate or family member who shows the same traits of loathing towards the less fortunate and openly condoned by a media controlled by wealthy press barons with more money than sense who encourage the sheeple to vent their anger onto individuals with the least influence on their lives, as if the homeless are responsible for their own mishaps through life.

    But what percentage of a country's population will it take for people to rise up over the most horrific of crimes against humanity? Only victims who have tasted homelessness know that real TERROR is a much more horrifying experience than the pseudo terror threats promoted by the compliant media. Or will it be just to late by then as more and more are targeted and pushed into homelessness due to the ever increasing greed of the super rich and the government legal and political thugs who do their bidding? Stealing property is the biggest money spinner in history and a small clique are vastly improving their bank balances as more and more of their victims are pushed into homelessness. Only a political party with homelessness at the very top of their agenda are worthy of your vote.

  • Reaching Out to the Homeless
    More details to follow on our funding of a homeless campaign which will include a documentary and assistance to the homeless.

    ----- Original Message -----

    From: INCODA Management
    Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 7:30 PM

    We humbly thank you and your Organization for the generous contribution to our Reaching Out to the Homeless campaign. We are honored to help our homeless throughout the communities and in the nation by doing our part at improving and enriching their lives.

    We will keep everyone posted with updates throughout. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and protect your Organization and it's members as you share information and empower our people with knowledge.

    Thank you again for your generous support towards helping us help our homeless.


    India Wilson
    INCODA Management
    Reaching Out to the Homeless Documentary VIDEO

  • Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: We have handed out 100's of these notes to the homeless
  • Euston Station offers festive feast to homeless VIDEO
    Over 9,000 homeless not going home for Christmas VIDEO
    Thousands sleeping rough as Britain freezes VIDEO
    SPCA Hypocrites Now Using Robots to Scare Away Homeless People VIDEO
    Homelessness the biggest threat to Scots and right across the UK

  • Thousands brave the cold for Sleep in the Park homelessness event
  • The dire consequences of trying to survive under a massive tory BOOT

  • This post about Tory Britain is going viral – “If you aren’t angry as hell, then there’s something very wrong with you”
  • Crocodile tears from a tory who hears the desperation and suicide attempts of those harshly treated by the UK's tory driven draconian welfare system?
  • Scottish rags eventually get round to exposing the BIGGEST crisis in Scotland homelessness

    For years we have dedicated our time to expose the crooked avenues that lead victims to find themselves on the street instigated by a ruthless freemason controlled legal system that the media NEVER touch on. MORE HERE
    Brad and his wife are homeless in Winnipeg, Canada because welfare cut them off for a year! VIDEO
    Anthony is a kind and gentle homeless man living on the streets of Boston VIDEO
    Shelter: America's Homeless Veterans VIDEO
    The story of USA homelessness and one man's fierce commitment to end it VIDEO
    Freddie is a struggling comedian currently homeless in Hollywood sleeping in front of a church VIDEO
    Homeless man claims Houston Homeless Shelter was caught killing Homeless people VIDEO

  • Hundreds of Homeless People Vanish In Salt Lake City After Police Operation
  • Ray is homeless in Boston VIDEO
    Wvlf lives in a tent homeless near St Louis and uses social media VIDEO
    Leonard is homeless and sleeps across from the White House! VIDEO
    Disabled, Homeless, Denied Disability! Robert lost his leg falling off a roof while volunteering VIDEO

    Whenever you think about homelessness and panhandling, you need to think of Robert. Please share this powerful story with everyone you know.

    I was walking in Philladelipa at night and saw a sheet tacked to a wall and a wheelchair. Next to the wheelchair was a sign that read "Disabled, Homeless, Denied Disability! I assumed a person was sleeping on the other side of the sheet, but I have a rule never to wake anyone up. The moment messed me up. I generally do not share this type of photo, but this is the homelessness people don't see but need to see!

    The next day I just happened to see the sign again, but this time, Robert was in his wheelchair. A plastic cup was placed in his prosthetic leg to collect change from people as they passed by. Robert was volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and fell off a roof. Someone moved a ladder and didn't set it back right. The fall shattered both of Robert's wrists, and he ended up losing a leg.

