• Corbynite MP sparks furious row by using her maiden speech to blast '40 years of Thatcherism' including 13 years of LABOUR government under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (Lawyer Blair turned Labour into a tory party Mark 2 and has NEVER recovered while right wing Blairites remain conniving within to undermine what used to be a party of relevance to ordering working Joe's)
  • Disturbing Revelations about evil tory witch Margaret Thatcher that still reverberate across Britain to this day along with the tory scum that voted her into power(VIDEO)
  • Who are these people? – List of Judges and MP’s connections to Freemasonry & Bilderberg etc…
  • The mathematical odds of SEVEN former members of an elite drinking club (Bullyingdon and Eton) all getting top political jobs all at the same time, and all being members of the Conservative Party is at least 240 MILLION to ONE
  • Two Freemasons' lodges set up at Westminster are continuing to operate
  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby(VIDEO)
  • Palace of Westminster renovation 'could take 32 years and cost £5.7bn'
  • Britain run by an unelected bunch of old, white, male, rich, time-serving cronies(a masonic chamber) with the power to put itself above the law to save the skin of one of its own (and they have the audacity to call it a democracy while they kiss the royal arse that feeds them)
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune made in tax havens
  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection
  • Pet with its owner after wangling winning Crufts
    Tory scumbag Bojo mingled with Russian elite amid claims of Moscow interference in UK politics

    Johnson socialises with Evgeny Lebedev at a party along with his sister Rachel Johnson, went to the champagne-fuelled Christmas party in London on 13 December hosted by former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev, with Evgeny Lebedev at a charity event in 2009, attended Evgeny Lebedev’s Christmas party a day after Johnson’s landslide election win , and socialises at a party Evening Standard owner Lebedev hosted.

    Johnson visit to Lebedev party after election result odd move for 'people's PM'

    It was the equivalent of a V-sign cheerfully flashed at his critics. The day after his landslide election victory, Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds dropped into a caviar-fuelled Christmas party in London hosted by former KGB agent Alexander Lebedev and his son Evgeny. During the campaign Johnson had stubbornly refused to publish the Russia report, written by the last parliament’s intelligence and security committee.

    Its contents have still not been revealed. But it is understood to examine the extent of Moscow influence on British politics – and the way in which the Russian elite has established a powerful lobby in the UK through lavish expenditure and networking. The Lebedev family insist that they are merely entrepreneurs and media proprietors. Nonetheless, the party – held to celebrate Alexander’s 60th birthday – was a practical demonstration of how extensive their connections are, stretching all the way to Downing Street.

    Johnson was one of several top politicians who turned up to the event, held at the Lebedev family’s £6m stuccoed mansion overlooking Regent’s Park. Guests included David and Samantha Cameron and George Osborne, now a Lebedev employee as Evening Standard editor. From the Blairite left, Peter Mandelson and Tristram Hunt were also in attendance. Others invited to the vodka and caviar birthday party included Mick Jagger, Princess Eugenie, the actors Matt Smith and Rosamund Pike, and the model Lily Cole. Comedians Eddie Izzard and David Baddiel, the artist Grayson Perry and sculptor Antony Gormley were also there. Missing this year was the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

    As grand as the list was, the newly elected prime minister’s presence – the night after his election win – was eye-catching. Johnson has long been a celebrity as well as a politician – but for a leader who promised to lead a “people’s government”, to rub shoulders with such an exclusive elite as one of his first public acts after victory might seem a little incongruous. Jeremy Corbyn was invited, but didn’t attend. (The invite, for the record, shows a youthful Alexander holding a toddler Evgeny.) In the Labour leader’s absence the Lebedevs hired a Corbyn impersonator, who mingled with guests as they sipped Ruinart champagne and tucked into plates of caviar. There was also a Johnson lookalike, perhaps hired just in case the real prime minister didn’t show up.

    Johnson’s decision to call in on the Lebedevs might be explained as an act of political homage. The Lebedevs own the Evening Standard. Over the summer the newspaper endorsed Johnson to succeed Theresa May. It backed him again last month as the best candidate to be prime minister, an opinion at odds with the left-leaning, Remain-backing Londoners who form its target audience. What lies behind the prime minister’s reluctance to publish the Russia report has yet to be explained. He has dismissed the suggestion of Kremlin interference in the EU referendum vote. And yet on a busy day laced with history, Johnson chose to celebrate with a foreign intelligence officer with the rank of a lieutenant colonel, who graduated from the KGB’s Red Banner Institute.

    As a young spy Lebedev served with the KGB’s first directorate. During the late Thatcher years he worked at the Soviet embassy in London, not far from the office in Kensington High Street where the Standard is based today. In the 1990s Lebedev senior swapped cold war spying for banking. In 2009 he bought a majority share in the Standard. That complicated history has never put Johnson off spending time with the family. As London mayor, Johnson made repeated trips to the Lebedevs’ luxurious palazzo in Ronti, Italy, and to Evgeny’s parties in London in 2010. He was one of an array of celebrities and actors who flew out to the villa for lavish weekends, complete with a Michelin-starred private chef and a dressing-up box filed with exotic costumes. Evgeny’s pet wolves – one of them called Boris – would pad around as the great and the good enjoyed themselves.

    Sometimes Johnson took his wife Marina Wheeler, from whom he is now divorcing. But in April 2018, at the height of the crisis over the poisoning of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal, Johnson flew to Perugia on his own. He was foreign secretary. In a highly unusual move, he left his security detail behind. The following morning he was spotted queuing at the airport for a flight home, looking crumpled and hungover. What was the purpose of the trip? Johnson won’t say. In September, Alexander Lebedev told the Guardian he wasn’t at the palazzo. Two months later, speaking at the Moscow launch of his memoir, Hunt the Banker, Lebedev said he did go to the villa. He didn’t meet Johnson there, he said, instead merely calling in to wish his son a happy birthday.

    Guests portray Evgeny as a needy and even lonely figure, craving companionship, and happiest in his Italian home, away from the burdens of being a media owner. They suggest he doesn’t really get politics per se. But, they add, he enjoys the superficial side of mingling with powerful individuals. Newly arrived visitors are invited to make a Russian-style toast to Evgeny and to perform a ‘turn’ of some kind – a sketch or speech. A lot of drinking goes on, with vodka shots and a mood described by one guest as debauched. Invitees are sometimes stuck there for days, waiting for a lift back on Lebedev’s private jet.

    Whether in London or Ronti, Lebedevs’ parties bring together two groups who rarely mingle: celebrities and politicians. One is glamorous, the other not so much; both are curious about each other. The mutual attraction partly explains why so many high-profile individuals accept Lebedev’s invitations. But others say there is more. One celebrity who has attended the Lebedev parties in the past now declines, arguing “all of these parties seem like covers for meetings” where people can discreetly connect with politicians under the the guise of the event.

    “Evgeny sends cars and flies people around on private jets, he makes people feel important, and always serves tons and tons of caviar, which people love. And there’s usually a photographer there ensuring attendees will get a bit of press,” the celebrity added. Regular attendees at the Lebedev parties have included the actors Ian McKellen, Keira Knightley, Joan Collins and Ralph Fiennes. One non-actor celebrity – who declined to be named – received an invite out of the blue. When he climbed on board Evgeny’s plane he found that he and the other guests had one thing in common: they were all famous.

    Evgeny’s A-list contacts book is in part due to the Standard’s theatre awards, which have run since 1955 and which he now co-hosts. He also enlists his journalists to pull in big names. His former fixers have included Sarah Sands, who edited the Standard and is now editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and Amol Rajan, the former Independent editor who is now the BBC’s media editor. In Russia, Alexander Lebedev depicts himself as a semi-oppositionist and victim of official persecution. His bank has been raided, and he has supported the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

    In reality, however, he is on warm terms with the Kremlin. In 2014 he publicly supported Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea, where Lebedev owns a hotel complex in the seaside resort of Alushta. In 2017 he staged a media symposium there. It was arranged – he told Russian state TV – to correct a false impression of Crimea put out by a “biased” western media. Lebedev shared a panel at the conference with Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson. She was a guest at his recent Moscow book launch. Zakharova is a hardline exponent of Kremlin policy; last year she denied Russian involvement in the novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury and suggested that Britain’s spy agencies had kidnapped him.

    The Lebedevs say that their forays into the British media are altruistic, and have nothing to do with Moscow’s darker global agenda. Whatever their motives for bringing them together, their remarkably diverse collection of friends – from the British prime minister to senior Putin functionaries – add up to an environment in which gossip, intelligence and information can flow as freely as the champagne.

  • Mega rich funding tory scum during election(Boris and his Russian financial backers)
  • Tory scum pay 108 special advisors £9.6m of public funds in salaries (So much for the extreme murderous austerity they inflict on the peasants while throwing that stolen money at their friends they have positioned in high places)
  • What Brexit? Tories’ first priority is to ban ‘anti-Semitic’ boycotts VIDEO

    Bojo just another Israeli lackey

  • Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian journalist who had worked overtime blowing Corbyn antisemitism hoax into flame, twitted “I predicted Labour would be defeated”. He was corrected: “it was not predicted, it was manufactured by you!” And the Jews responded with “How do you dare to blame a Jew?”
  • Ken Livingstone Defends Jeremy Corbyn Saying He Was Victim of Lies and Smears VIDEO

    Screamed at by Israeli lobby lackey(mossad) and bullshitting asshole Piers Morgan

  • Boris Johnson to pass anti-BDS law, official says (Johnson like Trump another Israeli lackey that gets in via their hold over the gutter press)
  • Murderous tory scum pat themselves on the back during re-opening of a rogue Parliament VIDEO

    You really have to be a sick fuck to rejoice at these evil scumbags who have had decades of fucking over the peasants to the point of death and mass suicides.
    109 new tory scum about to reek havoc on UK peasants for another five years

    As if they haven't killed enough peasants with their extreme austerity boot

  • Another five years of majority Tory govt led by BoJo not going to be nice to look at VIDEO
    BBC exit poll claims tory scum voted BACK in to continue their murderous regime


  • General election 2019: Tories on course to win majority - exit poll
  • UK news push alerts skew negative on Labour and positive for Tories
  • 'Brutal, packed with untruths, uninspiring': European press on UK election
  • Timing of Boris investigation NOTHING to do with election
    Paedo's In Parliament (2018) VIDEO

  • British children's care homes where homopaedo's are employed who exploit boys stolen into care (Claims and smears of domestic abuse allow perverted freemason judges, hand picked by the royals, to make the orders that see children especially young boys removed from their fathers protection into their satanic dens they call 'CARE' homes)
  • Child Abuse Enquiry Whitewashed - Sonia Poulton(VIDEO)
  • ‘Universal credit is cruel and brutal’ Corbyn delivers speech in Wales VIDEO
    Johnson: 'Get Brexit Done' (Like 'Weapons of Mass Destruction')

    Mass murderers disguised as politicians

  • UK 2019 election a tyrannical farce

    You would never guess going by Britain's gutter rags perspective that presently we are being offered up mass murderers as a suitable mob to run the UK for the next 5 years. While that twisted media provide platforms for a privileged Eton groomed mass murderer to pontificate about all his new policies that will make UK great once again, he has alongside his fellow mass murderers resided over the monstrous austerity measures that have seen tens of thousands of the most vulnerable UK citizens either dying on the freezing streets through homelessness and poverty or from being pushed to suicide before the evictions occurred.

    Also the deaths of knife crime victims that have seen freemasons employed as the controllers of the police with a deliberate policy of withdrawing from the streets to create anarchy allowing tory scum like Johnson to claim they will get tough on crime next time round, when the only time you will see cops on the streets en masse is when they are aiding and abetting the legal and banking mafia's to steal property or when a claimed terror threat results from releasing known threats early on to the streets so tory scum can claim they will protect us from those they release.

    The insanity going on right before our eyes is that the already proven murderers are being hailed as saviours who will for the next half decade or so provide assurance of prosperity and safety while they have a long history of the destruction of so many in our society and the realisation that the form of elections Brits are being offered and claimed to provide democratic utopia is a pipe dream and is creating a system where a privileged few can continue the endless attack on those least able to defend themselves from murderous tory machinations.

    Under the guise of a 'Get Brexit Done' umbrella mass murder has been committed and sidelined as being somehow irrelevant.

  • General election 2019: Why do the political mafia spout the same utter bullshit?
  • General election 2019: Social media controversy 'spreads messages'
  • Barclay Brothers rag backs Israeli lobby (Mossad) antisemitic smears
  • BBC ‘ILLUMINATI’ Propaganda Exposed
  • Tory scum's election promises v the reality

    Libdem scumbag Alexander enforces tory austerity then swans off with knighthood and big bank job

    This is payback for the appalling mess this utter scum and filth left millions of Brits with massive austerity boot then he gets a trinket from the royals and top banking job UTTERLY DISGUSTING

    Two days after being appointed to his new position as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, allegations arose that Alexander had exploited a legal loophole to avoid the payment of capital gains tax on a property he had sold in 2007 alleging that he had profited from a "morally dubious" loophole to avoid paying capital gains tax.

    Osborne and Alexander instigated £7bn extra in cuts to welfare spending and a move for the retirement age to be increased to 66 for both men and women by 2020. In a letter to Liberal Democrat members Alexander defended the cuts by saying "When we came into office, we inherited an economy that was on the brink. With the largest budget deficit in Europe and no plan for tackling it, Britain faced huge economic risks. These could only be dealt with by a clear plan to deal rapidly with the worst financial position this country has faced for generations."

  • LibDem scumbag Danny Alexander(WENT QUIET) who helped tory scumbag Osborne screw the peasants while in office is KNIGHTED and then gets top job as vice president and corporate secretary of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Mega conflict of interest when tory scumbag Sajid Javid who is Chancellor of the Exchequer is also a governor of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Boris Come Back VIDEO
    Arrogant snob Boris Johnson's father smears UK public who 'couldn't spell Pinocchio' over son's blatant lies

  • When all politicians are seen as liars, it’s Boris Johnson’s big lie that cuts through
  • Jeremy Corbyn on Press TV discussing the BBC's Israel Bias VIDEO

  • Harmsworth's Israeli lobby (Mossad) controlled rag smears Corbyn over his claims of BBC's Israeli Bias
  • Sexism, vandalism and bullying: inside the Boris Johnson-era Bullyingdon Club

    A scene from the 2014 film The Riot Club, which drew its inspiration from the antics
    of the all-male members of the Bullingdon Club.

    Cameron and Boris Johnson Eton groomed posh twats circled.The utter scum and filth
    that are put up for the long suffering peasants to vote into power.

    Posh twat Johnson smears working class men HERE

    Woman who recruited members during the club’s 80s heyday reveals the true extent of members’ destructive behaviour

    It is notorious for champagne-swilling, restaurant-trashing, “pleb”-taunting elitism. Now new light has been shed on the outrageous antics of the Bullingdon Club – the Oxford University group that may be about to produce its second British prime minister – by someone intimately connected to it during Boris Johnson’s membership. A woman who acted as a scout for potential members of the Bullingdon Club in the mid-1980s has said that female prostitutes performed sex acts at its lavish dinners, women were routinely belittled, and that intimidation and vandalism were its hallmarks.

    The woman, who has asked not to be named, is now an academic and regards her involvement with the male-only Bullingdon Club more than 30 years ago with extreme regret and embarrassment. In her first week at Oxford in 1983, she was approached by a member of the club to identify potential recruits – a role she performed throughout her time as an undergraduate. She also had an 18-month relationship with a man who became a president of the club. In her final year at Oxford, she shared a house with Bullingdon members.

    Her involvement with the club coincided with Boris Johnson’s membership and overlapped with David Cameron’s. She was not a close friend of Johnson but they had a number of good friends in common, she said. She has maintained contact with several former Bullingdon members over the past 30-plus years. “I helped recruit for the Bullingdon, and advised [the president] on its activities,” she told the Observer. “I know very well what the patterns of behaviour were. When [her ex-boyfriend] was president, they had prostitutes at their dinners. They performed sex acts, sometimes at the shared dining table, and sometimes elsewhere on the premises.”

