Brother George Washington's Apron

1.RED symbolizes courage, zeal, the blood of life, and fire. It is the color of Royal Arch Masonry.

2.WHITE has throughout the ages represented purity and innocence.

3.BLUE has been esteemed since antiquity as a beneficent color, denoting immortality, eternity, chastity, and fidelity. It is the color of Symbolic Masonry, "the Blue

4.ALL-SEEING EYE a symbol of watchfulness and the Supreme Being.

5.RAYS or Glory, a symbolic of the power of the Supreme Being to penetrate the innermost reaches of the human heart.

6.RAINBOW is sometimes associated with the Royal Arch. It is also part of the architectural arch, being the 9th arch under Solomon's Temple. It is supported by two Pillars (see No. 8 on the next page).

7.MOON one of the Lesser Lights in Freemasonry. The Moon governs and rules the night.

8.PILLARS OF ENOCH Enoch, fearing that the principles of the arts and sciences might be lost, erected two pillars, the one of marble to withstand fire, the other of brass to resist water. On each he engraved that which he feared would be lost. The Gloves are symbols of Unity and Peace and Plenty (see also No. 37).

9.PILLARS B. and J.were within the porch of King Solomon's Temple. Boaz, the name of the left pillar means "in strength"; the right pillar, Jachin, means "God will establish" (see also No. 38). The globe on the left pillar represents earth; that on the right, heaven. These brazen pillars with their globes are today
the columns of the Senior and Junior

10.DOVE in early Masonry is a symbol of Noah's messenger. In ancient symbolism, the dove represented purity and innocence.

11.FORTY-SEVENTH PROBLEM OF EUCLID'S first book of geometry. It is said that when Pythagoras solved the problem he exclaimed, "Eureka!", which signifies, "I have found it." It is, however, not a problem but a theorem. It has been adopted as the symbol on the Past Master Mason's Jewel in Pennsylvania (The Ahiman Rezpn Art XVI, Sec. 3 & 4).

12.HOPE is sometimes shown as a female with an anchor, also as an anchor near the ark. The ANCHOR is an emblem of a well-grounded hope and a well-spent life. With hope, n anchor holds the soul both sure and steadfast.

13.PLUMB the proper Masonic Jewel of the Junior Warden, admonishes us to walk uprightly before God and man. It is one of the working tools of operative Masons, used to try perpendiculars.

14. JACOB'S LADDER without a clouded canopy or star-decked heaven, which he saw in a vision ascending from earth to heaven. The three principal rounds are denominated FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY.

15.SQUARE WITHIN BOUNDS is a symbol formed by four stonemason's squares of equal arms superimposed one on the other to form a central square. This symbol has not been found in American or English books of Masonic symbolism and therefore may well be of French origin. There has been no interpretation found for it to date.

16.LIGHTS OR BURNING TAPERS like the three principal Lodge officers, refer undoubtedly to the three stations of the sun, its rising in the East (Worshipful Master), its meridian in the South (Junior Warden), and its setting in the West (Senior Warden). (See also No's. 30 & 31.)

17.TROWEL a working tool of the operative mason, is used symbolically for spreading the cement of Brotherly Love and affection.

18.FIVE-POINTED STAR represents the five points of fellowship. Within the star is the letter "G," a well-known symbol of Freemasonry representing both God and geometry

19.MOSAIC PAVEMENT a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple. The Masonic Pavement is emblematical of human life, checked with good and evil.

20.STEPS are usually three in number. The six steps are said to represent degrees Washington received.

21.HOLY BIBLE the great light of Freemasonry.

22.COFFIN has always symbolized death. It is found on tracing boards of the 18th century and, in that time, consituted a part of the esoteric symbolism.

23.SKULL AND CROSS-BONES are symbols of mortality and death and are used in French degrees.

24.SPRIG OF ACACIA The acacia tree is supposedly the shittah wood of the Old Testament. The name is sometimes spelled Cassia. It has long been used as a symbol of immortality.

25.SQUARE is the proper Masonic Jewel of the Master of the Lodge. It is one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry. It is the stonemason's square of two equal arms.

26.COMPASSES the proper Masonic emblem of the Craft and one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry.

27.BRICK WALL appears to represent the place in the Lodge occupied by the Altar. The Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses rest upon it, as do the three Lesser Lights. It composes nine rows of bricks, one upon the other. To give the symbolic meaning of the wall would be mere speculation.

28.ARK is emblematical of that Divine Ark which safely carries us over this tempest-tossed life.. It is often shown with the Anchor.

29. SETTING MAUL in operative Masonry, is used for setting stones, that is, tapping them to a firm seat in the mortar or urging them sidewise into place. It is considered by some to be a symbol of untimely death.



32.TREASURER of the Lodge wearing the Apron of his office and holding the emblem of his office, Crossed Keys.

33.TWENTY-FOUR INCH GAUGE symbolizes the twenty-four hours of the day divided into three equal parts devoted to God, usual vocations, and rest.

34.SWORD POINTING TO A NAKED HEART demonstrated that justice will sooner or later overtake us; and that although our thoughts, words and actions may be hidden from the eyes of man, they are not hidden from the All-Seeing Eye.

35.TASSEL consists of a cord with tassels on the ends. It alludes to the Care of Providence which surrounds and deeps us with its protection while we govern our lives by the four cardinal virtues: temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice. The tassel may also represent the Mystic Tie, that sacred bond which unites men of diverse opinions into one band of Brother.

36.LEVEL the proper Masonic Jewel of the Senior Warden, symbolizes equality and reminds us that we are traveling upon the level of time. It is one of the working tools of an operative mason.

37.PILLARS OF ENOCH (See No. 8.)

38.PILLARS B. and J. (See No. 9.)

39.SUN one of the Lesser Lights. As a source of light, it reminds the Mason of that intellectual light of which he is in constant search.

40.SEVEN SIX-POINTED STARS The number SEVEN represents the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. The SIX-POINTED STAR symbolizes Divine Providence, the start of David or Shield of David. It comprises two interlaced triangles, which have a number of Masonic interpretations.

41.LETTERS used symbolically in the Mark Master Mason's degree, Chapter of Royal Arch Masons.

42.BEEHIVE is the emlem of industry. It teaches us that as we came into this world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones.

43.APRON The Masonic Apron, which derives from the working apron of the stonemason, is in itself a symbol.. It is an emblem of innocence, and the badge of a Freemason.

    Did homosexuality take ON the name "GAY" as part of the masonic agenda? Check the Bath streets in England designed around a MASONIC agenda.

    Jersey establishment abuse is uncovering high level abuse protected by those responsible for law and order. Is masonry a FRONT for allowing access to children with KEY players in all areas of law? MASONIC judges, lawyers, police and social workers using those laws to steal children and place them in homes like Haut de la Garenne on Jersey?

    Also using this as part of their secret oaths and blackmail and why MASONIC judges are so lenient to these serious crimes against children?

  • Bath Royal Crescent built around freemasonry (QUOTE "The Circus, along with Gay Street and Queens Square, forms a key shape which is also a masonic symbol."
  • CHILDREN from the Jersey House of Horrors were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen as galley SEX SLAVES
    (Washington, DC) – It is with great sadness that we announce the killing of Francisco Pereiro Liz, the Grand Master of Masons of Venezuela. He was shot and killed today (March 6, 2008) during an apparent kidnapping attempt at approximately 6:00pm Venezuelan time.

    The members of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Grand Master Francisco Pereiro Liz and convey their sympathies to the Freemasons of Venezuela.

    Grand Master of Masons in Washington D.C. stated. “We strongly condemn this murder and hope that the killers are brought swiftly to justice.”

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    As you know, the elite attaches great importance to providing us with an external enemy: Huns, Nazis, Communists, Muslim Terrorists etc. It diverts attention from the real enemy, which is not external at all, but controls our political, cultural and economic life. More and more, people are realizing that the world is literally in the grip of a satanic cult, Freemasonry.

    Their smug victory signs are everywhere: on the US Great Seal; the logo of the United Nations; even the logo of the city where I live, Winnipeg. All politicians who stand any chance, are Masons. including Bush, Obama, Clinton and McCain. They don't even make a pretence of serious opposition. Bush has cut the value of the US dollar in one-half but do you hear any serious criticism of him? On the international front, Bush and Ahmadinejad, Sarkozy, Merkel and probably Putin are all members of this select club. These enemies of society and their lackeys have an elaborate system of hand signals so they can recognize each other.

    Our leaders work for the international banking cartel They are aided by a small army of dupes who may or may not be Masons but they have a keen sense of what is required to get the high paying jobs. World government, “the New World Order” is the goal of Freemasonry. It will be achieved by a “dialectical process” of phoney conflicts and incessant propaganda, brainwashing (sensitivity training) and coercion. According to Juri Lina's book “Architects of Deception,” Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles. It is based on the cabala and is "the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite." (81-83)

    Jewish Masons run it. Apparently, Jews belong to all lodges but non-Jews can't belong to certain Jewish ones. These comprise the executive branch. We are witnessing the culmination of a millennium-long crusade by certain Pharisaic Jews to overthrow Christian civilization and establish a tyranny of the central banking cartel of cartels.

    Juri Lina cites Professor Valeri Yemelyanov who told a Soviet Communist Parety Congress in 1979: “the Jewish freemason pyramid controls 80% of the economy of the capitalist countries and 90-95 per cent of the information media.” (163) In 1938, an insider Christian Rakovsky described it as follows: "In Moscow there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyse both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. 'They.' " (276) The Masonic New World Order represents the translation of this economic power into absolute political, cultural and spiritual control. It involves the destruction of the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and family. This is what feminism, porn, "diversity," "multiculturalism," "sexual liberation" and "gay rights" really are all about.


    The overthrow of Christian civilization means the end of the belief that all human beings are made in the image of God ( i.e. have a divine soul) and have the potential to evolve morally through self discipline into better creatures living in a happier more harmonious society. It means the end of the idea that God is Love and Love is the organizing principle behind human development. God is a real moral dimension (truth, love, justice, beauty and goodness.) The dire consequences of ignoring this ultimate reality are apparent.

    The Masonic financial elite cannot afford the luxury of man's spiritual evolution. It must arrest this development by transferring our loyalty from God to Lucifer i.e. their perverse alter ego. So they teach us there is really no such thing as God or truth. It must arrest our development in general by destroying marriage and family. Let's be very clear. We are under occult control. They are changing human nature to make us more desperate, isolated, selfish and demonic. They do this by destroying homogenous nations with their multiculturalism and invasion by migration. They are destroying families by brainwashing women and making them have careers instead of children.

    You can identify their agents as the people who “want to change the world.” These dupes don't realize that “progressive” is defined by the Masonic agenda of world domination. They don't realize that social programs are temporary bribes to put their agents in power. Our quality of our life –political, material and cultural -- will continue to become meaner and more violent. We are fed a diet of lies, trivia, sex and dogma designed to make us dysfunctional and docile. They want us as producers and consumers, debtors and drones-- not human beings.


