Gaddafi was fighting against the illuminati and the reason why he was killed is here!
"These people are not clever enough to form a world government. They are descending into idiocy and humanity is paying the price for allowing idiots such as these to run both our lives and our planet. "
by Anonymous(

I became involved in a very strange affair and through the course of it, a woman claiming to be a member of the Illuminati began to correspond with me. We had a mutual interest in "pedigree collapse" which is caused by excessive inbreeding. Perhaps the most striking example of this condition can be found in the bloodline of the Hapsburg dynasty who through this practice wiped themselves out of existence.

The last in the bloodline, Charles the Bewitched, was mentally and physically disabled as well as impotent. His family members were closely related. His grandmother was also his aunt. The late Queen Mother's bloodline, the Bowes-Lyons carries the retardation gene which causes them to miscarry their male offspring. Five female members of the Queen's family [her cousins] were born as imbeciles who had to be locked away in a mental institution for some 60 years. Nature it seems exacts a price upon those who seek to keep power and wealth in their own hands by indulging in this practice. It does not make their bloodlines stronger. Quite the reverse is true. These people are gentically devolving and they know it is happening.

She explained how the global power structure was organised and told me how she managed to gain her very lofty position in the Federal Reserve Bank as well as the United Nations. [She was specially bred then written out of history.] She told me lots of interesting things about the Bilderbergs who she described as cowardly puppets who have to do as they are told or their money supply is cut off by the guardians. Her other subjects of interest were maths, hierarchies, God, Satan and " impending cataclysmic events that it is just as well that the masses know nothing about."

Everything "they" do, so she told me, is done mathematically using this code of theirs, the 9/11 code. I oddly discovered this code quite by chance [as the Rothschilds had in the 1700's] so I knew what she was talking about. The NWO of theirs has failed. These people are not clever enough to form a world government. They are descending into idiocy and humanity is paying the price for allowing idiots such as these to run both our lives and our planet. Disinformation, lies, deceit -- the bottom line is they are just not up to the job.

Perhaps hundreds of years ago they were up to the task but not any more. This is patently clear when you deal directly with them. I think infantile is the word that best describes them. She said everything the global elitists do is done mathematically. There are 18 of them plus 2 Guardians who control global events.

She has been studying for decades to learn the advanced mathematics which enable her to communicate directly with God. It is so she said like finding a pin prick in a tsunami [the key to other dimensions and so a means of communication with advanced intelligence.] She wrote quite a bit about quantum mathematics.

Let me see if I can explain how these people think.

They think that David Cameron was fated or chosen by the Great Architect to become Prime Minister because of his date of birth the 9th of October 1966 9/10/1966 written Masonically 9/11/966 or 9/11/666. Where they are going wrong is that lots of people were born on this date [but their numbers do not count apparently] because they are not Jewish as Cameron is, nor are they the illegitimate spawn of William IV and his mistress Dorothea Jordan. This linkage opens lots of doors to other dimensions who needs brains when you have connections. My correspondent has a far more illustrious pedigree than that mere mongrel Cameron.

The European royals think that the British royals are ignorant and uneducated and that the Queen has been seriously misguided on this genocide issue. I mean after all who in their right mind would want to murder 5 billion people. I was asked to use my knowlege to help them to save humanity. They have murdered millions and millions of people already but I think that now it has all gotten quite out of hand.

The British Government are exterminating the population. My late husband was a victim of the cull. The police and the coroner's office are concealing the fact that this is happening but I can prove that it is thanks to the husband of the Secretary General of the Cultural Convention at the United Nations and the majority shareholder in the Federal Reserve Bank and the Great Architect who helped me mathematically to solve this crime.


    Just now people are dying in their droves thanks to the policies of an evil tory government and FEW of the sheeple seem concerned that the elderly are being abused in care homes to the point of death while NHS hospitals are being told to withdraw treatment from those deemed to old to warrant it.

    The mentally ill are being psychologically tortured to the point were 32 victims a week are dying thanks to the draconian measures being taken to curb benefit spending . Men in their thousands are dying due to the evil family court system that destroys men's lives to satisfy the greed of the 'STATE' ,or those who operate for and behalf of the 'STATE' , something that has been going on for many years.

    Children are being stolen into care homes so that paedo's like Jimmy Savile and a vast army of 'STATE' perverts can get access to prey on those stolen children and yet the SHEEPLE still believe the 'STATE' will be our safeguarder.

