masonic power Written in 1982 'The Great Cover up' is a guide to questioning your own make-up and the world you found yourself in. It's the sum total of a lifetime of encyclopedic research into the inner self and the external forces that shape it...


The collapse of civilized existence and the present polarity of state tyranny and personal psychosis have placed the human condition in jeopardy. Political rhetoric about the threat of nuclear war veils from ordinary people that the danger to the species lies not in any future crisis but in the current social nexus where the purpose of existence has been so bound to irrational and magical goals that almost all linguistic analysis may be considered already too late.

It is our contention that the current barbarism, being so complete in its concept and performance, has actually achieved a deep magical and hypnotic power over the human creature who lives within this now almost total systemic patterning. Concepts, however radical, do not impinge on the holistic conditioning, by which the modern human creature is manipulated from birth to death. Since this cultural imprinting is both deep and social, as opposed to personal—we must look urgently at what may break the spell of the current zombified species before it is too late, which, of course, it could well be. Part of the current delusive doctrine of society puts forward the picture of 'primitive societies' as being dependent on religion, worship and magic. The inverted commas are theirs, not ours, for part of the deception is that they do not view, primitives as primitive but rather empathetically absorb that original freshness for life into their advanced and 'civilized' patterning, thus removing the risk of a dialectical swing-back.

These religious elements of course have been replaced with rational, developmental, and evolutionary goals whose evidences are the proof of their validity. We will in the course of this short work, if God wills it, examine that mythology in its place. In stating our theme, however, we emerge onto the battleground itself. We intend to demonstrate here that the current dominant culture is primitive, magical, irrational, anti-populist, and fetishist. The methods and processes of thought and behavior which this society has built to protect itself are certainly effective. A society which has designed revolution as a means of sustaining the status quo, which has constructed a political system which makes absolutist elitism appear as populist choice deserves our admiration if only on a theoretical level. A society which can allow social and political studies to make a radical critique of mind-control through state agencies as if the issue were within an arena of public social concern and decision, whereas the reality of that society renders that specific choice basically irrelevant since there is a prior deep programme of mind control over the whole society, including those 'aware' citizens who debate the issue of the minority at risk by mind manipulation, as well as the agencies of manipulation and the people in charge of them in turn—that society has evolved an extreme power situation.

The 'conspiracy theory' which is another protective method to deflect criticism from the social structure by means of a logical double bind is not even worth considering. How could one call it a conspiracy if one were to come upon a heroin-addicted community where not only the addict schemed to turn on the non-addict, but the pusher, the supplier, the manufacturer and the farmer were all themselves addicts. How can you call an open norm a conspiracy? We have right away admitted that these issues to be examined in this work may not be received by the modern literate member of the society. The blocking system has been so effectively worked out, the objectification magic, the distancing, the alienation-effect, all contribute to rendering the human being unable to move into the condition where he or she becomes a transformative element in society and not a passive one. Logically therefore it will be asked what is the point of presenting the field analysis at all? There is, inevitably one flaw in the magical process, and that flaw is, ironically an essential part of the present total system that controls the dominant culture. Since the current power system has made literacy, criticism, and experiment all elements which it deludes its followers into imagining give it free access to self-expression, it is possible to put forward this critique along with its remedy. Since game has been elevated to a mystical sacrament— 'action-without-social-effect'— it could be that some small group within the programmed society will attempt this strategy as a game, for the society despite its total effectiveness can never assuage the biologically built-in restlessness of the human creature and its inability to be satisfied with the world of forms.

Thus, the society's agreed scheme to offer to the restless human an endless chain of changing and diverting game-forms and role-forms, allows us to 'slip in' to this poor programmed creature the deeply subversive programme of original knowledge, a method which we can date back thousands of years, and which we can both explain and provide in-back data for, showing its continuity and consistency. Just as the urban guerilla leaves an explosive device in the centre of a public place where it will eventually cause havoc, so we place this work, so inwardly explosive, in the public arena among the other consumer objects, deceptively, without disturbing the horrible calm of the shopping Mall. Yet if this device is activated by a social group then the one element that the current society most dreads and has most superbly prevented from happening—social transformation—must inevitably take place. This small book is about social magic in the modern state. If you wish a definition it is equivalent to a book of antidotes to known poisons. Only these poisons are not sensory poisons but meaning poisons. It is an anti-talisman against the talismanic magic of the dominant culture, and a talisman of protection which will free the user from the all-effective control of their magic. It is not, as we will demonstrate, a magic pitted against another magic. But rather it is the relentless submission of this fantasy magic to the light of reality. 'And when the truth comes the lie must disappear.'


We intend to present a critical and demythologizing examination of the current society and attempt to expose its underlying systemic method of total control over human beings. It is implicit in this critique therefore that there is another view of the human situation not only possible but traditional and in fact continuous throughout the human cultural situation. It is this ancient and continually valid view that is in this age so endangered, and should it disappear then with it would disappear the possibility and actuality of the human beings fulfilling their highest and unique function. Thus, they would, in losing this, lose the function of humanness itself, and the species would be mutant, altered, and the human project destroyed forever, and this galaxy would be dead, as the termitary is dead with the demise of its highest function, the queen termite. So we will continually find that the lie of the current culture is face to face with a direct opposite in definition of values from the ancient human view. Let us begin by saying that it is the central teaching of the current culture which we shall call kafir culture—a definition will follow—that it is the best society that has emerged on the earth so far. It cannot be emphasized enough how important this concept is to all that follows of the kafir view. Many of the worst excesses and crimes of this culture will be perpetrated in the name of this forward thrust of advancement and betterment of the human species.

Against this we can see how the traditional view—'there is no time that will not be worse than the time before it'—is the key to unmasking many of the fantasy projects of the current system. That the arrogance of an imperial culture is no new thing does not in any way diminish this most irrational and at times staggering phenomenon. Even in the face of the collapse of one of its systems, like industrialized and now computerized medicine, the tone and texture of superiority somehow is never lost. While the world's poor still count civilization to be the presence of the hospital system in their midst the western industrialist is found to be flying in his private jet to be treated by a traditional Muslim Hakim applying the vastly superior medical system of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)— himself both the father of that medical system and the bastard mutant we call modern medicine.

What is at issue is the patterning and relational meaning of the acquired knowledge in the two systems. Germane to this structural aspect is the deeper underlying issue of roles. It is the magic and ritualized elitism of the doctor and of the engineer and of the politician and so on that must be unmasked if we are to recognize the gross yet effective deceptions of this demented, primitive, aztec society. It is important too to bear in mind throughout this examination that the current culture not only considers itself superior to all previous cultures, but it is also convinced that it is intellectually advanced. That is, it claims that the logical function when applied to engineering and technical projects is superior to all other human activities. It conceives that its humanist values—rational, at base—break through the clouded emotionalism of the previous inquisitorial, genocidal, and fanatical eras whose record we know.

There is, mutatis mutandis, a warm, almost sentimental experience of human worth having won through primitive rites and practices to a compassionate and concerned society. Now, at last you are taken care of, you need fear nothing. The doctors will deliver you from the admirable safety of the womb as gently as possible. The cord will reluctantly be cut. You will be raised in a soft environment of inflatables and miniaturized furniture lest the bigness of things intimidate the emergent organism. Like the Buddha you will be kept away from the unsightly experience of physical decay and bodily disintegration: death will be a stranger to you, as will extreme old age. A guarded tranquillized atmosphere will be assured you. Soothing music will ooze out of the walls of the shopping mall where you will exercise your freedom in the open choice of consumer objects made to your demand according to your own free taste. The market will obediently follow your desires. You will exercise your healthy body along with the group in exultant running which will utterly exhaust your restless inward drives. Should there be any spill over from your morning run you will dress as you have chosen that season and will attend one of the great arenas of culture to listen to the turbulent and uncensored surge of a great orchestra which will allow you to sit back in your polyester seat and inwardly soar with yearning in transcendent bliss. The music will pin down for you that elusive sense of flight which troubled you so much. Should you still be unable to sleep—the slight edge of distress at the death of a loved one—the doctor will be always at hand to soothe you and offer you the necessary medication. In extreme trouble he will conduct you to a group session where similar disturbed citizens may, in a serene setting by the ocean, scream out their panic, and writhe in their child-like fear—the result will be a meaningful exhaustion. Afterward you will sense a certain daring, a certain maturity at having risked these turbulent seas. You will return to continue enacting the great social celebration of the spectacle that is the plaza of the new society. Life is entering a vast concrete arena, sensing its space and power, your centrality to it. The anthem plays. 'This is what it is all about, isn't it? Isn't it? . . .'

'Have they not traveled in the land to see the consequence for those before them? They were more numerous than these, and mightier in power and traces on the earth. But all that they used to earn availed them not.' Let us now look one by one at the key cluster of basic myths which underpins this kafir society.

1. Progress.

Perhaps this myth more than any other demonstrates the irrational structure that holds together this so fragile society—for its strength is only apparent. There has never been a more vulnerable community than the current civilization. The first thing to be noted about the progress concept is almost outrageous, when considered coolly, for we find that the ruling elite are themselves the most cynical in deriding the concept, yet at the same time it is this concept that they propagate in all their justification for continued research and in the—quite different—level of works they make available to the so-called educated masses. In other words the view of the specialized academic is found to be in direct contradiction to the view of the popular modern home encyclopedia and the school class-room. No one really believes, for example, that absurd, speeded-up portrayal of the evolutionary chain which shows the ape slinking along on all fours, and slowly rising to its feet to become ancient Paleolithic man through his various simian phases, his skull confidently mutating forward in chromosomic leaps that we are assured were most gradual and rational and necessary, until the creature with a few more radical organic re-alignments, like acquiring a jointed thumb, can at last be recognized as our old friend upright modern homo sapiens, thinking man. Or do they? No one really believes that this emergent ape moved swiftly over these millennia from mating and territorial-dispute grunts to tribes of early man each with his own highly defined and specific language system of grammatical and structural (meaning) complexity, of such sophistication that we are able to confirm that the role of language far from evolving is one of devolution and that in the first phases of language are found its most profound and variegated aspects. Or do they?

What must be understood is that the dominant elite of the current culture have put forward a fiction, a fantasy riddled with inconsistencies which they call evolution and that system goes basically unchallenged except by cranks and religious fanatics who deny the advances of modern science. Two minutes shocked silence in the face of this monstrous irrational attitude usually follows, and people bow their heads grateful for their deep rational—credulity. We will later observe the means by which this open fantasy system goes unchallenged. Now what we are lining up is a recognition that the idea of progress, on which the political and therefore the economic and therefore the cultural goals of the society are based, rests on this unchallenged but untenable deception called evolution. In short the myth of biological evolution is the foundation for the myth of social evolution. The whole history of man is aligned to point to the current emergence of modern man from millennia of darkness. The past of man itself has been reduced to spectacle. The previous great ages of man are now encapsulated in displays in museums.

