The establishment is riddled with Etonians controlling much of the CITY and working to keep royalty as the secret society devil worshipping masonic controllers of Britain.

There is bugger all GREAT about Britain other than the stench of hypocrisy, regalia, OVER THE TOP pomp and ceremony and the endless tugging of forelocks by little crawling subservient Eton and Cambridge lackies.

The lunatics really are running the asylum.
Judiciary 'in touch with reality'

Judges are more in touch with the world than most people, thanks to their job, the Lord Chief Justice has insisted. Their role means they see a unique picture of society, said Lord Phillips, England and Wales' most senior judge. He said judges used supermarkets and buses like everyone else, but their job gave them an insight into all sectors of society "shared by very few".

His comments, at the Lord Mayor of London's annual judges' dinner, follow recent controversies over sentencing. The most high-profile recent case involved paedophile Craig Sweeney, who was given a life sentence but told he could seek parole in five years. Lord Phillips condemned some newspapers for personal attacks on judges over sentences - as happened to Judge John Griffith Williams over the Sweeney sentence, handed down at Cardiff Crown Court in June.

Judicial independence requires judges to reach their decisions without fear or favour, affection of ill-will Lord Phillips

"We do not live on run-down estates, but we do travel on buses, Tubes and bicycles," said Lord Phillips. "We push trolleys around supermarkets, we have normal family concerns and commitments and neither are judges immune from the impact of crime. "Day by day our work gives us an insight into what is happening in all sectors of society, which is shared by very few." He described attacks on judges as "intemperate, offensive and unfair". And he stressed it was valuable for judges and ministers to co-operate to improve the justice system.

Ministerial attacks

In the Sweeney case, Home Secretary John Reid made a request for the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to review the sentence. But Lord Phillips told the audience at the Mansion House: "Judicial independence requires judges to reach their decisions without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. "Our task is to apply the law with objectivity to the best of our ability, and this is something that ministers must understand and respect - and I believe that they do."

Later the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer of Thoroton, told the event that ministers should not launch attacks on the judiciary. "Whilst it is perfectly legitimate for ministers to address policy issues raised by individual judgements, ministers should not criticise judges," he said. "Just as judges don't do politics, ministers don't try cases. "That has always been the core of the relationship between the executive and the judiciary. That is how it should remain."

  • 9/11 questions
    There are a few questions that might answer the conspiracy theories of 9/11. So many Americans have been brainwashed that their government and president are there to take care of them.The reality is that they have been conditioned to accept whatever leadership is in office and FOLLOW THE LEADER assuming they have had a democratic right to select that leader.

    The reality is FAR from the truth.

    1.Why has the USA had only EVER two parties promoted and voted into the White House?

    2.Why has the USA MEDIA only ever concentrated its attention on those two parties leaders?

    3.Why are both of those leaders members of secret society devil worshipping cults like the skull and bones or the bohemian club?

    4.Why has the USA been in constant flux since the last world war on fighting conflicts in many different parts of the world.Vietnam,Afghanistan and Iraq among many others?

    5.Who gave the USA the RIGHT to police the world?

    6.Why do USA presidents always have an EXCUSE to invade any country especially the ones that usually have lots of mineral wealth or of strategic importance?

    7.Why has the USA the biggest prisoner system in the world imprisoning the largest amount of its citizens per head of population than any other country ? Then the powers that be proclaim "WE ARE THE LAND OF THE FREE".

    8.Why did 9/11 prove to be a convenient time for the president to bring in marshall law and use draconian measures so extreme it made HITLERS reign pale by comparion?

    9.Why did the USA presidents forefathers fund NAZI Germany and its fascist state(Prescot Bush)?

    10.Why do Americans think they have a just system and democracy when the vast majority of them hate the present leadership and have been brainwashed into thinking the majority voted to bring him in?

    11.Why has the present leader been responsible for the largest amount of prisoners per USA state facing the death penalty while he was governor?

