Company producing tacky royal medals and Ministry of Defence uniforms also supplies freemasons
royal medals
Brad Pitt flashing his masonic jewellery
brad pitt mason ring
Dorset Freemasons do they kiss Baphomets arse? (more likely the Royal parasite's) VIDEO
Some ass kissing bullshit from his establishment pal at the 'Daily Hate' Jonathan Harmsworth

  • HRH Prince Edward, is cousin to The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh
  • 77-year-old royal was taken to an undisclosed London hospital on Monday
  • It is believed the Queen, who has been ill recently, has been informed
  • Buckingham Palace said it understands the Duke is 'feeling well'

  • The Duke of Kent, the Queen’s cousin, has suffered a mild stroke after being taken ill on Monday, Buckingham Palace said today.

    His Royal Highness Prince Edward, is cousin to both The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. The 77-year-old royal was taken to an undisclosed London hospital in the early hours of Monday where he was assessed by doctors. A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: 'He was taken ill in the early hours of Monday and admitted to hospital for assessment.' He added that medical staff 'diagnosed him as having had a mild stroke'.

    It is understood that the Queen, who herself has been ill recently with the symptoms of gastroenteritis, has been informed. The Buckingham Palace spokesman added: 'He's still being assessed and it's not thought to be serious. 'My understanding is he's feeling well and looking forward to resuming official engagements as soon as possible.'

    It is thought the Duke, whose first name is Edward, is still being treated at a London hospital. It is understood the Queen, who herself has been ill recently with the symptoms of gastroenteritis, has been informed.


    A stroke is when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off - either by a blood clot or bleeding - and brain cells are damaged or die. But the Duke could have suffered a transient ischaemic attack, also known as a mini stroke, where there is only a momentary lack of blood flow to the brain.

    If he has experienced the lesser illness the royal could be back attending official engagements within a few weeks. His next royal event is on April 16 when he is scheduled to visit West Sussex to tour a number of places including a school and a museum.

    Born in 1935, The Duke of Kent is the son of the late Prince George, fourth son of King George V, and the late Princess Marina, daughter of Prince Nicholas of Greece. The Queen fell ill with a crippling bout of gastroenteritis almost three weeks ago, and was forced to cancel all of her engagements, including a planned visit to Rome. It is the first time in almost a decade that she has been ill enough to spend time in hospital.

    The Duke is president of the Stroke Association and its chief executive Jon Barrick wished him well: 'We are deeply saddened to hear about His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent's stroke. 'Our thoughts are with him and his family and we wish him a very speedy recovery. 'The Duke of Kent has been president of the Stroke Association since our inception over 20 years ago and he has shown tremendous support and dedication to our cause. 'He has hosted a number of high profile events and opened our Life After Stroke Centre in Bromsgrove last year.'

    The Duke inherited his royal title at the age of six after his father's life was tragically cut short in a plane crash in 1942. After a lengthy military career, he has spent many years performing royal duties on behalf of his cousin the Queen. He is perhaps best known for being President of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and presenting the Wimbledon trophies each summer.

    The royal is also the country's top Freemason - the secret society's Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. 'Eddie' Kent was a respected Army officer who also acted as Britain's international trade ambassador for 25 years. His wife the Duchess of Kent has withdrawn from public life, dropping her HRH title, after reportedly suffering from depression and other illnesses.

    She now works as a music teacher, preferring to be known as plain 'Katharine Kent'. The couple have three children George, the Earl of St Andrews, Lady Helen Taylor, and Lord Nicholas Windsor.

    queen duke of kent If there is ONE thing that has exposed masonic tyranny more than any other is the endless failure of the UK's masonic infested cops to fully investigate, charge and jail predatory paedo Jimmy Savile. For anyone who may have been skeptical that there is a sinister masonic protection network, not only across the UK but globally, is that an evil bastard like Savile could consider himself UNTOUCHABLE while busily exploiting and abusing children over five decades and yet, despite a long history of reports to British cops, they did nothing while press barons kept a tight lid on his abuse as well as failing to report that Savile was even considered a suspect in the Yorkshire ripper case.

    What is it going to take to bring the evil bastards who protected Savile and who played a major part in allowing him to continue his reign of terror against innocent victims of his perversions to justice? The crown prosecution service today announced they will be making fundamental changes in how they deal with reports of abuse.

    That is the same Crown, that despite many reports, ignored and allowed Savile freedom to abuse and is heavily infested with freemasons from top to bottom. They all answer ultimately to the Duke of Kent, the loyal Lord lieutenant of the Royal parasite herself, who rubber stamped Jimmy Savile's abuse by giving him first an OBE and then a knighthood.