Primitive cultures are captured in an instant of 'living history' in anthropological museums. There is their tent, real hand-woven goat's hair. There is their hand beaten brass coffee roasting and cooking service. There is a wax Bedouin in a replica robe. There is his stuffed camel. We observe them. We examine them. We learn from them. Thus we are the superior culture. Ah, but we do empathize. Our humanity is vast. We recognize their art, their music, their simple faith. We realize that the nomadic desert life has poetic, indeed, dangerous appeal—still that irritating irrational streak of waywardness not yet fully eliminated. But our warm humanist ethic absorbs the nomad into our poetic imagination. After all, the free desert life is all very well but—what if you needed an appendectomy? How would your wife like to deliver her baby without the reassuring doctor and his surgical knife and his anesthetics in case of any sign of pain or trouble? What if you wanted to read a paperback? And you shudder at the raw isolation of it all and the naked fear of existence, life and death that for a moment have been thrillingly exposed to you in the cool air-conditioned splendor of the life-arena of the Museum of Man. The haunting flute of the Bedouin will not long disturb your dreams. So the education teaches progress, and underlines it with archaeological and anthropological data laid out as a proof. The proof demonstrates, in this myth, that the current project is not only the best possible one, but is better than all previous models. Indeed, is this not the central mythic law of the kafir society, that the scientific model, so reassuringly logical (has it yet got you to equate logical with rational?) is only there while it functions and never claims anything primitive like absolute reality, and so when a better, newer model comes along, we are happy to abandon it and embrace with fervor the new and therefore better and therefore in some thrilling way more logical (rational?) and thus more efficacious model. This is progress.

Do not question industrialization, it is a better model. Look at the achievements? What—? Child workers, pregnant women hauling the coal carts? Let us work it out. There! We have just had the industrial revolution! Is that not better? Is that not more rational? We have made trade unions. This will protect the worker. We have universal franchise. Thus social choices are in fact your choices. If you do not like the choices blame the government. It is yours. You can change it. What? Global wars? Wars using the products of the factories. That is a planning issue we did not foresee. Let us make a League of Nations. That can be their job. Is that not better? Is that not a new era? No more wars. It did not work. Ah, then we will make a better model. There! The United Nations. The World Health Organization. How about that! What? Electronics is putting the noble industrial worker out of work? The unions are going to stop the redundancy of the worker? But look—electronics is an advance. It must be accommodated. What? Oil is running out? Solar energy—it will not run out. Are you not inspired? Ecologism in place of ruthless industrial exploitation. Is that not better? What? Electronics leads to a police state. Control? No freedom? Whatever the social nexus produces is better when it emerges. The faults we will iron out. We will move forward. But to where is the society moving? What is it for, what is the goal of this demented commitment to outward change? What IS better? The arena in which the slaves disport themselves.

2. Development.

So, connected to progress, comes the social imperative of development. We could call development the outward evidence of progress. The highways, the hospitals, the great edifices of the new society are the proofs of its meaningfulness. It is its own proof. In downtown cities the great buildings are always that of the religion of the culture. That religion has to be laid bare piece by piece. But the temples of a society are always its dominant buildings and what dominates a western city is its bank and its insurance building and what dominates an eastern city is its state equivalent. It must never be forgotten that this culture is one and not two. The Peking Academy basically teaches the same view of progress and evolution as does Stanford.

The first thing the new President of any emergent' country does is order huge quantities of concrete. It is the raw material of development. Development comes in schemes. They are ritualized and frenzied closed-experiments in non-meaningful activities which involve the whole population. From the President to the worker-slave. Everyone benefits! The road is laid to the door of the factory. The factory has another road running to the mine. Raw materials are dredged from the earth. Products are made. With this surge of inexplicable activity which rips up the earth and fills the air with poisonous fumes comes a series of predictable needs. Housing for the workers. Housing for the technocrats. Housing for the managerial class. This means plumbing. This means lighting. This means infrastructure. This means crime. This means an efficient police force. This means a hospital. This means a school. This means a market place to allow the workers and the elite to spend their newly won tokens in the chains of stores in the great hangar that has sprung up alongside the housing. This is development! This is new life for the society. Do not argue! Do not question! This is the long-awaited development. It will slowly be recognized, and not immediately, that the question: 'What is it all for?'—is not the relevant question at all. It is a dangerously diversionary question. For by asking it you take your place precisely where the critic of the society is meant to land—as opposing progress, as being a rousseau-ite, a romantic, a man who wants to turn the clock back. Clearly irrational. Clearly to be avoided. A Luddite. Step by step it can be grasped, however, that the question is already answered in the question. Of course. The goal of development is development. No, not the next development. Development is its own goal. We are confronting a goalless society. A society without direction because it is not going anywhere. It is not in progress or regress. It is in a remarkable terrifying stasis, like a mouse which chases its own tail in terror, turning on itself.

3. Evolution.

It is now we may look again at evolution in the light of the myth of development. We are now able to see how in the shop window the theory of evolution is able to distract people from the current stasis of the society by offering to them in their imaginations and only in their imaginations the narrative of a global impulse to change that has never stopped, and presumably will never stop. Thus all that is happening can be projected as part of the onward relentless hurtling energy of cosmic 'progress'—galactic development. It can only be in an evolutionary society that its activities are themselves evolving. That is the theory. In other words the theory of evolution in itself, while absurd and untenable, as myth, as in-back theory is ideal to convince the people that they are participants in the forward (not backward) movement of history—and that movement, is the current project. Yet we can now see that there is no movement except the desperate and demented revolution around the instant, in the most frenzied attempt to stop the very process that can so terrifyingly be recognised underneath the cultural event—life itself. The biological theory of evolution is as essential to the political realities of the kafir culture as it is an embarrassment to the research scientist whose own intriguing findings make nonsense of its unrealistic contours. At a convention of evolutionists gathered from all over Europe and America that was held at Boulder University we asked one professor if he encountered any serious students who questioned the underlying principles of evolution—leaving out the religious lunatic fringe—his reply was anthropologically significant, he said: 'If I did I'd smash their heads in!'

The theory of evolution like all other scientific underpinnings of the consumer society remains intact as dogma, by the use of a protection system that we may designate as the stepping-stone system. It works both ways, across the river and back. Through the range of the dissemination of the theory, and in specific instances, from phase to phase of the argument. For example, if you question a standard text-book put out in the mass education system it will be pointed out that that is unfortunately a dangerous over-simplification and certainly distorts the mainline concepts as currently taught in he higher levels at the university. If you were then to turn your attention to the standard university textbooks presenting the mainline thesis you would be told in turn that at the research level all that knowledge was now superseded and the whole 'problem' had been restated in new terms.

Thus you would never come to grips with the authenticity of the theory at any level and it would simply remain as an intellectual and therefore social reality after you finally left it alone to flourish. Within the argument, the jump from stone to stone is no less obvious and effective. Take any evolutionist text of whatever minor sect and examine it. You will be told that species 'x' in the face of environmental change was forced to mutate, and by gradual and subtle change in its secondary characteristics altered to suit the new environment, washables survive, while the other species which did not adapt were destroyed. The change was made Dy Natural Selection. Once it is recognized that the non-existent conceptual non-spatial zone mat is Natural Selection can be granted no Ontological significance it loses its capital letters and slinks away. In the next step you are submitted close specific molecular or structural diagrams indicating the nature of the change itself. How the process functions, at what stage consciousness is involved if at all, is never said. The evolutionary event is reified as chromosomic, and when the design aspect is confronted then the elusive and metaphysical concept of Natural Selection, with or without capitals, takes its place.

Here from a university-level text on 'biological engineering' are some crude but typical examples of this deceptive language . . . 'the problem is, Nature cannot use materials.' So Nature has both identity and limitations. 'It is an idea Nature has used for thousands of years.' Thus Nature has also endured over this vast period. It is implied that Nature has personality for It is clearly grappling with concepts. 'What Natural Selection has done is divide up the brittle material into sections.' Here Natural Selection is definitely a transcendent or immanent-and-transcendent working force operating according to rational and systemic plans. The patterns of Nature are not produced at random—every force is a 'reply' to a force outside—' So Nature and Natural Selection are either two gods or one is working for the other. There is a force outside Nature. So what is that? What can be called 'outsideness'? Where are its limits? What defines the within-ness of the being 'Nature'? 'Once all the structural problems are solved.' The implication being, that structure is separate from performance, that the organism is separate from and other than its environmental field. These are two non-related realities. If Natural Selection designed the organism did Nature design the environment? And then do they sometimes fight? If there is a 'design problem' is this due to some incapacity in Natural Selection or Nature? What constitutes a biological problem?

Clearly evolution is supposed to provide the biological solution! Certainly it seems from their statements that if nature solves problems then the 'problem' is outside the knowledge of Nature, therefore outside Nature itself. The whole matter is saturated with methodological contradiction and deception. Unfortunately things do not get better the higher one goes among the biologists, rather, the metaphysical disorder, the crudely obvious lack of a sound basis in phenomenology is most clear where the overview is presented. At the very core of much recent biological deception has been the language of chance in trying to provide an alibi for a theory that is bent on denying what lies in front of it—a complete Universe, perfect in every way with nothing lacking. Nothing, that is except in the defective eye of the observer who looks and does not see because he fails to understand that far from being the observer, in truth, he is the observed.

Everything is due to a chance mutation. To a chance encounter at the billionth degree of improbability this primal substance fuses with that and the whole unintended event of cosmic life has started. But what a sophisticated and intentional concept. Chance is itself a determined response to necessary existence. The most popular of all scientific images is the role of the dice, or the turn of the roulette wheel. But surely the arrival at zero on the roulette wheel is the most clear demonstration possible of determinism. The wheel has such and such a circumference. The groove is of such and such dimensions. The ball has this gravity-pull and this weight. The wheel revolves at this speed and decelerates in this ratio from the force of the initial pull of this strength. The limited numbers are laid out in this pattern. The arc of the ball's slowing down measured against the arc of the wheel's slowing down must inevitably bring about its arrival at point zero, given its moment of impact with the wheel and all those other factors coming together. Chance is only a structured event, utterly determined, viewed from a point that fails to grasp all the ponderables that make up the doomed moment when the ball comes to rest in zero. Our inability to grasp the cosmic givens, those tremendous necessary actualities and events on which existence is founded should not drive us to the primitive panic of the magical concept of chance and random event. '... nor is there any god along with Him, else would each god have assuredly championed that which he created. And some of them would assuredly have overcome others. Glorified be Allah above all that they allege.'