    12.Why did the 9/11 incident look so contrived and like something stage managed by Hollywood studios?

    13.Why have so many professionals in the various fields of expertise been critical about what actually happened?Also if in fact ANY group could carry out such an enormous attack on USA soil with the most enormous failure of the AMERICAN defence forces? Why did the American air force while on a high state of alert fail time and again to scramble fighters to intercept not ONE but the many planes that had gone off course?Especially one that was heading for the supposed impenetrable pentagon.

    14.Why does the USA media continually promote those who condemn the educated sceptics as conspiracy nuts while so much evidence remains inconclusive?
    An inside job for masons
    An inside job

    Myth or reality, freemasons have long faced accusations of sinister ritual and undue influence. So why, asks Kate Hilpern, are a growing number of young people keen to sign up?

    'I'm thinking of becoming a freemason," a friend told me recently, when we were out to dinner. I nearly choked on my soup, given that he is (a) in his 20s, (b) pretty cool and (c) gay. "Isn't that a bit, well, old school?" I asked him. But apparently I'm the one with the outdated views. The United Grand Lodge of England reports being "inundated" with young men wanting to join freemasonry. Even women are moving into the world of secret rituals and funny-looking aprons.

    So what's their motivation? A nod and a wink - or more precisely, a secret handshake - that promises to further their career? Or is the view of freemasonry's influence in the workplace outdated or a myth, even? My friend, who is now a fully-fledged member - in the past, you had to be introduced, but now you can apply independently and go through an interview process - insists he joined for the three pillars of freemasonry: fellowship, charity and integrity. The idea, he says, is that as one of the world's oldest secular fraternal societies, you meet up to concern yourself with moral and spiritual values via a series of rituals and ancient dramas.

    Other masons, however, admit to being more unscrupulous. "I didn't join for personal gain, but have been pleasantly surprised by one or two business favours," says one entrepreneur. "You can have all the principles in the world, but let's face it, you're not going to turn an opportunity down, are you?" Ex-mason James Todd wrote to a national newspaper to claim: "I do not know of a single mason who has not been prepared to accept preferential treatment derived from masonic membership." Many would be quick to deny it, he said, but they are likely to be in the lower order, unaware of what goes on higher up. They might not have realised they had gained advantages, he explained. "You could have been given a promotion because, as a mason, you would trust the word of a bent mason."

    Tony Gosling, who has researched freemasonry, agrees. "In the lowest three degrees of masonry, there is a plethora of silly rituals that may or may not mean something. The point of these is surely to brainwash men into accepting bizarre subservience without questioning why they are doing it." The Brotherhood - Stephen Knight's 1980s book purporting to expose the evils of masonry - concluded that while masons can get you a foot up the career ladder, they can also bring you tumbling down. Cross the masons at your peril is the message of one of Knight's sources, who says that because there are 5m masons worldwide - all of whom pledge to give each other support - they make up one of the most efficient private intelligence networks there is.

    With a reputation like that, it is little wonder that a growing number of public figures are now obliged to declare membership of societies such as the freemasons, including judges, police, prison and probation officers. A Commons motion last summer called on MPs and peers to be added to this list. Roger Williams, the Liberal Democrat MP behind the motion, which is still pending debate, insists it is not an attack on freemasonry but a call for increased openness. "Re-establishing the public's trust in politicians depends upon being open about interests and affiliations," he says.

    Surprisingly, freemasons are not averse to declaring their affiliation, although they don't much like the idea of being forced into it. "There are so many myths about the masons that are not true. Part of my job is to encourage people to be open and upfront about it, so we can dispel those myths," says Chris Connop, who has the unlikely job of media manager for the United Grand Lodge of England. "I'm telling people that if the subject comes up in the pub, talk about it and be proud of it." The secretive element kicked off only during the second world war, he says. "What a lot of people don't realise is that Hitler sent freemasons to the concentration camps. The fear of invasion sent them underground."