    The sad fact is that the STATE is a monster with a myriad of secret society heads who, starting with the royal mafia, have placed their psychopaths in every key position of power to ensure everything they are doing is spun to keep the SHEEPLE in their pens while the next tier of victims is lined up for their psychological oven. Like Germany in the 30's vast propaganda is being used to justify the murder, rape and pillage of families the length and breadth of the UK with chants like 'Lessons will be learned' and 'it was ALL done in good faith' to justify MURDER of UK citizens on a grand scale.

    When a society starts to turn a blind eye to the evil of the likes of our CHOSEN leaders such as Cameron, Blair and Brown we become complicit with their agenda who have ALL been hand picked to carry out the orders of the ruling royal mafia under the guise of a democracy , no matter the consequences. The sheer greed of London City and the CROWN it serves is causing misery and destruction, not only in the UK, but through a global network of freemason henchmen hell bent on plundering everything worth stealing. Men are being exploited for their energy, ideas and ingenuity to satisfy the opulence that these tyrants think they require while living off the spoils of others they plunder from .

    Things can only get MUCH worse before they get better until that population rises up as a whole to take out the destroyers and murderers before any more lives are lost thanks to the most evil bunch of bastards who make the tyrants from the Middle Ages pale next to their wickedness . We cannot allow ourselves to return to the dark ages thanks to these murdering rats masquerading as 'STATE' toffs, with most of them groomed for power by the Royals at Eton next to door to old Lizzie's Windsor Castle.

  • 130,000 elderly patients killed every year by ‘death pathway’, claims leading UK doctor
  • Poor hospital care 'needlessly killing 1000 NHS patients a month'
  • Elderly patients 'helped to die to free up beds', warns doctor
  • NHS intentionally kills off at least 130,000 elderly patients every year
  • A country with a culture of abusing the sick, vulnerable and elderly and a rare occasion when 11 of these evil bastards get jailed who were getting away with murder
  • The current ruthless rationing of the benefit system will destroy all that was best about the postwar efforts of Beveridge
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    HUNG DRAWN AND QUARTERED Those who presently control the world come from a long line of tyrants who used to use this method of murder to place fear in the hearts of the peasants. They still have the same mindset but use different methods of chemically lobotomizing dissenters in psychiatric gulags and away from the view of the peasants who rose up against their tyranny.

    There are many people wondering where we are all heading , disturbed and in fear of a world now seemingly locked in chaos. If you analysis what is actually going on it is a battle by the peasantry to stamp out the hold the ruling elite have had over us all for far to long.

    The world's self appointed ruling mafia are now struggling, thanks to the spread of global information , to contain the masses that they controlled so easily prior to the awakening of anyone who had already started to work out why we have reached a crossroads in mankind's future. These evil masters made the FATAL mistake of using their control system to target individuals with the intellect that they would normally use to help prop up their evil enslavement system, when instead they ignored the fact their victims would have the platforms that had not been available in the dim and distant past.

    The greed of the ultra rich has been so EXTREME they thought they could target anyone they chose, with those intelligent enough to prosper and who would have accumulated sufficient wealth to make them worthwhile targets. That was their fatal mistake in that instead of those with the ability to fathom out what was going on being kept on side they have dramatically shifted the goalposts to their enormous disadvantage in that some of the best minds are now helping unravel their system to ensure everyone who has been a target of these evil bastards can become better aware of how they have managed for centuries to keep us all and our forefathers in perpetual deference to the utter scum and dregs of the earth.

    We are maybe the first generation to have the ability to be fully enlightened in the methods of mass control that had been deliberately limited by the ruling elite having total control of all those areas required to educate the masses on their tricks of the trade. The back has been broken of their methods and madness that they thought could indefinitely fool the citizens of the world with their scams . We maybe have to struggle through the pitfalls and traps being laid by these scum and their henchmen but there is no doubt their systems are failing and will ultimately be destroyed. They can no longer exploit the world's population who are now en masse rising up in waves of protest right across the globe.

    They better make sure their crumbling empires are secured as those responsible for mass murder and rape across the globe are being brought out into the open and into the full glare of the world via the internet like never before. The BBC and the recent exposures of Jimmy Savile and the vile crimes he committed against children , while living a life of vast opulence paid for by the long suffering public, will ensure they will all 'IN TIME' get their day. The evil BBC hierarchy who provide the ruling mafia's propaganda are now having to watch their backs for the knock at the door.