4. Education.

We should now look at the arena in which the educational process takes place which produces these programmed and literate hooligans who then proceed to lay waste to the world so effectively in such a deep state of existential unrest, The groves of academe are, as their name implies, traditionally based on the Greek civilization from which the rhetoric of the culture pretends to derive its inspiration. This Palladian style is eerily found from Peking's Stalinist temples to Stanford's greco-roman garage architecture. It is vital to understanding this analysis that you realise that the world of learning is not varied but utterly unified as one Masonic group, worldwide. Thus in their international directory, The World of Learning', you can find Moscow, Peking and New York all peacefully coexisting. Their views, their staffs almost openly interchangeable, without posing any threat to the statist religion of the kafir world. The campus is the most carefully structured free-space in the society. It is a completely monitored environment. Its actions, rituals, possibilities are more carefully programmed than any other section of the society. Since youth is volatile, and by its nature dangerous, for it demonstrates its movement from youth into maturity in a way which goes against the whole 'fixed' nature of the dominant group. Its youthfulness is not shocking—what is risky is its transformative energy. They come in young, they go out mature. It is important that they go out having agreed to keep the deception going.

They have successfully made the transference from taught to teacher, from ruled to rulers, from youth in flux to non-death life that precedes the unmentionable geriatric disaster to come. If you are very lucky you may achieve the one way out of old age—fame, which confers on you the status of Grand Old Man or Woman who may be paraded respectfully to the end, provided, that is, the cortex does not let you down. The control of the campus is not necessarily to be thought of as the practice of rigid repression— that tends to be more an 'underdeveloped' country phenomenon. The control can be recognized as creating an arena of staged social debate, planned anarchy, a coherent vocabulary of social change without access to the social reality, musically scored outbursts of revolutionary activity, even carefully cast martyrdoms, so that student life may stand, both in experience and retrospect, for a romantic picture of the fun, glory and MISTAKEN nature of youthful energy. (Kent State). The university is both the first social experience outside the family and the ultimate sealing of the family pattern as being the inescapable pattern of life. Apparently opening the student to an away-from-home environment it provides exactly a projected large scale family-values/family-identity situation. The deep sentimental attachment to college is matched by the parental role that the professors play in molding the student.

The place itself is a home in apotheosis. It is based on parental approval and paves the way for state approval that is the great and ultimate follow up and completion of the kafir slave's education. Also, in some countries it is paid for by the parents as some kind of ultimate sacrificial gift from parent to child, and in others the surrogate state-parent makes the generous gift—it may even be seen to emerge symbolically as the act of the state leader in his all-embracing compassionate concern for the youth of the country. By extension we notice that the authority structure which IS the University, is architecturally the same as that of the Church, traditionally, (Gothic, etc.) which in turn is that of the State Capitol and even the prisons. In England the traditional pattern is Gothic, in Masonic countries it is Palladian. Now with the open transfer of religious power from Church to Bank the architecture of the university tends to be modeled on that of the Bank. While the Bank once modestly operated under the Church, it has now openly replaced it as a place of worship and thus it has managed to break away and establish its own architectural modes. So the new university, state centre, and following lamely along, the church, is based on the architecture of the modern Bank.

Within these structures, themselves indicators of their value and meaning, we discover the content of what is taught to be the underlying myth of the society. Here you are taught that the world is a) your playground, and b) your classroom. Everything is a fit subject for study. Except the present. It is not on any account to be subjected to study. The present is for play. You do not ask, 'What is the university for?' Again that allows you to be distracted into a dialectic which casts you in the revolutionary and thus useful role of keeping it all going. The reply, 'What indeed?' would suffice to avoid any deep analysis from revealing the real situation. The question does not have an answer. Or again, we find that it is a closed system in which the answer is the question. The point of study is study itself. You learn in order to teach. Now this has a deep and useful meaning but that is not what is meant in the university. What is at issue is never the knowledge but the role-playing which the so-called knowledge exchange permits. Your classes in medieval history, or the history of the class struggle, or in research, are not of any other use but that you in turn should transmit this secret hierophantic knowledge to another group waiting their turn.

In one of the major textbooks on anthropology used in the American college system it openly declares in the preface that it is quite clear that almost none of the people who major in anthropology will use it in the sense that they will ever BE an anthropologist. This is beside the point, the preface notes. What matters is that by studying this science each and every student will be able to see the whole society from an anthropological point of view! In other words this science will serve as a means to total indoctrination of the whole-culture control of the learning subject. It is the student's complete guarantee to being accessible throughout life to the mind-control of the culture in its all-embracing functional splendour in every sphere of existence. And it must be noted, this goes equally well for the student of politics, or of ecology or of psychology. It is true of each and every one of the sciences, for they interfold the subject in an acceptance that is both dazzling, effective, and complete.


The control system that enslaves 'modern' man is not complex although it seems impossible to dismantle. Its best metaphor is the knitted garment—its outward patterning on the fabric does not reveal its structural patterning, for its design lies across the basic 'weave'. Equally, if it is severed at any part the pull of the rest of the garment will hold it all together until it is mended. It is, in other words, a system of interlink with an overlay of deceptive design which is in itself irrelevant to its structure. Politics is the aesthetic design, the monetary system (not 'economics') holds the whole together. Pull that and you will unravel the garment from top to bottom.

Let us look for a moment at the political myth system. It is structuralist. Its ideology is structuralism and neither communism nor capitalism, which are in themselves merely tactical means to the acquiring of wealth and power. The Christian ethos was long ago overthrown by the subversive revenge of the exiled, 'homeless' Russian khazar tribes who had converted to Judaism both to be free of attack from Christian and Muslim armies and in response to the mythology of alienation that surrounded the tribes of Israel historically. To be ideological Jews who were not themselves Semites, and thus the 'chosen people', was a wonderful fulfillment of the disenfranchised and alienated condition of the khazar tribes. Driven across Russia by persecution and then across eastern Europe they forged an arcane and romantic ideology of 'return' to a homeland whose mythic name was 'Jerusalem' —its resonance was to stretch across centuries through both political and Masonic propaganda, reaching the mad Blake with his vision of building "'Jerusalem' in England's green and pleasant land."

Without a means of protection or capacity to initiate attack these remarkable people forged political instruments of destabilization and conceived the wonderfully clever idea of 'let the enemy destroy itself, since we are powerless'. Thus both disinformation and destabilization were the active means of destroying the Christian/Islamic ethos which still dominated them. Two political goals were lined up. One, the destruction of 'Christendom' through the technique of revolution. This was aimed at the removal of all kings and bishops from power in Europe. Two, the dismantling of the Islamic khalifate in Istanbul. Basically, by 1924 both goals had been achieved.

By 1917 the home-base monarchy of Russia was eliminated and thus by extension the whole monarchy system for it was run by interlink itself with two great families holding the whole thing together as its warp and woof. By 1923 the keys of the khalifate had been formally surrendered to two Jewish agents working for the Masonic 'Young Turk' grouping. The whole epoch seethed with secret Masonic societies and intrigues and plots and counter-plots. The ideology of rule by the house of Zion had proved triumphant. Just as, in their mythic view of politics, they had freed themselves from Pharaoh so they had from their enemies—and stolen HIS secret of power—that is to say—the pyramid.

Today, the rabbi's son, Lenin, lies entombed in his pyramid and symbolically controls the power system of the soviet-block. Look at the global effects of the mythology of masonism—that is, the system used to subvert others to this fantasy cause—it is astonishing. Lincoln is honoured by a statue where he is seated on a Throne of David' (all its measurements are manically precise—as is the layout of Washington D.C. itself!) but more astonishing we find Mao Tse Tung enthroned on an identical throne in Peking, China! Sphinxism on a global scale is surely an odd phenomenon. But not more odd than the complete uniformity of University structures right across the world, both east and west according to the original masonic models of the eighteenth century. It is not conspiracy or racism that is being examined here. Clearly the basis of Zionism is not racial since its blonde blue eyed Russian exponents themselves would be the first to be horrified at the concept of having 'Semitic' blood. Nor are we interested in nostalgic monarchism which blames the Jews for all the world's woes. We are noting their contribution to the imaginative and ideological fabric of the modern mythic dilemma.

It is not fantasy or arcane right-wing theory that notes that a tiny nation of a couple of million people is a nuclear power and has an as yet not understood relationship with 'racist' south Africa and as yet not unmasked control over the U.S.A. giving it the power to plunge the whole world into global war. What other country of comparable size, e.g. Mauritania, can boast an intelligence service that even has operatives working in small countries in South America and East Asia? There are many other elements at work in modern society but what is happening cannot be understood unless the mythic and ideological element of Zionism is understood—but it cannot be understood as a system which has specific goals of a political nature for 'Jewish' people. All its overt claims are nonsense, otherwise Israel would be a non-racist nation and world 'Jews' would not want to be anywhere else. Its nationalist aspirations are a DIVERSION from its true and natural activity. The activity involves more non-Jews (note the incipient racism of Zionism, as in blacks being called non-whites) than Jews.

The key element in Zionism is its structuralism, based on its ideological myth pattern—the ancient story of the 'Jews' and Pharaoh. The significant element in Zionism is its turning about of the ancient story. Instead of confirming the prophetic (Musan) rejection of Pharaoh's power, it posits a stealing and an acquiring of his power by discovering the 'secret of the pyramids'. We do not refer to idiotic western Egyptology—but to the basic structuralist technique which is nothing less than the foundation of modern western science, whose outcome is the Jewish, not the Islamic bomb, conceived as its was by Einstein (now also deified in the U.S.A.) designed by Oppenheimer and administrated by Lilienthal! and dropped, we should add, by the Christians! The structuralist principle was applied throughout the fabric of the society. At the political level, the level of 'scientific discourse', the cultural level. The study of man himself was made a matter for interlock structuralist myths and metaphors. Thus the view of man that came to dominate the (world-based) university system was authored by Levi-Strauss, the 'father' of modern anthropology. Language was forced with much difficulty to submit to the structuralist discipline, and linguistics was born, fathered by Noam Chomsky. Man's inner and self experience too had to be colonized. This was done by the Viennese (novelist?) doctor, Sigmund Freud. When he arrived in the U.S.A. he turned to his colleague and said, 'Little do they realize, we are bringing them the plague!' A cynical pun on the oedipal crime, and an interesting echo of Churchill's metaphor when he referred to Lenin being brought to the Finland station from Switzerland in his sealed train, 'like a plague bacillus.' The structuralist technique is itself utterly logical and pyramidic and elitist. Yet its means to accession of power, is inevitably, dialectic-ally its opposite—chaos. That is—psychoanalysis, the control mechanism, is in the hands of the elite. For the masses the effect is the unleashing of repression and thus the breaking of the norms of taboo restraints and natural moral behavior.

