• Harmsworth's nasty rag sucking up to the royal parasite again (No more than half a dozen assholes responsible for flooding UK streets with royalist bullshit)
  • No end to the endless royalist wedding bullshit (Harmsworth, Desmond, Murdoch and Simon Fox (Trinity Mirror) the main culprits)
  • Jews DO control the media and they admit it
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat HERE
  • Attacks on Jeremy Corbyn by the rightwing press(owned by billionaire tax exiles) are leading to large spikes in his support base immediately after negative newspaper articles
  • Two Freemasons' lodges operate secretly inside the Houses of Parliament (How can anyone trust the UK's VILE rags when their journo's are part of the satanic mafia oath swearers club?)
  • Freemasons 'operate two secret lodges at Westminster for MPs, staff and political journalists'
  • Top royalist bullshitter Richard Desmond's vile rag claims on how the 'royal parasite was threatened' long playing record (How to garner sympathy for the richest despot on the planet with never ending threats to her safety)
  • How close are the royal parasites to British printing presses like the one's owned by DC Thomson? (They have the UK's vile press barons bowing to their every demand)
  • Hidden network of spooks at the heart of the British press (from 2000)
  • Amelia Fawcett rich bitch witch who fills the Guardian / Observer with mountains of man hating feminazi shit
  • Former Newspaper Editor Who Exposed CIA's 'FAKE NEWS' Found Dead
  • FAKE NEWS Daily Mirror and Lloyd Embley editor are associated with inflammatory stories and have been taken to court over inaccurate claims made in the paper
  • How Daily Mirror's chief Simon Fox is strangling his newspapers to death (With FAKE news and sensationalist BULLSHIT)
  • Emily Retter the Daily Mirror's toxic zionist feminist troll promoting Womens aid man hating propaganda (No balance to the sustained attack on men from toxic feminists who wont recognise the evil bitches in their midst)
  • Richard Desmond another UK rag owner like Murdoch primed to provide the royal parasite's vile propaganda (Sick bucket required for this utter bullshit)
  • The Rotten Heart of the British Press
  • How lawyers control the corporate rags (Just write it the way the lawyers want it written FAKE news)(VIDEO)
  • Miles Goslett: Extraordinary that no newspapers would touch my BBC Savile story (from 2013 and how Britain's vile press barons protected a predatory paedo for decades)
  • British newspaper publishers
  • Lawyer Philippe Dauman CEO Viacom and Britain's Chann 5 the worst fucking TV station for smearing the peasants (Law society lackey controlling large area of tv programming that suits their hidden agenda)
  • The Guardian the feminazi's friend blaming all domestic violence and online trolling on men alone (The Guardian controlled by ultra rich feminist Amelia Fawcett named one of Fortune magazine's "50 most powerful women")
  • Faking news? No problem! Top German journalist did it for years VIDEO
    Gutter rags promote "The drag queen headteacher championing diversity" VIDEO

    Teaching gone bonkers
    BBC and UK media have been marginalizing heterosexual men giving only platforms
    to feminists / lesbians and homosexuals

    This morning BBC Victoria Derbyshire was discussing the issue of divorce and read out quotes from people who sent in comments regarding an issue that profoundly affects men far more detrimentally than women. Few women get shafted in divorce instead regularly receive huge payouts while men can be left homeless, penniless and childless. Most, if not all of the comments read out, came from women that is despite much of the BBC licence fee comes from heterosexual men yet the BBC have for decades been marginalizing heterosexual men while regularly giving platforms and interviewing groups that are mouthpieces for feminist / lesbian and homosexual agendas.

    Despite repeated exposures of this massive disparity the BBC continue unabated reinforcing the message that men are bad and all women are victims of bad men except for homosexuals who are friends of the women who claim are treated so badly. We have never seen the BBC interviewing groups speaking on behalf of heterosexual men unless it is being funded by the government and were you get a message that backs up the BBC man hating message.

    The BBC are an utter disgrace and are behind the theft of children into care homes were paedo's en masse are accessing vulnerable children separated from the protection of their biological fathers thanks to the domestic violence scams that the British judiciary and lawyers create to give them the excuse to steal children away from that protection. This is a devious and dangerous network of power that has now gone into overload to provide the royalist propaganda for their latest wedding.

  • BBC uses woman's case to highlight divorce problems (Colin Hart, chairman of the Coalition for Marriage and director of the Christian Institute believes judges and lawyers have undermined the divorce industrial complex. The judiciary bears a lot of blame for giving divorces on a very trivial basis. If you don't want to get divorced, but you are being forced against your will to make all sorts of profound, life-changing arrangements, you should be given time to make those arrangements)
  • ‘Assange showed that the media is an appendage of established power’ – John Pilger VIDEO
    Harmsworth's Daily Rat struggles to remove tongue from royal arse

    OTT coverage of Herr Harry and his Moll down under.
    Gutter rags especially the Daily Rat a massive propaganda tool for the royal parasites.
    UK's gutter rags nothing but a bunch of royalist arse kissers

