dummy Walks you through some of the infamous conspiracy theories - such as Area 51 and the assassination of JFK - and introduces you to such mysterious organizations as the Freemasons, the Ninjas, the Mafia and Rosicrucians. This guide helps you separate fact from fiction and also understand the global impact of these mysterious events and groups.

Entering the world of conspiracy theories and secret societies is like stepping into a distant, parallel universe where the laws of physics have completely changed: black means white, up is down, and if you want to understand what's really going on, you need a good reference book. That's where "Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies" comes in.

Whether you're a skeptic or a true believer, this fascinating guide, packed with the latest information, walks you through some of the most infamous conspiracy theories - such as Area 51 and the assassination of JFK - and introduces you to such mysterious organizations as the Freemasons, the Ninjas, the Mafia, and Rosicrucians. This behind-the-curtain guide helps you separate fact from fiction and helps you understand the global impact of these mysterious events and groups on our modern world.With the help of this book, you can discover how to: test a conspiracy theory; spot a sinister secret society; assess the Internet's role in fueling conspiracy theories; explore world domination schemes; evaluate 9/11 conspiracy theories; figure out who 'they' are; grasp the model on which conspiracy theories are built; also figure out whether what 'everybody knows' is true; distinguish on assassination brotherhood from another; and, understand why there's no such thing as a 'lone assassin'.Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, while buns come in eight-packs? Everybody knows its a conspiracy, right? Find out in "Conspiracy Theories & Secret Societies For Dummies".

Christopher Hodapp is a 32- Freemason and a member of the Masonic order of the Knights Templar. His first book, Freemasons For Dummies, has quickly become the most popular modern guide to the ancient and accepted fraternity of Freemasonry. He's also the author of Solomon's Builders: Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington D.C., and co-author of The Templar Code For Dummies. He attended Indiana University, the University of Southern California, Los Angeles Valley Community College, and California State University Northridge. In 2006, Chris received the Duane E. Anderson Excellence in Masonic Education Award from the Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

He has written for Templar History Magazine, Masonic Magazine, The Scottish Rite Journal, The Indiana Freemason, and Indianapolis Monthly, and he's a monthly columnist for Living Naturally First magazine. Chris has also spent more than 20 years as a commercial filmmaker. Alice Von Kannon has been an advertising executive, a teacher, a writer, and even a greedy and villainous landlord. A history junkie beyond the help of an intervention since the age of 14, her studies of Near Eastern religious cults and sects led to her first book, The Templar Code For Dummies, co-written with Chris Hodapp.

She's studied film production at Los Angeles Valley Community College and history at California State University Northridge, and she's worked for many years in advertising as a writer and broadcast producer. Alice has traveled widely in Europe and the Middle East and written on the subject of the Barbary Wars and the birth of the U.S. Navy. She's a member of Romance Writers of America and the Order of the Grail, the fraternal body of the International College of Esoteric Studies.

    uglerc We are certain there is a secret tunnel connecting these two dens of inquity. Londons Royal Courts have taken illegal control of the wealth of the UK and headed by top masonic judges and within a short distance to UGLE the United Grand Lodge of England. Masons have taken unlawful control of the legal,police and political mafia and none more so than in the Royal Courts of Justice within a stones throw from UGLE.


    Unique Venues of London (UVL), a collection of some of the most iconic and unusual event spaces in London, gains a further two members in the shape of the Royal Courts of Justice and the Freemasons Hall. The Royal Courts of Justice and the Freemasons Hall will sit alongside prestigious venues including London Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral and the Royal Albert Hall and bring UVL's total members to 69.

    Both venues have undergone a strict membership process, ensuring that UVL remains at the forefront of unusual venues in the capital. Membership will be effective from January 2009. Lisa Hatswell, Chairman of UVL and Corporate Sales Manager at the London Eye, commented: "We are delighted to welcome both the Royal Courts of Justice and the Freemasons Hall to UVL. Both venues reflect our dedication to exceptional London venues and complement the depth and diversity already offered by the organisation".

    About the new members:

    The Royal Court of Justice:

    The Royal Courts of Justice, opened in 1882, houses the Supreme Court, consisting of the High Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal. By night the venue, located in The Strand, transforms into a stunning events venue with three spaces available hosting between 50 and 1000 guests, including the breathtaking Great Hall. Gavin Marshall, Head of Corporate Events at the Royal Courts of Justice commented: "As one of the newest members of UVL we are looking forward to working with so many prestigious venues. As a Grade I listed building and the only working court in London to host corporate events, we feel we can offer something truly unique to the organisation and its members".

    The corporate events department is managed and operated by Seasoned Events who work with accredited suppliers to ensure the delivery of exciting and innovative events.

    The Freemasons Hall

    The headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and the principal meeting place for masons since 1775, the Freemasons Hall is one of the finest Art Deco buildings in England. Located in Covent Garden, the venue is a spectacular Grade II listed building. A popular location for filming, the Freemasons Hall can also accommodate corporate events for up to 1,200 including dinners for 260 in The Vestibule and conferences for up to 220 delegates in The Grand Officers' Robing Room.

    Karen Haigh, Head of Events at Freemasons Hall commented: "We are proud to be part of UVL and feel that we can make a real contribution to the collection. Our stunning Art Deco building makes a fantastic venue for any event and we look forward to a long prosperous relationship with UVL".

    About UVL: Unique Venues of London (UVL) was established in 1993, initiated by the Natural History Museum. It is a membership organisation of 69 unique and specialist properties within the capital, which reflect the spirit, tradition and cosmopolitan nature of the city. The organisation was launched to showcase and celebrate London's diverse venue scene, while offering valuable problem sharing and networking opportunities for the industry.

    masonic tattoo's
    masonic tie wearers
    mastat Firms deny buying workers' data

    Some workers who raised safety issues were allegedly blacklisted . Several firms accused of subscribing to a secret database of building workers' details have denied any wrongdoing. The Information Commissioner says a firm called the Consulting Association flagged up workers who had raised safety concerns or who had union links. Balfour Beatty and Amec said they did not condone "blacklisting". Emcor and Laing O'Rourke denied discriminating against workers on any grounds.

    The Department for Business said it would consider outlawing blacklisting. This would happen if evidence showed it was going on, a spokesman said. Unions have called on the government to act swiftly to pass anti-blacklisting regulations which were prepared in the 1990s but never introduced.

    'Household names'

    An investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) found that a Droitwich-based company called the Consulting Association had allegedly sold details about workers, including information concerning personal relationships, trade union activity and employment history. The ICO now plans to prosecute the firm, run by Ian Kerr and now thought to have ceased trading, for a "serious breach" of the Data Protection Act.