Thus, the lie of scientific discourse. Psycho-analysis must never 'meet' anthropology for they contradict each other. Evolution must never 'meet' linguistics since language does not conform to its thesis—and so on. Thus the current dynamic of society is a continual Russian roulette. The build-up of structuralist power is dependent on the cyclical unleashing of inchoate social energy. At every gamble the chaotic power could destroy the structure. Each convulsion towards 'freedom' and the liberation of, first the peasants, then the workers, then the colonized, then women, then sexual deviants, then children, has meant the possibility that the next and greater power pyramid will not make it. Yet in each case success is assured by virtue of the cover of politics.

The Current System is a Kafir System

Kufr is covering and the continuation of this society is based on a series of coverings which all work together to condition people into accepting pseudo-change for its own sake. What is the cover of politics? The political arena is brilliant, effective and from the point of view of the power nexus totally irrelevant. Or rather its relevance is merely emblematic.

The Blue Option

His Holiness the Pope arrives in Istanbul in his motorcade, waving to indifferent and curious Muslims who regard him as he sweeps by wondering what the ermine-clad figure has to do with their life of leaden-grey thirties-cut 'modernized' suits, no winter heating, no sewage, no human habitation fit for their children to be born into—no nutrition in their diets. Under cover of television appearances, diplomatic receptions, and 'mass', the dubious rite by which biscuits turn into flesh and wine into blood — cannibalistic and pointless — behind all this the real work of the visit continues. Sleek black Mercedes glide out of the American embassy and less elegant limousines emerge from NATO headquarters. Under papal cover the meeting is convened, and its decision taken, co-coordinating Washington with Asia. Some days later, the tanks roll heavily into position in the dawn mist observed by some faithful on their way to the mosques. Armored vehicles glide towards politicians' residences to make their arrests. The coup d'etat has taken place. The Islamic movement is cut down yet again. The masons have restored another pyramidic oppression. In Washington at the State Department a high ranking official reaches for his bookshelf. He takes down a white bound book entitled 'Turkey—Area Handbook'. It has 370 pages. Five chapters.

1. Historical setting

2. The society and its environment

3. The economy

4. Government and politics

5. National Security.

Followed by Appendix, Bibliography, Glossary, Index and List of figures. He calls in five staff members. Each is told to do a three-page breakdown of one chapter by eleven that morning. At eleven the document is ready. It goes to the Security Adviser. On his desk lie three files. One blue. One red. One white.

In each is placed a fifteen page breakdown of the book which is the official assessment in structuralist terms of the elements that are fixed and the stress-points and fluidity points in the Turkish society. One option indicates a denunciation of the coup with regret plus appreciation. Another indicates open support plus massive upfront investment.

A third indicates approach through NATO and European structures to wean the generals back to 'democracy'. The Security Adviser carefully places the support and investment in the red file. He walks to the oval office. At eleven ten the three files lie on the President's desk. At eleven thirty the President selects the red option file and places it before his Secretary of State. NATO are informed. The Istanbul embassy is given the go-ahead. A working lunch is set up with a Banking corporation and two corporations who might invest plus a representative from the World Bank. Before they can move, a loan must put the country further in debt and devaluation of the Turkish lira must take place to assure the total helplessness of the country.

And in all this—all the President has done is peruse a fifteen page document followed by a one page option outline. His advisers have placed the relevant policy in the relevant file-colour. Blue option will never take place. Unless by an irrational and rebellious personal whim—and then the system would for a moment shudder and instantly readjust if necessary by removal from office, impeachment or assassination. This is the cover of politics. The people, even the so-called intellectuals will 'debate' whether the President has 'got' a foreign policy, an economic policy and so on. Yet so irrelevant is he to the running of the society that when he is assassinated or politically disgraced his removal scarcely makes a tremor in the continuity of the nation's affairs, let alone the stock market.

All that can be noted is the psychological shock—the 'trauma' which is used in fact to strengthen the control system over the people. So we have democracy, political democracy which almost in every instance puts in power a man 'elected' by a minority vote. His selection is in turn arranged, like the blue option that never can be adopted—he is the red option. The blue option candidate never gets on the ballot paper. The choice is as fictional as the candidate is meaningful. The statism, pyramidic in the east, is also pyramidic in the west. In both right and left we have pyramidic statism. Only in the west we have the added mythic 'democracy' and freedom of choice which suggests to the people that they choose their leaders.

In the eastern system pyramidism pretends to work by a series of interlocking committees which appoint upwards to the Leader himself. In their flow charts power is shown to flow from the masses to the leader in diminishing social units which culminate in some form of Presidium which in turn 'elects' its Leader. The flow-arrows of power delegation are of course mythic. The system is geometric and thus rigid, not biological and thus supple. Power lies on the top. But, and this is important the power nexus is not EXPOSED. It is not political. The politicians are the butlers. They serve their masters, and they rule below stairs over the masses—the servants. The myth of politics prevents the intellectuals and the high-drive elements in the society (media, academics) from recognizing the true power transaction. It is astonishing to note quite how successful this ruse is. It is still possible after a criminal, a peanut farmer and a cowboy actor have held the post of President of the United States to hear intelligent men discuss the capacity of the President to 'govern'. The fantasy of executive power is effective precisely because of its visibility and geometric domination — for the President marks the cap-stone of the pyramidic structure.

In the first half of this last century power was defined as political and crises within the frame-work of the dominant culture expressed themselves in a political dialectic—fascism versus communism. Then after Euro-war two it was defined as economic. Within the last twenty-five years the masses have been given crash courses in economic theory. Monetarism, investment, profit margins, the whole mythic vocabulary of economic theory has replaced the equally illusory vocabulary of political struggle. You could say that when western man was an economic slave he was allowed to talk politics, but now that he is a political slave he is allowed to talk economics. The economic debate does not at any significant point impinge on the power transactions which activate and effect social change.

Since the kafir system is a system which operates under cover, it follows that what is openly available to the masses to be discussed and debated is not relevant to the true control of social processes. Its metaphor is that the masses have been taught to analyze the society as if they were watching a complex chess game on a glass board while on a lower board underneath the true game is being played and it is checkers, with different pieces, different rules and goal—played out on an identical board. While the people argue and agonize over the chess moves, the real game goes on unhindered below. We have said that the system is one of interlink so that the whole fabric can support the tear wherever it may occur. Thus the question that remains to be asked is, 'by what thread can the whole fabric be unraveled?' If the matter were purely structuralist there would be a political answer. But it cannot be that the social nexus is set up on a simple structuralist thesis. For the dominant culture to get away with imposing such a horrible and anti-human situation there has to be some in-deep conditioning which renders man impassive to this degradation.

Therefore, while we may note the necessary thread to pull—which will tear apart the fabric of the corrupt super-state of modern culture, we must be aware of the means by which people are controlled in order to replace them with something better. Now we may examine, first what the underlying structural element of the current culture is and then after that examine how such a flimsy and yet effective deception works, that is to say, what makes the masses willing slaves of a social programme which can only degrade them while promising future liberation? While there is clearly and absolutely no sense in which the ills of society can be laid at the door of any race or specific grouping in society this does not force us from fear of being labelled racist in what is clearly propagandist defence of the power group from indicating the key role played by Zionism and indeed Jewish. Emphasizing again that it seems historically unprovable that the modern Jews are any longer dominantly a Semitic grouping and indeed may well be a turkic nation from the ancient Khazar kingdom of southern Russia— there is nonetheless a militant and continuing activity which uses a Jewish mythology and a Zionist ideology to activate certain market forces and to impinge on the political destiny of millions.

Political techniques of destabilization, rewriting of history, control of world media, global intelligence activities, global piratism, all these add up to a serious social challenge when backed by groupings outside in industry and banking who are coerced by the ideology or are attracted to it in the first place. Underwriting the purchase of the Suez canal and underwriting the invasion of Egypt by Israel are two highly political acts aimed at the same heartland of Islam within a hundred years of each other—and by the same family of bankers, the Rothschilds, open adherents of Zionist policy. But Zionism does not and could not function alone. Without a linkage to the 'Christian' culture of Europe it would have remained hybrid and alien. The linkage of masons gives the Zionist expansionism its means to power. Maoism's half-crazy ideology of elitism coupled with its cynical mockery of Christianity and Islam (but not, notice, Judaism) appeals to the arriviste element in the commercial and political world.

What can be perceived in so-called geopolitics is a series of power interests that intermesh in such a manner that there can never be perceived a commonality of interests, so that tensions and contradictions abound while the common goals of greed and power unify. Zionism is its ideology, masonism its passport to the rest of the world, elitism its principle and the monetary system its magical means of world control. The power elite effectively control and operate at many levels, military confederations, (NATO, etc): transnational corporations (ITT the well known one, but it is far from alone): banking networks (Citicorp's with its famous Kissinger/Rockefeller axis): energy systems (Gulf and Western going nuclear): as well as the enlisting and securing of politicians by temporary membership to club status and thus access to the world leaders (Trilateral etc.)—thus while there is interlink there is never cohesion. While there are common goals there is never policy agreement. There is no conspiracy—but it would take only a fool or someone completely brainwashed by the facile rhetoric of liberal and western 'freedom' to buy the myth of political governance by democratic structures, structures which can now be scientifically shown to be subservient to prediction and computerized manipulation. People vote for the last option, prechosen for them, just like their president or prime minister's 'free' choice of the red option.

That Zionism is the underlying ideology of the current dominant culture must not be forgotten, nor the economic force that supports it. Banking is effectively dominated by a triad of forces, one of which is Jewish (Rothschilds, Khun Loeb, Morgan, etc.). The gold market is dominated and price controlled by them (its world price is still fixed daily, from the Rothschild Bank in London). The diamond market, world-wide, is theirs, run by another triad structure, New York, Amsterdam and South Africa. Zionism gives the lie to any political reality like the 'national entity' as either having ideological (patriotic) reality or political individuality. Its presence in South America is, from a political and nationalist viewpoint as bizarre as its control of the South African politique.

The Peruvian Jews who meet every week in their clubs to sing Nazi songs with ex-Nazi financiers, as reported by the famous anthropologist, Lewis, is one of the more unsavory but exemplary proofs that Zionism while itself a racism has no real regard for what might have been a Semitic Jewish entity, had it existed. Jewish—in the Zionist sense of a racial group—hatred of fascism is contradicted by Israeli racism against the Semitic Arabs, as well as for their support of the fascism of the South American regimes and their brutal repression of the Indians in Peru and the stranglehold they wield on the Argentinian economy. One last element in the ideology is the use of so-called international institutions (already outmoded by the 'other level' system of relationships set up by Zionism) to control world affairs. ('Internationalism is our art': Herzel).

The U.N.O. was brought into being and set up in New York, without prior consultation, in order to bring into being the Zionist banking entity designed to destroy the heartland of the Islamic nation in the middle east. Once 'legal' by a tiny majority with an openly bought couple of votes, the Organization was then basically irrelevant since it would endanger the Zionist programme by voting against its illegal expansion. Thus, today, Israel stands as an outlaw state, ignoring resolution after resolution contrary to its agreed acceptance of U.N.O. authority. Similarly, O.A.U. was set up to maintain the colonialist control over Africa and keep at bay any real sanction on south Africa while indulging in ineffective rhetoric.