    The problem was that the "no comment" policy persisted for 40 years. "So when some idiot wrote something daft about freemasonry or made accusations about us, we let them get on with it. What happened was that the mythology became the reality in people's minds, and what we're trying to do now is get our message out there about what freemasonry actually involves," says Connop. He believes more plotting and favours happen on the greens of golf clubs than in freemasonry. "I can't say it's never happened, but I can say that when we find out about it, we don't put up with it."

    He admits that he has no idea how many such cases there are. "The difficulty is that they are usually invited to resign before they are thrown out, and most will do that." Although word is that membership has been on the decline in recent decades, a growing number of young workers are now joining, says Connop. "A lot of people tell me they're attracted to something so stable in our very uncertain world, while others talk about a need for greater meaning in an increasingly materialistic world."

    Masons must declare a belief in a supreme being, although this does not have to be a Christian God. "That's one of the great things about freemasonry. Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and others all sit together in harmony," says Connop. "It is often said that two things unite Ireland: rugby and freemasonry." So what about women? Here lies another fiction, says Val Gibbens, grand secretary of the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, one of two women-only lodges in this country. "A lot of people think freemasonry is only for men, but this fraternity has been in existence for 100 years, and we're one of the newest ones."

    Gibbens believes the thousands of female members could move into the tens of thousands were it not for the religious element. "We get so many women visiting, who are impressed and really want to join, but they can't because they don't believe in any god." Asked to comment on the link between freemasonry and favours, she is frank. "It's a load of crap," she says. "There are bad eggs in all organisations, but I think we've been unfairly tarnished."

    The image of cloak-and-dagger and corruption is much more exciting than the reality, my recently appointed freemason friend confirms. "That's why the stories are still invented. But if it was so sinister, why would it have so many members?" With lodges now offering tours to the general public (one even asked me to lunch) and the wording of masonic ceremonies available for anyone to buy, he may be right. But, dare I say, the more like the Rotary Club the masons become, the less intriguing it all seems.

  • Masons in turmoil as sacking at top shocks secret brotherhood
    Members furious at being kept in the dark over unprecedented dismissal

    It is the ultimate secret society, a fraternal organisation of influential men who attract almost as many conspiracy theories as members. But the brotherly bonds and code of silence that link 800,000 freemasons are under strain after the unprecedented dismissal of the chief executive of the United Grand Lodge of England. The peak body for 10,000 masonic lodges was plunged into crisis after Robert Morrow, a former executive at NatWest bank, was hauled in front of a disciplinary hearing a day before the lodge's annual ceremony in London, attended by the Duke of Kent, the grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England. Ordinary members only realised Mr Morrow had not been reappointed to his £100,000-plus post when he failed to appear at the annual investiture ceremony at the historic Freemasons' Hall, the masonic headquarters in Covent Garden. Nor was he present at the lavish post-ceremony dinner in the nearby New Connaught Rooms. "It's a bit like going to Tesco's AGM and finding Sir Terry Leahy is not there," said one disgruntled mason.

    The annual reappointment of the grand secretary is normally a formality. Members of the lodge said they had never known their chief executive to be, in effect, sacked. As grand secretary, Mr Morrow was responsible for the day-to-day running of the United Grand Lodge of England, a job demanding all the skills of a chief executive managing a lucrative set of London properties with an unusual amount of discretion. Since freemasons combined lodges in London in 1717 and the first masonic rulebook was published six years later, their arcane rituals and grandiose titles have attracted members and curiosity in equal measure. Queen Victoria's son Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales, was a masonic grand master, but resigned his post on becoming king in 1901. Other prominent freemasons include Winston Churchill, Peter Sellers and Rudyard Kipling. A growing number of public figures are now obliged to declare membership, including judges, police and probation officers - but not MPs.