    With the Savile exposures we are seeing a gradual awakening of the sleeping sheeple who could or would not believe that their HERO and LEGEND Savile was in fact the exact opposite while the same press barons provided the propaganda and accolade to an equally vile regime, the British royal family, who are treated like HERO'S just as they did with Savile who are ALL party to a monstrous regime of secret lackeys infiltrated into every area of British society only to happy to to sell their soul to the devil and provide the dirty deeds that assures the long term security of their evil regime.

    Only a swift regime change at the top of British society can STOP the rot that has allowed others like Savile to abuse the public with impunity and with CROWN immunity from prosecution. There are many more lords and ladies of the manor including judges, lawyers, knights, CBE and OBE holders who are all part of the Royalist masonic bandwagon and still getting away with murder just like Savile.

  • Child sex abuse: New policy for police and prosecutors
  • Racist Thames Valley Police And Oxford Safeguarding Board Protect Paedo's
  • Masonic cops starting to be rounded up
  • How many abuse cases did the Crown's freemason prosecutors ignore as well as Savile's decades of abuse

    masonic teddy

    What is the secret agenda of high level Freemasonry? Listen to this excerpt from our Red Ice Radio program with Christopher Knight from July 2011 for a fascinating and disturbing insight.

    BBC's articles "Would you want to be a Freemason?" HERE

    "Freemasons: Your questions answered" HERE

    is more or less a recruitment campaign.

    We wrote "BBC Continues Recruitment Campaign for the Freemasons - What is Really Going on Inside the Brotherhood?" HERE

    Christopher became a Freemason in 1976. Today he believes there is a Masonic agenda, yet another group is pulling the strings. We talk about the founding of America as the Masonic experiment and Washington, DC as Zion and the Pentagon as the Stonehenge of USA, designed according to ancient megalithic measurements. Maryland and Virginia flank DC as goddess worship is an important part of Freemasonry. Chris will also discuss the Masonic belief about The New Jerusalem and Yahweh coming back to rule the Earth.

    Coincidence Garmin use the ONLY street in London that's home to
    the 33 degree freemasons at 10 Duke Street St. James to promote their GPS ?
    Tyranny reigns in the UK only because virtually ALL resistance has been removed allowing these scum and filth carte blanche by stripping us of our legal right to defend ourselves (due to the false flag at Dunblane) from that tyranny and with any resistance now defenceless.

    War on drugs ? But not if your a mason
    War on knives ? But not if your a mason
    War on fraud ? But not if your a mason
    War on guns ? But not if your a mason
    War on terror ? But not if your a mason
    War on men ? But not if your a mason
    War on drunk driving ? But not if your a mason
    War on domestic violence ? But not if your a mason
    War on paedo's? But not if your a mason
    War on homopaedo's? But not if your a mason

    When the corrupt and murdering freemason cops of the UK say they are going to have a blitz on one of the above you can be sure they don't mean their fellow brothers from lodges the length and breadth of the UK. You wont see freemason cops smashing down the doors of masonic lodges across the country looking for drugs, guns or child abusers because their primary goal is to protect these evil bastards no matter what they get up to. You will however find them in some of the most impoverished sink estates in the UK dressed in riot gear smashing doors down, but the well heeled freemasons and their massive property portfolio's obtained through mortgage racketeering, with masonic judges and lawyers ruling that monopoly, and sitting behind gated mansions and communities will NEVER see a visit from the plods unless their own estates are threatened.

    Once you sign away your soul to the devil anything goes . Once you swear blood curdling satanic oaths and loyalty to the Royal mafia and her loyal lieutenant the Old Duke of Kent at the United Grand Lodge of England you can virtually do what you like as not a single copper will lift a finger to stop your crime wave. One recent example sums up how a complete lack of policing for one section of society allowed the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile to run riot abusing and raping children for decades, with freemasons entrenched in the British police doing absolutely bugger all to protect some of the most vulnerable children in our society.

    So how can anyone trust ACPO the Association of Chief Police Officers when they rant on about the 'WAR ON' anything that comes to mind on any one day when a whole tranche of society is getting away with absolute MURDER including their own kind, where cops are being used as assassins and murdering with impunity?

