The Brandon Corey Story 29 October 2006

Two years ago this website announced that Truthseeker TV (TTV) was coming to television. Our first episode, “The Brandon Corey Story”, chronicled the bizarre story of a man who went looking for the truth and came back with evidence that linked Vice President Dick Cheney to secret societies, Bohemian Grove and Satanists.

The network refused to air this controversial programming and TTV lost its deal on TV. Two weeks later, our offices in Los Angeles, CA. were professionally ransacked and robbed. The burglars stole all of the original masters of “The Brandon Corey Story”. But we had back-ups and we have reassembled it and are now making this DVD available to you.

Malcolm Chisholm Scotlands Mengeles 27 October 2006

More than one thousand MEN have been convicted by a masonic kangaroo court in Glasgow Sheriff court. Men accused by bitter ex partners making, in many cases, spurious allegations of abuse which may include raised voices and being criminalized by a bunch of hand picked masonic judges acting as lackies for the crown.

That crown then stealing these mens children, homes, business's and assets similar to the despicable goldgigger Heather Mills and her attempts to force more money from her ex-husband Paul McCartney who she married to prop up her finances using allegations of abuse . These courts are causing major human rights abuses by failing to ensure a jury is being used to convict men and also many of them wont even get representation in that kangaroo court established by Scotlands equivalent to Mengeles, Malcolm Chisholm .

As health minister he was responsible for using the mental health act to chemically lobotomize our member George Farquhar, Dixie Deans and ultimately murder Andy McCardle in Carstairs concentration camp. Malcolm Chisholm and his domestic abuse MOB are using the most sinister human rights abuses to line the pockets of the corrupt Scottish Crown while the top crook Colin Boyd was in charge. He was responsible with Chisholm for the psychological abuses of Shirley McKie.

While the Scottish media continue to support these MASONIC monsters we will continue to see diabolical acts similar to Hitlers mob by distorting the real truth of what is going on in Scotland. They have NEVER reported Chisholm's part in abusing innocent men using the evil Scottish mental health act. CHISHOLM like BLUNKETT is a MASONIC MONSTER and his vile acts and actions will not continue even with the support of his masonic pals at most of the Scottish media groups he uses to impose these monstrous evils.


1000 convicted in new abuse courts

More than 1000 people have been convicted at Scotland's only specialist domestic abuse court over the past two years, the Scottish Executive rev-ealed yesterday. It is the second anniversary of the court, set up as a two-year long pilot project. However, despite the apparent success of such court schemes for domestic abuse and drugs, the executive has refused to agree plans to roll them out across Scotland, bringing accusations from politicians and women's groups of ministers of failing to follow through with their policies for resourcing reasons, leading to a justice "postcode lottery".

The court was set up to speed up cases of domestic abuse and to provide a better service for victims. The preliminary evaluation indicates it has been a success, but the pilot only applies to the south side of Glasgow. Dr Mairead Tagg, a psychologist with Greater Easterhouse Women's Aid, said: "This is creating a postcode lottery whereby some women get a superb service but other women across Glasgow and Scotland are being denied this. "In principle, everyone is in favour of the court, but it comes down to resources and they have only said they will fund this pilot for a further year. This makes long-term planning impossible."

The specialist drug courts run in Fife and Glasgow. Following the completion of their two-year pilot stage earlier this year ministers said they would only continue in the two centres. Evaluation of the courts was positive, but found that they cost £6m over two years. Executive figures revealed that between October 2004 and September 2006, the domestic abuse court dealt with 1248 new cases and there were 1053 convictions. The figures indicate cases are dealt with much more quickly and efficiently in the specialist court. Scottish Women's Aid said this made a dramatic difference as many women dropped cases in the past because of the stress of waiting months to go to court. The executive has given £200,000 in funding to the domestic abuse court pilot and promised a further £122,000 for the coming year. The evaluation will be completed and published next spring. Communities Minister Malcolm Chisholm said: "More incidents are being reported to the police and perpetrators rightly need to be held to account. "The pilot is being fully evaluated and we will continue to consider ways in which we can support those taking this often traumatic, brave step to seeking justice."

Masonic police protecting criminal brothers 26 October 2006

Two masonic police helping their criminal lodge buddies

Corrupt officers jailed for leaks

Two former Nottinghamshire police officers have been jailed after pleading guilty to corruption charges. Charles Fletcher, 25, and Phillip Parr, 40, admitted at Birmingham Crown Court to separately passing data of serious inquiries on to suspected criminals. Fletcher, a trainee detective, was jailed for seven years and Parr, a former Pc, was sentenced to 12 months.

The 25-year-old leaked details of investigations including the murder of Nottingham jeweller Marian Bates. Fletcher also admitted two charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Corrupt police officers do untold damage to the criminal justice system
Judge John Saunders QC

Five men who admitted obtaining the information have been jailed for a total of 15 years. Jason Grocock, 33, was convicted of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office and two further charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. He was sentenced to four years. David Barrett, 40, was convicted of two charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office and was sentenced to three years. Darren Peters, 38, and Javade Rashid, 40, were convicted of the same charge and were sentenced to four years and to six months respectively. The fifth man cannot be named for legal reasons.

The court heard Fletcher trawled police computer data bases to find information that he supplied to criminals for a two-and-a-half-year period between December 2002 and June last year. He sought information, about the Marian Bates murder in 2003 and the double murder of Joan and John Stirland, who were executed at their bungalow in Trusthorpe, Lincolnshire, in August 2004. The court heard that the details Fletcher was able to glean about the murder cases were of "limited significance", partly because he was under surveillance by other officers. The information was handed to Grocock, the manager of Limey's clothing store in Nottingham, who passed them on to criminals.

'Police infiltrated'

Fletcher also revealed the identities of suspects, witnesses and victims involved in other cases, as well as conducting intelligence checks on suspected criminals at their request. He then faxed the information, which included details of surveillance, vehicles associated with them and information from anonymous informants, to the suspects, the court heard. In return for his services, the 25-year-old received discounts on designer suits from a Nottingham fashion store.

The judge said the effect was that people suspected of serious crime infiltrated the police force through Fletcher which could have prevented or delayed the arrest of criminals and helped them to carry out crimes. Parr supplied confidential information on two occasions. The two men acted separately, but the information from Parr was passed back to the same criminals via Javade Rashid and David Barrett, the court heard.

'Contempt and anger'

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Ackerley said the force had suspected for some time that people within the organisation were feeding information to criminals. He said officers had set up a covert operation to find the culprits. Chief Constable Steve Green said he felt "contempt and anger" for the two officers, both of whom have lost their jobs. He said their "base and selfish behaviour" had damaged the reputation of the "fine, decent, hardworking, honourable people" who served Nottinghamshire Police. "We have been let down and, more importantly, the people we serve have been let down.

"Our integrity is our greatest asset. It must not be compromised. We never flinched in our duty to investigate our suspicions and in prosecuting those who betrayed our trust." The court heard Fletcher wrote a to a friend while on remand saying that it took him a long time to "come to terms with the shame of my actions, but most especially the betrayal of all my old colleagues". "In answering why, I feel my greed, vanity and naivety were to blame... I was blind to the consequences of my actions and chose to ignore them," he said.

"So selfishness played a big part in my downfall as I showed no regard for how my actions would affect my family, friends and those close to me." Details of the case were not released until Thursday due to legal reasons.

BBC ignoring public opinion 26 October 2006

What our groups have been saying about the BBC for YEARS.They are the Illuminati propaganda merchants.
This article still presents a distorted view of what is behind the Bloody Big Con

BBC 'guilty' of ignoring public opinion says senior executive

The public service broadcaster has come under fire from one its senior executives for not listening to its audience A senior BBC executive has admitted the politically correct views of the corporation are at odds with most of its viewers. BBC commissioning editor for documentaries Richard Klein admitted the broadcaster was out of touch with the British public, saying it was guilty of "ignoring" mainstream opinion.

Speaking to a room full of TV viewers and BBC staff, he suggested that if the current situation continued it could affect the organisation's long-term future. Klein said: "By and large, people who work at the BBC think the same and it's not the way the audience thinks. That's not long term sustainable." "We pride ourselves on being 'of the people', and it's pathetic.....Channel 4 tends to laugh at people, the BBC ignores them."

His comments, reported in the corporation's in-house magazine, come on the back of news earlier this week that a string of BBC executives and journalists have admitted that the corporation is institutionally biased. Details from a recent "impartiality" summit held at the BBC highlighted how some of the corporation's own top staff now believe it is guilty of promoting left-wing views, is biased against Christianity and as an organisation is disproportionately dominated by GAYS and ethnic minorities. It was also claimed the BBC overtly promotes multiculturalism and is anti-American and anti-countryside.

Klein, who made his views known at an "audience festival" organised by the BBC last week to find out what its viewers think, admitted that the BBC's liberal internal culture did not match that of the wider British public. He said: "Most people at the BBC don't live lives like this, but these are our licence payers. It's our job to reflect and engage." The TV executive, who sponsored a study to find out what issues concerned viewers, even warned other BBC staff about the dangers of ignoring popular opinion. "They may be challenging to us, but don't dismiss them", he said.

His comments come after repeated claims that the BBC has misjudged the mood of British public. Last month the corporation was deluged with complaints after a Muslim extremist was given 12 minutes of airtime on Radio 4's flagship Today programme. It also came under attack in the summer when it broadcast a "sick" comedy, which showed Tony Blair being assasinated and terrorists crashing a jet into parliament.

The BBC was also criticised last year after it was revealed that the corporation had cautioned journalists against using the word terrorist - claiming the word was too judgmental. More recently the BBC has agonised over whether news-reader Fiona Bruce should be allowed to wear a necklace with a cross on it. Research conducted by the BBC showed that many viewers felt "gagged and alone" and also believed mainstream views were being driven underground. Ann Davies, who carried out the research for the corporation, openly questioned whether the BBC should change its approach. She asked: "Should we, the BBC, be a pressure valve for that opinion? Should we help break the contraints of the PC police?" Research into audience members views showed that many thought that political correctness had become endemic in Britain. One said: "Politicians know more about how a Muslim lives than they do about what it's like to be me, day in, day out."

The West's Masonic hold over wealth 24 October 2006

There is clear evidence anyone earning in excess of £50,000 anywhere in the world where masonic halls flourish,those salaries are in the main paid to devil worshippers.

The evidence shows the enslavement of anyone not in the devil worshipping club is confined to salaries well below that figure.Due to the sinister way they control the vast bulk of the worlds economies, they distort competition,use their banking paymasters to railroad the funds to create masonic wealth for its members at the utter exclusion of everyone else who hasn't sold their soul to the devil.

It is not the case that if you are intelligent and have good business skills you will succeed in the Wests masonic world most have to survive in.The unfair advantage given by masonic bankers and the legal structures which support it ensure the only ones who achieve high status and salaries to go with it are the less than average dim wits who regularly swear blood curdling oaths. That then ensures their utter commitment to an evil regime that dominates the financial,political and legal worlds mainly in the west,something the middle east are fighting to avoid being enslaved in.

The worlds mineral wealth has been plundered by the ILLUMINATI overlords(BUSH AND BLAIR) and is intent on using the latest technologies to further enslave us with their government lackies and goffers to bring in their monitoring systems that they think will KEEP THEM ON TOP.

We throw the gauntlet down to these devil worshipping scumbags that their plans will continue to be scuppered and ultimately destroyed by those plans backfiring and HISTORY being rewritten .This will ensure they are held accountable for the diabolical acts they have made upon this earth to advance their devil worshipping goals.Many of us previously victims of an evil system of psychological torture ,abuse,child and property theft via the bullying network they have set up to try and thwart exposure of how they control the west's economies.


Disbarred lawyer jailed for contempt 21 October 2006

Barbara Johnson is one of the very few HONEST lawyers who has been fighting the corrupt legal system in the USA for as long as we have known her. The crooks running the system have been trying to shut her up for years while she has been trying to expose how corrupt family law is in the USA.


Disbarred lawyer jailed for contempt

Barbara C. Johnson, an Andover lawyer and an unsuccessful independent candidate for governor in 2002, was jailed indefinitely yesterday after a Supreme Judicial Court justice held her in contempt for allegedly practicing law after she was disbarred.

After a two-day hearing, Justice Francis X. Spina ordered the 72-year-old lawyer jailed for continuing to represent clients after her disbarment took effect Sept. 8, according to Assistant Bar Counsel Susan Strauss Weisberg, who sought the punishment. Johnson admitted that she continued representing clients, but said that she was struggling to find other lawyers to take her cases. ``There's nothing malicious here," she said. ``I'm thinking, `Don't abandon your clients.' " The Board of Bar Overseers recommended that Johnson be disbarred for numerous ethical lapses, including posting confidential information on her website about a boy who was allegedly sexually abused and mixing a former client's funds with her own.

She appealed the ruling to Spina, who upheld it in August and ordered Johnson to stop practicing law in 30 days. Weisberg said Johnson will be released if she obeys the disbarment order. That order requires her to notify courts, clients, and opposing lawyers that she is no longer a licensed attorney.

New York Times

The Dumbing Down of America 20 October 2006

by Manuel Valenzuela

Something is amiss in the great nation called America. Ominous sirens warning this reality can be heard emanating loudly through invisible winds of change circulating our towns and cities. The American people are being strangulated; unbeknownst to the masses they are being transformed and conditioned, becoming the entity the elite have long sought, the culmination of decades of social engineering designed to make of hundreds of millions the slaves of times past and the automatons of the future. Yet in this present day we find ourselves in, struggling to comprehend a world gone mad, unable to discern neither the direction we are headed nor the inevitable course time is guiding us on. It is because of what has been done to us, and is presently being done to our children, that we fail to comprehend the severity of the road that lies ahead. Quite successful have the elite become in shifting the balance of power from the masses to themselves. How, one might wonder, has this been accomplished, especially when we are the many and they the few?

It is through the dumbing down of America, the methodical destruction and purposeful elimination of the means by which a society educates and enlightens itself. The evisceration of a system that extols accountability and dialogue, opens up the gates of opportunity with the keys of ability, questions authority and seeks debate, creates a wealth of knowledge and illuminates talent and that births an informed citizenry and creates free thinking, analytical minds has been slowly implemented for the last several decades. The dumbing down of America continues into the present, unrelenting and unhindered, squashing the masses for the benefit of the elite. A giant threat to the system is being disposed of, systematically and without remorse, making of America and its citizens yet one more cog in the engine called capitalistic exploitation of humanity.

What has happened to the Pax Americana?

Here stands the Pax Americana, the most imposing Empire that ever rose from the short reign of human civilization, responsible for placing the entire manifestation of world citizens at the threshold of perilous danger. It is the Pax Americana that has unwound the stitches holding a volatile world together, the nation that has over the last fifty years caused so much damage to the peoples of the globe. The karma of ceaseless negative energy is coming back to haunt an empire whose actions, while helping enrich its own belly and those residing in its entrails, have decimated untold millions whose only crime was being born in lands destined to suffer the harsh exploitation of America and its capitalistic pandemic. How has a once admired and loved leader of nations fallen from grace in such a short period of time? What has happened to a populace living in the wealthiest nation in human civilization? Why has the United States transformed itself into the malicious beast the world sees through frightful eyes?

Gluttony and materialism have enveloped all corners of the United States, from Pacific to Atlantic Oceans, from the border with Canada to the one with Mexico. The principles of consumerism and greed are all-encompassing, years ago having replaced virtues long since gone. The clandestine enslavement hidden in mass production and ever-longer working hours has in the last few decades become the value by which we measure one’s worth to society. The ability to question authority has vanished in a haze of indifference, even as the evaporation of the American mind continues unabated. Government has been transformed right in front of our eyes, becoming not democracy but corporatism, the marriage between the corporate and government elite. Our freedoms and liberties are in shambles, now fragile porcelain being decimated by the thundering herd of bulls in Washington.

The government of, by and for the people is now comprised of leaches flourishing in rotten swamps, prostitutes roaming bordellos masquerading as palaces of governance and fecal matter prospering in the nation’s sewers. Corporations and their minions we help elect dominate and transform society, leading us into the black holes they easily maneuver us into. We are being used and abused, yet with the dumbing down of America easily controlled beings we have turned into, comatose to the danger we have embraced and oblivious to the strings attached to our appendages. Something eerie seems to have engulfed us in the land of the free and the home of the brave. From the land where all men are created equal has equality disappeared; from a nation espousing freedom has freedom been eviscerated. Once brave dissenters and seekers of accountability have gone missing, allowing free reign to those endowed with power. Free-thinking and analytical minds are as rare as the great apes humanity is making extinct. Rare is the citizen not captive to fear, insecurity and intimidation. The ability to question authority or to seek accountability has collapsed along with the towers of the World Trade Center. A world existing beyond the borders and shores of America, containing six billion fellow humans, has been forgotten and disregarded as ignorance to cultures, nations, beliefs and ethnicities is conditioned into our minds practically from birth.