    Robert has been on the streets homeless for a year now. During that time, he keeps getting denied disability benefits. He has found a lawyer to take his case, but the process takes time. Robert's only means to survive is panhandling. He says begging is demeaning but he does not have another choice.
    Rags finally get round to exposing the homelessness we have been warning about for decades

  • Homeless scandal revealed as Tory cuts cause huge surge in young Scots forced onto street
  • Homeless in Hawaii Documentary 2017 VIDEO

    How the ruling mafia allow rises in homelessness as a warning to everyone else
    Saint Louis Public Schools on Family and Youth Homelessness VIDEO
    After job loss and a heart attack, Byron lives in a tent homeless in Detroit VIDEO
    John Is Sleeping Rough in London VIDEO
    Homeless frozen child ignored by New Yorkers until VIDEO
    A Look at the Dallas Public Library Helping Homeless People VIDEO
    Poverty in America Documentary 2017 VIDEO
    Help Bristol's Homeless Social Enterprise VIDEO

  • Bristol's Homeless (VIDEO)
  • Meet Jessica Pearce, the woman buying houses for Melbourne's homeless
    A woman has been so moved by the sight of Melbourne's homeless people that she has started buying houses for them.

    Jessica Pearce was staying at a hotel in Flinders Street with her partner over the Christmas period when they came face to face with city's homeless problem. "I guess we felt shocked and I suppose a bit guilty — we didn't realise how bad the housing situation in Melbourne was,".

    "The streets were lined with people sleeping on mattresses or on the ground.

    "I guess it just touched me and I thought that maybe there was something that we could do." 'I wanted him to have stable accommodation'.

    The couple spent two nights wandering the streets handing out $20 and $50 notes to those sleeping rough and talking with them about their circumstances. Some of the hundreds of people sleeping rough on Melbourne's streets talk about how they ended up there.

    One of those people was a man who was sleeping on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. "He had a two- and a three-year-old who were staying with his ex-partner and he wasn't going to have access to them because he didn't have somewhere to live," Ms Pearce said.

    Ms Pearce and her partner invited him back to their hotel for two nights, before putting him up at a motel for a month.

    "I wanted him to have stable accommodation for the children."

    Four for the price of one

    Ms Pearce had recently finished paying off her own mortage and was looking to buy an investment property in inner Melbourne. But after her experience she decided to buy houses in cheaper areas, and two weeks ago purchased four houses "all about three or four days apart from each other" .

    The properties

    Lara: Short-term accommodation for people with children who are on a waitlist for housing
    Corio: Accommodation for homeless young people studying or in an apprenticeship
    Morwell: Short-term crisis accommodation for up to three months
    Moe: Apartment providing permanent accommodation for up to three young people

    "The price that I would have paid for one house in town was the same as buying four in cheaper areas," she said. The properties in Corio, Lara, Morwell and Moe will provide either short-term crisis accommodation or a stable, long-term residence.

    The house in Lara, for example, will be provided for up to three months to people with children who are on a waiting list for long-term accommodation. "It's quite a lovely house, it's very much like you would imagine a grandmother's house to be," Ms Pearce said.

    She said she had spoken to youth housing providers and government organisations about how to best administer the properties, which are still awaiting settlement. "It's very much a work in progress."

    Just why Ms Pearce has taken such a generous step might be explained by her own history. Three days before she turned 16 her mother and stepfather asked her to leave home. "I'd already been working at Hungry Jack's so I just took on some extra hours.

    "It's funny, at the time I didn't think much of it, I kind of took it in my stride." She confided in her maths teacher, with whom she had a good relationship, and he set her up in stable accommodation.

    "He was connected with a house in Elwood that provided accommodation for young people who wanted to stay in school, which is probably a lot of the reason that I had the idea of providing a house like that myself now." Ms Pearce now has a successful business and her four children "have not really wanted for anything". "I've probably got it better than most people," she said.