    Her Majesty's freemasons embedded in the UK cops, social services, NHS, MI5 and the BBC all turned a blind eye to Savile's vile attacks on vulnerable children and are all implicated in his crimes that goes right to the top. Those who were all part of a system that allowed predatory paedophile's to act with impunity are now being exposed thanks to the initial efforts of internet bloggers and only now being picked up by their complicit compliant media that had classed Savile as some sort of 'HERO'. Their SYSTEM is being forced to act against the very protection that previously allowed the Savile's of this world to get away with murder. The evil bastards that were party to Savile's crimes will not be sleeping so soundly in their beds in the knowledge that god works in mysterious ways and in time they will ALL DEFINITELY GET THEIR DAY that we will make damn sure of.

  • BBC civil war intensifies after reporter tried to censor a video interview with one of Savile’s victims
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    "The investigation into the prostitution ring in Lille ultimately swept up 10 suspects, including [former IMF Chief] Mr. Strauss-Kahn. They knew each other largely through their membership as French Freemasons."

    By DOREEN CARVAJAL and MAÏA de la BAUME (New York Times, abridged by

    PARIS -- More than a year after resigning in disgrace as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is pursuing a uniquely French legal defense to settle a criminal inquiry that exposed his hidden life as a libertine.

    Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 63, a silver-haired economist, is seeking to throw out criminal charges in an inquiry into ties to a prostitution ring in northern France with the legal argument that the authorities are unfairly trying to "criminalize lust." That defense and the investigation, which is facing a critical judicial hearing in late November, have offered a keyhole view into a clandestine practice in certain powerful circles of French society: secret soirees with lawyers, judges, police officials, journalists and musicians that start with a fine meal and end with naked guests and public sex with multiple partners. In France, "Libertinage" has a long history in the culture, dating from a 16th-century religious sect of libertines. But the most perplexing question in the Strauss-Kahn affair is how a career politician with ambition to lead one of Europe's most powerful nations was blinded to the possibility that his zest for sex parties could present a liability, or risk blackmail.

    The exclusive orgies called "parties fines" -- lavish Champagne affairs costing around $13,000 each -- were organized as a roving international circuit from Paris to Washington by businessmen seeking to ingratiate themselves with Mr. Strauss-Kahn. Some of that money, according to a lawyer for the main host, ultimately paid for prostitutes because of a shortage of women at the mixed soirees orchestrated largely for the benefit of Mr. Strauss-Kahn, who sometimes sought sex with three or four women. On Thursday, Mr. Strauss-Kahn broke a long silence to acknowledge that perhaps his double life as an unrestrained libertine was a little outré.

    "I long thought that I could lead my life as I wanted," he said in an interview with the French magazine Le Point. "And that includes free behavior between consenting adults. There are numerous parties that exist like this in Paris, and you would be surprised to encounter certain people. I was naïve." "I was too out of step with French society," he added. "I was wrong."


    Mr. Strauss-Kahn's name first surfaced in the French inquiry by chance, in May 2011. French investigators were tapping the telephones of Dominique Alderweireld, an owner of Belgian sex clubs who is also a suspect in the prostitution ring. In one conversation between Mr. Alderweireld and a longtime childhood friend, René Kojfer, who worked at the Carlton Hotel in Lille, the men were gossiping about Mr. Strauss-Kahn's recent New York arrest, according to lawyers involved in the case. They then recalled a freewheeling luncheon in 2009 at a Paris restaurant called L'Aventure, and Mr. Kojfer discussed whether they could make money by offering information about that day to Ms. Diallo's lawyer, Mr. Thompson, who was never called, the lawyers said.

    At L'Aventure, Mr. Strauss-Kahn and a few friends gathered in a private basement club, carpeted in purple and black tiger stripes, with a female Belgian escort and Mr. Alderweireld's companion, Béatrice Legrain, who recalled that lunch in an interview. She said that Mr. Strauss-Kahn, energized by Viagra, had sex with the escort and then followed Ms. Legrain to the bathroom, grabbing her and demanding sex. But she said she rebuffed him and it "wasn't a big deal." Mr. Strauss-Kahn's lawyer declined to comment. In his own interview, Mr. Alderweireld made light of the "petit" episode at L'Aventure. His lawyer, Sorin Margulis, took a more scornful view: "It's more an act of Louis XIV."


    The investigation into the prostitution ring in Lille ultimately swept up 10 suspects, including Mr. Strauss-Kahn. They knew each other largely through their membership as French Freemasons, according to Karl Vandamme, a defense lawyer who represents Fabrice Paszkowski, the owner of a medical supply company who played a crucial role in organizing the sex parties. "Libertines are people like you and me: people who have a normal life," said Mr. Vandamme, who said his client invested around $65,000 in party expenses, betting on the political rise of Mr. Strauss-Kahn. The banker, he said, would typically arrive late for the more than a dozen parties, held over a period of about five years. There was a rhythm to the gatherings, with everyone dressed for a sit-down dinner, he said. Then over time, couples separated, "kisses were exchanged between one woman and another and between a husband and the wife of a friend" until the guests "all ended up nude."