Something is amiss in a nation where one would expect the plenitudes of Empire to trickle down into every man, woman and child. To bestow upon its citizens the tools needed to seek true freedom of thought and a path towards enlightenment would be expected of an American utopia that is more often preached rather than practiced. Yet the question arises as to the cause of why hundreds of millions continue to fall downwards into empty wells of promises unkept instead of reaching for the zenith of those fulfilled. What mechanisms left to erode the citizenry of free thought and freedom of mind have been allowed to linger in American society, and how have they been allowed to remain when the reality of what has occurred continues to degrade the Pax Americana from the inside out?

Conditioned Producers and Consumers

Spawned from the assembly line called human procreation we open our eyes to a world ready to transform our life energies into expendable disseminators of the patterns of production and consumption that will mark our time on Earth, in essence becoming the reason for our existence. To the system called capitalism we become nothing more than a number which will in time be exploited to the full extent envisaged by man. We are given social security numbers, digits that will follow us through the journey from newborn to cadaver. To the system we are this number, easily traceable, easily conditioned. Television begins to inculcate us with rampant bombardments of advertisements, thereby beginning to condition the young, innocent mind to a life trained for consumption. The foods we eat and the products we buy begin establishing the tastes we will forever enjoy. Associations of pleasure, ingrained tastes and smells, nostalgia of fantasy and perfection enter the young brain. It is because of this that corporations want to hook us from the first moments of infancy so loyal lifelong consumers we become. To the innocent and pure mind television thus becomes the window to a world that is neither real nor easy. The virgin brain sees in the shows it is blitzkrieged with a fiction that in reality does not exist. It sees perfection, fantasy, beauty, consumption and loyal acquiescence, and, with the passage of time, seeks to emulate this world in a false belief that it can be attained. Ingrained in this principle is the belief, channeled by corporations, that to achieve what can never be a person must consume and produce, be obedient to authority, friendly to her corporate masters and eager to embrace what society dictates. The dumbing down of America thus begins.

As television becomes parent, teacher, role model, babysitter and entertainer to the child, given the abandonment of historical parental roles thanks to society’s pressure to produce and consume, everything shown becomes everything learned, thus habituating a child to the role corporations have decided to bestow onto him. When everything seen on the screen is created, controlled, manipulated and disseminated by the corporate world the child’s perception of what reality encompasses will indeed also conform to the corporate vision. After image after image, fantasy after fantasy, conditioning after conditioning, the young human mind has no choice but to accept the commands of the brainwashing taking place right in front of his or her baby eyes. It follows that children learn every behavior from their parents as well. From the very beginning entrenched behaviors to produce and consume become ingrained in the young brain. The long hours at work, the short amount of time spent with the child, the abandonment of parental roles and supervision, the incessant drive for consumption, the wasting of money and pursuit of material possessions, the behaviors of stress, depression, unhappiness, anger and frustration are all absorbed by a mind that in infancy acts like a sponge, learning human society from those closest to its environment, whether it is family or television.

In adulthood, these same behaviors will be manifested, thereby helping fulfill the role of producer and consumer the corporate world has reserved for yet one more human energy sprouting from the conveyor belt of procreation. Thanks to the television and parental subservience to the same system of their youth, one’s progeny will become the bogged down producer of the same products he or she will later voraciously and seemingly without conscious consume. The vicious circle that is the virus of American capitalism infects seemingly from birth, inoculating children to the vices of exploitation from which they will forever derive their existence. It is at the height of innocence that the forces of capitalism attack, attaching themselves in the depths of a human brain, dissolving precepts not in tune with its compulsive and exploitive self. Once attached the virus is not easily displaced, thereby becoming personality as well as behavior. From the cradle to the grave, destiny in today’s America is guided by the corporate world and its sinister virus, helping not its host but its disseminator, unleashing wave after wave of unhappy and exploited producer and easily conditioned and controlled consumer.

Consequences of a Controlled Populace

Education in the United States has become an exercise in government and corporate brainwashing, used to achieve a citizenry devoid of analytical and free-thinking minds. The purpose, quite simply, is to retain the class warfare structure that has marked American society for decades. Education has become a tool used to make the wealthy richer and the poor more indigent. It is now a mechanism to separate the have nots from the haves, the higher castes from the untouchables. As it stands today, though certainly being eviscerated more and more daily, education is making of the masses impotent creatures of indifference, happily droned into complacency and deprived of a knowledge that once served to curtail the power of the elite that run the nation. The result is the age of corporatism, the age of unfettered and unaccountable power and the control of the masses through media manipulation, societal fabrication and education eradication. As the world slowly passes through the sands of time the people of the United States, those living inside what has become a most hated geopolitical entity, are seeing the result of being dumbed down and of letting incompetents, warmongers, profiteers and deranged zealots run unfettered and unopposed, ransacking the globe, its people and land in the process.

Today we see the ramifications of a citizenry that has allowed itself to be made ignorant through its submission to those in power whose purposeful malfeasance continues to destroy the very essence of knowledge that grants freedom to enslaved minds. Iraq and the coming disaster in the Middle East are a consequence to the decimation of education in the United States. George W. Bush is a consequence of the dumbing down of America, to which he owes his very position perched like the vulture he is atop the dying tree of America that has been contaminated by his inept and infected claws smeared in human blood. Those in power have succeeded in making the masses a herd of sheep following the shepherd straight into the slaughterhouse, unaware of the destiny that awaits them nor of their role in the furthering of death, destruction and violence now gripping the world. Like a deer caught in headlights, the masses are hypnotized, unable to see beyond the sight of their own meeting with a fate conditioned into our brains from infancy that is destroying freedom, knowledge and our ability to question the evils being done in our name. America today and the world tomorrow are a manifestation of this truth. Ignorance has replaced knowledge, resulting in power running amok, incapable of being restrained, mutating and growing, feeding off our inability to escape the debacle currently gripping our collective mind.

Brainwash Education

The education system in America has been carefully eroded over the course of time, altered in such a way as to make creative and curious children barren and submissive adults indifferent to the world around them. The system now in place begins robbing a child’s ability to think for himself or herself from the very start of the education process. The class structure itself eliminates individuality, personality and energetic ability, as one teacher must educate many students competing for attention. It is here when talents that need to be discovered get ambushed instead. Yet with a class structure that has endured for decades, the child must become part of the whole, learning from books laced with government and/or corporate propaganda. In many school districts, mostly poor ones strapped for cash, books can be dozens of years old, lacking modern thought or progress. Many books are tools created by entities with special interests that have as a purpose the teaching of their ideology or the furthering of their goals. The absurd teaching of creationism is one such example. Many corporations now create and donate books to school districts that contain references and examples to their brand names and product descriptions. Even in school children cannot escape the growing omnipresence of the corporate Leviathan which thirsts to program the innocent the way it sees fit.

Indeed, the young mind is needlessly brainwashed with a history of a nation that in many instances contradicts and even subverts the true historical reality of the United States. Only the ‘good’ that America has fostered during its rapid and short rise is taught, without ever dealing with the requisite bad inherent in an Empire that has laid claim to land and man during years of brutal conquest, both militarily and economically. Glossing over national heroes, mythifying them into deities and transforming them into perfect human beings is the role of the school book, brainwashing the young to a fictional perfection when reality begs to differ. Yet humanity must be balanced and its reality etched in stone so that future generations learn the human condition as well as its civilization. The genocide of indigenous Americans is whitewashed; the slavery of blacks that lasted hundreds of years, oftentimes suffering barbaric treatment at the hands of their white masters is easily covered up in a few paragraphs, deceiving readers to the true horrors their ancestors committed or suffered. The subservient role women were placed under for centuries is hardly mentioned, and the great civil rights movement that helped change history for the better never gets the coverage it deserves.

The war crimes and crimes against humanity America has perpetrated worldwide to millions of anonymous people under the rubric of freedom and democracy is never mentioned, rather, they are sugarcoated and glamorized, serving as examples of America’s ‘great history.’ Also, the corrosive and damaging effects of American capitalism disguised as democracy that has condemned untold millions to the dustbins of history is manipulated to look like a chivalrous attempt to save lives and free nations. Brainwashing unquestioned patriotism into our young one’s minds government controlled education furthers the squashing of dissent and the questioning of our sovereign’s motives. We are conditioned that our elected leaders are gods walking among men, to be trusted and never to be questioned. Their intentions are always noble, their reasoning pure. Dissent and debate, protest and curiosity are seen not as patriotic manifestations of an informed citizenry but rather as an alien afterthought not worthy of nationalistic pride.

The ingraining of loyalty to flag and country, even when committing evil worldwide, is to be allowed to continue, eventually becoming the means by which the state is allowed to declare war, economic genocide and market colonialism, without so much as a whisper from its constituency. The elite therefore bask in the glow of the radiant bean called patriotic fervor, indoctrinated from childhood, lasting until death. Preaching the noble deeds yet hiding or disguising the evil ingrained in empire building serves only to alter history and manipulate the young, eroding our future in the process. To understand humanity in past, present and future an entire history must be taught, both good and bad, thereby creating in our future citizens the ability to grow wise to the mistakes of times past in order to comprehend the ever-changing and oftentimes complex conditions of the present. To not teach the truth of what has come before is to leave behind the keys to unlocking the door of the human condition, essentially condemning our children into repeating the errors that continue to bear witness to unnecessary suffering, death, destruction, violence and war.

The fruits of our past mistakes can be seen in our history; the essence of the human condition lies written for all to see. American education serves no purpose if the result of its actions leads to a replay of years gone by; it becomes an exercise in futility when our future repeats the blunders of their ancestors and the follies of those who once led. Brainwash education is the means to an end, a device that entraps rather than make free. It is a valuable tool to exert hegemony over the populace. When begun from the first years of youth, becoming attached and most difficult to extract, brainwashing to suit the state and the elite’s goals is a dangerous device. When combined with the 9/11’s of history, it takes on a life of its own, becoming a Molotov cocktail ready to explode in seething rage. The system would not have it any other way.

Made Ignorant to a World Beyond our Borders

American education makes no attempt to expose the wonders of a world existing beyond its borders to its children. The outside world and its plethora of diverse people are hardly mentioned, easily summarized in brief mentions of world history. The ignorance of cultures, religions, ethnicities, nationalities and beliefs that has ensued has made America a nation neither curious to a grand spectrum of peoples nor understanding to the vast complexities of an ever-changing world. Failing to understand what exists beyond our oceans, American children, through the damaging effects of the nation’s dilapidated educational system, become isolated from the world community and the fraternity of peoples. It is understanding the world and becoming part of it that prevents the Iraq’s and Vietnam’s of history from ever arising. It is knowledge of a world and its people that creates peace and good-will. Ignorance, on the other hand, fosters only exploitation, indifference and arrogance. Iraq today is the result of this failure in American education. Abu Ghraib and its war crimes is the result of a system that isolates, indoctrinates and makes ignorant to the lives and realities of six billion people whose world is larger than that of our own borders. The debacle in Iraq is a manifestation of American ignorance to a world and its diverse peoples; Iraq’s daily explosions are testament to its failure to understand the people it is occupying and the anger emanating from the arrogance and ignorance of its soldiers.

The failure of American education to teach about a world existing beyond the confines of its own grandeur is exemplified today by an Iraq that is the catalyst to a most dangerous era in American history. Societies that are ignorant to the greater world around them suffer a dereliction of humanity and the far reaching implications their actions tend to unsettle. From the actions of ignorance rise the reactions of those ignored. America’s failure to educate its children to a world beyond its shores, in a world coming closer together is a travesty, and an error, especially for an Empire whose grip is all-encompassing, its power circulating around the globe. A leader of nations and an Empire such as America must learn and understand the world it dominates and the people it controls. For it to govern wisely its citizens must be brought into the sphere of a world community that is both heterogeneous and aware of the dangers the Pax Americana is capable of releasing. For it to avoid the wrath seen today its ambassadors and representatives must be educated to the songs of the world and the tunes of human civilization.

In order to prevent the never-before seen levels of hatred, animosity and anger directed at the United States and the blowback that is now being manifested the American education system must open itself up to the outside world. If it remains isolationist and ignorant, preferring to enclose itself in the bubble it continues to lock itself into, the karma we are witnessing will be but the tip of the iceberg. Ignorance leading to exploitation can only go so far; a world beyond our borders exists, and must be taught, learned and understood. For if the Empire’s people fail to grasp the lands and peoples beyond their borders, preferring instead to live in the comfort of their own existence and the ignorance of their upbringing a world that was never known will be once more forgotten, and the blowback birthed by our ancestors will be made that much more difficult to comprehend.

Separate and Unequal

The purposeful inequality inherent in American education is created by design, fostered by an elite that manipulates in society a separation between rich and working class. It is abundantly clear that education systems in America are nowhere near to being equal. On the contrary, their inequality stems from a government and the elite that control it that seek to maintain the status quo of preventing millions of children from ever advancing beyond the caste they are born into. Without opportunity, ability is wasted and those capable of threatening the power structure as it exists at present are left to rot in the cesspool created by those social engineers sealing the destiny of millions of Americans. Maintaining separate and unequal education systems assures the elite, government and corporations of millions of exploitable slaves that through no fault of their own are condemned to a life stuck in the working class, living off low wages, surviving on a day to day basis, uneducated and ignorant to the exploitation they are subjected to. The millions that fate has placed in corrosive school districts starving for pennies from the government are subjected to an education that is shameful at best and a crime against humanity at worst. Unequal distribution of tax schemes makes it impossible for children born into poor neighborhoods from ever getting the education the few elite children of privilege are guaranteed.

With rotting school districts that cannot afford good teachers, books, buildings, administrators and a semblance of hope children receive substandard education levels that forever alter their ability to learn and advance in society. When this is compounded year after year the ramifications are severe, serving to quash all ability and potential opportunity. It is this level of education most American children, both urban and rural, are subjected to, forced to endure the worst inequality of teaching found in the developed world. When the elite that run the nation are deciding futures, however, this is to be expected. Their corporations need low-class workers; their armies need soldiers; their government needs slaves. By maintaining separate and unequal education systems, in essence two completely different systems, one reserved for privilege, the other for future serfs, the elite are assured of control, exploitation, power and growing wealth, mostly at the hands of the slaves they have created. The masses, having been trained from birth to become the slaves of the nation’s capitalists, are subjected to years of subservient education mechanisms that encourage and indeed guide us toward exploitation. The dreams and hopes of childhood are thus eviscerated as the reality of the environment and education we are born into collides with once creative talents and utopian goals.

Born into environments offering the worst in American education creates in the masses ignorance to the plight our government is subjecting us to. We are made unaware and become indifferent to the massive crime being perpetrated by government officials who help foster separate and unequal education and even encourage it by their unwillingness to make right what has been made wrong. The continued apathy of our government to the vastly different levels of education is proof that it is complicit in the manufacturing of an entire class of slaves produced to be exploited by the powerful few. To continue a system that is so dastardly in its scope and so damaging to millions is to acknowledge the purposeful disregard our government has in alleviating a reality that in this nation at least does not need to exist. It is shameful, it is wrong, it is a crime. An assembly line of slaves has been created, socially engineered through years of manipulations and exploitations, breeding ignorance, robbing opportunity, erasing talent and harvesting entire generations of worker bees. For America the beautiful needs slaves to work and enrich the elite, it needs soldiers to wage war in the name of capitalism, it needs ignorance to continue its sovereignty and castes from which to maintain the balance that has kept those in power at the top for generations. Separate and unequal, the secret ingredients to the American juggernaut; separate and unequal, the oil that assures the mighty engine of capitalism from ever corroding and malfunctioning. Through the backs of the masses the elite survive; through the exploitation of the many the few thrive.

Leaving all Working and Middle Class Children Behind

The dumbing down of America continues its injurious path through the policies of George Bush, who is quietly decimating the talents and energies of the nation’s youth. Wishing all children to become the bumbling idiot that characterizes his existence, his policies have washed away what remained of viable education. The dumbing down of America has only picked up its pace as children today are being deprived of the tools necessary to think for themselves. Forced by the government to teach to standardized tests, school districts are erasing the arts and other important classes from curriculum. Instead, teachers are being forced to prepare their students to passing the test that determines financial reward or punishment. This form of education is leveling critical thinking, analytical skills and free-thinking minds. It is destroying education as we know it, along with the futures of millions of children who are being made automatons lacking a mind to question the world around them. This sinister mechanism is purposefully being implemented to dumb down American children. It is yet another tool those in power are using to create a nation devoid of free thought.