    Freemasonry shows a false face to the world. Luna writes that Freemasonry "is closely associated with socialism and communism, as well as with organized crime. The primary task of freemasonry is to combat knowledge of the real world and to ignore the facts from true history." (281) Exoteric Freemasonry is for the rubes. It is about “making good men better” etc. The real Freemasonry, the esoteric or occult one known only to the adepts, is about conquering the world for Lucifer. Thus, we must always discern between the formal and the informal, the “subjective” and the objective.

    Formally, we live in a free society. Informally our “leaders” are dupes and agents dedicated to our ultimate enslavement. Formally, we have a free press and education system. Informally, only those views that correspond to the occult (Masonic, “enlightenment”) transformation of humanity are allowed. Formally, art and entertainment are free expressions. Informally, with a few exceptions, only entertainment that corresponds to the occult agenda will be tolerated. Literary and cinematic art reflect a decadent Luciferian philosophy and have a propaganda function.

    Formally, Muslim terrorists flew planes into the symbols of American freedom and prosperity on Sept. 11, causing them to collapse killing over 3000 people. Informally the instruments of the Masonic financial elite—intelligence agencies, secret societies-- perpetrated this heinous crime to justify gutting civil rights and starting a gratuitous war and $5 trillion boondoggle. Formally, elections express the peoples' will and desire for change. Informally, elections are required to maintain the illusion of freedom and secure the taxes and bodies needed to prosecute useless wars. Formally, we believe in our country. Informally, we are doing everything we can to undermine it so the population will accept world government.

    Formally, we are Christians. George Bush is a Christian. Informally, Luciferianism (Freemasonry, Talmudic Judaism, secularism) is the religion of the post-Enlightenment West. George Bush is a Satanist who proudly flashed the horned goat symbol. Dupes are the overpaid people who maintain the “formal” and hoodwink the masses. This includes most of those who is successful in media, education and culture.


    Right now, I'd say the most revealing book on our predicament in my opinion is Juri Lina's “Architects of Deception.” I reviewed it once but I must commend it to you again. Here's an example of the revelations it contains: Most of George Washington's generals and the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Masons. The values of the Declaration are valid but they fall under the category of the “formal.”

    Informally, Lina says: “The freemasons created the United States of America as an effective base for their world-encompassing activities and to attain their utmost aim-world supremacy.” Obviously our lives are built on a monstrous fraud. Gradually we are being mentally enslaved by a psychotic occult society. Humanity is in a Twilight Zone.

    Tony Blair decided to wage war on Iraq after coming under the influence of a "sinister" group of Jews and Freemasons, a Muslim barrister who advises the Prime Minister has claimed. Ahmad Thomson, from the Association of Muslim Lawyers, said Mr Blair was the latest in a long line of politicians to have been influenced by the group which saw the attack on Saddam Hussein as a way to control the Middle East.

    A Government spokesman confirmed last night that ministers and officials consulted Mr Thomson on issues concerning Muslims but refused to be drawn on his views. "We talk to a lot of people, including many whose views we do not necessarily agree with," she said. Mr Thomson said: "Pressure was put on Tony Blair before the invasion.

    The way it works is that pressure is put on people to arrive at certain decisions. It is part of the Zionist plan and it is shaping events." Mr Thomson wrote a book in 1994 in which he said Freemasons and Jews controlled the governments of Europe and America and described the claim that six million Jews died in the Holocaust as a "big lie". In The Next World Order, Mr Thomson, a Muslim convert who was born Martin Thomson in Rhodesia, wrote: "When the majority of people in a predominantly Christian society cease to worship God, the result is fascism. "When the people in a predominantly Jewish society cease to worship God, the result is either communism or capitalism. A predominantly Christian society is concerned primarily with establishing a political ideology, whilst a predominantly Jewish society is concerned primarily with establishing an economic system." This, he suggested, led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Mr Thomson, who was called to the bar in 1979, wrote: "The fascism of Hitler was the Christian element in the increasingly "Jewish" environment in which he and his followers found themselves."

    He also wrote that the Jews have no right to live in "the Holy Land" because they are not a pure race and therefore not the true biblical Israelites and that Saddam was used as an excuse for US troops - "including thousands of Jews" - to occupy Saudi Arabia. A Government source said: "It is by talking to people with varying views that we find out what the range of opinions is. It doesn't mean we agree with what they are saying."

  • Saddam Hussein sought the death penalty for those who promote or acclaim Zionist principles, including freemasonry, or who associate themselves with Zionist organizations."
    Pillar of society cheated his grieving clients out of £3m

    PHILIP HUXTABLE was a respected family solicitor with his own practice and a pillar of his North Devon community. He was the clerk of his parish council, the president of the Rotary Club and the provincial grandmaster of Freemasons in the South West.

    If anyone was to be trusted with the affairs of the recently bereaved, the families who retained his services believed it would be him. His clients, many of whose parents and grandparents had also retained his services, trusted him so much that he was able to steal up to £3 million of inheritances from them before anyone raised the alarm. Huxtable’s life of deceit came to an end when he was jailed for 3½ years in July 2005.

  • Pillar of local life was a thief
  • Masonic crooked lawyer charged clients £60,000 an hour
  • MPs press for compensation
    A video made by the Blue Lodge exposes the fact masons don't make GOOD men better but make young men bitter.Their ancient secrets turn out to be nothing more than boring rituals for young men who think masons will give them a step up the ladder,but at what cost to their spiritual and emotional wellbeing?
    Masons have a history alright, but not the one they like us to think it is.They promote devil worshipping and satanic rituals including abuse and have historically corrupted the world's legal, political and financial dynasties.To the enormous disadvantage of the many millions of victims that have suffered tyranny in the courts where their masonic judges rule.
    Taylor Perverted teacher beat boys mercilessly with hosepipe

    A PROMINENT freemason and respected Peterborough schoolteacher has been jailed for six years after being convicted of abusing two young boys,. Richard Taylor was a science teacher for 25 years at Bretton Woods School, Bretton, before he was exposed as a paedophile following an incident on a family holiday. Two nine-year-old Dutch boys complained Taylor had been spying on them in the showers at a Spanish campsite where he was on holiday with his wife in 2006.

    The incident sparked a series of events leading to his conviction for assaulting two young boys in the UK in the 1980s. Lincoln Crown Court heard yesterday that Taylor had now lost his wife, family, job, home and reputation. Taylor had been forced to leave the Spanish campsite following the complaints by the Dutch youngsters, the court was told.

    When he returned home his two English victims, now adults, discovered what had happened in Spain and reported him to the NSPCC. Taylor, a highly respected member of the community in the Deepings area, was by then secretary of the local St Guthlac's Freemasons Lodge and a Provincial Grand Junior Warden in the organisation. When police spoke to him he denied committing any offences and continued his pleas of innocence throughout a three-day trial at Lincoln Crown Court, but was convicted by a jury.

    Taylor (47) of Lady Margaret's Avenue, Market Deeping, was convicted of assaulting two boys, causing actual bodily harm between 1980 and 1982. He was also found guilty of two charges of indecent assault and two charges of indecency with a child involving the older boy between 1983 and 87.

    Judge John Machin, passing sentence at Lincoln Crown Court, told him: "These are very serious offences. "You have ruined a distinguished and useful teaching career, but that cannot save you from an extensive sentence of imprisonment. "This was a wicked and very, very damaging course of abuse against both these young boys."

    Robert Underwood, prosecuting, said Taylor had beaten the boys "mercilessly" with a hosepipe on a number of occasions before going on to sexually abuse the older boy. He said both victims, now grown up with families of their own, were badly affected by what happened to them. Graham Huston, defending, said Taylor had himself been abused as a teenager by a Scout Leader who was later jailed.

    "It is no coincidence that Taylor perpetrated on others the behaviour he had endured. "He was corrupted by that man – that may give an understanding of why he behaved as he did against these boys," he said. "His teaching colleagues spoke very highly of him in a career at the same school for 25 years.

    "Over those years there has never been any complaint by any member of staff or pupil." He added that Taylor had now been sacked and his wife had begun divorce proceedings against him. "He has lost his job, his family, his home, his career and his reputation. He has lost everything," Mr Huston said.

    Detective Constable Gill Allen, who investigated the case said that the families of the two Dutch boys decided not to press charges against Taylor, despite his behaviour. But it had been that incident which led to the earlier matters being revealed. "Both the victims have been traumatised by what happened." she said: "All they wanted was for him to admit the offences and show remorse, but he has not done that." Peterborough City Council's assistant director of learning and standards Mel Collins said: "Mr Taylor was immediately suspended while the police investigation was under way and has not worked in school since. He was dismissed following his conviction last month. We worked extremely closely with, and gave support to, the school while the investigation was under way."

  • MASONIC Shoe Rapist kept store of stilettos as trophies
    GUN ARSENAL Whether its the police or military ,Britain has TONS of weapons ,the vast majority controlled by masons.Masons head the chiefs of police who seldom protect ordinary British citizens.Masons head the military leaders hand picked for their devotion to Britain's CORRUPT monarchy.Masons head the vast bulk of Britain's media that supply the smokescreen for the massive plundering of Britain's wealth.

    The reason ordinary BRIT'S are being shafted is that MASONS are protecting their corrupt system of law and order by stopping the victims of their fraudulent system from protecting their homes,children and assets.They are using their legal and political goons to ensure laws are being created and enforced that protect the masonic controllers hold over every aspect of British life.

    The super rich are at the upper echelons of the masonic structure and use judges, law lords and lawyers to steal our homes on their behalf and who are assured of their allegiance ,from the demonic sworn oaths(used as blackmail) they go through during initiation into their devil worshipping cults.Britain's media continually rant on about GUN crime when it is their masonic buddies that have massive arsenals in place to protect ALL those who are part of this sinister system creating vast inequality between the MASONIC haves and the non MASONIC have nots.

    A complex web of deceit in Britain's legal system redistributes wealth from non masons to masons by their masonic indoctrinated judges, stealing assets in secretive court hearings and making those assets available through devious property deals ensuring only MASONS have access to repossessed properties stolen by corrupt judges and lawyers.

    The removal of civil juries in British courts is a MASONIC ruse that ensures the establishment control Britain's vast wealth using a masonic system of control .Britains civil courts are where heinous acts of treason take place by the masonic controllers who are fleecing vast multi billion pound land,business and properties that seldom get recorded .Britain's mass media to busy producing articles that concentrate on the small time crooks from the deprived housing schemes of Britain created to ensure the masons have always got an excuse to hammer the poor anytime someone challenges the vast inequality they have created ensuring their opulent lifestyles go on unabated.

    This is THE biggest scam that has ever been perpetrated against British citizens.The vast propaganda used to stem the dissent that would otherwise arise if the REAL TRUTH of who is behind this monstrous system was fully exposed.The uniting of the victims of this evil network are by the day providing the EVIDENCE that will ensure in time the real history of the UK is properly addressed .Not the illusion they have created to continue one of the most despicable class systems anywhere across the globe.The arrogance that they call Britain GREAT is a greatness created from masonic tyranny that is NOTHING to be proud of.