    In 2016, Ralph Perry-Robinson, a Bullingdon member in the mid-1980s, confirmed that prostitutes attended club events. “We always hire whores… prostitutes were paid extra by members who wanted to use them,” he told the Daily Beast. The woman said: “The whole culture was to get extremely drunk and exert vandalism. Every time someone was elected, they had to have their room smashed to pieces. People talk about the Bullingdon Club ‘trashing’ places, but it was serious criminal damage.”

    One incident she recalled at Magdalen College involved “a large galleried room that had just been refurbished with expensive wood panelling. Every piece of furniture that could have been broken was broken, every liquid sprayed around the room, the panelling was cracked, and everything was piled in a heap in the middle of the room. The college door to Magdalen was smashed to pieces. “I remember the clerk of works looking at the mess in complete dismay. The college had spent a great deal on the refurbishment. All the students who heard this late-night destruction were terrified, I remember.”

    Bullingdon members “found it amusing if people were intimidated or frightened by their behaviour. I remember them walking down a street in Oxford in their tails, chanting ‘Buller, Buller’ and smashing bottles along the way, just to cow people.” She recalled a party held in a room at Magdalen in the academic year 1985/6 at which guests were invited to “come as your alter ego”. Two Bullingdon members appeared in Nazi uniforms and “goose-stepped back and forth in the upstairs galleried area”. They were photographed by a friend of the woman who was taking pictures of the party.

    “The next morning [the pair] came round to her room. They barged in and pulled the roll of film out of the camera. She was a feisty character, and told lots of people about this. She died a couple of years ago.”

    Boris was one of the club’s big beasts. He was up for anything. They treated certain people with absolute disdain. Former club recruiter

    The woman who was the club recruiter said: “Boris was one of the big beasts of the club. He was up for anything. They treated certain types of people with absolute disdain, and referred to them as ‘plebs’ or ‘grockles’, and the police were always called ‘plod’. Their attitude was that women were there for their entertainment.” She said there was a “culture of excess” in the 1980s in which the activities of the Bullingdon Club felt “normalised”. “They had an air of entitlement and superiority.”

    Although many former members of the Bullingdon Club – including Johnson – have since publicly regretted their involvement in some of its activities, they developed “close-knit, generational ties,” said the woman. “Many still see each other. They have long-established networks, and they think it’s in their power to confer high office on anyone they choose. There is a bond of loyalty.” The club was founded in 1780 as a hunting and cricket club. Two hundred years later, it was infamous for its distinctive uniform of tailcoats with white silk facings, and its heavy drinking and wild behaviour.

    In 2013, Johnson – who reputedly still greets former members with a cry of “Buller, Buller, Buller” – described it as “a truly shameful vignette of almost superhuman undergraduate arrogance, toffishness and twittishness”. He added: “But at the time you felt it was wonderful to be going round swanking it up.” A photograph of club members in their Bullingdon tailcoats taken in 1987 has been repeatedly republished since Cameron became Tory leader. The picture made him “cringe”, he said. “We all did stupid things when we are young and we should learn the lessons.”

    Last October, Bullingdon Club members were banned from holding positions in the Oxford University Conservative Association. The association’s president, Ben Etty, said the club’s “values and activities had no place in the modern Conservative party”. In recent years, membership has reportedly dwindled to a handful as today’s undergraduates shun an organisation with a toxic reputation.

    The woman who recruited members in Oxford in the 1980s said that she was horrified at the prospect of Johnson becoming prime minister. “The characteristics he displayed at Oxford – entitlement, aggression, amorality, lack of concern for others – are still there, dressed up in a contrived, jovial image. It’s a mask to sanitise some ugly features.”

  • Privileged Eton groomed Bullyingdon posh twat Boris Johnson smears working class men
  • British elections only mass murdering scum need apply


    How British sheeple are STILL being led by their billionaire fascist herdsmen

    Tory voting psychopathic scum think, not only ONE life but thousands of lives are a worthwhile price to pay for putting the tory austerity fascist boot back in charge of the country.

  • Vast evidence of the psychological and financial torture of the poorest and most disabled by the tory scum
  • Bankers create apparent opposites to "remake the world" according to their specifications
  • FOI request to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) RE: BORIS JOHNSON

    FOI request to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC)

    This is a freedom of Information request seeking the following information.

    In light of the recent announcement published in various newspapers see Guardian HERE

    The independent police watchdog has delayed its announcement on whether the PM should face an investigation into possible criminal misconduct until after the election.

    1. Please provide the person or persons responsible for the decision to delay the investigation?

    2. Please provide any potential 'Conflicts of Interest' of the above named persons with the Prime Minister. i.e. political associations or private member associations of ANY description that would link them with Boris Johnson?

    You have twenty working days to respond.

  • Is Britain about to vote in another murderous tory government?

    Anyone who is watching the utter farce of British politics can only watch in horror as a whole tier of British society think a bunch of gangsters responsible for thousands of British citizens deaths have the qualities to run a country. Is it any wonder Britain is in its dying embers with a mafia whose only interest is to prop up the billionaires and millionaires at the utter expense of the working classes. A DISGUSTING and inhumane society that will eventually see those who back this mob 'rot in hell' for the 'hell on earth' they have created for vast swathes of the population under the guise of government.

    If these gangsters get back into power in the UK we could see 'Hong Kong' style uprisings as victims of their tyranny rise up against the so called democracy that sees privileged Eton groomed scum given free rein to turn ever more of the population, as has been done so far, into desperate victims of the utter deprivation that has been inflicted on a large percentage of the population from their extreme austerity measures that will continue unabated . THAT IS THE ONLY CERTAINTY IF THE TORY SCUM GET BACK INTO POWER.

  • Vast evidence of the psychological and financial torture of the poorest and most disabled by the tory scum
  • Labour want to restore pensions to women who had £billions stolen from them by the tory scum

    with at the time May claiming to be a feminist

  • What Brits think of their controllers

  • Britain has a horrific homelessness crisis. Why isn't it an election priority? (Caused by a massive tory austerity boot of HERR majesty's government and her Eton groomed lackeys Cameron, Osborne and Johnson)
  • UK social security payments 'at lowest level since launch of welfare state' (The mass deprivation of a population by an Eton groomed government totally controlled by the royal parasites)
  • Tory scum bankrolled by 48 of the country’s 151 billionaires who have donated to the Tories since 2005 while on course to hand out £100bn in tax breaks to those same backers(Many of them Russians)
  • Tory donor calls for Russia interference in UK democracy report to be published (Nine Russian business people had donated money to the Conservatives were named in the report)
  • Charities call for Glasgow homeless shelter to open early after a man, believed to be homeless, died on Sunday after being discovered in a city centre car park (Scotland under an SNP utopian nightmare. Lawyer Sturgeon giving lawyers the excuse to kick Scottish men on to the streets during divorce and their dodgy misuse of the law)
  • A third of the UK’s billionaire's have donated £50million to the Tories since 2005 (Many of them Russian)
  • Civil Unrest Is Now The 'New Normal' Out There (The real grievance is the sense that an unresponsive elite are sucking up all the available wealth, leaving the vast majority with (at best) zero upward mobility and at worst a return to the servitude their parents only recently escaped)
  • Jennifer Arcuri speaks out on personal relationship with Boris Johnson VIDEO
    ITV interviews Boris's bit on the side and the "£126,000 tax money relationship"

  • Jennifer Arcuri turns on Boris Johnson and warns she has been ‘keeping his secrets’
  • Boris Johnson's "£126,000 tax money relationship" with ex-model Jennifer Arcuri debated in Commons(VIDEO)
  • Freemasons protecting their own corrupt lodge buddies

  • The independent police watchdog (freemason run) has delayed its announcement on whether the Eton groomed PM Boris Johnson (a freemason) should face an investigation into possible criminal misconduct until after the election
  • Eton freemasons
  • 'Et Tu Brute' As Watson quits Labour on eve of election
    Tory scumbag Jacob Rees Mogg contemptible comments on the Grenfell Tower residents VIDEO

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has apologised after claiming Grenfell Tower fire victims did not use 'common sense' and leave the burning building in spite of the London Fire Brigade's instructions to stay put. In a statement issued to the Evening Standard, the leader of the House of Commons said 'I profoundly apologised. What I meant to say is that I would have also listened to the fire brigade's advice to stay and wait at the time. However, with that we know now and with hindsight I wouldn't and I don't think anyone else would'
    Rees-Mogg the VILE Eton groomed posh tory cunt

    The tory's utter contempt for British peasants can be clearly heard when tory scumbag Rees-Mogg opens his silver spoon fed gob. A typical attitude that permeates every part of the murderous tory regime.
    Boris Johnson accused of sitting on Russia ‘meddling’ report VIDEO

    Johnson with Sergey Nalobin who lost his permission to stay in the UK after the inquiry into the poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko concluded Russian Vladimir Putin had probably ordered the killing.
    Conservative Friends of Russia are financial backers of Johnson's hard line Brexshit stance

    Sergey Nalobin at the launch of Conservative Friends of Russia at the Russian embassy in August 2012

    Conservative Friends of Russia held its 2012 launch party in the Russian ambassador’s Kensington garden, with about 250 Russian and British guests present, including Tories who went on to play a prominent role in the referendum campaign

    PM accused of cover-up over report on Russian meddling in UK politics

    No 10 refuses to clear release of report into Russian political interference before election

    Boris Johnson was on Monday night accused of presiding over a cover-up after it emerged that No 10 refused to clear the publication of a potentially incendiary report examining Russian infiltration in British politics, including the Conservative party. Downing Street indicated on Monday that it would not allow a 50-page dossier from the intelligence and security committee to be published before the election, prompting a string of complaints over its suppression. The committee’s chairman, Dominic Grieve, called the decision “jaw dropping”, saying no reason for the refusal had been given, while Labour and Scottish National party politicians accused No 10 of refusing to recognise the scale of Russian meddling.

    Fresh evidence has also emerged of attempts by the Kremlin to infiltrate the Conservatives by a senior Russian diplomat suspected of espionage, who spent five years in London cultivating leading Tories including Johnson himself. It can now be revealed that Sergey Nalobin – who once described the future prime minister as “our good friend” – lives in a Moscow apartment block known as the “FSB house” because it houses so many employees from the Kremlin’s main spy agency. The committee’s report is based on analysis from Britain’s intelligence agencies, as well as third-party experts such as the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, and is subject to a final clearance from Downing Street. That has to come before parliament is dissolved on Tuesday if it is to be released ahead of the election.

    Downing Street sources stated that was not now expected to happen in time, claiming the sign-off process typically takes six weeks. A No 10 spokesman added: “There are processes reports such as this have to go through before publication, and the committee is well-informed of these.” However, it is understood the dossier has already been approved by the intelligence agencies themselves as part of a long clearance process that began in late March. Downing Street was sent a final draft on 17 October and had been expected to sign off the report by the end of last week. Grieve said: “The protocols are quite clear. If the prime minister has a good reason for preventing publication he should explain to the committee what it is, and do it within 10 days of him receiving the report. If not, it should be published.”

    The dossier specifically examines Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 EU referendum. Members of the committee – which meets in secret because of the sensitivity of its work – had wanted to make recommendations to introduce greater safeguards ahead of the December poll. Ian Lucas, a Labour MP who sits on the culture media and sport select committee, which has conducted related inquiries into the conduct of the EU referendum said “the government needs to come clean about its view on Russian interference in British politics”. Ministers have argued that there are no examples of successful Russian interference in UK elections, but Lucas said that this needed to be properly tested: “This decision looks like it is designed to avoid proper scrutiny of what we actually know.”

    Allegations that Moscow money has flowed into the Conservative party via emigres living in the UK making high-profile donations, were also heard by the committee – although the party has consistently denied receiving money improperly. In 2014, Lubov Chernukhin – the wife of the former Russian deputy finance minister – paid £160,000 to play tennis with Johnson and David Cameron. The match was the star lot at a Conservative summer party auction. Another guest at the 2013 fundraiser was Vasily Shestakov, Vladimir Putin’s judo partner. Committee members were also briefed on an extraordinary – and for a while an apparently successful – attempt to penetrate Conservative circles by Nalobin, who instigated a pro-Kremlin parliamentary group, the Conservative Friends of Russia.

    During his time in the UK, Nalobin went to exclusive Tory fundraising events and met senior Conservatives. In January 2014 he posed for a photograph with Johnson at an event at city hall in London. Nalobin posted it on Twitter, writing in a caption that the then mayor was “our good friend” who said “warm words” about Russians. Conservative Friends of Russia held its 2012 launch party in the Russian ambassador’s Kensington garden, with about 250 Russian and British guests present, including Tories who went on to play a prominent role in the referendum campaign. One was Matthew Elliott, now chief executive of pro-Brexit group Vote Leave, alongside Dominic Cummings, now the prime minister’s chief strategist. Another guest was Johnson’s future girlfriend Carrie Symonds, a Tory party activist. At the time she worked in the office of John Whittingdale, the pro-Brexit MP who was the group’s honorary vice-president. The group collapsed after revelations of Nalobin’s alleged ties with the Kremlin’s SVR foreign intelligence agency.

    Over the weekend, the shadow foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, raised questions over Cummings’ connections to Russia, and the levels of security vetting to which he had been subject, after an official whistleblower raised concerns with her. Thornberry asked if Cummings had been asked about his relationship with members of Conservative Friends of Russia, as well as the purpose of his three-year period of work in post-communist Russia between 1994 and 1997. The Guardian’s investigation was carried out with the The Insider, an independent Russian news website. Property records show that Nalobin owns an apartment at Michurinskiy Prospect 27, in south-west Moscow. The block’s ties with state spying are so well established that sellers are able to advertise their properties in the “FSB house” at above market rates.

    Peers held a special debate about the withheld dossier, after an urgent question from the cross-bench peer David Anderson, a national security expert, who insisted the delay was unjustified. “It invites, I’m afraid, suspicion of the government and its motives,” he said. Earl Howe, responding for the government, told peers: “The length of time that the government had had for this report is not at all unusual. It was delivered on 17 October – that is not a very long time ago. And the prime minister is entitled to take his view on what the report contains.”

    Stewart McDonald, the SNP’s defence spokesman, said: “Parliament is about to be sent packing into a general election without fully understanding the extent to which Russia has meddled in our most recent democratic electoral events.”