Teaching to the test entails sacrificing all subject matter not included in the test itself. As a result, vital tools such as music, art, languages, social sciences, philosophy, health and other liberal arts are being ignored, thrown away into dark closets of indifference. Worthy teachers now have their hands tied down, unable to bring out the blossoms of talent from their students. Instead, they must partake in the manipulation of America’s children, becoming the instructors to a new generation of students those in power want desperately to transform into unthinking sentinels easily manipulated and controlled. America’s teachers, already underpaid and under funded, battling a system eager to destroy youth, must now see the seeds they sow become homogenous crops succumbing to ignorance, eroding all semblance of individuality and wasting away once fruitful and talented lives. All children are being left behind, and American society will pay the ultimate and most severe price.

Fostering Ignorance, Creating Sheep, Cementing Decline

Children are brainwashed at a very early age to follow the dictates of the state, to become the obedient drones the state needs in order to survive. Curriculum programs prevent the free-thinking mind from ever emerging even as such paramount subject matter such as art, foreign language, music and philosophy are being eliminated or never implemented. It is at a very early age when these classes can make a such a vital difference in children, in essence granting an enormous head start towards a long lasting, happy life. It is at early youth that the human brain absorbs everything that is taught, it is at this stage in development when positive and all-inclusive education bears fruit. Yet American children, living in the wealthiest nation on the planet, are being denied the essential tools needed for human progress to move forward, individuals to prosper and for a nation to thrive. Becoming an exercise in futility, education has become a weapon to militarize millions of children to the tune of the government, robbing them of the free-thinking and analytical mind whose questioning of government and individual thought the elite want eliminated. In today’s America, no child must be allowed to think or understand what is being done to them and the society they inhabit. Every child being taught must march in lock-step with millions more, becoming benign drones made ignorant to a process robbing them of their existence, neither challenging those in power or absorbing the ingredients necessary to develop a mind that may one day become the ultimate weapon for freedom and salvation.

As in all state systems, in order to have subservient citizens, the young must be programmed early on to the dictates of those in power. In America, these entities are the elite capitalists that have transformed democracy into corporatism. Entire generations of people have become an enormous herd of sheep, unaware of the slavery that grips them and the exploitation that befalls every waking hour. The corporatist state has accomplished the ignorance of its citizens, now ruling unobstructed and unaccountable, free to unleash wave after wave of crimes, both upon those it rules and those it conquers. The majority of the American people now fail to question authority, debate policy, seek accountability or demand answers. Indifferent we have become to the dangerous ways of our government or to our own plight. Every generation has seen its ability to understand, question and analyze dwindle with each subsequent decade that passes. Soon the day will arrive when complete drones our descendants become, completely subservient to the will of the rulers, shackled in chains of ignorance, transformed into exploitable energies deficient of free-thinking minds.

The only vestige of freedom left is that of the mind, a realm never before touched by the claws of the state and the powerful. Yet this freedom is disappearing, for the state has found a way to annihilate a freedom once thought untouchable. Free-thought is fading fast from an American psyche that once espoused the belief in the power of the individual. In its wake lie hundreds of millions of energies whose minds have been captured in a war we failed to realize we were being subjected to. Free-thinking minds are being made extinct, suffering from years of social engineering and artificial conditioning. More and more we are failing to understand what is being done to us and our children. With each passing day the corporate Leviathan absorbs more of our collective brain, inculcating us with garbage, conditioning us to its version of what American society should be. The wretched symptoms of capitalism are devouring our very existence, making us the sheeple the system feeds off of. We are being herded to the slaughterhouse, ready to be gutted and mass produced, sold to the hungry wolves and vultures concomitantly ready to feast off our once vibrant energies.

Tell the Children the Truth

The time has come to tell the children the truth. The time has come to tell them that most are condemned to castes, unable to escape, destined to be exploited, destined for modern man’s version of slavery. The time has come to tell the children of privilege that they are being trained to become the exploiters of the masses, becoming condoners of subservience, inequality, injustice, corruption and thievery. We must awaken from this lethargy catapulting us into a future missing freedom and individuality, happiness and a worthy existence. The dumbing down of America cannot be allowed to continue, for if it does, George Bush’s vision will become George Orwell’s reality. It is time to tell the children the truth. It is time to liberate ourselves from a system that is making us all automatons. Freedom of thought, freedom of mind and freedom to live are our goals. The elimination of the virus inflicting ignorance and enslavement upon us and our children should be our mission.

The time to retake the American mind is upon us, and this starts with telling our children the truth of what our indifference, subservience and inability to act is condemning them to. For knowledge is power, the kryptonite that weakens the energy leading us to nothingness. They know this, which is why the dumbing down of America is taking place. Knowledge is a threat to their existence and continued control, which is why they want it destroyed. Education is liberation, something they want desperately to avoid. An enlightened populace is their nightmare; an ignorant citizenry their wet dream. It is through the awakening of the masses that mountains are moved and canyons crossed. It is through the slumber of the masses that evil awakens. It is through our collective energy that those in power have no future and no place left to hide. The future of America is in our hands: either the dumbing down continues or the awakening commences.

October 11, 2006 Manuel Valenzuela is a social critic, commentator, Internet columnist and author of Echoes in the Wind, a novel now published by His articles appear regularly at various alternative news websites from around the globe. Mr. Valenzuela welcomes comments and can be reached at He encourages readers to surf the collection of the over 100 essays he has written which can be found visiting his web site and by searching the Internet. His next book, Beyond the Smoking Mirror: Reflections on America and Humanity, a collection of his essays, will be published in early 2007.


Blind justice without a name

If social workers really are manufacturing evidence in child abuse cases, their anonymity is assured

THIS WEEK Tim and Gina Williams, a Welsh couple, were reunited with their three children. Social workers had whisked them into care two years ago in the wholly erroneous belief that Mr Williams was a paedophile. He had made the fatal mistake of calling social services about an 11-year-old boy he had found half-naked with his daughter. But the tables quickly turned. A doctor claimed to have found evidence of sexual abuse, social workers jumped to conclusions, and the Williamses were prevented from seeing their children except for an hour and a half twice a week. They said that their children never understood what was happening. They thought their parents did not want them. Imagine it, and weep. The Williamses were saved because an American doctor testified that there was not a shred of evidence of abuse. In a searing judgment, Judge Crispin Masterman has ruled that the children should never have been removed. He criticised social workers for failing to follow the most basic procedures. Yet the doctor and the social workers remain anonymous.

Newport City Council, named as the local authority, has promised a review. This is unusual. In many such cases, even local councillors do not know when their own staff perpetrate miscarriages of justice. In March Mr Justice McFarlane publicly castigated social workers who had removed a nine-year-old girl from her parents for 14 months on the absolutely false pretext that her mother might be suffering from Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy (MSbP). The judge found that every one of the 13 assertions made by the social services team leader was “misleading or incomplete or wrong”. But guess what? We will never know who the team leader is. The Tory MP and ex-council leader Sir Paul Beresford, who has called for those involved to be named, has been unable even to find out which local authority was involved. I have a good idea which one it is. But I am willing to bet that even the leader of that council does not know. I am also willing to bet that none of the people involved has even been disciplined.

This is a racket. All other public servants are held accountable for their mistakes. John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP, puts it this way: “In a criminal case, where someone can be given a life sentence, police officers are quoted by name as they give evidence. There is no justification for professionals being anonymous when a parent is given an effective life sentence [by losing their child].” If we do not know their identities, we also cannot tell whether the same people have given misleading evidence in other cases. If the McFarlane case social workers thought they saw MSbP in a woman whose only crime was to have taken her daughter to hospital for stomach pain (I kid you not), how many other times were they visited by similarly delusional visions?

Did Gordon Oliver, the social worker recently jailed for sexually assaulting children over a period of 20 years, ever give evidence in court? What about Martin Thei, the Essex County Council worker who killed himself five years ago after being arrested by police for downloading child porn? One campaign group claims that Thei made many reports that resulted in children being taken into care and/or adopted. The council says that is unlikely but it is not absolutely sure. I have talked to one family in whose case Thei’s report was crucial. This has never been reviewed. The number of calls I receive from parents, some who have lost their children for ever and some who have got them back after dreadful battles, makes me increasingly concerned that social workers and experts are manufacturing evidence; that they are concentrated in certain parts of the country; and that they cover up for each other, because they are convinced that they are right. We are living in a hell of good intentions. We can only root out the bad apples if we can see how they infect the picture.

Anonymity clouds every attempt at justice. Two years ago, after Angela Cannings was cleared of killing her babies, Margaret Hodge, then Children’s Minister, announced a review of certain cases where children had been taken into care. But her “review” consisted of asking the same old people in the same old local authorities to question their own original judgments. Only one case was subsequently overturned. That tells us nothing, because Hodge failed utterly to grasp the opportunity to monitor specific councils and witnesses and to see whether there were patterns to their behaviour. Today, once again, we are in danger of missing an opportunity. For the Government’s otherwise excellent consultation on opening up the family courts barely touches on this issue. It concentrates on the anonymity of children and families, and says virtually nothing about the anonymity of professionals. Making more judgments public, as the Government proposes, would clearly be a great step forward. But if we simply get anonymised judgments, such as that of McFarlane, we are not much farther forward in holding fraudsters to account.

Judges currently decide whether to make their judgments public, and whether to name professionals. Very few do, despite guidance from the Court of Appeal (in the McFarlane case, the court even kept secret the identity of the defence counsel). I have no desire to perpetrate witch-hunts: each witness could be given an identity code, if that was felt absolutely necessary to protect their identities, but that would at least enable those of us who want to see justice done track their record. The debate about child protection and anonymity is always couched in terms of the interests of the child. Those who work in this field have come to believe that a child’s privacy is somehow synonymous with their own. But if some people do not understand what real evidence is, should they not be accountable? The oldest law of bureaucracies is “first protect ourselves”. How many more cases do there have to be before someone finally kicks down their hiding place?,,6-2410526,00.html



Any man who thinks a British marriage certificate ensures his interests are protected should realise it is a licence for golddiggers to help fund the whole legal system in the UK.

From judges,law lords,lawyers and now the treasury.

Chancellor's slice of McCartney divorce cash

IF THERE were two people in the marriage of Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, a third person has entered the divorce. Gordon Brown, as the head of the Treasury, could benefit by £32.5 million, according to a tax expert.

While the Chancellor of the Exchequer is wrestling for the keys of No10, Her Majesty's Treasury is preparing for a cash windfall accrued from the tax collected on a sale of Sir Paul's property and other assets. The former Beatle is expected to proceed with the sale in order to generate the £200 million cash settlement sought by his estranged wife.

According to Mike Truman, a tax expert with LexisNexis, an information provider to the accounting and legal profession, the Chancellor could expect to receive as much as £32.5 million in Capital Gains Tax (CGT), the tax on the profits generated by the sale of property and possessions.

Mr Truman said: "Sir Paul's fortune currently stands at an estimated £825 million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, and if Heather Mills is awarded £200 million, Gordon Brown looks set to receive approximately £32.5 million through CGT - not a bad haul. "The level of the settlement will be significant in determining the Treasury's cut. The £30 million, which was reportedly offered and turned down by Mills, is little more than the estimated increase in McCartney's wealth during 2005, which reportedly went up from £800 million to £825 million. As a result, commentators are now suggesting that Mills could receive around £200 million.

Mr Truman has calculated that if Heather Mills is awarded the full sum of £200 million, then Sir Paul McCartney will most likely raise the money from cash, investments and the sale of property and artwork, as well as possibly from a dividend paid out from his company, MPL Communications. In an evaluation of how the McCartney millions are made up, Mr Truman said: "Sir Paul McCartney's total worth is put at £825 million by the Sunday Times Rich List - but even this is a cautious estimate. The increase of £25 million from last year comes from the nearly £50 million which Billboard estimates he grossed in 2005." Sir Paul, 64, is reported to have offered Heather £30 million following the end of the couple's four-year marriage.

At first the pair insisted the break-up would be amicable for their dauighter's sake. However, their relationship has become increasingly acrimonious, with Ms Mills, 38, hiring Anthony Julius, the lawyer who represented Diana, Princess of Wales, in her divorce, while Sir Paul is retaining Fiona Shackleton, who acted for Prince Charles. Last night, a spokesman for Anthony Julius's law firm, Mishcon de Reya, said: "Unfortunately due to client confidentiality, he's not in a position to comment." A spokesman for the Treasury also said: "We cannot talk about specific cases."

Gay police advert breached rules 18 October 2006


The higher than average percentage of lesbians and gays in Social services seriously affects decisions when heterosexual couples split undermining male parenting rights. Also the higher than average number of gays in the judiciary and who are lawyers undermines heterosexual MALES in divorce.

The UK is operating a CHILD THEFT RACKET taking children from heterosexual parents to feed the perversions of those who control the legal systems in the UK and to provide gays with vulnerable children.Children made vulnerable by legal racketeering. The Dunblane massacre was used to cover up HIGH PROFILE legal figures who were taking children away at weekends from Queen Victoria School.Children who where boarding there because their parents work overseas for the armed forces.

The anti heterosexual male media also have a much higher than average number of gays working within it and why the NEWS is so distorted against heterosexual males particularly when they discuss the MULTI BILLION POUND divorce industry, This allows the re distribution of heterosexual assets to fund all other groups while undermining heterosexual males rights.



Gay police advert breached rules

A Gay Police Association (GPA) advert which linked a rise in homophobic attacks to religious belief breached advertising rules. The advert showing a Bible and a pool of blood led to 553 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The watchdog said there was an implication, without evidence, that Christians were the main cause of homophobic incidents. The GPA said the press campaign was meant to be thought provoking.

'Most complaints'

Christian Watch, the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches and the Trinitarian Bible Society found the advert "offensive and derogatory". Others complained the image of blood misleadingly implied all incidents were violent and questioned whether the GPA could prove that religious beliefs had caused the rise in homophobic crimes. The advert appeared in the Diversity supplement of the Independent newspaper on 29 June, two days ahead of the Europride gay and lesbian parade in London.

It stated: "In the last 12 months, the GPA has recorded a 74% increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator." An ASA spokeswoman said: "This is our most complained about campaign advert of the year so far. People thought it was portraying Christians in a bad light." The GPA said the majority of the 250 calls relating to homophobic incidents its helpline received in the year up to March 2006 were "weighted against Christianity" while 25 referred to Islam. The GPA was formed in 1990 and has members in all 52 UK police forces.

RESEARCHERS checking your bins 17 October 2006

RESEARCHERS aided by Council and police search through rubbish bins to help PREVENT identity fraud. Maybe coming down your street next?

Waste bins 'an ID theft goldmine'

Householders are still throwing out too many documents that help criminals steal their identity a survey suggests. To help solve the problem police and other consumer organisations have launched their second national identity fraud prevention week.

A bin-raiding test in London found nearly half of the 120 tested homes had thrown away enough information for their identity to be stolen. The government has estimated that ID fraud cost the UK £1.7bn last year.

According to CIFAS, the UK's fraud prevention service, identity theft has risen more than five-fold from 20,000 cases in 1999 to 137,000 in 2005. But experts have suggested that the true figure of ID fraud cases is in fact far higher.

Wandsworth dustbins


Do not use your mother's maiden name or place of birth as a security password Check your credit record annually If you move, make sure you let your bank know Shred or rip-up post before throwing it in the bin Never use the same password for all your accounts Do not carry address details in your wallet Source: Which?

The bin-raiding experiment - backed by the Metropolitan Police, Crimestoppers, UK fraud prevention service Cifas and several credit rating agencies - was carried out in four streets in the London borough of Wandsworth. Researchers, helped by the council, rifled through the rubbish and re-cycling boxes thrown out by the residents.

The results gave a hint at the ease with which criminals might be able to steal valuable data. Credit and debit card numbers had been thrown away in their rubbish by 30% of the 120 homes, the researchers found. Documents containing bank account numbers and sort codes had been thrown away by 46% of those whose rubbish was investigated. And 73% had thrown out paper showing their exact signature on a credit or debit card, the report said.

Such a small sample is not representative, either geographically or demographically, of the wider UK population. But the government believes this sort of carelessness is one reason why identity fraud has been a growing problem in the last few years. Fast growing crime "Identity fraud is costing the UK billions of pounds a year, and is one of Britain's fastest growing crimes," said Nigel Evans, MP for Ribble Valley and chair of the all party group on identity fraud. "Yet people are still not doing enough to protect themselves. Throwing away your personal details is as good as advertising them in the local paper. Nigel Evans MP "Throwing away your personal details is as good as advertising them in the local paper. We are making it far too easy for the identity thieves," he added.