    The same mind set that promoted slavery still controls the UK by stealth .

    Masonic Media MASONIC MASS MEDIA

    Why is it that when 10% of the UK's population own 90% of its wealth do the rich establishment media concentrate ALL their attention on the 10% of the poorest? The reason behind Britain's flawed media is MASONIC.

    The evil influence ensures our criminal courts where the poorest part of the population frequent ,as the UK masonic police seldom charge their rich masonic brothers, are overflowing with media bods doing stories about the poor bad boys.When across the way in the CIVIL courts there is hardly a whiff of press and where the MASONIC crimes go on with vast swathes of Britains land ,business and property being stolen by the masonic led judges and lawyers who ensure the loot finds its way back into the masonic coffers. British media seldom, if ever ,concentrate on the REAL white collar crooks fleecing Britain of its wealth using a smokescreen of Britain's decaying and deprived council schemes .Schemes that SELDOM if ever see a police presence allowing anti-social behaviour to flourish and provides all the small time news for the media to hide the real truth of what is behind an EVIL dark force controlling and dominating almost every area of our lives.

    Britain's media have finally been caught out due to the latest technology and for the first time in history information has been easily circulated by us lesser mortals who have been victims and faced intolerable abuse and persecution ignored time and again by a masonic controlled mass media. We are seeing light at the end of this tunnel and the media are now aware the lies and deceit masking a brutal regime destroying lives on a daily basis has now got a platform for the victims our national media failed to address. They are now shown to be complicit in crimes so grave we are yet to see the FULL true extent of what they have hidden from us for so very long.

    One thing is for sure, good always win over EVIL ,evil has been allowed to flourish for far to long in the UK thanks to a mass media conspiring to hide the enormous damage down to the millions of victims of a brutal regime.A regime consisting of the same 10% who have stolen 90% of the UK's wealth through a masonic conspiracy of the most enormous kind.

    There are a few tiny exceptions and they know who they are.

    EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY is based on that of its founders, the Knights Templar-Freemason fraternities. The Illuminati bloodline families wished to exercise control over our social institutions such as jurisprudence, banking, government, military and education. The best way to control the institutions of society is by founding them and then making sure that your agents always assume control over them. This is done successfully through the degree system of initiation, which insures that the interbreeding bloodline families known as the Illuminati wend their way up the ladder to the highest degrees. They are then placed at the head of the legal, banking, government, military and educational organizations they are intended to lead. Essential to their continued monopoly on power and governance is the exercise of control over the educational field. The university degree system is based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice corresponding with the Bachelor's Degree, Fellow of the Craft corresponding with Master's Degree, and Ph.D. corresponding with Master Mason.

    When entering the academic world at the Entered Apprentice Degree of Bachelor's, one is free to explore the world of knowledge in an unconstrained, unrestricted fashion. It doesn't matter what you read, write, say or do because, even if you graduate with that degree, you will amount to little more than a piece of shit in a mitre hat. But if you have aspirations to engage in social climbing of any kind, you will require the ropes and tackle of those more aspiring climbers consistent with other Fellows of the Craft, the "craft" being consistent with the establishment or Freemasonry itself. To be an initiate and graduate of this degree, you must learn to conform to the rules of the Craft, which means you must display your willingness to subordinate your views and ideals to those of the fascist establishment.

    You must follow the rules of the game called "playing the system," which means you will surrender any originality you have to become a member of the cloistered order of mediocrities and yes-men, intellectual prostitutes who will spend the rest of their lives living in denial in exchange for their daily bread. You will agree to be an expert in a very small field of knowledge and will become one of the small ashlars or cubes in the pyramid of the fascist social order. Should you wish to ascend one more rung up the ladder to that of Master Mason, you will go for the Ph.D. This will allow you to be a fully-fledged member of the order of mediocrity sell-outs in service of Satan, who will bargain away their souls to the devil in exchange for a pound of flesh –any way you care to slice it.

    I myself called myself a "humanist" just to break in, even though I am a spiritualist and a profound believer in a Creation God who has an intelligent design for this universe. Ultimately, the itsy-bitsy universe-city has a very small irrelevant place to play in the scheme of things. The Ph.D. candidate, for instance, must undertake a very small sphere of study amounting to one small branch of one small subject area rather than the entire tree of knowledge. The Ph.D. initiate of the Master Mason Degree will be expert in an area of knowledge commensurate with the circumference of the head of the pin and will graduate with flying colours as a pinhead. The sycophants and mindless drones who will apprentice under him will worship at his feet and assimilate and absorb all the mindless platitudes passed on as a generational affair as he did from the exemplars and progenitors that preceded him in the mind control world of academia.

    Piece of shit in a mitre hat though he is, his view will be regarded as sacrosanct and above reproach, particularly if he graduates from the Illuminati-controlled strongholds of the Ivy League and Oxbridge, which constitute a transcendent degree system presiding above the university degree system, where the Satanic families of the Illuminati bloodline will receive a more privileged education to allow them to rise to and occupy the more ascendant positions of society as the aristocracy they believe themselves to be. In short, they regard themselves as King Shits. Let us hope they are relieved by this protracted defecation called higher education. The truth is they have been shitting on the rest of us for an exceptionally long time.

    Tim Watson can be reached at
    In the heart of Washington, D.C., there is a large statue and monument honoring the most important founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Inscribed on the base of the statue are the words, "poet," yet the terrorist anthem of the KKK was his most famous literary work, and "jurist," yet he was called the KKK’s chief judiciary officer, and reputedly wrote the organization manual for the terrorist anti-black movement after the U.S. Civil War.

    The immense, bearded figure of Confederate General Albert Pike is looming over a public square in the nation’s capital. Why has it never been pulled down in that predominantly black city? The statue is a tribute to the influence of Pike’s organization. It has power in the Executive Branch, and the Congress, and it is decisive in the courts. It has great power in all branches of law enforcement and the military. Do I mean that the Ku Klux Klan has such sway over the government? No, I’m speaking here of the "Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction," of which Pike was the chief, or "Sovereign Grand Commander."
    Virtually every political or legal parasite interviewed on Britains national TV stations or newspapers has masonic connections.ANYONE who hasn't sworn oaths of allegiance to devil worshipping hasn't a hope in hell of making comment or even getting a platform to do so.

    Whether its a Chief Constable, judge,lawyer or politician there is a 99% chance that the SPOKESPERSON has been a long term member of the most sinister club EVER created by a group of self appointed elitist EVIL men.To have a system were they have managed to control almost all of a nations printed and published material and taken control, through stealth,of our T.V. stations takes the work of genius.Minds that have ulterior motives to control EVERYTHING that is read or viewed or listened to.Though there is a fine line between genius and madness.

    To be able to use publishing houses to suppress ANYTHING that does not stick strictly to the masonic agenda , who have for centuries ,created an illusion to ensure their sinister surveillance and control network could continue undetected is breathtaking in its far reaching consequences for mankind .The well worn standard response ,to protect this fraud, consists of putting down ANYONE as deranged who may suggest such a thing was possible.The fear they have created in their initiates ,who go on to take the KEY positions of power, ensure those same chosen few are given consistent platforms in our media but can NEVER sway from that hidden agenda.

    The initiation process has a built in blackmailing mechanism that would quickly get set in motion if there was any doubt as to the comments and responses made by those chosen few.Watch any political or legal program and you will see the distinct mark of the devil in the almost robotic manner they answer questions.The biggest ruse is to ensure we are fooled into thinking we have some sort of democracy.

    Like America, Britain has a two party system that is churned out every 4 years for us all to supposedly vote for one of their two donkeys .It doesn't take a rocket scientists to work out that if you have a TWO(or even three) horse race and the owner of both horses is the same ,they cannot fail to win EVERY time the race is run and lets them continue with their hidden agenda while the punters are unaware of who is pulling the strings behind the scenes .

    Our media ensure NO ONE that could rock the masonic boat is given the same platform and the publicity required to reach political power is kept as a closed shop for the masonic controllers who use press manipulation to further their bully boy goals of world domination.The rise of new technology has finally put an end to the lies and deceit that our media have been seriously caught out in . They are now in an impossible position were the people who have trusted them for so long have lost complete faith, not only in the masonic political and legal gangsters ,but those in the media who promote them as seemingly having the intellectual capacity to run our country. When they are merely actors who stick strictly to an agenda that has been carefully crafted into their psyche during years of indoctrination.THEY know upsetting their paymasters is not an option as the full weight of their evil system would destroy, in an instant, any ideas of independent thought ,truth and justice.

    So in the UK we have deeply ingrained institutional corruption that permeates across all areas of wealth creation but most importantly our courts were judicial masons ,with their foot soldiers lawyers and police, have removed any possibility of justice. Masonic control has removed JURIES from civil hearings were competitors to masonic monopolies are quickly dealt with and fleeced of any moneys they have that might interfere with the monopoly of masonic companies that win 99% of tenders from masonic controlled government departments and councils .

    The multi billion pound money making industries of masonic run military and surveillance equipment manufacturers has had an enormous impact on Britains economy.The fleecing by stealth of the multitude of government tax raising powers contributes to the vast majority of those moneys ending up in the masonic coffers via their network of masonic run companies that dominate those markets .Masonic bankers ensure NO competitor can get access to the finances required to compete in the most lucrative of contracts.

    It is ultimately the EXPOSURE of these heinous crimes against our people that will in time create change. Firstly in the minds of a heavily brainwashed populous ,who think our government have their best interests and safety at heart, while demanding political and legal change that we have NO doubts will in time remove the enormously damaging masonic influence that created the illusion that has kept our people enslaved for far to long.
    Butcher A THIEVING former police chief has escaped jail for a second time – despite lying to magistrates over his failure to pay compensation to the victims of his fraud. In January 2006, Mick Butcher, who was a police officer for 30 years, admitted stealing more than £25,000 from a golf club where he was company secretary.

    A judge gave Butcher a suspended prison sentence on the understanding that he would use the proceeds of a house sale to pay back the money by April 2006.

    Butcher got his job at the golf club after the pair met at a freemasons' lodge. Mr Wistow said he trusted him because he was a police officer and senior lodge member.
  • Ex-police chief(TOP MASON) evades jail for swindle again
    War memorials

    The monuments the Queen and her masonic buddies put wreaths in front of are bugger all to do with the war dead but monolithic masonic symbols.Most of the so called war memorials are identical to cleopatra's needle that they stole from Egypt and plonked right in the middle of LONDON.
  • Remembrance Day parade scrapped for first time in 60 years over health and safety.
  • Another masonic monolith disguised as a war memorial
    masons 1.Why is it that with Britain being one of the richest nations on earth , there is so much deprivation?

