womenmason For anyone unconvinced there are women freemasons how else could Maggie Thatcher have gotten into power?

    Also like the rest of them their lodge is a pretty impressive building no doubt created from the money they thieve from us all using their CRAFT?

    Women in the judiciary are every bit as bad as the male judges and no doubt the females are all part of this mob operating from a central office at 27 Pembridge Gardens, Notting Hill, London
    Masons throughout history have had a habit of staying below the radar , a club that thinks it can keep what its up to secret, despite the latest technology. However recently with films like National Treasure and books like the Lost Symbol masons have been using Hollywood and top writers like Dan Brown to create a very warped perspective of what they truly are all about.

    This has been done to counter the growing evidence across the internet of the widespread deception ,utter fraud and vicious use of court process's and thug cops to destroy men and their families not part of their creepy and evil system it has been founded on. There is no fancy mystical background they say they are protecting, only a total power and control trip.

    This is a none to cosy satanic CLUB that realized that if they placed their members into every key position of power they could virtually control the world, its population but most importantly its wealth. Here is were the real power comes from, when the western world's judiciary are dominated by high ranking masons who have stealthily done away with juries and who have given themselves total control of ALL our wealth , through secretive court process's . Civil courts, or more importantly family courts, are were the REAL power lies, with a masonic judiciary being used to steal our assets, homes and business's to prop up the masonic coffers.

    The political system has been utterly corrupted by masons placed as their dupes in all major political parties and who we are expected to vote for come election time, as no matter who the complicit media promote they are all part of the masonic run scams that fool us into thinking we have some sort of democracy. The corporate media, owned and controlled by a masonic hierarchy, is used as a promotion tool for their political and judicial goons, who's comments are featured regularly to ensure ONLY a masonic message and agenda gets out, NEVER a counter argument to the massive charade that hides a complex web of deceit so enormous it has fooled the world for far to long.

    The internet has finally broken the back of the lies and deceit that has allowed a small self appointed elite group to dominate and control us. Many activists aiding the exposure of this evil monster continue to be attacked by masonic cops and judges using extreme psychological torture and psychiatric gulags similar to how the Russians broke dissidents throughout their history. The WESTERN world is a facade of EVIL greed, thuggery and torturous abuses, not the corporate media version that suggests we have rights and freedoms. Those rights and freedoms have been massively eroded by a judicial mafia in courts that are being used as a power base of masons and why so many of their satanic temples are lavishly adorned with the best woods,marble and finery as it has ALL BEEN STOLEN from the people in this very warped and devious art of deception. The UK's justice secretary has just recently overturned a decision that forced NEW judges to declare membership of secret societies , they no longer require to do so. Just like the old judicial guard who remain free to swear satanic oaths and allegiances that are greatly undermining the welfare of men not part of their creepy network of power The world will only be a much safer place when the key players are outed for their part as the most treacherous traitors ever to walk the face of the earth and THE UTTER SCUM OF THE EARTH. Don't let any of their corporate media buddies fool you otherwise.

    The utter bull that masquerades as news, effectively allows heinous crimes to be committed by thugs while their judicial brothers allow them to walk away from those crimes, that is if the masonic cops or prosecutors decide there is sufficient evidence to even justify a court hearing. Then the other side of the coin is were innocent victims are set up to be the fall guys for their crimes, alongside the thousands of non-mason fathers who's estates are being fleeced in divorce courts to satisfy the greed of masons consolidating their wealth from their asset stripping. This , while masons walk away from divorce with the vast bulk of their estates intact leaving ex-wives struggling, as do millions of non-mason men who are devasted and destroyed by the power masonic judges wield.

    It is these courts were a two tier process increases the power and wealth of masons while all our estates are stolen to line their coffers. Anyone who has gone through this process knows it is maybe the most EVIL network of power they will ever encounter in their lifetime and why so many men, and occasionally women, commit suicide through the psychological torture these EVIL bastards met out to the unsuspecting public, where EVIL IS WORKING AT ITS EXTREME. One look at how Bush and Blair and those involved in arranging the invasion of Iraq are all part of a clique of high level masons, creating the chaos across the globe, that distracts us from what they are doing, in secret, to our own citizens and why Bush and Blair can walk away from their war crimes knowing that the authorities that are supposed to be charged with oversight are also part of this creepy and sadistic network of power. THEY TRULY MUST BE STOPPED.

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  • 'Cruel, illegal, immoral': Human Rights Watch condemns UK's role in torture
  • What kind of country (masonic) arrests innocent people to boost its DNA database?
  • Now the expenses spotlight falls on Britain's judiciary
    Those of you familiar with this blog will be aware of the link between Freemasonry, the criminal elite "Untouchables" and the security services or secret service.

    Like Freemasonry, the security service or secret service operates on two levels; The official group who carry out day to day legitimate activities and the extremely secret higher level carrying out the dark work. Look at the JFK assassination for a comparison. He was escorted by secret service operatives carrying out their loyal duty but allegedly assassinated by a higher level of criminal untouchables and secret service operatives, these two opposing groups could have only been brought together through Freemasonry. Is it coincidental that the assassination of Oswald by Ruby and then Ruby's subsequent death in prison fits the same MO as the two murders in Maureen Spalek's case listed on this blog.

    Freemasonry fits well with the darker work of the security services due to the oath of secrecy taken by all masons when they are initiated. While security service operatives sign the official secrets act meaning that they will be jailed for treason if they speak about their work; Freemasons take an oath to be killed if they give away the secrets of their hidden society. Thus, many higher level security service operatives involved in the darker work of the state are recruited as Freemasons, taking the oath to be sentenced to death if they talk. It is also very fitting for governments and secret service that the oath of silence for brothers guilty of a crime excludes treason. 33rd degree Freemasons including untouchables and high level security service operatives are so closely linked that there is a gray area where they work as one. Security services and Freemasonry work to the same aim of infiltrating every part of society and government. Through the 33rd degree and untouchables this includes terrorists and untouchables with links to terrorist groups.

    Many liberty and freedom campaigners have written the dark truth of governments using the terror threat to implement social control. There is no doubt that Security Services have direct access to terrorist groups either through untouchables some of whom head up terrorist groups, Freemasonry infiltration or secret service infiltration. Governments are powerless to act against freemasonry and are often obliged to aid their cause due to dark work being carried out by masonic terrorist groups under the guidance of the security services as directed by governments as part of their New World Order social control agenda.

    These include the 911 attacks, 7/7 attacks and much more. Secret Service, Freemasons and Governments actually indirectly influence and control many terrorist groups through their high level dark operations connections. The higher level Security services operate on a completely different level to main stream "Official" Security Services and are responsible for many of the world most heinous crimes. The next time you read a news story or watch a TV news bulletin and the story is outrageous consider the control that Freemasons and security services have and would it have been possible to happen without their knowledge?

    mason protest
    mason protest mason protest CLICK IMAGE FOR FULLSIZE

    It is a RARE occasion for London's masonic cops to allow anyone to protest about Freemasons especially implicating them in murder!!!!!!!!!! and more especially outside the Houses of Parliament.
  • UK Masonic Criminal Elite Called "Untouchables"
    trafalgar square 10 duke street Millions of tourists pour into London each year admiring the ornate historical buildings and architecture as well as the long history of rule by British Royalty and its associated statues and residences that are almost around every corner.

    Few of these tourists are fully aware of the satanic methods used to create the ruthless and despotic British Empire that controlled the world through hand picked lackeys, indoctrinated in masonic blackmail , to ensure loyalty to some of the world's biggest tyrants. Closer examination of the streets surrounding Buckingham Palace shows how sinister this system really is. Duke Street Saint James at the heart of London's west end represents were the class system emanates from and none more so than 10 Duke Street, directly backing on to Chatham House in St. James Square where much of the corruption that consumes Britain is legitimized. 10 Duke Street harbours the 33 degree Supreme Council of masons and Duke street itself and the surrounding sidestreets contains some of the most eloquent and opulent art galleries with priceless antiques and where the auctioneers Christies reside.