  • A whistleblower is said to have come forward with concerns regarding tory scumbag Dominic Cummings' involvement with people involved in 'politics, intelligence and security' in Russia in the 1990s
  • Boris Johnson's maternal great-grandfather, Elias Avery Lowe, was a Moscow-born Jew
  • In June 2019 Boris Johnson claimed at a Conservative Friends of Israel dinner Tory MPs would back no-deal Brexit to avoid Jeremy Corbyn government
  • Boris Johnson told “so many lies” during the EU referendum campaign
  • Tory zionist leaning scumbag Johnson was reported by the 'Times of Israel' in May 2019 as 'leading race to succeed May, but was not the only pro-Israel would-be PM' (Johnson’s London mayor campaign received significant backing from Jewish donors, while a number of Jews were given key roles in City Hall)
  • Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) is one of the most active lobby groups in Westminster; It claims that 80 per cent of all Conservative MPs are members
  • Pro-Israel lobby group 'Conservative Friends of Israel' bankrolling Tory scum and filth
  • The pro-Israel lobby in Britain: full text: Every year, in a central London hotel, a very grand lunch is thrown by the Conservative Friends of Israel It is often addressed by the Conservative leader of the day. Many members of the shadow cabinet make it their business to be there along with a very large number of Tory peers and prospective candidates, while the Conservative MPs present amount to something close to a majority of the parliamentary party. It is a formidable turnout
  • Inside Britain's Israel lobby (VIDEO)
  • The zionist Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel(VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P2: The Training Session(VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope (VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P4: The Takedown (VIDEO)
  • The rent boy drug dealing morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP scum who push the homosexual agenda on an unsuspecting public


  • The shaming of morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP Keith Vaz: A sordid saga of homo sex and drugs - and a disgraceful bid to wriggle off the hook (Those who make laws are the biggest abusers of those laws and who deem themselves above the law)
  • The rent boy drug dealing morally self-righteous Labour lawyer MP Keith Vaz faces six-month suspension after drug and sex probe over buying cocaine for male prostitutes
  • Labour still have extreme feminists like lawyer Hatemen within their ranks (Gayrdian give her a platform to spout her man hating 'victim' status vitriol)
  • UK gutter rags back bumbling Eton bullyboy Johnson

    The usual suspect millionaire press mafia who promote the royal parasites.
    Harmsworth, Barclay Brothers, Murdoch and Desmond's old right wing rag

  • PM 'trying to frustate' Brexit delay law, says SNP ("When we were in court in Edinburgh the prime minister gave promises that not only would he obey the Benn Act but that he wouldn't seek to frustrate it. Now arguably that is what he has done."
  • McDonnell to address People's Vote rally as Heseltine urges Tories to reject Brexshit deal

    Boris and his tory scum lose Brexshit vote

    Massive crowds gather outside Parliament against Brexshit

  • Hyde Park to Parliament People's vote march in 60 seconds(VIDEO)
  • Royals Eton puppet deluded with power

    Unelected psychopaths allowed to run the country thanks to a flawed democracy

    Power dressing no longer works now the country is waking up to the flawed royal regime

    I get richer as the peasants get poorer under the Eton groomed austerity scams

  • Farcical state opening as old ultra rich biddy was more panto than Parliament as the regal weariness in the parasite's glare raises questions as to whether the Queen was happy to be there
  • Deluded psychopath running UK backed up by a deluded gutter rag

    Desmond's old fascist gutter rag promotes the tory lunatics running the failed asylum

  • Deluded psychopath Borearse vows to make Britain 'greatest place on Earth'
  • Massive list of reports of how the tory mass murderers kill the peasants
    via austerity and their state assassins the DWP, ATOS and MAXIMUS
  • Tory scum divert their multi-billion dollar robbery of women's pensions onto their twisted 'Domestic Abuse Bill' and all us bad men


    Theresa May rants about protecting women with her fanciful 'Domestic Abuse Bill' while subjecting elderly women to destitution by robbing them of six years pension. The only bastards abusing women are a vile tory government and their daylight robbery.

  • Hypocrite feminist May's government massively abuses thousands of pension age women stealing £billions while trying to suggest she backs women with an evil 'Domestic Abuse Bill' that gives crooked judges and lawyers the excuse to persecute and destroy divorcing men (Gender apartheid alive and well in a vile tory regime)
  • State pension: Women vow to fight ‘age discrimination’ after High Court ruling over a tory government robbing them of £181billion
  • Four million women and the retirement age betrayal: Tearful protesters chant 'shame on you' outside court as judges reject claim that raising state pension age from 60 to 66 is age discrimination
  • Feminist MP's spin the extreme domestic abuse scams in Parliament (No mention of the destitution men are left in from lying divorcing golddiggers and the innocent men rotting in jail by rape claims of lying bitches ALL ONE SIDE ALWAYS ONE SIDE the poor wee innocent women and all the bad men. These same bastards voted to steal £billions from womens pensions who are now destitute and who also voted for wars were millions of men, women and children were murdered. They also voted for austerity that has killed thousands pushed into early graves)(VIDEO)
  • Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile and Princess Di VIDEO

    Claims against Boris Johnson overshadow Conservative Party Conference VIDEO

    The corrupt murderous tory scum think they have the moral right to slag off Jeremy Corbyn as not fit when their track record of mass murder of the peasants under the guise of austerity is maybe the biggest stain that any political mafia has ever imposed on its citizens.
    Even Borearse's sister thinks he's a bully
    Eton Borearse sparks outrage with murdered MP Jo Cox comments in Commons VIDEO

  • Eton Borearse: Brexit will happen on October 31 and I won't resign over Supreme Court ruling(VIDEO)
  • Borearse up shit creek

  • Eton groomed Borearse referred to police watchdog over Jennifer Arcuri allegations (Tory fucking scum that steal huge amounts from the poorest Brits using their austerity scams the making dodgy payments of £100,000's to their foreign girlfriends)
  • American businesswoman embroiled in a conflict of interest row over her close friendship with Boris Johnson won a highly sought after entrepreneur visa to stay in the UK after securing the prime minister’s endorsement for her firm
  • American pal of Borearse Jennifer Arcuri's firm sets up new UK office amid £100,000 grant row
  • Jennifer Arcuri: Boris Johnson given 14 days to explain businesswoman links who received a £100,000 grant from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport earlier this year (A foreigner gets £100,000+ in grants while poor and disabled British citizens paltry welfare claims are cut to ZERO through tory austerity scams backed by Eton groomed piece of tory shit Johnson)
  • Borearse's pal Jennifer Arcuri who got £126,000 of public money while he was London mayor VIDEO

    Jennifer Arcuri at TEDxManchester

  • Borearse faces new pressure to answer questions about his relationship with ex-model, 34, as it emerges she received a FOURTH taxpayer handout worth £12,447
  • Borearse 'must address conflict of interest claims' how £126,000 of public money was given to a USA businesswoman while he was London mayor
  • So, Boris Johnson, how DID your pole dancing pal get £100k of taxpayers' cash for her failing firm?
  • Bojo when mayor's meal ticket to Jennifer Arcuri talking at TEDxLiverpool(VIDEO)
  • Borearse's pal Jennifer Arcuri wants to brainwash kids subconsciously while they play games? VIDEO

    Jennifer Arcuri's DANGEROUS BULLSHIT

    myhackerhouse.com - Hacker House North West - Grand Opening

    One of the most important intentions is educating and inspiring our youth to create change... But IMAGINE if you could do that using GOVERNMENT funding available... Lulz Children spend most of their time playing video games and listening to music these days...

    So what if you could harness that energy and direct it towards social good? Educating them along the way? Hacker House may well have the solution...

    Here's Jennifer Arcuri and Lauri Love with their amazing idea to educate children with accreditation modules for their technological skills and attained achievements online... And as if by synchronicity, thanks to Rich Metson, a games developer who's now going to amalgamate offgridthegame.com and the #HackerHouse concept, we can teach kids how to protect themselves online as they're playing a game about cyber security..And so much more...

    Improving their technological capabilities within the 'real world' to ultimately improve their lives and society by empowering them with the skills and tools needed for the new digital economy... Then I had an idea... You know how there's a radio station on GTA?

    IMAGINE if the children playing the game were listening to influential conscious artists such as Potent Whisper, Akala, Logic, Chester P Task Force and Lowkey whilst playing the game? Inevitably learning more important information subconsciously whilst you spend 40-80 hours a week playing games?

    Tory scumbag Borearse rubber stamping £126,000 in public money to his girlfriend?

  • Tory Eton scumbag Borearse's friend Jennifer Arcuri, 34, was given £126,000 in public money
    while he failed to declare potential conflicts of interest
  • Tory ETON scum now sticking knives into each others murderous backs
    Woman angry at Borearse's party policy of austerity, insisting that people have died because of it VIDEO
    Her Eton groomed gangster fucked up

    So who is really running the country when her bumboy has to grovel to a parasite who used Eton to groom the posh toff to do her dirty work then maneuvers him into 10 Downing Street with no election?

  • Boris Johnson denies lying to the Queen after court rules shutdown unlawful
  • Starmer says Borearse should recall Parliament after unlawful judgement VIDEO
    MP's spark chaos in Parliament in prorogation protest VIDEO
    As if Westminster has ever truly represented a democracy?

    Hand picked lackeys of the royalist establishment
    It's political scum like Angela Smith that gives Labour a toxic name (Blair backer)

    Angela Smith left Labour for Change UK until they fell on their arse and now moves on to the LibDems. She claims to act for the people but on closer inspection all she does is use her political position to line her pockets. A former buddy of Tony Blair who turned labour into a party run by lawyers and doctors when Labour should have always had working class roots.

    Smith is one of the major reasons voters no longer vote Labour as it has been tainted by constant corruption from scumbags like Smith who has a LONG history of claiming outrageous expenses and on the take from the private water industry when labour wants to return water to public ownership. Also one of the Labour ratbags screaming 'antisemitism' on behalf of the Israeli lobby caught massively interfering with British politics and who propped up Tony Blair.

  • Angela Smith: Former Labour MP joins the Lib Dems (Labour are well shot of this fucking cow and an Israeli lobby lackey)
  • Angela Smith is one of 98 MPs who voted unsuccessfully to keep their expense details secret in 2007 (In 2009, Smith was one of the MPs whose expenses were highlighted during the Parliamentary expenses scandal, as she had submitted expenses claims for four beds for a one-bedroom flat in London she also employs her hubby as her Senior Parliamentary Assistant on a salary of up to £40,000. Smith's 2016 register of interests also show that she and her husband "were treated to football matches and dinner three times by Whitehouse Construction", which is a subcontractor to Anglian Water and member of the Future Water Association)
  • Dinner with Angela Smith hosted by British Water Chairman, Chris Loughlin
  • Angela Smith apologises over ‘funny tinge’ gaffe
  • MPs' expenses: New MP Angela Smith sought four beds for a one-bedroom London flat(and MUCH more)
  • Vote of no confidence passed in Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Angela Smith
  • ‘Good riddance’: Penistone locals have their say on Angela Smith resignation (Smith and others had consistently undermined Jeremy Corbyn)
  • On Friday 17th November 2018, the Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP passed a motion of no confidence in their MP, Angela Smith such is the level of anger from local members at the antics of this Blairite MP
  • Ex-Labour MP Angela Smith gets gutter rag platform to claim the Tories and Labour are now in the grips of 'EXTREMISTS'
  • The tory scum are jumping the Borearse Brexshit ship

  • The dying embers of the nasty party as they destroy themselves
    Even his own brother can't stand the evil bastards vile style of politics

    They are ALL deserting the Borearse sinking ship

  • Brother of Borearse Brexiteer turns his back on the scumbag (Even his brother can't stand his form of Eton political bullyingdon) (VIDEO)
  • Brother of Borearse Brexiteer turns his back on the scumbag VIDEO

    Even his brother can't stand his form of Eton political bullyingdon
    Bumbling Borearse uses cops as a backdrop to make a political speech VIDEO

  • Bumbling Boris's speech at police academy was classic Dom
  • MP's criticise Borearse for politicising the police by using uniformed officers as the backdrop for a heavily partisan speech (The Police Federation also criticised the move. “I am surprised that police officers were used as a backdrop for a political speech in this way,”)
  • Borearse fails to get an election to trigger NO DEAL brexshit
    This is the utter tory scum running the country FOR NOW

    Slouching Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn't know what a good days work is

  • MPs tell Jacob Rees-Mogg to 'sit up' during Brexshit debate (VIDEO)
  • Bullyingdon Eton toff Borearse loses the plot
    Borearse defeated as Tory rebels move against a no-deal Brexshit VIDEO
    Stop The Coup: London protest against UK parliament suspension VIDEO

  • JACOB REES-MOGG IS A LIAR (Posh Eton tory establishment scumbag)
  • Eton groomed gangster gets Queens rubber stamp to shut down democracy

    So who is he really working for?

  • Borearse Brexshit sabotage of Parliament (The last reins of extreme tory far right wing madness in a desperate race to give them back the power they thought they would get inside the EU running the show but never happened)
  • Brexshit fightback begins as MPs rush to block 'tinpot' Boris Johnson next week (Even Tory veteran Ken Clarke accused Boris Johnson of "blatant lies" and vowed to back legislation next week)
  • Queen 'didn't debate' Boris Johnson's request to shut down Parliament (Posh tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg, Lord President of the Privy Council behind parliament shut down and making a killing from the pound nose diving))
  • Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg is estimated to have earnt £7m from investments since the referendum (SCM invests in emerging markets like China and Russia and one expert said that the fall in the value of the pound since the referendum result has helped SCM’s profits)
  • The Mystery Of Jacob Rees-Mogg's Recklessness
  • Staunch Brexiteer Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg has been making over £300,000 extra per month through his investment firm
  • Abby Martin and Richard Wolff Discuss Socialism in 2019 VIDEO
    Is Britain REALLY democratic?(An illusion) VIDEO
    Borearse slump and he's only in the job five minutes
    Fat bastard Borearse promotes supermarkets as good for customers (Boris in 1998) VIDEO
    Aristocratic clown(Borearse for short) gets to take over 10 Clowning Street VIDEO

    The royal mafia that groom these tory scum at Eton then manipulate them into running the country for their own self enrichment and they claim the UK is a democracy

  • Borearse will be the fifth Eton-educated PM since 1945 (Eton next door to Windsor castle home of the inbreed monarchy who groom tory scum like Johnson to be their lackeys while bullshitting the public they are working on their behalf)
  • 99.86% of us didn’t have a say on Borearse becoming Prime Minister (Yet they still claim its a democracy)
  • Tory scum sold £1.2bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia when Borearse was Foreign secretary VIDEO
    Live: Deluded bungling Borearse addresses Commons for first time as prime minister VIDEO
    The latest madman at Number 10 Borearse

    First job for an ex-Eton groomed lackey is kiss the royal parasites arse

  • Operation Arse was the secret Tory plot to keep Boris Johnson out of No 10
  • Borearse: Scots Tories’ ‘Operation Arse’ ends in surrender
  • The arse at Number 10 to form government after taking office
  • Eton groomed arsehole as TEMPORARY Prime Minister must be pleasing his royal parasitic masters
  • Potential next British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: As a ‘Passionate Zionist’, I ‘Love’ Israel

    Johnson happy to kiss war criminal Netanyahu's arse

    UK prime ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson has said that he “loves” the “great country” of Israel and considers himself a “passionate Zionist”.

    In an exclusive interview with UK newspaper Jewish News, Johnson – the former British foreign secretary who is now hoping to lead the ruling Conservative Party and, therefore, the country – yesterday described himself as a “passionate Zionist” and Israel as a “great country” that “I love”. Johnson also sought to clarify his previous comments about Israel’s 2014 assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, which he once described as “disproportionate”. Johnson yesterday claimed “it’s totally unacceptable that innocent Israeli civilians should face the threat of rocket fire and bombardment from Gaza,” adding:

    “I understand why Israel reacted in the way that it did and I understand the provocation and the outrageous behavior that occasioned that response.”

    He continued:

    “Those of us who support Israel always want Israel to show the greatest possible restraint [but] Israel has a right to respond, Israel has a right to defend itself. Israel has a right to meet force with force.”

    Johnson also discussed other aspects of the UK’s relationship with Israel, saying he was “proud to be the Mayor who led the first-ever London-Israel trade mission” in 2015. Johnson served as mayor of UK capital London from 2008 to 2016, but stressed that, if he becomes the UK prime minister later this month, he “will be actively supporting trade and commercial engagements of all kinds [with Israel]”.

    The politician also addressed the prospect of moving the British Embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of US President Donald Trump’s December 2017 decision. Johnson also appeared to label the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement anti-Semitic.

    Johnson is no stranger to controversial statements: he has previously said that Muslim women wearing the burqa or niqab look like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. These statements have caused concern about Johnson’s suitability for the position of prime minister, which he will automatically assume if he is elected as Conservative Party leader this month. Johnson could serve as prime minister until 2022 without holding a general election, which would represent five years since his soon-to-be-predecessor, Theresa May, held the UK’s last general election.

    The results of the Conservative Party leadership race are expected on July 23, with May likely to step down as prime minister the following day.

  • Boris Johnson whitewashes Britain’s crimes in Palestine
  • The utter scum and filth operating inside the Houses of Parliament
    Lunatic run rag the Depress backs Eton groomed tory scumbag Boris

    Vile porn peddling Richard Desmond's old rag still run by headcases backing the tory scum
    Bumbling Boris on SOFT justice

    They should start by locking up all the corrupt murderous tory's

  • The arrogant Bullyingdon posh twat who could be next Prime Minister

    Bumbling Boris as a young posh Bullingdon twat GOD help the country

    Bumbling Boris and his ultra rich jewish controllers Rothschild and Netanyahu

  • 'I am still scared of Boris': Friend of Johnson's first wife reveals he 'threatened her over serious allegations about the couple's private life'
  • Tory's robbing off the elderly again aided by the BBC
    Eton groomed tory Bullyingdon twat Boris stages make up for the cameras
    Eton groomed bullingdon bully Boris stum on screams in domestic
    UK's fickle fascist gutter rags that backed tory scumbag Boris change their mind?