    Mr. Strauss-Kahn's double life is not surprising to some Parisians. "He's not the only libertine man in the political world," said Olivia Cattan, who leads an anti-sexism association called Words of Women and believes the case reflects a code of silence. "It is linked to power, and women are often complicit when it can guarantee them a job."


    How well do you know people?

    The Dangerous Ones are Clean-Cut

    "Long time Satanists are serious about hiding who they are. The new ones will brag, and flaunt it like it's cool. "
    by "Samuel Butler"

    Many people think a Satanist will stick out like a sore thumb. Some do, most do not. Just look at Robert Yates (serial killer from Spokane, Wa.). He looked normal as did Bundy, right? Yates was a Deacon in his church too, by the way. So how do you become wise, spot these people and not be a victim?

    First, know real Satanists look and dress normal -- not like Bikers, or Gothic dress or hippies. The ones that look like trouble (with tattoos, green hair, body piercings)you do not have to worry about. Unless you're into their drug culture, then watch your back. A long time Satanist is serious about hiding who they are. The new ones will brag, and flaunt it like it's cool. The long-term ones have skeletons in their closet (as they have done sacrifices already) and are very quiet about it. Generally lower level Dabblers are Meth, Coke dealers. Many drug dealers that are not into the occult themselves know people that are. And they could set up clients, knowing or unknowing willing or unwilling. You'd be amazed what a dealer in debt to another will do. Most Satanic cults make and sell meth. I'm talking in large quantities and much money is paid to police for protection. Many police are involved in these cults. Usually when you hear of a brutal cop that makes the local news..well guess why.


    Satanic cults are everywhere if you know what to look for. There is one in Roy [42 mi s. of Seattle] that is a known compound guarded by men armed with AR-15 Rifles. They use Federal Laws on religion and the 2nd amendment on guns to guard their compounds. I know of three just like this in Florida and if you even touch their fence, they will shoot. No games with these people. These places always have lodging in bunkers underground. All Satanic cults build large underground bunkers and tunnels. The topside is kept clean, underground is where they keep people and do deeds. No one, even Police dare to raid these compounds. Most often these people meet at different locations depending on the ceremony. Often it may be one head members home. Depending on income of the group determines if they meet in the woods or have a bunker type compound. Not all live in a compound of course. Many members are Freemasons and we know how they are about secrets. Many Satanic cults support themselves by making things to sell to the public. Things like jewelry, especially crosses that you find in Christian stores. With a nice Christian sounding name, they have front companies.

    The main reason they do this is deception, as they attach demonic spirits on each piece of jewelry they make during ceremonies. That's why they sell crosses to Christians. I think all of us have seen those fantasy Dungeons and Dragons castles with orbs, druids and dragons often made of pewter right? Now you know who makes most of them. Many are sold in places like Disney World, also in stores in the malls that sell weird things and such. So we see they have lot's of money. Now the real threat is from clean cut looking Satanist. They have good jobs, careers like lawyers, policemen, clergy, pilots, teachers, day care, neighbors, etc..Those are the ones that you watch out for. These people most often find positions and careers working with children so they can find potentials for ceremonies. And if your child comes up missing, no one would suspect your case worker at say perhaps DSHS, crisis center or even the child's school teacher. After all they know all about your child and their patterns even schedule. Instead the police and media will look to put blame on a pedophile on the run, not even suspecting the kidnapped child was set up by one of these people in charge; members of the same cult. Keep in mind 80% of all violent crime is committed by someone [the victim] knows directly. The odds are ALL of us know someone or many that are Satanist and we may not even suspect them. Shake your head "no way" just as all friends of serial killers would say when they find out who the person really was. Facts are who really knows anyone that well? Not to be paranoid or scared..just think outside the box here and be safe, not a victim.

    10000 CULTS

    There are an estimated 100,000 or more Satanic cults in America. Those numbers sadly are out-dated and from the 1980's. The numbers are much higher now of course. But it's not a priority of the F.B.I. to track anymore. Police are NOT allowed to call a ritual murder done to someone as so. There are certain codes for these type Satanic murders. This is a fact, ask any police officer. The F.B.I. Learned long ago when they mention "Satanic cult" in the news people go ape shit over it. So most cases are hidden as just murders by crazy people. But they never mention the Satanic cult involved or the actual ritual. When kids come up missing, investigate case workers, day-care workers even teachers as well. Guaranteed someone close to the child knows's just who exactly. The child was scoped out for ceremonies I bet. I know this is hard if you lost a child. But chances are these people had something to do with arranging it, not some drunken pirate as the media will spin it. Dig into some of these people that work with children, and you may find other cases of missing children they knew. Then figure the odds of it. The reason they do not find most missing people is they don't consider other options as potential leads. Or they don't want to find them and are covering up for these groups. After all Satanic cults tell you what they do and what believe in so why not beat on their doors first when people come up missing prior to the ceremony dates? Not that hard to do and create a profile on these assholes is it?