  • MASONS AT WORK: Police and policing: rebooting the service
  • UK Plods: Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
  • Police spy: 'How we stole children's identities'(VIDEO)
  • Families Hacked: Police used dead kids IDs to infiltrate protest groups (VIDEO)
  • Tasered palace protester had business and home stolen by lawyer (Cops told him the fraud was a civil matter)
    stasi cctv spying

    For anyone unfamiliar with the evil agenda of the stasi , the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic or GDR (informally known as East Germany), and described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. However compared with freemasonry it is a drop in the ocean when millions of masonic lackeys globally are controlled from central London by the Duke of Kent on behalf of Old Lizzie from the United Grand Lodge of England in Great Queen Street and the 33 degree freemason haunt behind Chatham House on 10 Duke Street St. James.

    When it comes to persecution and covert surveillance the secret society network, that assures the long term financial security of the richest despot on the planet and her masonic henchmen , makes the stasi pale in how they are hand picked into positions of power affecting every individual across the planet, yet they leave little or no trace of their presence thanks to the secret oath swearing and blackmail that ensures loyalty and secrecy while blocking the full exposure of the massive conspiracy they continue to develop with their high tech toys.

    There are many non-mason men who have tasted that persecution when dragged through family courts that are dominated by freemason judges and lawyers only to eager to separate men from their worldly possessions , homes and children. Trillions are being stolen from men not part of their satanic network of power yet despite the enormity of these crimes their subservient media regularly features stories of how those men are rightfully jailed and conned by laws that continue to feed them with ill gotten gains from men who find out to late how they manufacture the banking and property scams to allow theft on a grand scale.

    Freemasons use the power of a global judiciary to seize enormous amounts of wealth from every man who has been dragged through their vile courts and with millions of men facing the prospect of poverty and homelessness thanks to the actions of freemasons all over the globe. They have a total monopoly over selling property , recording the supposed owners in land registers and then putting legislation into place that allows the repossession (theft) through a myriad of legal machinations including family and bankruptcy courts to allow them to thieve with impunity.

    Our investigations, from one of our own being bankrupted, took us to Kilwinning in Scotland, that despite just a small village, it is home to the Accountant in Bankruptcy which turns out to be just a stones throw away from the Mother Lodge of Scotland the birthplace of global freemasonry . Was the stasi agenda mirrored on what the global freemasons have been doing for hundreds of years and continues to this day with ever more high tech equipment making that job much easier for the psychopaths determined to control every aspect of our lives?

    Britain is being used as a test bed for their ever expanding surveillance monitoring with more cctv systems fitted per head of population than any other country in the globe. Also watch out for the INDIGO RFID entry systems being fitted to blocks of flats by masonic run councils across the UK supposedly for security. These entry systems do not work with a key or access code but an RFID dongle registered to individual users and may be expanded to include entry to public buildings , public transport and a myriad of entry points that may only be possible to get into with these RFID dongles.

    BUT NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Indigo RFID door entry systems
  • The Masonic Intelligence Network
  • The power madness of a demented golddigging ex-wife thanks to freemason judges: 'Now I’m going after my husband’s rich backers'
  • Property tycoon worth £400m jailed for six months after hiding financial details from ex-wife during bitter divorce
  • Get married, get divorced then GO TO JAIL: Ford Tycoon makes legal history as he is jailed for two years for hiding money from former wife in divorce battle
  • We are being controlled by our own paranoia
  • Bankruptcy a freemason racket operated by their sheriff officer and sequestration thugs
  • Mother Lodge of Scotland
  • A paradise where freemasons have stashed the worlds wealth
    elveden monolith
    Elveden's 127 foot tall war/masonic monolith

  • Murdoch mafia's 'The Sun's' 22nd journalist arrested under Operation Elveden (So what about the Murdoch's?)
  • Leveson : Operation Elveden The corruption continues with them still offering thousands of pounds for scoops
  • Elveden village
    jessica alba
    masonic art How do they do it? When juries have been removed from civil actions and replaced with freemason judges you have the most vile tyranny on the planet.

    Divorce is the most lucrative of court actions that ensure men, not part of this creepy fucking cult, can be utterly shafted and removed from all their worldly possessions. Even war requires damage to stuff freemasons want their hands on and that millions of men have grafted for only to find a solitary masonic judicial signature can remove the lot at a stroke. When you think of the awesome power these evil bastards have given themselves stealthily and without a whisper from a subservient media and who regularly quote judges as if they are the moral compass for us all to follow. When it is those same judges, hand picked via the United Grand Lodge of England by the Duke of Kent, that provides a vast global empire of greed and corruption under the guise of 'LAW'.

