Without a very tight knit grip on the compliant and complicit media the ruling parasites could never have managed to sustain the hold on power and wealth as it has done for so long . It is only through the POWER of propaganda that has enabled an evil system to perpetuate massive inequality and the continuance of the lies that fool the sheeple into believing that those in power have their best interests at heart.

There is never a day goes by without one of their spokespersons appearing on the tv , radio or newspaper providing the mindnumbing garbage that passes as news. If it is not an appearance by a lawyer, politician, councillor, chief constable or comments made by the royal parasites or their judicial mafia then it is garbage spouted by the journo's and presenters all hand picked and sworn to loyalty using secret oaths and in fear of having their throats cut for not following their agenda. JFK is only one example of what happens to anyone who gets a position of power and disregards the self appointed elites plans, Princess Diana was another target. The fact they carried out these assassinations in public shows the arrogance that they believe they CAN get away with murder and sends a warning to any other dissenters of the repercussions.

When their media promote the royal mafia as some sort of force for good while condemning the poorest, weakest, sick and disabled to sustained vitriol you can be sure it has been the ability of the ruling parasites to control the free flow of information that has ensured their continuity, with thousands of years of experience to get it just right. By controlling the information flow they have made it impossible for any other position to be expressed. Equally the ONLY political parties you will see being promoted in their media are the political goons that bow to their every demand. Democracy or the illusion of democracy ensured that inequality and class ridden system would go on ad infinitum.

The printing presses, tv and radio licences have always been dished out to their lackeys, hand picked from a very select group of psychopaths with similar traits as the ruling mafia and who do their bidding without dissent. However since the advancement of technology these lines have been redrawn and despite all their efforts to close down any information outlets that expose their dirty deeds and this has been going on in secret for years and only recently reared its ugly head when the 'Solicitors from Hell' website was shut down and hit the main headlines, we have first hand experience of the lengths they will go to remove incriminating evidence.

One of our group, in the mid 90's had his website containing damning evidence of their crimes redirected to a freemason website in Canada were a massive vitriolic attack on his person was instigated. He was also arrested and locked up in a psychiatric ward in Edinburgh and while being held down by eight nurses was continuously injected with anti - psychotic drugs the aim to chemically lobotomize him. After raising the matter at the Scottish parliament, were he made the most profound statement on the tyranny that is going on right under the noses of the unsuspecting public, he was immediately released and left the UK in fear of his life for trying to warn the public about what the upper echelons of British society was getting up to.

George's speech can be read HERE