    Remember Satanists have rights to practice their religion under Federal Laws protecting freedom of religion. Most nations now have the same laws put in place since the early 1980's. Uniformity and Globalism are great huh? Each Satanic/Wicca cult has 13 people. You do the math with the chart on this link as to how many people they each kill yearly. This is not an "option" for them, this IS their religion keep this in mind. The 100,000 mentioned are just Satanic cults. Those numbers does not include Luciferians, Nazi death cults, JRS Jewish ritual sacrifice (Talmudic Jews only) Mexican Santeria, Voo Doo, gang initiations or serial killers.

    Thou Satanist dabble with spells and conjure demons during ceremonies, they often can't control demons nor send them back. Remember if they were not getting what they want out of these ceremonies they would quit in time. So this means it is real and they are getting things they desire. Luciferians actually control demons and consider Satanist as very dangerous to them. Luciferians are ancient bloodlines. Satanists are like grunt soldiers for Luciferians. Either way they all kill people and serve the same master. You can watch "Eyes Wide Shut" for an idea of who Luciferians are. Don't assume the Million missing people every year in America were stupid or easily tricked. But if you keep your guard up with everyone in time these people will show themselves and trip up, just as a Tiger can only hide it's stripes so long.

    Always be careful of new people you meet until you know them well enough. In fact make that very well and always test people to be safe. If not, you or someone you love could become a victim to these Satanists. They almost always choose their victims long before hand. That's a fact. Real Satanist always look normal. They will try to get you to try new things, go to new places all to build trust to get you off guard when the time comes.


    Remember it's the normal looking ones that will harm you. Keep in mind the real Satanists are pure evil. This is real and understand they will have no pity on killing you or your children. How these cults create monsters is simple, sad and very disturbing. All Satanic families are programmed by SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). This is mind control. Horrific abuse fragments the human mind and causes multiple personalities. Out of shock the human brain creates compartments or places to hide. I am talking about REAL trauma here, not just beatings. The worse things you can think of aren't even bad compared to what their offspring are subjected too. This is needed to fragment their minds early in childhood. Once fragmented they then get into the child's mind by getting them to go into another personality then they abuse that one. In time the child has no safe place to go, even in his/her own mind. This violation of their minds is complicated but once it's done the children do not even dare think about revolting. Each personality is found then programmed for different tasks. Most MPD do dot even know they have other personalities. The level of physical abuse children of Satanic cults is sickening not to mention the mental torture needed to create the next generation.

    In these cults they have breeders and use the babies for rituals. Also all members are one complete family. So all children are violated sexually by most members. Some children do not comply to programming, or refuse to kill animals, are then killed by other toddlers as commanded. By 5 these children have to kill another children then remove their organs. This is when they split personalities in order to deal with the commanded task. By 5-6, they are weeded out. By 10 they are seasoned in killing. In SRA the only time their children are shown attention and love is on ceremony days. In time these children look forward to ceremonies. This is when they are let out of isolation, get fed well, and shown actual love and affection. Afterward they are isolated again from the world. Again starved, deprived of water if they ask or cry for it, often for days.

    This makes them hard and callous in nature. By the time these children of Satanist/Luciferians are 8 or 9 they get used to killing other children usually play mates from school or the neighborhood. Then they are ready to "recruit" or bring playmates from school to kill. And they will do this for acceptance and love. This is how they groom their children. This is also how these people keep secrets in the family. So you see these people are not playing games here and this is very serious stuff. Remember it's not what your religion is, or lack of that's theirs that matters as killing you is their religion . Warn others and always keep both guards up always, trust no one new especially the least likely ones you'd suspect such as clergy, church members.

    Many Satanist are active church members. Fact are Freemasons and Satanists donate the most money in most churches all to gain positions of power and trust. From there they can guide the flock onto what passages they want you to learn and not others. These are all facts from retired F.B.I Ted Gunderson Agent (Google videos of him available, just type into key search in Google and watch) .

    Be wise as serpents!