    You'll hear their political allies, all part of the freemason empire, stating that the 'RULE OF LAW' separates us from the animal kingdom . When it is these ANIMALS who show no sign of remorse or sympathy for the millions of lives being destroyed by abhorrent judgements, often heard in closed star chamber courts, and that provides rich pickings for all the layers of freemasons who catch the assets as they fall from the judicial table of greed.

    The sheeple are blinded by the light from the rags, tv and radio that protects this system under licence ensuring all investigatory journalism by the press barons always fails to find the elephant in the room. A conspiracy so vast few of the sheeple even begin to understand the complex web of deceit they have built on their 'LAWS'. Laws that they themselves do not abide by but instead brush aside when it suits their self enrichment scams.


  • Emissaries of Jahbulon - the Lightbringers (REPEAT) (VIDEO)

    Have you ever stood in a queue at Post Office's in the UK and seen the One Pounder sweets set up right at the beginning of the queue? A top freemason controls the distribution of these sweets and no surprise they manage to get the top sites right beside the long queues at Post Offices in the UK.

    Not only are they spread across the UK but we captured a shop window in Gibraltar, one of their top haunts, and where these sweets were being promoted . It has been such a lucrative trade in this niche market that they bought a whole football team owning Morton football club . They have also been presented with a top award by Inverclyde Council, run from top to bottom with freemasons, called the Bees Knees award.

    When so many friends are in high places and steeped in freemasonry you just can't go wrong when these lucrative contracts are dished out to the right people.

    mason sweets


    mason sweets


    mason sweets

    We have spent years exposing the freemasons connected with war memorials and using masonic monoliths disguised as memorials to the war dead. Not only is the below clip blatantly showing that connection but they are planting YEW TREES at that supposed WAR memorial. The British home to many TOP freemasons is at the London Metropolitan police headquarters. Since the Savile exposures those cops have named the inquiry as Operation YEW TREE no coincidence there then????


  • national memorial arboretum

    operation yewtree

  • The 25, mostly television and radio entertainers, are named in a list of tip-offs to Operation Yewtree

    As we have been exposing for a long time freemasons hide their
    monolithic stones to mark their territory disguised as war memorials.
    women mason Just in time for Christmas, a new parlour game. Apart from the Church of England bishopric, which other jobs outlaw women?

    [And listen up you feminists, you're not allowed to say "top jobs in politics, business and the media" because there have been female prime ministers (one) and editors (one), while two whole ones currently FTSE 100 chief executives and a third staying on until a successor is found. And in keeping with the nature of Tuesday's groundbreaking synod vote and the fact that once we start talking Saudi Arabia we could be here all day, answers have to be British mainland only.]

    The answer (and I urge family members to look away now as we will be playing this game this festive season) is that the only exemptions to British equality laws are religious organisations and a few remaining bastions of male hegemony in the military, clubland and freemasonry (although the secret society's rules about female membership are so complicated it would seem fair to demand a bonus point for understanding it).

    Opponents to today's proposals to allow women to be appointed bishops 20 years after they were ordained into the Anglican church are in good company in the Catholic church, which is why so many of them are expected to turn to Rome if the synod vote is passed. Anyone looking for an explanation for this position can turn to that icon of modern thinking, Pope Paul VI, who said: "The example recorded in the sacred scriptures of Christ choosing his apostles only from among men; the constant practice of the church, which has imitated Christ in choosing only men; and her living teaching authority which has consistently held that the exclusion of women from the priesthood is in accordance with God's plan for his church."

    It can be said that the Catholic church is holding the line on the not-entirely-equal-before-God religious status as the situation among Muslims is much more fluid. American scholar Amina Wadud performed the Friday prayer at Oxford's Wolfson College four years ago, followed in 2010 by Raheel Raza becoming the first Muslim-born woman to lead a mixed-gender British congregation. It's perhaps not surprising that nearly all the organisations that insist of certain men-only roles are spoken of as "brotherhoods", including one of the oldest fraternal societies in the world. The subject of sexism in freemasonry is so complex that even Wikipedia says: "The subject of women and freemasonry is complex and without an easy explanation. Traditionally, only men can be made freemasons in regular freemasonry."

    So, while many grand lodge masters in freemasonry don't admit women, there are some non-mainstream orders and even some female-only lodges such as Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of the Amaranth, and the Daughters of the Nile. There were about 1,000 women in the freemasons in 2005 apparently. There are signs that the military is becoming more female-friendly and I'm not talking General Petraus here. Contrary to popular opinion, women are allowed in the Royal Marines. They are simply barred from "close-combat" roles in the infantry or tactical combat teams. A Ministry of Defence review concluded the effects of "gender-mixing" could have "far-reaching and grave consequences", by which they meant that the men would try to protect their female colleagues apparently.