    It said about 40 construction companies who subscribed to the scheme would send lists of prospective employees to it and in return would be warned about potential troublemakers. Amec does not operate a policy of 'blacklisting' individuals

    Some of the notes on individuals included descriptions such as "ex-shop steward, definite problems" and "Irish ex-Army, bad egg". Others related to workers who had raised concerns over health and safety issues, such as asbestos removal. One of the firms listed in the ICO's report, Balfour Beatty, said it "does not condone the use of 'blacklists' in any circumstances".

    "We have taken steps to ensure that none of our companies use the services of the Consulting Association," it added. Another firm, Amec, echoed the denial. "Amec does not operate a policy of 'blacklisting' individuals and the senior management of the company would not condone such a policy," it said.

    Morgan Ashurst said it inherited a subscription to the Consulting Association upon acquiring another company. "An internal investigation into this subscription has shown that we did not supply to, or receive any data from Ian Kerr or the Consulting Association, nor did we use any information from this organisation since the acquisition," a spokesman said.

    "Now that the subscription has been brought to our attention, and the person who subscribed to it left the company last year, we have cancelled it." Laing O'Rourke also said it had "a legacy relationship" with the company born out of an acquisition, which had now "ceased". A spokesman for another firm named by the ICO, Emcor Group UK, said it was "an equal opportunities employer" whose policy was "not to discriminate on any grounds". We have the power to make it illegal to use blacklists said the Department for Business . The Consulting Association was unavailable for comment.

    Annual fee

    Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith said he was deeply disappointed that firms he described as "household names" had been involved in an allegedly illegal system for many years. He said they would be issued with a legal order not to repeat the offence, and if they breached it they too would face prosecution. Following the raid on 23 February, investigators discovered that the Consulting Association's database contained the details of some 3,213 workers, the ICO said.

    Employers paid £3,000 as an annual fee, and £2.20 for individual details, the ICO said. Invoices to construction firms for up to £7,500 were also seized during the raid. The TUC and the building workers' union Ucatt called on the government to introduce legislation to make blacklisting illegal. Alan Ritchie, general secretary of Ucatt, said: "It is the only way to protect the rights of trade union members."

    A Department for Business spokesman said: "We have the power to make it illegal to use blacklists. "We would review whether to use this power if there was compelling evidence that blacklists were being used."

  • Firm 'sold workers' secret data'
  • I was blacklisted for speaking up
    stpauls Most people have at some point wondered how the British royalty have obtained their exalted position as the richest dynasty across the planet? How few people realise the riches they hide from accountability by a media they control via third party masons who head most of the media network executive positions.

    Most people must wonder how time and again they appear in endless FREE advertising campaigns created by the same media often about the most trivial things they get up to and presented as NEWS. That news just happens to create a perpetual self promotion campaign for royals who under any other circumstances would be classed as the descendants of the most ruthless thugs and bullyboys and continues to this day only far more subtly. They could not get away today with hanging those who oppose them so they must use a far more complex and secretive method to get rid of dissenters of masonic Crown rule.

    The royals have a MASSIVE pecking order of masonic thugs and bullyboys that carry out their day to day orders by oppressing the long suffering British citizens or SUBJECTS as they like to call us all. Anyone wanting to see some of their underlings only need to watch a major event organised by the royals, like a wedding or funeral and you will see them lining the aisles of Westminster Abbey or St Pauls.The royals could NOT survive without a complex, devious, conniving bunch of rogues and murdering assassins who operate a sinister network of power in their secretive lodges located across the UK and were the orders are created to go after ANYONE who falls outside their control.

    Until you become subject to this form of harassment and persecution you cannot truly understand what is behind the royal facade and how they have created and continue to control the vast wealth that makes all other despots pale by comparison. ALL OF IT would fall but for them positioning their dupes in key positions of power across the UK.We can mention a few key positions that is all that is required to keep in check any dissenter that might fall outside the royal loving fold or who has risen above the vast propaganda their media tycoons present in the daily self promotion that elevates them to some godly creatures, rather than the evil despots they truly are. Their masonic heirarchy starts with the Duke of Kent who heads UGLE a perfect name for the United Grand Lodge of England and where the orders are set in motion to attack anyone who they see as a threat to their despotic rule. How you come under their radar varies for every individual who falls victim to masonic attack and that ultimately protects the Crown and its mega money making machine.

    One of the main areas of fraud and corruption and the BIGGEST by far in how the royals and their minions the British crown judges , who are all HAND PICKED by Lizzie , control the wealth of the UK is in secret family courts. The vast majority of men(NON masons) who become victims of masonic thugs stem from draconian civil court actions that are the modern day version of the middle age tax regimes used then by the British monarchy who ruthlessly ruled this nation. The power British judges have stealthily given themselves and who act primarily for the British Crown and masonic orders is enormous . No other key position has more control over the entire wealth of the UK than the ease with which a British crown judge(NO JURY) can, at the stroke of a corrupt masonic judicial pen , remove a lifetime of assets ,property and homes and why the British monarchy have the ultimate control of who takes up these key positions of power. The so called democracy they say the UK has hides the vast empire building being created behind the closed secretive doors of British courts which remain unaccountable and the greatest terrorist threat to the victims of an evil legal system that falls heavily in favour of the masonic crown and royals.

    Once you become embroiled in this system and FIGHT IT you will see the masonic thugs come out of the walls after you, as they have to protect these star chamber court systems at all costs being the most lucrative arm of the masonic crown and why they have so many bullyboys that are set in motion to destroy you, if you dare challenge that power. The main reason why the British media avoid publishing civil court actions as it would show clearly the scams being used to fleece a population using the most ruthless thugs who ultimately then use the Mental Health Act to lock up, in masonic run psychiatric wards, the most vocal dissenters who disappear and have died while incarcerated in these dens of masonic inquity. For anyone wanting a taste of what was to come should have taken heed of the 1960's series "THE PRISONER" created by Patrick McGoohan warning us all about what the British Establishment do to anyone who rocks their boat. It was so far ahead of its time no one got the real message until much later on when the internet was born.