    It would come as no surprise where the purchasers of their wares come from seeing that high level masons head the hierarchy of royal hangers on who throughout history have ruthlessly applied crown powers through corrupt civil courts that keep us lesser mortals in perpetual fear of a state machine that is increasingly getting out of control . That, to feed the desires of the few at the utter expense of the many.

    Tourists have a very warped perspective of London and its royal hangers on and the dogsbodies who, through the media they control, have created propaganda to elevate the royals to some godly status. That media also constantly reinforcing the message to suggest the Royals have some sort of moral right to continue a class system riddled with corruption , utterly despicable and only through enslaving a nation , never mind the world , could London afford the vast array of monuments dedicated to the memory of some of the henchmen who carried out the rape and murder required to enforce a despotic monarchy's rule.

    A browse through some of the links below show a history of the surrounding area where a few hand picked royalist lackeys using blackmail ,satanism and masonic control serves ONLY the interests of the royals and their hangers on, and like the matrix , everyone else is purely a means to extort the vast wealth they have accumulated using a system of thuggery and bullyboy tactics that date back to ancient Egypt .

    The world has been fooled by the corporate media's part in providing the illusion of grandeur that perpetuates a myth that the royals are some sort of saintly idols worthy of our deference. Instead the truth is that they are descendants of some of the most evil families that have ever walked the face of the earth and have lifestyles on the backs of the vast wealth their forefathers have stolen from the many countries and victims who's lives have been destroyed by the thugs they use to perpetrate the fraud , previously against the world, and now internally against the long suffering British citizens.


    Duke Street, St James’s is located in St James’s in the heart of the West End of London. The street runs from north to south, linking Jermyn Street with King Street. St James’s is characterised as having corporate, professional and headquarters business occupiers as well as being internationally renowned for its unrivaled amenities including some of London’s best hotels, clubs, restaurants, galleries and retailing.

    The immediate area provides corporate headquarters for a number of major occupiers such as HSBC Republic, BP, McKinsey, Boeing, J Rothschild, BNP Paribas, and JP Morgan. The area is also well known for its galleries and antiques dealers, and the subject property is opposite Christie’s and adjacent to Frost & Reed; the street is also home to the De Vere Cavendish Hotel. Duke Street connects with Jermyn Street, which is famous for its fashion retailers and there are a number of clubs of international renown.

  • London guide to Duke Street St James, SW1Y
  • Jermyn Street
    hidden hand

    Has the course of History been directed by a small group of people with common interests? The paintings and pictures of the great men of the past centuries reveal a common thread linking them together. Is it a coincidence that many of them hid one of their hands when posing for a portrait? Not likely. We’ll look at the Masonic origin of the “hidden hand” and the powerful men who displayed that sign in famous portraits.

    masons by Fritz Springmeier
    (From "Wise as a Serpent, Gentle as a Dove")

    Because there has been such a powerful cover up of the role Jews have played in Freemasonry, this subject must be dealt with. The Reformed Rabbi Gotthold Saloman wrote that Freemasonry was more a Jewish movement in origin than Christian. However, as is so often the case today, Jews can say things about themselves which if Gentiles, the Goy, say the same thing, then the non-Jews are in serious trouble. The initial formation by four Masonic lodges in 1717 of the first public Grand Lodge, included several Jewish Masons as participants. These were Marranos Jews (Jews converted to Christianity) and included Mendez, de Medina, Alvarez, and Baruch.29 In other words, Jews were there from the start. A look at the seals of the various Masonic groups in England in the 18th century reveals a Jewish or magical influence.

    Many books, including Morey's recent one, portray the American lodges as anti-Jewish. This is a smokescreen. The only Grand Lodge that was really anti-Jewish was the Prussian Grand Lodge which eventually transformed itself into the Thule Society and then into the Nazi Party. The reason that the Prussian Lodges became concerned in the early 19th century about Jewish control of Freemasonry could be a book in itself, but was based on several items, 1. being close to the several radical Jewish movements in Poland and the German States, the Germans were more aware of what was taking place, 2. in Germany warnings were given by ex-Masons and Masons, 3. German authors like Johann Christian Ehrmann in 1816, Eduard Emil Eckert (Der Freimaurer-Orden in seiner wahren Bedeutung, c. 1850), and Georg Michael Pachtler to name a few wrote books warning the Germans about Freemasonry and the power of Jews within the lodges. A close examination by reliable Masonic, Jewish, and other sources reveals that the Jews have indeed played an important part in the Masonic lodges since their beginning. A person today will witness for instance such things as the Feast of Tishri observed by for instance the Arkansas Lodge of Perfection.30


    The first early lodges in the various European nations of Scotland, England, German states, and France built upon a number of existing organizations. Various secret societies were built upon. Although it is beyond the scope of this chapter to explain Masonry's early history, it will be found in the Knight's Templar groups, in the secret societies of Europe and the Middle East (including the Order called Roshaniya, the Assassins, & Sufism), the Rosicrucians, the Prieure de Sion, the Mystery Religions (including the evolution of the Mazdains to Mithraism to Manicheanism to Freemasonry), witchcraft, and Platonic humanists and philosophers.

    Not only were the Masonic Rites formed from the early secret societies, but the secrecy of the Lodges encouraged and provided a forum for men of all types of anti-Christian persuasions, including - but not limited - to the Jews. John Robison, a Mason and a leading intellect of his day, exposed the conspiracy of Illuminized Masonry to take over the world and destroy Christianity in 1789.

    After decades of working closely with these men and listening to them in the Lodges he writes about the activities of these men, "...although in direct opposition to a standing rule, and a declaration made to every newly received Brother, 'that nothing touching the religion or government shall ever be spoken of in the Lodge.' But the Lodges in other countries quickly followed the example of France, and have frequently become the rendezvous of innovators in religion and politics, and other disturbers of the public peace. In short, I have found that the covert of a Mason Lodge had been employed in every country for venting and propagating sentiments in religion and politics, that could not have been circulated in public without exposing the author to great danger. I found, that this impunity [freedom due to Masonry's secrecy] had gradually encouraged men of licentious principles to become more bold, and to teach doctrines subversive of all our notions of morality..."31 "...under the protection of Masonic secrecy, they planned schemes... they formed associations in opposition to the... superstitions of the church....The church dreaded the consequences, and endeavored to suppress the Lodges. But in vain.... the rigors of the church only served to knit the Brethren [Masonic Brethren] more firmly together...The Lodges became schools of skepticism and infidelity, and the spirit of conversion or proselytism [to spread Masonic Dogma] grew every day stronger. "32

    Robison found in his attendance of Masonic meetings that even some of the Church officials like the Prince Bishop Loge de la Parfaite Intelligence mocked and attacked the church in his talks given at the Masonic Lodge and this while many of the other Lodge members were dignitaries in the church.33 This type of thing is still continuing. Today some of the most important "Christian" ministers who are Masons have only contempt for Christianity once they have the Lodge's secrecy to talk.

    Freemasonry fosters a mindset of death and depravity among its members. The vast majority of this "fraternity" are deceived and hoodwinked into believing they have joined a worthy organization. John Quincy Adams, our sixth President, wrote that "their master is the devil." Albert Pike and Manly P. Hall, two men highly revered by the membership of Freemasonry, confirmed this in their writings. Is there a hidden objective of the Masonic Lodge? What is the meaning of the three notorious names of Deity taught in the Lodge? Are all politicial leaders members of the Masonic Lodge? You will discover the answers to these questions and more in this week's program.
    lost symbol The enemy within (watch now on 4 on demand)


  • An extremist ideology is sweeping across Europe. Fundamentalist terrorist groups are operating in London. They want to end the British way of life and a minority are prepared to bomb and kill to get what they want. But the year is 1892: Victorian England, where the government is fighting a war on terror against many of its own citizens.