    There are still a few sports and social clubs that bar all women and not just from top jobs. This summer "golf's last bastion of bigotry" in America, the Augusta National club, allowed women. Such bigotry continues in the UK's own "Royal and Ancient club of St Andrews" however. And then of course there's the Garrick club, which even rejected national treasure Joanna Lumley because she wasn't a man. The club is understood to believe that there has to be somewhere left for senior men to be alone. Bless.


    History teaches us that the Jews were expelled from most Christian lands in Europe between the fourteenth and the seventeenth centuries. Usually, the cause was the crime of Jewish Ritual Murder. When Oliver Cromwell needed money to pay his large, well-equipped army in the seventeenth century, he turned to the wealthy Jews of Amsterdam for his financing. To get money to pay his men, he had to agree to let the Jews back into England. (The story is contained in the Encyclopaedia Judaica, of all places, although it has been considerably sanitized by the Jews. The article states that Cromwell was "a humane man."

    Like Judas Iscariot before him, Cromwell sold England and his own soul, for thirty pieces of silver. But he also set in motion a chain of events, which the modern world still suffers from. This unholy alliance, between the crypto-Jewish Norman scum who run the modern multi-racial British Empire and world Jewry, continues down to this day. This Talmudic yoke still falls heavily on the Anglo-Saxons and Celts who populate England and Ireland. Below is a short chronology.


    The first settlers in America brought Masonic Lodges with them. This gave Jews a way to infiltrate and undermine the new country. The first Constitutional Convention (1787) was conducted IN SECRET in Philadelphia, under the first president of the New World Order (and freemason), George Washington. Thirty-one of the fifty-five delegates were freemasons. Dissident delegates, like Patrick Henry and Benjamin Harrison, were simply outvoted. American history books have whitewashed the whole sordid affair, thanks to masonic (crypto-Jew) influence. Phony "Bill of Rights" guaranteed "Freedom of Religion." It went almost unnoticed by the public at that time, but its real purpose was to allow freemasonry to do its evil work unhampered.

    The equally phony "checks & balances" in that same Constitution gave no easy way of removing freemasonic (crypto-Jewish) judges. This sealed the doom of the fledgling republic right at its very beginning, and set the stage for its future evolution in a "democracy" -- the multi-racial cesspool it has become today. The U.S. legal system enshrined the Talmudic practice of building up case law on fine distinctions, and hairsplitting nuances. Black can be made into white, or vice-versa, under such a system. It is a made-to-order recipe for tyranny, and manipulation by unseen authority (the international bankers). Of course, this was the intention, from the very beginning. Jews have been controlled by their rabbis for two thousand years under this pernicious system. The U.S. Constitution made no mention of the family, the basic building block of society.

    Negro slaves were brought in, ostensibly to pick cotton; but really to set up future racial conflicts.


    After England lost the War of 1812, the British Empire's plan of re-conquest of its former colony switched from the overt to the covert method of rule. Known as the Earl of Dysart plan (Elizabeth Murray, Oliver Cromwell's mistress, was the daughter of the first Earl of Dysart), this plan is still being pursued today. In the 1820's, President Andrew Jackson fulfilled his campaign promise -- he abolished the central bank, and paid off the entire national debt, incurring the wrath of the international banksters. An attempt was made on his life, but it failed.

    Cults were brought in to America under the phony "freedom of religion" doctrine, and began their work of Jewish Messianicism. The Plymouth Brethren Movement was exported to America from England, to establish its crypto-judaism under a Christian cloak.

    Civil War propaganda was built up over the "slavery" issue, by British Empire agents working in the masonic Knights of the Golden Circle. The American Civil War was financed with credit/debt on the Southern Side, setting the pattern for future world wars by Rothschild bankers and their allies.


    History's first great Jewish ritual murder began -- the American Civil War. Chosen to die: the specimen white Christian youth of America, both north & south. The economic self-sufficiency and independence of the American South -- the real economic target of the moneychangers -- was lost forever, in this war. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 by a British intelligence agent. Lincoln had refused the Rothschild offer of credit at 18% interest rate, and issued interest-free "greenbacks" to finance the North's war expenditures instead. "Public Education" began to arise at this time, out of masonic "humanism."