    There is a multi layer system in place to deal with UK dissenters that start with an evil British judiciary, politicians, lawyers, social work managers, cops, doctors, teachers, psychiatrists, councillors, bank managers, military, legal aid boards , tax men, MI5, MI6, Dept of work and pensions, media bosses, councils , law societies , immigration offices and a myriad of other groups interconnected, that are all headed by key masons along with many "SIRS" who ensure loyalty to the monarch comes before any loyalty to the citizens of the UK. Citizens who have been unarmed while Lizzie sits with her mega arsenals protecting the riches created on the backs of her thugs and bullyboys emanating from the United Grand Lodge of England that threatens, intimidates and murders those who resist this form of tyranny and who make the Mugabe regime pale by comparison with the enormity of the power that goes on behind the closed doors of British courts and all areas connected with its power.

    The British public must be warned about the consequences of facing all of the above as they only capture a percentage of the population at any one time to avoid arousing major suspicion about what they are doing and usually finish off those they have previously attacked so they cannot pass on the methods used to deal with the victims they fleece. Those victims have become organised and intend to end the ruthless secretive ways that the British media have used to protect the thuggery and persecution that has gone on far to long.
    masonic mafia

    For anyone who has faced the harassment ,persection and tyranny that goes along with living in the UK these are the evil bastards that head that tyranny and who set in motion the lackeys in M.I.5, M.I.6, army, navy, air force, cops, judges, bailiffs, lawyers and bankers to destroy anyone who dares stand up against a secret mafia that makes the Gestapo pale by comparison.

    The British Empire had been ruthlessly created using secret societies this mob head. Loyal to an evil and corrupt British Crown their massive coffers are derived from the fleecing of victims in British courts run by high level masonic judges.

    They share the spoils of the millions of families that have been destroyed in these masonic dens of inquity, when their land , homes , assets and children are ruthlessly stolen disguised as some form of LEGAL system.
    masring2 We have just received information that the Sunday Times has broke the news that Wikileaks has published a leaked list of UK freemasons provided by an ex-member.

    1. Just released as part of my freemasonry exposed pages at

    2. Home Affairs select committee decided on exposure of Freemasons in public office but this was blocked, mainly by the Association Of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

    3. Likely audience is Government Standards officials, investigative journalists and anti-Secret Society/accountability campaigners.

    4. Complete PDF of what is now a confidential book leaked - in genuine format - looks genuine!

    5. Because someone with access to the PDF wants it published on the net.

    6. No, but echos the recent BNP leak.

    The list is available on Wiki but the main list is at

  • Public Interest website
  • UGLE Yearbook 2006-7
  • Wikileaks
  • Freemasonry celebrates its many female brethren
  • Freemasonry link in £93,000 gift to Tories
    masbubble The worlds population is in two states at the present time. Your either caught inside the masonic bubble created by a complicit corporate media, or you have managed to escape and have freed your mind from their brainwashing and programming that has been incessantly going on throughout history. The New World Order is being brought into being thanks to complex and devious plans carried out by those who have sold their soul to the devil.

    How you might have managed to free yourself depends on where you have come from. If like many, you have been one of their victims, then you know first hand the evil ploys used by the system to harass, persecute and finally relieve you of your worldly possessions. Or maybe you have a close personal friend you trust who has been through the hell of being one of their victims. Lastly you may just be smart enough to have worked out something just is NOT right with the present state of affairs across the globe .

    There are many variations on the above three but your either in the bubble or outside. What those outside the bubble have realised is that the world is NOT SAFE while in the hands of a sinister bunch of satanists using the most evil control mechanisms that make the Gestapo pale by comparison. Also those that are still inside the bubble are not even aware how dangerous a world they are living in and not aware of the repercussions for their life if they, in time, become another one of their victims. The internet has been bursting that bubble for the many who have turned away from mainstream TV programming and have finally been made aware of the dangers humanity is facing while their dupes control the political , legal, banking, military and especially policing. Have you ever tried to get the cops to act for you in any situation? Ever wondered why they NEVER resolve your issues? The cops are either masons or controlled by high ranking masons and why all of the above are getting away with murder in all the areas we are so dependant on to survive in this enforced masonic bubble.

    You have no option but to return to that bubble for the necessary finances to get the most basic essentials to survive. Through the money system , food chain , housing market and legal systems we are being controlled and manipulated to adhere to their form of power, wealth and control. We ALL need to think outside the BOX(bubble) to free ourselves as much as possible from these influences. The masonic bankers are making a good job of showing their true colours as the financial system collapses before our eyes as bankers have been the main tool of the masons. Without banking money and the bias shown to projects controlled by masons they would have far less power, as the banks provide the funding that ensures they control the corporations, governments, mansions, private jets, etc. and most of their technological surveillance tools that they are using to try and keep one step ahead of all of us who are finally catching up with their despicable corruption .

    Their cat is out of the bag and there is NO WAY , no matter how hard they try and shut down the free flow of information that the internet has provided to EXPOSE and pinpoint who is behind this appalling network of power and control. This is a centuries old system and there needs to be patience from the leading activists who are assisting in bursting that bubble. It may come much sooner than we think as the complicit media is slowly reporting on issues that were being sent around the internet years ago. Until the corporate media assists in bursting that bubble they will continue to be mistrusted and drive more converts onto the internet and to the multitude of alternative news sites that are eloquently explaining the complexities that have led humanity into this sick, depraved, perverted, self serving, materialistic greed that is undermining humanity presently. There is a gradual freeing of the minds and a spiritual awakening, like there has never been before, across the globe. You can bet when the MAIN culprits are identified and rounded up, the rats will be jumping the sinking ship, as we all awaken from this enforced masonic slumber.
    masonart I have been saying for a very long time now that within the Police Force (and possibly other forces/agencies/squads) exists a specialised secret little group of lackeys operating as hit-men, strike weapons of intimidation, terror, murder/assassination. On the surface they work as Policemen and Detectives but when required are relocated or contracted to do secret specific jobs at the beck and call of the Establishment, the True Freemasons working for "The Crowns" New World order Agenda.

    The two men in balaclavas who terrorised Joe Bryant and Wife: and another two men in balaclavas who terrorised the wife of Redfern Policeman Whistle-Blower Michael Cottier: are in keeping with the standards/tactics of the relocated highway patrol sick puppy unleashed on Fiona and I today.

    We know of many other instances but the victims are either too frightened or have distanced themselves from the memories though they are still damaged goods. These sick puppies are also used to terrorise members of the bar, police/defense/law forces/squads/agencies/enforcements, politicians and their families and for that matter anyone from both within and without True Freemasonry considered a problem that needs fixing (toeing the line). Any policeman/woman, member of the bar, big business representative, members of the media, those in other fields of endeavour and politicians who reads this posting, need to immediately work together to rout out this rogue element otherwise they could be visiting you or your family one day ---- IF ---- you are seen to be doing the right thing by the community at large and the wrong thing by the establishment of true freemasonry at the same time.

    mashall FIRE crews battled for more than three hours to control a massive blaze at a Masonic Hall in Glasgow. The fire engulfed the roof of the building yards from the busy West End Retail Park in Crow Road. It's understood two workmen carrying out repairs to the hall may have accidentally sparked the inferno.