    Over 100 years later, Britain is home to another community which some claim is in deep conflict with its fundamental values. The Enemy Within explores the discontent which fuelled radical sentiment in the 19th century and the anger that fuels it again today. It tells the story of a largely forgotten period of English history - an Anarchist insurgency that took place in Victorian London - and examines the parallels that can be drawn with the modern-day war on terror.

    A cast of non-professional actors, young British Muslims, speak the words of the 19th-century Anarchists involved with the terror campaign. Their performances are intercut with interviews in which they explain how they feel about being a Muslim in Britain today. The programme uses surveillance-style camera techniques to evoke an atmosphere of tension and paranoia as it examines the feelings of oppression, persecution and anger that can lead to extremism.


  • The Lost Symbol: Truth or Fiction listed here

  • Wednesday 21 Oct 2009 Channel 5 8pm GMT

    The story behind Dan Brown's latest novel The Lost Symbol, featuring unique access to Freemason lodges throughout the world. The documentary explores the history of the organisation and the biggest conspiracy theories surrounding it, some of which have persisted for centuries
    committee of 300
    From "The demon named Baal" HERE
    Other spellings: Bael, Baël (French), Baell.

    Baal is sometimes seen as a demon in Christianity. This is a potential source of confusion. Until archaeological digs at Ras Shamra and Ebla uncovered texts explaining the Syrian pantheon, the demon Ba‘al Zebûb was frequently confused with various Semitic spirits and deities named Baal, whereas in some Christian writings, it might refer to a high-ranking devil or to Satan himself. In the ancient world of the Persian Empire, as monotheistic strains of thought were gaining steam, from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, worship of deities represented by idols was being rejected in favor of the cult of Yahweh. In the Levant the idols were called "ba'als", each of which represented a local spirit-deity or "demon". Worship of all such spirits was rejected as immoral, and many were in fact considered malevolent and dangerous.

    Early demonologists, unaware of Hadad or that "Ba'al" in the Bible referred to any number of local spirits, came to regard the term as referring to but one personage. Baal (usually spelt "Bael" in this context; there is a possibility that the two figures are not connected) was ranked as the first and principal king in Hell, ruling over the East. According to some authors Baal is a duke, with 66 legions of demons under his command. During the English Puritan period, Baal was either compared to Satan or considered his main lieutenant. According to Francis Barrett, he has the power to make those who invoke him invisible.

    While the Semitic high god Ba'al Hadad was depicted as a human, a ram, or a bull, the demon Bael was in grimoire tradition said to appear in the forms of a man, cat, toad, or combinations thereof. An illustration in Collin de Plancy's 1818 book Dictionnaire Infernal rather curiously placed the heads of the three creatures onto a set of spider legs. In 1979, Jeff Rovin added to the confusion with The Fantasy Encyclopedia, in which Astaroth was given Baal's likeness, including in a new illustration. This error has been repeated elsewhere, such as a Baal-like Astaroth as #102 in the Monster in My Pocket series.

    From "Mount Hermon better known as Ba’al Hermon" HERE

    From "The World’s Oldest Profession is Religion" HERE


    "Mount Hermon sits at 33° Degrees in both Longitude/Latitude. Therein lies the Mystery of that Number that Occultists revere to this day often with no understanding of it. A number of old pre-Flood monuments exist that real Geology will confirm were eroded by salt water of the Flood like the Temple at Baalbek, the city of Machu-Pichu in Peru, and the Pyramids and Sphynx on the Giza plateau. So what Nimrod and Semiramis sought to do was resurrect the Technology and the Occult Sorceries of Pre-Flood Civilization. And so they set up the Mystery Cults that spread all over the Earth to this day.

    Temple Prostitution and Human Sacrifice began because psychologically, when Men and Women will surrender what they Love like their own bodies as Sex-Slaves or their own beloved little Children to be Sex-Slaves or Sacrifices then the Priests/Priestesses know they have complete slavery and obedience to their crooked Authority.

    So from this Human degradation from before the Flood was resurrected by Nimrod and Semiramis in Temples they built and setting up the foundations that underlie ALL World Religions to this day in time. There was a very real Reason that Prostitution degradation and Human Sacrifice happened to test/force obedience and servitude of the People by the original trauma-based mind-control on those who followed the Religion demanded of them by Nimrod/Semiramis.

    When anyone surrenders who/what they Love to be degraded/killed then it proves their Slavery is TOTAL; and the internal shame of it inside those who did/do it insures complete obedience and servitude lest their deeds be revealed, so Blackmailing began then with Religion."

    nelsons column

    silver monolith Visit any city across the globe and it wont take long to find where masons have pissed on the local architecture with their phallic obelisks protruding into the sky like a DOG marking its territory.

    These monstrosities can be found EVERYWHERE. Many across the UK portrayed as war memorials when in fact these are masonic symbols that mark a territory they think they control, using the thuggery and theft associated with all sorts of legal and political chicanery that their dupes create embedded in every position of power available to their goons.

    Another ruse is using these monoliths to represent war heroes like Lord Nelson who has monuments across the globe but in fact represents masonic power as Nelson was part of the funny handshake club and immortalised by the masons in one of their recent magazines at

    We found one of these strange monuments right in the middle of a rather up market housing scheme in Kingston upon Thames in London. This one is particularly unusual in that it isn't made of stone but either stainless steel or mirrored to create a shiny surface that begs the question what the hell is it there for?

    Who in their right mind would want something like this in their garden but to let everyone know they are in the presence of masons who through their crooked craft can afford the luxury penthouse apartments that lie around this obscene monolith.
    lost symbol Masons: the reluctant text symbols

    The Freemasons held their fraternal breath as midnight approached last Monday.

    After centuries of dwelling in history’s shadows – being blamed for everything from assassinating JFK and establishing a New World Order to the Jack the Ripper murders and controlling the police force – the organisation waited anxiously for Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, to appear in bookstores at the stroke of 12, dragging the secret society into the glare of a 21st-century media feeding frenzy. Brown’s most famous literary offering, The Da Vinci Code, threw harsh light on another secretive society – the Catholic Church’s Opus Dei – causing serious PR problems for the organisation in real life. Would Brown’s creation, symbologist Robert Langdon’s latest adventure, follow suit, portraying the Masons as history’s conspiratorial bogeymen?

    But a most unexpected thing happened: despite his trademark tortured prose, inexplicable use of italics, starchy exposition and plot twists borrowed from a Latin American soap opera, Brown may have pulled off something of a PR coup for the Masons. Now instead of preparing a defence of what they call “their gentle Craft”, they could well be stockpiling application forms as readers see the society in a kinder, gentler light, because in The Lost Symbol, the Masons are – wait for it – the good guys.

    If they join in the anticipation that some cosmic secret will be revealed to them, they will be sorely disappointed

    David Begg, Grand Secretary

    By contrast, The Da Vinci Code portrayed Opus Dei as shadowy religious fanatics charged with lethally suppressing the secret of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s relationship. Despite being fiction, it had a very real effect on the organisation. “The book turned a private existence for our members into a more public one,” said Andrew Soane, Opus Dei spokesman. “The Da Vinci Code meant that members had the occasion to speak about their membership and had to explain themselves to a lot of people.” The week The Da Vinci Code was released in 2006, enquiries increased tenfold. Membership numbers have remained steady, despite the negative depiction in a book that sold 80 million copies. With The Lost Symbol expected to do similar business, “the Masons should be prepared for increased interest”, warned Soane.

    In advance of the novel’s release, senior Masons in the US voiced concern that “we might have to spend the next 25 years responding to Dan Brown’s fiction”. A website was set up in advance to combat untruths. The tension was palpable. Author Brad Meltzer, whose Book Of Fate, another Washington-based Masonic thriller, topped the New York Times best-seller list in 2006, explained why they were nervous. “For better or worse, people read these novels and take truth from them,” he said. “We don’t get educated by newspapers any more. We get educated by comedians, pop culture and fiction. And we are talking about the biggest book of the year. The Masons are stars of it. Their symbol is on the front cover. Six million people are going to read it. Only a fool wouldn’t be nervous.” On Wednesday afternoon, however, the only thing jangling within the marble halls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland was the sound of a teaspoon against porcelain. The receptionist was making a cup of tea for the Grand Secretary, David Begg.