  • What it's like to be homeless in Melbourne
  • Melbourne homelessness: Meet the city's rough sleepers
  • New York City's New Tech to Track Every Homeless Person in the City

    New York is facing a crisis. The city that never sleeps has become the city with the most people who have no home to sleep in. As rising rents outpace income growth across the five boroughs, some 62,000 people, nearly 40 percent of them children, live in homeless shelters—rates the city hasn’t seen since the Great Depression.

    As New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio faces reelection in November, his reputation and electoral prospects depend in part on his ability to reverse this troubling trend. In the mayor’s estimation, combatting homelessness effectively will require opening 90 new shelters across the city and expanding the number of outreach workers who canvass the streets every day offering aid and housing. The effort will also require having the technology in place to ensure that work happens as efficiently as possible. To that end, the city is rolling out a new tool, StreetSmart, aims to give city agencies and non-profit groups a comprehensive view of all of the data being collected on New York’s homeless on a daily basis.

    Think of StreetSmart as a customer relationship management system for the homeless. Every day in New York, some 400 outreach workers walk the streets checking in on homeless people and collecting information about their health, income, demographics, and history in the shelter system, among other data points. The workers get to know this vulnerable population and build trust in the hope of one day placing them in some type of housing.

    Traditionally, outreach workers have entered information about every encounter into a database, keeping running case files. But those databases never talked to each other. One outreach worker in the Bronx might never know she was talking to the same person who’d checked into a Brooklyn shelter a week prior. More importantly, the worker might never know why that person left. What’s more, systems used by city agencies and non-profits seldom overlapped, complicating efforts to keep track of individuals. “It would require reinventing the wheel in every case,” says Human Resources Administration Commissioner Steve Banks.

    A True View

    Banks wanted a tool that would not only enable workers to coordinate their efforts, but also give the city government a true overview of the homelessness problem that would enable officials to design interventions based on real data, not rough estimates. The city’s tech team worked with non-profit organizations such as Project Hospitality in Staten Island as well as BronxWorks to find out what the outreach workers on the front lines of this citywide disaster need. “The work itself is difficult, but then managing the work, and where people are and tracking folks is a big, huge thing we deal with,” says Juan Rivera, who directs homeless outreach for BronxWorks.

    Outreach workers need to be armed with as much information as possible if they’re going to build trust with clients, Rivera says. They need to know, for instance, if a homeless individual in their neighborhood recently left a detox program in another neighborhood. That person might need more than just a bed to get back on his feet. StreetSmart gives outreach workers access to that information. At the same time, the team behind StreetSmart took pains to protect clients’ privacy, so, for instance, only authorized officials would have access to people’s medical history. The big promise of StreetSmart extends beyond its ability to help outreach workers in the moment. The aggregation of all this information could also help the city proactively design fixes to problems it wouldn’t have otherwise seen. The tool has a map feature that shows where encampments are popping up and where outreach workers are having the most interactions. It can also be used to assess how effective different housing facilities are at keeping people off the streets.

    Which, of course, is what all of this is really about. All of the technology in the world won’t matter if the facilities available to homeless people are fundamentally unsafe places where they don’t want to be. “The more we can integrate services the better,” says Deborah Padgett, a professor of social work at New York University. “But my concern is what is waiting for them once they get off the street?” Padgett is one of many advocates who argue that what the city is offering today is far from enough. The Coalition for the Homeless has argued that expanding the shelter system is simply a Band-aid on the much deeper wound: the lack of permanent affordable housing in the city.

    Commissioner Banks, a former attorney-in-chief at the Legal Aid Society, which represents low-income New Yorkers, acknowledges that underlying issue. “This has been a trajectory over multiple decades reflective of the need for affordable housing,” he says. These knotty societal issues, decades in the making, could very likely take decades to unwind—no matter how efficient the technology working in service of ending the problem.