    2.Why is it, that at least 10% of Britain's population in the super rich bracket are living in opulence and a billionaire lifestyle , while Britain's majority are struggling to survive on mountains of debts ?

    3.Why is the disparity between the have and have not's increasing year on year despite Blair's so called socialist principals.

    Britain's notorious unmentionable (for the media at least)secret society the MASONS have SET UP Britain for enslavement .Every powerful position in the UK has a masonic placeman ,who has gone through their devil worshipping initiation ceremonies that ensure they stick strictly to the masonic agenda .Failure to comply will ensure they are blackmailed or destroyed using their network of hidden power.This ensures the super rich 10% remain so while the rest of Britain creaks under enormous debts their system has created using key masonic bankers.The super rich ultimately funding Britain's main political parties due to the most disgraceful undemocratic democracy founded on VAST MASONIC corruption and fraud.

    All of it could only be achieved thanks to the British media who provide exclusively MASONIC news that creates propaganda to further their goal of WORLD domination and the New World Order. Judges,lawyers,politicians,councillors,police chiefs ,bankers,insurers,doctors,government officers and a myriad of other agencies and regulators all play a major part in enslaving British people.They operate in conjunction with each other using advanced technology that is monitoring our every move and allows them to bully,abuse and persecute us ALL by fear and intimidation.

    The British mail system is used to threaten us with ever increasing demands for debts ,whether real or artificially created ,with breaches of motoring ,parking or council regulations that incur ever increasing fines and demands. If you get caught up in Britain's legal system you can guarantee years of being dragged through a court structure ,controlled by masonic judges(NOT JURIES), that fleece you till you are dry. All assets stolen then offered to their masonic brothers at knock down prices in a multi billion pound land,business and property bonanza. Our children stolen and placed in masonic run homes to be abused and finally offered to masons who bleed state aid for every child they take on as adopters.

    The continued scandals and failures of social services to curb the utter abuse of children who have been stolen under a masonic conspiracy of the most enormous kind. Only recently have we seen the British media finally reporting on the periphery of the real reason why child theft is endemic in Britain thanks to masonic skullduggery within ALL of the agencies advancing that masonic agenda. Our children are being terrorized by a masonic state rendering machine that is getting away with absolute murder while they conspire with the media to point the finger overseas to the Middle East and elsewhere.What Britain should be concerned with much more are the internal terrorists who use their network of secret societies to promote a regime that imposes VAST differences in the lifestyle of the super rich while the majority remain ever in debt to the mobsters heading our main commercial monopolies.

    As the victims of these traitors unite we are seeing the big picture of how they have gotten away with these scams for so long in SECRET.Little did they realize it would be the technology that would finally, after centuries of this brutal regime ,begin to be exposed. Most people unaware of and would be shocked that our psychiatric wards are being used to chemically lobotomize and murder those prepared to stand up against this evil system only to be dragged away into the equivalent of concentration camps to be shut down.

    Britain is slowly waking up to the reality that those dressed in their robes and regalia are hiding the true nature of why Britain's deeply ingrained class system has survived so long using tyranny and despotic control to brainwash us all into believing those in power have our best interests at heart.They are ALL part of a conspiracy of the most enormous kind that is creating fear and terror to mask their own criminality ,which for now they think they have immunity to .Britain is long overdue an uprising to make those responsible for our state of affairs accountable to the PEOPLE who have been victims and who have been enslaved and faced persecution for standing up against this tyranny.

    Some of their PROPAGANDA "The Order of the Secret Monitor" MORE HERE
    SPY CAMERAS Britain's high level masonic controllers are behind virtually every spy camera system in the UK. From the suppliers of this sinister "1984" regime of control and monitoring we are seeing the build up of a society that is having to tolerate huge numbers of spy cameras making vast profits for the suppliers(masons),operators(masons) and controllers(masons).

    WHY do masons want this level of monitoring and control?We are all targets of their schemes. Those schemes include using all and every bit of information they can gather against you then drag you through British courts controlled almost entirely by masonic judges and lawyers, none of it before juries.The system would fail with juries and the main reason they are determined to remove jury hearings from all but the most serious of criminal cases. Those cases pale by comparison with the massive civil court plundering of the masonic judges who use the information gathered from all of our private affairs and transactions backed up by them filming our every move turning us all into victims of masonic law.

    A civil law that removes assets ,land ,property,business's but especially our children from NON masons into the masonic coffers and control using the most absurd distortions of Britain's laws. Masons control social services that allow the theft of our children using flawed reports. Masons head the adoption system ,care homes and adopters ,all of them heavily subsidised using public moneys.Some masons are adopting 12 or more children to subsidise large properties they buy on the strength of the huge sums they get from the state.

    This is masonic racketeering on a grand scale and information is the means by which they plunder us all.If you have not as yet been dragged through Britain's civil or criminal courts you would be totally unaware that little of it provides proper due process.In many cases unrepresented litigants find they are made homeless and penniless by a judiciary that are part of this racket and that in fact no person should lose their home without a JURY deciding on that very serious of matters.Masonic judges having high jacked our legal system for their own financial agenda. Families are being destroyed daily in the process, hidden from us by the control they exert over our media.A media who's owners and editors are part of their creepy network of control.

    Most of the harm and injustice created seldom finding its way into the pages of most of Britain's press that has been covering up these horrors for way to long.Ask regular court watchers how often they see news reporters in civil courts?They are only there when invited by masonic judges who need the publicity in a case to fleece the selected victim.If a judge or lawyer was in court they usually close the courts to the public to cover up their crimes.If there is publicity it is because a particular judge or lawyer is not following the sinister masonic agenda that ensures the massive billion pound conspiracy continues.

    Only the emergence of the internet has allowed the free flow of information that has shown the devious way this network of high level scams has operated using every arm of our law enforcement.Masonic police aid the evictions that led to the repossessions of billions of pounds of homes stolen under our noses by masonic criminals controlling our courts for their own ends.For anyone unfamiliar with the reality of how information is being gathered daily and will at some point be used against you in a court of law to strip you bare ,read the Proceeds of Crime Act.Supposedly brought in to remove assets from drug dealers and the like,when in fact ordinary members of the public that have been wrongly accused of fraud or a criminal matter can be tried before a jury and found not guilty.The masonic crown then raises a civil action before a civil court masonic judge and finds in favour of the crown allowing the freezing of and repossession of assets on the flimsiest of evidence.

    Britain is living in a fascist state who's citizens are being terrorized ,harassed and bullied by the bully boy masonic network that continues the massive in equality between the haves and have nots.We can say with certainty that the 90% of Britain's wealth and properties that are owned by 10% of the population is almost entirely due to MASONIC control and the majority of those in that 10% bracket have in some way created that wealth on the backs of the masonic structure. A structure that has the power and control to redistribute wealth into masonic hands using a myriad of legal and political scams that their high level brothers have infiltrated and operate to achieve the domination and oppression of those out with their evil system.
  • CCTV developments
  • Britain's most spied-on street?
  • Living in a surveillance society (UK's 4 million CCTV's more than any other country in the world)
    glasgow airport Within days of taking up office the NWO brigades latest cloned puppet Gordon Brown has as a backdrop ,the sufficient level of terror to ensure the sheeple allow further deterioration in their freedoms with another Problem ,Reaction,Solution scenario. Despite CCTV everywhere, and reasons given for that massive increase in UK surveillance was to stop terror, it doesn't seem to be having ANY such effect .All it does is give more excuses to the high level masonic controllers who are determined that part of their global surveillance prison will be a high tech "1984" nightmare.

    We are seeing threats on mainland Britain similar to the 70's under the guise of IRA threats when in fact evidence has been surfacing that M.I.5 were heading these campaigns. Threats of any kind have always been a way for the BRITISH government to mask what was going on politically at the time.For anyone who has been a victim of masonic tyranny in the UK the threat from elements abroad pales by comparison.

    WE HAVE TO BE VIGILANT but that vigilance should be aimed at watching the manner in which the UK's NEW masonic/illuminati government in conjunction with Britain's masonic press distorts our news, to create a continuous climate of fear .That will give BROWN and his henchmen more powers to destroy what freedoms we have left ,under the guise of terror. Britain needs to fear the threat of masonic terror that eternally has been implicated in using that FEAR to further their NWO plans .Brown may be have been put in place to dramatically increase the speed at which those plans progress.
    Brown Sweeps In On Staged Terror
    British MI5 Had Hand In Previous Car Bombings
    Army made IRA bombs ,then tried to kill me
    Gordon Browns speech on the ILLUMINATI/MASONS NEW WORLD ORDER
    When are the sheeple going to realise whether it is Brown,Blair or Cameron the British democratic voting system is a masonic ruse.The BBC have already started the two party promotion of Brown /Cameron hours after the changeover.Britains media acts as a masonic circus for the placemen that on camera battle and fight over supposedly two different agendas when in fact they are BOTH controlled at the top by the masons/royalists who have already vetted and weeded out the bad apples ensuring only the SAFE men are up for election.
    This system cannot work without the full cooperation of the licenced and heavily censored media who's owners and editors are part of the establishment and controlled behind the scenes by the masonic structure that has over the centuries done enormous harm to the lives and fortunes of Britain's long suffering people.

    That is despite the emerging evidence on the internet showing a system of control that has been manipulated to give the impression that Brits select their prime minister when in fact we select who the masons have already put up for election to create their New World Order.

    The masons are Britains mafia, we have a country run by racketeers who's main agenda is to protect the position of the richest dynasty in the world .A pyramidal structure that ensures the continued protection of the self appointed elite at the top of the pyramid while the rest of us have to avoid the enormous damage done when we are dragged through the masonic judicial system set up to ensure wealth and power remain within the establishment they created . Family/civil law is the power they use to strip anyone out with their system while reinforcing their own masonic coffers.

    HOW LONG is it going to take to educate the masses that our mass media are providing a platform to let this fraud and corruption continue.It is the masonic mafia that controls the UK and they have meticulously manufactured an ILLUSION thanks to its control over Britain's media especially a supposed public broadcaster the Big Brother Censorship.There are individual newspapers that have finally opened their doors to comment on these matters.So they are finally catching on that as time progress's only those that continue this fabricated system will look more and more in the pockets of all who control us.

    They should be aware that time is slowly becoming a reality and ANY mass media continuing to back the ruthless mobsters will isolate their own productions.
    big brother Watch the intro to Big Brother subtle pyramid images flashed on screen over and over.Also the entrance to the house is the typical masonic entrance but not just on the floor ,on the walls and roof.If there is one message the producers are telling their lodge buddies is that Big Brother is another masonic piece of brainwashing with their interests at heart.Are they trying to get us ready for the next wave of monitoring ,cameras in every room of every house in the UK?

    As ridiculous as that may seem ,did we think 30 years ago we would be followed by cameras down every road we travel?There is no end to Blairs New labour high tech monitoring ,those who sell such equipment must be aware when they reach capacity i.e. cameras on every street corner all over this fascist land they will be looking for NEW markets and our homes are already being infiltrated by government agents under the guise of the new survey requirements masquerading as energy efficiency.