    Brown’s Masonic revelation had been published the day before. Hardback copies were flying out the door of nearby Waterstone’s. But sitting in his large office within the lodge on Edinburgh’s George Street, the centre of the Scottish craft, Begg was a man at ease. “We haven’t geared up for this at all,” he said. “It doesn’t surprise me that Dan Brown wanted to write about the Masons. I’ll be interested to read it to make sure it isn’t too inaccurate.” Begg’s calm may have to do with Brown’s benign view of his organisation. The plot, such as it is, involves Langdon attempting to rescue his kidnapped friend and senior Mason, Peter Solomon. His quest involves cracking Masonic codes set into the architecture of Washington DC, all the while evading the attentions of the CIA and a tattooed, castrated madman who believes the Masons hold the secret to becoming a god, the titular lost symbol. While in The Da Vinci Code Langdon raced to uncover Opus Dei’s secret, in The Lost Symbol he fights to protect the Masons. With a print run of six million, it has already become the biggest-selling adult hardback of all time.

    Near the beginning Langdon says: “The entire Masonic philosophy is built on honesty and integrity. Masons are among the most trustworthy men you could ever hope to meet.” By the end of the novel, after being shot at, almost drowned and chased from monument to monument, his view is the same. They are “one of the most unfairly maligned and misunderstood organisations in the world”. Brown’s view is not too far removed from his hero’s. “I have enormous respect for the Masons,” he said in a interview. “In the most fundamental terms, with different cultures killing each other over whose version of God is correct, here is a worldwide organisation that essentially says, ‘We don’t care what you call God, or what you think about God, only that you believe in a god and let’s all stand together as brothers and look in the same direction’.” Begg is unsurprised by Brown’s generous treatment. “It wouldn’t surprise me that it is positive,” he said. “I’ve found a lot of misguided comments about freemasonry. I don’t find that overseas when I go there. I’d have to say it is more in Scotland and the UK that there is an inbuilt prejudice. But that is receding.”

    The Freemasons possess a murky, misty history. Some trace their roots back to the builders of Solomon’s Temple, others claim Adam as the first Mason. But their modern origins are linked to the medieval stonemasons’ guilds who constructed cathedrals across Scotland and England. The first recorded Freemasons as we know them, a brotherhood for all men not exclusively stonemasons, met at a lodge at Kilwinning in Ayrshire in 1599. The Grand Lodge of Scotland was formed in 1736 to unite the hundreds of lodges around the country. The first grand mason was William St Clair, whose family built the mysterious Roslyn Chapel. His portrait hangs in the grand lodge’s boardroom. The order’s creed of brotherly love, relief and truth still exists today, as well as some other medieval hang-ups: women are still barred from joining. The Masons might not be subject to the negativity that plagued Opus Dei after its time in the Dan Brown spotlight, but The Lost Symbol still panders to another stereotype that dogs the organisation. Langdon’s ultimate discovery is that the Masons guard ancient secrets that can allow man to achieve god-like powers.

    “The craft of Freemasonry has given me a deep respect for that which transcends human understanding,” says a senior Mason at one point. This could attract a new breed of excitable members, bewitched by the order’s alleged mysticism. “It is a way of life, a philosophy. An approach to your fellow man and how to treat them,” said Begg. “But if they join in the anticipation that some cosmic secret will be revealed to them, they will be sorely disappointed.”

    The codes and symbols that propel the novel appear to have a lot more substance than the book’s Masonic mysticism. Pyramids, double-headed phoenixes, all-seeing eyes, compasses and set squares lead Langdon deeper into his adventure. The same imagery is dotted throughout the Grand Lodge of Scotland. A pyramid clock sits atop the mantelpiece in Begg’s office, near Robert Burns’s masonic apron. In the Lodge’s museum a painting hangs on the wall: a crescent moon and a sun with an eye in the centre float above a young Mason. A set square and compass hang from the chandelier in the main staircase. “Symbols are still hugely important,” said AJ Morgan, a Masonic historian. “The order is immediately recognisable because of its universal logo of a set square and compass. Symbolism plays a large part in the lodge.”

    But Begg said: “There are lots of signs and symbols involved, and they have allegorical meanings. I wouldn’t say they are hiding any secrets as such. They are symbolic within some of our ceremonies, but not in hiding any great secrets of the universe.” At one point in the novel Langdon discusses the circumpunct, a circle within a circle, one of the oldest signs in the world. “It has many meanings,” he writes. “One of the most esoteric being the rose.” He links the flower to the Rosicrucians, a Masonic degree within the Scottish Rite which “contributed to Masonic mystical philosophy ... had an enigmatic history that greatly influenced science”. In the Grand Lodge, roses emboss the staircase and wallpaper of the Grand Mason’s office.

    Other aspects of Freemasonry that the book plays upon, such as the use of knives in ceremonies and chambers of reflection (rooms containing various symbols), are not dismissed. “It is all symbolic,” said Begg. “The chambers of reflection would be part of a side order. It’s not something we would have in the Grand Lodge.” The novel turns to Scotland at various junctures. Peter Solomon is head of the Scottish Rite in America, whose headquarters, the House of the Temple, has symbolism that “rivalled that of Scotland’s Rosslyn Chapel”. George Washington, the first US president, and several drafters of the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution were Masons.

    Above the door of the Grand Lodge’s library, a painting hangs: Washington dressed in Masonic regalia laying the foundation stone for the US Capitol Building with a Masonic trowel. Begg and his fellow Scottish Masons are very proud of their links around the world. Scottish lodges are in 43 countries including Zimbabwe, Lebanon and China. The dark-wood-panelled museum in George Street houses artefacts from the international lodges. Daily tours are given to the public as part of Begg’s wish to “throw back the veil of secrecy”.

    “Throughout history people have thought the order and its ceremonies were secretive,” he said. “But they are more private than secret.” Now, prodded by Brown, the Masons may start to finally emerge from the shadows, symbols in hand.

    lost symbol Avid Dan Brown readers can now access his new book "THE LOST SYMBOL" as it has finally appeared in bookstores, but why the sudden CHANGE of cover? We can only speculate as to why the original cover seen at Dan Brown's own website HERE has been changed to a key with a masonic icon for the unlock mechanism.

    What is remarkable is that very few publishers have printed anything major relating to freemasonry. Despite the internet awash with articles and exposures about what the masons get up to and how they control the global political, legal and banking systems for their own financial gain, very few books appear on the shelves and most provide some mysterious reverence to an evil web of control that NO ONE as yet has truly identified with the utter chaos that now circulates the globe thanks to that control.

    So how all of a sudden do we see films and books about the very subject, that for so long has been hidden by the same group controlling the worlds publishing houses? How many excellent writers who could have done some justice to this subject were ignored while Dan Brown has bypassed the normal VETTING process that ensures most of the masonic books critical of how they operate get binned? There is no doubt Brown is miles ahead in terms of his amazing writing abilities. Even people who are not avid book readers have been amazed at the intensity of Browns writing . There is really only one question that needs answered and one that is not easily deciphered. Had the masons planned to use Brown to come out of the woodwork when their crimes had been exposed across the internet or has Brown been so shrewd that he gradually slipped in the masonic element without upsetting those publishers that under any other circumstances would have wanted all mentions of masons removed from his books?

    Brown's books are novels and do not represent an accurate account of how masons infiltrate and control every aspect of the banking, legal and political systems that we ,in one way or another , are all enslaved by. Brown adds an air of mystery to what is really a sick satanic cult that ruthlessly removes anyone who dares challenge their secretive network of dupes and spies who are brainwashed and swear satanic allegiance to their sick and depraved control mechanisms . One way the British monarchy aided by Zionist bankers control much of the worlds wealth using organisations like Chatham House (formerly the Royal Institute of International Affairs) and the British Crown and Inns of Court were ALL lawyers and judges across the globe are ultimately answerable to using the International Bar Associations to create the laws that fleece us all of our hard earned money.