    Although masons tackle the conspiracies that proliferate via the internet and the Da Vinci Code by insisting they are not a secret society, Mr Morrow's abrupt departure is, like most masonic business, shrouded in secrecy. They may follow principles of brotherly love, relief (charity) and truth, but ordinary masons are furious that they have not been given a reason for the dismissal of their grand secretary, who was appointed in 2002 and would normally be expected to serve at least 10 years. Masonic machinations in Spain - where masonry was banned and masons persecuted under General Franco - is understood to be one of the key charges against Mr Morrow, who was hauled before a grand lodge disciplinary hearing on April 25. With so many expat businessmen living in Spain, some British masons are members of masonic lodges in England and Spain. When the Grand Lodge of Spain came to elect a new grand master, a number of British masons living in Spain were able to vote in the elections. According to one English mason, Mr Morrow was accused of manipulating the election by urging his British members to back a particular candidate in Spain, a charge which allegedly led to the grand master of Spain to write to the English lodge, condemning Mr Morrow's behaviour as "absolutely outrageous". It is understood that he categorically denies the charges. Documentary evidence that he did not interfere in the affairs of the Spanish lodge will form part of an internal appeal against his sacking. "There is a great deal of speculation," Mr Morrow said last night. "All masonic rumours are inherently true, especially those with no basis whatsoever in fact. There are many stories going around and I would rather not comment on any."

    One mason, who preferred to remain anonymous, called for a proper explanation for his dismissal. "We all pay enormous amounts of subscriptions to these people yet we are not considered to be worthy of knowing what is going on." A spokeswoman for the United Grand Lodge of England confirmed that Mr Morrow's dismissal was "unprecedented in recent history". The lodge said in a statement: "On the 25th April 2006, following a disciplinary hearing, Bro Morrow was dismissed and as a consequence was not re-appointed as grand secretary. "The reasons related to the implementation of the agreed policy of United Grand Lodge of England in relation to overseas grand lodges and his reporting of his activities in this area. The disciplinary process is continuing, and steps to appoint a grand secretary will not be taken until after it is completed." The spokeswoman said the appeal process would take up to four weeks.

  • Here (in the UK) you make your name by not rocking the boat
    We are far too soft on City villainy

    The British should emulate the Americans' vigorous fraud-busting approach

    Last week three bankers - the NatWest Three - became almost national heroes, resisting the long arm of American law which required them to face trial in the US over an alleged offence related to the Enron scandal. The extradition treaty under which they were being removed from Britain had not even been ratified by the Americans, it was said; the burden of proof there was lower; and not even their own British bank was pressing charges. The plane left Gatwick for Houston carrying these tribunes of liberty to a manacled future; businessmen demonstrated; there was a special debate in the House of Commons. A delegation is to be sent to Washington to press the Americans to ratify the treaty. You have to blink at the craziness. Only towards the end of the week did sanity emerge. The affidavit from the FBI agent in the bail hearings disclosed the email exchanges between the three, and the extent of their involvement in a series of offshore transactions apparently set up to throw up personal profits. 'We're going to get rich,' wrote one. The NatWest Three declare their innocence in the transactions, but there are questions to answer.

    It is unusual for the British to witness fraud being taken seriously so long after the event and with such intent by the prosecuting authorities. This is the rule of law at work. The principle is surely right? If any government believes that British nationals may have been party to fraud against organisations under their jurisdiction then it should collaborate to see justice done. And if we don't want to prosecute, then we must stand aside and let others do it. The principle at stake is justice - and whether we want to ring-fence the City of London so that, in effect, anything goes. Begin with Enron. Essentially this company created fictitious profits through myriad dodgy schemes (like the one created by NatWest), enriching a narrow coterie of directors at the top even while it was feted on all sides for its innovation. When the company collapsed tens of thousands of employees lost their pensions which had been invested in Enron stock. Enron became emblematic of the freewheeling capitalism of the 1990s.