    Jewish cults continued to increase. Both Mormons and Watch Tower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, the shock troops of York Rite freemasonry, began their proselytizing around this time. "Freedom of religion" protected the crime. Karl Marx wrote *Das Kapital* in the library of the British Museum in London. Even to this day, most of the world never realizes that the origin of communism is British -- not German or Russian.

    President James A. Garfield was assassinated in 1881 by a "lone nut." Garfield was a hard money advocate, and a lifelong opponent of usury banking.


    Hard money advocate President William McKinley was assassinated in 1901 by another "lone nut." He was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt, freemason (crypto-Jew) and Anglophile. The Scofield Bible began its work of popularizing the Jewish interpretation of "prophecy" among the trusting goyim, and "judaizing" Christianity itself. The self-contradictory term, "Judeo-Christian," dates from this era.

    In 1913, both the "income tax" and the "federal reserve" began. The two greatest monetary swindles of modern times. The first "tax-free" foundation (Carnegie's) had been set up TWO YEARS previously, giving the lie to the establishment's account that all of this came about by accident. Once the moneychangers had their fangs into the financial bloodstream of America, the U.S. immediately became involved in the First World War. It was all financed with bank credit (usury) to "make the world safe for democracy." In actuality, it was another great Jewish ritual murder, targeting the white Christian youth of Europe and America.

    In 1917, the British double-crossed the Arabs, who had been promised Palestine in 1915 for revolting against Turkey (the "Lawrence of Arabia" story). The infamous Balfour Declaration promised the same land to the Jews instead, as a reward for their work in getting America into the war on the British side. All modern-day problems in the bandit state of Israel derive from this source. In that same year, "communism" was installed in Russia, to destroy the greatest economic competitor the British Empire would otherwise have had, after the war. It was spectacularly successful; Russia has still not economically recovered from Marxism. And the Russian population is only half of what it would have been, without the albatross of communism.

    In 1919, at the Treaty of Versailles, Germany -- which had practically won the First World War, by 1917 -- found out that America entered the war on England's side because of all the behind-the-scenes work of World Jewry's Zionists, who wanted the land of Palestine for themselves. Germans were rightly incensed at being stabbed in the back by Jews. The righteous indignation of the German people against all Jews eventually led to the rise of Hitler's national socialist movement.


    Freemason Franklin D. Roosevelt abolished the gold backing of the American dollar at the behest of the international bankers.


    From August 19th to September 5th of 1940, Congressman Thorkelson of Montana read (past tense) nine speeches into the Congressional Record, identifying the British Empire's plan of world domination and its future plan for world strife. The one he gave on August 20th, identifying the number of Jews that had intermarried with the British "aristocracy," took up four typewritten pages. (And this was in 1940.) On December 7th, 1941, the freemasons Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt failed to warn the American soldiers at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii of the coming "surprise" attack -- even though both men knew the attack was coming (both England & America had cracked the Japanese code). The Japanese only destroyed obsolete battleships and cruisers that day; all the aircraft carriers were out to sea on "maneuvers." This was how America got sucked into another banker-financed "war to end all wars."

    Rockefeller world-wide properties (Standard Oil) emerged from World War II practically unscathed in 1945. Russia suffered twenty million casualties (dead & wounded soldiers) during the war; Germany, ten million; America, almost one million; United Kingdom, 700 thousand. Except for the Japanese, the vast majority of all people killed in the war were white Christians, of European descent. Another great Jewish ritual murder joined the history books.


    In 1954, the Supreme Court's infamous Brown vs. Board of Education case overturned its own previous ruling of 1896, and laid the foundation for the still-ongoing phony negro "civil rights" movement. This nine-to-nothing decision was passed by eight freemasons and one Zionist Jew (Felix Frankfurter), in flagrant disregard of all legal precedent. Crypto-Judaism (freemasonry) swings into high gear, from this time forward. Judges who enforce Talmudic case law become increasingly despotic and autocratic. Jewish "holocaust" extortion racket begins in earnest, to bleed Germany and America dry financially.


    In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by another "lone nut." The Warren Commission, which was made up almost entirely of freemasons, whitewashed the whole affair. Kennedy's fatal mistake was to start asking why we were paying interest on our own money supply. In 1964, President Lyndon Johnson drags America into another British Empire-engineered phony war: Vietnam. British ships enter & leave Haiphong Harbor on a daily basis, but freemason Lyndon Johnson refuses to mine the harbor, against the advice of most of his generals and admirals. This is inexplicable from a military standpoint, unless freemasonry's hidden agenda is taken into account.