  • Global Satan's Secret War on Humanity
    rockefeller family
    Rockefeller Family Portrait, strong extended patriarchal family for them;
    gender-confused isolation and solitude for us

    "If the patriarchy were a bad thing, the very rich wouldn't keep it jealously to themselves."
    by Olavo de Carvalho(translated from the Portuguese by Sam Peyo)

    The "traditional family" which Christians and conservatives defend so ardently against harassment from feminists, gay militants, pansexualists etc., as well as against the usurpation of legal parenthood by the State, consists of father, mother and a couple of children. The cinema has established this image as the living symbol of the fundamental values of American culture and has transmitted it to all the countries within the cultural orbit of the United States.

    But this family model is not in the least traditional. It is a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. The Industrial Revolution dismantled regional cultures and the family labor units within which agricultural skills and the crafts were transmitted from father to son over generations. The traditional families were broken up into small uprooted units that migrated into the city in search of jobs. The French Revolution did the rest by abolishing the traditional bonds of territory, family, personal and group loyalties, replacing them with a new system of legal and bureaucratic bonds according to which the obligation of each individual is first and foremost to the State, and only secondarily (by permission of the State) to relatives and friends. The "natural" trial-and-error-based society formed throughout the centuries with no sort of planning was replaced by a planned, rational-bureaucratic society in which human atoms devoid of any deep organic and personal bonds would retain only mechanical relationships founded on State regulations or superficial affinities arising from casual encounters in the work and leisure environment. Such is the basis of the modern nuclear family.

    Max Weber described this process as an essential chapter in the "disenchantment of the world", where the loss of a higher meaning in existence is poorly compensated for by ideological surrogates, by public entertainment and by a "religion" increasingly robbed of its essential function of shaping culture as a whole. Under such circumstances, as pointed out by Weber, it is only natural that the search for a deeper meaning of existence becomes restricted to increasingly private and intimate settings, among which is evidently the nuclear family. But as a juridical entity which is subject to ever-growing regulation and State intrusion, the nuclear family has ceased to be the ideal shelter for intimacy and so, in this respect, is being gradually replaced with extramarital relations.

    Without patriarchal protection, unmoored and adrift, and depending entirely on overwhelming State bureaucracy, the modern nuclear family is structurally a very fragile entity and is unable to resist the impact of accelerated social change and the "generation crisis" which invariably accompanies each major change. Far from being the bulwark of traditional values, it is a step in a comprehensive historical-social process leading towards the total eradication of family authority and its replacement by the impersonal power of the bureaucratic State.


    It is not a coincidence that the crumbling of society into small family units permanently threatened by self-destruction has occurred in parallel with the significant strengthening of a handful of traditional patriarchal families -- more precisely the families that led, and continue to lead, this very same process. I am referring to the noble and financial dynasties which make up the nucleus of today's Globalist elite. The "social scientists" subsidized by these vast fortunes manage to persuade the general population that the dissolution of patriarchalism represents a great progress towards freedom and human rights, the stronger the rule elite clings to the patriarchal continuity which safeguards the perpetuation and expansion of their power over generations. The patriarchal family is evidently a source of power: the social history of the past two centuries is that of the transformation of patriarchal power into a privilege of the very rich, while it is denied to millions of schmoes whose children are taught by university professors to celebrate the end of patriarchalism as the advent of an era of almost edenic freedom. The unavoidable development of this process is the destruction -- or self-destruction -- of the nuclear families themselves, or of whatever is left of them after each new "generation crisis".

    Thus, in this context, the "defense of the family" is in reality the defense of an abstract entity, the palpable form of which came into existence with the sole purpose of being extinguished. The threat from feminists, gay militants and pan-sexualists is real, but it is only alarming because of the intrinsic fragility of the entity at which it is aimed. Either families will group into larger units founded on deep personal and lasting bonds, or they will eventually be eradicated. Religious communities may at times serve as temporary shelters where families find protection and solidarity.

    But these communities are based on a strict moral uniformity which excludes dissidents who therefore easily become the victims of the draining of church members through "generation crises". The patriarchal family is not an ethical-dogmatic unit: it is a biological and functional unit built around permanent objective interests, in which even bad and ill-adjusted elements always end up being employed in functions useful to the system as a whole. After all, if the patriarchy were a bad thing, the very rich wouldn?t keep it jealously to themselves, but would distribute it to the poor and themselves split up into small nuclear families. If they do precisely the opposite, it is because they know what they are doing.


    PART 2 PART 3

    Now, however, a study shows that it can be a gateway to the inner circle of some of Britain's most valuable companies.

