War on Terror is Elite Mind Control 27 April 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

It is more effective to manage society by mind control than by physical coercion. The events of 9-11 and the "war on terror" mostly are exercises in mass brainwashing. German psychiatrist Kurt Lewin, who became director of the elite-sponsored Tavistock Institute in 1932, developed the thinking behind 9-11. In the book "Mind Control World Control" (1997) Jim Keith writes: "Lewin is credited with much of the original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing applying the results of repeated trauma and torture [of individuals] in mind control to society at large." "If terror can be induced on a widespread basis into a society, Lewin has stated, then society reverts to a tabula rasa, a blank slate, a situation where control can easily be instituted from an external point."

"Put another way: By the creation of controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control. Lewin maintained that society must be driven into a state equivalent to an 'early childhood situation.' He termed this societal chaos 'fluidity.'" (Page 44) Elite planners designed Sept. 11 for its shock value. In the aftermath, they were able to impose a security crackdown, a costly military build-up and a war in Afghanistan and Iraq on a stunned population. Keith cites another Tavistock researcher Dr. William Sargent author of "Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brain-Washing" (1957): "Various types of beliefs can be implanted after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by ...deliberately induced fear, anger or excitement." (48) This blueprint was laid out long before Sept. 11, 2001. The official story of that tragedy doesn't bear scrutiny. There was no wreckage at the Pentagon. All three buildings were demolished by explosives. Our "leaders" are accomplices to the murder of over 3000 Americans and the destruction of an American icon. The plan is to fold the US into a "world government" controlled by London-based central bankers. Our cultural, economic and political elite is complicit in the ongoing cover up.


Most political and cultural events are contrived by the elite for their psychological effect. JFK could have been disposed of in more humane ways. (He had many health problems.) Instead, for its shock value, they shot him down , in Mort Sahls' words, "like a dog in the street." Jim Keith: "The Kennedy assassination was a British Intelligence, i.e. Tavistock hit, and its purpose was to shock the American consciousness into a near-comatose state for reprogramming, the standard Tavistock modus operandi." (p.143) The same can be said for the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. It all climaxed with the beatings of demonstrators at the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention. After that, my generation turned inward as we were programmed to do. "Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out" said CIA funded pied piper Timothy Leary. ["I mean who was I supposed to work for, the KGB?" Leary quipped. (Keith p.99) Leary didn’t realize that there wasn't a big difference.] Many young people became "dead heads" after Jerry Garcia's Grateful Dead. Keith writes:

"An FBI internal memo from 1968 mentions the employment of the Grateful Dead as an avenue 'to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign and non-threatening directions.' [They] performed a vital service in distracting many young persons into drugs and mysticism, rather than politics." (179) Keith goes on to document CIA connections to the creation of mind control cults used to create "controlled chaos." These include the Symbionese Liberation Army, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Scientology, the Unification Church, Son of Sam and Heaven's Gate. The John Lennon assassination also ties in. (183) To bring the picture up to date, add the murder of Princess Diana, Columbine, the blowing of the levees in New Orleans, the burning of Black churches, and the bird flu scare. What we have is an ongoing secret war by the central bankers against society, a drumbeat of psychological torture designed to keep society off balance or zoned out.


The most significant thing about our life is that we are victims of elite mind control. We have been trained to be apathetic, trivia-minded and self absorbed. Apart from the political shocks, we are hardly aware of the vicious attack on our natural heterosexuality by a psy-op known as "feminism" masquerading as womens rights. We get our values, identity, meaning and love from our family roles. Women were brainwashed to abandon the female role and compete for the male role. A woman who dedicated herself to husband, home and children was stigmatized. This is part of the long-term elite program to eliminate the institutions of marriage and family. According to this web site, "Tavistock Institute has developed such power in the USA, that no one achieves prominence in any field unless he has been trained in behavioral science at Tavistock, or one of its subsidiaries." Read how Tavistock directs hundreds of elite think tanks and corporations in the United States. The degree of elite coordination is breath taking.