Professor Martin Gill, an expert on ID fraud from the University of Leicester, told the BBC's Five Live that shredding bills was not enough. He said he had spoken to offenders who took such things as bank statements and utility bills during burglaries. "Bag snatches and pick-pockets is another way they get information, so you've really got to be careful across the board. "Computing and the internet has its own little dangers, so we've got to make sure we pay attention there. And here is the problem with this. There are lots of ways offenders get information - and we really need to be aware of them and not make it easy."

Criminal call

Campaigners have been calling for ID theft to be made a criminal offence in the UK, at present only using a stolen identity to obtain goods and services by deception is outlawed. In the USA, which faced an upsurge in ID theft earlier than the UK, stealing someone's identity is now an jailable offence. One reason for the stiff penalties is that in the US the problem of ID theft can be exacerbated by the use of social security numbers. The wide use of social security numbers can mean that an individual's identity can be thoroughly compromised by criminals, analysts said. And in some extreme cases, according to CIFAS, victims have had to declare themselves legally dead to resolve the situation, a phenomena known as 'pseudocide'.

Whispering campaign against general and Iraq war 17 October 2006

The fascist UK state under HEIR BLAIR

h Whispering campaign against General who spoke up against Blair

Sir Richard Dannatt gave a blunt assessment of the Iraq campaign

Britain's top General was the subject of a vicious Whitehall whispering campaign yesterday as Labour ministers furious at his devastating outburst over Iraq called for him to be sacked.

Despite Tony Blair being forced to back General Sir Richard Dannatt publicly on Friday over his blunt assessment of Britain's mission in Iraq, there were growing fears that the head of the Army could yet fall victim to a political backlash. In behind-the-scenes briefings yesterday senior ministers claimed the General should be dismissed. They condemned his explosive public statements as a 'mistake' which must not be allowed to happen again.

However opinion polls revealed the political risks facing the Government as three quarters of the public said they agreed with Sir Richard and that he should keep his job. Downing Street was left seething by the senior commander's explosive interview in Friday's Daily Mail, in which the Chief of the General Staff warned that UK troops in Iraq were 'exacerbating the security problems' facing Britain around the world, and must leave 'soon' - driving a coach and horses through Tony Blair's foreign policy. He condemned planning for the post-war occupation as 'poor', and claimed hopes of creating a liberal democracy in Iraq were 'naive.' Within hours he gave a series of broadcast interviews, prompted by a late-night phone call from Defence Secretary Des Browne.

But rather than apologising he went even further, warning of the risk that the Iraq mission could 'break' the Army. The Prime Minister appeared wrong-footed and outmanoeuvred, and faced with an overwhelming wave of support for Sir Richard from MPs and the armed forces. Mr Blair was reduced to playing down the schism, agreeing with the General's more palatable comments while trying to ignore the most explosive.

But yesterday brought the first signs of a serious Government backlash, raising grave questions about Sir Richard's future. One Cabinet minister speaking anonymously to a Sunday newspaper said: 'He should be sacked. His comments were utterly unacceptable for someone in his position.' Another minister said: 'Dannatt was an accident waiting to happen. He should not be allowed to make another mistake.

'How can we expect our troops to risk their lives in Iraq when their commanding officer is questioning their presence there?' Former cabinet minister David Blunkett, who remains close to Mr Blair, criticised Sir Richard for 'trying to introduce a new constitutional element' by 'interfering' with the Government's decisions, rather than simply carrying them out. Another Government source said of Sir Richard: 'It is not his job to criticise Government policy. He needs to get back in his box and shut up. His next mistake will be his last.'

The hostile comments raise real doubts over whether Sir Richard's working relationship with the Government can be patched up. His post as head of the Army has no official time limit. His predecessor General Sir Mike Jackson served for three-and-a-half years, whereas Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, overall head of UK armed forces during the 2003 Iraq invasion, quit after barely two years following a series of run-ins with politicians. Army insiders now fear Sir Richard's position could become impossible even sooner. There was more measured criticism from some opposition figures yesterday who claimed the General had overstepped the constitutional mark.

Former Liberal Democrat leader and ex-soldier Paddy Ashdown said: 'He may be accurate in what he said, he may be cheered to the echo in the Army, but he certainly shouldn't have said it. 'It's a clear constitutional breach. It opens up a massive division between him and the Government.' He said military chiefs who opposes Government policy should resign rather than 'blurt out' their disagreements.

Former Tory foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind suggested Sir Richard would receive a 'two strikes' warning, adding: 'What he said was right, but it's not for a general any more than it is for a civil servant to express what are in fact political views.' He told GMTV's Sunday Programme: 'Serving officers are not, I'm afraid, able to have that kind of freedom.' Meanwhile in Iraq itself senior officials agreed that British troops should leave sooner rather than later.

A spokesman for the governor Basra Mohammed al Wail said: 'It's true they saved us from Saddam Hussein, but that war is over. We believe their continuing presence makes the security situation worse.' In Afghanistan there were growing signs of the shortages Sir Richard referred to, as officials admitted the MOD was looking to charter civilian helicopters to ease the strain on the force of just eight Chinook transport helicopters currently trying to support 5,600 British soldiers on the ground.

In theory the civilian aircraft would be used for routine supply movements and kept away from the 'frontline', although in reality aircraft face risk of attack virtually anywhere in Afghanistan.

Blunkett said he didn’t care about lives. Prisoners should be 'machine-gunned' 17 October 2006

WELL BEFORE the 2001 general election, senior officials at the Home Office were aware that David Blunkett was to be Jack Straw’s replacement. I regretted Jack’s departure; he had been an exceptionally supportive Home Secretary, genuinely interested in rehabilitation. After appointing me as Director-General of the Prison Service in 1998, he had obtained very significant new funding and allowed me dramatically to increase drug treatment and education in prisons.

But, nevertheless, along with the rest of the senior team at the Home Office, I welcomed David’s appointment and anticipated a smooth handover. That was to prove to be optimistic. David’s suspicion of senior officials was immediately apparent and the relationship between ministers (and their special advisers) and officials swiftly declined. I learnt, and quickly, that David was dismissive of anything that might have been achieved at the Home Office before his arrival.

Over time, things improved, not least because John Gieve, the Permanent Secretary, replaced almost the whole of his senior team. Of those there when David arrived in 2001, I was to be the only survivor two years later. But despite that, my relationship with David was not good and although it improved toward the end of his time at the Home Office, I found him always to be unpredictable and inclined to rush to a decision, sometimes on the basis of what had been read to him that morning from the tabloid press. And when under pressure, he could be almost impossible to work with. But it was not until he was tested with his only prison riot that I concluded that he was not up to the job. David’s diary account of the riot at Lincoln in October 2002 is fascinating. It was clearly not written at the time because he refers to me as being in overall charge of corrections (prisons and probation), a position not invented at the time of the riot and one I was not to take up until 2003. So his version of what happened that night might owe something to a bit of post-event rationalisation. But whatever the reason, David insists that I dithered over the riot, and had he not been Home Secretary, the riot might have spread to other prisons. His immodest summary was that it was his grasp of history and his memory of the Strangeways riot of 1989 that was the significant factor on resolving the crisis at Lincoln. My account of that night is somewhat different. I did not keep a diary while running prisons, but I was sufficiently disturbed by David’s behaviour during the crisis to take notes at the time.

I was on the Isle of Wight, about to begin a series of visits to the three prisons there. As was my habit on the evening before such visits, and along with Roy Webster, my staff and press officer, I took the three prison governors to dinner. While the five of us were enjoying a curry in Cowes, Phil Wheatley (now the director-general of prisons but then my deputy) phoned me to tell me that there was a serious disturbance at Lincoln and that staff had had to retreat from the prison. We agreed that he would take personal charge of the incident, I would return to London and that staff already manning the incident room in Prison Service headquarters would tell ministers. Riots had been almost commonplace in the Eighties and Nineties. This was the first since my appointment and the only significant disturbance during my seven years running prisons. It was the only big crisis in prisons with which David had to deal, notorious escapes also being a thing of the past. Had David possessed a real grasp of history, that good fortune would have been uppermost in his mind.

Although this was the first riot we had faced for some years, we had well-tested contingency arrangements in place. And I was comforted first by the fact that Phil — hugely able in a crisis — was on his way to take command of the incident room and, secondly, that I knew Dick Peacock, the governor of Lincoln, to be able and courageous. I was about to leave the restaurant when I got a call from Kath Raymond, David’s political adviser. I thought that this would be to convey a message of support from the Home Secretary. Instead, a flustered Kath told me that the Home Secretary was furious and said I was to call him at home.

David was certainly furious. He was also hysterical. He directed me, without delay, to order staff back into the prison. I told him that we did not, at that time, have enough staff in the prison to contemplate such a move but that many more staff were on their way from other prisons. I insisted, however, that although I was determined to take the prison back as quickly as possible, I could not, and would not, risk staff or prisoner lives in attempting to do so. He shrieked at me that he didn’t care about lives, told me to call in the Army and “machine-gun” the prisoners. He then ordered me to take the prison back immediately. I refused. David hung up.

I do not pretend not to have been flustered by this outburst, which he surely cannot have intended us to take seriously, but I attempted to remain calm, not least because I was still at the restaurant table and my staff had heard most of the exchange. One, now the governor of one of Britain’s biggest jails, and clearly deeply shocked, said simply: “Did he really say he didn’t care about lives . . .?” Minutes later, Jonathan Sedgwick, David’s private secretary, phoned me and, more diplomatically, repeated that the Home Secretary wanted me to order staff back into the prison immediately. I told Jonathan I would not do so, acknowledged that I was ignoring a direct order from the Secretary Of State and said that I understood that I might have to resign the next morning. I travelled back to London convinced that I was in the last few hours of my director-generalship.

I was buoyed, however, by a typically warm and supportive call from John Gieve, who promised to do all he could to handle David and told me that I had to follow my professional judgment and agreed, without hesitation, that the preservation of life had to be the first priority. In fact the contingency arrangements we had in place worked well. Staff arrived in large numbers and as quickly as the remote location of Lincoln allowed. And, anxious to protect the lives of vulnerable prisoners, who we thought might be attacked by those rioting, Wheatley and Peacock had the prison back under control before dawn.

David phoned me about seven in the morning — by which time I was leaving London to travel to Lincoln to thank the staff, something David should have done with me — and warmly congratulated me on bringing the disturbance to an end. The hysteria of the previous evening and my ignoring his order was forgotten. Other than recording the events, privately, to John Gieve I have never before made this sad episode public. But I cannot allow David’s version of events to go unchallenged. Too many people worked tirelessly and courageously that night to bring events at Lincoln to a swift and relatively peaceful conclusion. David’s was the only performance that was wanting.

Martin Narey was Permanent Secretary at the Home Office and Director-General of the Prison Service.,,6-2406830,00.html

Fictional speech in the House of Lords on Crown and Judicial Immunity 17 October 2006

Fiction... A speech in the House of Lords on Crown and Judicial Immunity

by Christopher Wingate

Lord Wingate of Arklow

My Lords, people have spoken elegantly and eloquently about all of the difficulties that exist in the present proposals before us. I had proposed to address your Lordships on the detailed document, but I start a long way down the line accepting a fait accompli. That fait accompli is that time is now upon us when we must accept the fiduciary obligations that go with our positions of power in both the House of Lords and the Parliament.

The orders before us are;

The removal of Crown and Judicial Immunity.

The creation of a constitutional jury in our highest court.

That all judgements be interim until submissions by parties concerned is considered.

I shall still make a few short points but my most useful contribution will be telling the truth. My Lords, liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right and a desire for information; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible and divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, by that I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers. Those of you here, who profess to favour freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without ploughing up the ground.

My Lords the issue we face today is not a monopoly of the House of Lords; but rather a character and nature of power itself, the abuse of power the possession that power too often brings. We have had the power to heal and power to harm and those decisions have been carried out with immunity. Inevitably that time was to one day end, that day is now upon us. As soon as you put people together, even great people like us, they somehow sink, cooperatively, below the level required to successfully manage a nation. Parents on a school committee, or people of parliament are the same; their virtues vanish, their vices and bias pop out, all reinforced by the self-confidence which the power of numbers and position brings.

Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. The rights of liberty, of all individual rights, are the dread of tyrants. It is the right which tyrants first strike down because they know its power. Thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers, operating with injustice, immunity and wrong, are sure to tremble when people are allowed to reason. There can be no right of speech where any man is compelled to suppress his honest sentiments. Equally clear is the right to hear those honest sentiments. To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker. And my Lords with all of our speeches spoken elegantly and eloquently we have too often forgotten to hear others not afforded our position.

We have heard analogies regarding the delivery of services that with interference we could easily move from that of independent law to selling cans of beans; suggesting we live in dangerous times. Intemperate speech is a distinctive characteristic of man. Hotheads blow off and release destructive energy in the process, but they know they have been heard. They shout and rave, exaggerating weaknesses, magnifying error, viewing with alarm. So it has been from the beginning; and so it will be throughout time. The framers of the American constitution knew human nature as well as we all do. They too had lived in dangerous times; they too knew the suffocating influence of orthodoxy and standardised thought. They weighed the compulsions for the restrained speech and thought against the abuses of liberty but, they chose liberty.

But what have our democracies gained by their boasted freedom of the press and parliament except the liberty to abuse each other. My Lords for hundreds of years we have retrained ourselves with dignity choosing words that suit each other. Yet in that process we have lost the ability to hear the expressions of the people who suffer under this vertical tower of democracy. In this house I occasionally hear talk about the good old days when things were innocent and nobility reigned and evil was obvious to be fought by all good people. There never was such a world as anyone who truly remembers what life was like on the farm or in the city before these times. Our world then was unsettled, just as it is unsettled now. That my Lords, is the nature of our world.

A striking point raised by my noble and gallant friend Lord Vinnieroe, is that the independence of the judiciary is at stake suggesting the Government—the executive—and the people, will keep their hand in our pie; not even a finger, a whole hand. My Lords men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss it freely. And to do so requires more than a hand in the pie. Judges are required to sign a judicial oath; an undertaking for impartiality and fiduciary responsibilities. Yet judicial immunity will prevent anyone from testing the undertakings promised in the oath. Under normal law we all know that is an illegal contract. When our people seek politicians help with a judicial problem they discover politicians are gagged by separation of power. When people seek help from the judiciary they get a bill. But when people ask us to help with a judicial wrong they get silence. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting.

Let our people read whatever they want and let’s talk about it with them. If we as leaders and people can talk together, neither has much to fear. I go so far as to say state secrets should not be secret. Too much hidden agenda has occurred which is getting out of control. If reports of plans of terror are made public we are all informed. A country a leader a church or mosque planning to harm us is in no better position to do harm if we are aware of their intentions. Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression and the public good is nothing more than being interested in the protection of every individual's private rights. My Lords we have served our people with both good and bad decisions. Allowing analysis of those decisions can only result in an improvement of our service to our nation. I fear consistency of tradition may cause us all in power to be as ignorant today as we were a year ago.

We now witness political mismanagement being meet with judicial activism. The growth of alarming intrusions by the judiciary into the realm of policy is blurring the integrity of the independent legislators and at the same time destroying the foundations of stare decisis. Before us today is not a proposal, but a demand we be accountable. Since this accountability campaign began by new and existing members of the Labour party, we have all witnessed that campaign spread throughout all the political parties in the United Kingdom. My Lords, the people have spoken, crown and judicial immunity is dead. Lord Alydar said it has been put that each year the law society membership gains a bigger bite from our gross domestic product with no end in sight. Legislation designed to protect society appears to enrich another; the lawyers.

My Lords in conclusion we may wish to err on the side of tradition; or we can adopt the suggestion this development today is the rebirth of equity. Equity during the early days of the Statute of Westminster was born from repeated reactions to judicial injustice and provided remedies in situations in which precedent or statutory law might not apply or be equitable. And for several hundred years the independent chancery stood alone to meet that task up until The Judicature Act of 1873. Today we have an opportunity to once again give equity a new life. I recommend judicial and political accountability for the management of not just our country, but all countries be introduced and I cannot think of a more noble and appropriate house than this The House of Lords to begin that process.



From Wednesday 1st September 2004 The Royal Institute of International Affairs is now referred to as Chatham House on printed literature and in the media.

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Working Against all the Odds!!