    Bonkers Barclay Brothers rag and their left wing conspiracy theory about Boris row

  • The tory 'Theresa May' coercive behaviour DV scams that make it easier for crooked judges and lawyers to thieve from men doesn't count when they themselves are having a domestic (“It was a row like lots of couples have at the end of a demanding day but suddenly they found the police on their doorstep.”)
  • The blazing rows that not only end in divorce but allows the legal mafia to claim men are committing domestic abuse and lose EVERYTHING(An argument is now classed as a criminal act by the mindset who run the Divorce Industrial Complex)
  • Moldova: How Britain will look if it continues under a tory austerity boot VIDEO
    UK's vile gutter rags back off backing Bullingdon Bully Boris for PM

    Eton Groomed Bullingdon Bully Boris number 8

  • Inside Boris Johnson's late night 'plate-smashing' bust-up with lover
  • Cops called to Boris Johnson's home after neighbours hear screams VIDEO
    Violent tory thugs who preach and legislate on domestic violence VIDEO

  • The tory domestic violence legislation manufacturers are the worst violent thugs and bullyboys (Men crucified for raising their voice within marriage while these warmongers murder en masse including their assassins the DWP)
  • Tory scum unseated after petition triggers by-election Davies had been convicted of false expenses claims in March
  • Eton groomed royalist arsehole backed by UK's vile fascist rags

    A dying murderous party gets front page promotion in their vile fascist rags
    The trail of tory scum waiting to oust May VIDEO

    Not forgetting the utter scum that vote these murderous bastards in
    Britain's vile right wing gutter rags back Eton groomed royalist lackey Johnson for tory leader
    Jones: 'If you're at the top of society....you can take drugs and get away with it' VIDEO
    The tory cokeheads running the country

  • Jones: 'If you're at the top of society....you can take drugs and get away with it'(VIDEO)
  • Seven out of 11 Tory leadership hopefuls now admit to being cokeheads
  • Tory leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom becomes 6th candidate to admit drugs past
  • Glamorous aide at the centre of Michael Gove's cocaine confession (The upper class twats have easy access to coke only the peasants get jailed)
  • The truth is Britain's entire elite has been corrupted by drug abuse for decades
  • Drug hypocrite Gove: Would-be PM hosted cocaine-fulled party at London flat just hours after writing article condemning the Class A drug - as his former aide is blamed for forcing him to confess
  • Eton groomed tory lying bastard over Brexshit
    Harmsworth's crazy right wing rag backs jewish run Equality commission(joke) attack on Labour

    Britain's judeo /masonic establishment out to wreck working class policies

    Meanwhile promotes fascist royals as good for Britain

  • Harmsworth's vile rag backs jewish lawyer run Equality commission's attack on Labour
  • Hard line jewish LAWYER David Isaac head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission goes after Labour

    Anyone who dares criticise Israel can be sure of being investigated for anti-semitism while supposed equality is under the control of someone with a vested interest in ALL THINGS JEWISH and a serious conflict of interest like David Isaac a lackey for the judeo masonic run global law society terrorists.

  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR), run by hard line jewish LAWYER David Isaac received ‘compelling’ evidence of Labour’s failure to deal with anti-Jewish prejudice among its members
  • Laughable putting a hard line jewish LAWYER David Isaac at the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (You can absolutely guarantee there will be NO equality for anyone who dares criticise Israel. See attacks on Labour by this scumbag over allegations of antisemitism for more detail)
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission FOI on freemasonry conflict of interest
  • Farage has delusions of grandeur about winning a general election

    He's clearly never heard of protest votes
    Corbyn's indecision over Brexshit second referendum causes EU vote to collapse

  • Labour EU election position was 'too complicated'
  • UK's tory voting scum desert sinking ship for Farage in EU vote

    We have always stated Britain is in its present mess due to the utter scum who vote in vile oppressive regimes with the backing of far right gutter rags owned by millionaire royalist lackeys. Desperate measures voting for a party that's only months old.

  • EU elections: Tories and Labour savaged as voters take Brexit revenge
  • The Zionist Billionaires Behind Nigel Farage
  • Britain's extreme far right wing tendencies keeping vile scum in power and the cause of a bitter and divided nation (UK has been dominated by the utter scum who vote the utter scum into power. Thatcher and May only got into power thanks to the evil tendencies of the utter scum who saw them as some sort of force for good)
  • Horrors in power ONLY thanks to vile towns like Christchurch who see evil bastards like Thatcher and May as some sort of force for GOOD and vote them in time and again (They should hang their heads in fucking shame for inflicting evil on society)
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole councils run by freemasons
  • Good Riddance to Malicious, Malevolent and Malignant May
    Watching the long overdue resignation speech of Malevolent May and listening to the pathetic punditry and commentary which accompanied it made me want to puke. ‘Dedicated public servant’, tried her best with ‘the poor hand she was dealt’.

    This is a scheming, deceitful, dishonest and thoroughly dishonourable woman who should have resigned the morning after she lost her parliamentary majority in the 2017 General Election. She clung on to power without a morsel of authority for purely selfish and party political reasons. She is a selfish and malignant woman who deserves nothing but condemnation for her role and influence in politics since her election to Parliament in 1997.

    She chose today to shed a tear of emotion. What a phoney. Where were her tears when she eventually decided she could avoid visiting the scene of the Grenfell Tower block disaster no longer after failing to react immediately and appropriately? She should have been wailing with tears of sorrow at the needless loss of 72 lives that perished as a result of the type of austerity cuts which she has presided over as a Minister and PM for over a decade.

    The dangerous cladding was supposed to be replaced with safer materials years before but local authority budget cuts prevented the safety measure being implemented. No wonder she was loudly booed when she did show face.

    Where were her tears for the Windrush families torn asunder and treated like criminals and convicts despite being British citizens for over 50 years? Men and women who arrived from the Caribbean on the Empire Windrush ship in 1948 in response to the call from the British Foreign Office for commonwealth subjects to come and help staff the under-staffed hospitals, London Underground and other transport services were the victims of Theresa May's ‘hostile environment' mantra while she was at the Home Office and scapegoating immigrants and immigration for her government's woeful underfunding of public services and housing which caused queues and homelessness.

    People who were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, threatened with deportation, and, in at least 83 cases, wrongly deported from the UK by the Home Office. Many of those affected had been born British subjects and had arrived in the UK before 1973. As well as those who were wrongly deported, an unknown number were wrongly detained, lost their jobs or homes, or were denied benefits or medical care to which they were entitled.

    Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister Theresa May dances as she arrives on stage to address delegates during a speech at the Conservative Party Conference at the ICC, in Birmingham, England, Wednesday, Oct. 3 , 2018. A number of long-term UK residents were wrongly refused re-entry to the UK, and a larger number were threatened with immediate deportation by the Home Office. May's tears for the anguish, pain, fear and wrongful deportations her policies caused where conspicuous by their absence.

    She shamelessly sought to cloak herself in credibility by quoting Nicholas Winton a British humanitarian who organised the rescue of 669 children, most of them Jewish, from Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport. Where were Theresa May's tears for the tens of thousands driven to early, sad and tragic deaths by her Government's cold, callous and economically unnecessary austerity cuts to welfare which according to academic research have caused at least 120,000 deaths? That major report accused May and her Tory party of "economic murder". No tears for those ordinary men and women whose only ‘crime' was to be disabled or mentally ill and in need of some government support.

    Only days ago a United Nations Special Rapporteur, Philip Aston, issued a damning and shameful Report based on months of research and interviews with low paid and unemployed families dependent on welfare payments and food banks for survival in some of the poorest parts of the UK. It exposes the harsh reality of Tory cuts for millions of hard pressed families and revealed what many of us have argued for years — that the brutal cuts were driven by ideology not economic necessity. May and her Tory chums have chosen to punish the poor and low paid. The ‘needs must' argument was complete fraud and deceit. Philip Alston's incriminating report on the drastic cuts to public services stated: "much of the glue that has held British society together since the Second World War has been deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos"…

    "UK standards of wellbeing have descended precipitately in a remarkably short period of time, as a result of deliberate policy choices made when many other options were available,"… Note the consistent use of the word "deliberate". Malevolent May's austerity measures were no accident. In the fifth largest economy in the world a shocking 14 million are living in poverty including millions in employment but condemned to low pay and reliant on long hours, multiple jobs and in-work welfare payments to survive. Work is only a route out of poverty if the job is properly paid. The single biggest growth area in poverty among adults is within the ‘working poor', an oxymoron of a term that should be banished from our social lexicon by a proper living wage policy.

    Over 4 million children are raised in poverty. Their life chances are stunted as a result of reduced opportunities to realise their inherent potential. Many of these children are literally ‘born to fail' but not a single salty tear has ever trickled down the stern face of May in recognition of the horrendous effects of her policies. May's political legacy is not just the Brexit fiasco and Windrush disgrace. It is the hopelessness and obscene inequality which now stalks the nations that make up Britain. She is one of the chief architects responsible for the "harsh and uncaring ethos" referred to in the UN Report mentioned above. ‘Harsh' and ‘uncaring' are the words which sum up Theresa May and her Tory party of millionaire bullies and bosses with hearts of stone.

    Seventeen years ago May ventured into new political terrain when she let an honest assessment slip out during a Tory Conference speech. She admitted the Tories were the "Nasty Party". If she wasn't so selfish and self-obsessed perhaps she would reflect on the implications of serving as a Minister and leading the "Nasty Party". It takes a particularly cold, cruel and callous constitution to be able to lead that party. The words of the late but celebrated author, Iain Banks, are an apt and fitting antidote to some of the nauseating drivel offered up as commentary as the final curtain at long last falls on May's tenure as PM:

    "I'm not arguing there are no decent people in the Tory Party, but they're like bits of sweetcorn in a turd; technically they've kept their integrity, but they're still embedded in shit" (The Quarry: 2013 Iain M. Banks). A General Election in August or September is now a necessity. 100,000 odd, some of them extremely odd, Tory members should not have the right to decide the next Prime Minister of the UK. That is a decision which must be taken by the millions not the millionaires. And clearly Scottish independence is now more of a certainty than ever. Brexit will happen with or without a deal by the end of October. Our new referendum on freedom from Westminster chaos, exploitation and British nationalism must now be accelerated. Boris or some other Tory Buffoon in charge will only alienate ordinary Scots further and make the prospect of a new, fairer and independent country more attractive. Bye, bye Mrs May and good riddance.

  • UK getting rid of one tory bastard only to be replaced by another

    Cameron and Johnson at the Eton Bullyboy club

    The push for another Eton groomed freemason lackey at 10 Downing Street?

  • Even Harmsworth's top tory rag claims "The Tory Party is finished and done for, whoever it picks as its leader"
  • How Eton works (Groomed by the Queen's lackeys to take ALL the major positions of power in Britain)
  • Eton directly connected to 33 degree freemasons at 10 Duke Street St. James London
  • Wealth and the rise of arrogance and greed (One look at the tory scum says it all)
  • Why is this evil fucker so rich? (Eton lackeys at her beck and call)
  • Royal parasites induce Stockholm Syndrome to ensure peasant loyalty (You can bet who they want at No.10)
  • NO sympathy for the devil

    and all the UK's gutter rags that backed the evil bitch

    Just like her evil nemesis

  • Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur (Some observers might conclude that the DWP had been tasked with "designing a digital and sanitised version of the 19th Century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens" with "story after story" of people who had considered or attempted suicide)
  • Philip May winces as he watches his wife Theresa May in tears (But laughing all the way to the bank after she spends billions of public money buying Lockheed Martin fighter jets that her hubby's company have large holding of shares in)(VIDEO)
  • Twisted May's crocodile tears over resignation VIDEO

  • Crocodile tears for May as she resigns (The witch bitch exposed by the UN as creating the harshest brutal treatment of the poorest and most disabled who suffered greatly under her vile regime many who felt suicide was a better option)
  • Theresa May resigns: Profile of the plastic Thatcher act who drove herself to downfall
  • The UN has condemned Tory welfare policies. Labour must end this shame (Lives deliberately destroyed by an evil tory political mafia with Labour under Blair and Brown NOT MUCH BETTER)
  • Tory filth's Amber Rudd to lodge complaint over UN's austerity report (Blatant truth about the tory's MURDEROUS policies against the peasantry cannot be allowed to get out)
  • We’ve had so many reports on inequality – now act (This is a centuries old problem of the British establishment getting murderous political scumbags to do their dirty work finishing off those they deem not worthy)
  • A rare occasion when a rag gets it right
    UK's gutter rags who supported evil May's agenda now condemn her

  • Theresa May, Jews and Israel — 6 connections
  • Jews in Britain and Israel were over the moon with Theresa May becoming the British prime minister (If only she had looked after the peasants in Britain instead of looking after the interests of only one small group)
  • Theresa May’s husband made billions from Syrian war?
  • The UN has condemned Tory welfare policies. Labour must end this shame

    The pseudo feminist witch bitch broke Britain now she's broken

    The EVIL gutter rags who backed the murderous bitch now condemn her

    Lives deliberately destroyed by an evil tory political mafia with Labour under Blair and Brown NOT MUCH BETTER

    Like Margaret Thatcher, this government thinks poverty is a personality defect rather than a result of its policies

    How did Britain in 2019 – one of the wealthiest societies that has ever existed – end up being damned by a United Nations report for condemning the poor to lives that are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”? These are the words of the 17th-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes; another British literary great conjured up by Prof Philip Alston – the UN’s special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, and a bete noir of our crumbling government – is Charles Dickens and his vivid description of the 19th-century workhouse now being brought back in “a digital and sanitised version”. The government, he contended, was guilty of the “systematic immiseration of a significant part of the British population”, and that “much of the glue that has held British society together since the second world war has been deliberately removed and replaced with a harsh and uncaring ethos”.

    That ethos, and its collision with reality, lies at the root of our present turmoil. This week, the BBC broadcast the first instalment of Thatcher: A Very British Revolution. It begins with a speech from 1985, just weeks after the defeat of the miners’ strike, and near the zenith of her powers. “With capitalism and free enterprise, there are no boundaries of class or creed or colour,” she declared. “Everyone can climb the ladder as high as their talents will take them.” Here was Thatcherism in its populist iteration: the individual would be freed from the stifling constraints of the state and collectivism, and through grit, determination and ability, one could rise to the very top. But this philosophy would prove all too convenient when it came to rationalising exploding levels of inequality. Those whose bank balances boomed in the 1980s just happened to the best, the most talented, hard-working go-getters; those at the bottom of the pecking order were lazy, lacking in aspiration and ambition – stupid, even.

    “In Western countries we are left with the problems which aren’t poverty,” Thatcher declared on the brink of power; if there was “poverty”, she argued, it was because “people didn’t know how to budget, didn’t know how to spend their earnings”. At the root here was a “really hard fundamental character-personality defect.” Thatcherism intended to transform our attitudes – she herself once boasted that “economics are the method; the object is to change the heart and soul”: rather than considering poverty or unemployment as social problems, as systemic injustices embedded in the structure of society that needed collective solutions, they were personal failings. It was up to the individual to pull themselves together and escape hardship through their effort; the welfare state merely infantilised them, and promoted fecklessness.

    When New Labour introduced Sure Start and tax credits, lives were undoubtedly transformed; but while Thatcherism was humanised, its underlying logic remained. It is this ideology that leads disabled and sick people to be judged fit for work. One mental health nurse working in crisis services in Sheffield tells me of “service users with years of medical notes which clearly state they’re unwell who have been found fit for work”. They are found in cold homes, he tells me, with no gas or electricity because their benefits have been stopped. David, a 43-year-old Mancunian, who has a history of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, tells me he suffered a heart attack in 2014, after being put on employment and support allowance (ESA). He says he was hospitalised with chest pains, and despite informing his Job Centre Plus that he would miss his monthly work coach appointment as a result, he had his benefits sanctioned – arbitrarily stopped – for two months from November. “Suffice to say it was the bleakest Christmas I’d ever had,” he tells me.