    President Lyndon Johnson takes all the silver out of the American coinage system at the behest of the international bankers. This cuts the last economic tie to anything real, but the people still don't wake up. The bankers' utopia has now arrived, and only awaits one more step: the "cashless society." Thanks to government school brainwashing, the sheeple still think federal reserve notes are "money." Actually, the entire system works only with "credit," which is just as invisible as the emperor's clothes in the famous fairy tale. America begins to be flooded with drugs, continuing the British Empire policy of subjugating large countries with crime and drug problems, which had begun with Britain's Opium Wars against China during Queen Victoria's reign. The Beatles were later knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for their important service in glorifying drug use in their song lyrics, and bringing about America's second greatest social problem -- after the non-white racial problem.

    Wives begin working in the phony debt slave system, in accordance with the master plan of the international bankers. "Feminists" never realize that they are only pawns in the hands of the moneychangers, who have to keep the total population down, in order to cover up their monetary crimes. Double-think becomes the unofficial language - abortion (murder) becomes "freedom of choice" and a woman's "right" - queers (perverts) become people with "alternate" lifestyles.

    1970's to 1990's

    The deliberate dumbing down of the schools steps up its intensity. Public school children are taught to read with the "whole word" method, instead of simple phonetics. This method of reading -- which was originally invented to teach deaf mutes -- makes learning English as difficult as learning Chinese, which has thousands of symbols, instead of twenty-six letters. The ONLY purpose of the "whole word" method is to keep American students from reading websites like this one, and finding out how corrupt and evil the bankers have become. "Tax-free" foundation money pays for the whole corrupt system; but home schooling and the Catholic school system expand tremendously, thwarting the moneychangers' plans, to some extent. AIDS is invented in a laboratory, to scare people away from producing any more children. Not one man in ten thousand suspects the real purpose. Bankers' war on any population increase marches on, unrecognized & unimpeded.

    Armageddon politics builds the propaganda base for World War III -- the future war planned by the banksters' cartel. It will begin whenever the British Empire allows the Zionist Jews to start rebuilding their long-destroyed temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock, a sacred shrine to devout Moslems. Phony "televangelists" preach the Jewish version of Christianity (appropriately called "judeo" Christian, by now). "Prophecy" conferences and trips to Israel by Zionist "jewdeo-Christian" preachers become big business.

    "Rev." Jerry Falwell is presented with his own jet plane -- a gift from the bandit state of Israel -- for his great service to Zionism. The "New Age," the *novus ordo seclorum* on the back of a one dollar bill, becomes a reality. The kingdom of God on earth is now imminent, according to the "prophecy" mongers.

    The murder toll from abortions now exceeds thirty million; more than all previous wars. Jewish ritual murder has now reached its zenith. Bankers think they own everything now. The "cashless" society, which is really the usurers' utopia, seems almost around the corner. But the internet comes along, facilitating the free exchange of uncensored ideas, and upsetting the moneychangers' plans.

    White Christian backlash has already begun. It will soon become unstoppable.

    by Brian Kennedy
    written Good Friday, 1997

  • Republic of Ireland tainted by the stench of freemasonry
    mother lodge

    One of our group was facing bankruptcy and when we investigated the origins of that bankruptcy it led to Kilwinning. Home of the Mother Lodge of Scotland and a stones throw away from the Accountant in Bankruptcy where actions are set in motion to target millions of Scots who lose their livelihoods, homes, business's and assets thanks to the hold these evil bastards have over everything they control via the masonic judicial mafia and Crown courts acting on behalf of the Royal mafia. Here Murdoch's VILE Daily Sun romanticizes over the roots of the most EVIL and sinister network of power Scotland has EVER had to face.

    LOOKING through my binoculars I scanned the countryside for clues to the location of one of the most sacred mountains mentioned in the Bible.

    No, I wasn’t in Jerusalem — but the quaint Ayrshire town of Kilwinning. Now before you think I should be searching for my lost marbles instead of lost treasures, I can explain... The story begins at the end of the 12th century when the infamous Knights Templar, a highly-trained military order who fought in the Holy Land during the Crusades, returned to Europe.

    With their military presence no longer required they remained powerful as bankers and money lenders and many of Europe’s dynasties were indebted to them. To wipe out his debts to the Templars, King Phillip of France hatched a plot to destroy them. Backed by the Pope, on the evening of Friday 13th of October, 1307, Templars were arrested all over France and charged with heresy. That earned Friday the 13th its place in superstition for being unlucky — it certainly was if you were being burned at the stake! But when the Templars’ vaults in Paris were raided, they were found to be completely empty. The order had been tipped off and moved their gold, silver, gems and sacred relics to a safe place.