Now this system of enormous pyramid complexity, elitist in its outcome yet controlling the totality of modern society through its statism (authored by Lenin, yet as much evident in Europe as Russia) and its monetary system and its institutions and organizations, by, in short, the systems method of structuralism, effectively if precariously dominates the world today. Even china with its ancient humanist heritage has surrendered its Confucian/Taoist dialectic for the pseudo-dialectic of marxist-leninism. Astonishing, yet true. But what is more astonishing than the financing of Hitler by the Jewish Wall Street financiers of the thirties? ('Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler': Sutton).

The Myth of Money

Everyone knows it—no one follows out its implications. The money in your pocket is worthless. The monetary system is itself mythic. The Emperor's Clothes—everyone recognizes the fact—no one dares say it. Well, not altogether true!

It has, historically happened already. Significantly, symbolically, and yet actually in history it has happened. When the first Jewish Secretary of State, Kissinger, authored the U.S. bombing of Cambodia, he destroyed the whole inner order of the state. In the resulting turmoil the Khmer Rouge battalions effectively took control of the country. The Pol Pot regime's actions have never been examined politically. Partly because of the bloody and ruthless nature of their activity — which makes hot media fodder, and partly because it was clearly not in the interests of the Zionist nexus to let out the news. Within a relentless yet systematic revision of the society, from the base up according to strict ideological principles, Pol Pot set about creating the first post-economic modern state. It was stunningly radical in its post-Marxist viewpoint. Production, the sacred cow (golden calf) of Marxist doctrine, the element he never questioned in his so-called revolutionary antithesis, was rejected as the root of enslavement. By extension, the technological thesis was antithetically opposed by a swing to primal social energies. The peasant was reinstated as the normative social being. Intellectuals, the elite of any high-tech society were denounced as anti-social and were purged. It was an uncompromising yet logical purification of the society, which contained in it elements of madness. A man found to possess a pair of spectacles was executed on the assumption that weak eyes implied a university education. Those who were not slaughtered were put to work in the fields with the peasants. High-tech hospitals were destroyed and herbalists and folk doctors called in. Again this resulted in nightmare scenes where student 'new doctors' performed operations without anaesthetics. All high technology equipment especially the motor car was destroyed.

Ironically, for the regime had gained power by modern weaponry! Yet the most significant element in the revolt against the total system of Zionist scientism was the decision to abolish the Bank of Cambodia, the monetary system, and return to commodity currency—in their case, rice. It is not a question of finding all this macabre, it was horrific. Yet when man is driven to extremes it forces from him a crisis recognition of the true ills that beset him. It is his desperation that precludes him from finding the right cure. The German people were not wrong in confirming Hitler's assessment of what had caused their downfall, their mistake was in accepting a dialectic which was so brutal it could only swing back on them. So with Pol Pot.

What is important to us is that the high-tech state has already been rejected as a historical possibility. It has been dismantled and there has been a radical return to commodity currency—the primal basis of human economics, we may say humanist economics. So the idea is not 'idealist'. It is not a dream concept. It is already part of the landscape of our time. It must not be forgotten that Cambodia had been the victim of high technology in its ultimate form—saturation bombing by heavy bombers. It took a terrible and total anarchy to allow the necessary conditions to prevail. Perhaps the most significant aspect of that story, and the most relevant to our claim, is that when the pendulum of power swung, the West found Pol Pot's forces to be the only element opposing a Russian repossession of Cambodia and so in turn backed him against them.

In renegotiating to accept him as the Cambodian leader the terms were significant. He was not requested to abjure from genocide. Nor was he asked to accept high-technology. He was asked to guarantee the restoration of the monetary system!

After the Pope had presided over the Turkish coup d'etat, the American takeover of the great Turkish peoples, the first act of the 'international community' was not condemnation of the 'death of democracy'. It was the devaluation of the Turkish lira. So, the first blow paralyzed the body politic, while the second blow destroyed the economic liberty of the people, assuring for them slave status. The next act of total control was to grant them a massive loan with a now devalued currency. In this way it was assured that the Turkish people could not be free by any conceivable means.


It is now clear to the Turkish people's Islamic leadership that the way to recovery is the breaking of the monetarist control over them. A country breaking free of Zionist banking control must renege on its debt-imprisonment. Return to commodity currency. Destroy the computerised archivist principle of control.

By this one move a country can be free of the total Zionist magical and pharaonic method. Money must be rendered worthless, gold and diamonds, the fall-back systems, must be expropriated. If there is an activation of commodity currency then the continent of Africa becomes massively wealthy — and Europe, with its depleted resources, bankrupt —which it already is.


We come lastly to the intriguing element, the rogue animal, the troublemaker, the emperor-slave—the human creature. The victim and the executioner. We cannot but ask in this age of genocide, nuclear warfare, and computerized total control—what it is that lets man himself let IT happen? How has this acquiescence set into the human character?

By what is man controlled from within?

He is not just the victim of social forces. He is also the author of social forces. The mythic dialogue of rabbinical Marxism, designed to sow havoc and reap investment, has no means to explain 'the phenomenon' of Stalin. It cannot say within its methodology how the individual can effect social change. The 'cult of personality' is not a viable counter to use in laying bare the social processes by which man himself activates for good or ill massive social upheavals. The term is not by definition Marxist, but personal stand thus 'bourgeois'! In western thinking there is a false dialectic set up between the society and the individual. In all of this, the mythic western activity of 'art' is used to canalize personal energies from political targets. It must be understood that man is not in any way apart from his society, he is its product. The exception does not disprove the rule. But man is not created by the political nexus or the social institutions. To understand the human being we must look more deeply. The human creature has three stages of growth, on these will depend his social and spiritual limits and capacities.

1. From conception to birth

2. From suckling to weaning

3. From weaning to walking.

The first zone is based entirely on the mother's social and personal well-being. The second on the communication between the mother and child. The third between the child and its total environment. It is in this arena that a human being is set up.

It is the anti-scientific and nihilist manner in which children are brought into the world that has caused the genocidal and basically insane product of 'modern' society. With the propagation of the no-morality, no-limits of the insane Jewish psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich—the Zionist ideology imposed itself on the once puritanical Christian ethos of the united states. Within fifty years all sexual taboos and moral limits had been destroyed. Adultery was declared not only a norm but a sign of upward social mobility. Pre-marital sex was declared a sign of freedom and 'modern' enlightenment (another 18th century Masonic term!) Sexual deviation was a mark of political tolerance, opposition to it a sign of incipient fascism. Women were defined as being like negroes or Jews and had to be liberated. A Jewish 'women's liberator' went to Iran in the middle of their titanic struggle to free themselves from israeli-american control trying to sow havoc without success. Yet she never tried to 'liberate' the orthodox Jewish woman, degraded, forbidden the synagogue, her head shaved bald, only permitted intercourse with a sheet between herself and her husband. The extremes of the Reichian revolution are remarkable. Education was basically eliminated —for the teacher/student relationship was seen as tyrannical. A complete anarchy of individualist 'doing your thing' resulted. But the result was ironically the opposite of the rhetoric.

Everybody was 'free'—to be different. Then everybody was seen to be the same. Utterly conformist in their social behavior. Utterly obedient to the market commands of the consumer society. Utterly in the thrall of the banking syndrome. In debt—the person like the state—to an invisible network of wealth and power that was nowhere accessible in real terms. Sexual and civic anarchy reigned and yet the populace had been reduced to slavish obedience. Controlled by an anti-education of laissez-faire tactics in childhood, in dialogued and monitored sexual expression in adolescence, in forced isolation in the work nexus, lonely in youth, lonely as a nuclear family, lonely in old age—the 'free' urban animal was the most abject and culturally barren human being in the history of the world. Worse than all this: the 'freedom' of the western adolescent to ignore all social rules of courtesy, and morality in sex and civic behavior—'free' to live in a fantasy of Disneyland dream figures (from Yiddish mythology) and to practice endless game patterns of sport and imagination—all this was based on an economy of theft-of-resources from Africa and South America and East Asia, by the magical means of debt-system control brought about by the monetary system, the dollar its archetypal currency—a note which on its face openly declared the ideological method and system by which it enslaved the world—the masonic/jewish pyramid with the all-seeing and controlling eye of Zionist structuralist statism!

It is clear that the enslaved modern child is the result of a no-pattern anarchic upbringing. The autistic child is the result of a white-field experimental zone in its first three phases of existence—the first in the womb, being dependent on the open-space trauma of pregnancy instead of the traditional 'confinement'. The modern society has lost the science of human education and replaced it with theory-based improvisations with a structuralist foundation. The American Dr. Spock after a lifetime advocating the no-hold, let-go principle in child-rearing, then in his old age admitted he was totally wrong. Yet it is this anti-system method that produces the zombie-like product which is totally acquiescent to stasis control—a much more powerful means of social tyranny than the brutal methods of gulagism, and aesthetically more pleasing! So it is that for human beings to recover their humanity they must recover the pattern by which human beings are actually made — formed. Until this is done the tyrannies of the Zionist-controlled scientism can continue and this will lead inevitably to the acting out of the Masada complex—now, nuclear suicide with the Jewish bomb. For this is not a doctrine for life but for rigid power control. And that is opposed to life.

Death is rigid and life is fluid and pulsating and dynamic. Life is cyclical in a society as it is in an organism. And so pyramidism, high technology and its racist ideology, Zionism, cannot succeed. The politics of the future will be spiritual. The economies of the future will be materials. The religion of the future will be Islam. Uncodified patterning. Non-statist community. Pre-systems legality sustaining personal illumination. A new dialectic.

S.A.A. England, 1982

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    death ray The Active Denial System: the weapon that's a hot topic

    The US army says its new 'pain ray’ hurts but does no lasting damage. Its critics would beg to differ. It was as if some invisible jet impinged upon them… I saw them staggering and falling, and their supporters turning to run.” Since the first appearance of the “heat-ray” in H G Wells’s The War of the Worlds, ray guns have been a staple feature of science fiction: the classic sign of overwhelming technological superiority. But they are no longer fiction.

    Last month, Lt Col John Dorrian admitted that the US military’s brand-new Active Denial System (ADS) had been shipped to Afghanistan, the first time it has been present in an active theatre of war. According to the top brass, it is a “non-lethal, directed-energy, counter-personnel weapon”. Among the troops, however, its favoured description is rather shorter: “the pain ray”. Compared with most military vehicles, the device looks relatively harmless – like one of the broadcasting trucks you see outside big sporting events: an anonymous-looking military transport with what appears to be a square satellite dish mounted on top. But it contains an extraordinary new weapon, capable of causing immense discomfort from half a mile away without – its makers claim – doing any lasting damage.