    More than 25 firefighters from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue tackled the blaze, which raged from more than three hours Neighbours raised the alarm at around 1.20pm when flames were spotted shooting out of a section of the roof. One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: "It's a miracle the fire didn't spread because it looked like the whole building was going to go up at one point." Residents living in a tenement backing on to the building, in Ardery Street, were prevented from returning home as a safety precaution.

    Staff at an office block, used by Harlequin Leisure Group, were also evacuated at the height of the fire yesterday afternoon. A spokeswoman for Strathclyde Police said: "Enquires into the cause of the fire are at an early stage but it's not being treated as suspicious.


    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate who is behind the corruption of the banking, political and legal systems. Masonic dupes head all three arms of the swindlers who have manufactured the dodgy mortgage scams that have seen millions of masonic victims lose their homes.

    Banking is run by high level masons who we have been entrusting with our hard earned money for far to long. That money used to prop up ONLY companies and individuals connected with the masons. They have consolidated their wealth corrupting the masses who are not affiliated to their creepy satanic lodges.
    masonic monoliths crown Why is the UK in such a disastrous state ?

    One look at the cabal of senior judges, lawyers, bankers , police, councillors, politicians and lords and ladies of the manor that operate under the orders of satanic lodges right across the UK. If they are NOT all masons it will be a mini miracle, as to reach the upper echelons of the self appointed establishment elite in the UK you have to be part of a sinister control mechanism that makes the Gestapo pale by comparison.

    UK citizens are being destroyed in a way that avoids publicity when most of the editors and owners BOW to the demands or are part of their creepy network of power. The Duke of Kent ensures British Royalty can use masonry to consolidate their own power and wealth alongside other front organisations like Chatham House formerly The Royal Institute of International Affairs , The British Council , M.I.5 and 6 , Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs , Bankruptcy courts a FULL list is attached below of the myriad of agencies that are used to control the enslaved British public . All of them have key masons at the head of those groups who are used in the most EVIL way to enslave you, then strip you of a lifetime of work in their masonic controlled family/civil courts. A system of law that would make Mugabe look like a saint.

    At least in Zimbabwe when Mugabe steals your land and property he flattens it. In the UK the judicial mafia, that operate for the British Crown, divide the spoils and they all get a cut of your assets and home. EVERYTHING political and legal is NOW only being done to line the war chest of the masonic / royalist coffers. Anyone who thinks those sitting in Westminster are anything but masonic dupes, hand picked to give the illusion of democracy, but always working for this system. NEVER to correct the gross inequality that sees them living in the lifestyles they think they deserve while the rest of use can ROT in the utter shi_tholes of estates across the UK , un policed and crime ridden , a place no one should have to tolerate . But where many of their victims fight among themselves like animals with no proper mechanism in place to ensure safety and security , it does not take long for anarchy to break out .

    The order out of chaos mob can carry on their dirty deeds against us all, while we are preoccupied trying to survive British Royalist Masonic rule. Thousands everyday are facing the consequences of these evil barstewards failures . UK citizens have been increasingly, and for many years previously ,losing their homes and thrown onto the streets by the judicial mafia. This has been masked by a complicit media but with the latest manufactured credit crunch, ten of thousands more families are fighting to survive , as their front men Sheriff officers and bailiffs, are having a field day raking in millions while being assisted by the UK masonic police thugs in decanting families from their homes. The effect on British children caught up in this tyranny is appalling. Homes that victims have spent years paying grossly inflated mortgages for and now lost with all that money disappearing down a MASONIC banking black hole.

    Despite what the bulk of the media are saying, much of that propaganda is used to put fear into the population. You can be sure the masons are consolidating their power in amongst that chaos. The land, property and business's are only being lost by NON masons as that self appointed elite bunch of criminals will be buying up ALL the surplus repossessions and returning it to the never ending cycle of mugs that will fall to their dodgy mortgage scams until the next round of their manufactured downturns . This is a perpetual KILLING machine that HAS TO destroy large swathes of families every 10 to 20 years to ensure what has been purchased on endless credit must be stolen back.

    It is a tried and tested method of ensuring only the VERY TOP of that masonic pyramid is assured an opulent lifestyle as can be witnessed by the British monarchy and all their masonic hangers on and all of it on the backs of an enslaved and brutalized population.



    Why is the UK in its present appalling state?

    Her Majesties Courts
    Her Majesties Judges
    Her Majesties Prisons
    Her Majesties Police
    Her Majesties Crown Offices
    Her Majesties Government
    Her Majesties Army
    Her Majesties Navy
    Her Majesties Air Force
    Her Majesties Subjects of Scotland
    Her Majesties Inspectorate
    Her Majesties Customs and Excise
    Her Majesties Stationers office
    Her Majesties Dominions
    Her Majesties Knights
    Her Majesties Chambers
    Her Majesties Warrants
    Her Majesties Properties
    Her Majesties Treasury
    Her Majesties Justices of the Peace
    Her Majesties Lords
    Her Majesties Privy Council
    Her Majesties High Commission
    Her Majesties Foot Guards
    Her Majesties Royal Authority
    Her Majesties Colonies
    Her Majesties Coastguards
    Her Majesties National Civil emergency service
    Her Majesties Secret Service
    Her Majesties Fleet
    Her Majesties Printer
    Her Majesties Secretaries
    Her Majesties Mint
    Her Majesties Servants
    Her Majesties Opposition
    Her Majesties Special Services
    Her Majesties Commissioners
    Her Majesties Royal Guard
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Constabularies
    Her Majesties Private apartments
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Education
    Her Majesties Inspectorate of Pollution

    Who exactly are these people supposed to work for US OR THEM?

  • British Crown
    square Makeover for Da Vinci Code street

    Great Queen Street as it is, left, and as envisioned in the coming months .
    A road in London's West End that featured in the blockbuster Da Vinci Code novel is being reinvented as a public square. Great Queen Street, which links Covent Garden and Drury Lane, was once a secret pathway used by royalty. Planning officials hope to encourage greater pedestrian use of the area by creating an "oasis" beneath newly-planted trees. The £640,000 improvement project should be completed by summer.

