1} FALSE PSYCHIATRIC REPORTS: Ever since last September when Tottenham police relied on South Wales police forensic evidence to successfully have me sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act I have been refused access to any Crown court for a bail application.

2} False Magistrate Records: Cardiff’s Crown Prosecution Service refuses to disclose its purported preparation of a so-called “Restraining Order” the “Breaching” of which they all say is why I am to be incarcerated. My “Remand Warrant” reads “Mental Health issues” while the “Legal Manager” writes: “Notes taken during the course of proceedings are for the use of the court only”!

3} Police control Prison: I have my already ridiculously restricted access to a telephone further curtailed by my Mckenzie friends pin numbers removed, blocked access to writing cheques or further photocopying

4} Brain scan refused: Despite last weeks High Court order in England that I should receive proper independent attention I am refused.

5} Repainted “Machine Gun” to fool a jury: Police ignore IPCC instructions to properly investigate.

6} Ministry of Justice Investigation: Its 8 March 2012 letter extract: “Complaints are considered and responded to in {?} stages entirely within establishments” My account for why my applications in writing have been completely ignored should it embarrass those who wish to continue their battle in autonomy.