13 October 2006

FAO: Nick Hardwick and Gavin Forward

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
90 High Holborn
Tel: 020 7166 3201

Dear Gavin Forward and Nick Hardwick,

Re: DI Pickford and South Harrow Police failing in their duty to prosecute known criminals

As Amanda Costello has indicated in her correspondence below, that Gavin Forward is now my caseworker; therefore, I am enclosing the following incontrovertible evidence that DI Pickford and South Harrow Police are abusing public office and failing in their duty to prosecute the known criminals that framed me up and robbed me of my home and possessions, which is a criminal offence in law:

1. Important: Due to the fact that there is a conspiratorial “Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers of England and Wales and the Law Society, which ensures that anyone who have been targeted and robbed by HM Partnership, will find it impossible to find a lawyer to secure an effective remedy in the UK. Mr. Forward, this lawyer-less situation that I find myself maliciously shackled in for over 18 years, having been robbed of my home and possessions; is a serious criminal violation of my human rights under Article 6(3c) by the UK High Contracting Party, which you will be fully aware of. Therefore, are you going to let the British people perish in the UK, rather than tackle and expose the conspiratorial HM Partnership and HM Memorandum of Understanding?

Mr. Forward, does the IPCC approve and support the following illegal HM Partnership: under: - Travel and transport:

“Most safety cameras in England and Wales are operated by local Safety Camera Partnerships. The partnerships are formed of the local authorities, the police, and the courts.” – Hence the conspiracy; and the conflict of interest of HM Courts to hear any cases when they are in PARTNERSHIP with HM Police and HM Local Authorities, which is a criminal violation of Article 6(1) of the Council of Europe Convention. “We (the Partnership) don’t make any profit from safety camera fines. All fines are passed to HM Treasury”: - Is it OK for HM Partnership to ROB us of our homes and possessions so long as they pass them on to HM Treasury? Now you know why HM Police are NOT investigating serious crimes against us by HM Partnership in the UK. All for the benefit of HM Treasury. It is evil to the extreme is it not Mr. Forward?

3. Once again I am furnishing you with the following incontrovertible evidence of the robbery of my home and possessions by HM Conspiratorial Partnership in the hope that you will NOW do your duty and put an end to this organised crime against the British people forthwith:

Tax experts call for a bill of rights by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money:,1456,1519315,00.html

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:,,952455,00.html

Report by Chris Fogarty of the Irish American News, May 2006:

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday May 10, 2003:,,952457,00.html

Report by Phillip Inman of The Guardian, Jobs & Money, Saturday February 12, 2005:,1456,1411088,00.html


Did you know that the Police hold a secret Irish blacklist? Well you do now.

The police in the UK have failed in their duty to prosecute the known criminals in the above Irishman's case.

4. Mr. Forward, isn’t it the IPCC’s failure to tackle and expose the Partnerships and Memorandum of Understandings that the UK Police are conspiratorially involved in, that is enabling the following, torture and robbery of the people in the UK: -

** At debt's door **

It's a booming business but some unscrupulous bailiffs are conning people, lying and ripping them off. BBC reporter Jim Wheble went undercover for nine months to expose how some debt collectors cheat the public.

Important: Don’t forget to put your cursor on: “Watch the programme” to view how HM Partnership robs and rapes peoples homes: Please note how HM Police in the UK conspire / pretend to not know the law; to enable serious crimes to be committed against the British people by criminals operating on behalf of HM Partnership.

5. Mr. Forward, as you are a caseworker for the IPCC, does the IPCC also support and condone the following criminality against the British people by HM Partnership: On 11 July 1996 and again on 6 July 2006, I Patrick Cullinane was framed-up by HM South Wales Police for speeding offences on, “M4 JUNCTION 33 CHAPEL LLANILLTERN TO 34 MISKIN” in 1996 - and - “M4 BETWEEN JCT 34 MISKIN AND JCT 35 PENCOED” in 2006, when I most certainly was NOT speeding on either of these occasions. I carefully observe the law and speed limits, as I am fully aware that HM Police Thugs are breaking the law on behalf of HM Treasury, as can clearly be seen here, yet again:,RNWE:2005-19,RNWE:en&

Where is this all going to end Mr. Forward if the IPCC are in on this scam, and failing to do its duty? Sick and sinful is the man who abuses public office; evil is the man who enables him.

When the autopsy of our democracy is performed, it is my belief that media silence will be given as the primary cause of death. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and full assistance in these very serious public interest matters.

Yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane, Caseworker for the IBRG and Victim of HM Partnership.

M.I.5 and how they undermine democracy 13 October 2006

M.I.5's primary role is to protect the devil worshipping and blackmailing masonic royalists and their undemocratic hold and control over UK citizens(subjects). Any anti royalists in the UK face appalling legal and psychological abuses equivalent to their middle age versions of being hung ,drawn and quartered but without the physical marks.

Our own members have been held down by 8 or more nurses and had anti-psychotic drugs pumped into them after protests.One was regularly dragged away by police and beaten up in police cells.

Andy McCardle was finally murdered after similar (mis)treatments in Carstairs concentration camp by the MASONIC MONSTERS controlling the UK. This type of appalling conduct NEVER gets publicity by the masonic hold over the UK mass media who are complicite with the torture faced by many who stand up against these evil monsters.

Tommy Sheridan and MI5's activities

Your Letters October 13 2006

THE Scottish media have responded to Tommy Sheridan's statement - that history may well show MI5 involvement in the ongoing attempts to end his political career - with condescending incredulity. The inference has been that Sheridan has "lost his marbles" and descended into egoistical paranoia. In short, this man, and his politics, must be seen as a joke. The truth, in fact, is very different and it seems to me obvious that if MI5 has not been watching and seeking to undermine Tommy Sheridan and the causes he has espoused - it would not have been doing its job.

Sheridan is a republican socialist dedicated to the establishment of an independent Scotland. He is a committed anti-nuclear campaigner and a fierce opponent of the Anglo-American "war on terror" (England's new Hundred Years War). The British establishment, rightly, recognises him as a genuine danger to the status quo of the British State and, like the Murdoch press, the British intelligence services know themselves free to "stretch the rules" a little to bring him down.

MI5 work with sticks and carrots, and there can be no doubt that it has, over many years, infiltrated paid informers into the SSP, the Green Party and the SNP. Their remit is to observe and survey but also to destabilise the organisations of which they are part - and mis-organisation, faux extremism and reductio ad absurdum are part of their stock in trade (with flesh-traps a bonus for some). The only surprising thing about the present debacle is that the ever-presentness of MI5 in nationalist, republican and peace politics in Scotland is not, publicly, recognised as a given.

My personal experience with MI5 is, fortunately, limited, but for the past four years I have been working, intensively, on a two-volume biography of Hamish Henderson - one of the most important and influential Scotsmen of the twentieth century. My researches show that Hamish (like John MacLean before him) was regularly under MI5 surveillance and that he suffered Intelligence harassment throughout of his life. The first volume of this biography will appear in May 2007 and document facts to make one's hair stand on end. Any opposed to the Bush/Blair attempt to define western civilisation must expect small bruises - for the greater good - but it seems clear to me that if an isolated writer and bee-keeper, ex-art historian and film-maker like me has been subject to MI5 surveillance and interference then a compulsive and influential political activist, such as Tommy Sheridan, most certainly will be. Far from being nuts, he is bearing the fruits of his labour, and the knives are out to cut him down - stalk, branch, trunk and root.

Timothy Neat, 20 Hillpark Terrace, Wormit, Fife

Masonic bias in police job move 13 October 2006

A police officer was discriminated against because he was not a Mason, an employment tribunal has ruled. Royal Ulster Constabulary Reserve Constable Joseph Gibson was moved from the motor transport depot in 1999 during staff cutbacks.

Another reservist who was retained was not as well trained as Mr Gibson but was a member of the Masonic Order. The Fair Employment Tribunal held Mr Gibson was unlawfully discriminated against on grounds of religious belief. It also held that the constable retained was a member of the Masonic Order, as was at least one other person involved in the selection process.

In a ruling the tribunal declared: "The respondents did not provide a neutral working environment. "As a result, those officers who did not belong to the Masonic Order felt uncomfortable and excluded because of the actions of those who did." The tribunal will reconvene to decide upon the appropriate remedy.

The tribunal said membership of the Masonic Order is a religious belief for the purposes of the Fair Employment and Treatment (Northern Ireland) Order 1998. The tribunal concluded "the decision to transfer the claimant from the RUC Motor Transport Depot was unlawful discrimination on grounds of religious belief". Mr Gibson brought the case before the tribunal, with the assistance of the Equality Commission.

Judgement studied

Eileen Lavery, head of legal services in the Equality Commission, said people could not be discriminated against because they were not Masons. "The ruling of the tribunal is clear - that in the workplace it is unlawful to discriminate against someone because they are not a Mason," she said. "It does not say that membership of the Masonic Order is incompatible with any particular employment, but rather that taking decisions in the workplace which favour one person to the detriment of another, based on Masonic membership, is unlawful."

Mr Gibson, now 67, originally from Belfast, took the case against the RUC - which has since become the Police Service of Northern Ireland - and the now defunct NI Police Authority after being among the officers selected for transfer. The staff reduction followed a decision to switch prisoner escort duties to the Prison Service. A spokeswoman for the Police Service of Northern Ireland said the force was studying the judgement closely.

Why is a Navy Commanding Officer a member of a notorious secret society? 12 October 2006

Commanding Officer
Commander N R V Dorman RD RNR

Born at home, Stirlingshire, in 1965, Nicholas Dorman was brought up in Cambridgeshire and Angus.

Dorman joined the RNR in 1984 at HMS Camperdown as a Reserve University Midshipman. His first summer was spent at Britannia Royal Naval College and subsequent leave periods at sea principally on a variety of Ton class MCMVs.

He gained a bridge watchkeeping certificate in 1986 and after completing the Navigation Course at HMS Mercury sailed as Navigating Officer of a number of River class minesweepers. He took Command of HMS Archer in 1989 and went on to sail as First Lieutenant on HM Ships Helmsdale, Spey and Dovey. After the Options for Change defence review, he was transferred from the Executive to the Operations MW (Sea) branch and was affiliated to MCM2 serving on HMS Inverness. Dorman took part in the United States Navy Reserve exchange programme in 1996 and spent an enjoyable summer in Corpus Christi, Texas, at what the Americans called ‘The Home of Worldwide Minewarfare Excellence’! On promotion to Lieutenant Commander in 1997, and completion of both the MW and SRODC staff courses, he joined MCM1’s Battlestaff and has deployed to the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic and Loch Ewe, (many times!)

After serving three years as First Lieutenant at HMS Scotia, where he co-ordinated the start up of TAY Division in Dundee, he was appointed in 2001 to the Commodores Staff as National Junior Officers Training Officer. This was a newly created post and he had an exciting and rewarding time in the coordination and execution of Junior Officers training on a national level. He was Officer in Charge of TAY Division prior to taking Command of Scotia in April 2006. Married to Lesley, a high school physics teacher, they have one daughter Charlotte (2006) and live in Angus. In his civilian career he is the Operations Director of a ship Owning and Management company specialising in towage with operations in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Nick Dorman has a wide range of interests including rugby, cricket, golf, travel, industrial gardening (chainsaws) and fishing. He enjoys reading and has wide tastes in literature and music; he is a member of several organisations including the Royal Geographic Society, Kirriemuir, Barry and Carnoustie golf clubs and the Speculative Society.

The News of the World by Marcello Mega


THE inquiry into the Dunblane massacre was a massive cover-up, a top Scots Freemason has sensationally claimed. Former Grand Master Lord Burton says that Lord Cullen's official probe suppressed crucial information to protect high-profile legal figures. He says they may belong to a secretive "super-Mason" group called The Speculative Society. Some had links to Dunblane's Queen Victoria School -where gunman Thomas Hamilton was allowed to roam free before the 1996 atrocity. And Lord Burton revealed that he was bullied and threatened by other peers when he tried to raise his concerns in the House of Lords.

Last night the 79-year-old aristocrat said: "There's no escaping the fact that there's something sinister about the whole affair." He was prompted into action after reading in the News of the World last month that police are investigating claims that pupils at QVS were regularly taken away and sexually abused. The Cullen Inquiry failed to investigate why suspected paedophile Hamilton was allowed to wander around the school whenever he liked, running camps and using the shooting range. Murder Former housemaster Glenn Harrison told us how he even found Hamilton, 43, creeping around the dormitories at night. He said Hamilton, who murdered 16 pupils and a teacher at Dunblane Primary School in 1996, had close links to a top cop. Glenn said he was aghast that he was never called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry. He said: "I was one of the people who was making a fuss about Hamilton long before he killed those children, but no one wanted to listen." Now Lord Burton has contacted him at his new home in the Shetland Islands, saying he believes Glenn wasn't called to give evidence to avoid the embarrassment of top legal names being dragged into it. The QVS school is for children of the miltary services and has long-standing links to high office -its current patron is the Duke of Edinburgh. Whoever holds the position of Secretary of State for Scotland becomes president and Scotland's second-most senior judge, the Lord Justice Clerk, becomes a commissioner.

Lord Burton said: "I was Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland at the time and I'm aware that most of the conspiracy theories around Dunblane revolve around allegations of a Masonic conspiracy. "I do have some difficulty with that, but I have learned of an apparent connection between prominent members of the legal establishment involved in the inquiry, and the secretive Speculative Society. "The society was formed at Edinburgh University through Masonic connections so I accept that there might be a link by that route. But Hamilton was never a Mason. His grandfather was."

Current members of The Speculative Society include Lord Cullen and a number of other judges, sheriffs and advocates. Lord Burton has been trying for years to get to the bottom of the conspiracy theories, using his influence in the House of Lords until the reforms meant he was no longer entitled to sit in Westminster. Last night he said: "I tried repeatedly to raise concerns about the inquiry during my time in the Lords, and I was bullied and threatened by powerful peers loyal to the Conservative Government of the day, who warned me of dire consequences if I continued to embarrass them." But the determined peer pressed on and in 1999, asked a question in the Lords which revealed that documents from the inquiry had been ordered to be locked up for 100 years. Among them was a police report revealing that Hamilton had been accused of sexually abusing boys and had been considered by some officers unfit to hold a firearms licence.


Lord Burton added: "We still need to know why that was necessary. Who was the secrecy protecting?" Although the official reason is to protect the families of possible abuse victims, it's unusual for documents to be locked up unless for matters of national security. In July, Dunblane ambulance worker Sandra Uttley told the News of the World how she and friend Doreen Hagger had drawn up a 50-point, 5,000-word dossier calling for secrecy surrounding the tragedy to be lifted. They claimed that dozens of questions have gone unanswered and crucial lines of enquiry were ignored. Former ambulance worker Sandra said: "There may be other individuals who should face prosecution." Glenn Harrison had kept dozens of files from pupils alleging bullying and abuse while he was at the QVS and wrote to parents warning of the dangers in 1991. It led to him being ousted from the school and just days before he left, police raided his home and confiscated the files.

When Glenn read Sandra's story, he went back to police -and this time they agreed to investigate . Last night he said he in turn had been glad to receive the call from Lord Burton. He added: "I've been making noises for years and I sometimes despair and think it's time to just accept we'll never get to the truth. "But I think we owe it to all the people who were so affected by the killings to continue to demand answers to the many questions that were never asked." Glenn told us that Hamilton had been a friend of Ben Philip, the senior housemaster at the QVS. Mr Philip died in December 1993, aged 46, when he fell from a ladder while hanging decorations.

Glenn said: "They were friends so Hamilton was a regular visitor to the school and I was introduced to him. "Ben Philip was a decent guy who was very trusting. "I think he thought he and Hamilton shared interests in things like the outdoors, and he couldn't see that Hamilton had another motive for wanting to be around the school. "Hamilton ran camps in the school grounds, and he used the shooting range freely.


"He came and went as he pleased, almost as if he owned the place, and no one has ever tried to explain why he had such freedom. "I am still haunted by the memory of picking up my newspaper on March 14 1996 and reading about what had occurred at Dunblane Primary School the day before. "I just knew the killer had to be Thomas Hamilton. He should have been stopped." Demands have already been made to the Scottish Executive to investigate the influence of The Speculative Society. It was formed in 1764 as an offshoot of the Masons and has counted Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and Hugh MacDiarmid among its most celebrated members. The Spec, as it is known, is described by its members as a debating club. They meet in candlelit vaults below Edinburgh University's Old College in the winter. Prospective members are normally approached while they study at the university. Its membership -which was secret until a year ago -reads like a Who's Who of the rich and powerful in Scotland. Campaigners were determined to reveal the membership amid concerns, many expressed by senior lawyers who are not members, of the disproportionate influence the Spec is said to wield. One legal figure who has long been suspicious of the Spec said: "Members laugh off the suspicions and say it's just a debating club.