For example, Century 21 has a new ad where a real estate agent is greeting a middle class Chinese couple arriving to settle in America. The voice-over says something like: "This is the shape of the future. We are agents of change." Obviously this ad will not appeal to Americans looking for a realtor. Rather, it conditions them to embrace immigration. Central banker dupes and lackeys have used the term "change agents" to describe themselves for decades. Mankind is in the grip of a satanic force and is sinking into a coma. Our "leaders" work for an occult cabal of super rich perverts and criminals who secretly plot the end of Western Civilization and world tyranny. They see us as animals to be trained or culled. The good news is that the animals "owe" them a lot of money for their fiat currency. So if we can tune out their madness, we can relax. The chaos is controlled. Wars are all orchestrated and they love money too much to destroy us, at least not yet.




Typical of the BBC in failing to ensure it stated clearly it was an AXE attack by a woman on her partner

Partner 'alive' during axe attack A Cornish parish councillor was alive when he was butchered with an axe or machete, before being dumped at sea and drowned, a court has heard. The body of Carnkie Parish Councillor Peter Solheim, 56, was found off the Lizard by fishermen last June. Truro Crown Court was told that he had three fractured ribs, a fractured kneecap and a big toe had been severed. Former partner Margaret James, 57, of Porthoustock, near St Keverne, Cornwall, denies murder. Sarah Munro QC told the jury that Ms James was driven partly by jealousy. These joints have been deliberately targeted either to make the suffering more severe or to restrict his movement Sarah Munro, prosecuting

Mr Solheim had been having a 20-year relationship with another woman, Jean Knowles, as well as a nine-year relationship with Ms James. The court heard he had proposed to Ms Knowles shortly before he was killed. Earlier jurors heard at least one other person helped her with the killing. Ms Munro told the court the injuries were personal and carried out to inflict "severe suffering". Ms Munro said: "These joints have been deliberately targeted either to make the suffering more severe or to restrict his movement. "These injuries were caused by both blunt and sharp weapons, the sharp weapon likely to have been a machete or an axe. "This was a violent and gruesome death. "The probable cause of his final demise was drowning, he was severely injured, utterly defenceless. "The pathologist will say all of the injuries predate death - they were all inflicted when he was still alive." The trial continues.


Marathon rooftop protest over 12-year land dispute 25 April 2006

Long-term campaigner Rick Canty was today staging a marathon rooftop protest at his home in the latest stage of a 12-year land dispute. Mr Canty, 57, climbed onto the roof of the three-bedroom detached house in Raldan Close, Barry, after bailiffs and police arrived with a warrant for possession of the property where he has lived for more than 10 years. The road was blocked off by police as a trained negotiator attempted to persuade Mr Canty to come down.

Firefighters and an ambulance crew stood by as the protest, which began at 11.45am yesterday, stretched into the afternoon, evening and night. He was still on the roof early this morning and neighbours have been sending up food in a bucket. Speaking from the roof Mr Canty, who is protected from the elements by two bin bags, said: 'It's been raining all night. It has been cold and damp, but what else can I do? All I want is justice. They gave me just 15 minutes to get out of my house, so I climbed onto the roof. 'At 3am this morning a neighbour sent me up some coffee and toast. For breakfast some neighbours sent me up pies and a big bottle of water. 'To be honest, I haven't felt the need to go to the toilet yet. I don't know what I'll do when I do feel the need. I hope my sister can send up some toilet roll.'

He added: 'There are just a couple of kids looking up at the moment. Earlier there was a guy walking his dog who looked a bit surprised.' The rooftop demonstration was the latest in a series of protests concerning a dispute between Mr Canty and a firm of accountants. The dispute centres on ownership of the house and land and Mr Canty's claim for hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs.

This is the fourth time bailiffs have attempted to evict Mr Canty from the property, but he says he is the rightful owner of the house and that attempts to evict him are illegal. He staged a 14-month demonstration outside the Civil Court, in Cardiff, which ended in January, 2002. Bailiffs and police arrived yesterday after an earlier court case in which Mr Canty attempted to get a suspension of the warrant for possession.



