repossession Through their partners in crime the press barons they would have us believe selling us estates is what banks do, with lawyers writing the contracts and judges (not juries) enforcing those contracts.

However that is a blatant lie as the only way they can seize land and property is by selling us land and property in the first place. When America was colonized (seized) from the indians, who decided to draw up maps and impose their OWNERSHIP on the land? Freemasons embedded in the legal mafia enforced their 'laws' on land that was stolen and then SOLD to the unsuspecting immigrants who THOUGHT they were buying their homes.

Look at the state of affairs presently in the USA as property is being seized en masse by government agencies and lackeys for the CROWN thieving back land they never had any right to sell in the first place. Property ownership is a massive scam of enormous proportions that so many victims have fallen victim to, assuming those controlling the mortgage racket are acting in our best interests. Until common law or at least laws that are JUST and PROPER are restored these vermin will continue to blind us by masonic run 'laws' that assure only their long term survival while everyone else will remain a victim to the mass seizure of everything we ever worked hard for.