"But, given that the members are picked as undergrads and almost without exception go on to reach the pinnacle of their careers, you have to think either that those making the selection are very astute at spotting potential, or that membership gives you a leg up in life. "I know which option I favour."


With devil worshipping trolls controlling most of the staff who work for multi nationals and government agencies it doesn't surprise us the high rate of depression caused by the bully boy network that the BBC BULLY BOY CORPORATION promotes. If the BBC where doing there job right protecting British Citizens there would be a far better working environment for staff to ensure depression was minimized from bullying bosses and allowed some reasonable working conditions. However the SYSTEM ensures little devil worshipping HITLERS control the bulk of the British workforce in its management structures founded on masonic influence and their devious ways pass right through a workforce bullied and cajoled to prop up their masonic empire built on abuse and psychological torture.Our group members have experienced first hand exactly how that operates.


Depression 'can affect anybody'

A mental health campaign is warning that depression can affect anyone at any time. NHS Lothian has teamed up with Edinburgh University and mental health charity Depression Alliance Scotland at the start of Mental Health Week. It aims to raise awareness and broaden options for people living in Edinburgh and the Lothians with depression. The Lothian Alliance Against Depression (LAAD) group will be officially launched on Wednesday.

'Sadness and despair'

The key message of the campaign entitled "Mother, father, son, daughter..." is that depression can affect anyone at any time. Posters with this message can be seen on buses and in community settings. There will also be presentations and examples of community-based approaches to the management of depression in the Lothians. Depression in Scotland is a common medical condition, which often leads to intense feelings of sadness and despair, and affects one in every five people at some time in their lives.

Depression is a very common illness, but unlike other common illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes, depression has a stigma attached to it which prevents many people with depression from seeking help In Edinburgh and the Lothians it is one of the most common reasons for people to visit their GP, but it is estimated that as many as 75% of people with depression do not seek help from their doctor. Linda Irvine, NHS Lothian mental health strategic programme manager, said: "I am very excited about NHS Lothian becoming part of this European-wide project. "I believe this awareness-raising campaign will attempt to change ingrained attitudes to depression, which is a common and generally treatable illness but is often under reported due to the stigma attached to it." Ilena Day, chief executive for Depression Alliance Scotland, said: "Depression is a very common illness, but unlike other common illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes, depression has a stigma attached to it which prevents many people with depression from seeking help." LAAD is also a partner in the European Alliance Against Depression, a project funded by the European Commission, which includes 18 European regions working together to share information to improve treatment and reduce stigma.

Screen politicans for megalomania 10 October 2006

While they consider ABHORRENT screening programs for our kids maybe they should instead screen lawyers,judges,psychiatrists and politicians for signs of megalomania , delusions of grandeur and CORRUPT tendencies
Experts back screening for all five-year-olds to prevent crime

All five-year-olds should be screened for early signs of offending behaviour to prevent youngsters later becoming criminals under plans put forward by a Scottish Executive-backed expert group. Under the proposals, pre-school services and nursery schools will assess five-year-olds to identify troubled or troublesome families and signs of substance misuse and violence in the home. The aim is to identify vulnerable children early, offer improved support to the family and hopefully turn young people away from crime.

But justice campaigners said the executive should think carefully before implementing moves. The news follows a move by police to target children under three and teenage mothers-to-be as part of the national drive to cut violent crime. The initiative, by Scotland's Violence Reduction Unit, is founded on unpublished research, commissioned by the executive, which suggests the mental and emotional traits which influence whether a person will become violent or not, are developed by the age of three. The new report on youth justice calls for a range of measures to reduce youth offending, including more access to leisure facilities and improved mental health provision. The improvement group includes representatives from local authorities, police and the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA). Their report also includes proposals to strengthen the monitoring and supervision of young sex offenders following a report into the killing of Karen Dewar by 18-year-old Colyn Evans, in Fife, in January 2005. Cathy Jamieson, the Justice Minister, yesterday welcomed the Youth Justice Improvement Group (YJIG) report and launched a blueprint to overhaul services on the back of its recommendations. Her response includes a call to: "Identify children at risk of future or further offending or other poor outcomes and take action early to improve their situation." But it is not known whether the executive will force authorities to implement every recommendation.

Ms Jamieson said: "We have significantly increased investment in youth justice...and the Antisocial Behaviour Act has provided agencies with a range of new tools and helped concentrate and focus local action. " the improvement group states, there is no single solution to reducing offending, but a range of family, community and individual approaches." Hugh Mackintosh, chief executive of Barnardo's Scotland and a member of the group, said early assessment and intervention is key. "Unless we make a concerted effort with early intervention, then we are all going to have to pay the price later on," he said. "There is a great deal of work we can do to help children prior to school." Councillor Eric Jackson, social work spokesman for Cosla and YJIG member, said: "The earlier we intervene the more effective we can be. If there are groups at risk of offending later on, then we need to look at providing support for these children."

But Margaret Mitchell, Scottish Tory Justice spokeswoman, said the report was too full of jargon and lacking in action. John Scott, chairman of the Howard League in Scotland, said the executive should think carefully before implementing moves to assess five year olds. He said: "We have already, through the children's hearing system, identified children at risk of becoming offenders. "Simply identifying them and doing nothing about it is pointless. If we can intervene, then it is difficult to argue against."

Compulsory electro shock treatment for Scottish patients 10 October 2006

Fears for dozens of patients given electric shock therapy against their will

DOZENS of psychiatric patients were given electric shock treatment without their consent in Scottish hospitals last year despite huge controversy over the safety of the treatment. Almost 10% of patients given electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) underwent the procedure as a compulsory treatment for severe depression, according to figures seen by Scotland on Sunday.

Last night doctors revealed some patients are forcibly held down and anaesthetised for the procedure, prompting grave concerns from mental health campaigners who warn that its side-effects include confusion, headaches and long-term memory loss. But psychiatrists insist ECT can help some patients with severe depression for whom medication is not working.

An audit of Scottish hospitals in 2005 by the Scottish ECT Accreditation Network reveals 433 patients underwent the treatment. A total of 38 had it without giving their consent. Last night, Donny Lyons, director of the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, said he believed it was right to treat people against their will if experts agreed ECT was the best option. He said: "It is done sensitively and we have to be clear why we think a patient needs it. Any force should be kept to a minimum. Using force is extremely unpleasant and rare. You may get people resisting or objecting. Sometimes some general restraint is required.

"ECT is a good thing because it works in people with severe depression; 70% of people will get very significantly better. The more severe the depression, the better it works. It does work very well and it is a good treatment but it does have its risks and can cause memory difficulties." New safeguards on ECT were included in Scotland's new Mental Health Act, which came into force last October. According to the new law, patients cannot be given the treatment forcibly unless they are deemed too mentally ill to be able to make an informed decision. Yet Lyons said it is too early to say whether the new laws are having any effect on the number of people treated forcibly. ECT involves placing electrodes on the temples, on one or both sides of the patient's head, and delivering a small electrical current. Patients are treated with short-acting anaesthetics and muscle relaxants. The current produces a seizure lasting up to a minute and can provide short-term relief from severe depression. According to the audit, the highest rates of ECT were in Grampian, with 93 patients, and Lothian with 61 patients. Moira Fraser, head of policy at the Mental Health Foundation urged extreme caution over the treatment because of its effects on the memory.

She said: "ECT is very controversial. The impact varies from individual to individual, so you have to be very cautious. If someone is capable of understanding the decision they are making and they have said no, for example because of the long-term memory problems, then it is only in very rare circumstances that it should be given." Sandra McDougall, influence and change manager at the Scottish Association for Mental Health, said: "It's absolutely vital that people thinking about having the treatment are able to access good quality information about potential benefits and risks so that they can make an informed choice about whether to go ahead with it.

"It's only possible for someone to be given ECT without their consent where they've been assessed as not having the capacity to make a treatment decision, and are being treated under relevant legislation."


Modern-Day 'Poll Tax' Costs GOP Votes

The Democratic Party's instituted policies and pandering to the radical woman's movement are responsible for at least 1 million non-felons-divorced American men commonly known as fathers-who are today being denied the right to vote. How is that possible? It is done by the imposition of a new-fangled "poll tax" by activist judges.

Here is the short of it. Right now, there is estimated to be 1 million individuals in county jails on any given day. Curiously, no statistics regarding non-felons in prisons are kept by the Justice Department. The issue is now playing out all across America's 3,141 counties and parishes. These individuals who have not committed any crime are the target of activist judicial discrimination based upon their sex. They have not been accused of a crime. They have not had a trial by jury of their peers. In fact, they have not been convicted of any crime. They are in jail until they-even if they cannot comply-pay a judge's arbitrarily established sum in order to be released from jail. This is a clear violation of the 13th Amendment and federal statues against peonage, slavery as well as involuntary and indentured servitude, respectively. This mirrors ransom as well, as I see it. This is not a joke! Unless the money is paid, the person will remain in prison for an alleged debt, unconstitutionally I say, deprived of his liberty. According to press reports, there is one individual in a Pennsylvania county prison for more than 11 years. He has not had a trial by jury or been accused of a crime; the judge wants money he does not have.

Now comes the inconceivable part. The incarcerated I speak of are innocent individuals; about 95%, or more, are males. They are non-felons who are being denied the right to vote in this current 2006 election because of an alleged debt. This is occurring in both state and federal elections across the entire country. They are, in fact, constitutionally viable voters in the upcoming federal elections. It is for them to late to vote in the primaries, which have come and passed. Of the states and politicians that I have so far tuned into, here is the current situation: In Connecticut, where the liberal Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd rules, no individual in jail is allowed to vote-felon or not. In Tennessee ex-felons who pay off the court costs are allowed to vote-unless they owe child support.

In the state of Washington, a recent Supreme Court decision stated that it is unconstitutional to prevent recent former felons from voting if they owed court costs. Yet, nothing is said about men who are alleged to owe child support, as they are non-felons in jail, though they never had a trial by jury of their peers. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) says nothing about the longstanding denial of the right to vote by way of a "poll tax" for these American men. In New Jersey, a Democratic-leaning state, the fathers in jail for child support are not allowed to vote, although if one is a pretrial detainee-to clarify, let's say being held for murder-that person is allowed to vote. At the same time, the Democrats also demand that terrorists-at Gitmo and everywhere else-get constitutional protections, which divorced American men do not get and the pro-terrorists left is deathly silent about it.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats are focused on the issue of enlisting new voters who are not constitutionally approved voters. It is no secret Democrats would be thrilled to welcome illegal foreigners to vote in federal elections. This is now taking place in California and probably other states as well. Democrats actually oppose any photo I.D. being presented as proof of U.S. citizenship prior to anyone exercising the right to vote. Republicans should stop sitting on the fence looking and waiting to see which way the cows went so that they may be corralled in their barn. Radical feminists do not vote for Republicans. Get used to it! Republicans can take full advantage of this situation and the concomitant votes by merely standing out front and publicly directing all jails across the nation to provide all necessary information as if these innocent voters were at home and at liberty. Add to this recipe absentee ballots, which clearly must be provided to non-felons.

This can be done by way of their campaign organizations, which can also provide Republicans factual information directly to those affected, as opposed to the "lemming" left-wing newspapers and media. This would compensate the Republicans for the unattainable votes from the radical feminists who vote exclusively for Democrats. Mr. Weinstein is an activist who was once the innocent target of New Jersey prosecutor Nicholas Bissel. The indictment against him was dismissed with prejudice.



Peeping tom CCTV workers jailed

Two council CCTV camera operators have been jailed for spying on a naked woman in her own home. Mark Summerton and Kevin Judge, from Sefton Council, Merseyside, trained a street camera into the woman's flat.

At Liverpool Crown Court, Summerton, 37, of Kirkdale, Liverpool, admitted voyeurism and attempted voyeurism. He was sentenced to four months in prison. Judge, 42, from Waterloo, admitted misconduct in public office and was jailed for two months. He was cleared of voyeurism last month. Summerton was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders' Register. You only have to read the impact statements of the lady to realise the harrowing effect this had on her Judge Gerald Clifton

Team leader Vincent Broderick, 52, of Bootle, Merseyside, admitted misconduct in public office on the grounds that he did not see the woman when she was naked, but knew the cameras were being misused and failed to report it. He was sentenced to 200 hours' community service.

The images from the camera, including the woman without her clothes on, were shown on a large plasma screen in the council's CCTV control room in November 2004, Liverpool Crown Court heard. Over several hours, she was filmed cuddling her boyfriend before undressing, using the toilet, having a bath and watching television dressed only in a towel. Judge Gerald Clifton told the three men: "To dismiss what was happening as laddish behaviour, something that the 21st Century apparently condones, is absurd.

"You only have to read the impact statements of the lady to realise the harrowing effect that this had on her. "Her life has almost been ruined, her self-confidence entirely destroyed by the thought that prying male eyes have entered her flat." During his voyeurism trial, Judge claimed he had only seen the woman naked for a brief moment and had told Summerton, who was controlling the camera, that he was "out of order".

The jury was satisfied but Judge Clifton said he did not believe this account. He said: "I am amply satisfied that your involvement was larger than you are prepared to admit, that you were at some stage controlling the camera, and that you were watching and enjoying the events going on."

A Sefton Council spokesman said safeguards already in place meant the culprits were "caught and dismissed by us promptly". "We will not tolerate an abuse of position from any of our staff or accept such a failure to meet the high standards of behaviour and professionalism we expect."


The British media have controlled UK elections for eons.Despite both Labour and Tories implicated in criminal acts particularly cash for peerages they still spend the bulk of their editorials on Labour and tory promotion. WHY do the British media control who is given maximum publicity and exposure year after year?The ILLUMINATI controlled media's rich owners have NO intention of ALLOWING any other parties to gain a foothold in the political circles.

The devil worshipping trolls who hand pick the labour and tory leader also control the bulk of the UK's media to ensure no matter who wins, their man or in thatchers case woman will control the UK in the same identical way they have done for as far back as anyone can remember.

THE BRITISH MEDIA'S view of democracy is a very blinkered vision of spending lots of time and energies on a two horse(donkey) race with a sprinkling of other parties like the Liberals who are funded much the same way and in Scotland the SNP who are also funded in much the same way.

For any party that hasn't a few millionaires on tap to provide the funds to compete with these illuminati selected parties is impossible.The SYSTEM ensures corruption is the key way our supposed democracy operates and that LITTLE can be done to change the MONSTERS who time and again get voted in by an unsuspecting public.




Ala. governor defends membership in white Masonic lodge

The Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Gov. Bob Riley is defending his membership in a Masonic organization that critics say excludes blacks. Riley, a Republican who is running for re-election against Democratic Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley, is a member of a Masonic lodge in his east Alabama hometown of Ashland that is affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Alabama, a statewide group with no known blacks among more than 30,000 members. Speaking in an interview with The Associated Press, Riley said he did not know whether his lodge had any black members. But Riley denied that the Masonic group is racist, as did two leaders of the organization in interviews Friday.

Riley's membership in the Masons has been mentioned on Internet blogs and was a hot topic on a Birmingham-based talk show hosted by Russ and Dee Fine, Baxley supporters who claim they were fired earlier this week partly for pointing out Riley's membership in the Masons. In an interview, Dee Fine said a governor shouldn't be a member of an all-white group, particularly since Grand Lodge documents dating to 1876 show it bars blacks as members. "If nothing else it's surely not politically astute," she said.

Riley said the comments about his ties to Masonry are "bordering on ridiculous." He said that he knows some black Masons. "Both Shriners and Masons do a lot of good," Riley said in the interview Thursday after a campaign fundraiser with President Bush. The head of the Grand Lodge of Alabama, Grand Master Frank W. Little, said he knows of no blacks among the 32,000 members of the state organization, which has 318 lodges and accepts new members by applications and referrals from other members. But Little denied that there is anything in the organization's current constitution or edicts to prevent a black from joining.

"To my knowledge I don't know of any black who's ever applied for membership in the Grand Lodge," he said. "Is there anything that would prevent them? No. As the grand master, if I heard of any lodge that denied a man membership because of his race they wouldn't be a lodge for long." Riley campaign spokesman Josh Blades said plenty of Democrats also are Masons, including former Gov. Jim Folsom Jr. of Cullman, who is running for lieutenant governor, plus House Speaker Seth Hammett of Andalusia and Senate Pro Tem Lowell Barron of Fyffe. Folsom and Hammett didn't immediately return phone calls, but Barron said he is proud of his membership in the Masons and the Shrine, a related organization. Neither group discriminates, he said, and Masons support Shrine charity hospitals that treat people of all races.