    Dan Brown cannot possibly do justice to EXPOSING the dangers and damage this cult is doing across the globe that keeps the majority of the worlds wealth in the hands of the very few. And who conspire to create the propaganda and fear that keeps us all in our place, while leaving the self appointed elite few to wheel and deal and enslave us all for their own personal enrichment. This is THE most complex web of deceit and control that has ever been devised throughout history that has over, only the last few years ,been slowly unraveled by EXCELLENT writers, who unlike Dan Brown have not had the opportunity to get the publishing deals that would finally expose the real truth of what has been hidden by the corporate media. A media who for far to long have helped hide the sinister connections and failed to join the dots that lead to the doors of masonic lodges across the globe that are ultimately responsible for creating the tyranny that is consuming the world at this present time.

  • Brown’s New Book Out In Sept
  • Dan Brown may have pulled off something of a PR coup for the Masons
    massun "The Lost Symbol" and the Freemasons: 8 Myths Decoded
    Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News

    Novelist Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol, is doing for the Freemasons what its predecessor, The Da Vinci Code, did for the Catholic Church's Opus Dei—showering new fame, and new fictions, on a brotherhood that's already catnip for conspiracy theorists.
    (See "Lost Symbol Pictures: Real Places From Dan Brown's New Book.")

    'Lost Symbol' Dan Brown story (new book) picture: Freemasons' symbol-filled 'jewel'

    Since long before The Lost Symbol, Freemasons have been accused of everything from conspiring with extraterrestrials to practicing sexual deviancy to engaging in occult rituals to running the world—or trying to end it. Detractors include global conspiracy theorists and religious organizations, including the Catholic Church. Released today, The Lost Symbol isn't likely to squelch any rumors, beginning as it does with a wine-filled skull, bejeweled power brokers, and a dark Masonic temple steps away from the White House.

    But what if Freemasons—the world's largest international secret society—are just a bunch of guys into socializing, non-satanic rituals, self-improvement, and community service? To separate Freemason fact from Lost Symbol-style myth, National Geographic News went inside the centuries-old order with two Masons and a historian of the ancient Christian order from which some claim the Masons sprang in the 17th or 18th century.

    Masonic Symbols Are Everywhere

    It's true that Masonic symbols are anything but lost, said Freemason and historian Jay Kinney, author of the newly released Masonic Myth. Freemasonry is rich in symbols, and many are ubiquitious—think of the pentagram, or five-pointed star, or the "all-seeing eye" in the Great Seal of the United States. But most Masonic symbols aren't unique to Freemasonry, Kinney said.

    "I view the Masonic use of symbols as a grab bag taken from here, there, and everywhere," he said. "Masonry employs them in its own fashion." The pentagram, for example, is much older than Freemasonry and acquired its occult overtones only in the 19th and 20th centuries, hundreds of years after the Masons had adopted the symbol. Likewise, the all-seeing eye saw its way to the Great Seal—and the U.S. dollar bill—by way of artist Pierre Du Simitiere, a non-Mason.

    The eye represents divine guidance of the U.S. ship of state, or as Secretary of the U.S. Congress Charles Thompson put it in 1782, it alludes "to the many signal interpositions of providence in favour of the American cause." There was one known Mason on the committee to design the seal, Benjamin Franklin. His proposed design was eyeless, and rejected.

    Masons Descend From the Knights Templar

    Much has been made of the Freemasons purported lineage to the Knights Templar. The powerful military and religious order was established to protect medieval pilgrims to the Holy Land and dissolved by Pope Clement V, under pressure of King Phillip IV of France, in 1312. After modern Masonry appeared in the 17th- or 18th-century Britain, some Freemasons claimed to have acquired the secrets of the Templars and adopted Templar symbols and terminology—naming certain levels of Masonic hierarchy after Templar "degrees," for example. "But those [Knights Templar] degrees and Masonic orders had no historic connection with the original Knights Templar," Kinney explained.

    "These are myths or symbolic figures that were used by the Masons. But because the association had been made with these degrees, and the degrees had perpetuated themselves, after a time it began to look like there had been a connection." Helen Nicholson, author of The Knights Templar: A New History, agrees that there is no possibility that Freemasons are somehow descended from the Knights Templar. By the time of the first Masons, the Cardiff University historian said, "there were no more Templars."

    Masons Are Hiding Templar Treasure

    One of the Templar-Mason theory's many veins suggests that some Templars survived the order's 14th-century destruction by taking refuge in Scotland, where they hid a fabulous treasure beneath Rosslyn Chapel (as seen in The Da Vinci Code). The treasure, and the Templar tradition, were eventually passed down to the founders of Freemasonry, the story goes.

    In fact, there was Templar treasure, Nicholson said, but it ended up in other hands long ago. "The most likely reason [the Templars were dissolved] is that the king wanted their money. The King of France was bankrupt, and the Templars had lots of ready cash."

    Washington, D.C.'s Streets Form Giant Masonic Symbols

    It's long been suggested that powerful Freemasons embedded Masonic symbols in the Washington, D.C., street plan designed mainly by Frenchman Pierre L'Enfant in 1791. The Lost Symbol is expected to prominently feature "Masonic mapping," detecting pentagrams and other symbols by connecting the dots among landmarks. Pre-release clues released by author Dan Brown, for example, include GPS coordinates for Washington landmarks. "Individually, Masons had a role in building the White House, in building and designing Washington, D.C.," said Mark Tabbert, director of collections at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia. "And [small scale] Masonic symbols can be found throughout the city, as they can in most U.S. cities."

    But there's no Masonic message in the city's street plan, Tabbert said. For starters, Pierre L'Enfant wasn't a Mason. And, Tabbert asked, why would Masons go to the trouble of laying out a street grid to match their symbols? "There has to be a [reason] for doing such a thing," said Tabbert, himself a Mason. "Dan Brown will find one, because he writes fiction. But there isn't one."

    Freemasons Rule the World

    Maybe it's the impressive list of prominent Freemasons—from Napoleon to F.D.R. to King Kamehameha (IV and V!)—that's led some to suggest the group is a small cabal running the globe. But Kinney, the Masonic historian, paints a picture of a largely decentralized group that might have trouble running anything with much efficiency. "I think the ideals that Masonry embodies, which have to do with universal brotherhood, are shared by Masons around the world [regardless of] religious, political, or national differences," he said. "But having shared ideals is one thing—having some sort of shared hierarchy is something else altogether."

    Kinney noted that the U.S. alone has 51 grand lodges, one for each state and the District of Columbia. Each of these largely independent organizations oversees its many local blue (or beginner) lodges and has little real coordination with other grand lodges. Internationally, Masonic lodges not only don't speak with a single voice but sometimes refuse to even recognize each other's existence. Also, many Masons are independent minded and tend to resist edicts from above, Kinney said. "There is no way that they could be run by a single hierarchy. There is no such entity."

    Freemasonry Is a Religion—Or a Cult

    But Masons stress that their organization is not a religion, that is it has no unique theology and does not represent a path for believers to salvation or other divine rewards. Even so, to be accepted into Freemasonry, initiates must believe in a god—any god. Christians may be in the majority, but Jews, Muslims, and others are well represented in Masonic circles. At lodge meetings religious discussion is traditionally taboo, Kinney and Tabbert said.

    But some religious leaders believe that Masonic rituals and beliefs—with its temples, altars, and oaths—do constitute an opposing faith. And the Masonic refusal to rank one religion above the others hasn't always been popular. A 1983 Catholic declaration approved by Pope John Paul II, for example, said that "Catholics enrolled in Masonic associations are involved in serious sin and may not approach Holy Communion."

    Freemasons Started the American Revolution

    Prominent Freemasons like Ben Franklin and George Washington played essential roles in the American Revolution. And among the ranks of Freemasons are 9 signers of the Declaration of Independence and 13 signers of the Constitution. But Freemasonry—born in Britain, after all—had adherents on both sides of the conflict. Tabbert, of the George Washington Masonic Memorial, said Masonic groups allowed men on both sides of the revolution to come together as brothers—not to promote a political view, which would be against Masonic tradition.