    The US, even under Bush, has reacted ferociously. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act made chief executives personally responsible for the integrity of their annual accounts with no excuses. Meanwhile, former Enron executives involved have been relentlessly and successfully pursued in the courts. The week before last, Ken Lay, Enron's founder, died before being sentenced; he would have faced prison without any prospect of release. I cannot remember a successful fraud prosecution in Britain in such a high-profile case or such vigorous action - Guinness excepted. The record is a chapter of disasters, of failed prosecutions and, in the few occasions when we do succeed, forgiving sentences.

    Britain, it is said, is just less corrupt. I'm not so sure. A significant part of the City's so-called 'financial services' are precisely about setting up offshore companies advantageously to manage tax, cash flow and profits which are frequently on the cusp of legality. Few acknowledge it; everyone knows it. And juries are said to get confused, hence fewer convictions. The reality is that weaker British regulation delivers a weaker flow of high quality evidence which an uncombative and under-resourced public prosecution service cannot make stick against their well-financed defendants. The real explanation of our track record is a lack of willingness to grasp the fraud nettle. In part, this is a rational if unedifying desire to keep our dirty linen hidden, but the reaction of some of the business community betrays another less laudable instinct. Business and the rich should not be subject to the rule of law as a matter of principle; it is an interference in 'wealth generation'. And the more private wealth has grown in Britain, the more our wealthy believe that the law should be different for them. Some strands in American business think the same, but they are overwhelmed by the strong American belief that the US is a republic of laws where every citizen can and should be held to account.

    There are elected officials, such as the formidable New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer who has made his name by being a fraud buster. Here you make your name by not rocking the boat. The US has the more vigorous democratic tradition and institutions. American business people are held to account for their actions, and it makes their businesses stronger. Accountability is good, not bad, for business. The US has a long history of taming business, which springs from republican institutions ... imposing competition, imprisoning fraudsters and breaking up monopolies. Arguably, its economic dynamism comes from this tension between markets and democracy - rather than the usual story that it is a free-market paradise.

    One of the worst aspects of last week was the crude anti-Americanism. Where the US gets it wrong - over climate change or Iraq - the criticism should be tough. But over this the US is in the right, as is becoming obvious. Cold American legal steel going after crime in the City because Britain is too limp-wristed is good news. There is a collective shiver going down the spine of every London financier. It is long overdue.


    The Power Hour radio program announced today they are in receipt of information that a building complex on US Naval Base Coronado, outside San Diego, CA, forms the image of a Nazi Swastika. A simple search at Google Earth reveals a large complex of four buildings that are indeed arranged to re-create the Swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

    Symbolism has been used throughout history to communicate intent and allegiance to those aware of their meanings. In a world of symbolism, secret societies, and shadow organizations that influence domestic and foreign policy, what kind of message is this sending to the rest of the world? What is the name of this building complex and who was responsible for approving the design?

    Adolf Hitler promoted a “New World Order” and planned to implement it as his Third Reich came to power. Is this the same “New World Order” that George H. Bush Sr., Gary Hart and Bill Clinton speak of? What possible reason could there be for a building to have been constructed on a military base with this horrifying reminder of hate and genocide?

    These photographs, now being seen worldwide, are raising very serious questions as to the intent and meaning of this message. Given the political climate in the US, some may see the construction of a four story Swastika as an act of “Hate Speech”.

    The Power Hour has sent certified letters to the Commanding Officer of the base, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of Defense and numerous International Jewish organizations requesting a response and explanation as to how this horrifying reminder of murder and genocide can be tolerated.

  • Birthday celebrations at the third reich
    As ever all the pomp and ceremony was once again paraded in London to celebrate Mams 80th birthday.

    The regalia masks a most sinister system of control in the UK that has (so far at least)STOPPED a revolution removing the crooks who have for centuries survived by controlling us using their secret society mobsters who are in key positions throughout British society.