    Many Templars fled to Portugal and Spain but legend claims they shipped the bulk of their treasures to Scotland where they found safety with their kilted brother Knights led by Robert the Bruce. But in his brilliant book Born in Blood, American historian John J. Robinson found evidence that the Knights Templar sought refuge with the monks of Kilwinning who lived in the Abbey. By the late 13th century there were around 600 Templar properties throughout Scotland. But by far the greatest concentration of them was in Ayrshire around Stevenson, Irvine and Kilwinning.

    Kilwinning, with its domineering 12th century Abbey and tower, has a rich history with several valuable relics taken there for safe keeping. Recently, historian Jamie Morton, from Ayrshire, presented new evidence that made Kilwinning a focus of Grail Seekers by claiming the legendary artefact used by Christ at The Last Supper is hidden in a chamber beneath Kilwinning. While the old Mercat Cross in the Main Street is said to contain part of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. But there are also clues that Kilwinning is the location of Heredom — the sacred Biblical mountain.

    The meaning of the word Heredom is greatly argued upon in Masonic circles, while it also appears in the Bible as the name of a mystical holy mountain. But it can also mean ‘New Temple’. That’s why I believe Heredom may not actually be a mountain but a secret Knights Templar HQ.

    In 1747 French naval officer Chevalier de Berage wrote about the origins of Freemasonry: “Their Metropolitan Lodge is situated on the Mountain of Heredom where the first Lodge was held in Europe. “The General Council is still held there and it is the seal of the Sovereign Grand Master in office. “This mountain is situated between the West and North of Scotland at 60 miles from Edinburgh.” Well, guess what? When I measured the distance between Edinburgh and Kilwinning on my ordnance survey map, the distance was EXACTLY 60 miles.

    What’s more, not only was Kilwinning, home to Scottish Templars, but it was the womb of another shadowy secret society which has become the focus of many conspiracy theories around the world — the Freemasons. Masonic records confirm that Kilwinning Lodge is known as Mother Lodge No 0. This means Freemasonry’s mysterious symbols and rituals were developed in secret in Kilwinning, nearly 200 years before the movement was officially founded in London by Grand Lodge England in 1717. But this is only scratching the surface of Kilwinning’s mysteries. Another secretive movement within Freemasonry is called the Royal Order of Scotland.

    Masonic traditions tell that King Robert the Bruce established the Chief Seat of the Royal Order of Scotland at Kilwinning, reserving the office of Grand Master to himself and his successors. Entry is restricted to Freemasons and candidates must undergo two highly secretive rites of initiation named ‘Heredom of Kilwinning’ and ‘Knight Of The Rosy Cross’. It has always intrigued me that for centuries the unsuspecting little town of Kilwinning was and is STILL the heart and brain of such a powerful secret society.

    But having relentlessly searched the landscapes around the Ayrshire town there is no mountain which the legends could refer to. So it must relate to this secret Templars HQ. But if so, where is it? Well all over Europe and the Holy Land the Knights Templar built tunnel networks connecting their holy buildings with their castles and farms, and they are believed to have dug extensive tunnels beneath Kilwinning Abbey. Locals talk of a tunnel leading from Kilwinning Abbey for about two miles which terminates at Eglington Castle near Irvine. And there’s even a living eye witness. In 2009, Kilwinning pensioner, Tommy Lauchlan told how he was once shown a secret tunnel near the Abbey.

    He said: “I was just a wee boy but there were tenement houses on the site of the Abbey and Mrs Longmuir’s kitchen kept a secret. “Behind her dresser was a door and this led to a tunnel, I just had a look down, but her boys were convinced it led to Eglinton Castle.” Having inspected the Abbey grounds, I recently walked the landscape following the tunnel’s alleged route.

    I found several straight depressions running through fields which could indicate the presence of a subterranean tunnel created by the Templars. I would call on the authorities to give me permission to perform a proper archaeological dig.

    Maybe, lying inside these ancient passageways for the last 700 years are the lost Templar treasures, taken from vaults in Paris in 1307. As the youngest Knight Officer in the Templar’s long history, I hope one day these might lead me to my very own Heredom.



  • Scotland Bankruptcy a freemason racket operated by their sheriff officer and sequestration thugs
  • Mother Lodge of Scotland