    Less than six gutter press godfathers brainwashing millions with this total and utter bullshit
    Iran broadcaster Press TV dodges Ofcom TV censorship hosting ex-MPs in online show from UK

  • UK ban on Press TV violates free speech and hypercritical(VIDEO)
  • Press TV and "The Power behind the Throne" (Then Ofcom took away their TV licence)
  • Clinton News Network spout feminist bullshit that "99% OF RAPE PERPETRATORS WALK FREE!" VIDEO
    Email to Murdoch's 'The Sun' about the legal mafia
    TO THE SUN(cc'd to all the Holyrood mafia)

    re: Brief attacks Shock figures reveal one in eight solicitors are attacked for doing their jobs…weeks after lawyer slashed in face outside Glasgow Sheriff Court

    I feel that you owe your readers an apology in that you didn't quite tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, with regards to Scotland's legal profession [mafia]. The suggestion that lawyers are somehow more likely to become the innocent victims of crime any more than say, paramedics, health professionals, teachers, taxi drivers etc is utterly shameful.

    It appears that your newspaper is becoming a mouthpiece for Scotland's legal mafia. And yes, this is what they are. They are a mafia, in that they collude, they protect each other from the consequences of civil and criminal misconduct, they'll do nearly anything for money (especially cash money) and they routinely go into business with gangsters and other suchlike criminals. They aren't meant to, but this is what they do. I'm surprised you haven't got this figured out yet.

    So what was Joe Shields doing 'working' at 7 p.m. a stone's throw from Glasgow Sheriff Court? A court that conveniently finishes early every single nice summers day, sometimes as early as lunchtime, so as the Sheriffs and Lawyers can hit the golf course, or shops.

    You took a piece of Law Society of Scotland propaganda and turned it into a piece of legal fiction, for all of Scotland to see. They must have the same stranglehold on you, as they do our politicians.

  • Archbishop claims Amazon pure evil but Murdoch rag attacks him
    When the gutter rags speak as ONE
    Harmsworth and Barclay Bros vile rags continue the anti-semitism bullshit against Corbyn
    Four of the UK's top royalist bullshitting rags

    No wonder their readership is plummeting with the constant browbeating
    CBS's jewish CEO Leslie Moonves managed culture of harassment and sexual misconduct VIDEO
    Usual culprits at the royalist propaganda again

    Murdoch, Desmond and Harmsworth their three royalist lackeys

    Like all good despots they can't survive without this never ending bullshit
    Gutter rags give ever more platforms to homosexuals / lesbians in run up to London march VIDEO

    Poster says it all they ONLY got rights after rioting????????????
    But does it make it RIGHT when they are undermining heterosexual life?
    BBC and ITV the purveyors of homosexual / lesbian propaganda VIDEO

    Seldom any mention of heterosexual lifestyles seen as anathema to the TV stations now run by this MOB

  • BBC, Stonewall and Tory government in more homosexual / lesbian propaganda (They are ONLY interested in this mob while the rest of heterosexual society collapses. Despite the vast majority of the long suffering public NOT FUCKING interested)
  • May the top feminist and now top pusher of a homosexual regime (They go hand in glove and anyone who bows to these bastards demands will see a further deterioration in how heterosexuals particularly men are treated in society. Something these vile scum are NOT getting away with. There has been a WAR against heterosexual men [DV] for decades and this only ratchets up how an evil murderous government views its citizens with a deliberate supremacist agenda)
  • BBC has more than 400 transgender staff but still don't think they are DIVERSE enough (The same lot that pump out the heterosexual male hate campaigns)
  • PRIDE: When the doors were opened to debauchery and hedonism spilling onto UK streets (Any heterosexual acting the same way would be jailed for indecency so HOW are law enforcement letting them get away with it?) (VIDEO)
  • Media on Trial, Leeds 2018 - Piers Robinson VIDEO
    Murdoch rag pushes the feminist man hating while reporting on Google apps

    We have proved time and again how many women stalk men

  • The lunatics running the asylum think robots can take care of the elderly

  • Harmsworth Rat thinks using kids like modern day chimney sweeps is just GREAT

    As councils cut adult cleaning jobs the Daily Rat thinks bringing in free child labour is JUST GREAT
    Lunatic gutter rags controlled by Dirty Desmond and snob Harmsworth do MAY propaganda

    Richard Desmond (Express) and Jonathan Harmsworth's (Daily Mail) disgusting rags promote evil May regime
    Media Control Was Key to Jewish Strategy

    The Conquest of the World by the Jews (1873), by Major Osman Bey (also known as Frederick Millingen) reveals that Masonic Jews controlled Western media more than 150 years ago. This is how they initiated wars to decimate the goyim. More recently, why Syria is bombed after a bogus nerve gas attack that killed none while Israel kills over 40 unarmed Palestinian protesters and the media doesn't cover it. How did the "Jews" gain this control?

    As bankers, it was easy to finance their agents (like Pulitzer, Ochs and Rupert Murdoch) to purchase the newspapers. Because of this control, the goyim have remained their mental prisoners to this day. The majority of Jews were not consulted and want to assimilate. Their security and that of humanity, in general, is jeopardized by the secret megalomaniacal agenda of Jewish "leaders" and their Freemason flunkees.