    Hackney Community Law Centre deals with those at the sharp end of this merciless ideology in east London. Its solicitors, Nathaniel Mathews and Marcin Brajta, recount countless examples: of a mother who arrived from Sweden as a little girl with permanent right of residence, condemned to a studio flat with four children and left with £26,000 worth of arrears because she couldn’t get data belonging to her mentally ill father; of a man who lost his job and was then illegally evicted, because the derisory amount of local housing allowance for under-35s cannot cover the cost of private rents; of a woman knocked off her bike, breaking both legs, but wasn’t eligible for benefits and was left with no income and having to go to food banks. It’s not just the sick: in a country in which most people in poverty are in work, the Tories’ war on the welfare state has hammered those they patronise for “doing the right thing”. One working family with four children in Milton Keynes told me how they are now struggling after being shifted from tax credits on to universal credit; the mother holds down two jobs, working most days from 5.30am to 11pm.

    Here is an ideology that has led to misery, social ruin and political turmoil: an academic study last year found that cuts to the welfare state played a key role in the Brexit result. But Labour is not firing at this open goal. Its 2017 manifesto committed only to partially reversing the Tory cuts; and while its focus on redirecting anger at Britain’s elites, rather than engaging in a Dutch auction over benefits-bashing, has undoubtedly reframed a debate once dominated by “scrounger” rhetoric, it has failed to consistently make a passionate case for an alternative.

    A commitment to reversing all cuts must be forthcoming. Labour could also champion the work of Stewart Lansley, who has devised a detailed study of how universal basic income – giving everyone a safety net, regardless of circumstances – can be made to practically work. Another ambitious idea, promoted by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity, is for universal basic services, providing guaranteed free housing, food and transport. What is lacking is not wealth and resources, but ambition: of a social order incapable of satisfying the needs of millions of people in this rich nation. We are now condemned by the UN; and only a resolute commitment from Labour to break with the ideology that led us here can wash away the shame.

  • Tory filth's Amber Rudd to lodge complaint over UN's austerity report (Blatant truth about the tory's MURDEROUS policies against the peasantry cannot be allowed to get out)
  • Poverty in the UK is 'systematic' and 'tragic', says UN special rapporteur (Some observers might conclude that the DWP had been tasked with "designing a digital and sanitised version of the 19th Century workhouse, made infamous by Charles Dickens" with "story after story" of people who had considered or attempted suicide)
  • We’ve had so many reports on inequality – now act (This is a centuries old problem of the British establishment getting murderous political scumbags to do their dirty work finishing off those they deem not worthy)
  • Tory scum getting rid of one evil bastard to replace with another

    Johnson was Eton groomed by the Royals lackeys to do HER dirty work
    MP's expenses corruption just as bad as 10 years ago

  • The real story of MPs' expenses: 10 years on from Telegraph investigation that transformed politics
  • How much does your MP claim now?
  • Ten years on, MPs still haven't learned the lessons of the expenses scandal
  • MPs' expenses: the worst cover-ups
  • May and tory scum will sell their souls to any fucker with money

  • Russian Oligarch's wife paid £135,000 for dinner with Theresa May and SIX female cabinet ministers to be pictured with them at a hotel that is the favourite of Royals
  • Westminister mafia lining their pockets again

  • 16 MPs claiming cash to rent London homes - while letting out their own
  • Harmsworth's Daily RAT OTT attack over anti-semitism

    While peasants are DYING on the streets thanks to Britain's fascist state under a tory boot the inherited wealth posh boy Harmsworth uses his vile rag to attack Corbyn and Labour with endless fucking bullshit while he promotes the royal parasites and a murderous tory regime as the GOOD GUYS.

    You just could not make up the horrors of living in a country where the rich scum are given GOOD press by their rich scum pals while those who claim to want to do something about mass homelessness and suicide are treated as the BAD guys.

    No mention the Israeli lobby (mafia) have been caught working overtime smearing any MP who dares disagree with Israel while supporting Palestine and Gaza.

  • Inside Britains Israel lobby (VIDEO)
  • The Zionist Lobby P1 (VIDEO)
  • The zionist Lobby P2: The Training Session(VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope (VIDEO)
  • The zionist lobby P4: The Takedown (VIDEO)
  • Tory revolt over May's revolting Brexshit plans
    Outrage as more than 160 MP's make £42million profit selling homes YOU helped pay for

  • Ministry of Defence investigate UK soldiers filmed shooting at image of Jeremy Corbyn VIDEO
    MPs vote against May's Brexshit deal VIDEO

    Orange marchers out in force
    Is the UK finally getting rid of the Brexshit witch?

    Absolute arrogance to the bitter Brexshit end
    Only a brief respite for the sick and vulnerable pounded by her fascist tory austerity boot?
    Put It To The People: One million march against Brexshit VIDEO
    MAY is an "erratic" figure whose judgement has "gone haywire"

    Britain's far right wing gutter rags no longer seem keen to back May?
    'Put it to the People March': Thousands gather calling for the right to vote on Brexshit deal VIDEO
    Time to ditch the Brexshit witch
    Brexshit delayed
    The ramblings of a deluded psychopath VIDEO

  • Tory scum now want rid of their Brexshit bitch May
  • May deluded over Brexshit with claims "she's with the people"
    Brexshit delay

  • May to formally ask for Brexshit delay
  • Gutter rags want May to get three Brexshit votes but the peasants only get one
    Feminist May forces women into prostitution

    This is what a feminist looks like

    This is what a feminist in power does to women
    Peasants get ONE Brexshit vote hypocrite May gets THREE

  • Third Brexshit vote must be different - Speaker
  • Brexshit: Hypocrite May wont let the people vote a second time but wants HER deal voted on THREE times

  • The Brexshit witch wont got unless they take her away in a straight jacket
    Brexshit MAYhem but she still wont go
    Brexshit? But May's to busy kissing the royal arse

    She kowtows to the real controllers
    Daily Rat backs jewish run Equalities watchdog over threats to Labour over anti-semitism rants
    Equalities and Human Rights Commission threaten labour over claims of anti-Semitism (Jewish run)

  • There is a strong 'Jewish' presence at the top of Britain's equality watchdog. David Isaac, new chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, took up office this week, joining Rebecca Hilsenrath, who was made chief executive of the body last autumn
  • Campaigners have called for the appointment of the new Equalities Commission chairman to be blocked over claims he would be biased in favour of gays and lesbians and against Christians Isaac, a partner with the international law firm Pinsent Masons, was chairman of Stonewall from 2003 to 2012(in 2016)
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission stuffed full of zionist / homosexual leaning mouthpieces (Disturbing makeup of this supposed regulator and typical of how Britain is being controlled)
  • Tory's vile policies always lead to mass murder on the streets
    While Britain burns under Brexshit the May's are making a CORRUPT killing

    Investigation into whether Theresa May’s husband corruptly profited from Brexit

    Theresa May’s husband’s firm profits from Yemen school bus massacre (VIDEO)

    We have asked many times previously why is the National Crime Agency (Government run) not investigating the utter corruption that is rampant in Britain thanks to Theresa May's hubby and tory associates making a killing from government contracts issued to private contractors that he has a direct link to via his executive position on a global investment company Capital Group that has shares in the very companies those contracts are being issued to?

    The latest debacle reported is how a massive Royal Air Force contract to train military pilots that was given to America's Military Industrial Complex Lockheed Martin has left thousands of pilots untrained and how a £1.1 billion UK government contract has left Theresa May's hubby laughing all the way to the bank as Lockheed Martin shares soar through killing contracts. Further contracts estimated at up to GBP £6 billion (about $11.7 billion) as part of a 25-year “Fixed Wing Aircraft Service Provider” deal.

    "Hundreds of trainee military pilots are not flying because of long delays in the Ministry of Defence's privately contracted training programme. The backlog in the Military Flying Training System (MFTS) has doubled over the past year. Three hundred and fifty pilots, including helicopter and fast-jet pilots, are waiting to fly because of a shortage of planes and instructors. The multi-billion-pound training contract is run by Ascent, a partnership between Babcock International and Lockheed Martin."

    "Back in October 2006, an $840 million contract for BAE’s Hawk LIFT trainers aimed to provide advanced jet training for both Royal Air Force and Royal Navy pilots, as part of the consolidated UK Military Flying Training System external link (UKMFTS). In November 2006, the Ascent team external link of VT Group plc and Lockheed Martin announced their status as Preferred Bidder to provide military flying training to the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Army Air Corps for the next 25 years.

    In June 2008, they secured the contract. That began a combination of infrastructure build-out, aircraft modification, and managed competition, aimed at fulfilling a contract estimated at up to GBP £6 billion (about $11.7 billion)… when it was signed. It’s hard to evaluate that number until Britain finally buys its training aircraft and associated training service, and as of 2012, they haven’t even put out the RFP."

    "The single largest contractor for the federal government in 2016 was Lockheed-Martin, which raked in more than $43 billion in contracts last year. That was far more than any other contractor received"

    "The UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) takes UK armed forces aircrew from initial training through, elementary, basic and advanced flying training phases preparing them for their arrival at their designated operational aircraft units.

    It is operated by Ascent Flight Training, a consortium of Lockheed Martin and Babcock International under a 25-year Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract for the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD)."

    "Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria. On the 14th April 2018, the Prime Minister Theresa May sanctioned British military action on Syria in response to an apparent chemical attack on the city of Douma – air strikes that saw the debut of a new type of Cruise Missile, the JASSM, produced exclusively by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

    Every single JASSM used in the recent bombing of Syria costs more than $1,000,000, and as a result of their widespread use during the recent bombing of Syria by Western forces, the share price of Lockheed Martin soared.

    Consequently, with the air strikes on Syria having hugely boosted Lockheed Martin’s share price when markets reopened on Monday, Philip May’s firm subsequently made a fortune from their investment in the Defence giant."

    "Philip May profiting from wife’s military policies. Capital Group proudly claim they are significant shareholders in weapons’ manufacturer, Lockheed Martin ($6.6bn), and are the largest shareholders in BAE Systems. Both companies are world leaders when it comes to profiting from death and destruction. Capital Group has been linked to the Paradise Papers scandal with Private Eye suggesting that the company uses the offshore law firm, Appleby, to arrange investments in tax havens."

    "Theresa May's husband's company owns shares in firm that made the Yemen school-bus bomb. Capital Group, the company that employs Theresa May's husband, owns a large number of shares in the company that produced a bomb which killed 40 Yemeni children in a Saudi Arabian attack on a school bus.

    A Saudi military jet fired a laser-guided missile at a stationary school bus on August 9. A total of 51 people were killed, including 40 children aged between six and 11. Some 79 others were injured, including 56 children."

    "‘Greedy Bastards’ – Philip May When the ‘Paradise Papers’ hit the headlines, Capital Group was among the companies accused of arranging investments in tax havens (scores of the UK’s super-rich were exposed as investing their money abroad to avoid paying their tax bills). It might, and has, also been noted that Theresa May’s military policies have indirectly enriched her husband and herself. Capital Group is the second largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin – which, a reminder, is a US military arms firm that supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Its shares ‘rocketed’ in the wake of the air strikes on Syria."

    "The Independent reported that: “Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies.“ Is it possible that Philip May, a banker, who works as a senior executive in a company advising and managing some of the world’s most despised corporations is profiting from not just a close relationship with Britain’s Prime Minister – but also from insider knowledge. Tory party Chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin describes Philip May as “one of the hidden powers of Theresa May’s political career” and so do others in the know."

    "Investigation into whether Theresa May’s husband corruptly profited from Brexit. “It seems the Cabinet Office Propriety and Ethics Team has launched an inquiry into whether the company which employs Theresa May’s husband, Philip, could have potentially made large sums of money from Brexit market movements caused by her decisions.” "

  • Hundreds of trainee military pilots waiting to start flying
  • Ascent’s Long-Term UKMFTS Contract for Military Flight Training
  • Six companies that are the most reliant on government contracts
  • UK MoD and Providing for Flight Training: A PFI Approach
  • Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a “Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria
  • Philip May profiting from wife’s military policies
  • Theresa May's husband's company owns shares in firm that made the Yemen school-bus bomb
  • ‘Greedy Bastards’ – Philip May
  • Theresa May's Husband Does Not Own Shares in G4S, So Handing Them Sensitive Contracts Is Totally Fine
  • Philip May: Tory activist, City insider and Under Suspicion (Investigation into whether Theresa May’s husband corruptly profited from Brexit)
  • Westminster child sex abuse allegations and paedophile ‘coverups’ examined by new inquiry

    The evil agenda that binds their loyalty to a rogue British state

    MI5, police and former politicians to be summoned before Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

    Former politicians, police and security services are to be summoned before a new inquiry into alleged child sex abuse “involving people of public prominence associated with Westminster”. Starting today, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is to examine allegations of historic coverups, conspiracies and a tolerance for paedophilia in the highest levels of government.

    MI5, Scotland Yard, former ministers, MPs, party whips and peers are among witnesses to be called over three weeks of hearings. A spokesperson for IICSA said it will be examining “whether Westminster institutions, including political parties, government departments, law enforcement or intelligence agencies, have failed or are still failing to protect children from sexual abuse”.

    Police investigations, charging decisions, political parties, the honours system and the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a British pro-paedophile activist group which openly lobbied parliament in the 1970s, are all within the inquiry’s remit. A former Home Office consultant is to give evidence on allegations PIE received public money, and the inquiry will also hear claims that police seized a supposed dossier of VIP paedophiles drawn up by late Labour peer Barbara Castle in the 1980s.

    Hearings will examine whether “political parties turned a blind eye to allegations of inhouse child sexual abuse, or whether there were attempts to cover up such allegations”. They will also look at allegations police officers were “warned off” investigating prominent paedophiles, and suggestions that party whips sought to use the claims for their own advantage.

    IICSA said it would consider “whether there was a culture in place in Westminster institutions that sought to shield people of public prominence from proper investigation, and tolerate their wrongdoing, at the expense of their victims”. The inquiry will not include discredited allegations about a Westminster “VIP paedophile ring” by Carl Beech, who was known as “Nick” and has been charged with fraud and perverting the course of justice. His claims sparked a £2.5m Scotland Yard inquiry, Operation Midland, which was closed in 2016 without any arrests.

    In the new inquiry, alleged victims of MPs, including the late Liberal politician Cyril Smith, will give evidence to IICSA. Police, Rochdale Council and staff at a school and hostel where boys were targeted allegedly knew of his abuse but failed to prevent it or prosecute the knighted MP.

    Richard Scorer, a specialist abuse lawyer representing Mr Smith’s alleged victims, told The Independent: “Smith was a prolific paedophile who should have been prosecuted during his lifetime and it is a scandal that he was able to evade justice for so many years. “Our clients feel strongly the systemic failures that led to this, including in the Liberal Party, need to be fully investigated so that lessons can be learned for the future.

    “We welcome these hearings and hope that they will help to resolve the many questions about the Smith case which have remained unanswered for several decades.” The inquiry will also hear allegations against the late Sir Edward Heath, who was the subject of a £1.5m investigation by Wiltshire Police.

    Investigators concluded there would have been grounds to interview Sir Edward, were he still alive, over claims he raped and assaulted boys as young as 10. The late Lord Janner, who was accused of abusing children, may also be included in the probe. Investigations into Lord Janner have been dubbed a “shambolic witch hunt” by his son, Daniel Janner.

    “This hearing will not investigate whether allegations, involving individuals associated with Westminster, of child sexual abuse are true or false,” a spokesperson for IICSA said. “These matters are for the police and the courts to decide. “This investigation’s focus will be on the way in which Westminster institutions dealt with and responded to allegations of this nature and whether the right policies are in place if similar allegations are made in future.”

    A Labour Party spokesperson said: “The Labour Party condemns child abuse and has welcomed and supported the work of the IICSA. We have participated fully with the inquiry in an open and transparent way and we believe that all responsible organisations who work with children should fully engage with the inquiry. “The Labour Party voluntarily applied for core participant status so that we can fully participate in, and contribute to, the inquiry. There is no inference or implication of guilt in being a core participant. Our application to become a core participant demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding and protecting children.”