Brief who's making a career out of failure

THIS is the high-flying solicitor at the centre of a remarkable 12 negligence claims. John O'Donnell, 54, makes a comfortable living from conducting complicated property transactions. But we can reveal insurers Royal & Sun Alliance have already been forced to pay out £350,000 on seven negligence claims against him. And at least five more worth £200,000 are still being contested. His firm, John G O'Donnell & Co, is based in Cathcart, Glasgow. The Law Society for Scotland, who govern the conduct of lawyers, keep his record of complaints a secret. O'Donnell has also been accused of misconduct but the Law Society, ??? has not brought any cases to the Scottish Solicitors' Discipline Tribunal. The claims centre on complicated transactions involving property and mortgages. 9 One case settled with an £81,000 payout involved Glasgow boxing promoter Alex Morrison, 67, for whom O'Donnell acted in the 2002 sale of his Sydney Street gym to Scottish Enterprise for £130,000. The sale money should have gone to Morrison's offshore firm, Decafarm Ltd, but was instead issued to O'Donnell's.

Decafarm complained to Strathclyde Police fraud squad but the procurator fiscal decided not to prosecute. 9 In other cases, his clients took out two mortgages on property and sold the property, paying off one mortgage. The others lender then had to pursue the solictor for negligence to get their money back - and his insurance paid out. Last night, ex-SNP leader and legal reform campaigner John Swinney said: "This appears a clear example of why a robust and independent complaints handling system is required. "I hope forthcoming legislation to be considered by Parliament will address these issues." Peter Cherbi, of Injustice Scotland, said: "If you buy a tin of beans, you can see the ingredients on the label. If you're paying a solicitor, you should be aware of what he or she has been up to. "I'm also asking Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson to revoke the exemption of the Law Society of Scotland from the Freedom of Information Act."

Last month, it emerged that complaints against lawyers had risen 30 per cent in a year to almost 5000. But a Law Society of Scotland spokesman said: "The consumer protections for clients of Scottish solicitors are second to none." Last night, a legal firm issued a statement on his behalf. It read: During 2000-2002, John O'Donnell received treatment for a mental illness. He was diagnosed with clinical depression. During those dark days, Mr O'Donnell accepts his own high standards slipped. "Indeed, when making a determination, the Law Society of Scotland makes reference to his illness, citing this as 'extenuating circumstances'. "In 2003, Mr O'Donnell started a new legal practice and has many loyal and satisfied clients." Two years ago, the Sunday Mail revealed that O'Donnell's office was searched by police as part of a money-laundering probe into McGovern crime family lieutenant, Russell Stirton, 46.



FAMILY COURTS Fight the rich not their bloody wars

Exposing the horrible truth about big government and the enforced defencelessness of the British people This website is dedicated to exposing the truth about big, criminal government and it's most powerful tool: gun control a.k.a. victim disarmament. It is unique in that it focuses exclusively on the intimate and inextricable link between gun control and tyranny, using documented facts and common sense to prove without a shadow of a doubt that the law-abiding part of a society must have the right to keep and bear arms for the protection of life, liberty and property; not just against violent criminals, but against tyrannical government, which as history proves, represents an infinitely greater danger.

This website was made due to a dissatisfaction with many pro-right to keep and bear arms websites, which ignore or downplay the incredibly important fact that the main reason law-abiding people should be armed is to make sure that a tyrannical government's chances of going all the way are significantly reduced, and that, come what may, the people are never left at the mercy of another Third Reich. Furthermore, there are desperately few people in Britain willing to defend the right to keep and bear arms; fewer still, know the facts. Thank God this is beginning to change, partly thanks to those voices in the wilderness that boldly defended the right to keep and bear arms when it seemed that all hope was lost, as, ten years after being comprehensively disarmed and decades after losing the right to actually bear arms, the British people start to feel in their guts that something is terribly, terribly wrong. So switch off the TV, turn on your mind, and discover:

• How the Nazis, among others, used gun control to disarm and then exterminate millions of "undesirables".