    "Against the few journals which the victim may put forth to defend his cause, the Jews have ready at all times a bullet shower of scoff and calumny, vomited forth from the lying mouths of hundreds of journals."

    In the year 1840, an Israelite Council was called together at Cracow. This was a sort of an Ecumenical Council, wherein the most prominent men of the "chosen people" sat for consultation. The object of their meeting was to discover the proper means whereby to secure triumphs to Judaism in its extension from the North Pole to the South Pole. As we see, the programme put forward by these gentlemen was very modest.

    The subjects discussed in this Assembly were of a very varied character. Some belonged to the field of theology, others involved questions of political economy, while there were also some that belonged to politics pure and simple. A lively debate arose, amidst which suddenly a clear voice made itself heard and involuntarily imposed silence. It was the voice of a recognized authority, a man of predominant mind, whose name is unfortunately unknown to us. "What are you talking about?" said he to his colleagues in the gathering. "So long as we have not the Press in our hands, all that you say is idle! In vain do you organize societies, loans, bankruptcies, and the like; so long as we have not got the Press in our hands to deafen and deceive the world, we accomplish nothing, and our rule remains a phantom of our brain."

    These words produced a powerful effect on the minds of the Assembly. The hearers recognized that an oracle had spoken, that a new light had dawned on their minds to give a fixed direction to their exertions. From that time we may date the beginning of that work of the devil, which has for its object to turn the Press into an engine of war, a sort of artillery, the fire of which can be directed against any kind of obstacle opposing itself to the financial and political conquest of the Jews.

    The plan, invented and adopted by the conspirators in order to bring the Press under their control, consists in the following: The Press of all countries, without distinction, has been divided by the Jews into three classes, to wit: First class: Journals in the pay of the Jews. Second class: Journals bearing the banner of some specific nationality. Third class: Journals bearing the Jewish banner.

    The first class is composed of all those journals that are supported by the Jews, either by subscription or shares purposely bought up by the Jews. Such are: The London Times, Les Dabats, I' Independance Belge, La Revue des deux Mondes, New York Tribune, etc. To be sure, there is no contract, no agreement between the editors of these journals and the Jews; the latter depending altogether on that partiality and sympathy which every editor must feel towards ... shareholders; and even if an editor should hesitate to do battle for them publicly, he must, at least, avoid everything that can be disagreeable to them or expose them to any danger, in the columns of his journal. But this is sufficient for the Jews, and they are right; for it is, after all, not a small matter to have made journals of such influence as the Times, Debats, New York Tribune, etc., harmless.

    The second class consists, as before stated, of such journals as raise the banner of any specific nationality, which being, in fact, Jewish organs. These journals are true wolves in sheep's clothing; for although they palm themselves off as English, French, American, or German journals, they are not the less Jewish, nay, arch-Jewish journals. Now, these journals serve an excellent purpose under their mask by effecting changes in public opinion; since their readers rarely perceive that the articles appearing in them conceal Jews disguised as Frenchmen or Englishmen. The public believes that these papers reflect the drift of opinion in this or that country; and yet they mirror only the reflection of the Jewish devil, who tries to lead us astray at his pleasure, and to bewitch us with the doctrines and sophisms of the modern school.

    In almost every country of Europe, we find an organ of this kind. In England, for instance, this organ is the Daily Telegraph, which has a circulation of 100,000 daily copies, and the exclusive proprietor whereof is a Jew. The London Daily Telegraph was bought under foreclosure of a chattel mortgage some years ago by the Jew, Levy, for $20,000.

    Two of the Levys have changed their name to that of Lawson, and the names of Mr. and Mrs. Lawson appear in the list of guests at the last ball of the Prince of Wales. The editor in chief, Edward Lawson, is a member of Parliament and expects a Baronetcy.

    France rejoices in two such journals, La Patrie and the Paris Journal, both the property of a Jew, the Baron Soubeyrand. Vienna has her Neue Presse, and Italy her Perseveranza; both are Jewish journals.

    In Germany also many such journals can be found, amongst others let us mention the Frankfurter Zeitung. The third class of Jewish journals proudly raises the Jewish flag. These journals show themselves without any mask, as their very names show: Das Judenthum, Israelit, Israelitische Bibliothek, Jewish Chronicle, Baltimore; Jewish Messenger, New Jersey; American Israelite, Cincinnati; Jewish Record, Philadelphia; San Francisco Hebrew, Occident, Chicago; Independent Hebrew, New Jersey; Jewish Gazette, etc. etc. The circulation of these and many other periodicals extends amongst the community of Jews over all the world.

    The role assigned to the Press is to lead Israel in its aggressive movement upon the wealth of the heathens, or non-Jews. The Press utters the war cry and directs and leads the Jews onward. Without these journals, the Jewish movement ... would necessarily lack inner force. This exposition of the way and manner in which the Jews make use of the Press unfolds before our eyes the existence of a secret but fearful power. In truth, the hundreds of journals which obey the orders of the Jews form an appalling battery, to fight against which appears next to impossible. Against the few journals which the victim may put forth to defend his cause, the Jews have ready at all times a bullet shower of scoff and calumny, vomited forth from the lying mouths of hundreds of journals.