  • Hundreds of full-time New York City workers are homeless
  • Roshad first experienced homelessness in America after a bad divorce VIDEO
    Capitalism causes homelessness
    Percy is homeless in Chicago VIDEO
    My Day with Street Medicine Detroit Helping Homeless People VIDEO
    Tory scumbag Dominic Raab booed for claiming typical food bank user NOT languishing in poverty VIDEO

  • Trussell trust foodbank statistics
  • Latest Trussell Trust foodbank stats

  • Trussell trust foodbank statistics
  • David is a homeless senior in Boston. He sleeps outside even in the winter VIDEO
    Cop Fired For Pepper Spraying Homeless People's Water Bottles VIDEO
    Greg and Latisha's love helps them survive homelessness in Detroit VIDEO
    Homeless and hungry: Life in the tory madhouse with benefit sanctions VIDEO
    Judge a country's success not by how well the rich are doing but how well the poorest are doing

    The most major failing of the global rags, many run by billionaires, is how they rate any country's success. It doesn't matter what percentage of the population are millionaires or even billionaires what matters is how a country's population as a whole are doing. There is no use having a small percentage of the population living like kings and queens when the rest of population can hardly keep a roof over their head or feed, clothe and heat themselves.

    So much emphasise is spent looking at what the rich are doing when a whole underclass are forgotten and the media spends so much time ignoring their issues because they totally rely on advertising revenue and to cater for those who have the spare cash to buy the tacky goods they sell to those with more money than sense.

    The mark of a country's success is the quality of life that everyone should enjoy without living in squalor and indebted to a state that has placed the interests of the rich, who in the end fund the political ego's, that in time will find out how long the peasants can tolerate their indifference.

    Only the rise of technology has leveled the playing field and why the corporate rags are desperately trying to avoid their past history steeped in some of the most fascist articles that vilify the poor as if they themselves are responsible for their own poverty. These evil bastards are now paying a heavy price for that indifference and deservedly so.

  • Chris homeless on the streets of Austin, Texas VIDEO
    Gerald homeless in Hollywood VIDEO
    Lamborghini owner picks up a homeless man (two part) VIDEO

    C3 Is Proof Los Angeles Can End Homelessness VIDEO
    Los Angeles C3 Team on Skid Row in action VIDEO
    Boycott ASDA: Rochdale lady banned from ASDA store for buying homeless lady shoes VIDEO

    ASDA store Rochdale have banned a woman from their store for helping a homeless lady. An ASDA staff member abused the homeless lady and continued to humiliate her rather than seeking help for her. A lady called Samantha Isherwood kindly came to the woman's aid and intervened because of how she was being spoken to by the ASDA staff member. The homeless lady had no shoes on her feet and was bought some from Samantha from the ASDA store in Rochdale. Because of this Samantha has been banned from the store. This is disgusting and the store must compensate Samantha and the homeless lady. The staff member is the one who needs banning.
    Frank and Lisa homeless in Santa Monica VIDEO
    Australian Open coverage exposes huge homeless problem VIDEO

    Complicit media calling the sight an embarrassment for the city
    Samuel is homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Johnny lives on the streets of Los Angeles homeless VIDEO
    Who Do We Call When a Homeless Person Needs help? VIDEO
    Little girl told parents she didn't want presents this Christmas, asking for money to go to homeless instead

    When a young child is more in touch with humanity than governments you know you are living under an oppressive regime.

    Selfless Bella Wiles, 5, was moved to tears last December when she saw a homeless man during a family holiday A little girl forfeited all her Christmas presents this year after telling her parents she wanted the money to be spent on the homeless instead. Adorable Bella Wiles, 5, has been dubbed a "guardian angel" after using the money to buy people sleeping rough warm clothes.

    The youngster was inspired to help after she burst into tears when she saw a homeless man while on a family holiday last December. Bella decided she didn't want any presents this Christmas, asking mum Samantha Elliott and dad Adam Wiles to use the money they would have spent on her to buy gifts for the homeless. Bella didn't stop there though as she decided to spend Christmas day cooking hot food at an organised dinner for people without a home.