• The long history of the right to keep and bear arms.

• The prominent gun-grabbers that have been exposed as hypocrites, liars and criminals.

• How and why well-meaning people, especially in the police and military, are being conned into enslaving their own people.

• How governments sponsor and directly engage in terrorism to scare people
into surrendering precious freedom for "security" (9/11, the London Bombings, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Omagh Bomb etc. etc. are all textbook examples).

• How and why Western governments, lead by Britain and the U.S., sell arms to some of the most dangerous and conflict-ridden countries on earth while simultaneously pushing for and implementing stricter gun control domestically.

• Why gun control does not disarm criminals, and in fact empowers them.

• How the Dunblane Massacre was sickeningly and callously used to get maximum gas mileage for the comprehensive disarmament of the British people.

• The great minds throughout history -- Aristotle, Montesquieu, Paine, Locke for example -- that have espoused the right to keep and bear arms.

"It's coming up ten years since I rounded up the last of the guns; I'm very proud of that achievement. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I'm in total control over here: I can rest assured that no matter what I do, there'll be no 1789s while I'm in charge!" "The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered eastern peoples to have arms; history teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing." -- Adolf Hitler, at a dinner talk given on April 11th, 1942, quoted in Hitler's Table Talk, 1941 - 44: His Private Conversations, Second Edition (1973), pp. 425 - 426. Yes, this poster really was put up along London's twenty-six key bus routes in 2002 to announce the installation of surveillance cameras inside buses (didn't stop the London Bombings though, did they?). But hey, at least they're looking after us (which is a relief because otherwise we might have to do it ourselves). In fact, Britain simply wouldn't be Britain without

Total surveillance, track-and-trace control grid..

....Reinforced by an increasingly militarized police force... Left to right: members of the Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), members of the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF) and heavily militarized British armed police (right) -- recently branded "gung ho" by the SAS -- in the process of terrorizing residents of Notting Hill and north Kensington in London. Ladies and gentlemen, when your police are dressing up like terrorists and bank robbers, you have a VERY serious problem. And the annihilation of our historic freedoms....

Daily Mail, January 2nd, 2006.

Daily Mail, November 15th, 2005: "Rail passengers will have to put up with random scans and security checks 'for the rest of their lives' in an effort to thwart suicide bombers [train the people to live as slaves inside a high-tech control grid], the Government warned yesterday.

They will pass through scanners which can see through clothes, they will be scrutinised by armed police and their bags will be checked by X-ray machines or sniffer dogs." Presumption of innocence, probable cause, the right to privacy.......all flushed down the toilet while the people watch TV. The police state in action: 82-year-old veteran peace campaigner Walter Wolfgang, who escaped from the Nazis during World War II, is manhandled and kicked out of the 2005 annual Labour Party conference. His crime? Shouting the word "nonsense" in protest against the Iraq war-for-empire.




Clean Up Westminster

To: Houses of Parliament We, the undersigned, believe that there should be no further appointments to the House of Lords until the current investigations have run their course; and the possibility of corruption has been removed from Westminster; and Parliament behaves with absolute propriety and is seen to behave with absolute propriety.


The Undersigned

Move to store 'ID card' details for children 19 April 2006

All the monitoring done by the old Soviet Union and Nazi Germany is taking shape in fascist Britain under Herr Blair and Herr McConnell using the latest technology to justify enormous invasion of our privacy.They are trying to monitor us all from cradle to grave. Seems they have now created so many dissenters,many who have been victims of their tyrannical system ,that they require to protect themselves by close inspection of our every thought and movement.Only psychopaths , tyrants and in particular secret societies have the time and energy to monitor to this level of intrusion .It seems only a matter of time before the culling starts big time , when we are this far down the road to hell ,thanks to the devil worshippers who have taken control of all aspects of UK life.