    The ADS works by projecting a focused beam of 3.2mm wave electromagnetic radiation at a human target. This heats the water and fat molecules on the skin, causing their temperature to rise by up to 50C. Philip Sherwell, a Sunday Telegraph reporter who tried out the ADS in 2007, describes it as “unbearably uncomfortable, like opening a roasting hot oven door”. The immediate instinct is to escape the beam and seek cover – at which point the effect subsides. In some quarters, the ADS has been hailed as the future of crowd control. Kelley Hughes, a spokesman for the Pentagon’s Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), which oversaw its development, says that “the ADS provides our troops with our most advanced, non-lethal escalation-of-force option. It will support a full spectrum of operations ranging from non-lethal methods of crowd and mob dispersal, checkpoint security, area denial and clarification of intent.” Although its operational parameters are classified, the JNLWD says that the ADS has a range of up to 500m, 10 times greater than current non-lethal weapons such as rubber bullets. The technology has been in development for two decades, and has cost well in excess of $60 million. Each device costs $5 million, and safety testing has been ongoing for 12 years.

    Mindful of the terrible publicity Tasers and other crowd-suppression techniques have received, the JNLWD has been at pains to stress its emphasis on testing. “There have been more than 11,000 exposures, on over 700 volunteers,” says Hughes. “There have been six independent reviews. It has completed formal legal and treaty compliance laws. There is an 80-hour training course for using it. I am truly confident in the technology.” Despite this, the journey to the battlefield has been far from smooth. In 2007, with the situation in Iraq at its most volatile since the invasion, US forces requested the presence of the ADS. It was never sent. Indeed, The Daily Telegraph has learnt that it has now been recalled from Afghanistan, without being fired in anger. A spokesman said that “no decision had been made” as to its future deployment, even though it seems unlikely that the Pentagon would have shipped a new weapon to an active war zone if it didn’t mean to use it at some point.

    What are the problems? Well, Dr Jürgen Altmann, an expert in non-lethal weapons from the University of Dortmund, has observed that although the Army’s test subjects were permitted 15-second intervals between exposure, this might not be the case in real life. The ADS, he says, “provides the technical possibility to produce burns of second and third degree. If incurred over more than 20 per cent of the body, these are potentially life-threatening, and require intensive care in a specialised unit. Without a technical device that reliably prevents re-triggering on the same subject, the ADS has a potential to produce permanent injury or death.” Other problems come from the limitations of the device itself. Rain, snow and fog hamper its effectiveness, and it can be blocked by highly reflective materials such as aluminium foil. In many situations – particularly in busy crowds – working out the right range will be complicated, and there is also the possibility of targets finding themselves unable to move out of the path of the beam. Hughes offers an uncertain defence: “The target includes sensors to see the whole beam path. An operator would immediately see if a person was unable to move out of the way.”

    Yet even if the ADS falls short, the ongoing pressure to keep the civilian body count to a minimum has made the development of similar weapons a top priority for Western forces. The ADS is only one of a raft of new non-lethal measures the US has been developing, under varying levels of secrecy: others rely on bright lights and loud noises to blind or disorientate, or use radio waves to disrupt car engines. It is difficult to draw conclusions until such weapons are used in combat, especially given the psychological effect they would have on those already suspicious of Western forces. But people who have seen the ADS in use seem to be reservedly enthusiastic. “It’s extremely intimidating,” says Sherwell. “It makes no sound, and you can’t see anything. But if it’s used according to correct procedures, and if it doesn’t do lasting harm, and if there are no burns or blisters – if all those ifs are correct, then it seems a great idea to me.”

  • How I was zapped by a heat wave gun
    bohemian Another year of plunder by the Corporate Military Banking Complex against the People of the World brings cause to join hands in spirit of keeping what freedoms we have and continuing the struggle for justice and equality for all.

    The Bohemian Grove retreat for the wealthy is fast approaching this July. Normally the 2nd weekend of July is the first ceremony known as the “Cremation of Care” at the campground for the rich, and this year is no different. This coming Saturday, July 17th will be a crowded day at the gates of the Grove as arriving guests meet protesters at the famous corner of Bohemain Ave and Railroad Ave. Although there have not been as large of rallies as in the 1980?s and 90?s, small groups of people have not forgotten the fact that some of the most influential and powerful men in the world gather at the Grove each July.

    In the last couple of years, many people have been arrested trying to gain access to grove illegally, most notably the Vanity Fair photographer. However the rallies at the gates of the Grove have been peaceful, informational, and overall fun. The bulk of the last couple of years of attention to the grove came from concerned 9/11 activists, including myself, however it would be great to see a more diverse group of concerned people looking for social or economic justice. The Bilderberg meeting just passed and there were many people protesting the powerful elites there. The Bilderberg is seen as the mothership to Bohemian Grove and many other secret cabals of power. Everyone has a reason to be at the Bohemian Grove:

    From the BP gulf spill to Big Bank profits and bailouts, to the ever-expanding, never-ending war in the Middle East. From the Israel Freedom Flotilla raids to the loss of civil liberties here in the U.S.. From the police state to loss of media and press. The cause is the same, and we must join hands in this struggle for true freedom. Please contact me, the author of this post, if you want to get involved in the Bohemian Grove rallies this year.

    Brian –

    Did you know a map of the Bohemian Grove propery from 2008 is now posted online? CLICK HERE to view it!

    A correction of dates has been applied. The correct start date this year for the Grove retreat is the 17th of July…..Thanks Mary!

    serpent Is there a secret “doctrine” of the Illuminati, a covert core belief that governs their vile conduct, behavior, and hatred toward humanity? Is it this doctrine from the dark side that drives these wicked conspirators toward their twin goals of mass murder and the conquest of all governments and all peoples?

    Illuminati Employ This Doctrine to Deceive the World

    This doctrine from the dark realm is at the root of all acts of the elite. It is scientific and effective, and modern-day Illuminists—including American politicians Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and John McCain—regularly employ this doctrine in their campaign to deceive and manage their captive audiences. So, too, do wicked leaders in every other realm of society. During the French Revolution, this serpentine doctrine was employed in a bloody effort to purify, cleanse, and reinvent the world. Toward this end, ghoulish murders, torture, religious alchemy, magic, and witchcraft were the abominable methods commonly used to create the New Society. Both the Order of the Illuminati and its cousin, Freemasonry, were instrumental in this devilish process. The craven Mirabeau, one of the revolutionary leaders, was so impressed with this doctrine he gleefully described it as “veritably the code of hell.”

    A Satanically Energized Power to Mangle Men’s Minds

    Few today really know of this doctrine or suspect its incredible, satanically energized power to warp and mangle men’s minds. Even intelligent researchers who have studied the global conspiracy for many years seem to be oblivious to this doctrine and its uncanny ability to twist truth and turn the minds of men into putty. Indeed, we are all barraged with this heinous doctrine every minute of every day and, as a result, the majority of the earth’s inhabitants are mesmerized. Their brains are kept immobile and in a state of stupor. They are like pitiful hospital patients stuck in a coma, their senses on hold, unable to discern events, paralyzed and transformed into zombies. They cannot discern between good and evil.

    Beguiled by the Serpent

    The serpent’s doctrine of the Double Mind has left most men “beguiled” and hypnotized, unwilling and utterly unable to defend themselves and their families from the transgressions and evil that surround them on every side. Eve, in the Garden (Genesis 3:4), confessed, “The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat” the forbidden fruit. At least Eve was aware that she had been lured into rebellion and deceived by the serpent’s smooth words and technique. Today, virtually the entire world has been beguiled by the serpent and his human minions in the Illuminati, yet most are willingly ignorant of the depth of their deception. They are slaves, yet they do not possess even a trace of consciousness of their enslavement. Aldous Huxley’s frighteningly prescient book, Brave New World, which touched on the seduction of humanity by a psychological dictatorship, explained it this way:

    “It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison and yet not free—to be under no physical constraint yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representative of the National state, or of some other private interest within the nation wants him to think, feel, and act... The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraints remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, he believes himself to be free.” In a world (ours!) in which the Illuminist doctrine is active and effective, the horror is that men and women voluntarily accept and embrace their servitude. In Orwellian language, they “love Big Brother.” Moreover, anyone who understands this tragic predicament and attempts to help the ignorant, unaware slave escape the dictatorial grip of Big Brother is met with ridicule, scorn, and rebuff. “How dare you suggest I am deceived?,” the manipulated, dumbed-down victim, will protest. “It is you who is the fool. It is you who believes in ridiculous conspiracy theories.” Pridefully, he may go on to exclaim, “It is you, not me, who is mentally unstable and stupid. I, on the other hand, am a free man, unfettered, intelligent, my brain uncluttered and wide-ranging. My eyes are wide open.”

    The Double Mind Leads to a Strong Delusion

    And so, men and women everywhere fall hard and are under a “strong delusion” (II Thes. 2:11). In receiving the Double Mind they unknowingly believe “The Lie.” Tragically, they foolishly reject the Truth that could save them. In this way the Illuminati have invented an imaginary and fantastic—yet false—world, a world where nothing is as it seems. Yet, it is a world to which men and women are passionately devoted and attached. Some are willing to die to preserve their perceived “freedom.” Many are eager to kill the “enemies” who, they fancy, oppose the continuation of this imaginary world. The Illuminati have done the remarkable! Let us give them credit. With Satan’s able assistance, his flesh and blood lieutenants here on earth have invented a world worthy of the best talents of Hollywood directors and special effects showmen. It is a world “to die for” and untold millions will do exactly that. Jesus Christ well understood this satanic doctrine, and He rightly accused the Jews of practicing its tenets. He branded the double minded Jews as servants of the devil and denizens of hell, spiritually desolate and immersed in lies, murder, and depravity (Matthew 23-24). Today Rothschild and other Zionists continue to employ this same, evil doctrine.

    Cabalism, Evolution, Taoism, Maya, and other Satanic Teachings

    British author George Orwell, in his nightmarish tale, 1984, described this doctrine (doublethink, or the double mind) as the primary means through which Big Brother and his cult of bureaucrats were able to keep the whole world under their jack-booted authority. By this doctrine, men learned to love Big Brother and serve him with all their being. This doctrine also embodies the same philosophy as the Jews’ cabalism, Darwin’s theory of evolution, Hegel’s conflict of opposites, Easton’s systems theory, and Marx’s dialectical materialism. It is the basis for the Orient’s Taoism philosophy, the Hindu’s “Maya” (Illusion), and the Persian Zoroaster’s Zend-Avesta teachings. In fact, this brilliantly conceived doctrine of Illuminism and hell is the foundation of almost every devilish system of human control proposed over the ages by diabolical schemers and authoritarian plotters.