    When the Jews in 1868 came into a conflict with Roumania, the Roumanians had great trouble to find two or three journals ready to undertake the defense of their cause against public opinion. but the Jews at once put in motion against them such an overwhelming mass of journals that the unhappy Roumanians found themselves excommunicated by the whole civilized world as fanatics. Every person who does not allow himself to be plundered by the Jews is a reactionary, and if he takes a cowhide in his hand he is a barbarian.

    We may add in conclusion that the pressure which Judaism exercises upon Journalism is not limited to the tricks and artifices mentioned. Advancing from one success to another, they now stretch out their hands to grasp all the journals within their reach; and, to say the truth, they are successful, whether they act the role of editors or correspondents or peddlers of novels. Even the book trade has passed into the hands of the Jews; everywhere we meet them as book dealers and publishers. They alone can bring us enlightenment; but when we shall have been so enlightened, we shall be their slaves in a moral as well as material respect.

  • The primary importance of slaughtered offerings in Judaism
  • Gutter press glowing obituaries but only for jewish homosexuals

    If only heterosexual non jewish / masonic men got the same level of respect eh?

    As frequent visitors to British / London studios we have been SHOCKED at how much of the media is dominated and controlled by a similar mindset all the way to the top and who only employ their LGBT buddies even if they have little TALENT. Meanwhile we have been accustomed to being bombarded with constant news reports about how bad heterosexual men are. Also for anyone who thinks it is a bit harsh to raise this matter now we also were one of the few outlets critical after the death of Jimmy Savile when the gutter press were ranting in his obituaries that he was a TV legend and hero.

  • British TV dominated by homosexuals / lesbians (and those working behind the scenes in British studios need that same mindset to get employment in TV)
  • Royal parasites put homosexual promotion at the top of their agenda
  • Israeli lobby and gutter press in malicious attack on Corbyn

    Barclay Brothers and Murdoch rags give platform to Israeli lobby's attempts to oust Corbyn as the VICTIM card is played time and again.

  • Vendetta by jews, aided by Israeli lobby and right wing rags, who lodge 1,000 official complaints against Jeremy Corbyn
  • Tensions in Labour erupt over their claims of rising abuse of Jews (Shit stirring Israeli lobby want to bring down the only supposed working class political party that can take on brutal tory regime)
  • Blair zionist leaning Labour MPs attack Corbyn using anti-Semitism smears (Destructive forces inside Labour trying to destroy any hope of election win)
  • More gutter press bullshit on Syrian attack reprisals
    UK's gutter press back brutal tory regime's Syrian attacks

    No mention of the mass genocide of British peasants under an austere tory boot?????. The same mafia that glorify a brutal royalist regime imposed using her freemason thugs. Murdoch, Harmsworth, Desmond and the Barclay Brothers are all evil warmongering bastards propping up an equally evil tory regime and the purveyors of royalist bullshit. In the next few weeks we will be hearing endless drivel about the royal wedding and how wonderful they all are compared with those smeared to justify making May look like the good guy.

  • Being Delusional as a Winning Strategy in Syria
  • Is It Russian Surrender that Is on the Agenda or World War 3?
  • Tory scumbag Boris Johnson preaching about toxic warfare while they are behind the mass genocide of British peasants thanks to the tory's brutal austerity and sanctioning regime (Johnson, May and the rest of the vile tory cabinet have blood on their hands and cannot take the moral high ground as they are trying to do over suspect Syrian attacks. THEIR LEGISLATION IS KILLING PEOPLE DAILY)
  • Corbyn calls for 'war powers act' to guarantee Parliament gets a vote on military action
  • Opposition leaders react with fury at Theresa May’s decision not to get MPs’ backing to bomb Syria
  • Trump Lied to the American People Last Night, 23 Times in 7 Minutes, Destroying his Presidency
  • Sorrell steps down as head of ad giant after probe into 'personal misconduct'
    ZIONIST SORRELL EXPOSED IN STAGGERING UK WEALTH GAP (From an earlier publication now pulled by coincidence)

    Top company boss Sir Martin Sorrell today exposed the staggering wealth gap in Britain by declaring that his £1 million base salary is "very low".

    The head of advertising giant WPP stunned MPs as he defended bumper income rises for boardroom chiefs as millions of other workers are seeing their pay frozen or rise very slightly.

    He was grilled on BBC radio on his £4.2 million pay package for 2010, up from £2.3 million a year earlier, after a report revealed that FTSE directors had seen their remuneration rise by 49 per cent on average. Sir Martin, whose basic salary is £1 million, said: "It's a very low base pay. The base pay is then increased by a short-term incentive which is an annual cash plan and a long-term incentive - a stock in the company in which I continue to invest." He stressed he continued to invest millions in WPP and that his risk was "very much key to the success of the company." He also emphasised that WPP's profits had risen significantly from 2009 to 2010.