It has always been there to a lesser or greater degree its just the technology makes it all the more transparent as more and more victims unite.V for Vendetta describes a futuristic Britain ,but it is here now ,as we have seen our friends and colleagues being taken away in the night ,some never to be heard of again. Psychiatric wards are the UK's CONCENTRATION CAMPS and there is clear proof of the extermination process used as the modern day version of being hung,drawn and quartered using chemical lobotomies .


A REGISTER of children's details similar to that to be kept under the government's controversial ID card scheme has been recommended by officials. The Citizen Information Project (CIP) said a child population register should also be set up. Under-16s had been exempt from the national identity register. CIP, based within the Office for National Statistics, also said the identity cards scheme should be used to share details such as people's names, addresses and dates of birth across the public sector. The report said details should be securely shared "on the basis that the scheme eventually becomes compulsory". The CIP saw "significant value" in sharing details as the scheme would eventually become compulsory, a written ministerial statement from Des Browne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said.

But Phil Booth, of the No2ID pressure group, said the statement heralded a future of "cradle-to-grave surveillance". He said privacy campaigners' worst nightmares were coming true within two weeks of the identity cards legislation making its way through parliament.


158 police officers have a criminal record 19 April 2006


Police dismay as figures show 1 in every 100 officers convicted of a crime
Two inspectors and nine sergeants of Strathclyde police have records
Chief police officers vow to establish national vetting procedure
Key quote "You cannot have someone who has been convicted of drink-driving arresting a member of the public for the same thing" - senior police source

AT LEAST 158 serving police officers in Scotland have convictions for offences ranging from assault and drink-driving to attempting to pervert the course of justice, The Scotsman can reveal.

The figures - obtained under the Freedom of Information Act - reveal six of Scotland's eight forces employ officers convicted of criminal offences, including inspectors and sergeants. Politicians and police board members yesterday expressed their surprise at the high figure and pledged to ask questions of chief constables. And senior officers told The Scotsman of their concerns that some forces were being too lenient on some crimes committed by their staff. The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS) is so concerned by the issue it is now drawing up a set of national vetting rules which is likely to list convictions that will automatically bar someone from joining the service. The issue was thrown into the spotlight by Fabian Wright, a former constable with Grampian, who was jailed last month for dangerous driving for his part in an off-duty accident that killed 16-year-old Lisa Marie Wyllie in Aberdeen last year.

Following his trial, the force admitted the 28-year-old had a previous conviction for theft before he joined the police. Deputy Chief Constable Pat Shearer revealed another 24 serving officers in Grampian have convictions for offences committed before and during their police career, but insisted the force had introduced stringent new vetting procedures to weed out unsuitable candidates. But the figures obtained by The Scotsman show the issue goes far further than one force. In Strathclyde, 82 police officers have records - 24 of whom had convictions before joining the force. Of the 82, two are inspectors, nine are sergeants and 71 constables, including six "specials". Lothian and Borders would only give details about officers who had gained convictions since 2000, of which there are nine - three of whom were guilty of assault and six of breach of the peace.

Scotland has about 16,000 police officers, which means about one in every 100 has at least one criminal conviction. In at least 38 of the 158 known cases, the convictions were gained prior to the officer joining the service. At the moment, while every police officer is obliged to declare a criminal conviction, each of Scotland's eight police forces takes its own decisions on recruiting officers and for discipline if an offence is committed while serving. A senior source within one force said: "We take pretty much a zero-tolerance attitude towards officers who are guilty of drink-driving. You cannot have someone who has been convicted of drink-driving arresting a member of the public for the same thing. Other forces may not take quite such a clear approach." Jean McFadden, the convener of the Strathclyde Joint Police Board, said she was alarmed that police officers convicted of assault were still serving, and pledged to raise the matter with Chief Constable Willie Rae. She said: "I'd be very surprised if someone convicted of assault isn't dismissed from the force. What I say to new recruits when they are sworn into the service is that a higher standard of conduct is expected of them than in other jobs, both on and off duty." Kenny MacAskill, the SNP's justice spokesman, said: "It does seem a very high number. There are some offences where it would be very surprising if officers were able to serve, but a degree of discretion for more minor offences should be shown." Deputy Chief Constable Garry Sutherland, chairman of the ACPOS professional standards business area, said that when considering applicants, forces must "take a balanced view and consider each individual on their merits".



