In the UK the media browbeat the public endlessly with the three party system of Labour, Tory and Libdem's. In the USA they are given even less choice with only the democrats and republicans getting full media coverage while any lesser parties are seldom discussed.

So the media is being used to push the zionist / freemason / establishment agenda's contained within the very limited scope of either a two or three party system. However the same thing is now happening with the promotion , especially from the BBC of three main internet sites Google, twitter and facebook. Despite endless internet exposures about how these zionist controlled websites are using social media as an information gathering tool and using that info in the most dubious of ways the BBC particularly continually promote these sites against its own licensing terms as NO product should be promoted to the degree they push the BIG three and just like the political parties , they are BRANDS. We have tried to raise a Freedom of Information request as to how much airtime is being allocated to those three main parties and their answer has been that they DO NOT require to disclose that information.

Take the issue with another website that is receiving major attention online yet hardly a whisper in the mass media especially the BBC is the 'Solicitors from Hell' website that has been openly attacked and closed down by the Law Society and lawyers in England and Wales for exposing their criminality . That is something the BBC as a public broadcaster should be doing but the BBC are controlled by media lawyers, all part of the media censorship of ANYTHING connected with how the law society and its members operate. Despite that maybe being one of the most crucial exposures of how lawyers behind the scenes, have for years, been threatening and intimidating web hosters to remove evidence of their wrongdoings. We have personal experience of more than 20 web hosters, without notice, removing all our online content and we know it is from those and similar sources and without the need to take any formal court action that would give to much attention of what they are up to, as was the case with the 'Solicitors from Hell' website.

It must have been their failure to threaten the SFH web hoster that led to a massive legal challenge in court to have the SFH site taken down. But despite the major concern for the right of the public to warn others about their losses from the chicanery of the legal mafia hardly a word has been spoken about this in the mass media, no doubt due to the media lawyers suppressing the story and has been left to internet sites to continue to warn the public how devious and dangerous a situation is developing were there is TOTAL control of the mass media by the legal mafia and that the internet is under attack by the same gangsters that have been getting away with murder for far to long. Despite all their efforts and financial outlay to shut down the SFH website three new ones have opened up to counter the insidious attacks coming directly from the legal mafia and judges who seem determined to avoid exposure of their mass criminality that makes all other crime look petty compared with their incalculable thievery of land, business, property and most especially children. They are the biggest destroyers of men across the planet and all to line the pockets of the freemasonic coffers.