    Great Queen Street was created in the 17th Century, as a private lane for Queen Anne, King James I's wife. It sits close to the Freemasons' Hall, one of London's few grand Art Deco buildings from the 1930s that is still used for its original purpose.

    'Spooks' HQ

    The hall serves as the headquarters for the Masons of England and featured in Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown's fictional tale of the Knights Templar. Westminster council said the freemasons supported the plan to enhance the setting of their headquarters, which also doubles as the fictional headquarters of MI5 in the BBC series Spooks. Queen Anne used the narrow road to cut through to Lincoln's Inn Fields - which is what urban planners are hoping pedestrians will also do once the transformation is complete.

    The plan, called Clear Zone, is part of general improvements being made by several central London councils to encourage people to walk short distances. Councillor Chris Knight of Camden Council said: "The new square will transform a lacklustre junction into a new public square that will improve residents' quality of life and benefit businesses and visitors in central London." It involves widening pavements, removing parking bays, traffic lights and guard railings and creating more step-free crossings to ease flow for people pushing prams and those who use wheelchairs.

    mhnewtownards A rare occasion when the mass media particularly the BBC mention their controllers, the masons.

    A masonic hall in County Down has been damaged in an overnight arson attack, police have said. The hall in Corry Street, Newtownards, was broken into on Sunday night at about 2300 GMT.

    A police spokeswoman said that thieves ransacked the building before setting it alight. Police have appealed to anyone who noticed suspicious activity in the area on Sunday evening to contact them.

    masbank Masons major fetish is CONTROL.

    Their members are controlled using satanic and bloodcurdling oaths that if they are broken, death soon follows , or so they threaten their membership with. What other organisation across the globe could get away with this, while the global authorities fail to criminalise their evil practices ? Those authorities now under masonic control ESPECIALLY the police. The only time the cops step over their doorstep is to join in their bizarre rituals not to investigate the crimes that increasingly emanate from lodges across the globe. A great place to store their ill gotten gains . And why so many criminals are attracted to their fold including editors and owners of TV and media who have been indoctrinated into their ways and why our media has been propagandized by that evil satanic influence.

    How many executions they carry out a year can't be calculated as THE judges, cops, coroners, lawyers, doctors, registrars, politicians, councillors, GRAVEDIGGERS and a myriad of other professions involved in recording deaths are all part of the masonic network of power. Where easiest to hide murdered corpses than graveyards or graves of those already dead? Murder or psychological torture of victims via corrupt courts and masonic judges are a regular means to push victims over the edge. Then a masonic lawyer closes the estate and they all get a piece of the pie. One reason why Doctor Harold Shipman became the biggest mass murderer in the UK and how easily those who could have done something turned a blind eye while estate after estate was closed and the spoils divided among the legal fraternity of the UK . The masonic GMC, lawyers ,judges and cops who failed us all.

    Robert Calvi was hung from Blackfriars bridge in London after his involvement in a massive Italian banking fraud who many believe was a masonic assassination due to their well trodden use of tidal currents as places they consider suitable to carry out their executions.

    How then do masons control the rest of the population?

    The greatest area of control is the court system. Courts across the globe that answer to the British Crown and the Temple bar have been orchestrated into removing juries from virtually ALL civil court systems and were masonic judges are able to control the wealth of individuals when they are dragged into that vortex.

    Any NON mason knows how quickly corrupt British judges can fleece an individual by conspiring with masonic lawyers in a multi billion pound racket that makes ALL other crime in the UK pale by comparison. The very courts we rely on to create justice have the biggest crooks and conmen who we are FORCED to rely on for decisions on JUSTICE.

    The Bar associations, judicial clubs and political conspirators have been expert at stealthily removing juries from ALL but the biggest criminal cases. ALL of us are at serious risk to our lives, health , assets but most importantly our children while the judicial mafia control those courts for their own, and the masonic lodges they serve, financial ends.

    How else do they control the rest of the population?

    Credit, not creating jobs that provide enough to BUY all you require to live. NO they want ,via their masonic bankers, to force you into BORROWING money that ensures you become ENSLAVED in a mountain of debt. There is nothing more sure of being able to control humans when they are buried in mountains of debt. A precursor to their New World Order agenda Brown regularly pontificates about. See his speech to his fellow lodge buddies at the CBI here

    We have allowed those who control the governments and multi nationals the ability to restrict wages and instead replace a decent honest wage with massive debt. Paying for smaller and smaller homes with larger and larger mortgages that are a noose around everyones neck. That is if you can ever get on the first rung of the property ladder.

    Anyone who has lifted themselves out of the poverty they were born into , will quickly return when the masonic judges fleece you of a life time of wealth creation that at a stroke of a masonic judges pen will leave you destitute ,penniless and homeless. Until you become a victim of these thugs and their henchmen the sheriff officers and bailiffs and masonic cops you will not fully understand the horrific damage that is being done to individuals and their families who are not part of the masonic power and control network.

    We have a corporate media that has failed NON masons by allowing their creepy satanic control to infiltrate into all our lives. The surveillance networks promoted by their media are virtually installed, controlled and managed by MASONS. They require to find out everything about you , NOT as the media suggest because of terrorist threats , but to ensure you cannot break out of their masonic enslavement network and any wealth you have created will at some point in your life become part of their web of deceit , that will capture your assets and home through legal chicanery instigated by their judicial crooks.

    The world has been under this sinister system for far to long and their victims have broken out of their spell, but to many are still living in masonic slumberland , but their victims can do something about it. It is only once you become a victim can you see clearly how this massive racketeering goes on. As victims and supporters unite across the globe this evil enslavement system will become more exposed and the latest technology will ensure , as happened in the past, that a complicit mass media can no longer hide from public view the tyranny that has gone on for far to long.

    unite Key union leaders in the UK are masons and have infiltrated them and controlling their members. Check the masonic symbolism of the Unite flag and the masonic flame as seen on the Statue of Liberty and Olympic torch.

    Unite union members foot the bill for chief's £800,000 'grace-and-favour' home

    Union members earning less than the national average wage are covering the tax cost of their general secretary's heavily-subsidised home. Derek Simpson, joint general secretary of the Unite union, has a secret 'house-for-life' guarantee and also enjoys pay and benefits worth almost £200,000, it has been reported.

    According to the the Times, a secret document has revealed that Mr Simpson has a deal to remain in his £800,000 grace-and-favour home until he dies. Even after he dies, Mr Simpson's partner can stay in the home at a heavily-subsidised rate, under the terms of the agreement.