Mother guilty of smothering baby

A WOMAN was convicted yesterday of smothering to death her infant daughter more than 23 years ago. Jennifer Liehne, 42, had denied suffocating the seven-month-old baby, Jacqueline, but was found guilty by a jury on a charge of culpable homicide. In 1982, it was recorded as a cot death, but advances in medical science led experts to suspect the child had been assaulted. Liehne, who was close to collapse, was remanded in custody until sentencing next month. The judge, Lord Hardie, called for background and psychiatric reports. During a five-week trial, the High Court in Edinburgh heard that, from the age of five months, Jacqueline had been admitted several times to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children after her mother claimed that the baby had stopped breathing and turned blue.

Each time, Jacqueline was found to be fine. The kind of turn depicted by Liehne - she was always alone with the baby when she said it happened - was never witnessed in hospital.It was suspected that Liehne, still in her teens and with another, older baby, might have been using a ploy to either gain attention or some respite. Jacqueline spent 39 of the last 66 days of her life in hospital. She had been discharged on the morning of 19 December, 1982, but that night a doctor was called twice to the family home in Hyvot Avenue, Edinburgh. Joy Hall, a relative of Liehne through marriage and a former nurse and midwife, was also summoned. In a statement read to the jury, Mrs Hall said the doctor was very professional and thorough, and deemed it unnecessary for the baby to be returned to hospital. "I was happy that there was nothing seriously wrong with Jacqueline," added Mrs Hall.

"Jennifer was the centre of attraction, saying, 'My baby's going to die... I know my baby is going to die.' I asked her why she was saying that. I told her her baby only had a cold but she said, 'I know my baby is going to die'." Next morning, Liehne's husband, William Smith, 47 - they went on to have a third child and were divorced in 1995 - left for work. About an hour later, he received a phone call to be told that Jacqueline, who he said had been "fine" when he left, was dead. Mrs Hall said she had gone to the house after a call from Liehne's mother, who was hysterical. Mrs Hall checked the baby for a pulse, but found none. "I thought immediately that she was dead. Jennifer was very dramatic. She kept saying, 'Is she deid?' Jennifer and I went in the ambulance. She didn't say much. She wasn't sobbing or crying, she was just being all dramatic."

Although there was suspicion on Liehne, pathologists said Jacqueline had been a victim of sudden infant death syndrome. Liehne's third daughter, Pamela, who was born in 1986, also had many dealings with doctors. In a charge which was dropped during the trial, Liehne was alleged to have repeatedly caused the unnecessary hospitalisation of Pamela from the age of a few months until she was nine, by pretending she was ill. In 2001, social workers were concerned that Liehne had become pregnant again and the baby was taken into care. It was decided Jacqueline's death should be reviewed and new techniques were applied to samples preserved since 1982. Those revealed damage to the lungs which was consistent with "imposed upper airway obstruction" on previous occasions and at the time of death.

Dr Helen Hammond, a consultant paediatrician, said: "In my opinion, imposed upper airway obstruction, for example by smothering ... is the most likely explanation for Jacqueline's death." Liehne was an only child and a late baby. Her parents had been married for 19 years before she was born. As a schoolgirl, she was referred to the social work department for truanting and shoplifting and an apparent attempt to take her own life. She was 16 and pregnant when she married Mr Smith. She was suspected of being responsible for a number of fires in houses where she lived or visited. Chief Inspector Jacqueline Conway, of Lothian and Borders Police, who led the investigation, said: "The suspicion that Jennifer Liehne killed Jacqueline in 1982 did not weaken with the passage of time which is why the agencies involved never gave up on this possibility."