  • Questions for ex-MI5 boss Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller over Tory child abuse MP Sir Peter Morrison
  • British institutions 'prioritise reputation of political leaders over children', warns child sex abuse inquiry
  • Jewish lawyer Lord Janner ‘sexually abused children over 30-year period’ (Politician arranged for children of ‘sexual interest’ to be taken to the Houses of Parliament)
  • Gutter rag run by the Barclay brothers lets jewish lawyer Janner's jewish lawyer son try and justify decades of his fathers homopaedo abuses
  • Former British Prime Minister SIR Ted Heath sex abuse investigation attacked for 'failing to dispel cloud of suspicion' over former PM
  • Two Freemasons' lodges set up at Westminster are continuing to operate
  • Ex tory MP Heidi Allen quits Tories after having to fight 'for benevolence' VIDEO

  • Brexshit the GREAT distraction from the TORY fit-for-work scandal is shameless
    (assessments have falsely pushed disabled and severely ill people off benefits, and even towards suicide)
  • Chaos as British politics splinters over Brexshit

  • May desperate to stop more tory's jumping from her sinking Brexshit ship
  • Claims ISRAEL interfering in British politics again?

    Under Blair Labour was turned into an arm of the Israeli mafia now under Corbyn there is a mass walk out of jews

  • While Britain falls on its arse another quits Labour over claims of antisemitism
  • A network of Jewish Labour members has backed Jeremy Corbyn over claims the party has become "institutionally anti-Semitic" under his leadership
  • Jeremy Corbyn warned of ‘mass walkout’ of Jews as Labour’s official Jewish group calls meeting about quitting (The Israeli lobby previously exposed now the jewish mafia can't dictate Labour policy on the Middle East anymore are jumping ship)
  • Jewish Labour Movement could quit the party after 99 years amid a new anti-Semitism storm over 'staggering' claims ISRAEL is funding the rebel MPs
  • Break away Labour group is effectively led by Chuka Umunna, a self-promoting Blairite (Lying lawyer Tony Blair turned Labour into a tory party mark two)
  • MP's leaving Labour over racist claims make racist comments (The pot calling the kettle black?) (
  • Inside Britain's Israel Lobby (from 2011)(VIDEO)
  • Sheldon Adelson watched midterm elections with Trump at White House (American politics subverted by ZIONIST money as Sheldon and Miriam Adelson were among the the major donors to Republican candidates who watched the midterm election returns with President Donald Trump at the White House. Other Jewish donors who joined Trump on 6 Nov 2018 in the East Room were billionaire investor Steve Schwarzman, co-founder and CEO of the Blackstone Group; investor Michael Milken; and Dan Gilbert, majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Zionist plotter destroying Labour to keep murderous tory's in power

    Vile tory gutter rags continue the antisemitic smear campaigns while tory victims are dying on the streets. The Israeli lobby exposed interfering in British politics now splitting the only chance of getting the tory scum out.

  • Britain's political system broken as Labour split by zionist, Israeli lobby and Friends of Israel interference (Screams of antisemitism now controlling the political agenda)
  • Labour being dictated to by jewish extremists screaming antisemitism for daring to support Palestine VIDEO

    and after the Israeli lobby was exposed smearing MP's who back Palestine and Gaza
    Only if you are fucking idiot can you continually get re-promoted in the tory mafia

  • Grayling's incompetence exposes Theresa May's incompetent tory government run by idiot scumbags
  • Former tory feminist witch Thatcher statue rejected by London (ends up in Grantham)

  • More here
  • Tory's Brexshit cracks
    UK's fascist gutter rags back May's BrexSHIT
    Brexshit Groundhog May
    There's a madman behind the Brexshit wheel
    Gutter rags attack Corbyn for not talking to May

    Guess who May is happy to rub shoulders with?

    A conspiracy of press fuckers only to happy to oblige a murdering tory mafia over Brexshit

  • Barclay Brothers tawdry rag attacks Corbyn (VIDEO)
  • Harmsworth's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn " criticised for meeting with extremists on the grounds of peace talks"
  • Harmsworth's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn "hatemongers Corbyn WILL meet"
  • Murdoch's tawdry rag attacks Corbyn "Sorry Theresa, there’s no talking to Jeremy Corbyn unless you’re the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihadis, Stalinists or Holocaust deniers"
  • Desmond's old tawdry rag attacks Corbyn ""Apparently Corbyn is prepared to hold talks with Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad and Iran without preconditions."
  • Farage urges Leavers to 'prepare' for second referendum (And attacks Corbyn with the same shit the gutter rags have been claiming)(VIDEO)
  • May's Brexshit Gollum VIDEO
    Tory gutter rags back murderous May regime over Brexshit

    Only the psychopaths in charge of British printing presses could paint mass murdering tory scum in a glowing light after shambolic Brexshit plots. But hey they've been getting away with that for decades with the royal mafia scum, even blaming Corbyn for the farce. Harmsworth, Murdoch, Barclay Bros and Desmond's old rag are the biggest threat to Britain with their devious, dangerous and deadly headlines.

  • Harmsworth's deluded and farcical Daily Rat claims Theresa May is the ONLY MP with any sense of duty (This fucking arsehole really is living in cloud cuckoo land promoting May as Britain's saviour)
  • May's murderous goverment being propped up by N.I. Orange order bigots (and the establishment have the fucking cheek to call this utter farce democracy)
  • Despite backing from her right wing gutter rags May falls on her Brexshit arse

    Like her predecessor Thatcher the men in whitecoats will be requiredto remove this crazy deluded bitch from power.

  • Tory bastards ROBBING pensioners while using Brexshit as cover (Government 'sneaks out' £7,000 pension cut for poorest elderly couples ahead of Brexit vote)
  • CBI chief welcomes 'new era' in approach to Brexit (Before British industry goes further down the gutter, see vast closures on the High Street that prove tory's do not give a FUCK)
  • 24 hours to Brexshit
    Brexshit chaos exposes tory bastard war

    Like Thatcher before her they will need to drag the evil psycho bitch out of 10 Downing Street
    Brexshit Paralysis': What's in store for UK if MPs reject May's deal during crucial vote? VIDEO
    Aid to America? Then forwarded to Israel?

  • UK hands £4million in aid to the USA! (While British peasants line the streets homeless)
  • Government robbing peasants through more taxes despite debt mountain
    John Pilger special: A look back at 2018, and ahead to 2019 VIDEO
    Corbyn made a mistake he called May STUPID instead of dangerous

    As if the political mafia in Britain aren't showing clear signs of derangement the FAR right wing rags that back every last policy of the tory mafia and the cause of thousands of deaths through draconian austerity are showing even more signs that their psychopathic bosses use headlines to suggest Corbyn calls May a stupid woman when he should have called her evil, murderous and dangerous.

    In our personal view he let her off lightly as the usual scumbag suspects Murdoch, Harmsworth, Barclay Bros et al, who are busily manufacturing glorious ditties about the royal parasites and proclaiming them as god like while using the same rags to attack Corbyn as if he has committed a mortal sin. Britain is seriously being run by murderous psychopaths backed up at every opportunity by the psychopaths controlling the propaganda that masquerades as news. While these evil bastards watch the horrors on Britain's streets unfolding caused by tory machinations they use their malicious rags to attack anyone who suggests otherwise promoting murderous witch May like they do the royals and only because she pushes policies that only take care of the establishment rich at the utter expense and lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.
    Lunatic tory plans of a no deal Brexit war as troops line up
    May vote shows tory's in civil war

    These stupid bastards will never learn after putting a previous nutty feminist in charge Maggie Thatcher
    May fucks up over Brexit TIME TO GO

    Everything the tory mafia touch they seriously damage yet there are UK dimwits who still vote for their bullshit
    MAYDAY!!!!!!MAYbe its time for the wicked witch to go?
    The enormous cost of transporting the global political mafia around the world VIDEO

    Giant planes guzzling fuel for solitary leaders and their vast entourages
    Tory civil war over May's Brexit plans
    Mass cabinet resignations over May’s Brexit deal VIDEO
    The UK Government Jesuit Controlled VIDEO
    Cruelty metted out by tory scum who use their power to abuse the poor
    Tory scumbag with 'BLOOD ON HIS HANDS wants to come back to frontline politics because he's BORED

    Maybe he can't satisfy his lust for the daily murder of the poor with his Eton buddy Osborne's
    EXTREME austerity that has plagued the poorest peasants pushing them into early graves.

  • Even the tory's admit they have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS

  • Eton groomed tory thug Osborne attacked for his despicable treatment of the poor VIDEO

    Osborne, the smug well heeled hypocritical tory bastard, who tried to justify his vast extreme austerity measures while chancellor takes no responsibility for the thousands who would sooner face suicide than the draconian, psychological and financial pressures from the tory's ruthless psychopathic insanity. He has oceans of blood on his hands.
    Tory scum never give anything away that's not got a price to pay
    Drillminister - Political Drillin Commissioned by Channel 4 news VIDEO

    The lyrics are all quotes taken from hypocritical Members of Parliament

  • Labour MP Jess Phillips claims she will 'knife Corbyn in the front' if he damages party
  • The blood money suckers
    The thugs who manufacture flawed DV laws are the biggest abusers
    Message in a bottle

  • The puzzle of the people least likely to vote Tory
    (BBC try to analyze why ANYONE would vote for a murderous tory regime)
  • Britain - Now A Chaotic State Out Of Control

    Awash with a political mafia only interested in self enrichment schemes for themselves and their backers at the TOTAL expense of the peasants

    Unreported by most of the mainstream media are some quite startling events going on in the background behind the cacophony of Brexit. There is, for example, the astonishing revelation that Britain’s domestic intelligence service, MI5, has enjoyed the freedom, with impunity, for decades, to go about its business, having been given the legal cover to participate in crimes that extends to state-sanctioned murder, torture and sexual assaults on the streets of Britain.

    Somehow, the government is outraged if the Russians get up to this type of stuff. The repercussions were and still are serious enough for them to enforce state sanctions, diplomatic expulsions, asset seizures, etc. But for our own spooks, it’s OK. These revelations are not the stuff of conspiracy theories or James Bond books. If the state decides you need a bullet or being sexually assaulted for that matter – then so be it. In the meantime, in another largely unreported case, the state has decided that jailing non-violent protestors for the first time since 1932 is now the new norm. Local people, supported by their local council who have fought off the fracking giants from destroying their local community, are now languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure for 16 months. Imagine that – 16 months prison and a criminal record for life (more on that in a minute) for attempting to protect your home. Where is the red-line here – jailing NHS or teaching staff for protesting about their working conditions?

    Last week, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that the UK’s mass interception programmes have breached the European Convention on Human Rights. Six months earlier Britain’s supreme court said the same. And what do we mean here? The state has taken compromising images of you and your family, stolen your private information including financial and employment details, your sexual and political persuasions and much more and shared it with all sorts of agencies. In what part of a functioning democracy does it say it’s acceptable to construct a 360-degree architecture of surveillance so extreme that it resembles, as one ex-MI5 agent describes it, an electronic concentration camp. Also last week, a new policing super-database is in the works – and it puts our rights at further serious risk. But the Home Office has failed to respond sufficiently to civil rights campaigners’ concerns. Liberty are so concerned that they’ve backed out of being part of a process that gives the police a free pass to what they say is a “creeping expansion of digital policing that shows contempt for our privacy rights”.

    Liberty says that this unprecedented development will see the government amass deeply sensitive data for policing purposes in a creeping progression of surveillance and algorithmic policing. The police have even admitted that data they no longer have any legal right to hold will be transferred to the new database and that having done so, even allow our data to be shared with non-policing organisations. All that means is that the government and its agencies no longer stand up to the mildest scrutiny when it comes to law and order. They are not just breaking the law (as deemed so by the courts) but creating an environment where order breaks down.

    Then there’s the Electoral Commission’s investigation into Vote Leave, the official pro-Brexit referendum campaign, which was leaked, revealing Vote Leave of being guilty of breaking electoral law, on multiple accounts. Of course, it had to be leaked for the public to know this. Then there was Cambridge Analytica, the disgraced, bankrupted and then ‘phoenixed’ big data company that was using misappropriated Facebook data to sell elections to the highest bidder. Facebook got the maximum fine of £500,000. Not really a fine when considering its turnover of $40billion with net profits of $15billion.

    Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU – the unofficial Brexit campaign bankrolled by the infamous insurance tycoon Arron Banks – was found guilty of “multiple breaches of electoral law.” He was fined £70,000 – the equivalent of a speeding offence fine to multi-millionaires. Then there are the billionaires bankrolling ‘think tanks’ and charities that are really just front companies that influence the political narrative, whose only intention is to profit from the chaos that their version of Brexit will cause.

    The fines metered out are pitiful and meaningless, no-one is arrested. A bit like the handling of the egregious crimes of the banking industry in 2008 that lingers on and on. New outrageous crimes and cover-ups are still being committed by the government (See YouTube – Interview Keiser and Neil Mitchell – RBS from 13 minutes) that are simply breathtaking. Six months ago, the Electoral Reform Society published a new report on the health of democracy in Britain. Amongst some of its findings was that:

    Only 29% say they are satisfied with the political system in Britain
    67% of respondents say the political system needs a lot of improvement
    Only 22% believe it ensures the views of most Britons are represented
    Only 21% believe it allows ordinary people to get involved in politics
    Only 22% believe that the system allows voters a final say over Britain’s future direction

    “The most damning finding of all was that only 23% believe that the political system is good at delivering what is supposed to be its key strength – delivering stable government” Or another way to put it is this. Around 80 per cent of the electorate do not trust politicians at all. Why then, would they buy into their vision of the future?

    Chris Terry for Electoral Reform said: “We need real democratic change in this country to put voters at the centre and prevent a slide towards alienation.” The Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said just three months ago: “We are at a crossroads. Trust and confidence in the integrity of our democratic processes risk being disrupted because the average voter has little idea of what is going on behind the scenes.”

    A few months further down the road, Britain is in the midst of a political and constitutional crisis and we have what can only be described as anarchy by the rich and powerful who no longer see that law and order applies to them. This is Britain today. A state murdering and torturing on its own streets. A state that jails local people for protesting about the destruction of their communities and protecting their homes, a state that illegally surveils your every move and steals your most private information, a state that gives sweeping unaccountable powers to the police. All the while, democracy is being dismantled right in front of our eyes with foreign billionaires deciding Britain’s future.

    In little more than a few years, our politicians have actively facilitated the chaos we find ourselves now in – more increasingly a paranoid state out of control. Britain is on a very bad trajectory. Make no mistake, we are in a battle for the very heart of a dwindling democracy, for our civil liberties and rights. Imagine what Britain will look like in 10, 20 or even 30 years out from now on its current orbit. Future generations will not forgive us for standing idly by and doing nothing.

  • Britain run by a bunch of dickheads VIDEO
    UK's crazy rags back lunatic May's deranged EU negotiations
    The bitch who deflects her own mass murder on to Russians

    British allies who IGNORE the mass murder of British citizens by a tory murdering mafia
    and back them to the hilt over Russia should hang their heads in shame.

    As Theresa May stands up in the commons to pronounce murder on the streets of Britain by two suspects that she claims are Russian and sent by Putin to kill, she herself conveniently forgets that she is responsible for policies that have seen mass murder across the UK of the most vulnerable citizens who have been forced to endure psychological and financial torture that led many to see suicide as an easier option.

    Her hypocritical performance suggesting she will protect Britain from foreign powers while she herself heads a murderous regime hell bent on crucifying anyone they regard as NOT worthy is disgraceful. Britain's political mafia's shameful disregard for the homeless lining the streets and the coffins lining up at the cemetery gates will come back to haunt this bitch who will use any form of subterfuge to distract Britain's sheeple who fall for the bullshit time and again and THAT we intend NOT to happen.