    Mr Simpson, one of the country's most powerful union leaders and a close ally of Gordon Brown, pays a nominal rent on the accommodation in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. The Times claims that even though Mr Simpson has always maintained he pays tax on the accommodation the document shows that union members are the ones who cover the cost of the perk. Internal papers are said to show Mr Simpson wanted the union to cover the tax bill for his home in order to make it more affordable - a perk that was worth almost £40,000 in 2007.

    A spokesman for Unite told the Times. 'These arrangements were approved by the executive committee at the time and have been a matter of public record ever since. His remuneration is published every year and is properly approved every year.' Unite, which has 2.1million members, was formed by the merger of unions Amicus and the T&G. It represents a large number of workers earning less than the average wage. Mr Simpson is currently fighting an election to stay in office beyond retirement age

    bankruptcy Scotland's Accountant in Bankruptcy is the most POWERFUL organisation in Scotland and responsible for destroying thousands of lives every year. We have been investigating this mob as one of our group is having problems in that area. We were SURPRISED they are based NOT in a major city in Scotland but in a small town called Kilwinning. By coincidence the MASONIC Mother Lodge of Scotland is based a stones throw away as shown on the attached map.

    Details of their website are below as are a link to a number of video's they have put online which are well worth viewing . A masonic comic is seen in one video laughing that one of their MOB knows everything about everyone. Also one of the jokes is pretty sick.
    We are also awaiting a Freedom of Information request that has been submitted to the Accountant in Bankruptcy which is detailed below.

    Lodge Mother Kilwinning
    99 Main Street
    Ayrshire KA13 6AG

    The Mother Lodge of Scotland is situated in the Ayrshire town of Kilwinning. This old and ancient Lodge of Freemasons dates back to the building of Kilwinning Abbey around 1140 and has a unique history second to none in the Masonic world.

    Before the forming of Grand Lodge in 1736 Mother Kilwinning was a Grand Lodge in her own right issuing charters and warrants to Lodges wishing to enjoy the privileges of Freemasonry.
    Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB)
    1 Pennyburn Road
    Ayrshire KA13 6SA


    Under the Freedom of Information Act disclose the following information

    1. List the name of the Chief Executive and Directors of the Accountant in Bankruptcy?
    2. A disclosure from everyone on that list if they have sworn the oath of the first degree entered apprentice?
    3. All disclosures of any hospitality provided to directors from any legal organisations in Scotland since they took up A.I.B. posts?
    4. A year on year list of the number of bankruptcies carried out against the Scottish public by region?
    5. A year on year list of the bonus's if any those on that list received relative to the number of individuals bankrupted?
    6. A declaration if any of the directors are members of the Mother Kilwinning No.0 The Mother Lodge of Scotland?
    7. A disclosure of ALL minutes of meetings by the Scottish Government and directors of A.I.B. to locate A.I.B. in Kilwinning?
    8. The total revenue earned by the A.I.B year on year from bankruptcies they have instigated?

  • Masonic hall linked to cop station and court by tunnel
    ujaf Why do we have never ending cycles of boom and bust?
    This is what the masons use to consolidate their power base.

    Masons wont be losing their jobs.
    Masons wont be losing their homes.
    Masons wont be losing their business's
    Masons wont face impoverishment on the menial benefits provided after years of graft.

    Masonic run banks have been propped up to the tune of billions thanks to following a masonic agenda by masonic run governments and the political leaders they funded and put into power for their own financial agenda . We get to vote ONLY for parties run by masonic dupes.

    Masons will be picking up the cheap houses and business's that have been bankrupted thanks to the MASONIC mortgage scams by forcing up house prices to artificially ridiculous levels and to get a roof over your head fleeced into paying grossly outrageous mortgages for homes worth only a fraction of what you have to pay for them .Proven when the interest rates go up and the withdrawal of money and mortgage lending leads to the collapse of house prices and the repossession of the homes the MOB barter, in that never ending cycle, using the boom and bust principle.

    A whole glut of jobs have been created especially for their dim witted goons. Executive positions, that pay huge salaries, and bear no resemblance to the brain capacity of masonic dupes who function as the slave drivers for the masonic agenda and who head the management positions that dump employees who fail to follow their enslavement system exactly to that master plan.

    This is an EVIL network of power . They know exactly what they are doing when New World Order General Gordon Brown talks about helping people to stay in their homes when they are sacked . He means the exact opposite by giving the illusion of assistance when in fact the millions who lose their jobs will also lose their homes . Some may get re-employed at a later date, but at salaries well below what they had in the past, and after they have likely lost everything they worked their ass off for prior to the crunch, having to start from scratch all over again. Men have, for years, been fleeced and losing their homes in their masonic run family/civil courts with ONLY masonic judges in judgement and presently masked by this latest credit crisis.NEVER A JURY .

    While the executive positions will see massive rises in salaries from the SAVINGS made and from the removal of NON masonic business's leaving a near monopoly of masonic companies who will consolidate their customer base on the back of another cycle of an artificially created credit crunch.

    We no longer receive salaries that pay the bills . They have created a system were only by getting into massive debt can you manage to own? a house and car ,or the illusion of owning them until they come to take them back in the masonic based boom and bust cycles that ensure their EVIL powermongering continues.

    This is a masonic ruse of the most enormous proportions . We are all in one way or another duped by a small self appointed elite group of warmongering mobsters who, at a stroke, can manipulate the worlds economy with their banking scams. We are all caught up in a masonic web of deceit that can only be stopped by a complete realignment of the worlds resources . All non mason men need to create an alternative network of finance and employment. Also a complete realignment of the worlds land and property that has been STOLEN from the people and into the hands of those who create the artificial mortgage scams that leave us paying them billions in interest while they manipulate ALL the worlds land , property and wealth for their own ends.

    The head of this madness is Queen Lizzie, patron of freemasonry, who at the last count owned one sixth of the worlds land mass and who has the largest gun arsenal in the world protecting that wealth while an unarmed populous can only sit back and watch the monstrous theft of everything they own disappearing into the masonic coffers . The British crown and its legal mafia at the very heart of this ruthless system.

    Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal?(QUESTIONABLE) owner of approximately 6,600 million acres of land. That equals one sixth of the earth’s non-ocean surface. She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made, such as Norway, Belgium and Denmark.

    The value of Elizabeth II’s holdings is approximately £17,600,000,000,000. This makes her the richest individual on earth. However, there is no way to easily value her real estate.

    The Royal Collection is worth an approximate £10 billion

    Despite Big Brother UK having been on British TV for many years finally a chink in their armour. The masons are mentioned for the very first time in a short discussion about Jack the Ripper being a member of the Royal family.