    His comments amazed some MPs. "What planet do these people live on?" asked shadow education minister Karen Buck, who described the huge rises as "grotesque". Speaking in Perth, Australia, David Cameron said he was "concerned" about the report on huge pay rises for boardroom bosses in Britain in the past year and admitted there had been a "problem" with closed shop remuneration committees. "Boards have got to think when they are making pay awards, is this the right and responsible thing to do," he said. "Of course you have got to attract the best talent to run the business you are accountable for as a non-executive director, but is what you are doing responsible?

    "Everyone, whether they are in public life or private enterprise, they have got to be able to justify the decisions they make about pay." Sir Martin, the chief executive of $16 billion marketing conglomerate WPP, said his firm was global and warned of the dangers of driving companies out of Britain and getting less well-run firms by slashing top pay. "Look at what chief executives of media companies are paid in other parts of the world," he said.

    But Conservative MP Jo Johnson said: "Corporate governance on the whole is failing in Britain's publicly listed companies. Executive pay is the litmus test of effective corporate governance and executive pay is clearly out of control." The report by Incomes Data Services found that directors in the country's top firms had seen their average earnings rise to just under £2.7 million.

    Steve Tatton of IDS said: "Britain's economy may be struggling to return to pre-recession levels of output, but the same cannot be said of FTSE 100 directors' remuneration." Paul Kenny, general secretary of the GMB union, said: "This is another example of how the elite greedy pigs who run our top companies behave."

  • Sorrell steps down as head of ad giant after probe into 'personal misconduct'
  • Sorrell, the long time CEO of advertising giant WPP, made £70 million ($102 million) in 2015. That's 1,444 times the average pay of the company's 125,000 employees
  • City knives are out for Martin Sorrell and his WPP empire
  • Sorrell's £42m payout IN 2017 takes earnings to £210m in five years
  • Sorrell on jewish billionaire list
  • Governments may bail out newspapers, says Sorrell
  • Boxer Tyson Fury pissed off at scumbag ITV reporters smears of misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism VIDEO

    How best to deal with Britain's GUTTER femi / homo / zionist leaning press

  • UK Anti-Doping spent more than seven per cent of its entire annual budget(£600,000 in legal fees) on a pursuit of Tyson Fury that ended with him being cleared to return to the ring (Lawyers once again raking it in)
  • Gutter media speak with one forked tongue VIDEO
    Gutter rag gangsters still using Israeli mafia to attack Labour / Corbyn and Putin for good measure

    Far right wing gutter rags operated by an evil cabal of gangsters like Murdoch, Harmsworth, Barclay Brothers and Amelia Fawcett (Observer) use Israeli mafia to attack the only working class political party while avoiding the record of the tory scum with the streets lined with the poorest who have NO homes and penniless.

  • BBC claims four of the gutter press including the BBC itself attacking Labour over anti-semitism (and the garbage that controls the gutter press)
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat uses Israeli mafia to attack Labour and Corbyn

  • Haaretz: Israel Behind International Election Hacking Machine
  • Through definitional inflation, some form of ‘antisemitism’ has become morally obligatory
  • Zionist leaning gutter press join Israeli lobby attack on Labour

    Four gutter press rags support the brazen Israeli lobby attack on Labour. Harmsworth (Mail), Barclay Brothers (Telegraph), Murdoch (Times) and Amelia Fawcett(Guardian).

    Israeli lobby try NEW tactic by openly protesting in front of Parliament instead of the sneaky devious methods exposed in the video below

  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby(VIDEO)
  • Harmsworth's zionist leaning Daily Rat joins with Israeli mafia to attack Labour and Corbyn

    They only want a far right wing mafia called the tory party in power
    Zionist controlled gutter press attack Corbyn on 'ANTI-SEMITIC' Art

    It shows six businessmen and bankers sitting around a Monopoly board counting money. The board was placed upon crouched human figures representing the oppressed masses. Mr Ockerman denies being anti-Semitic, saying it is about 'class and privilege' and contains bankers 'made up of Jewish and white Anglos'.

  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat in another attack on Palestine leaning Corbyn
  • Who Runs Hollywood? C'mon!, Joel Stein, LA Times
  • Desmond's tacky little porn rag upset at raunchy royal drama

    The hypocritical purveyor of porn has the cheek to accuse
    others of what his tacky little porn rag puts out.
    Gutter press gangsters fucking with the sheeple
    As we previously warned the scumbag mafia who control British printing presses are at the devious manipulative ploys again using spy poisoning and russiaphobe to point the finger at the baddies while running stories alongside with the British royals as the goodies. The ying and yang looks blatantly obvious and shows how far they will go to manipulate the royal sheeple into seeing parasites, like they have done with Theresa May, as the good guys. NO COINCIDENCE this is just before the wedding.