Woman jailed for sex with boy 14 8 April 2006

Woman jailed for sex with boy, 14

A 42-year-old woman who seduced a 14-year-old boy when he was drunk in her home has been jailed. Angela Cooklin, of Borehamwood, Herts, deliberately "set up" the boy, said Judge Findlay Baker when he sentenced her to 26 months in prison. The boy's mother discovered what had been going on when she found explicit text messages on his mobile phone. Cooklin was convicted of two offences of sexual activity with a child and jailed at St Albans Crown Court.


Policeman sold secrets to gangsters 8 April 2006


Officer sold secrets to gangsters

A policeman who sold surveillance secrets to gangsters has been jailed for three-and-a-half years. Former Merseyside officer Gregory O'Leary, 39, gained information from force computers which was then sold to the underworld for £1,000 a time. O'Leary, who drove a BMW with a personal number plate, admitted six counts of misconduct in office at an earlier Liverpool Crown Court hearing. Mr Justice Openshaw said other officers would be "outraged by his treachery". The court heard O'Leary, who joined the force in 1985, could have made up to £80,000 from selling information.

He put police officers' lives at risk, which is a betrayal of the worst kind
Deputy Chief Constable Jon Murphy
Merseyside Police

The court was told O'Leary was caught after Merseyside Police received information that retired Pc Mark Mitchell, who mentored O'Leary when he first joined the force, was involved in criminal activity. Mitchell, of Litherland, was sentenced to two years and 11 months after pleading guilty to conspiracy to corrupt. His home was bugged and it emerged that O'Leary was passing information to him gleaned from the force's computers, which would then be sold on to criminals for £1,000 a time. O'Leary, of Allerton, Liverpool, was caught on CCTV surveillance visiting Mitchell, asking whether someone who had asked for information was going to pay for it. He was also recorded getting information from police computers at night. The intelligence from the bugging related to underworld figures involved in large-scale class A drug dealing, firearms, counterfeit currency and organised football violence.

Deputy Chief Constable Jon Murphy, of Merseyside Police, said: "Greg O'Leary's criminal behaviour was despicable and completely unacceptable. "In some cases he put police officers' lives at risk, which is a betrayal of the worst kind. "His actions have tainted the good reputation of the force and he has let down his former colleagues."


Judge backs Freemasons' role 7 April 2006

THE role of Masons in public life won the backing of a High Court judge, who yesterday dismissed claims that the order’s secretive ways made Freemasonry an unhealthy influence on officialdom. Mr Justice Newman accepted that there was still a perception that Freemasonry could give rise to apparent bias in decisionmaking. But he concluded that Masons holding public positions did not need to remove themselves from decisions involving other Masons.

The judge said that “Freemasonry is not a religion” and that although members of the order agreed to give “succour” to “brother Masons”, they were subject to the “uncompromising and clear” principle that they must pay “due obedience” to the laws of the land. Mr Justice Newman upheld North Dorset District Council’s decision to give planning consent to an application for a change of use of farming land to a showground in Motcombe in Dorset by the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Agricultural Society. He dismissed arguments that there was an “appearance of bias” because two of the members who voted in favour of the scheme were members of Masonic lodges.


Amnesty eventually expose torture flights 5 April 2006

Amnesty International are a bit LATE coming in on this one .Our groups have known about these flights for years from our USA contacts and the UK press have been running this for months NOW Amnesty decide to COMMENT. We have absolute proof AMNESTY are a front for the ILLUMINATI. They are members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs and are usually busy finding any form of human right abuse in third world countries to justify invasion by USA and UK forces to supposedly bring them freedoms much the same as they are doing now in IRAQ.

The last people on earth to be charged with exposing human rights abuses are AMNESTY.If they only spent as much time exposing human rights abuses in civil courts in the UK were thousands of lives are destroyed daily by the mobsters running them.


Human rights group details new claims on CIA 'torture flights'

FRESH evidence has emerged of the brutality involved in the CIA's programme of extraordinary rendition and its use of Scottish airports as stopping-off points for aircraft involved in the controversial programme. A report from Amnesty International alleges that detainees were abducted or handed to the CIA by friendly agencies in other countries before being "disappeared".