    Cancer-suffering dad dies with just £8 after DWP stop benefits ruling him 'fit to work'

    Joseph MacMillian died just 15 days before his appeal against having his personal independence payment cut. A dad suffering from cancer died destitute with just £8 in his bank account because heartless benefits officials ruled he was fit for work. Son Joe, 32, had no idea just how poor Joseph MacMillan was but was convinced he was not fit for work due to his illness. He said: “He was like a concentration camp victim. He was just skin and bones.

    “My dad was on that benefit because he was clearly unable to work and then in March they took it away and he never received it since. He was ­obviously not well enough to work because he died.”

    Joseph had to have his nose amputated because of the disease. He also suffered from diabetes, pancreatitis, a heart condition and anxiety and depression linked to his cancer. His death on August 9 came 15 days before his appeal against having his personal independence payment cut.

    He had to postpone an earlier appeal in July because he was too ill to attend. But he had been without PIP since March, costing him around £550 a month. Joe, a chef, said: “He was on a benefit called PIP but the Tory Government are trying to get people off benefits so he had to go to an ­assessment. “As far as I am aware it is not even a nurse who does some of these things. It is a physiotherapist.

    “My dad was quite confused and wouldn’t admit to being as ill as he was. “He could get up and down the stairs and make a cup of tea and apparently that fitted the criteria for him not ­qualifying for PIP.” Without cash Joseph relied on charity from his big sister Roseanne Hill, 58. The siblings shared a house in Dennistoun, Glasgow. Caring for his son Elliott, three, and holding down a full-time job meant Joe didn’t see his dad as often as he would have liked and while he spoke to him on the phone twice a week he had no idea how poor he actually was. Joe added: “He died destitute and it was all so unnecessary.”

    A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Mr MacMillan at this difficult time.” He added: “Assessments for PIP eligibility are not to do with an individual’s ability to work or not but on what impact their medical condition or disability has on their day-to-day lives.”

  • Cancer-suffering dad dies with just £8 after DWP stop benefits ruling him 'fit to work'
  • BBC claims the only credible explanation for Skripal poisoning and everyone else is colluding with Russia (Meanwhile lets push more royalist bullshit down the gullible British peasants throats using the very cash they pay us for a dodgy licence fee to watch royalist propaganda)
  • MPs to vote on making misogyny a hate crime in legal first

    Laughable in light of Roxanne Pallett's devious behaviour inside CBB and pushed by feminists inside Westminster

  • The thought police turn men into the enemy (Anyone who doubts men are being singled out for smearing then stripping have to look at lawmakers who are on a self enrichment campaign from the theft from men caught up in their lunacy. Misogyny is defined as hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women)
  • Feminists take over BBC politics as men no longer matter to the Bloody Big Con
  • Despite the UK gutter rags anti-semitism attack against Corbyn they are well ahead with 540,000 members

  • Despite the UK gutter rags anti-semitism attack against Corbyn and Labour they are well ahead with 540,000 members, SNP membership at 125,000 with the Tories just behind on 124,000(But the story is twisted about SNP support not Labour)
  • Blairite Frank Field sinks knife into Corbyn

    Field has ALWAYS been a tory and left them over policy disagreements to join Labour and was one of bastard lawyer Tory Blair's lackeys who got his backing from the 'Labour Friends of Israel' mob. Corbyn needs to get rid of all the right wing tory mafia that has infiltrated Labour under Blair before any sense returns to what should be a working class party and NOT supporting the zionist mass murdering Israel and the Israeli lobby working inside Westminister to undermine Britain's supposed democracy. Labour can well do without traitors like Field who supports what Israel is doing across the Middle East and with right wing rags only to happy to give him a platform to spout his bile. They are all working for the zionist dollar.
    Prof. Annabelle Sreberny speaking at the Jewish Voice for Labour rally at Parliament Square VIDEO

    Against the spurious and false accusations of widespread anti-semitism within the Labour Party.
    Concocted by an Israeli propaganda outfit and the right wing of Labour.

  • The goal of propaganda is a population that polices itself…
  • Israeli diplomats, operating out of a London embassy, plotting to use anti-semitism as a weapon to damage and bring down Jeremy Corbyn and create a schism with his key supporters in UKLabour(VIDEO)
  • Paedo's In Parliament (2018) VIDEO

    All those peddling domestic violence scams the politicians, law society judges and lawyers, council social workers and lawyer controlled Womens Aid are behind the vast theft of children from their biological fathers into the hands of the homopaedo's running Children's Services for their own perverted ends.

  • The perverts caught running Norway's child protection services
  • BBC's top paedo Jimmy Savile's Biggest Giveaways (From One Interview)(VIDEO)
  • How BBC's top paedo Jimmy Savile got away with it (from 2016)(VIDEO)
  • Savile sheeple now have egg on their face (From 2011: The same imbecilic mindset kowtow to the royals who knighted the evil bastard) (VIDEO)
  • Some of Savile's victims might get a bit of satisfaction from watching the evil bastard getting hammered in the wrestling ring(VIDEO)
  • Was Jimmy Savile A Wizard?(starts 2.48) (VIDEO)
  • ‘A Mossad assisted campaign to prevent the election of a Labour Government’ claims Labour councillor

    Harmsworth rag attacks Corbyn with zionist bullshit

    Right wing zionist leaning rags aid Israeli mafia attacking the only party able to resist the extremes of a fascist austerity ridden tory mafia.

    Jewish newspapers that criticised Labour’s position on Antisemitism may be working on behalf of the Israeli secret service, one of the party’s councillors has suggested.

    Mary Lockhart has been told such views have no place in the Scottish Labour party after posting a message on Facebook attacking those who have questioned UK leader Jeremy Corbyn’s attitude on the issue. The UK’s three leading Jewish newspapers this week took the unprecedented step of publishing a joint front page message warning that a Corbyn-led government would pose an “existential threat to Jewish life in this country”. Ms Lockhart, whose ward is Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty, posted about the move: “If the purpose is to generate opposition to anti-semitism, it has backfired spectacularly.

    “If it is to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader, it is unlikely to succeed, and is a shameless piece of cynical opportunism. “And if it is a Mossad [the Israeli secret service] assisted campaign to prevent the election of a Labour Government pledged to recognise Palestine as a State, it is unacceptable interference in the democracy of Britain.” She went on to say the Labour Party is neither racist, nor Antisemitic before adding: “Israel is a racist state.”

    Paul Spicker, of the Tayside and Fife Jewish Community charity, said some people have used attacks on the actions of the state of Israel as cover for Antisemitic remarks. He added: “The Labour Party has dropped illustrations of antisemitism which suggest, for example, that Jewish people have more loyalty to Israel than to their own country. “Mary Lockhart’s comments begin in the same way, suggesting that Jews who dare to object are the agents of Mossad, the Israeli secret service. How dare she?”

    Former Dunfermline and West Fife Labour MP Thomas Docherty told The Courier he would be making a formal complaint about his party colleague. He said: “If you even suggest that British Jews are agents of the Israeli secret service that is an Antisemitic trope and you have no place in the Labour Party.”

    Howard Barclay, who complained to the party about an allegedly anti-Semitic post by Dundee Labour councillor George McIrvine in April, added: “I am stunned at this. “A councillor or any elected official who suggests that the controversy over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is being organised by Mossad is at best delusional, at worst is anti-Semitic and should resign from office. “And to suggest Israel is a ‘racist state’ is beyond the pale.

    “If the Scottish Labour Party do not act, one can only conclude that Richard Leonard as leader condones this appalling abuse of Jewish people.” Scottish Conservative MP for East Renfrewshire Paul Masterson said: “For a Scottish Labour councillor to claim that Britain’s leading Jewish newspapers, and by extension the British Jews who work for them, are acting as agents for the Israeli secret service to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10 is ignorant, offensive and horrifying. “These comments are totally unacceptable and demonstrate precisely why the Jewish community has lost so much faith in Labour. There can no longer be any complacency within Scottish Labour that their party’s issues with Antisemitism stop at the border.

    “There should be no doubt that Ms Lockhart’s remarks are Antisemitic and demonstrate that she is unfit to hold public office.” Under the headline “United We Stand”, the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Telegraph and Jewish News described Labour’s refusal to adopt in full the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism as “sinister”. They said that “the stain and shame of anti-Semitism has coursed through Her Majesty’s Opposition since Jeremy Corbyn became leader in 2015”.

    Labour insisted Mr Corbyn and the party are “fully committed to the support, defence and celebration of the Jewish community and its organisations”. In 2016 Ms Lockhart apologised for any offence caused by a social media post which appeared to compare some Labour officials to Nazis.

    She referred to a famous poem about persecution in the Third Reich when protesting against a decision to ban some Labour members from the UK leadership contest. Former Dunfermline and West Fife Labour MP Thomas Docherty said: “If you suggest that British Jews are agents of the Israeli secret service that is an anti-Semitic trope and you have no place in the Labour Party.” Ms Lockhart was unavailable for comment.

    It is understood Scottish Labour has not yet received any formal complaint. The party did not comment.

  • Exposed! How Britain’s Anti-Semitism scaremongers operate – a warning to North Americans
  • Zionist mafia attack Labour and Corbyn in their twisted rags
  • Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge’s (née Oppenheimer) actions are a cynical plot to prevent anyone in the Labour Party ever daring to criticise the racist, apartheid, criminal state of Israel or supporting the Palestinian people
  • Zionist mafia attack on Jeremy Corbyn, via jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge (Anyone within Labour who dares to back Gaza or Palestine while condemning Israel's mass murder is open to bullying and abuse by the Friends of Israel zionist thugs an arm of the Israeli lobby )
  • Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge(née Oppenheimer) faces 'action' over Corbyn anti-semitism smear and bullying
  • Labour acts against jewish MP Margaret Hodge(née Oppenheimer) for calling Corbyn racist (Hodge’s behaviour described as “shocking, bullying, intimidating and grossly offensive)
  • Jewish Labour MP Margaret Hodge (née Oppenheimer) tars Corbyn once again with the antisemitic tag (Israeli mafia smears the only other alternative major political party to prop up the evil tory's)
  • Corbyn, antisemitism and justice for Palestine (VIDEO)
  • Labour browbeaten by jewish mafia and its interpretation of antisemitism
  • 68 British rabbis try and browbeat Labour into their extreme view of antisemitism (Britain's major political parties acting as a satellite of Israel thanks to zionist corruption and bullying)
  • Anger from Jewish leaders after Labour adopts modified anti-Semitism definition (It is not anti-Semitism to refer to ‘Zionism’ and ‘Zionists’ as part of a considered discussion about the Israeli state, criticism of the State of Israel and its policies should not automatically be regarded as anti-Semitic
  • Jewish Leadership Council continue attacks on Labour over antisemitism claims (Unless Labour bows to a jewish supremacist agenda they will continue to be smeared)
  • Labour NEC defies Chief Rabbi to adopt new anti-Semitism code (Zionist bullies implicated in forcing direction of UK politics)
  • Zionists march on Westminster to bully Labour to fall into line with their vile jewish supremacist agenda in Gaza and beyond (Supporting jewish labour MP Margaret Hodge who attacked Corbyn this week)
  • Zionists determined to control the direction of Britain's Labour party
  • Labour suspends councillor over ‘Jews drink blood’ post
  • Channel 4 joins in the attacks on Corbyn and Labour over manufactured antisemitic bullshit(VIDEO)
  • Corbyn ally Billy Bragg claims Jews have 'work to do' to rebuild trust with Labour and claims newspapers taking united stand against anti-Semitism are 'pouring petrol on the fire'
  • Zionist mafia attack Labour and Corbyn in their twisted rags
  • Putin: Jews might have been behind U.S. election interference
  • Tory's employ the utter dregs

  • Tory scumbag Andrew Griffiths resigns over vile texts to women
  • The scum and filth that get employed as ministers in a tory government
  • Tory scumbag Andrew Griffiths was given a government job despite being under investigation for allegations of inappropriate touching and bullying
  • Tory scumbag sent barmaid and pal over 2,000 desperate messages crudely detailing violent sex acts (The twisted tory filth England still votes into power )
  • Pictured with his wife and newborn, hypocritical Tory scumbag, who quit after sending 2,000 explicit texts to barmaid, had complained about 'abuse from Labour trolls' over wanting to 'ensure women were treated with respect by MPs'
  • Married tory scumbag Andrew Griffiths resigns over perverted demands he made in 2,000 texts sent to two barmaids
  • The sick tory fucks that demand to see pain (Until Brits understand the sick mindset of those they vote into power victims will continue to suffer as they get off on inflicting pain with their abuse of power)
  • The Right Honourable pervy tory scumbag has to resign
  • What are the limits of foreign lobbying in the UK? VIDEO

  • Lifting the Lid on Lobbying
  • MPs in cover-up row after they vote to give politicians accused of bullying and harassment anonymity


  • Boris Johnson clinging on to his rent-free £20m mansion - while raking it in from his four-storey home

    Rich tories living in plush houses for FREE is bound to infuriate homeless charities

  • May's massive £12.6 billion conflict of interest with Lockheed Martin

    While May and the tory filth are busy distracting Britain's sheeple with the endless rants about Brexit this disgusting corruption and warmongering is going on behind the scenes as May will profit through corrupt contracts with Lockheed Martin receiving £billions from the sale of their cruise missiles and F-35 fighter jets. Meanwhile austerity is crippling British peasants thanks to draconian measures that are stealing money from them to fund this massive warmongering corruption.

    It is common knowledge that Theresa May’s husband Philip essentially acts as the unofficial advisor to the Prime Minister – a fact proven by the former Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, who said during a Newsnight profile of the PM’s husband that “Philip is clearly acting as, informally, an advisor to Theresa. Probably much like Denis did to Margaret Thatcher.”

    Whilst it is pretty obvious that almost all married couples act as informal advisors to each other in come capacity, Tyrie’s admission that the Prime Minister’s husband has such a great influence over his wife’s decisions is made all the more worrying by the fact that Mr May – who is a Senior Executive at a £1.4Tn investment firm – stands to benefit financially from the decisions his wife, the Prime Minister, makes. The fact that Philip May is both a Senior Executive of a hugely powerful investment firm, and privy to reams of insider information from the Prime Minister – knowledge which, when it becomes public, hugely affects the share prices of the companies his firm invests in – makes Mr May’s official employment a staggering conflict of interest for the husband of a sitting Prime Minister.

    However, aside from the ease at which he is able to glean insider information from his wife about potential decisions which could go on to make huge profits for his firm, there is a far darker conflict of interest that has so far gone undiscussed. Philip May is a Senior Executive of Capital Group, an Investment Firm who buy shares in all sorts of companies across the globe – including thousands of shares in the world’s biggest Defence Firm, Lockheed Martin.

    According to Investopedia, Philip May’s Capital Group owned around 7.09% of Lockheed Martin in March 2018 – a stake said to be worth more than £7Bn at this time. Whilst other sources say Capital Group’s shareholding of Lockheed Martin may actually be closer to 10%. On the 14th April 2018, the Prime Minister Theresa May sanctioned British military action on Syria in response to an apparent chemical attack on the city of Douma – air strikes that saw the debut of a new type of Cruise Missile, the JASSM, produced exclusively by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

    The debut of this new – and incredibly expensive – weapon was exactly what US President Donald Trump was referring to when he tweeted that the weapons being fired on Syria would be “nice and new and ‘smart!'” Every single JASSM used in the recent bombing of Syria costs more than $1,000,000, and as a result of their widespread use during the recent bombing of Syria by Western forces, the share price of Lockheed Martin soared.

    Consequently, with the air strikes on Syria having hugely boosted Lockheed Martin’s share price when markets reopened on Monday, Philip May’s firm subsequently made a fortune from their investment in the Defence giant. It is obvious that weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin stand to benefit financially from the sales and subsequent use of their weapons in war – and the dramatic surge in the share prices of defence contractors since the so-called ‘War on Terror’ began in 2001 are a testament to this grotesque fact.

    The added fact that Investment Firms such as Capital Group are also profiting from these bloodbaths is also disgusting in itself. But for the husband of a sitting British Prime Minister to be benefitting financially from the very decisions his wife, the Prime Minister, makes on whether or not to send British troops into combat, should make every single person in the entire country, and especially anybody who is still insistent on voting for the Conservatives, feel physically sick.