    It is also noticeable why the gas guzzling mobsters who like BUSH have made their fortunes have suddenly turned GREEN. What they are doing is using the GLOBAL warming problem to further their New world order plans of globalisation and what better stance to promote that on using global climate change.Even though many scientists DONT believe the stats they are producing to justify what they are telling us. VIDEO INTRO HERE

    itv board

    Men continue to face extraordinary attacks from the masonic bully boy board room at ITV GMTV news.
    We expose today their board and the anti-male content of their news reporting.Effectively they are operating in partnership with masonic judges providing ,using their media networks, propaganda that undermines fathers and provides extreme radical feminist reporting .Regularly inviting radical feminists to provide anti male comment without alternative arguments.
  • GMTV defrauding public of millions
  • GMTV boss to quit over phone-in scandals
    murderers Fred West,Harold Shipman,Ian Huntley and Thomas Hamilton ALL had police histories yet they murdered on a GRAND SCALE without investigation by the police.It did not require rocket scientists to figure out likely suspects for the many murders they committed would be previous offenders or in ALL their cases histories of sinister behaviour that could easily connect them with the murders.The common factor in them going undetected for so long is the MASONIC BROTHERHOOD that binds loyalties over and above bringing murderers to justice.
    Bill Schnoebelen Bill Schnoebelen Previously an occultist,illuminati and 90th degree mason
    Bill Schnoebelen in the light behind masonry exposes the truth behind the secret club known as Freemasonry. The British and America media have protected these evil satanic bastards for WAY TO LONG.Satanic worship exposed from a former devil worshipper that finally did see the light
    Masons hatred for one of their exposers Bill Schnoebelen
    masons masons
    Another MASON gets a lighter sentence from Britain's masonic judges sitting in appeal courts. The UK has a two tier legal system ,one provides masons a means to avoid conviction for serious crimes and another for the victims of a corrupt masonic judiciary. Britain is being governed on the benches of star chamber courts by devil worshippers and their secret society cults.

    Star 18 July 2006 article the ONLY British newspaper to state he was a freemason who Quote "mixed with wealthy businessmen,top policemen,lawyers and magistrates" MORE HERE
  • Washington Masonic monolith(VIDEO)
  • Masonic trinity(VIDEO)
  • BUSH a masonic goat boy(VIDEO)
  • Masons Hiram kitchen make men bitter(VIDEO)
  • Creepy Freemason intro Part 1(VIDEO)
  • Masonic Goons Part 2(VIDEO)
  • Masonic Conspiracy Part 3(VIDEO)
  • Creepy masonic book reviews(VIDEO)
  • Creepy masonic bullshit(VIDEO)
    gmc General Medical Council members have been forced to reveal whether they are freemasons. And their details have now been published on a register of interests, which is open to public scrutiny.

    There had been accusations that the General Medical Council (GMC) was adversely influenced by freemasonry and that this could be interfering with justice during their conduct cases.

    There were even concerns raised that freemason doctors appearing before the GMC might have tried to use their connections to get the cases against them dropped, particularly at the early stages.

    But the register, which also includes details of political parties members belong to and any consultancies they work for, has revealed there are only four freemasons within their 104 strong membership. I was unhappy about one particular case. I was concerned that one component did involve freemasonry

    Dr Richard Coleman, former GMC member

    The register lists Sir Sandy Macara, the former British Medical Association (BMA) chair; Dr Simon Fradd, a negotiator for the BMA's GPs' committee; Dr Ronald Zeegen, a consultant physician and gastroenterologist and lay member Mr James Campbell Morton as freemasons. The GMC voted for the register after growing internal and external pressure to include freemasonry in the register of members interests.

    Within a few weeks the GMC will also name any of their senior staff executives who are freemasons. There were concerns that the council could not be considered to be fully transparent without this.


    A spokeswoman for the GMC said publishing the register would answer criticisms against them that they were not being open enough. "We gave an undertaking in the interests of transparency and openness to publish a register of members interests and we have now done so." Dr Richard Coleman, a GP and ex-GMC member, first raised concerns about freemasonry a number of years ago.

    He told BBC News Online that in the past there had been concerns that freemasonry connections could have played a part in influencing the outcome in one particular case. But Dr Coleman was very clear that he was not referring to any decision made by any of the freemasons named in this register. He said that by being open and transparent the GMC was distancing itself from any imagined or real criticism.

    "I was unhappy about one particular case. I was concerned that one component did involve freemasonry. "Because it is secret it did not rule out the possibility that there was some bias." Dr Coleman said Lord Woolf had made it clear that anyone involved in a judicial capacity must declare whether they are freemasons - he said the GMC now complied with this. GMC member Dr Krishna Korlipara, a GP in Bolton, said publishing the list would show they were transparent and above board.

    "I have always been an advocate for openness and transparency and that people should declare anything that could be seen as a conflict of interest. "I think this is an excellent idea. Now it is all in the open and no body can argue that the members are not acting perfectly honourably," he said. Fellow GMC member Dr Surendra Kumar, a GP in Widnes, said: "I think in the current climate of transparency it is absolutely vital that one declares one's interests."


    Posted by: Robert Burns, Kilwinning

    I am a practising freemason, a regular attender, and I can tell you Freemasonry is all Humbug !It is full of pompous and conceited old men, who think they are a cut above everyone else.. Pure Humbug !

    The BILE of masonry

    Secret organization bent on world domination or following Satan
    What masons believe
    Responding to anti-masons
    Debating anti-masons
    Where theres smoke
    Masonry Faqs
    Bodies of masonry
    Masons hatred for one of their exposers Bill Schnoebelen
    Masons are perfect(DUH!!!!!!!!)
    Satanists in death
    Satanists in death 2

    Freemasonry on Trial review

    National Geographic channel 10pm 1 April 2007

    Freemasonry on Trial was ANOTHER mass media program which clearly sets out to promote disinformation on freemasonry. Apart from an occasional critical comment from jim marrs the majority of the program was taken up with high ranking masons mostly master goons trying to persuade us that everything we hear is all lies and masons are angelic and good fellows.Yeah right. The percentage in the program of those promoting satanism about 10 to 1 against those critical of freemasonry.

    They overlook the simple fact that in any town you only need the head of the council,senior police officer,senior judge ,head bank manager and editor or owner of the local newspaper to be in the same funny handshake club and you can control most of the population in that town,or at least control were the wealth created in that town ends up in the coffers of the masonic lodge and its membership.The same would apply to cities only on a bigger scale. Ask any non mason how hard it is to get the masonic bank manager to loan money to open a business that might be an opponent of a masonic company with a monopoly in that area. This is particularly true about council contracts that aren't decided as they should on bidding but more on how bent the chief executive of the masonic run council is.

    The lesser mortals they indoctrinate into their lower orders are merely dimwitted dogs bodies and used for anything from local masonic listening stations in the pub to manipulating legal papers using their legal lackeys ,local lawyers all to the masonic clubs members financial advantage. Throughout the program there was comment about the LUNATIC fringe.This is a very typical masonic ruse to suggest anyone who mentions masons connected with wrong doing must be unstable.That one is wearing very thin as more and more of their own kind have exposed what they get up to on the net.

    Like The Light Behind Masonry - Bill Schnoebelen and more from Juri Lina THE LIGHTBRINGERS:History of Freemasonry .

    The satanists controlling the world by the day will continue to be exposed and with a growing awareness by the population of the extremely adverse effect they are having on EVERYONES day to day lives.None more so than Britains masonic police controlled almost entirely by a masonic agenda and detrimental to every man,woman and child that is not PART of their sinister devil worshipping club. National Geographic like the other mass media that suggest they are doing investigative journalism into masons in the end conclude as ever that we have nothing to fear and because they said so we can sleep safely in our beds knowing only good comes from satanic worship and of those in power that bully and abuse us everyday using the most abhorrent psychological fear.

    Any reasonable person will understand that the mass media have for way to long been controlled by masons and almost every major news article is slanted to produce a masonic perspective of that news while hiding the hand that behind the scenes is responsible for much of it. The history books are being finally rewritten thanks to modern technology as even the printing and publishing industry has been dominated by masons or funded by masonic bankers which ensures there are FEW books about the New World Order clones who can no longer hide behind the closed and secretive doors of their lodges.Much like Britains masonic run courts are controlled by masonic judges ensuring NO JUSTICE in those courts.

    National Geographic is either run or funded via the masonic system and in no way did justice to the most serious of issues.It gave the impression this was going to be an exposure of the dirty deeds masons get up to but instead it was almost a pat on the back for the good they suggest they do while hiding the enormity of lives destroyed by how they operate.Fear,threats and intimidation of its membership ,who are then used as masonic thugs in the outside world and against non masons ,especially if they pose a threat to their hold over Britains banking system.

    UK's masonic police fail to charge criminal brothers

    Perverts let off with cautions

    There is NOTHING new about what is going on ,its just thanks to the internet ,more of it is being exposed and the MASONIC PRESS cannot cover it up so easily. MASONIC police have been protecting their criminal brothers for eons

    The Dunblane massacre and the murder of 16 children by mason Thomas Hamilton had a HISTORY of abuse that the police time and again ignored.Even allowing him to get a gun licence.

    The mass murdering (300+) professional Dr.Harold Shipman was time and again ignored by police despite mountains of evidence connecting him to many of the deaths prior to his eventual arrest.

    The worst was murdering pervert school caretaker Ian Huntley who despite a history of abuse of youngsters was also ignored by his masonic police brothers to the extent he could gain employment in a SCHOOL.

    The shoe rapist mason James Lloyd was eventually arrested despite having potentially raped more than 100 women with a complete lack of attention by the police for far to long.

    AS LONG AS MASONS CONTROL THE POLICE and none more so than the high ranking masons serving as chief constables,there will continue to be a two tier system of law .The blackmail system they operate will allow the continued abuses of all the victims who are made vulnerable by the sheer DEPTH of evil, due to malfeasance and corruption right at the heart of Britains masonic police

    Rapists and paedophiles 'let off with cautions'

    Police are releasing rapists and paedophiles without prosecuting them, it has emerged.

    . In accepting a caution, an offender must admit their crime.

    Those let off without being prosecuted include 12 men who admitted rape, which usually results in at least five years in jail. Details released by police forces under freedom of information laws also revealed more than 20 cautions were given to paedophiles who admitted sexual activity with children. The use of cautions by five forces in the North angered retired officers, MPs and critics of the justice system.

    Peter Atkinson, Tory MP for Hexham, Northumberland, said: "This is deeply worrying. People shouldn't be receiving cautions for offences as serious as this. If they are admitting their guilt, they should be taken to court. Justice should be seen to be done." Lord Mackenzie, a retired North East chief superintendent and former president of the Police Superintendents' Association, said: "There are circumstances where a caution is appropriate, but in the vast majority of cases, it should go to court." Criminologist Dr David Green, of the Civitas think-tank, said: "There are some cases in which a caution might properly be used - for example when dealing with consensual sex between two 15-year-olds.