    We are living in a country dominated by a brutal regime that inspired the British Empire created thro the rape and pillage of countries who in time fought back to gain independence from the monsters who initiated despicable acts against vulnerable societies.

    That mind set have NOT changed ,instead they have turned inwards and continue to attack its own people.Anyone facing litigation in the UK know about the secret masonic controllers destroying peoples lives daily in the most appalling and tyrannical regimes operating thro our courts.

    The victims of this system know the brutality that created the British Empire is alive and well in every courtroom the length and breadth of the UK. The establishment and heirarchy of the UK are answerable, through the sinister masonic system of control to one individual, the monarch and her huge entourage of hangers on systematically and brutally stealing UK citizens assets on a grand scale .Little of that plundering gets into the national press and TV controlled and dominated by knights of the realm,bankers and barristers who ensure the UK lives in a Nazi like state .

    The same press and TV making such a hue and cry about the celebrations of a dominant power undermining real democracy ,that allows a priviledged few to remain(at least for the meantime) extremely rich while flaunting their wealth in their imposed regalia,pomp and ceremony to the detriment of ALL UK citizens.

    It is fortunate technology has advanced enough to ensure the secrecy they operate under can no longer silence the millions of victims of the pariah who cannot and will not get away with this indefinitely .

    The murder,rape and pillage must not continue.George Farquhar,Andy McCardle and Dixie Deans are only three of the many who suffered unbelievable treatment when they tried to whisteblow on this most evil system.

    Man facing divorce may have blown up building
    Blast flattens New York block

    A four-storey building on Manhattan's Upper East Side collapsed into a pile of rubble yesterday after a thunderous explosion that hurled fireballs skyward and left a block littered with bricks, broken glass and splintered wood. Authorities said the blast was caused by gas and they were investigating whether it was the result of a suicide attempt by the building's owner, a doctor who was going through a divorce. At least 15 people were injured.

    The doctor, Nicholas Bartha, 66, recently sent out a rambling e-mail to his wife in which he contemplated suicide, a police official with direct knowledge of the case said. The note read in part, "you will be transformed from gold digger to rubble digger". The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. The injured included five civilians and 10 firefighters. Bartha was pulled from the rubble after talking with authorities from his phone while buried, a fire officer said. Bartha and one passer-by suffered severe injuries; the others had minor injuries. Bartha faced a $4m (£2.27m) lien in the case involving his wife, court records show.

    First minister furious attack on lawyers
    JACK McConnell yesterday launched an astonishing attack on the "shocking and disgraceful" stance of lawyers who have voted to boycott sex crime cases - accusing them of risking public safety and saying they "should be ashamed of themselves". The First Minister spoke out in the Scottish Parliament as the pledge by lawyers to refuse to take sex cases in a row over legal aid payments threatened to spread across the country. Bar associations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hamilton and Dumbarton, representing more than half of Scotland's legal aid lawyers, will boycott cases from 1 August unless a settlement can be reached with the Scottish Executive over payments.

    Lawyers spearheading the move angrily rejected the First Minister's criticism and accused the Executive of "arrogance" by ignoring requests to meet to discuss their concerns. Last night, The Scotsman learned several other bar associations, including Paisley, Elgin, Dumfries, Falkirk and Greenock, are expected to back the boycott, which is targeting sex offence cases because those accused of such crimes are not allowed to cross-examine witnesses in court; without a defence agent, trials cannot go ahead. Mr McConnell told MSPs an interim pay rise of 8 per cent for court work and 5 per cent for other work was on the table and ministers were ready to discuss the "considerable" offer with the Law Society of Scotland. He said fees for solemn criminal work - the most serious cases which go before a jury - were increased in 2004 by 15 per cent for advocacy and by above-inflation rates for other areas of work.