    Terry Christian an interviewer ,TV presenter and radio host was QUICK to dismiss it as a conspiracy theory . Very typical of the SAFE tv and radio hosts that have thousands of discussions but seldom mention who is behind most of the thuggery ,bullying and corruption that has been destroying thousands of families across the UK in their evil dens of iniquity British courts.

    bailiffs The rise of the masonic thugs.

    There has been an enormous increase in home repossessions over the last 20 years and more . Much worse now with the credit crunch that has been masking the millions of repossessed homes masonic judges have seized in corrupt family courts .

    Across the western world judges have been destabilizing families while stealing the assets and homes of the victims of their tyranny. Sheriff officers ,bailiffs and cops are all implicated as the THUGS used to force you from your home . The powers they use, NO OTHER section of society would get away with. They are controlled by a masonic agenda with the judicial mafia heading this crime wave.

    Anyone who is yet to face the most shamefully embarrassing life experience should be aware there is an agenda that masquerades as some form of civil justice system . Britain is being ruled by the same mob of mindless morons that created the British Empire and the rape and pillage of the world is still to this day being used against British citizens.

    From the British monarchy ,the establishment that has a pecking order down from the monarchy, their corrupt judicial lackeys , Britains masonic chief constables, corrupt masonic bankers, corrupt lawyers, Council chief executives, Social work managers, sheriff officers and bailiffs who are ALL part of a massive land and property grab that is such a lucrative multi billion pound racket.

    The British media both TV and press owners and editors all create the propaganda that allows the mass fleecing of a population that is brainwashed into believing they are free, while vast swathes of families are being forcibly evicted from their homes, reminiscent of the medieval highland clearances that forced thousands of families off their land.

    This ruthless, draconian and tyrannical masonic plot has NEVER gone away but hides behind the mask of respectability with their pomp and ceremony, robes and regalia hiding the most EVIL network of power across the globe. A sinister satanic mafia protected at EVERY level by the scumbag British media who can only gain financially from property advertising in their newspapers and the spare LUXURY properties pushed their way at knock down prices by the law societies and legal aid boards who are at the cutting edge of the extended legal actions that bankrupt tens of thousands every year in their utter greed, fraud, corruption and criminal ways.

  • Pensioner dies of heart attack after bailiff forces him to cash machine to pay fine
  • UK council thugs and their bailiffs terrorise the poor,sick and elderly
  • 78 Year old man dies during visit by bailiff thug
    bbcusa American registration of car number plates can have SPECIAL organisational plates? WHAT is this to inform MASONIC COPS who NOT TO STOP?

    Bad Boys Club America

    Organizational Tags

    The DMV offers several organizational tags to choose from. You'll have to pay both a one-time $100 fee and an additional $26-per-year display fee in order to display these tags on your motor vehicle. Tags are available to members of the following groups:

    Bad Boys Club,Blue Knights, DC Fire Fighters Local 36, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, District of Columbia Lodge, Foreign Organization, NC A&T SU Alumni, National Association of Black Scuba Divers, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Prince Hall Masonic Family, Spirit of Faith Christian Center

    masonplate They even have their own number plates
    Save the "Masonic Family" Plate!

    Please communicate these to all brethren you see fit, at your discretion. It was brought to our attention by one of our brothers that the Colorado Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, is going to discontinue the “Masonic Family” License Plate due to lack of interest.

    This was confirmed at a public hearing about the matter held on Monday April 30th, 2007. In order for the State to continue issuing the “Masonic Family” plate, a minimum requirement of 3,000 vehicles must be registered with the plates by July 1st, 2007. If not, they will be discontinued and no longer available for purchase. At present, there are 1,696 issued plates of the 3,000 leaving 1,304 needed to meet this quota. There are currently 1,862 plates available in inventories around the state for issuance.

    The requirements for a Masonic Family plate are:
    - Applicants must provide proof of their Masonic membership, (i.e. dues card), to obtain plates for a passenger vehicle, light truck, recreational truck, farm truck or motorhome.
    - and a one-time fee of $25.00 is charged in addition to regular Registration fees at time of vehicle registration.
    It is important to note that you can purchase the plates at anytime. You do not have to wait for your plates to expire or your renewal to come due. According to the DMV, they do a “License plate swap”. Please, if you have ever thought about getting one or more of these "special" plates, now is the time to support your fraternity and buy one.

    Colorado Department of Revenue
    Division of Motor Vehicles Room 146
    Denver, Colorado 80261-0016

    Rob Morris Lodge No. 92, A.F. & A.M.
  • Colorado Dept. of Revenue, Colorado License Plates Webpage
    cowellmason Cowell the arselicking royalist has been living off the masonic bankers who fund his rise to fame and fortune. The talentless bully slags off singers and artists yet he sits pontificating while having little or NO talent.

    The music industry is full of Cowells who swindle artists with their masonic written contracts .The record industry and its extended tv networks like MTV have a total monopoly over the music business ensuring only SAFE artists get deals who wont rock the UK establishment boat.

    The X factor gives the illusion members of the public vote for the winner when the whittling down of the contestants are made by the safe masonic judges to ensure the safe artists are the only ones who get through to be voted for . The exact same thing they do when we vote for a political party in the UK. The major parties are ALL controlled by the masons who make it look like we have a CHOICE.

  • How the CIA and Military Control the Music Industry
    masonspy Why across the globe has the UK got the greatest disparity between rich and poor? The UK establishment has the most DEVIOUS spy network anywhere on this earth that has monitored EVERYONE living in the UK even before the threat of more high tech surveillance is imposed on a long suffering public.

    Masonry is behind virtually all means to spy on you,your family and your assets. Starting right at the top with M.I.5 and 6 run almost entirely like a masonic outfit so secretive and who get away with murder to protect the richest dynasty on the planet while ignoring the rights of UK citizens. A population that can come under their spotlight for one of two reasons.

    1. Politically you may view how the UK is run as sinister in every aspect, due to the complete lack of accountability of all the agencies supposedly there to protect you. Those checks and balances are a myth and ensures the regulatory bodies can turn a blind eye to the fraud and corruption that passes as lawful and legitimate business of government and big business. Instead of fighting for the ordinary Joe in the street these regulators are there to white wash any complaints made in relation to how they function and their reports would be used in any legal action that may follow fully supporting the big corporations and government ,no matter how criminal they operate.
    One reason why so many politicians,lawyers,judges,cops ,social workers and councillors have got away with vast corruption, as they know their masonic brothers will ensure they do not require to answer to their fraudulent ways.