    "However, it is hard to see how cautions could be used so often for such serious offences. "The Government has been saying its policies mean serious offenders will go to prison. This clearly isn't happening. "It seems that police are trying to improve detection rates and make it look as if they are solving more crimes by getting offenders to accept cautions - which is a good deal for them because it means no punishment.

    "However, it also means that crime pays, and so this will mean crime will increase." Across the country, fewer robbers and burglars are going to jail and growing numbers of criminals now escape with a caution. Sentencing statistics show the number of offenders let off with a caution jumped 17 per cent from 2004 to 2005 to almost 300,000.

    Sex offenders cautioned by forces in Cumbria, Cleveland, Durham, North Yorkshire and Northumbria were often let off because it was what their victims wanted, according to the Association of Chief Police Officers. The Home Office will soon publish proposals aimed at improving rape conviction rates. At present, only one complaint in 20 ends in a conviction. A spokesman said: "We are quite clear that more serious cases of violent crime should lead to a custodial sentence, but in certain cases, involving much less serious injuries, a caution may be appropriate. "Cautions for most sexual offences trigger a requirement to comply with the Sex Offenders' Register. So it may be decided that it was not in the public interest to put a child victim through a trial and the caution is a way of getting the offender on the register."

    Masons in turmoil as sacking at top shocks secret brotherhood

    Members furious at being kept in the dark over unprecedented dismissal

    It is the ultimate secret society, a fraternal organisation of influential men who attract almost as many conspiracy theories as members. But the brotherly bonds and code of silence that link 800,000 freemasons are under strain after the unprecedented dismissal of the chief executive of the United Grand Lodge of England. The peak body for 10,000 masonic lodges was plunged into crisis after Robert Morrow, a former executive at NatWest bank, was hauled in front of a disciplinary hearing a day before the lodge's annual ceremony in London, attended by the Duke of Kent, the grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England. Ordinary members only realised Mr Morrow had not been reappointed to his £100,000-plus post when he failed to appear at the annual investiture ceremony at the historic Freemasons' Hall, the masonic headquarters in Covent Garden. Nor was he present at the lavish post-ceremony dinner in the nearby New Connaught Rooms. "It's a bit like going to Tesco's AGM and finding Sir Terry Leahy is not there," said one disgruntled mason.

    The annual reappointment of the grand secretary is normally a formality. Members of the lodge said they had never known their chief executive to be, in effect, sacked. As grand secretary, Mr Morrow was responsible for the day-to-day running of the United Grand Lodge of England, a job demanding all the skills of a chief executive managing a lucrative set of London properties with an unusual amount of discretion. Since freemasons combined lodges in London in 1717 and the first masonic rulebook was published six years later, their arcane rituals and grandiose titles have attracted members and curiosity in equal measure. Queen Victoria's son Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, was a masonic grand master, but resigned his post on becoming king in 1901. Other prominent freemasons include Winston Churchill, Peter Sellers and Rudyard Kipling. A growing number of public figures are now obliged to declare membership, including judges, police and probation officers - but not MPs.

    Although masons tackle the conspiracies that proliferate via the internet and the Da Vinci Code by insisting they are not a secret society, Mr Morrow's abrupt departure is, like most masonic business, shrouded in secrecy. They may follow principles of brotherly love, relief (charity) and truth, but ordinary masons are furious that they have not been given a reason for the dismissal of their grand secretary, who was appointed in 2002 and would normally be expected to serve at least 10 years. Masonic machinations in Spain - where masonry was banned and masons persecuted under General Franco - is understood to be one of the key charges against Mr Morrow, who was hauled before a grand lodge disciplinary hearing on April 25. With so many expat businessmen living in Spain, some British masons are members of masonic lodges in England and Spain. When the Grand Lodge of Spain came to elect a new grand master, a number of British masons living in Spain were able to vote in the elections. According to one English mason, Mr Morrow was accused of manipulating the election by urging his British members to back a particular candidate in Spain, a charge which allegedly led to the grand master of Spain to write to the English lodge, condemning Mr Morrow's behaviour as "absolutely outrageous". It is understood that he categorically denies the charges. Documentary evidence that he did not interfere in the affairs of the Spanish lodge will form part of an internal appeal against his sacking. "There is a great deal of speculation," Mr Morrow said last night. "All masonic rumours are inherently true, especially those with no basis whatsoever in fact. There are many stories going around and I would rather not comment on any."

    One mason, who preferred to remain anonymous, called for a proper explanation for his dismissal. "We all pay enormous amounts of subscriptions to these people yet we are not considered to be worthy of knowing what is going on." A spokeswoman for the United Grand Lodge of England confirmed that Mr Morrow's dismissal was "unprecedented in recent history". The lodge said in a statement: "On the 25th April 2006, following a disciplinary hearing, Bro Morrow was dismissed and as a consequence was not re-appointed as grand secretary. "The reasons related to the implementation of the agreed policy of United Grand Lodge of England in relation to overseas grand lodges and his reporting of his activities in this area. The disciplinary process is continuing, and steps to appoint a grand secretary will not be taken until after it is completed." The spokeswoman said the appeal process would take up to four weeks.,,1767758,00.html


    Something the UK media NEVER discuss

    Are there masonic police armed primarily as hitmen for the so called ELITE masonic mafia controllers in the UK

    Innocent man shot dead while walking home with table leg
    Innocent man shot dead while going to work on tube

    Unlawful Killing Verdicts

    The data below represents the number of unlawful killing verdicts and manslaughter prosecutions in prison and police custody or pursuits since 1990 that INQUEST is aware of. The data is shown by the year the verdict is returned. Where no year is shown there were no unlawful killing verdicts returned. *

    Robin Goodenough Police Custody Yes - three officers charged with manslaughter and assault causing actual bodily harm UK White
    Harry Stanley Police Shooting Awaiting Crown Prosecution Service decision Yes Unlawful killing; overturned at Judicial Review, May 2005 UK White

    Roger Sylvester Police Custody Unlawful killing; quashed on a techniality UK Black
    Scott Veach Police Pursuit Unlawful killing UK White
    Darren Franey Police Pursuit Unlawful killing UK White


    James Ashley Police Shooting Yes - Trial Halted
    UK White


    Christopher Alder Police Custody 5 officers charged with manslaughter - trial collapsed
    Yes Unlawful killing Black


    Alton Manning Prison No yes Unlawful killing


    Ibrahima Sey Police Custody No Yes Unlawful killing


    Shiji Lapite Police Custody No Yes Unlawful killing


    David Ewin Police Shooting Yes – hung jury
    UK White
    Richard O'Brien Police Custody Yes – acquitted Yes
    Unlawful killing
    Joy Gardner Police / Immigration Yes – acquitted


    Leon Patterson
    Police Custody a) Unlawful killing quashed b) new inquest 1996: "misadventure contributed to by neglect" Black
    Omasase Lumumba Prison Unlawful killing Black


    Oliver Pryce Police Custody Unlawful killing

    Ukrainian Opposition Unveiled Masonic Conspiracy

    Ukrainian opposition is to make a sensational exposure. As leader of Ukraine-s Social Party Alexander Moroz says, about 300 high-ranking officials in Ukraine are members of a Masonic lodge which representative office is located somewhere abroad. These are Ukraines prosecutor general, chief of the Ukrainian security service, the minister of defense, the first president of Ukraine and parliament deputies. As LIGA online informs, Alexander Moroz says it is abnormal that Ukraine-s prosecutor general is at the same time a chevalier.¦ The Socialist leader says that people belonging to a Masonic lodge cannot hold key governmental posts.

    The matter concerns the Order of Saint Stanislav into which representatives of Ukrainian elite and high-ranking officials are actively dubbed. The initiation ceremony of some politicians (for instance, initiation of Ukraine-s first president Leonid Kravchuk) was photographed, and the pictures were later published in a book. The opposition presented the book as the evidence of the Masonic order-s existence. Former Vice-premier of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko says ?charters of such organizations are frequently esteemed more than the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine.¦ Ukraine-s Ex-president and leader of the parliamentary social democratic faction Leonid Kravchuk says that accusation of his belonging to masonry are ?bluff and lie¦. However, he admits that he has been member of the Order of Saint Stanislav since 1999; the organization has its priory in Ukraine. But Leonid Kravchuk doesn-t consider the organization Masonic; agency Ukrainian News quoted the ex-president as saying that the order ?is a positive organization.¦

    Indeed, declarations published on the official website of the Order of Saint Stanislav are positive: strengthening of mutual understanding between nations, consolidation of the ideals of humanism, virtue, human rights and freedoms protection.¦ In a word, even if the Order is not a Masonic lodge, its Charter resembles that one of Masons very much, the latter are also known as humanists. The above mentioned objectives must be achieved by some chevaliers of the Order, majority of which are elite of the society. It is known that a priory of the Order was opened in Ukraine in 1999, about 300 people were dubbed into the society. Ex-president Leonid Kravchuk says that many political figures of Ukraine and businessmen donating for charity are members of the organization.

    Andrey Lubensky

    Translated by Maria Gousseva



    Is the NASA program a secret ILLUMINATI system of new world order domination and to set up their satellite tracking and global listening stations?


    (Astronaut, Senator) Bro. John Glen

    The Freemason

    JB (Jeb Bennie)

    The freemason is at heart a cheat. Here we have the sleazy little fellow who thinks he can advance in life by trickery or 'craft' as they call it so aptly.

    He is the dishonest toerag seeking unfair advantage over his fellow earth-travellers or brethren; he is a scoundrel of the first order who knows nothing of brotherhood and everything about how to cut corners.

    Therefore you will observe these chaps to be shoddy and of below average wit. This is why we see so many criminals attracted to their fold, and because of their inherent dimness we see that they are so easily manipulated by their masters at the top.

    Ukrainian Parliamentarian Suggests Jailing Freemasons

    Ukrainian MP Taras Chornovil has suggested that the country’s parliament, the Supreme Rada, introduce criminal responsibility for Freemasonry, the MigNews web-site reported on Tuesday. Taras Chornovil is the son of the late nationalist leader Vyacheslav Chornovil, and his appointment as an adviser to presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich on West-Ukrainian affairs earlier this year provoked much criticism in nationalist circles. He will head Yanukovich’s campaign headquarters in the repeat of the controversial second round of Ukrainian presidential elections. He has submitted to the Rada a bill entitled “On amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine”, according to which, membership of Freemason organizations, or any other organizations that require rituals and oaths of higher priority than the current law, must be punished by a jail sentence of up to three years.