    Being in the right golf or private members' club is even more useful than attending the same elite school as a board member when going for that multi-million pound boardroom post, according to the Bristol University study. A survey of 1,700 blue chip companies found the old adage 'it's not what you know but who you know' is true - with social links playing a vital part in senior corporate appointments.

    Applicants were about four times as likely to be made directors if they were a member of the same golf club as one of the board, the ten year study found. Their chances also roughly doubled if they shared membership of the same private club.

    Going to the best schools, such as Eton, is also important but plays less of a role than beneficial social club memberships. Attending the same Oxford college can more than double an applicant's chances - but attending the same Cambridge college provides a much smaller boost. The study found that the significance of social links acted as a barrier to increasing female representation on boards, because they are less likely to attend the male dominated enclaves of private members' clubs and golf courses.

    Economist Dr Helen Simpson and colleagues found male candidates were more likely to be appointed if they had a link with an existing board member - such as through membership of an elite golf club like Sunningdale or Wentworth. The ten-year study between 1998 and 2008 looked at who was chosen for each board position among a set of potential candidates comprising around 2,600 directors. Dr Simpson, of Bristol University, said: "Our findings suggest social connections through private members' clubs and golf clubs - as well as networks of contacts established through existing boardroom positions - may play a role in shaping who gains a seat on a board.

    "Being a member of a golf club seems to be associated with a higher probability of gaining a board seat. "But what appears to be more strongly related to the likelihood of being appointed is being a member of the same golf club as a director who already sits on the board. "Having taken account of directors' other characteristics our research finds educational connections with current board members - through attending an elite school such as Eton or being educated at the same Oxbridge college - appear to play less of a role than social connections.

    "But clearly these connections may well have had a prior influence on social club memberships." Earlier this year deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, himself a Westminster School old boy, vowed to end the grip of the 'old school tie' on business jobs by making applications anonymous. Dr Simpson's findings, published in Research in Public Policy, showed those who were appointed to a board were much more likely to share an educational or social connection with current board members than unsuccessful applicants.

    Factors such as being young, having a larger network of professional connections and being more experienced in the number of previous board positions held also helped gain appointments. Interestingly, for people with boardroom experience women appear more likely to gain additional positions than men. But the researchers said if social connections are also important for that first board appointment, the role of networks formed through male dominated or men-only social clubs "is likely to prove a barrier to increasing female representation on boards."

    Clegg has asked a hundred of Britain's biggest firms to get job hunters to avoid listing their school on application forms to end the influence of the old boy network. The companies which employ two million staff have signed up to the voluntary code under which the forms will also be 'name blind' to prevent discrimination against those from ethnic minorities. Companies that fail to comply with the code will be named and shamed.

    Another twenty year study of 275 judges who had served in the High Court from 1985 found 71 per cent were 'elite' - having attended a private school and/or Oxbridge followed by a top ranking barristers' chambers. By the end of 2005, 39 percent had been promoted to the Court of Appeal compared with just eleven percent of 'non-elite' judges. But the research, published in the same journal, found their advantage in promotions was due to their merits and not their social networks.

    They were, on average, two years younger when they entered the High Court and were more likely to have expert knowledge of public and civil law, the kinds most in demand in the Court of Appeal. Economist Professor Clare Leaver, of the University of Oxford, and colleagues found better connected candidates weree less likely to be chosen.

  • George Carling on boring golfers (Midway thro homeless rant) (VIDEO)

    What has changed since the end of the Cold War? Does the world today match what was envisioned decades ago by some prominent Western leaders? Have we reached the 'end of history?' Will borders remain untouched as sectarianism and nationalism take root across the world? Or are we living through a paradigm shift, where the status quo is unlikely to prevail? And how painful will this shift be until a new order is established? CrossTalking with George Szamuely, Alan Kuperman and Ryan Mauro.
    political psycho The world is waking up to the fact that those in positions of power are psychopaths. For centuries the sheeple have been fooled into believing the madmen hand picked by the ruling mafia had our best interests at heart but the reality is that the chaos that has erupted across the planet is entirely due to the utter vermin that have taken charge of our lives through stealth.

    When an analysis is taken of the credentials required to get into a key position of power globally it is NOTHING to do with intellect or some magical traits that make them ideal to enhance the world with their superior powers, but EVERYTHING to do with selling their bastard souls to the satanic mobsters that have dangerously and deviously manipulated the global herd into acquiescing to their tyranny.

    Until extraordinary efforts are taken to get rid of the madmen that have caused so much damage , global chaos will continue as victims and protesters rise up demanding radical change to the present lunacy created by sinister dark forces that the compliant media avoids at their peril. One of the factors that prevent people from seeing the full picture is the complex interactions of the scum and dregs of the earth manipulating virtually everything we rely on to survive.