    Now, thanks to Bella's generosity, she is affectionately known as the 'guardian angel' to homeless people in her town of Basingstoke, Hants. Miss Elliott, 32, said: "Bella burst into tears while we were on holiday in Cornwall last December when she saw a man sleeping on the street and asked to buy him some food. "Bella gave him some hot pasta, a cup of tea and a reindeer cake, and since then she has bought food for homeless people whenever she sees them."

    In October, while visiting London to with her parents, little Bella became concerned about the number of homeless people she saw and asked Miss Elliott and Mr Wiles how much they would spend on gifts for her this Christmas. When they told her, she said she did not want presents this year, instead wanting them to use the money to buy clothing for people sleeping rough. Miss Elliott said: "We couldn't ignore her request and took her shopping to buy hats, gloves, socks, underwear and other warm clothing for her to give to people.

    "Bella wrapped them up with a candy cane and gave them out to rough sleepers at a Christmas lunch organised by a drop-in centre called the Camrose Centre, in Basingstoke. "And while most children would have spent their Christmas holiday playing with new toys, Bella used her free time cooking hot food to give out to homeless people. "She used leftover food from Christmas Day to cook a turkey risotto, that she found in a Jamie Oliver recipe book, and she also made sausage sandwiches.

    "Then she delivered them personally to people, with a message saying 'love Bella' written on top." Accounts manager Mr Wiles, 40, added that one of the homeless people who Bella served at the dinner was so amazed at what she was doing that she ran out to buy her a Christmas present. He said: "We didn't want to get in her way while she was at the dinner so we left her to it, but one of the people there told us about a homeless woman who ran out of the meal. "She actually went and bought Bella a Christmas present to say thank you.

    "Bella was so moved that this lady who has nothing went out and bought something for her to say thanks." The selfless five-year-old has also started a JustGiving donations page, with the help of her mum, to raise more money to try and buy more clothing and sleeping bags for people. The page has reached £840 of its £1,000 target so far.

    Miss Elliott, who also has another eight-week-old daughter, said: "Bella is becoming known as their little guardian angel. "I'm so proud of her but it's hard not to get choked up talking to these people who are out in these freezing cold nights whilst we are warm at home. "If people took the time to talk to these people they would realise that a lot of them have fallen on tough times.

    "They are friendly and welcome a hot meal and more than anything they are happy they are being spoken to like human beings." Miss Elliott added: "It amazes me that Bella would rather help others than do things for herself. "She amazes me daily with her selflessness. She makes me a better person and is such an inspiration. "My little lady with a big heart is planning to change the world and do some good."

    Forget about the supposed charities who claim to help the homeless but instead help their Chief Executives fund mansions and flash cars this is a far surer way of ensuring your money goes directly to those that matter.

  • Joe homeless in Philadelphia VIDEO
    Mike homeless in Philadelphia VIDEO
    Morris homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Leonardo, a Vietnam veteran talking about living homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO

    Will Trump or Clinton do anything about America's mass homelessness cause Obama didn't?
    Michael homeless in Toronto, Canada VIDEO
    Roy homeless in London, Ontario VIDEO
    Jeffery is homeless in Toronto, Canada VIDEO
    Poor in the USA a homeless men documentary VIDEO
    Liverpool boys give 'Penny-for-the-Guy' cash to homeless man

  • Robert homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Kevin homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Luke homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO

    Luke is a Vietnam combat veteran who has lived homeless in Los Angeles for a little over 7 months now. After a recent major surgery, he was not able to work or pay rent.

    Luke doesn't plan on staying homeless. Even at 6, Luke wants to continue his education at Los Angeles City College where he holds a 3.0 GPA (grade point average).

    Luke's desire is to help other people, but right now he is the one who needs some help. Luckily Angelenos can help end homelessness this Election Day. Vote YES on Proposition HHH to build as many as 10,000 permanent supportive housing units in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Times endorsed HHH - check it out to learn why. HERE
    David deaf and homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Even 5 year old kids are outraged how tory scum treat the homeless VIDEO
    Robert homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Randy homeless in Columbus Ohio VIDEO
    Homelessness Is a Symptom of Racism VIDEO
    Dion homeless in Chicago's tent city VIDEO
    UK homelessness rises 54% since 2010 VIDEO

  • The United Nations has confirmed that the UK tory scum's austerity policies breach the UK’s
    international human rights obligations(Is that why Cameron is so anxious to give up his Prime Minister's salary?)
  • 1,075 a DAY made homeless after evictions double thanks to tory scum's draconian welfare cuts
    More than 22,300 private renters were evicted by bailiffs in the last 12 months - that’s 1,075 people per day ending up on the street.