    The bill also reads that the members of Masonic organizations who are Ukrainian civil servants, law enforcers or military servicemen must be jailed for three to seven years. Ukraine’s president, members of parliament, civil servants of ministerial rank, military servicemen and law enforcers of the rank of major-general or higher, if discovered to be members of Freemason organizations, may face up to 10 years in prison. If the membership in a Masonic organization causes deaths, a threat to Ukraine’s national integrity or its defense potential, members of the organization must be imprisoned for 10 to 15 years, the bill reads. In February, the leader of Ukraine’s Socialist Party, Aleksander Moroz, said that about 300 of Ukraine’s top officials were members of the St. Stanislaus Order Masonic Lodge. Later, other left-wing parties and also the pro-Western bloc headed by Yulia Tymoshenko also called on the government to ban the St Stanislaus Order in Ukraine.

    Top Riviera magistrate 'raided database' for Masonic lodge

    JEAN-PAUL RENARD, Nice's senior magistrate, is under investigation in what is potentially the most serious corruption case to hit the Cote d'Azur since the scandals of the 1970s. Eric de Montgolfier: 'Fighting organised crime with the means at my disposal is like trying to empty the sea with a bucket' Mr Renard spent 30 hours in detention last week before being placed under formal investigation by the city's public prosecutor for allegedly passing sensitive information from France's national criminal database to members of his Masonic lodge.

    The case is linked to "hidden networks" in police and judicial circles that have successfully "buried" inquiries into serious allegations against prominent local figures, says the prosecutor, Eric de Montgolfier. In some instances, he says, cover-ups date back to the late 1970s when Graham Greene - then living nearby in Antibes - penned his furious J'Accuse! attack on the crime and corruption flourishing in the region. Mr Renard, with almost 20 years' service in the Nice magistrature, has not yet been charged, but the justice ministry has requested his temporary suspension from duty. The prosecutor's office wants a magistrate from outside the city to take charge of the unprecedented investigation. "There's too much at stake to risk this being swept under the carpet," said one lawyer involved in the case. The allegations against Mr Renard concern his alleged illegal use of the secure database known as "Bulletin Number One" that is available to magistrates handling judicial dossiers. It contains material about criminal and civil convictions of French citizens. Mr Renard admits that he made 33 checks to help "vet" applicants for initiation into the Masonic lodge.

    Mr de Montgolfier suspects that there were more and that the magistrate continued to raid the database after leaving the order. He joined the Grand National Lodge of France in 1991 and resigned early in 1998. In a parallel case that raises troubling questions about the purpose of these alleged illicit searches, a Nice police officer who belongs to Mr Renard's former lodge has testified that he accessed the same restricted databank for information on President Jacques Chirac and Mr de Montgolfier. One local journalist said: "God knows what the guy was looking for. But it's easy to imagine how material from the files might be used to blackmail a business competitor or compromise a political opponent."

    Since being appointed two years ago, Mr de Montgolfier has courted controversy in his efforts to root out the culture of sleaze, influence-peddling and backroom deals that disfigured Nice under the notoriously corrupt former mayor, the late Jacques Medecin. For 25 years, Medecin, who inherited the post from his father, ran the city as a personal fiefdom, surrounded by an entourage of crooked cronies and bent policemen, although - to Graham Greene's dismay - this failed to discourage voters from re-electing him on three occasions. Mr de Montgolfier has been cultivating the media with revelations about numerous investigations from the Medecin era - some involving allegations of property fraud, influence peddling and paedophile activities - that magistrates shelved without satisfactory explanation. Earlier this month, he let it be known that he was re-examining cases which he had been assured by judicial insiders would never go for trial "because so-and-so is a Mason".

    One involves an inquiry into the activities of a colourful character known as "Marcel La Salade" (so named for his market garden business). Another concerns corruption allegations against a former mayor of Cannes. Mr de Montgolfier said last month that sensitive judicial dossiers were still going astray in the magistrature. He complained that he did not have the resources to get to grips with such problems. "Fighting organised crime with the means at my disposal is like trying to empty the sea with a bucket," he told Le Monde newspaper. "It's even more difficult when you don't know who else you can count on. These days I never leave any documents lying around - everything goes into the safe." The decision to arrest Mr Renard outraged many fellow magistrates, lawyers and courtroom staff, who accuse the prosecutor's office of pursuing a vendetta against him. After his release, about 100 people gathered to applaud him as he returned to the Palais de Justice. Before departing on a holiday brought forward from July, Mr Renard told them: "I've never tried to place myself above the law, but I do believe that I've been treated less fairly than an ordinary citizen.";jsessionid=SLGDG2RVQ22XLQFIQMGCFFWAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2001/06/24/wnice24.xml

    Institutionalised Parasites?

    by Tony Gosling @nticopyright

    When I first heard about the Freemasons they seemed harmless enough, a likable curiosity. Aprons? Secret handshakes? A bit of childlike escapism for grown-ups? But Stephen Knight and Martin Short's masonic exposés reveal an occult order where standards are falling rapidly. Their investigations reveal a more sinister picture of the world's most extensive secret society.

    On an individual level privacy is an essential right, but the characteristics of freemasonry make it inappropriate in many cases. Britain's 700,000 masons, that's about one in thirty adult men, form a secret link between the country's most powerful institutions. Secret masonic links can be used by unscrupulous businessmen and other individuals to compromise the independence and integrity of the media, judiciary, local government, lawyers, MP's, local councillors, royalty, politicians, armed forces, police, civil servants, and intelligence agencies. And, in the 1990's, as economic pressures increase, so does the temptation to abuse the masonic network for private gain. A complete national list of initiates is the very least the public require if masonic assisted corruption in positions of public trust is to be checked out, and ruled out.

    Bloodcurdling initiation rites, occultism, secret expressions, closed meetings... and all for what?

    New recruits are drummed up by existing masons ' might be a good idea to join...' but the choice of whether to actually apply or not is up to the individual.  So what does that decision say about a person? Anyone who approaches the masons in order to join will probably be encouraged by the prospect of gaining social positions by the back door. In other words the initiate has the fundamental ingredient of a cheat who is prepared to go behind the public's back because he lacks confidence, self-belief or integrity. Masons are men who fight shy of free and open discussion. The usual reason for men joining is to take up the masons' unofficial promise to further one's career.

    So why aren't these powerful people coming clean?

    In the lowest three degrees of masonry there is a plethora of silly rituals that may, or may not, mean something. The point of these is surely to brainwash men into accepting bizarre subservience without questioning why they are doing it. If initiates prove to be truly and ingratiatingly obedient they are then selected by their Masonic betters to enter the higher degrees up to level 33 [see extract below]. The move to these higher degrees is like stepping from the second class to the first class carriage on a train. The 4th to 33rd degree seems to be called the 'Royal Arch' though I can find no masonic literature 'spelling that out'.  

    The Royal Arch is more like a gentleman's club than the lower levels. In Britain the H.Q. of the Royal Arch 'The Supreme Council' is at 10 Duke Street, St. James's London SW1. Check out the brass plaque by the door, 'The Supreme Council, Ring Once'  

    Another notable and easily missed Masonic venue is no. 86 St. James' Street in London SW1. The Mark Masons HQ or the 'Worshipful Society of Free Masons' is just a stone's throw from the royal hangout of St. James' Palace.  At the front of the masonic building is an office of Kall-Kwik printing.

    So secrecy is at the very heart of what the masons are about. Masonry is for those who'd never be able to get what they want by open discussion. Masons celebrate the ignorance in others and as such keep progress of human understanding.  Masons are going behind people's backs with their patronising, condescending and subversive brotherhood.

    Britain's Grand Master (33rd degree) Mason is Prince Michael of Kent.  His father the then Duke of Kent, was a Nazi supporter in World War 2.  Hardly encouraging

    Masonry is bad for the families of those who join it, because it can, and frequently does, take precedence over everything else in their lives. It is bad for culture, democracy and the nation. The fact that so many of our so called public 'servants' are secretly masons subverts the crucial principle of open government. As one of Stephen Knight's anonymous ex-masons attests [see below], 'There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.'

    An attempt to expose precise details of all the cranky rituals performed in the lodge is time consuming and surely misses the point. The message is already clear... powerful people are putting time in behind closed doors for their clique's advantage, and therefore our decline.

    How do you put a positive gloss on freemasons ?

    BBC NEWSNIGHT 19 March 2001

    This transcript has been typed at speed, and therefore may contain mistakes. Newsnight accepts no responsibility for these. However, we will be happy to correct serious errors.

    How do you put a positive gloss on freemasons ? 19/3/01

    If there were no Freemasons, we'd probably want to invent them. What they're accused of, is by turns, utterly sinister, and a bit silly. It's no surprise that they are the undisputed number one target of conspiracy theorists the world over. You can see why you would want to keep quiet about this! But are they keeping quiet about the more sinister bits, too?

    I promise and swear that I will always hail, conceal...

    It's difficult to keep an organisation with a head office as big as this secret. The Masons have avoided seriously bad publicity for a number of years now, but they've obviously just decided they can do better. Why do you need a PR company, given that you're secret?

    We're not secret. We are private, but we do want our members to talk more openly about what they enjoy about Freemasonry. We think that needs a professional focus, which is why we have got a professional PR company to help with that.

    What's the difference between secret and private?

    Secret is something you wouldn't know about, and private is something we will tell you as much as we want to.

    But not very much?

    We will tell you most of it. What we won't tell you much about, is what happens to an initiate when he comes in. Otherwise, everything is open.

    Is this a part of the building we can see?

    Yes. This is our main hall, what we call our grand temple. It is regularly opened to the public, we have conducted tours here every day, and we have public performances of opera and concerts, and so on. We also have our main meetings here.

    Can you tell us who your members are? Can you tell us all their names?

    No. I see no reason at all, why should give you a list of our members. Remember, last time that happened was in occupied France and occupied Germany. We know what happened to the Masons there.

    Freemasonry of legend dates back to the medieval Knights Templars, or even to ancient Egypt, but more likely from the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717. Its aim, to form a trade association of master craftsmen. After 1776, their influence on the American Revolution was so clear, that their symbol got on the dollar bill, and is still there today. More recently, since the mid-'80s, there have been at least 20 investigations into Freemasonry in local government here, from Cornwall to Derby. Since then, some MPs have fought to force compulsory declaration of membership on public figures. Even Lord Chancellors have had to explain away the hidden presence of the funny handshake brigade in the judicial ranks.

    Even if every High Court judge was a Mason, that wouldn't of itself prove that Masonry did any harm whatever to the administration of justice.

    Masonic corruption was under the brightest spotlight in 1981, when a member of the infamous Italian P2 lodge, Roberto Calvi, who acted as financial adviser to the Vatican, was found hanged under the allegedly symbolically-named Blackfriars Bridge in London. His pockets weighted down with, yes, masonry. One inquiry rather implausibly decided he had committed suicide. Quite a history for any PR company taking on the Freemason Hall account.

    I think we would like to reverse their image. They have had an enormous amount of bad press, and at the end of the day, they are an organisation which just do good works, and raise an enormous amount of money for charity. We would like people to know about that.