    Symbols Reflect This Diabolical Doctrine

    So thoroughly is Illuminism and its leaders and followers subject to this doctrine that its philosophers/artists have created symbols which represent its occult energy force.

    Wars and financial collapse have always been part of the self appointed elite's armoury, who throughout generations have manipulated mankind with ever increasing swings of prosperity then austerity depending on how well they are getting on with enslaving the world.

    Each world war has wiped out much of the knowledge that was being learnt by our forefathers who started to piece together why their lives had been dominated by a few self appointed masters. Wars that followed were the major distractions that offset the battles that were beginning to be waged against those ruthless masters who have used every psychological trick in the book stretching all the way back to ancient Egypt and the pharaohs and practiced to the present day by the secret societies operated by the establishment to control the lower orders.

    Freemasonry control is one of the main tools of the super rich elite to ensure enslavement of the world's population goes on ad infinitum. However they have failed to ensure technological advance kept information publishing within their elitist ranks. Computers and the internet have done what no past generations have been able to do by breaking the back of the media magnates who have created the propaganda and facade for the elite to ensure a hold over the masses.

    The constant need to create fear in the population has been the main tool of the enslavers and lately they are getting even more desperate in the impending austerity cuts proposed across Europe and in particular America. Gloom and doom pumped out by the complicit media has been throughout history the means by which the elitist goons have oppressed and controlled the masses. These are desperate times for the bunch of crooks running the world for their own self enrichment . They are finally being beaten by the free flow of information and in desperation they are trying to frighten the sheeple into submission.

    The many activists across the globe who have fought these evil bastards must remain resolute to this propaganda and to defeat what is being pumped out by their media to create mass hysteria in the population. They CANNOT be allowed to win this battle of the minds anymore. Materialism and the threat to having our lives deeply affected by manipulation by the scumbag banking dynasties of our possessions and homes using the money system they have forced us to rely on cannot continue. Without a massive change to how we see ourselves within their structures were we are reliant on their systems of power and control we will forever, including future generations, remain under their control.

    Maybe this is a turning point in human history when we can finally shake off the shackles of the New World Order megalomaniacs and create a world free of the chains that have enslaved us all with mountainous debts and mortgages,a system that has forever been rotten with corruption and the main means to enslave. A whole new system of human interaction needs to come to the fore to remove the power the banking, political and legal mafia's have created for themselves through subterfuge and masonic satanic control. Despite the very negative tones coming from the political goons of these mobsters we must remain positive to survive their continued manipulation techniques and psychological distortions. The human race can survive without these systems and will one day finally overcome that evil control they have been getting away with for far to long, that is with absolute certainty.
    sheepcop Millions of people from countries across the world have begun to wake up to the very real threat of repressive and engineered Globalism, or what the financial elite and the politicians who work for them often refer to as “The New World Order”. The movement against this centralization of economic and social power has gained traction in nearly every sphere, to the point where even the mainstream media has been forced on occasion to acknowledge its existence and prevalence.

    Those of us who have been working more than a few years in this activist organization, what many of us call the “Patriot Movement”, or the “Liberty Movement”, have seen incredible leaps and bounds in the fight against disinformation and the spread of unadulterated truth. Our work has gone viral, and our membership has skyrocketed, however, the task of diluting ignorance in the overall populace is far from over. Every researcher, writer, and filmmaker who tackles the New World Order issue will suffer the unfortunate experience of running into people who are almost criminally uninformed, and this will happen on a regular basis. For a long time, our frustration was magnified by our inability to specifically define what it was that made these people the way they were. Were some just mentally inadequate, and unable to effectively process the facts? Were they so indoctrinated by the MSM that there was no turning back? Was there an innate difference in intuitive faculties that made some people quick in picking out a lie, and others slow? Many theories abound, but one thing was certain; in our quest to inform the masses, there were always going to be those who were incapable of hearing or understanding what we had to say, no matter how factual, rational, and refined our arguments. We now call these wonders of intellectual rustication “Sheeple”…

    Sheeple can be found in every country, every ethnic background, every religious organization, and every subculture. After years of examination and experience, it has become much easier for the Liberty Movement to identify and categorize the various forms of sheeple, and come to terms with the triggers in the human mind that cause some to willfully ignore logic and wisdom. I have written in the past about some of these triggers, including my article “Sheeple: Why They Are The Way They Are”

    I believe it is important to cover this issue once again, especially in light of recent attempts by the MSM, along with the ADL and SPLC, to demonize our movement and paint us as villainous cartoon characters in the minds of the general public, which will make things even more difficult for us in the near future if we are not prepared. For those in the movement, knowing when you are dealing with sheeple, why they function cognitively the way they do, and how you might be able to get around their mental blocks, is of utmost importance today. Every new person who is awakened to the abyss they are about to plunge into could tip the balance away from tyranny and establish a cultural foothold for free-thought. Every person counts. With the world on the edge of financial and political ruin due to the manipulations and mechanizations of elitism, we must work harder than ever before.

    Identifying Sheeple

    Not everyone who is unaware or uneducated on the intricacies of Globalism, Central Banking, and the NWO, is necessarily “sheeple”. All of us, at one time or another, were nearly clueless as to the real workings of our government and our economy behind the proverbial curtain. I have found that many people are quite open to the information I make available as long as I make it available in a way that is not immediately overwhelming for them, and as long as I present solid evidence to back every claim that I relate. It is very important to be able to make the distinction between those who are brazenly dim-witted, and those who simply have not been adequately exposed to the facts. Below, I will list my observations on the various ‘types’ of sheeple, and how to recognize them. Keep in mind some people might fall into more than one category.

    The ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Sheeple:
    Also known as the “Yuppie”. Life is a party for these folks. As long as they are not affected by the immediate circumstances of the troubles surrounding them, they couldn’t care less about politics, economics, war, or governmental deceit. They may even be aware of the terrible facts behind a certain issue, but as long as the routine of their mundane existence remains intact, they will have little motivation to effect changes in their thinking or their world. In fact, some ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ Sheeple ENJOY a random catastrophe or two, because it gives them conversational fodder for the small-talk around the water cooler that they love so much. Their primary drives are unchecked consumerism (the accumulation of useless things), and emotionally empty sexual exchanges (the accumulation of false self-confidence). Most of what they know about the world they derive from watching fifteen minutes of mainstream television news a day. They often parrot talking points they overheard on MSNBC or CNN, and rarely have an original thought. I have found that these men and women are normally from upper middle-class, white collar families. They have likely been coddled and sheltered from the suffering that goes on outside of the affluent bubble they were born into, and have probably never had to truly struggle for anything in their lives, giving them an audacious sense of entitlement. Plenty of these people break out of this one track thinking pattern on their own. I have known quite a few. But others will refuse to see the obvious unless confronted with the prospect that they personally might lose something if they do not take action.

    The ‘Quasi-Intellectual’ Sheeple:
    My favorite kind of sheeple. These people hold themselves in very high esteem. Some even see themselves as part of the elite (though most of them are not). Normally from the “professional class”, they often hold positions as Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Investors, Professors, Scientists, etc, though some have not yet left the university setting, and are simply getting a head start on their superiority complex. Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple believe in the world of academia as unerring, as opposed to true scholars, who always have the wisdom to question the conclusions of academia. To me, an Ivy League degree is little more than a $100,000 piece of paper; it tells me nothing of the true intelligence of the person holding it. One need only look at the thousands of mainstream “professional” financial analysts who blindly supported Keynesian economics and refused to acknowledge the bubbles being facilitated by the private Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates and free money mentality. Their expensive education counted for nothing, and the economy is now on a ruinous downward slide.

    At bottom, most “higher education” is really indoctrination. People attaining degrees in economics learn what the financial establishment WANTS them to learn, and nothing more. The same goes for any other field of study in which information is extremely centralized and filtered. Yet, Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple have such misplaced faith in the ivory tower that they assume through the system they have reached the pinnacle of knowledge. Those who have not assimilated themselves into this system as the Quasi-Intellectual has are to be ignored or ridiculed when presenting an opposing view. This type of sheeple is driven by the desire for respect, power, and sometimes sycophantic admiration. Actually being intelligent is less important to them than having others believe they are intelligent without question. When asked to prove their intelligence, they often respond with indignance. They rarely if ever consider the possibility that they may be wrong on any subject, especially if it’s a subject they received a degree in. When they find themselves facing someone who has a better grasp of an issue than they do, they will not relent. Instead, they will turn towards subversive debate tactics to confuse the discussion, go off on tangents to avoid direct confrontation, and when he is really cornered, he will throw out barrages of obscure vocabulary in an attempt to impress others and distract them from the fact that he has no idea what he is talking about. Quasi-Intellectual Sheeple are easy to identify by their arrogant demeanor. They tend to distance themselves from FOX and CNN and read periodicals like Forbes and Foreign Affairs, which are still propaganda, just of a more complex nature. They respond to most arguments with a smile, due to overconfidence, until they realize they are being soundly outmatched, and then they tend to lose composure. It takes a lot of public embarrassment before they will mend their ways.

    The ‘Working-Class Idiot’ Sheeple:
    Otherwise known as “the good ole’ boy”. (Special Note: I came from a parallel background, and am highly familiar with these sheeple.) You would think that people who fancy themselves as hardcore conservatives would be aware of the push towards global government and the fact that groups like Al-Qaeda are a fairytale distraction away from the real threat: Socio-Corporate Elitism and overgrown Federal bureaucracy. Apparently, they would ‘love’ to hear about it, but the football game is on and their wife is in their ear and the rugrats won’t stop eating all the damn frosted flakes. Such is the life of men without valid priorities. These folks are usually Neo-Conservative lapdogs, an ideology suspiciously identical to Socialism with a corporate twist. Mussolini had a name for this combination, though the term escapes me…

    Its not that they LIKE big government, Socialism, and the loss of liberties, it’s just that they are too ignorant to realize that that’s what they are supporting when they support the current Republican Party. These sheeple are very competitive. Sadly, however, they are often not accomplished in much of anything, which forces them to live vicariously through the exploits of others; like sports teams, political figures, and soldiers sent to third world hell-holes to blow up “bad guys”. Winning, regardless of whether or not the fight is legitimate or justified, is at the top of the Working Class Idiot’s list. They like to believe that they have a deep relationship with their conscience, which adds pain when attempting to explain anything to them. These men are vindicated in their own minds by a set of logical fallacies that would boggle the likes of Freud. Being rational is not important to those who are vehemently self righteous. They ARE the “good guys”, anyone who disagrees is a “bad guy”, and that is that. This mindset makes them very easy to dupe, and very easy to lead. The Working Class Idiot worships television. More than a couple of days without it and he shivers like a starving drug addict. He watches FOX religiously, and not intelligent commentators like Andrew Napolitano. He’s a much bigger fan of frothing psychotics such as Bill O’ Reilly, spewing baseless nonsense like a third grader’s baking soda volcano spews foam. When cornered in an argument, this type of sheeple will try every trick he knows to degrade or intimidate his opponent. When that does not work, he has no problem resorting to violence. How to get through to this sheeple? Find a sports figure, prominent Republican, or military man who talks openly about the NWO (there are some out there). Only then will he take the blinders off.