    Desmond's vile rag

    Barclay Brothers vile rag

    Harmsworth's vile rag

  • Russia claims Britain's Porton Down was the source of nerve agent that poisoned spy
  • May I tell a pack of lies AGAIN?(VIDEO)
  • Moscow expels 23 UK diplomats and shuts British Council in retaliation as spy row deepens (VIDEO)
  • UK blocks Russia's draft UN Security Council statement on Skripal poisoning case
  • Skripal Poisoning Just Another Lie
  • ‘Blatant Russian-ness’: West shifting blame to Moscow again…now in Skripal poisoning case(VIDEO)
  • Russophobia as inferiority complex and hysterical heritage of British establishment
  • 'Novichok' Could Only Come From Russia...or Anyone Who Bought This $8.16 Book on Amazon
  • Russian envoy to UN asks about Salisbury case, says Moscow ready for open probe
  • Barclay Brothers rag portrays May like Mother Theresa during spy poisoning
  • Piers Morgan Clashes With RT Presenter Afshin Rattansi About Russia Reporting VIDEO
    Gutter press elevate May to royalty status on back of spy poisoning

    Meanwhile Putin, Corbyn and Salmond get smeared for daring to challenge findings.

    For any man who has faced vile smear campaigns in divorce courts triggered by a bastard royalist state nothing is as it seems and there are many men who died from those attacks.There are also thousands dead thanks to Theresa May's policies of austerity and tory thug attacks on the poorest and weakest yet her friends in the gutter press elevate her to god like status over spy poisoning. Meanwhile the royals will be getting rolled out over the wedding and made to look like the good guys while they target others as the baddies.

  • Double Agent Sergei Skripal – There’s More to This Story Than Meets the Eye
  • Meddling ‘revenge’? MSM will teach you how to boycott Russian presidential election (VIDEO)
  • RT presenter destroys Piers Morgan, after Piers claims he is certain that Putin “kills journalists
  • ‘Fantasy Politics’: France Accuses May of Going After Russia Without Evidence
  • Screw You Trump: Photos of USA Chemical Weapons Facility in Ghouta (For a prime example of absurd, irrational behaviour, one only has to look at the way the British government has been behaving over the issue of the poisoning of a couple of Russians, how, without any evidence whatsoever have belligerently and aggressively blamed Russia, specifically Putin and the Kremlin, using the most bellicose language and issuing threats aplenty)
  • First Putin now Corbyn as right wing gutter press attacks anything questioning poisoning of Russian spy

    This is the same mob that claim daily we should bow to the royal parasites and paint a cosy glow of their vile murderous regime. Murdoch, Harmsworth, Barclay Brothers and Richard Desmond manipulate the sheeple with propaganda. Tha same mob that smear heterosexual men as abusers every single day in their twisted rags. How can you trust any rag that supports the royal parasites?

  • Theresa May expels 23 Russian diplomats, as Deep State, false flag poisoning serves its purpose
  • Salisbury Shows You Can Accuse Russians of Anything
  • New good bad ploy in gutter press front pages

    We have noticed lately a very subtle a devious trick the gutter press are playing with our psyche. While they take some of the dregs of society who have committed the most heinous crimes and plaster them all over their front pages, right next to them they plaster images of the royals or future royals as if to directly contradict the scumbag rapist and murderers sitting alongside the royalist images.

    Now it doesn't take a rocket scientists to work out the Ying and Yang of portraying the royals as the good guys when they have a long history of far more heinous crimes than all the lowlifes the media go after with a venom. Pity the same interest wasn't taken in what the royals get up to behind the scenes?
    Ken O'Keefe on 'Fake News', BBC Criminality, 9/11 and more – Part 1 of 2 VIDEO

    Richard Desmond's vile rag the Express struggles to remove tongue from royal arse
    The usual culprits at the royalist bullshit once again

    Only a few hand picked arse kissing press gangsters pollute Britain's streets
    with this garbage Harmsworth, Desmond, Barclay Brothers and Murdoch.

  • BBC report on "The death of the local newspaper?" (It can't come quick enough
    with all their FAKE news and masonic / royalist bullshit)
  • Two press mafioso's still pushing the royalist bullshit

    Desmond controlled Express and Harmsworth controlled Daily Mail and Metro can't fail to show their pathological obsession with all things royal. There aren't hundreds of scumbags pushing this nonsense in every newsagent across Britain only a select few who kiss the royal arse at every opportunity.
    Vile seedy fascist royalist zionist sells off his vile seedy fascist royalist zionist rags

    Used sex to sell his twisted far right wing mindset to the dimwits who bought his rags

    Desmond has been responsible for polluting British streets with the most vile smear campaigns against ordinary working class victims in his despicable rags while promoting the royal mafia at every opportunity. He will rot in hell. This is the utter scum and filth that has been allowed to print newspapers in the UK with the most evil form of propaganda as long as he props up the ruling establishment.

    Richard Desmond was born in Hampstead, London, into a Jewish family, the youngest of three children, and grew up in Edgware, in north west London. In 1982, he began to publish the UK edition of Penthouse, although the licensing deal ended in the 1990s

    His company soon moved on to publishing a range of adult titles, including Asian Babes, alongside about 40 other specialist publications. It was the first company to move to the revamped Docklands and the Princess Royal opened the offices, which were cleaned temporarily of all evidence of Penthouse. When the company moved to the Northern & Shell Tower, the Duke of Edinburgh presided over the ceremonies.