    "For many years [Masons] claimed in their own quasi-scholarship that all of these revolutionaries and Founding Fathers were Freemasons," Tabbert said. "A fair number of them were, but they weren't doing these things because they were Freemasons."

    Membership Requires Shadowy Connections

    Contrary to The Lost Symbol, you don't have to drink wine from a skull to become a ranking Freemason. In fact, tradition dictates that Masons don't recruit members but simply accept those who approach them of their own free will. When Freemasonry hit its peak in the U.S. during the late 1950s, Kinney, the Masonic historian, said, almost one of every ten eligible adult males was a member—a total of some four million and hardly a tiny elite.

    Today membership numbers, like those of other fraternal organizations, have declined dramatically, and only about 1.5 million U.S. men are Masons. But with The Lost Symbol already igniting interest in Freemasonry, Masonic centers are bracing for tourists—and maybe a few new recruits.

    leicester square phallic symbol Masons work overtime to fill London with their satanic sexually explicit images.

    They have an obsession with giant phallic symbols (3000 foot high condom) to compensate for their complete lack of any manly trait that would naturally draw females, instead they are mainly UGLY dimwitted goons with no other talent than to sell their souls to the devil and to be as devious and evil as their order allows. God help any woman crazy enough to marry any one of these scumbags.

    War memorials right across London city are full of masonic symbolism. War is another obsession for masons who have infiltrated and corrupted our political and legal systems for their own ends. London now proven to be one of the most corrupt cities across the planet.
    gears of war The Wars Between Us Or The War Against Us?
    By Arthur & Fiona Cristian

    Through our education from history lessons and the media, we are taught that wars are an unfortunate but inevitable part of our existence. Race against race, culture against culture, country against country, we pit ourselves against one another.

    But behind ALL the wars are the shadowy figures of the Establishment for whom wars between us serve several purposes; besides the obviously massive gains in wealth those at the top make everytime they send in their lackeys to sell arms to both sides, loan money to both sides and then move in to offer rebuilding, rehabilitation, more loans at extortionate interest rates, etc, etc etc, all at vast profit to themselves, they also get to try out all their latest technology, developed under the guise of defending us from the enemy, whether another country or the ever-dreaded terrorists, in preparation for their final war - the war against US. This is the real end game.

    Of course they have always used their intelligence services and technology against us when it has suited them but now we are nearing the time when their control will become overt rather than covert. Any one who still thinks they can slip "off the radar" and live quietly without being noticed can think again. All those planning on slipping off and forming communities need not hide - they can find you any time they want! And they are clearly ready to let us know this, hence the very public rescue of a government Minister by a "secret" plane. Not so secret anymore!

    In addition to this "special" plane, they are also manufacturing stealth helicopters outside Brisbane, helicopters so quiet you can't hear them until they are literally on top of you and you can't hear them as soon as they have passed over you. In other words, you have absolutely no warning they are coming to get you.

    This technology, along with Swine Flu vaccinations, global pandemics, chemtrails, 100,000+ poisons and chemicals circulating and saturating earth and MAN, processed/destroyed food and water, police states, military curfews/laws, global economic collapse and possibly a UFO/Alien invasion, is all part of their agenda to depopulate the earth to "manageable" levels (probably around 500 million) and maintain control. And lets not forget the Fema Camps/Private Prisons and Detention Centres (under the present guise of holding camps for illegal immigrants) to be used for all the freedom/truth rebels not kowtowing to establishment guidelines and their dictatorial rulership.

    The sublime arrogance of those behind the British Empire (includes all the royal houses of Europe) started off by invading the native tribes on the lands they cared for and using brutal force (murdering hundreds/thousands of millions and traumatising those left into forgetting who they really were and what they are really part of) to bring about their submission. They then gradually moved from overt power and control to covert power and control as they "allowed" conquered people and immigrants/settlers to gain "independence", moving out physically but leaving their esoteric and occultic systems of government, law, history, religion, science, new age and education behind (a fairytale called "The Western World Civilisation Of Commerce"), in other words, all the tools of brainwashing and force (the sedatives) required to keep the locals under their thumb, under the "Rules Of Their Divide".

    Based on the triune abominations of sacred geometry/geometry, mathematics and all read and write alphabet languages, the building materials of all esoterics and occults, the British Empire left behind a Freemasonic shadow world government to prop up and administer the affairs of its copyrighted fairytale (the prescripted medication), and without providing full disclosure, they conned billions of us into not only believing in their fairytale but also to be the willing actors in costume with titles......... under contract to them (the copyright holder). Now they realise that the contracted medication is wearing off and we are starting to wake up from the fairytale, starting to remember who we really are and what we are really part of so, in their sublime arrogance, they are preparing to move back to more overt methods of power and control.

    Time to take your fingers out of your ears, folks, and get growing those veges before they starve us all into submitting to their vaccines, their microchips and their dictatorships.


    scouting.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

    The Boy Scouts of America
    is rare among major institutions in banning homosexuals, atheists and agnostics as leaders. In a decadent age, the BSA is unique in upholding God, country and traditional values.

    With 1.6 million members & 470,000 leaders in 50,000 packs, it appears to be an incredible force for good. But like every major institution, the Boy Scouts have been subverted by Freemasonry, which has a hidden agenda of promoting homosexuality and denying God.

    Scouting's national honor society "recognizing Boy Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives" is a Masonic secret society called the "Order of the Arrow." It has more than 180,000 members in "lodges" affiliated with more than 300 BSA local councils.
    The Boy Scouts must ensure that their commendable goals do not provide cover & recruits for the Masonic agenda.

    Let's begin by looking at the ostensible goals. The BSA web site proclaims:  "That Boy Scouts also has traditional values, like requiring youth to do their "duty to God" and be "morally straight" is nothing to be ashamed of and should not be controversial. No court case has ever held that Boy Scouts discriminate unlawfully, and it is unfortunate here that anyone would characterized Boy Scouts' constitutionally protected right to hold traditional values as 'discriminatory.'  That is just name-calling."

    The "Scout Law" teaches youths to be "trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent."

    It defines God as  "the ruling and leading power in the universe" to whom we are grateful for "favors and blessings."  It maintains that "Boy Scouts believe that homosexual conduct is not compatible with the aims and purposes of Scouting and that a known or avowed homosexual does not present a desirable role model for the youth in the Scouting program."


    These are brave words for an organization that was probably founded by a homosexual to "scout" fresh talent for the British Empire's pedophile elite.

    The homosexual inclinations of Scout Founder Robert Baden Powell (1857-1941) have been noted by two recent biographers.   He liked being with young boys, especially if they were skinny dipping.

    Although married with three children, he was probably a homosexual. His father died when he was three-years-old. Subsequently, Robert was raised by his mother, "a strong woman who was determined that her children would succeed." Baden-Powell would say of her in 1933 "The whole secret of my getting on, lay with my mother."

    baden powellAlthough some Freemasons deny he was a member, lodges as far away as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are named in his honor. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant General and fought with distinction in Britain's colonial wars subduing Zulus and Boers. His cohorts, from Lord Kitchener to King Edward VII were homosexuals, Freemasons and debauchees.  

    His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the center, which is the trail sign for "Going home", or "I have gone home."  This is also a symbol of the Illuminati, representing penis and vagina.


    Lucifer recruits mankind using a combination of deception and seduction. Freemasonry is the Church of Lucifer, which is the real "religion" of (post-Enlightenment) Western "civilization." It operates under many banners: Liberalism, Socialism, Zionism, Communism, Fascism, Feminism and "gay rights." 

    Like all of the above, Freemasonry is a secret society, i.e. the membership is deceived as to the true agenda. The lower three "Blue Degrees" are fed platitudes about charity and making good men better. But, in reality, only the corruptible advance. Our whole society is based on this model which explains why our leaders, both political and cultural, have abandoned us.