    The ’New Age’ Sheeple:
    Otherwise known as “unabashed collectivists”. Not to be confused with people who do legitimate study into mythology, spiritualism, and the teachings of the ancient past. These are the folks who read Oprah throwaway books like “The Secret”, and think they have actually learned a secret. You don’t have to walk on egg shells with New Age Sheeple when it comes to the NWO. They are just as likely to approach you about it. The problem is, they think it’s the best thing since patchouli sticks! Why? Because their vision of a one world order comes from an overexposure to Gene Rodenberry-esque fantasy and a subversive form of propaganda I like to call “Positivism”.

    Most ‘New Agers’ are people who have at one point or another in their lives met with serious struggle, unlike the ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’ sheeple. However, instead of holding steady through this struggle, they gave up, curling into a ball never to put any real effort into anything substantial again. They often make elaborate excuses for themselves, and adopt Eastern philosophical concepts they don’t really understand. Zen becomes an excuse to ignore the rest of the world and focus on something pointless like underwater basket weaving. Karma becomes an excuse and vindication for any unfortunate event. Self awareness gets confused with self-centeredness. While Happy-Go-Lucky sheeple focus superficially on the outside world, New Agers focus superficially on their inner world. New Age Sheeple do not set out to actively and physically fix problems. They follow the Positivist view, which is to ignore bad things and hope they go away, or make them go away “with their minds”. No, I am not joking. Every New Ager I have ever met holds stubbornly to the belief that if they think happy thoughts and wish hard enough, their invisible “mental energy” will change their surroundings for them. “If only everyone was blindly optimistic about everything,” they think to themselves, “our society would be perfect…” I hate to break it to them, but no amount of ‘happy vibes’ will stop an inflationary dollar implosion, or stop people who have deliberately chosen to ignore their consciences from doing terrible things.

    I have spent over two decades in the martial arts, so I am well aware of the mental and spiritual energy idea. However, in the martial arts, you are taught (rightly I think) that priming ones inner focus only prepares you for struggle, it does not make struggle disappear. What the New Age really boils down to is an attempt to cut corners and slap together easy answers for the very complex and intricate problems of life. It is a lazy man’s methodology of denial in which there is no concrete reality, only “point of view”. This breeds hive-mindedness, because the search for individualism is in itself an exhausting marathon, one they would rather not undertake. Overt collectivism is much easier. All you have to do is follow the swarm. And because New Agers force themselves to become so mutable, over the years they will mindlessly adapt to any horrifying circumstance. If reality is only a “point of view”, then why not rationalize wars and holocausts as illusory blips in time? The only way to get through to New Age Sheeple that I have found is to show them succinctly that the New World Order the Global Elites are constructing is not the same as the one they like to imagine. Making them read through UN white papers on global governance and federal documents like PDD 51 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program can help. They will still probably think a one world government is a good idea, but at least they won’t support the Elite’s version.

    The ‘Quasi-Activist’ Sheeple:
    Also known as “the rebel with too many causes and not enough knowledge”. At least these sheeple are willing to leave their houses and fight for something, even if they know little to nothing about what they are fighting for or over. The problem is that their lack of insight and in-depth understanding on most issues makes them highly susceptible to manipulation. These are the “useful idiots” we hear so much about; the people who support Anarchist groups that promote Socialist ideals (uh, Socialism is contrary to the tenets of real Anarchism, guys…), the people who believe everything they are told by the CRU on global warming even though the CRU has never released original source data proving that anything they say is true, the people who blame Capitalism and free markets for the economic collapse even though we haven’t had legitimate Capitalism and free markets in over a century. Without knowing the facts behind these issues, how can one effectively involve himself in them?

    Quasi-Activist Sheeple protest not so much to change the world, but to FEEL like they are changing the world. Being a part of something greater, even if it’s a sham, is a major motivator. These people are under the impression that they have an inside track on the workings of politics and culture, but the information sources they use are ultimately narrow and biased. NPR for example is not a reliable news source, and just because they speak in a monotone voice with a British accent does not mean they are educated on social undercurrents or that they are objective. Most “progressive” journalism is merely the leftist equivalent of FOX; highly saturated with disinformation and emotional button pushing. This helps to create a subculture that sees itself as “alternative”, when it is actually the flipside of the same old false paradigm coin. The advantage of dealing with Quasi-Activists is that they do realize something is very wrong with the world. This is more than most other sheeple accomplish in an entire lifetime. The key is showing them the inaccuracy of the information sources they are too dependent on, and breaking them out of the fake left/right mental trap. As long as they continue to blame all the problems of the planet on “the right”, as long as they continue to blame generalized and fictitious opponents that were designed for them by the media, they will never understand why America continues on its self-destructive path despite all their civil discourse.

    Common Sheeple Arguments

    Below are listed some of the most often uttered sheeple arguments, as well as the rational responses to them.

    1) The NWO is just a “conspiracy theory”: Set aside the fact that politicians and leaders of finance talk about the New World Order constantly in speeches, books, and on nighttime television. The temptation here is to push the sheeple label and start a battle of insults. When someone accuses you of “conspiracy theory” what they are really saying is that you are a liar, crazy, or both. Of course, calling someone a liar or crazy does not negate their arguments. Hollow character attacks like this are meant to interfere or defuse legitimate and logical discussion. Force the sheeple to address the information you present instead of allowing them to make your personal character the subject of the debate. This rule goes for you too. Don’t just call them sheeple without backing up your claims and pointing out the inconsistencies in their beliefs.

    2) I’m well informed and have never been a “sheep”: Most human beings, regardless of the time they live in, think they have it all figured out. Even men in the dark ages thought they had reached the summit of understanding. They are able to perpetuate this illusion because they are rarely challenged to prove the accuracy of their information or the wisdom in their perspective. Challenge their knowledge on specific issues, and show them there is always more to learn.

    3) I’m not the “sheeple”! You are because you believe in conspiracy theories: Yes, full grown adults still use the rubber/glue tactic. Remember, one of the main threads linking all sheeple is that they believe what they believe so that they can belong, so that they can be a part of a majority. Delving into NWO research is the last thing anyone does to “fit in”. Just mentioning it can alienate friends, family, potential hot dates, etc. No one follows this information because they expect to feel accepted by the masses. They follow it because they know it is the truth.

    4) The NWO is not possible because it would involve too many people. Someone would let the cat out of the bag eventually: Actually, the Global Elites themselves let “the cat out of the bag” constantly. They speak openly about plans for world government, world financial control, population control and reduction, and they write bills and legislation that are designed to limit or erase our civil liberties. The proof is hidden in plain sight.

    5) You’re connecting dots that are not there: Neither I nor any other researcher needs to “connect dots” when we have the public admissions and documents of the Elites themselves.

    6) You’re just fear mongering to get attention: The term “fear mongering” denotes the use of lies to induce hysteria. If the information we present is true and supported by tangible facts, then how other people are affected by it is not our problem, it is theirs. Frankly, learning the truth should make a person feel empowered, not hysterical.

    7) Everything is just chaos. There is no such thing as an organized conspiracy to control the world: The events they see as chaos make perfect sense to us because we have an insight into information they do not. It’s that simple. The numerous movements in a complex time-piece might seem like chaos to someone that doesn’t know what a time-piece is, or the purpose of a gear, or second hand. Try to explain the concept of color to a blind person. Without a full accounting of the facts, it is very hard for one to know a thing. Also, a quick glance through any encyclopedia, even those with heavy editing, will reveal numerous “conspiracies” throughout history by small groups of men to rule the known world at the expense of the rest of us. Why was it perfectly plausible a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago, but not today?

    8) Yeah, I know the NWO exists, but who cares! We can’t stop it, so just live your life and have fun while you can: Nihilism is the worst kind of mental illness because it allows a person to constantly fulfill his own prophecies by doing nothing. When it comes to cultural progression, there is no such thing as the insurmountable scenario. Anything can be accomplished with the right amount of intelligence and effort. Nihilists make no effort to fix the problems they are confronted with, then claim they were right to be nihilistic because nothing changed. We have a responsibility not just to ourselves, but to the future. We have a responsibility to deal with the problems of the present, instead of pawning them off on the next generation.

    9) Its all our fault that Globalists get away with murder. Most of us are just stupid: This is only partly true. The average person does share part of the blame for not educating himself on circumstances, and for not taking action, however, ultimately it is the Elites who initiate the crimes we are then forced to either face or ignore. They are the ones that literally spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to keep us in a fog. In the end, it is they who carry the principal culpability, not “the people”.

    10) What’s so bad about a one-world government? It would be the end of war, right?: Global government designed around a collectivist structure and ruled by men who believe themselves to be “genetically and philosophically superior” to the rest of us would not fix anything, it would only make our current problems much worse. War would be perpetual, because there will always be people who fight to be free from despotism, and even planetary governments need to create fear to manipulate the citizenry towards certain goals. Our economy would be equalized; meaning it would be equally oppressive and feudalistic for everyone. And, the liberties we hold dear today would be a distant memory tomorrow. Anyone who truly thinks that more government makes them “safer” is not just extraordinarily naïve; they are sheeple…

    Breaking The Sheeple Barrier

    Sheeple can change. I have seen it with my own eyes on numerous occasions. If the sheeple you are dealing with at any given moment is a stranger, or mere acquaintance, you may not feel that it is worth the immense effort necessary to enlighten them to the problems at hand. But, if said sheeple is a family member or loved one, you might have no other choice but to push forward. There is nothing worse than seeing the people you care about suffer because you were unsuccessful in warning them of impending danger. The above sections can help in easing through the process of waking up a member of the herd, though the best efforts will be wasted without patience and persistence. In every person there are barriers and doorways to truth. The trick is finding the unique keys which open those doors and break down those barriers. There are some who will claim that it is futile to make the attempt. That we should leave well enough alone. That many are too far gone to be helped. I beg to differ. If that was true, then the Liberty Movement would not be making the tremendous strides it is today. We did not get to where we are now by giving up when the waters became choppy, and I believe when this age is chronicled and spoken of, it will be our perseverance above all else that defines us. It is a grueling task to defeat an opponent who cannot be dissuaded, who cannot be made to give up. It is nearly impossible to defeat that same opponent when he is also right. To those in the New World Order, we are such an opponent. As long as we do not falter, the sheeple will grow thinner in number, replaced by cognizant vibrant individuals, and the warped ambitions of Globalists will not come to pass…