    2. You may have accumulated some wealth in your lifetime that would put you on their radar. Either via masonic banks ,virtually all banks in the UK headed and controlled by masons , who take your money and lend it to their brothers to ensure only masonic run companies survive, as little if any would be given to their competition. Anyone only needs ONE visit to the UK's corrupt CROWN masonic run courts and their judicial lackeys will wipe you out. Family courts run in secret are a MASONIC tool to steal your assets and especially your home that will be offered to a BROTHER at a knock down price after they use their masonic THUGS, bailiffs and cops to throw you illegally onto the street. NEVER A JURY only hand picked masonic judges RUBBER STAMPED by the British monarchy as head of the CROWN who have access to many guns and arsenals while the unarmed populous can only watch as billions of pounds of estates are SEIZED by a murderous CROWN and its myriad of masonic helpers .

    They may not stick a knife in you to finish you off but they are EXPERT at psychological torture either using the threat of removing your children FOREVER, or using malicious allegations by an ex partner to utterly abuse you (hence the need for the endless domestic violence campaigns that are reminiscent of South African apartheid in the extreme gender bias shown to justify removing your lifes work) . Constantly being pressured to have you forcibly removed from your home and the actual enforced eviction is also reminiscent of the Gestapo and goes on DAILY in the UK with little or NO coverage by a complicit masonic controlled mass media.

    The UK population are ALL in one way or another the ENEMIES OF THE STATE. However the British media have been EXPERT at curtailing any opportunity to fully expose the enormous impact the masonic spy network has, ensuring the long term protection of the UK establishments wealth while continually reducing the rest of the population to paupers after the masonic crown remove everything you have worked for during your lifetime. The only survivors of British courts are the masons themselves who are assured the judical mafia's support no matter what action is taken . As having a masonic brother in judgement, and the vast bulk of British judges are either masons or controlled by masonic power , ensures legal tyranny goes on in courts as there isn't a hope in hell of success against a mason or a company controlled by masons .

    In criminal cases many BROTHERS don't even get charged by Britains masonic cops who protect brothers at all cost. So instead, if the crime is really severe and gets some press coverage they will plant evidence such as fingerprints or DNA to stitch up a patsy . One reason why they want everyone chipped with fingerprints and DNA that will make the British cops life so much easier in ensuring major injustice goes on ad infinitum. If a BROTHER does get as far as a court , generally they will close the court to the public, so little or no reporting is made. Then a hand picked masonic judge sits solely in judgement ensuring minimum sentence or some legal twist to allow a mason to walk free from even the most heinous crime . The UK will remain a two tier system of law until these issues are fully exposed and the centuries old system of British courts that protect masons and masonic wealth, while stealing NON masons assets continue .

    masonic show masonic show
    masonsign Here is a snapshot from a seventies low budget sci-fi film. The female has masonic symbolism stamped on her forehead.
    This would glow when she did anything that was evil. Life would be much safer if the satanists all had a similar stamp on their forehead to warn us of their devious plans.

    Was the production company trying to warn us of their power or promoting their agenda?

    paulwilliams Attack as freemason is appointed head of the NHS in Wales

    THE appointment of a freemason as the head of the NHS in Wales was attacked last night as inconsistent. Paul Williams left his post as chief executive of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust at the end of last month on a two-year secondment during which he will be in charge of the Welsh health service. He is currently working a handover period with Ann Lloyd, his predecessor, who is retiring. But a civil servant who contacted the Western Mail contrasted the appointment of Mr Williams with an earlier decision to block the appointment of Gerard Elias QC as the Welsh Assembly’s counsel general – partly because he was a freemason.

    In 2004, Mr Elias, one of the best-known barristers in Wales, was personally vetoed by First Minister Rhodri Morgan after he was recommended for the post of top legal adviser at the Assembly by Civil Service Commissioners. Mr Morgan’s refusal to appoint Mr Elias – and the revelation that he had unsuccessfully sought approval from the commissioners to appoint the candidate who came second, a former Labour parliamentary candidate – created a political storm at the time. In response to allegations from opposition AMs that he had acted unreasonably in vetoing Mr Elias, Mr Morgan said: “I did not register any over-riding objection to the shortlist, although I did comment on the fact that one candidate, subsequently recommended for appointment by the panel, was a prominent freemason. “My concern derived from the salience of freemasonry, reflected in debates in the standards committee and the Assembly as a whole.

    “I was, however, prepared to waive my concern on this issue, noting that the candidate was prepared to resign from the freemasonry, as did the previous counsel general on appointment. “When the permanent secretary advised me of the recommendation from the panel and I read the full papers, I became aware of information not previously available to me that the recommended candidate was also a board member of the Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting. “My concern was not the personal views of the candidate on hunting or any other issue. This is a free country.

    “Given the high political salience of the law on hunting with dogs taken in conjunction with the public debate surrounding freemasonry, I judged that the legal advice of a counsel general prominently associated with these two controversial areas would not carry the necessary stamp of untrammelled authority throughout the Assembly. “A counsel general who would not carry the required authority would not be able to meet the key prerequisite of the post.” Earlier this week, the Western Mail received a typewritten letter saying: “I am afraid this note has to be anonymous as I am a civil servant. “You might find it useful to ask the Welsh Assembly Government why it saw fit to debar Gerard Elias from the counsel general post on the basis of his rather inactive freemasonry but now sees no problem in appointing Paul Williams, a very senior and active freemason, to the post of head of NHS Wales.

    “No doubt the excuse will be that the counsel general offers advice on legal issues but there is no more sensitive post than head of NHS Wales. “I am not a freemason but I have no quarrel with that organisation. I have no axe to grind for or against Mr Elias, unknown to me, or Mr Williams, known to me but not well-known. “My beef is really with the inconsistency and – let’s face it the dishonesty – around decisions like this which devalue the whole Assembly position.” An Assembly Government spokeswoman said: “We appoint on merit and the best person for the job based on skills and experience. We do not have a policy of excluding individuals based on membership of the freemasons. “Candidates are not obliged to declare membership of the freemasons. The issue of Paul Williams’ membership of freemasons is viewed as a private matter.”


    Freemasons "CHIP" children in Flint, Michigan. Actual footage, and testimony!!!!! YOU MUST WATCH THIS!!!

    For anyone still NOT convinced who is behind the NWO chip agenda should watch how blatant the masons now are in gradually indoctrinating the population into this mindset. Starting with children who's parents should be seriously concerned what their ulterior motives are.

  • National Masonichip in Canada