    This is almost double the figure from the same period five years ago at 11,338 households.

    Shelter says every day it hears from families facing the devastation of losing their home and the charity is struggling to keep up with demand. Shelter Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, said: “The figures are a painful reminder of the catastrophic impact welfare cuts and our drought of affordable homes are having on thousands of people in England.

    “We are extremely worried that short-sighted plans in the government’s Housing Bill will further shrink the numbers of genuinely affordable homes and make things even worse. “The government can’t continue to ignore the root cause of the crisis and the ordinary families most affected by it.”

    Paying rent should always be your priority. Don’t ignore letters or phone calls, you might hope will sort themselves out, they won’t. It’s important you read everything you receive from your landlord. If you’re struggling with your housing don’t wait until it is too late to seek help. Get free, confidential advice from Shelter at or by calling its helpline on 0808 800 4444. You can get free help with debt repayment worries from your local Citizens Advice or the National DebtHelpline on 0808 808 4000.

  • webutation

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    statistics stats

    By Country
    New Zealand
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa

    he cares foundation

    nick vujicic

    second wind cottages

    churches action for the homeless

    cure blindness

    dublin homeless

    dublin homeless


    New York homeless



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    expose corruption


    stop the nwo
  • The political mafia condone the homosexual agenda to feed their own vile perversions

  • There is only one thing certain about government that it ain't there for our benefit

  • Divorcing men in a police state

  • Brexit exposes power struggles of the elite

  • Proud to be a heterosexual male and father

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  • Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties

  • Hillsborough exposes freemasons behind cover up of 96 deaths

  • Royal parasites induce Stockholm Syndrome to ensure peasant loyalty

  • British judges are pure evil hand picked by the royalist bitch who oversees their criminality

  • Is Britain's murderous tory leader about to be forced to resign?

  • Panama Papers: What the compliant media isn't telling us

  • Tory's murderous rottweiller IDS finally quits over vile welfare cuts to the most vulnerable

  • Tory corruption potential for a nuclear disaster

  • BBC, Bray Leino and Refuge stage massive domestic abuse propaganda ruse

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  • Sanctioning a zionist / freemason tool to force compliance with their evil agenda

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  • The war on men erupts every Christmas

  • judicial tyranny still the biggest killer before pseudo terror

  • French attack leads to mass hypocrisy of two western leaders

  • Masonic / zionist terrorism still alive and kicking despite major smokescreens

  • Britain's evil bastards

  • Why are we being told so many lies?

  • Fear of homelessness: How freemasons control

  • Masonic met in multiple cover ups of establishment homopaedo's (VIDEO)

  • Tough decisions? How Britain's vile political mafia put the peasants in their place

    Tory scum's 'Benefit sanctions harmed my mental health'(VIDEO)

    Vile Harmsworth rag's massive overdose of royalist bullshit

    Why you'll never see a homeless freemason

    Compassion: something the political mafia lack

    Freemasons: Apemen posturing

    Zionist / masonic global smear campaigns: A licence to plunder

    Britain run by disturbed psychopaths masquerading as a goverment

    Richard Desmond(Express) and the Barclay Brothers(Telegraph) promote top UK despot

    Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?

    Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting

    BBC always have an excuse to avoid answering FOI requests

    Feminist extremism used to procure boys for the homopaedo legal mafia

    BBC FOI request regarding their report on begging and homelessness

    BBC plays the victim card for three nasty regimes


    What the fuck is going on with the mass media transgender propaganda?

    What the fuck is going on when tory donors are getting government contracts?

    Family court war zones

    Leaving Las Vegas

    Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?