    Until their grubby greedy self enriching hands are removed from the resources we depend on to live the conmen will continue to demand ever more money for the basic essentials of life that are becoming increasingly out of reach for more and more of the world's population as the ultra rich manipulate the economy to move themselves from millionaire status , to billionaire status and ultimately trillionaire status on the back of the enslavement of the global herd by their political lackeys providing the legislation that only ensures the long term future of the self appointed ruling elite at everyone else's expense.


    Is Society Devoted to Satan?

    "A sacrifice of billions of humans would be most pleasing to Satan. This will be the objective of the Antichrist and his followers."

    For some, the portal to the service of Satan is through the college fraternity or the lodge. A young man is approached to join a fraternity. His character is evaluated to see what are his moral limits. If his ambition exceeds his patriotism, belief in goodness or allegiance to his loved ones, he is a candidate for Satanism. It is similar in the lodge. A man is invited to join the 'blue lodge' and monitored to see how ambitious he is.

    Is he content to become a Master or third degree Mason or is he someone who can be groomed to go further? Those who are seeking power and influence rise up through the degrees taking increasingly bloodthirsty oaths and promises. There are many obsessive-compulsions that make one vulnerable to Satan's power.

    The most obvious obsessive behaviors are related to food, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Equally potent, are violent and pornographic video games and movies.


    Many of the most powerfully obsessive compulsive behaviors lead to the physical and/or sexual abuse of innocent victims, often children. Organizations give the greatest rewards to those who make the greatest commitment to their objectives. Satanism is no different. The greatest power goes to those who commit violence against the innocent. The ultimate expression of satanic power is the power over life and death. Many satanic leaders are recruited at an early age. It is a custom among some members of the upper class to send their sons away to boarding schools where they are exploited by the older class men. This satanic indoctrination through sexual abuse anticipates that the abused child will in turn become an abuser. Fathers often send their sons to these boarding schools knowing from their own experience what the risk is.

    Men, who have been sexually abused as children by males often grow up to be bisexual. They marry and have children with women who may or may not know what is in store for their male children. Why would a father subject his children to such abuse? Fathers assent to such abuse against their sons in their quest for power. Satan gives the greatest power to those who will violate the innocent in his name; the greater the violation, the greater the power. Satan rewards those who will spill blood in his honor. At the lowest levels of power seeking, the blood might be that of an animal. At the higher levels, the blood is human. The shedding of innocent human blood is highly rewarded by Satan.


    His goal is the exact opposite of God's, who wishes that all be saved. Satan wants every human to die hating God or being indifferent to His existence. There are more than seven billion humans alive today. Satan's goal is to persuade a few of his most ardent followers to kill the remainder. A sacrifice of billions of humans would be most pleasing to Satan.

    This will be the objective of the Antichrist and his followers. Satanists support the decriminalization of abortion, where deceived mothers willingly participate in the killing of their own children, usually in a very painful way. Such mothers receive no reward from Satan for their participation in homicide. In fact, the shame that Satan directs at those who have killed their children, often results in them killing themselves, directly or indirectly.

    War is Satan's most prolific method of using humans to kill on his behalf. There are no "just" wars. Revisionist history shows there was as much evil on the part of the British and the Americans as the Germans and the Japanese during WWII. One of Satan's great deceits is to disguise his followers behind movements such as, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism, Anarchism, Atheism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam.

    Who doubts that billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett and Ted Turner are not loyal servants of their master [Satan], when you examine how they use their money? Men such as Darwin, Marx and Kinsey were great haters of God. They continue to deceive many, even beyond the grave.

    Most of the levers of power are controlled by men who hate or are indifferent to God. Most have embraced Satanism in their quest for power. These men have not been elected to political office. They belong to what is sometimes described as the 'shadow government'. They are the makers of kings. They are working hard to bring about the reign of the Antichrist. Only Satan knows who they are. Nothing is published about these men!

    All three of the institutional religions of the Book, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have been corrupted at the highest levels by men who are working to bring about the reign of Satan. Evil is personified in a name, Lucifer, the Light-Bearer. He has authored an incredible illusion. Few people believe in him, as a person, anymore; the 'Illuminated Ones' excepted. How 'enlightened' humanity is becoming!
    Makow Comment: I am optimistic that the Illuminati do not have a mass culling in mind. They would have not invested so much energy in degrading and transforming society to fit their purposes if they intended to destroy it. You don't train an animal you're planning to cull. The world is a debt farm. We are their cattle. They "milk" us for interest on the "debt" they create out of thin air.