    Claims of dealings with the New York mafia in the early 1990s emerged in a May 2001 article by John Sweeney of The Observer. An associate claimed that bags containing £2 million were delivered to an Italian restaurant in Soho, London, to settle the issue with the Gambino crime family.

    After buying Express Newspapers, Desmond became embroiled in a feud with Viscount Rothermere, publisher of the Daily Mail, the rival to the Daily Express, largely derived from stories relating to Rothermere's private life.

    In February 2004, in a move that some newspapers interpreted as an attempt to clear and bolster his image in view of his bid for the Daily Telegraph, Desmond sold the adult magazine business to Remnant Media for approximately £10 million.

    In April 2004, the Daily Express reverted to supporting the Conservatives, after a period backing Labour. On the same day, Desmond accused The Daily Telegraph, (with which he was a joint venture partner in the West Ferry newspaper printing plant) then considering accepting a takeover by the German Axel Springer group, of giving in to Nazis.

    Desmond reportedly harangued The Daily Telegraph's chief executive and associates in faux German at a business meeting and imitated Adolf Hitler. This incident was described as a form of institutionalised racism prevalent among newspaper proprietors.

    Previously, in August 2001, the National Union of Journalists' chapel at his rags the Express and Star condemned Desmond for the newspaper's "hysterical and racist" campaign against asylum seekers; this campaign was also criticised by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, writing for The Independent in June 2002.

    In August 2005, the former executive editor of the Daily Express Ted Young made an out-of-court settlement with Desmond's company ahead of an industrial tribunal. This related to an incident with Desmond in the newsroom in September 2004, during which Desmond was said to have hit the journalist.

    Desmond is often referred to as "Richard 'Dirty' Desmond" or "Dirty Des" in the Private Eye magazine due to his company Northern and Shell formerly owning a number of pornographic magazines and television channels.

    Desmond was apparently "wounded" by references to himself as a pornographer. A headline in the Evening Standard in 2000 said "Porn Publisher to Buy Express" in reference to Desmond. In a 2002 interview for BBC Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman, Tony Blair was asked if it were appropriate to accept a controversial £100,000 donation from Desmond due to Desmond's links with the pornography industry, to which Blair replied "if someone is fit and proper to own one of the major national newspaper groups in the country then there is no reason why we would not accept donations from them" (HE WAS NEVER FIT AND PROPER).

    "Never before", wrote Tom Bower in The Guardian at the time, "has a government regulator (Ofcom) lowered the threshold for the suitability of the prospective owner of a TV channel enough for someone like Desmond to control a potentially lucrative franchise." (when he took over Channel 5 he used it like his rags to smear the peasants at every opportunity)

    Northern & Shell's business interests in pornography finally ended in April 2016 when the Portland Television subsidiary, which broadcasts Television X and the Red Hot channels, was sold for under £1 million in a management buyout.

    Desmond, became president of Norwood in 2006 a UK Jewish charity. Desmond's company, Northern and Shell, launched the Health Lottery in October 2011. Sir Stephen Bubb, then Chief Executive of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, accused Desmond of "profiteering on the back of charities"

    His autobiography, The Real Deal: The Autobiography of Britain's Most Controversial Media Mogul, was published in June 2015 by Random House. It was ghost-written by Sunday Express editor Martin Townsend. The autobiography received a five-star review in the Desmond-owned Daily Express.

  • Mirror buys Express titles from Richard Desmond
  • Richard Desmond WIKI
  • Britain's creepy press rats royalist pollution

    The four ratbags totally responsible for polluting Britain's streets with this utter bullshit are Jonathan Harmsworth (Metro and Daily Mail), The Barclay Brothers (Telegraph) and Richard Desmond (Daily Express)
    Tory government to set up ‘fake news’ unit to ‘combat disinformation’

  • MORE HERE (How to cover up the murderous lies of an out of control monster)
  • Barclay Brothers, Harmsworth, Murdoch and Desmond and their endless royalist BULLSHIT


    Five of the press mafia have ONE priority to promote royal parasites at every opportunity

    While vile Harmsworth and Desmond write glowing articles about Britain's real parasites the royal mafia they use disturbing headlines that helped trigger mass suicide in those least able to defend themselves.

  • Sick and disturbing blog and the only one praising the return of tory jackboot Esther McVey (Thousands have died under a tory boot and this sicko relishes their deaths and uses Harmsworth's Daily Mail and Richard Desmond's Daily Express headlines to back up those vile rants)

  • Much more on DWP / ATOS / MAXIMUS mass murder on behalf of the fascist tory boot
  • Wall to wall royalist bullshit in their controlled rags

    Never trust a rag that promotes parasites
    Top royalist bullshitter Richard Desmond's vile rag claims on how the 'royal parasite was threatened' long playing record

  • FULL ARTICLE HERE (How to garner sympathy for the richest despot on the planet
    with never ending threats to her safety)
  • DC Thomson's scumbag royalist rag smears fathers

    How can you trust any rag that sucks up to the royal bastards?