    "With such substantial increases already delivered and on offer, I think it is shocking and disgraceful that, in order to heighten public concern and scare the public into putting pressure on us, the lawyers in the Glasgow Bar Association have particularly threatened to create chaos in the prosecution of sex offences," Mr McConnell said. "They should be ashamed of themselves. They should call this off and they should get round the table and discuss this with the justice department officials and then with the justice ministers to reach a solution." If sufficient lawyers join the boycott, it raises the possibility that those accused of serious sex crimes may not be able to appear in court within the legal time- frame and so could walk free without a trial. Mr McConnell said contingency plans involving public-sector lawyers would be put in place if the "irresponsible threat" were carried out. "I can see no justifiable reason for legal professionals to put public safety at risk," he said.

    Lawyers say the pay offer is derisory, given there has been almost no increase in criminal legal aid since 1992. Solicitors receive £66.40 an hour for court appearances and £44.20 for preparation and for waiting in court for cases to be called. But they say they are left with only a fraction of this once overheads are covered, and they are demanding that the Executive delivers on a pledge made four years ago for a revised pay structure for the most serious cases. Gerry McClay, the president of the Glasgow Bar Association, said: "Mr McConnell says the offer on the table is considerable. But that offer amounts to £2 an hour to deal with murders, rapes and other sexual offences. That's not acceptable." Vincent McGovern, of the Hamilton association, claimed the deputy justice minister, Hugh Henry, had ignored repeated requests for a meeting.

  • Funding fears over family courts
    Attempts to cut delays in family courts are being hampered by a shortage of money, a committee of MPs has claimed. Judges have tried to reduce the delays by pushing cases into specialist family proceedings courts. But the MPs say they are worried the system does not have enough funding or legal advisers. The committee also wants the traditional secrecy of the family courts to end - something ministers are already planning.


    Delays in handling family cases are seen as particularly damaging as they involve divorce and child custody disputes. Department for Constitutional Affairs officials say the process has improved considerably in recent years and the delays have been cut. But Sir Mark Potter, president of the Family Courts Division of the courts, told MPs there was an "urgent need" for extra legal advisers to be available to run the family proceeding courts.

    He told the Commons Constitutional Affairs Committee extra advisers were "critical" to expanding the courts' work and reducing delays throughout the system. Audrey Damazer, from the Justices' Clerks Society, said: "One of our fears is that if there are going to be cuts and we do not increase the number of legal advisers, or not replace the legal advisers we have, then we are not going to be able to take on this work."

    It would go a long way towards dispelling accusations of bias and restoring public confidence in the system if the process was open MPs committee In their report, the MPs say: "We are disappointed it appears that the department's continuing difficulties with resources seem to be preventing the judiciary from reducing the delays in the family court system." Constitutional Affairs Minister Harriet Harman has promised a consultation paper will be published this month on throwing open the family courts to public scrutiny.

    The public and media are usually banned from them - something critics say has been exploited by fathers' rights campaigners. Liberal Democrat MP, Alan Beith, who is chairman of the MPs' committee, said the "adversarial" nature of the court proceedings was an issue. He told BBC news: "You have someone representing one side, someone representing another, each trying to pick holes in the other's case. "It is no recipe for the child's interest to be protected, still less for some degree of reconciliation between people whose relationship has broken down."

    Fellow MPs on the committee say making proceedings open would help: "It would go a long way towards dispelling accusations of bias and restoring public confidence in the system if the process was open - with the necessary reporting restrictions in place to protect the child." They say the press and public could be allowed into the court - with appropriate restrictions on what can be reported outside it. The MPs also want everyone at least to meet with a mediator before going to court with their case. The government has so far resisted using compulsion.

    Confidence call

    Ms Harman welcomed the report, saying: "Family courts make major decisions that affect people's lives forever. "It is hard to overstate the importance of their work and the difficult judgments they have to make. "It is important that a system which affects so many is properly understood and commands public confidence. "Public confidence depends on public scrutiny. It has to be seen to be believed and justice not only has to be done it has to be seen to be done - including in the family courts."