The report gives accounts of how prisoners were stripped, blindfolded and shackled before being bundled on to rendition flights, and of the existence of a secret eastern European or central Asian prison. It traces the movements of four planes from the CIA fleet that had landed and taken off at airports, including Glasgow International, Glasgow Prestwick, Edinburgh and Leuchars.

Amnesty is demanding a full independent public inquiry into all aspects of the UK's involvement in rendition flights. The United States has resisted calls for an end to the practice and the UK government has declined to intervene. Rosemary Burnett, Amnesty's programme director in Scotland, said: "With mounting evidence of illegal CIA rendition flights through European airspace - and multiple landings and take-offs of CIA planes at Scottish airports - there must be an independent inquiry into all aspects of UK involvement in these sinister practices. "The Scottish public requires reassurance that airports like Prestwick, Glasgow and Edinburgh are not hosting planes used to transport prisoners for secret detention and torture. It is within the power of the Scottish Executive to seek that reassurance and call an inquiry.

"We are insisting that ... American aviation companies stop turning a blind eye to what the CIA does with their planes." The Amnesty report claims that some rendered prisoners were prepared for their flights by being stripped naked and made to wear absorbent plastic underpants and blue overalls. The report says that they were handcuffed, blindfolded, shackled; had their hands strapped to waist belts, their ears plugged with foam and their mouths covered with surgical face masks; were hooded and had heavy sound-deadening headphones placed over their ears.

Amnesty claims that the measures were taken to prevent prisoners learning the location of the secret prison sites to which they were taken. However, the organisation says that former detainees who described a "hi-tech underground prison with American guards and elaborate measures to preserve secrecy and thwart respect for human rights" were able to provide enough information to suggest that the prison was located in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Georgia or Azerbaijan. The report contains details of about 1,000 flights which it says were operated by the CIA through front companies and another 600 flights involving aircraft allegedly hired by the agency.

It alleges that the CIA "exploited aviation practices that would otherwise require their flights to be declared to aviation authorities". Amnesty said the report "exposes a covert operation whereby people have been arrested or abducted, transferred and held in secret or handed over to countries where they have faced torture and other ill-treatment". Many of the flights logged passed through European airspace. Yesterday the Scottish Green Party called for the Scottish Executive to investigate. Patrick Harvie MSP, the party's justice spokesman, said: "It does this country no good to be even remotely associated with the US's ongoing flouting of international law, never mind be the hub for numerous flights carrying suspects to torture centres."




America and Britain have an election system based on a two horse race except its only illuminati donkeys that are put forward for us to vote into office .

If Tesco and Walmart where the only supermarkets where you could buy food and clothing there would be a HUGE outcry as to the lack of selection consumers had to purchase products .Yet that is the very system we have been expected to tolerate for so very long in the supposed WESTERN DEMOCRACIES electoral systems.

If only more sheep, could see the propaganda in the national press and TV,maybe there would be an even bigger outcry as to why neither the UK or USA are in any way DEMOCRATIC . No matter what side wins it is always the secret society candidates elected to stand in the two horse race that win ,promoted by the same lot who control our International press and media.

The Jim Carrey film The Truman show (http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0120382/) paints a true picture of the illusion being created for us all to live in and NOW the reality is that ALL our boats are breaking thro the canvas that created a facade manufactured to fool us into a false sense of security.The Problem ,Reaction ,Solution system they have used on us all for so very long is wearing extremely thin and is bursting at the seams now serious flaws are starting to show.

Despite this the UK and USA media are still playing the same old record which is now showing a collusion within news broadcasting that does not accurately reflect what is actually happening.Both the UK and USA have fascist secret society mobsters running the government ,judicial systems and most of the law enforcement agencies.

We will only get real justice and freedom when the majority rise up and put the final nail in the coffin of the bonesmen and bilderbergers who have been propping up their vast wealth using political stooges to do their dirty work for them.NO MAN is truly FREE while they control all aspects of our lives.

How long is it going to take before the sheep see the bigger picture?