  • How close are the royal parasites to British printing presses like the one's owned by DC Thomson?
    (They have the UK's vile press barons bowing to their every demand)
  • CNN's Don Lemon cuts off mic of panelist during show VIDEO
    Barclay Bros, Desmond and Harmsworth rags at the royalist bullshit again

    Evil press barons main occupation promoting parasites with propaganda
    CNN's Don Lemon "I don't want to hear about Benghazi" VIDEO
    Frenzy of the PARASITE PAPERS? VIDEO
    UK Corporate rags a united bunch of royalist propaganda bullshitters

    Every last one of them behind the royalist propaganda machine that perpetuates a disturbing inequality that haunts Britain and the main cause of why thousands face homelessness at Christmas.
    UK's corporate rags are just a UNITED propaganda machine for the royal parasites

    How can you trust any rag that promotes royal parasites? They all speak with one blue tainted tongue and controlled by the few hand picked lackeys by their masonic masters.

  • Peasants starving and homeless on streets of Britain while royal parasites parade and brag about £56,000 dress and £250,000+ ring (When it comes to UK inequality the manner the royal mafia conduct themselves shows the shocking disparity and lack of concern for those at the very bottom of their stinking pile of bullshit)
  • Far right extremist rag the Daily Rat turns on tory rebels for daring to resist
    TIME completely ignore the young boys who suffered abuse instead stick to feminist agenda

    By concentrating the minds of the sheeple on females who claim abuse they ignore the much bigger homopaedo ring that surrounds Hollywood and the young boys like Corey Feldman who were targeted, NOT as teenagers but as preadolescent boys.
    Murdoch's vile rag claims charity status

    The very twisted rag that spends ALL its time slandering, smearing and demeaning the poorest and most vulnerable in Britain decides it wants to help hungry children. This is the same vile rag that supports right wing psychopaths in the tory party who are responsible for the massive rise in hunger and homelessness within the population. If you want to help a hungry child do it directly DO NOT give this gangsters paper the opportunity to garner sympathy for what are ulterior motives in the run up to Christmas. PURE EVIL AT ITS EXTREME.
    The purveyors of fake news caught sleeping on the job

  • HERE IS THE SNOOZE BBC News Channel’s staff accused of
    wasting taxpayers’ cash as workers photographed sleeping on the job
  • RT America forced to register as 'foreign agent' VIDEO
    Why Is The Mainstream Media Pushing For Censorship Of Russia Today News? VIDEO
    Daily Rat uses royal sprogs to promote the firm (Disgusting way to promote a supermarket)

    You really need to be a fucking lunatic to fall for this blatant propaganda
    Murdoch has to hand out cash to get anyone to read his vile rags
    Harmsworth's Daily Rat's main preoccupation is kissing the royal arse

    Harmsworth pays a daily ritualistic visit to the inner sanctum of the royal arseholes
    Mainstream Media the Mouthpiece for Government Propaganda VIDEO
    One less far right wing press baron in Britain now he is flogging his VILE rags off to Mirror group
    The owner of the Daily Mirror has said it is in talks to buy the owner of the Daily Express and Daily Star.

    Trinity Mirror said it was in talks to buy all of the publishing assets of Northern & Shell, which also produces the celebrity magazine OK!. It had previously been in talks to take a minority stake in the company.

    As well as the Mirror titles, Trinity Mirror also publishes the Daily Record, the Sunday People and more than a hundred regional newspapers. 'Massive consolidation' Northern & Shell is owned by Richard Desmond, who paid £125m for the Express titles in 2000.

    The company currently owns four national newspaper titles - the Daily Express, Sunday Express, Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday. It also publishes celebrity magazines OK!, new! and Star, and has a 50% stake in the Irish Daily Star. In 2014, Mr Desmond sold Channel 5 to MTV-owner, Viacom for £463m.

    The BBC's media editor, Amol Rajan, said that it looked as if Mr Desmond was getting out of the media industry altogether. "He said he is selling his big profit-making newspapers to Trinity Mirror and this suggests he thinks print is not where a businessman like him should be.

    "The reason this is happening is Fleet Street is facing huge, huge structural challenges, with readers and advertisers moving very quickly to online platforms. "We have a lot of newspapers for a relatively small country in terms of readership."

    He said there was going to be "massive consolidation" within the industry due to a decline in print advertising. In its statement, Trinity Mirror said: "The board of Trinity Mirror notes that it is now in discussions to acquire 100 percent of the publishing assets of Northern & Shell."

    It added that there was no certainty an agreement would be reached, and any deal would need to be approved by Trinity Mirror shareholders.

  • UK media have one primary job to promote the royals

    There is ONE time when they all push the same message when it's to do with the royals
    Corporate rags overdose on more royal parasitic sprog's

    Gushing bullshit from the scum who serve the ruling mafia
    CNN Reporter Heckled with "Fake News!" Shouts by Passerbys VIDEO
    When you serve the UK crown well you get glowing obituaries in their rags

    Anyone who kisses the royal arse condones and perpetuates their ruthless regime