"There's no organization I know of that does more good," said Barron. A separate Masonic organization, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge, is composed almost exclusively of blacks and has chapters all over the country, including Alabama. Another state Masonic official, Grand Secretary Jerry M. Underwood, said the group has an ethnically diverse membership even though critics say it has no blacks. "We have Hispanics and Indians," he said. "In fact, we brought in an Iranian here in Montgomery a few weeks ago."


Our groups have spent years compiling monstrous acts of abuse against the UK and USA's general public by a political and legal cabal where most of the key players are members of devil worshipping cults.

The UK's media repeatedly publish the mantra of the UK's corrupt judiciary about their need for independence.The assumption being that ultimately the long suffering British public require judicial independence before judicial accountability . It was the rise of HITLERS fascism that was not accountable that led to the monstrous acts against its people with massive land ,property and asset stripping on a GRAND scale. This is identical as to what is going on in the UK and USA except the media are never about to report on such matters ,they concentrate their energies on small time crooks that provides a smokescreen that allow the BIG BOYS to get away with MURDER.

The judiciary in the UK are steeped in masonic devil worshipping corruption.Indeed it was the speculative society an elite masonic cabal full of devil worshipping judges and lawyers that had deliberately and collusively distorted evidence that could have caught Thomas Hamilton before he murdered 16 children in cold blood at Dunblane.

The failures of the system prior to the Dunblane massacre by senior police officers and court officers has led to restrictions of any form of instrument that might be used against a UK state controlled by a tyranny that has been riding roughshod over ALL our human rights for way to long.

The deliberate selection of cases and the application of Human Rights Laws hand picked by the judiciary and published by the media distorts the proper administration of the Human rights act.Instead how it is being perceived by the judiciary as a way for serial criminals to get light sentencing or early release while all who have faced the disgusting spectacle of civil court actions in the UK have had major abuses of their human rights while they see criminals getting recompense for slopping out in prisons.

It may be correct that EVERYONE has the right to respect for their HUMAN RIGHTS including those who break the law ,however it is only one small group of serial criminals that the judiciary and their lackies the lawyers concentrate on.The main reason is the sooner they can get a serial criminal out of jail the sooner they can once again milk the BILLION pound legal aid budget to defend them.If only our press would TELL THE TRUTH instead of seemingly reporting human rights cases as if written by the very legal crooks who use it to their own financial advantage .

For every serial criminal there is a RICH legal aid lawyer hanging onto his coat tail.The British public want JUDICIAL ACCOUNTABILITY not supposed independence that makes them accountable only to themselves.We can say with certainty it is the courts and judges that are the serial destroyers of British citizens thanks to that unaccountable INDEPENDENCE.


Boyd heads the crime wave of land and property theft throughout Scotland.THE McKie case is only ONE of many he is implicated in. George Farquhar,Dixie Deans and Andy McCardles death and THE abuses IMPOSED at the hands of the Scottish legal system using mental health act to bully ,abuse and murder Andy are FAR MORE IMPORTANT .

Also Jim Duffs brave action to force Boyd into court in the coming weeks regards massive land and property fraud EXPOSED Boyds corrupt crown operations.

BUT THE SCOTTISH PRESS HAVE FAILED TIME AND AGAIN TO EXPOSE HIS INVOLVEMENT IN THESE HORRENDOUS CASES instead concentrating solely on ONE case that has had far to much media attention compared with the cases where individuals have died at the abusive hands of the corrupt Scottish crown office


Law chief quits but denies McKie case is the reason

Scotland's most senior law officer and the head of the country's prosecution system resigned last night, prompting a wave of speculation about his sudden departure. Colin Boyd, QC, who became Lord Boyd of Duncansby in July, said he would stand down at midnight after six years in the post. He said he wanted to play a fuller part in the House of Lords and to seek work in the private sector. Jack McConnell, First Minister, is expected to propose a successor at the Scottish Parliament today. If MSPs vote in favour, the name will then be recommended to the Queen. Elish Angiolini, the Solicitor General and Scotland's second most senior law officer, is the favourite to replace Lord Boyd. If chosen, she would be the first female Lord Advocate since the role evolved 500 years ago.

The Scottish Executive insisted Mr McConnell had known about Lord Boyd's departure "for some time", but the news caught many MSPs off-guard. And his exit was announced at a hastily assembled press conference at 3pm. The timing prompted MSPs to claim he may have quit over the Shirley McKie affair, or the Lockerbie trial. A parliamentary inquiry into the case of Shirley McKie, the former police officer paid £750,000 after being wrongly accused of leaving her fingerprint at a murder scene, has just concluded but is yet to report its findings. Lord Boyd decided to prosecute Ms McKie for perjury when she denied leaving her print. Last night her father, Iain McKie, said: "I feel the legal profession has lost faith in him."

The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission is also due to report on the 2001 trial of Abdelbaset al Megrahi, the Libyan convicted over the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 with the loss of 270 lives. This could result in a retrial. Lord Boyd was responsible for the original prosecution. Lord Boyd's exit comes amid upheaval in the legal profession. Ministers were last month forced to water down reforms of the complaints system after a backlash from lawyers. One Labour minister was last night briefing back benchers that Lord Boyd had been made to pay for the executive's decision not to back a bill on corporate killing last week. Karen Gillon, Labour MSP for Clydesdale, had the support of more than half of all MSPs for the measure, which would allow senior executives to be pursued for a company's negligence. However, the executive failed to give the bill its support after legal advice. Lord Boyd, 53, denied any link to Lockerbie or McKie, and said he had gone because he had been in government 10 years, and his six-and-a-half years as Lord Advocate made him the longest-serving holder of the post in a century.

"This is the right time for me to move, and for somebody else to take my place." Kenny MacAskill, the SNP justice spokesman, said it was time to separate the Lord Advocate's roles as head of the Crown Office and chief legal adviser to the executive. "Colin Boyd's time in office will be under a cloud until we have a full inquiry in the case of Shirley McKie. This episode has only underlined the need for any future appointee to be independent of ministers." However, the executive said there were no plans to recast the Lord Advocate's role.

Blackmail case judges face probe 4 October 2006

Two judges involved in a high-profile blackmail trial are to be investigated by the judicial watchdog. Immigration judges Mohammed Ilyas Khan and his female colleague - known only as Judge J - will be investigated by the Office for Judicial Complaints. Brazilian cleaner Roselane Driza worked illegally for both judges. Both said they were unaware of her status.

The lord chancellor said there was particular concern over the issue of hiring an illegal worker. The lord chancellor and lord chief justice decided there were "sufficient grounds" for a preliminary investigation. The investigation will also look at the impact of other issues on the image of the judiciary. Driza, 37, told the court she found two intimate videos of Judge Khan - in one he was with Judge J and she was apparently snorting cocaine. Judge J strongly denied any suggestion she had taken drugs. Driza, who is liable to eventually be deported back to Brazil, was also convicted of stealing intimate videos from Judge Khan.

Neither suspended

Driza was acquitted of blackmailing Judge Khan but convicted of the same offence against Judge J. There was great media interest in the case, with the court hearing how Judge J and Judge Khan had been lovers, with the latter eventually starting an affair with Driza. Neither judge - who are both employed by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal - will be sitting while the inquiry is ongoing. Judge Khan, who sits as a Recorder, will remain on full pay, while Judge J, on sick leave with stress for 18 months, will continue on the same pay. Neither has been suspended.

Officials conducting the investigation will speak to the judges and "relevant third parties", likely to include Driza and witnesses from her trial. They will pass their findings to a nominated judge, who has not yet been named. The judge will then advise the lord chancellor and lord chief justice whether the matter should be taken further.

Sanctions available following the investigation range from warnings and reprimands to removal from office in extreme circumstances. A statement from the Department for Constitutional Affairs said: "The lord chancellor and the lord chief justice strongly believe that the public must have confidence in judges, and take seriously any allegations against them of misconduct...

"In particular the lord chancellor and lord chief justice are concerned about the allegation that Mr Khan and Ms J employed Miss Driza as a cleaner when she was ineligible to work in this country." The statement added: "On a more general note, the lord chancellor and lord chief justice have great confidence in the professionalism and high standards of the judiciary as a whole and consider it unfortunate if these allegations are seen as calling this into question."


Scotland's lord advocate resigns

Scotland's top prosecutor is resigning from his job, it has been announced. The Lord Advocate Lord Boyd has written to First Minister Jack McConnell to inform him of his plans. A statement from the first minister's spokesman confirmed Lord Boyd of Duncansby QC would stand down from his post at midnight on Wednesday. He was recently given a life peerage and intends to play a full role in the House of Lords and seek opportunities in the private sector.

Lord Boyd was head of the prosecution service for almost 10 years and was also the Scottish Executive's senior legal adviser. In his letter to Mr McConnell, he said: "I have been in government since May 1997 and am now the longest serving Lord Advocate for over 100 years. "It is time for me to move on." Lord Boyd's work has involved the prosecution in the Lockerbie bombing trial and he has been caught up in the controversy surrounding the Shirley McKie fingerprint case.

McKie investigation

The executive stressed that his decision to stand down was not related to the McKie investigation. The first minister expressed his disappointment in his reply to the lord advocate. He added: "You leave a legacy of which you should be unashamedly proud. I would have thought the sensible thing to do would be to see through the Legal Profession and Legal Aid Bill and to await the outcome of the justice 1 committee report into the Shirley McKie case Margaret Mitchell Conservative MSP "The Lockerbie trial raised the profile and credibility of the prosecution service in Scotland and your leadership of the Crown Office has been first class." The Scottish National Party welcomed his departure and said he had been under a cloud over the McKie case. Nationalist MSP Alex Neill told BBC Scotland's Holyrood Live programme: "I believe that Lord Boyd has recognised his failings in this case and that's the real reason he's going at this moment." Conservative MSP Margaret Mitchell said the sudden departure was strange and unexpected. Ms Mitchell said: "I would have thought the sensible thing to do would be to see through the Legal Profession and Legal Aid Bill and to await the outcome of the justice 1 committee report into the Shirley McKie case and into the investigation of the SCRO (Scottish Criminal Record Office). "For him to go before that seems an astounding decision."

Replacement plans

Lord Boyd began as a solicitor in private practice before being called to the Scottish Bar in 1983. He worked as an advocate depute from 1993 to 1995 and took Silk in 1995. He was then solicitor general for Scotland from May 1997 until his appointment as the lord advocate. In April 2006 he was appointed to the House of Lords, taking his title from Duncansby Head in Caithness.

His duties will be taken up by the current Solicitor General, Elish Angiolini QC. The first minister is expected to reveal details of plans for selecting a replacement. It is up to Mr McConnell to nominate a candidate for the post.


Once again the British media are playing silly buggers with us by promoting the same pair of corrupt criminal parties it has done so for most of the last millenium. Any hope of new parties breaking thro to challenge the masonic /illuminati candidates of the TORY party or labour party is lost from the unhealthy control the media have over who politically they promote.Also the length of time and energy they spend allowing criminals to portray themselves as WORTHY of the long suffering british publics vote.

Dont let the national TV stations fool you with the endless propaganda that the UK has a democracy.Just look at the promotion of the criminals operating in the tory party ,who have been caught time and again being illegally bankrolled by millionaires some who dont even live in the UK. Also Blairs NEW labour that is basically making sure the funds to promote their criminality at the next election will come from millionaires rather than the working classes.

The establishment and its secret society devil worshipping trolls have hijacked British elections and with the help of their mafia mobster friends ,who own or control most of the British media ,are getting away with daylight robbery while helping to prop up those who bankroll them into power using peerages bought illegally. The sickness that is destroying British life falls right at the door of the mass media owners and editors who promote crooks as some sort of NEW political force.All they do is reinforce the criminal fraternity that continues to dominate and abuse political and legal power under the guise of MASONIC democracy to the detriment of ALL UK citizens.

Chief Executive MILL BOOTED OUT of the Law Society of Scotland 3 October 2006

We believe the Chief Executive of the Law Society of Scotland godfather and crook Douglas Mill is being removed from his position by the Council of the Law Society. He has headed for far to many years an utterly corrupt regime that has caused endless misery and persecution of victims of Scottish Law .His position was advertised in the Scotsman on friday.

For all the victims of this system who provided written and oral evidence to the Legal profession and legal aid bill this is a major victory as we know HE headed the despicable system of massive land and property fraud that had been going on for to long in Scottish courts. Some of those victims have lost their lives through suffering major depression from the psychological pressures induced by the destructive powers of the Scottish legal system as it presently stands.


Divisions grow in legal profession over Clementi 2 October 2006


Divisions grow in legal profession over Clementi

Scotland's apparent reluctance to free up legal services has split the nation's 10,000 lawyers. These divisions now threaten to metamorphose into gaping fissures, after the Westminster government reiterated there will be no u-turn on the path to far-reaching reform in England and Wales. Some Scottish law firms have already threatened to relocate their "brass plaques" to England so they can appoint non-lawyer partners and raise external capital. Meanwhile, senior solicitors are contemplating a pro-reform lobbying campaign targeted at Holyrood and bypassing the Law Society of Scotland, which has serious reservations about "taking the low road".

In the last few days, moreover, the profession's other branch has witnessed the historic breakaway of Edinburgh's new Oracle Chambers, launched by advocates John Campbell QC and John Carruthers. As The Herald revealed on Wednesday, the pair have quit Faculty Services Ltd (FSL), the services arm of the 500-year-old Faculty of Advocates. They blame the body's alleged failure to contemplate reforms mooted for England and Wales in the landmark Clementi report.

All 470 practising advocates have been invited to join Campbell and Carruthers in what is a direct challenge to the faculty's control of the Scottish Bar, if not an outright palace coup. For them the current status quo of sole traders operating through loosely affiliated "stables" belongs firmly in the past. Oracle's prospectus is arrestingly blunt: "FSL employs around 160 people," it states. "Despite its undoubted financial resources, FSL has no electronic diary system or case management provision and its fee rendering and debt collection remains notorious. FSL has no recognisable marketing strategy. Its management appears unresponsive.

"Advocates north of the border have never had an alternative to the existing clerking structure. There are no competitive forces at work in our market and innovation is lacking and perhaps even stifled. It has long been our practice to do nothing or postpone decisions indefinitely. This has meant putting up with an indifferent debt collection service on the basis that this is 'the nature of the advocates' business'. Virtually no-one has seriously considered advertising and marketing. Business development is done in an ad hoc manner." The rebels are unequivocal in their admiration for what is going on in England, where,by contrast, the "chambers marketplace is dynamic and competitive". Campbell and Carruthers bluntly declare that the Scottish Bar has been protected from an evolving market by its monopoly over rights of audience. This advantage has been lost; solicitors now retain work in-house.

Oracle Chambers, by contrast, has promised a "concerted marketing effort", to include a newsletter targeted at solicitors and a start-up programme in conjunction with the Law Society's journal. Susan O'Brien QC, chairman of Faculty Services, staunchly defended FSL's record. She said: "Faculty Services is proving itself able and willing to improve and innovate. I believe that the company, which is tailor-made for the Scottish situation, will continue to ensure that costs are kept down and that advocates using Faculty Services will be able to provide the most efficient and cost effective service to the people of Scotland."

The gauntlet was thrown down as the Westminster government published its official response to a Parliamentary Joint Committee report on the controversial draft legal services bill. One of the proposals green-lighted by the Department for Constitutional Affairs is the creation of new legal disciplinary practices (LDPs). This will allow English barristers and solicitors to form partnerships without the need for outside ownership or a special licence. The government has also ruled out extending the timetable for the introduction of alternative business structures opening up law firms to external investment, saying there was no need to "artificially delay implementation and the benefits to clients". Scots clients and consumers will have longer to wait to sample the benefits of reforms known by the descriptive shorthand of "Tesco Law".

"MacClementi", a working party report on the legal services market commissioned by the Scottish Executive and published earlier this year, was widely viewed as a damp squib. This does not mean Scotland has reached a total impasse. As Campbell and Carruthers have demonstrated, markets have a habit of driving change while legislators and regulators sit on their hands. Meanwhile, lawyers might ponder the words of the Dean of the Faculty, commenting on the government's review of legal services. Since England and Wales are embarking on their own review, he stressed, Scotland cannot afford to be left out. He added: "It (the Faculty) has done much in recent years to modernise and improve its practices and organisation". The Dean in question was David Hope QC, and he was speaking in October 1988. Scotland has been down the low road before.

THE BIG PICTURE 2 October 2006

A documentary in the making about the direction of the world, the truth about current events, corruption in mainstream media, and everything censored. ...