    Thus, it is quite likely that the Boy Scouts of America represent the innocent Blue Degrees. It is possible that "The Order of the Arrow" represents a recruitment pool for Freemasonry and ultimately other things.

    John Salza is a former 32 degree Freemason and the author of the book "Freemasonry Unmasked." He has written an essay about the OA entitled "Freemasonry has Infiltrated the Boy Scouts." The OA was founded in 1915 by two 32 degree Freemasons and its rituals are patterned on Masonic rituals. Both have three degrees; both are organized into lodges, both rituals seek esoteric spiritual known and illumination. Both have blood oaths. Candidates are conducted around the lodge while bound by a rope.

    Salza goes into greater detail but the bottom line is that America's youths are being inducted into an occult secret society by stealth means. Scouts and Masons will deny there is anything wrong but this only proves their gullibility and venality. The BSA is doing the exact opposite of what it claims.


    What is happening in the Boy Scouts is happening is society at large. Churches, political parties, the YMCA, the media, schools --no institution is immune. 

    Mankind is satanically possessed, and is being inducted into a satanic cult through sex, violence, money, drugs, secret societies or media-induced panic or psychosis. Movies today are mostly mindless killing and mayhem, catastrophe and perversion.  

    The Illuminati (the highest rung of Cabalistic Freemasonry)  intends to degrade mankind and deliver us to Lucifer as Tribute. It spits in the face of God and mankind seems only too willing to assist.    

    trinity2 This pyramid monument was built at Trinity Site, in New Mexico, where the world's first nuclear explosion took place July 16, 1945.

    The numbers in this date 7/16/1945 add up to "33," a masonically significant number—33 being the highest ritual degree for Scottish Rite Freemasons. The term "Trinity," of course, refers to the trinity of deities revered in the ancient Mystery religions.

  • Pyramid Mysteries of the Atomic Bomb
    national memorial

    This is what our group have been saying for a VERY LONG TIME and eloquently put by the vigilant citizen. War memorials are NOT to commemorate the war dead but a show of masonic and illuminati power and control and how they use war to curtail population growth . Only a concerted effort by everyone to warn and unite the world against these monsters of human beings can stop them from creating more world scenarios that allow them to dictate who dies and who lives.

    Police and military memorials are probably the most occult monuments you can find. Considered to be the largest Memorial built since WWII, the Armed Forces Memorial in Staffordshire, U.K. is totally built on Masonic and Illuminati principles. Does this structure really commemorate fallen soldiers or does it celebrate their ritual sacrifice? The symbols say it all.

    Memorials dedicated to the fallen are a place to reflect, to pay respects and to pray. They carry an important meaning for the friends and family of the victims as well as for the rest of their countrymen. The symbolism of the place conveys however a double message – one that applies to the people and one that applies to the elite. When one goes beyond the face value of this place and analyzes the symbolic origin of the monuments, one can understand the thoroughly elitist philosophy behind the Memorial. The architecture, the choice of monuments and the symbols present at the National Memorial absolutely embrace Masonic and Illuminati principles. What do these symbols have to do with the soldiers and the other victims being honored at this Memorial, except for the fact they represent their hidden rulers, those who plot wars and political crises? Those who have researched the secret aims of the elite, their plans for a New World Order and their obsession for a massive depopulation the Earth will see in this Memorial a troubling message. Prince Philip (Prince Charles father) infamously said:

    “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”
    -Prince Philip

  • Another masonic monolith disguised as a war memorial
    masswas The mysterious Masonic Order has fueled controversy and debate for centuries. Revered by many as a vital part of history, believed by some to hold evidence of a worldwide conspiracy, it is assumed by others to hold important secrets, from the Holy Grail to UFOs. This book is a virtual doorway to some enigmatic and important aspects of Freemasonry: Freemason Freemasonry, Masons, Masonic, Masonry, Mystery Mason w Nazi style symbolism

    * the history of the Freemasonry and its relationship to the growth of government.

    * the history of the Nazi Party and its relationship to the Masonic Order in America and elsewhere.

    * the enigmatic origin of Nazism's straight-armed salute is revealed, as well the Freemasons who were its creators in the USA three decades before the Nazis.

    * the unveiling of the true significance and meaning of the Swastika symbol, its use in America and its later use by the Nazi Party.

    * the medieval history of Freemasonry and its esoteric beliefs and relationship to the Knights Templar.

    This article proves that secret societies not only exist, they have played an important role in national and international events right up to this day.


    In this convincing potboiler, Dr. Curry, who charges that conspiracies are behind large government cover-ups, now offers a sweeping view of world history through the prism of conspiracy theory. The world's most dangerous individuals, he opines, wield excessive influence over individuals and news media through their control of government schools and through the use of secret societies. The aim of these secret societies is one-world government and centralized social control, and in this respect, all these groups and their offshoots carry the imprint of older secret brotherhoods, including Freemasonry and the Illuminati.

    Conspiracy buffs will have a field day wading through this news-breaking, history-making information. As part of this framework the article points to future breakthroughs on the origins of the Morgan and Rothschild banking dynasties, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Vatican, WWII and Nazi occult dabblings, Zecharia Sitchin, the Russian Revolution, The Chinese Revolution and the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part) 62 million dead under the United Socialist Soviet Republics; 35 million dead under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million dead under the National Socialist German Workers' Party. This article supplements a host of maverick theories. The death toll was so bad that Holocaust Museums would quadruple in size with Wholecaust Museums to document the entire slaughter. The conspiracy trail winds up back in the good old U.S.A., as it plies territory mined by less thorough conspiracy writers. This article has the semblance of plausibility that helped make Curry's ideas into bestsellers.

  • Pyramids, masons and the swastika
    las Despite revolutions across the globe removing tyrants that ruled so many countries, how have the British monarchy survived so long? Is it because they are, as the British media claim, kind ,gentle and honorable citizens? Or are they descended from the most ruthless tyrants across the globe?

    That same media continue to paint the royals as relatively poor compared with most of the oligarchs across the globe. They seldom if ever include the massive land and property controlled by them which includes conclusive proof that they alone own one sixth of the worlds total land mass. So how do they manage to keep that position ?

    One look at the Duke of Kents role as head of the most EVIL network of power across the globe , a SATANIC cult that blackmails its membership to ensure allegiance to maintaining the evil royal control over the long suffering citizens of the UK. Masons have created a multi-tier bully boy network that ensures the most powerful positions in the UK are totally dominated by hand picked lackeys of the state under the control of the British Crown operating on behalf of old Lizzie and her future descendents. Why have British cops and the royals allowed masonic halls to flourish across the UK with one or more in every town, city or village?

    Our group have many victims of this evil network that starts at the doors of the civil courts were all of Britains wealth is regularly stolen by the British Crown and its evil judiciary. Without them controlling the judicial process and decisions(NO JURIES) that can steal all your worldly possessions, they would not be in their present privileged position. With the recent banking scandal and now the political scandal you can be certain the bankers are either knights of the realm or masons and the political fraudsters are also masons or protected by masons heavily embedded in the British police force were masonic Chief Constables ensure the UK has a two tier system of law. Anyone who swears these satanic oaths of allegiance to the QUEEN is guaranteed protection from all of the normal channels of litigation as Chief Constables , crown prosecutors and judges ensure no matter how far along the legal process one of these crooks is forced down at some point a MASON in high office will stop the action. For years the British public have endured endless inquiries into the political mafia who are their puppets and behind much of the control were those inquiries lead to NOTHING happening or changing and crooks walking away from their despicable crimes.

    Bankers ,and now politicians of all persuasions, lawyers, council chiefs and judges all know they are protected from the full weight of the law along with the homosexual paedophiles working within the inner circle of the royals entourage who can be easily blackmailed to keep them loyal and keep their mouths shut to avoid any royal scandals that might leak out , this while they turn a blind eye to their evil abuses of children caught up in their sinister system of control. This is not fiction ,this is fact and only recently all of the above have been heavily exposed in the normally complicit media who are being forced to keep up with the alternative news and internet bloggers that have been warning the public about these monsters for a very long time. Even to the point were they are putting their own lives and livelyhoods at risk .