    Those who think the Freemasons are little more than an establishment conspiracy with a PR agency aren't hard to find. Their once simple message is, if you're so open, you must reveal your membership list.

    I am very concerned about the fact that, because membership is not open to all and sundry, and that it's only a restricted number of people within our society, that key members within our society could give favours to their family and other Masons, could gain an advantage, that would otherwise not be open to ordinary people, and possibly to the detriment of non-members.

    If this is paranoia, it is shared at the highest levels of political life, and has led to consistent parliamentary inquiries over the years. The Masons have fought a strong rearguard action against revealing something everyone already knows, that there are an awful lot of Freemasons, and lots of them are very important. The question is, other than a penchant for odd uniforms, do they really have something to hide?

    We are joined by Martin Short, who wrote a book on the Freemasons, and by Mike Dewar, who is running that account for them. You like a challenge?

    Yes I do. It's one I am looking forward to taking on. I obviously have looked into this particular account, and I wouldn't take it on if I didn't think I could make a good fist of it.

    What is the theme, what is the slogan or motto?

    We are talking about a two-year, 18- month programme. We are not going to turn around the image that has accumulated over many years overnight, clearly. We are working towards something in June 2002. We are calling "Freemasonry in the community" week. We will start up a new glossy magazine. We will make the most of news hooks. We have made the most of the news hook of our appointment, and got publicity. It's not a bad start. I want to turn round a bad press. I acknowledge they have had one, and I don't think they deserve it.

    Do they deserve it, Martin Short?

    I think they do. This has happened before, in 1985, the Freemasons appointed a public relations firm. And since then, they have lost 100,000 members. The problem about public relations and Freemasonry, is you can't be a little bit pregnant. You can't expose your good works without exposing also some of your rituals, which of course they have admitted they are not going to do.

    This initiation ritual, Mike Dewar, and all the various handshakes, will that be publicised?

    No, it won't. I don't see why we're getting hung up on this. We should concentrate on the important issues, the fact they gave £17 million to various charities last year, the fact that they are good citizens, the fact that the organisation is public spirited. We ought to concentrate on that. It doesn't matter that they roll up trousers. I don't know what they do. Evidently, they roll up a trouser leg. Does it matter if they put a pink ribbon in their hair?

    If you invite publicity, and you are rolling up a trouser leg, it's hard to disguise it. Saying "We want publicity for this, but not this".

    I don't think so. You can have selective publicity. I will focus on what I believe is important. I am happy to talk about and answer questions. I don't know the precise answer about various rituals. I will emphasise I don't believe that is important.

    You are not a member yourself?

    I am not a Mason myself. I don't think it would be a good idea if I were. I can remain objective.

    What would your slogan be?

    I would it's very positive for Mr Dewar not to be a Freemason. If he were, he might have his tongue torn out and his throat cut across, or his heart fed to the birds, according to these rituals.

    It hasn't happened lately?

    Not as far as we know.

    I'm very happy you are creating this absurd mythology, giving me a job to do. Those sort of statements are easily demolished. I don't reckon people believe that.

    I think people ought to know that their husbands or fathers or brothers are going through a ritual which involves having a hood put over their neck, a dagger pointed to their heart, and a rope around their neck. This might cause them to re-evaluate their marriage or their relationships.

    I personally don't know. I have read in various books, not yours, what these are alleged to be. I don't think it matters. If they get a kick out of that, does that worry you?


    There are all sorts of rituals in various organisations. I was a soldier. Many military uniforms are pretty funny or laughable.

    You didn't have a hood put over your head, did you?


    Over other people's heads.

    That is not important. Really we ought to concentrate on the fact, that in my experience, most Masons are "good" men, public spirited men, from the Duke of Kent downwards, have been, or are Masons. Solemnly telling me that all these people have sinister intent, that is absurd.

    Quite a lot of famous Freemasons have gone to prison in the last 25 years.

    Every group has its rotten apples.

    Entire units of the Metropolitan Police and the Flying Squad and the drug squad were Freemasons. They all, in the end, were sent to prison. When you are bonded by an oath of mutual defence and loyalty, you may well find that it is extremely difficult to squeal on your corrupt brethren.

    Isn't that the most damaging charge, that people are doing themselves secret favours?

    I don't think there's any proof. There may be rotten apples that do that. It's human nature.

    Isn't it the culture?

    It is not the culture. I am utterly sure. I have seen the constitution. That is not part of being a Freemason. It may be, like in any organisation, whether it be the Catholic Church, the military, the Civil Service, whatever, that you tend to prefer your mates. I don't know, but it is not the intent of the organisation.

    New rules for councillors

    All members of a city council will now have to declare membership of the freemasons


    What is CHIP?

    The authorities are allowing THIS ?
    Supposedly as some sort of PROTECTION?


    The Masonic CHIP Program is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere. CHIP is provided free of charge to the public, with all of the identifying items generated during the events given to the child's family.

    The CHIP program includes the following:

    VIDEOTAPE: A brief videotaped interview that can be
    quickly distributed to the media in order to reach a huge audience.

    FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprinting is a well-known means of identification. Resourceful parents keep fingerprints available should the need arise.

    TOOTHPRINTS: A toothprint bite impression is quick and easy. Teeth, like fingerprints are unique. A dental imprint gives both accurate and important information for identification purposes.

    Sponsored by a SECRET society at The Freemasons of Massachusetts

    Our organisations by the day unravelling a most sinister and frightening scenario hidden by a complicite mass media


    Watchdog rules out freemason move
    4 November, 2002

    Councillors in Scotland will not be forced to declare membership of the freemasons, according to the new standards watchdog for local government.
    Professor Hugh Begg will take up the post in the next few weeks.

    In his first newspaper interview he ruled out drawing up a list of organisations in which councillors ought to declare an interest.

    The statement was greeted with disappointment by the convenor of the Scottish Parliament's Standards Committee, Mike Rumbles.

    MSP Freemason threatens to defy law
    A Conservative member of the Scottish Parliament has said he would consider breaking the law rather than register the fact he is a Freemason.
    Phil Gallie MSP - speaking during a Holyrood debate on parliamentary standards - said he had been a Freemason since the 1950s.

    He described proposed legislation on MSP's interests as "a Nonsense Act".

    He said: "I can tell you now that I will not be declaring in the Parliamentary register my involvement with the Freemasons.

    Rethink urged on freemasons issue
    30 October, 2002

    Scotland's justice minister will be asked to review guidelines requiring judges to declare membership of the freemasons.
    A majority of MSPs on Holyrood's Justice 2 Committee said they were not satisfied that the existing oath of office or new appointment procedures for judges would provide sufficient transparency.

    They were considering a petition calling for new and existing members of the judiciary to declare whether or not they were members of the freemasons.

    Freemasons - moral guardians or centre of corruption?
    5 March 1998
    Depending on your point of view freemasonry is either a gentlemen's club devoted to moral and spiritual values or a corrupt organisation intent on looking after number one. One thing is certain - freemasons would like to stay out of the public eye as much as possible. It is this determination to preserve a shroud of secrecy which arouses suspicion in non-masons. Masonry is surrounded by myth and legend Even their origins are open to question. Some say the first examples of masonry date back to the Egyptian pyramid builders although modern freemasons can only claim a 300-year history. Throughout their history stories of rituals and threats have leaked out. There are freemasons all over Europe and North America. Italy in particular is riddled with masonic lodges - the most famous of which was the corrupt P2 lodge - and freemasons have been at loggerheads with the Roman Catholic Church for years. But it is how the membership is made up that worries some quarters.
    Top judge backs secret Masons' membership
    18 march 1998
    The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Bingham, has said he sees no reason why judges should declare their membership of the Freemasons. Lord Bingham: "one should be entitled to privacy" Lord Bingham said: "Our position is and has always been that no-one has ever been able to suggest that there has ever been a vestige of evidence that any judge in any case ever in this country has been diverted from his duty by any conflict arising from Freemasonic association." The Lord Chief Justice, the most senior judge in England and Wales, was appearing before the Home Affairs Select committee of MPs on the eve of a meeting of The Judges' Council. Following its recommendations, the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, said new judges would be forced to reveal whether they were masons. The United Grand Lodge - masonry's governing body - will be asked to provide lists of sitting judges who are in the secret society.
    Masons refuse to name judges
    July 31, 1998
    Britain's secretive society of Freemasons has refused a government request for the names of members who are sitting judges. Senior mason Lord Farnham branded the move ''offensive, arbitrary, oppressive and without justification''.
    Tally of freemason judges revealed Tuesday
    November 10, 1998
    More than 200 judges and over 1,000 magistrates in the UK have owned up to being freemasons. A government survey reveals that at least 247 judges - or 4.9% of the judiciary - are members of the organisation.
    Freemasons take PR tips
    August 4,1999
    A freemasons' lodge has employed its own public relations experts in an attempt to project a more open image. Leading masons at the Provincial Lodge of Northumberland, which has around 10,000 members, have received tips from Newcastle-based PR firm Gentle Persuasion on how to handle the media.
    Freemason policy review due Saturday
    8 December, 2001
    The Welsh Assembly could be about to announce a U-turn over its tough policy on freemasons declaring their membership. Two years ago, the assembly became the only body in the UK to place a legal requirement on membership declaration of the men-only organisation.
    MSPs reveal freemason status
    1 February, 2002
    Four Scottish Tories have become the first members of the Scottish Parliament to reveal themselves as freemasons. Keith Harding, the MSP for Mid-Scotland and Fife, said he was proud to be a mason, but that it had "no influence whatsoever" on his political life. Fellow MSPs Phil Gallie, Jamie McGrigor and Brian Monteith later declared themselves as masons but have not registered their memberships with the committee.
    Freemasons fight assembly register
    4 April, 2001
    Freemasons have complained that the Welsh Assembly's policy of compulsory declaration of membership could be illegal. The organisation claims it is being discriminated against and has said it is ready to call on the new Human Rights Act to challenge the assembly's decision.
    Call to uncover freemason judges
    12 October, 2000
    A man who is facing trial in Scotland has begun legal proceedings which could force judges to put on record if they are freemasons or members of a secret society. Thomas Monogue, 55, from Dunfermline, faces a housebreaking charge, but he claims that if his hearing is presided over by a freemason it will not be impartial.
    From freemasonry to e-masonry
    22 May, 2000
    A website in Wales run for freemasons has won the approval of the Grand Lodge with its efforts to unravel the perceived mysteries of the organisation. The site has latched on to the idea of "e-masonry" to inform the general public over the internet of what freemasonry is about.
    Masons under pressure to name names
    March 5, 1998
    The United Grand Lodge of Freemasons in England has been under pressure for months to provide the names of members involved in some of British justice's most serious scandals.
    New judges must declare masonic membership
    March 5, 1998
    Freemasons who join the police or judiciary in England have to declare their membership of the ancient fraternal society. The move, which was introduced last month by Home Secretary Jack Straw, means serving judges will also be asked to make a voluntary declaration but will not be compelled to do so.