Hidden dossier about child sex abuse ring

A SECRET dossier naming members of a paedophile sex ring responsible for the murder of Moira Anderson can today be exposed as a cruel hoax. The 26-page file lists notorious killers Robert Black, Fred West and Thomas Hamilton as members of the SAME child sex ring as judges, senior advocates and police officers. And it lists a dead Scots Tory MP and Labour MP and murdered SNP activist Willie Macrae as being part of the evil "club" known as The Untouchables.

It also includes claims about the identity of 60s killer Bible John. Moira disappeared aged 11 in 1957 during a blizzard in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, and her body has never been found. Although no one was jailed over her disappearance, Sandra Brown - the daughter of convicted paedophile Alexander Gartshore - is convinced her father murdered Moira. Last night, Moira's family reacted with fury after the document was handed to the Sunday Mail - and dismissed as a hoax by a senior policeman. Moira's sister, Janet Hart, who lives in Australia, said yesterday: "This is a bombshell because we were putting a lot of weight on what was in this dossier. "This has come as a big, big shock." Campaigners - including Moira's family - have been fighting to get the dossier released under the Freedom of Information act since it was handed over to police in 2003.

But the scrawled deathbed "confession" by paedophile James Gallogley was dismissed by the police chief investigating the case. Superintendent Alan Buchanan said the only name missing was Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe. The document was written by paedophile Alexander Keil - who claims he was a prison pal of Gallogley - six months AFTER Gallogley died in Peterhead, in April 1999. Keil has tried to tout the full dossier for £20,000 - but handed it to a Sunday Mail reporter last week without any money changing hands. Janet added: "We were hoping the information Keil had in his file was going to take Moira's case forward.

"I am very disappointed." I'm very shocked about this. "At the beginning, I suspected he was in it for money. But, after hearing about the first 15 pages, it seemed quite feasible and raised our hopes. "This is 10 steps backwards. It is such a long time ago now but I'd hoped facts would come to light to locate my sister's remains. But time is against us. "We know Alex Gartshore did it but I do believe he was not the only one involved. There had to be more than one and the sighting at the time said there were two men involved.

"As far as I'm concerned, Keil is the lowest of the low." The "confession" amounts to a collection of politicians' and killers' names but no hard facts. It claims: Moira was killed by Gartshore and Gallogley and abused by Fred West. A Tory MP "club" member was caught with an underage girl in a top hotel but the incident was hushed up. Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton went to sex parties in Perth with a police inspector and regularly acted as a driver for members of the ring. Gallogley killed a girl and dumped her body at Ibrox stadium while it was being redeveloped. The Sunday Mail can detail the dossier's contents for the first time. Keil, 58, of Boat of Garten, near Inverness, insists it was transcribed immediately after speaking to Gallogley in Peterhead. Gallogley says in the document he and Gartshore, the last man seen with Moira, were responsible for the murder. But, in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mail, the senior detective responsible for the investigation into the dossier dismissed it as lies. Strathclyde Police Superintendent Alan Buchanan said: "During our investigation, we received information from a paedophile who was a known friend of Gallogley in Peterhead Prison.

"He said when Gallogley received a letter from Moira Anderson's sister asking if he knew anything about the case, Gallogley denied involvement. "Gallogley told him nothing that wasn't already in the public domain -either from newspaper reports or Sandra Brown's 1999 book - that a person he used to work with, Alex Gartshore, was responsible. "We'll never know if Gallogley and Keil ever had a conversation in respect of Moira Anderson or any others. "But Keil's credibility is severely in question when you consider he tried to sell his story for what we believe to be £20,000." The superintendent said during inquiries into whether Gallogley could have "confessed" to Keil, prison officers and other prisoners dismissed any close friendship between the two.

Superintendent Buchanan said: "I asked Mr Keil why Gallogley hadn't written the document himself and he claimed Gallogley was too ill. "I know for a fact that Gallogley wasn't too ill to write to his family." Gallogley "confessed" Fred West had killed a number of women and children, secreting body parts in jars. The dossier said West's first wife - bus conductor Rena Costello, from Coat-bridge - was killed after finding them. But West was only 16 years old when Moira disappeared in 1957 and Gloucestershire Police say there is no evidence to suggest Fred West was in Coatbridge before November 1962. Superintendent Buchanan said: "We know Fred West had an association with Coatbridge, but not at the time of Moira's disappearance.

"We can find no link between West, Gallogley and Gartshore. "Nor can we find any link between some of the other high-profile cases mentioned in this so-called confession. "The only person who hasn't been named, it seems, is Peter Sutcliffe. "My concern is that these sorts of allegations will cause great distress to the families of the victims named and described. "We spoke to Moira's sister at length about this issue as we were concerned she was being given false hope. "Clearly, if Moira's disappearance had been an incident happening today, Gartshore would have been a prime suspect. But there would also have been other lines of inquiry."

Keil - who served six years at Peterhead - claims to be "afraid" for his life because of the high-ranking judges, Scottish and Crown Office officials, advocates, police and social workers named in the dossier. He claims others were killed "because of what they knew". He said: "James Gallogley was the most devious, cunning person. I had nightmares over what he told me. "I know he got two letters about the wee girl's death (Moira Anderson). It haunted him." Keil claimed Gallogley told him at least three people were killed because they threatened The Untouchables.


The dossier details Gallogley saying he and Gartshore adbucted and abused 11-year-old Moira. Gallogley, jailed for 10 years in 1997 for abusing five little girls, allegedly said of West: "We became good friends. "Fred was always talking about a group of people who were into sex and things like making films. "They called themselves The Untouchables because of their work. "Fred reassured us these people we had met were from the Scottish and Crown Offices.

"If anything came up about us, we would be looked after and would never end up in court, that was a promise." The credibility is stretched further when Keil claims to know the identity of serial killer Bible John - who has never been linked to underage sex. Last night, Keil insisted he was not involved in a hoax. He said: "The police would say that - they're covering up. "I spent many days speaking to Gallogley in the medical centre and that was what he told me. Those papers were written while I was still in jail."

He also claimed he had been offered £20,000 for the dossier, not asked for it. Keil could produce no documents with Gallogley's handwriting or signature on but said: "I did have Gallogley's signature. I don't know who has taken it." But Superintendent Buchanan added: "If the Freedom of Information Commissioner rules the dossier has to be made public, it will be a big disappointment to those pursuing it because there's nothing there and no line of inquiry that we can pursue.

"If there had been anything at all we could have taken from this document, we would have acted upon it. "We would like nothing better than to be able to give Moira's family answers about what happened to her."


Citizens Advice aims to restrain bailiff practices

Bailiffs who lie and cheat their way into people's homes to collect unpaid council tax bills came under fire today from a new campaign launched by Citizens Advice. The service is fighting against unfair practices used by bailiffs and aims to highlight the need for a change to "archaic" laws governing debt collection agencies.

Citizens Advice said that bailiffs were frequently guilty of misrepresenting their powers, abusive and aggressive behaviour, lying and cheating to gain access to property, charging fees that hugely increase the original debt and using threats of violence and prison to pressurise people into paying lump sums they are unable to afford.

A citizens advice bureau in West Yorkshire said bailiffs had demanded a client with a council tax bill of £389.99 outstanding pay £100 more than the debt owed. The bailiff threatened to break the door down if he was refused entry and would not accept the debtor's offering of a part payment of almost half the debt straight away.

Debtors have the right to refuse entry and bailiffs have no powers to use force to enter a property on a first visit, although the law does allow them to enter by an open door or window. However, once they have entered "peacefully" in their initial visit, they can use force to get into a property on subsequent occasions.

The government published a draft tribunals, courts and enforcement bill in July, which would give bailiffs the right to apply to courts for permission to use "reasonable force" to enter premises on the first visit, which would effectively remove the debtor's right to refuse entry. David Harker, chief executive at Citizens Advice, said: "Reports from clients of intimidations, unreasonable demands and excessive charges by bailiffs are commonplace.

"This sort of behaviour along with excessive fee-charging by bailiffs is driving already vulnerable people deeper into poverty and debt. "It is essential that the regulation of bailiff practices is included in the government's new draft bill to end these unacceptable practices." Nobody at the Enforcement Services Association, the trade body for bailiffs, was available for comment.,,1880588,00.html

Judges, police: two of the rule-free classes 1 October 2006

It was the sinister Captain Segura, in Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana, who pointed out that citizens divide into two classes — those you can torture and those you can’t. In the same way in this country there are those who have to abide by the rules and those who don’t.

There are those who feel that regulations and tax and laws are for other people — for “the little people” as the American hotelier Leona Helmsley once notoriously said. It is irritating for the rest of us, which is why there was so much glee about the downfall of two British judges in a blackmail case last week.

This was the most titillating of tales, with plenty of two-timing rumpy-pumpy and saucy home videos and a light dusting of cocaine, apparently. Judge J (a woman) had an affair with Judge I (a man) and shared a bed and a cleaner (a woman) with him. When Judge J moved out, the sexy young cleaner moved in, and later turned to blackmail. Since all this was going on between adults, it is not strictly any of our business, hilarious though it may be. (I will never understand why people who are no longer young or beautiful persist in filming themselves in flagrante delicto, as Judge I did more than once. In a judge it shows an unduly relaxed attitude to evidence.) What does concern the public, however, is the fact that these two judges both sit in judgment on immigration. It is their solemn duty to defend the realm from those who seek to enter this country illegally and to send them empty away, yet they both employed just such an illegal immigrant as their cleaner. It is beyond hypocrisy.

Naturally they both testified in court that they did not know that their blackmailing Brazilian nemesis, the “chilli-hot” Roselane Driza, was an “overstayer”, in contemporary cant. But they should have known. Ignorance, as they both must know, is no defence under the law, and it is not difficult to check, as one ought, whether a person is entitled to work here. Hiring an illegal immigrant is a criminal offence, which they must also know; less illustrious employers are regularly prosecuted for it.

Yet both these judges, in senior positions in the contentious and unhappy mess that is immigration law today, felt that the usual rules were not for them. Indeed they would certainly have got away with breaking the law, in their own chosen legal field, had not the terrifying Roselane decided to blackmail them on that very point. Since Roselane was found guilty of blackmailing the woman, but not the man, Judge J’s identity has not been revealed, though no doubt everyone who matters to her knows about it. The goatish Judge I has been outed as Mohammed Ilyas Khan. Both now face a disciplinary inquiry.

I suppose one should be grateful that Britain isn’t remotely Captain Segura’s Havana, and that in this case at least, judges who imagined they belonged to the legislation-proof classes have been shown to be wrong. But one wonders. It seems for instance that the police sometimes see themselves this way. In an impressive piece of investigative journalism last week, Newsnight showed that while most of us suffer the constant annoyance of speed checks and penalties, some policemen consider themselves camera-proof.

The reporters found that the police sometimes use loopholes in the law to avoid being done for speeding. In what was sometimes a rather comic programme, with coppers solemnly discussing whether to prosecute themselves for not admitting which of them was driving a speeding police van, as caught on camera, the nasty feeling was reinforced that there is one law for them and one law for us.

Camera records are sometimes wiped. Prosecutions aren’t always prosecuted. Whining police cars speed terrifyingly up and down inner-city streets. And if some persistent and cynical Newsnight journalists had not pursued various cases for weeks, undeterred by complexity, obfuscation, nit-picking, tedium and all the miseries that investigative journalism is heir to, we would have been none the wiser. Remember the time that Jack Straw’s police chauffeur (when home secretary no less), was somehow excused for speeding?

The rest of us are left feeling confused and resentful; angry that law-makers and law-enforcers can get away with breaking the speed laws while we can’t, and resentful at being tempted, very often, to put the foot down illegally too. The final irony — the final supreme annoyance — is that the argument for speed cameras has suddenly collapsed. Government figures revealed last week that only 5% of accidents are caused by speeding; drivers who let their attention wander cause six times as many accidents.

The rule-proof classes do not have to pay much tax either. They can hire clever accountants to find ways of avoiding tax legally and semi-legally, or else they don’t earn enough to pay tax, or pretend not to. High and low take a relaxed view of tax; only the wretched rule-ridden classes, respectable middle Britain, the petit bourgeois, have to pay their taxes in full. Not for them the Cayman Islands, or the trust funds or the life-time gifts; they live under the discipline of PAYE and Inland Revenue form filling.

While at either end of the social scale the rich and the improvident are not much affected by death duty, the respectable classes have to pay inheritance tax even on their parents’ modest house or flat. When it comes to pensions, citizens divide into two classes in the same way. The rule-ridden have to look to a bleak future on an ever more modest pension; politicians, having raided our pensions, warn us to tighten our belts against an impoverished old age. Meanwhile, they expand their own bellies with ever bigger, ever better, gold-plated, inflation-proof pensions, and put up their salaries for good measure.

There are endless examples of this shameless sense of entitlement among people who denounce it. Tony Blair chose a backdoor form of selective schooling for his children at a faith school, while the latest education bill denies those schools the right to interview. Restrictions are for others. But the sad truth is that many citizens would, if they could, join the ranks of the rule-proof. Nobody can feel quite as pleasantly indignant about the fate of the judges and their illegal cleaner as he or she might like.,,2088-2382930,00.html

Bailiffs visit followed by suicide 1 October 2006


Bailiffs visit followed by suicide

This site will challenge the behaviour of bailiffs and the companies they work for. Local Authorities are far too eager to employ the use of bailiffs. In many many cases they send bailiffs in, when infact it is the Local Authority that has made an error in the first place. Some Local Authorities are really incompetent. Nottingham City Council is one such authority. In many cases it is found the debtor did not owe any of the money to the council, or the amount was wrong !! They need to think more and check their facts before they ever even think of the services of bailiffs.

The bailiff industry is booming, huge obscene profits are made by these firms. They are thriving on the backs of POOR and VULNERABLE people. There are a huge amount of cases where VULNERABLE people are living in extreme poverty. Their financial situation is no longer in their control, then (caring) Local Authorities send in the bailiffs who add on obscene charges and keep on adding to them, sending the debtors financial situation spiralling out of control.

Many bailiff firms do not even have proper contracts with Local Authorities. They offer their services FREE (not out of kindness), the way they make their money is to keep adding obscene charges, pure GREED. The bailiff industry are a law unto themselves, with very little accountability to anyone. They have a reputation worldwide of being BULLIES, I know about this only too well, I have had many complaints about their behaviour. The worst case of this is very close to me. My daughter lost her son ALFIE WHITE just days before he was due to be born, after a visit by one of Rossendales bailiff thugs. I believe Nottingham City Council and Rossendales bailiffs caused his death.

Some time ago I had an idea that their was need for an organisation to offer help and advice. An organisation that would tackle the bad behaviour of thug bailiffs. Infact the idea was some kind of Bailiff Watch organisation. As things are starting to progress with Bailiff Matters, perhaps this will be the organisation that does just that ! Here were my thoughts at that time .....

Bailiffs need to be more accountable. There should be an appropriate, independent organisation set up to deal with complaints about bailiffs. A record of all complaints should be recorded. A table of complaints should be recorded against each Bailiff firm. The organisation should have all the relevant law on bailiffs and their use. They should be able to supply the public with any help and advice, a website would need to be set up to provide this help and advice. It should be a one stop organisation, where all information is available. At present it is a nightmare trying to find the right help you need. It is almost impossible to get justice the way things are set up at present !

LOCAL AUTHORITIES. Local authorities should have better checks on the bailiffs they use and make sure they are following all guidelines they should be following. Each Local Authority should make the Law and rules regarding Bailiffs and their behaviour, easily available to the general public. Any complaints about bailiffs should be kept and if complaints start building up against any firm, they should lose their contract immediately !! The rules, regulations and guidelines should be made available on all Local Authorities websites, and easily accessible.

Local authorities should not involve bailiffs so lightly as they do at present. They should make better checks on their records of clients. They can see from the records if the client comes under the vulnerable person categories set out in the guidelines. They know if the client is on benefits, by looking at the clients file. If the client is on benefits, their case should never be in the hands of the Bailiffs, as this is one of the areas of Vulnerability set out in the National Standards for Enforcement Agents May 2002 which can be found on the Department of Constitutional Affairs website. Other areas of vulnerability can also be detected by the council by departments communicating with each other.

If they were to look at the clients files they will see if the resident is a one parent family, which is another area of vulnerability. They would be able to see if the resident was Elderly, another area of vulnerability. If clients are on benefits, the council are able to make arrangements to have money stopped out of the clients benefit, at a reasonable set rate. Bailiff firms Always set a rate the client could not possibly afford!! These are some of the things I would like to see in place. Each bailiff firm should be made to pay a percentage of their obscene profits, to fund a BAILIFF WATCH organisation. No member of any bailiff firm should be involved in that organisation.