    It is only that they have controlled all of the media outlets ,pre-internet , that they have managed to hide this enormous lie from the public for so long. Ask any British victim who has DARED challenge the might of British courts and judges and the many layers of masonic bully boy thugs who will come in and attack you when that system is challenged and exposed. We send this out as a press release to remind their complicit media that the royals crown victims are organised and will not rest until the British public are told the full truth about what is really controlling this sick and depraved society with that media presenting those royals as godly creatures rather than the sick monsters they truly are with a pyramid system of goons and dupes who do their bidding and who are at their beck and call through MASONIC BLACKMAIL.

  • The involvement in Freemasonry of six of the sons of King George III


    For anyone unconvinced that the world is presently being controlled by a bunch of satanic thugs should examine their most recent venue in London during April 2009. The following was a short article describing the reason for the Excel centre in London being selected

    ExCeL London Selected to Host World Leaders at the London Summit

    The above two images show the entrance to the Excel as being an unfinished pyramid with the capstone missing , a typical New World Order symbol suggesting there is still work to do before the NWO pyramid is completed.

    The other is an aerial picture of the Excel centre showing where it was built and NO coincidence the location is at the end of Freemasons Road where the Docklands Light Railway DLR custom house stop is located and the main access for trains to the Excel. There is NOTHING coincidental in the masonic mafia that disguise themselves as the political leaders who are enslaving the world and driving our lives to utter destruction so they can install the final stages of their New World Order plans. Only absolute resistance to this master plan can stop what is the ultimate take over of the earth for the masonic mafia who are determined to steal ALL our lives, families and homes using any tyrannical means possible.

  • The lost symbol in the Solomon Key Parchment
    masonic queen

    I run a small business in Canada and acquired a client who was a freemason. He took some time to tell me how amazing it was and that I should consider joining. I paid very little attention to it at the time but we remained in contact. The following year I began to do my research to see if perhaps it was for me.

    I had heard good things and bad things (horrendous things) about freemasonry. I knew a few freemasons who were all fairly successful financially so I though I would check it out. I had a couple of guys visit my home to talk about it with me. They explained that it was a group of guys getting together and acting out ancient rituals etc. There were a couple questions they had for me:

    1. We would like to make sure that your wife approves: asked more than once.
    Her reply was "why wouldn’t I?"

    2. Do you believe in a supreme being?
    After that I received an invite to an open house and was able to walk through the lodge: The had a clown outside giving balloons to children ( the clown was super creepy) One thing I have noticed about most freemasons: they all have a look about them. A cold, dry look. They all seem to be relatively similar in appearance from my experience. I went into the lodge and looked around. The usual things were displayed. There was an altar in the middle, chairs around, the sword at the front of the room etc. I did notice a large picture of Queen Elizabeth over the masters seat. Proof that the monarchy is the head of Freemasonry (in my opinion). There was a holy bible placed on the alter but I didn’t look inside.

    After that they told me that I would be visited by "the three wise men" The meeting was set up and I had two high-ranking masons and a third newcomer join me. (the newcomer was the same man that showed me around the lodge) We had an hour long conversation about Freemasonry and I had done all my research at that time so I was grilling them with questions, most of which they couldn’t answer. The newcomer and I hit it off quite well because we are both musicians. After the meeting I took him to my basement to show him an upright base I had for sale that he was interested in. After that they left me place.

    Baphomet during a summons

    I want to point out that there were a few phrases that were said to me by more than one mason that will co-relate to this story:

    1. Freemasonry takes a man and makes him a better man
    2. On your initiation night, bring a fresh pair of underwear
    3. Don’t feel embarrassed, just remember we’ve all been through it (regarding initiation)
    O.K. here is the interesting part and the grand finale, so to speak.

    The newcomer who was interested in the bass called me and asked to come and see it. I said of course and we arranged to meet that weekend. That week the master of the lodge called me and told me that my initiation would be June the 2nd instead of the pre-arranged September date. I was a little shocked that they were bumping me up because I knew another guy was ahead of me. The newcomer arrived at my home accompanied by his son who was also a mason at a different lodge. They has a look at the base an noticed a problem with it and they explained that they cant purchase it because it would be too expensive to fix.

    Riding the Goat

    Upon leaving the newcomer told his son that I was being initiated next week. They both looked at each other and said d-day... and then we resumed our conversation about the base. The son then stated that he was going to come out and watch the initiation, then under his breath he muttered, "I'll bring the goat" and then began talking about something else. I was confused and said, "oh, you have a GTO?” (a goat is slang for the infamous muscle car) and they laughed, "no, don’t worry our goats tame. And I replied" sorry guys, this is way over my head" The son said "oh it will be, literally" Then the newcomer gave his son an odd look and said to me, don’t worry about a thing " you will find it weird". And they left. I began more research and came up with a rather interesting conclusion:

    Upon being initiated into the craft they have an old saying. " riding the goat" This refers to "baphomet" an inter-dimensional god also know as satan, lucifer etc. The "g" in masonry stands for "grand architect" or goat.

    During your initiation they summon Baphomet (it will be over your head literally) and he takes you into the underworld hence (riding the goat) you need the clean pair of underwear because I'm sure most people shit themselves ("don’t' be embarrassed, we’ve all been through it") Freemasonry is built upon the rituals of black magic acquired from the Egyptians, handed to King Solomon, and forwarded through the monarchy. into freemasonry, following the grand plan headed by Baphomet, whom is probably a shape-shifting Reptillian. Weird but eerily confirmed through my research. Needless to say I'm not going to be initiated. I have provided some old Masonic post cards along with brief explainations of what I think they represent.

    All masons have a goat who control them when need be. They are partnered with these beings. The rest you can figure out. This is not a fabrication of truth. Peace.

    leutonian Yesterday saw the apparent opening up of the doors of the secret family courts of the UK. Only CORPORATE media, accredited to report , have been allowed into SOME of the hearings.

    This after many years by activists and groups like ourselves who have fought extensive campaigns to end the massive injustice that has been going on in those courts for generations. Millions of families lives have been irreparably destroyed by masonic judges and lawyers that ,acting for the crown , have viciously stolen GOOD mens assets, homes and children. Women previously married to masons suffer a similar fate, as it is where masons can do more harm to British society than any other arena they control. This is where they consolidate their centuries old system of power and control in the secret confines of family or civil courts.

    No man will EVER win a court case or get justice, while the vast bulk of the decisions are made by evil and corrupt masonic judges and their lackeys, the lawyers who create a facade of justice that in fact completely controls the wealth of a nation through masonic legal manoeuvres . Many men across the UK that have been targeted by these monsters of human beings know what it is like to be tracked and traced ,abused, beaten up, criminalized, stripped bare, surveilled , spied on their incomes,bank accounts and assets ,had their homes and business's stolen, but most importantly have seen their children stolen and forced into a care system that is run by a Gestapo like mafia.

    We do not see any end to this tyranny even with a selective corporate media being allowed to report. This is only the first stage of our campaign to educate others as yet to face the wrath of these evil bastards and their monstrous decisions that have cost men dearly and in many cases even their lives. Many men have committed suicide when faced with the sick psychological torture created by these star chamber dens of iniquity. We will continue to demand a restoration of JURIES in all cases when requested by the party litigants.

    Until the UK removes these sickos , disguised in their robes and regalia, NO MAN is safe from the despicable power and control they wield while utterly abusing all our human rights. The very corporate media that has covered their crimes up for so very long, are now the only ones allowed access to create the PROPAGANDA to allow their devious deeds to continue unabated . As far as we are concerned ,THEIR VICTIMS, this is simply not good enough.

    ONLY a complete overhaul of OUR courts and the removal of ALL masonic judges and a return to common law juries will be the only way to stop the massive destruction of families, these mobsters are party to . Their victims growing daily and ever more organised will ensure their ultimate fate ,that we have NEVER had any doubt.

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