    The Prime Minister took the decision to bomb Syria – without even so much as consulting Parliament – under the full knowledge that her husband’s investment firm would make a financial killing from the resultant bloodbath. If this isn’t enough to make you sit up and take notice of just how disgustingly corrupt, and morally bankrupt the British Establishment truly is, then surely nothing will.

  • When Trump met May at Bleinheim Palace the presence of USA defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp. among the guests might be awkward for May, who faces a decision on whether to trim the UK’s commitment to take 138 of the company’s flagship F-35 fighter jet to help fund other military programs ( BlackRock Inc were also there and one of the top 5 biggest investors in Lockheed Martin)
  • Four RAF F-35 fighter jets land in UK at £92m each (While Britain's poorest are being hammered with austerity the tory mafia are planning on buying 138 F-35 planes from Lockheed Martin at a total cost of £12.6 billion)
  • Poverty the major killer of the poorest in Britain (The tory's version of the final solution mass murder through austerity
  • F-35: The fighter jet of the future touches down on British soil (But at what enormous cost?)
  • In 2012 Lockheed Martin F-35 deal was scrapped as Canadian government begins new search for fighter jet (They would cost more than $600 million apiece to own and operate over their lifespan)
  • In 2015 Canada was still fighting over scrapping the purchase of Lockheed Martin's F-35's because of the enormous huge cost
  • Top five Shareholders of Lockheed Martin (how many tory's own shares?)
  • Lockheed Martin spent $14,464,290 on lobbying and $2,928,853 on political donations in 2017 (How much are they spending to prop up the tory mafia?)
  • In 2017 Saudi Arabia Lavished Conservative UK Officials With Gifts, Travel, And Plum Consultancies (Tory lawmakers received the cash as the UK backs Saudi Arabia’s brutal war against Yemen. The Tories’ ties to Saudi Arabia have resulted in record weapons sales conservative governments have licensed £3.3 billion ($4.2 billion) in arms sales to the Saudi military since the onset of the Yemen campaign)
  • EU referendum result questioned after Vote Leave campaign failed to declare £500k dodgy donation

  • The morally upstanding tory scum and filth

    These are the same twisted bastards that preach morality down to the peasants
    as if they are something they wipe off their well heeled boots.

  • Married tory scumbag Andrew Griffiths resigns over perverted demands he made in 2,000 texts sent to two barmaids
  • The sick tory fucks that demand to see pain (Until Brits understand the sick mindset of those they vote into power victims will continue to suffer as they get off on inflicting pain with their abuse of power)
  • Tory's dead in the water as rats jump the sinking ship

    Boris the Eton groomed Royal lackey

  • Tory civil war amid plot to bring down PM over Brexit policy(VIDEO)
  • British state complicit in torture

  • Blair government's 'inexcusable' PAYMENTS to other nations to carry out illegal rendition flights during the US war on terror
  • It has taken the best part of 15 years to produce an official report into British involvement in the torture and kidnap of terror suspects, and the murky aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers
  • Criticism mounts over UK's post-9/11 role in torture and rendition
  • UK's political crooks paying for silence
    Tory greed and hypocrisy

  • The mum of a child denied the medical cannabis that stopped his seizures has told of her fury
    over Tory links to British firms that supply the drug abroad
  • Ghost town Britain under a tory austerity boot

    Peasants no longer have any spare cash to shop as austerity cripples a nation.
    Tory mafia spend billions on new fighter plane while the country dies of austerity

    Warmongering much more important to the tory scum than the health and wealth of a nation

  • Four RAF F-35 fighter jets land in UK at £92m each (While Britain's poorest are being hammered with austerity the tory mafia are planning on buying 138 F-35 planes from Lockheed Martin at a total cost of £12.6 billion)
  • F-35: The fighter jet of the future touches down on British soil (But at what enormous cost?)
  • Top five Shareholders of Lockheed Martin (how many tory's own shares?)
  • Lockheed Martin spent $14,464,290 on lobbying and $2,928,853 on political donations in 2017 (How much are they spending to prop up the tory mafia?)
  • Hypocrisy of May's tory mafia greed

  • Tories take Putin's pal £50,000... on the day Theresa May blamed Russia for Skripal poisoning
  • This is the posh tory twat trying to take over the tory mafia and UK

    NO wonder the country is in the state it's in with tory scum like this

  • Tory mafia home to the public schoolboy toffy nose twats like Rees-Mogg (How anyone would vote for these utter scum is beyond belief)
  • Tory Mogg's Moscow Millions: Brexiteer's firm has poured a fortune into a string of Russian companies with links to the Kremlim but has invested next to nothing in Britain
  • Theresa May Pays White Helmets to Prevent Chemical Weapon Attacks Exposure? VIDEO
    The tory thugs and bully boys running Westminster (including controlling or coercive behaviour?) VIDEO

  • In 2015 the tory thugs and bully boys manufactured "controlling or coercive behaviour" DV scams
  • The enormous hypocrisy of the UK's murderous tory government use controlling or coercive DV threat
  • Tory scum's new mass murder technique (blame it on a computer glitch)

    There needs to be laws to stop vile governments from murdering citizens through welfare withdrawal and sanctioning and flawed infrastructure that leaves patients dying due to failing health checks. This is the same evil bastards who come up with dodgy laws that smear men as abusers while they themselves are responsible for deaths on the grandest of scales.

  • In 2012 a top doctor chillingly claimed: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year
  • Tory scum's assassins the DWP, ATOS and Maximus responsible for psychological and financial torture and the deaths of thousands of the vulnerable and disabled
  • May FORCED to crackdown on tory backers tax dodging

  • 'Dirty money': U-turn as Tories back plans to make tax havens transparent
  • The End Of Our Empire Approaches — History is clear on where we’re headed

    Do you have the nagging sense that our empire is in decline?

    If so, don’t be embarrassed by it. Historically speaking, we’re in very good company. Far larger and longer-lived empires than ours have come and gone over the millennia. The British empire came of age at the perfect time to muscle in and “retrieve” the cultural treasures of many different countries. Such are the spoils of empire.

    Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see sliced off segments of the Palace of Westminster on display in Cairo’s main square. History ebbs and it flows. Back and forth. Victors and losers swapping places over and over again. If the British Museum reveals anything it’s just that. The long sweep of human history shows us that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

    The treasures on display at the British Museum also show us that every race and culture has revered beauty. The most intricate and delicate and objectively beautiful jewelry and adornments were worn by kings and queens, priestesses, nobles, and warlords alike.

    The entire British Museum is packed to the rafters with such expressions. I came away both elated to have gotten back in touch with these better expressions of humanity, but also saddened because I can’t locate their equivalent in today’s world. One missing element from today? Reverence for the goddess, for the feminine. I cannot think of a single western homage paid to the feminine. No temples to the goddesses and no elevation of feminine attributes.

    This is important to note, not because we wish to bash the masculine, but because anything out of balance requires rebalancing. In fact, re-elevating the feminine will actually bring honor and meaning back to the masculine. Our world is caught up entirely in money, and power, and wars, and force. We revere power over rather than power within.

    So the questions I’d like to leave you with are these.

    Where do you have beauty in your life? Do you consciously manifest it?
    What do you revere?
    How honorable are you?
    Do you instill a sense of loyalty in those around you? Who would rob your grave and how quickly after you passed?
    Who do you honor, and how? Also, why?
    How important is it for you to be surrounded by people you can trust, and whose opinions you trust?
    Where and how do you respect, honor and encourage the feminine in yourself (whether you are male or female), in others, and especially in nature?

    Finally, are you ready for the massive changes that are coming?

    Our Empire Of Debt

    The British museum is a testament to the fact that empires have been rising and falling for thousands of years. The common elements of every empire include its own appreciation for works of extreme beauty and human craftsmanship, along with strict hierarchy. They all expressed a strong connection to the divine, however they felt it, each with their own mythologies and attendant religions to make sense of it all…and help cement the rulers place(s) at the top, of course. Each empire had a mythology by which it self-organized and people bought into that belief system. Looking back they seem like such obvious mental traps it’s easy to scoff and wonder how people could have been so blinkered.

    Here’s the thing about hierarchical societies in every era…in every single one there were always a very few haves and a whole lot of have nots. How were the masses kept in line? Why did the vast bulk of humanity in every empire live in relative poverty and misery, never lifting a finger in revolt except under very rare circumstances? The connection to yourself is this; each society has a set of reasons in place that explain to the people on the lower levels why they belong there. In some prior cultures the explanation was that authority was invested the royal blood line. You either had it or you didn’t.

    In other societies, the rulers were said to be closer to the gods, if not descended directly from them. To go against the rulers meant you were assaulting or dishonoring the very gods you prayed to and on which you utterly depended. While the mythologies in place “explaining” the hierarchy differed, the results did not. They always resulted in a few at the top and an expanding pyramid of population and entitlement laid out below them.

    The middle management in this story, those that had relative advantage were the necessary keepers of the systems in each culture and each system. They had more to lose than to gain through revolt and so they stayed true to the system through their entire lives. The people on the very bottom, despite having a vast numerical advantage, had the limiting belief that they had no power. So revolts almost never happened. Systems of hierarchy persisted until the empire had run its course, almost always failing because it ran out of resources to maintain itself and its growing complexity.

    The lessons of history are absolute; nothing lasts. Everything changes, especially who’s in charge. So what are our explanations today that keep us all in line? What keeps us from revolt? To what do we bow our daily collective heads in fealty to?

    The answer is Money.

    What we call “money” today was a wicked genius invention that popped up right around the same moment in history when humans were working out other keen, life-altering inventions such as clocks, and printing presses.

    “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” ~ Goethe

    A person in debt is a person controlled. But they think it was their own decision. Hence the Goethe quote above. A nation in debt is a nation controlled. The debt trap is especially insidious, and it relies on the illusion of free will combined with the full weight of ‘the law.’ By attaching a stated rate of interest to a loan, a person’s future output was yours if you were the holder of that note. What a stroke of pure (evil) genius! Set the rate high enough and the term long enough and you can get all of your money paid back plus another 100% of that amount or more, every bit of which was actually the future productive output (i.e. time) of the borrower.

    Conjure up a promissory note out of thin air and then you get to skim the true productive output of that person, regardless of outcome. Whether they succeeded or failed in the endeavor, you still won. If they paid you back, the win was obvious. If they failed you often had collateral on the back end protecting your “investment.” No matter what, you won. And even if that wasn’t the case? Well, you lost the amount of effort on your end that it took to draft up the note. In other words, nothing really.

    I’ve yet to find this laid out in any museum even though the introduction of debt-based money was arguably the most course-altering invention of the past thousand years. It transformed millions of human slaves kept in check by threat of power and physical coercion (if not death) into billions of humans perfectly willing to hand over their labor to a very few elites at the top who did little to no work themselves.

    Before this transformative invention money was always a very concrete thing – you either had a stash of silver or gold or you didn’t. Afterwards money became abstract. You could loan someone something you never had, written on a slip of paper, and the belief invested in that idea was sufficient to enslave that person until that debt was repaid. “Your” money might never be seen or handled by you at all, which is true for most people today. It exists as digits on a statement or computer screen. Yours, but utterly intangible. A powerful force, never actually seen or handled. In other words, a shared idea. A mythology imbued with tremendous power by a culture that served to enforce the current system of hierarchy.

    There is a vast empire now spanning the globe but the mystery of it all is that it’s not based on or in any one country. It is an empire of debt. Those issuing the debt are harvesting the output of entire nations, no different in final effect than the Romans enforcing the practice of tithing from extant countries in AD 100. We now live in a world of, by and for bankers, and other financial elites. Where once it was your royal lineage, or direct connection to the sun god Ra that assured your place at the top, today it’s your proximity to the temples of money.

    But what happens when the economic pie is no longer expanding, yet the keepers of the system seem unable to turn off their own desires to grab more, more and yet more from that same pie? That is where we find ourselves today. The economic oxygen is being sucked from the middle and lower classes and the social and political pressures are building.

    Meanwhile more and more claims (currency and debts) are being piled on top of this stagnant economic pie thereby increasing the pressure on a creaking system. Someday that all gives way rather spectacularly and ends very badly. History says it ends with a lot of social anarchy and quite possibly another world war.

  • One less tory bastard a few 100 more to go

  • Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary after Windrush debacle (The tory's brutal mistreatment of migrants to cut pension, welfare and medical costs. The Windrush row began when it emerged that some migrants from Commonwealth countries, who settled in the UK from the late 1940s to the 1970s, and their relatives, had been declared illegal immigrants)
  • Corbyn bows to Israeli lobby headed by jewish MP Ruth Smeeth to sack Labour activist Marc Wadsworth VIDEO


  • More on expelled Labour activist Marc Wadsworth
  • In 2016 Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth called for Corbyn to quit in favour of a leader with backbone to tackle anti-semitism
  • Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth, in 2005 became director of public affairs and campaigns at pro-Israel group the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Today in the commons she attacked Labour and Corbyn over anti semitism)
  • In 2016 Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth left Jeremy Corbyn’s launch of an antisemitism report in tears after being accused of colluding with the right-wing press
  • UK Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was funded by Israel lobby
  • Labour MP Ruth Smeeth ’s anti-semitism claims don’t add up
  • Jewish Labour group notifies police, days after its former chairman quit following allegations of financial impropriety during his time at Jewish Leadership Council (Feb 2018)
  • Jewish Labour movement undermines Labour obligation to British workers to satisfy their endless 'victim' status
  • A prominent jewish Labour activist Jeremy Newmark at the forefront of challenging alleged antisemitism within the party resigned Feb 2018 after claims of misusing expenses at a charity
  • Jewish Labour Movement has been tied to Labour for 100 years (No wonder Britain has never had a political party in power that has got its priorities to the public right)
  • Kaneing: Deporting Brits Back to the Commonwealth #Windrush VIDEO

  • Tory scum created a hostile environment for Windrush migrants causing them immense suffering (The ruthless disregard for human life comes across clearly with this exposure. Victims who spent a lifetime working in Britain then forced out of the UK without pensions, welfare or medical aid shows the utter depths of tory tyranny)
  • Windrush scandal shows Home Office cruel and incompetent yet again(VIDEO)
  • Windrush Scandal: British citizens detained and deported in Home office racist shambles (VIDEO)
  • The Windrush scandal shows the rotten nature of this Tory government (VIDEO)
  • Westminster and Holyrood's lying thieving bastards

    House of Commons

    House of Lords

    Holyrood mafia rubbing shoulders with the rotary club

    Rotary an executive arm of freemasonry

    All of the above serve ONLY this mob via freemasonry and the Dukey Kent

    The lying thieving bastards that masquerade as some sort of political entity are the biggest threat to heterosexual men on the planet. NOT Russia NOT chemical weapons NOT terror threats or the myriad of pseudo threats they conjure up and inflicted on a long suffering population to hide the fact these evil bastards are destroying families and especially the fathers shunned with a toxic potion of lies to thieve the family silver and to line the pockets of the crooks that thieve with impunity.

    The diversionary tactics have been the motto of Britain for centuries. The justification for psychologically torturing and murdering to seize assets from British citizens just as they did during the empire building where nasty wee freemasons were sent across the world to rape and plunder for the British establishment.

    Today their gutter rags are falling over themselves pushing the royalist agenda again as one more sprog is born to the nasty fuckers who head this mob of gangsters via freemasonry. Men should not show one iota of empathy for an evil regime that also masquerades as the goody two shoes when they are behind a massive con trick against citizens like the Windrush victims and the sick and disabled forced to live under a brutal regime called the DWP and its many corporate assassins like ATOS and MAXIMUS.

    These monsters who claim political power are the biggest murderous lying fuckers on the face of the earth and absolutely NOTHING they claim is the truth but only fairy stories to distract the population from what they are doing closer to home and in every home touched by the divorce industrial complex in a monstrous web of deceit.

    Huge Freemason Network Found To Control British Parliament

    A brave journalist has exposed how three Freemason lodges operate within Britain’s Parliament – allowing the unelected secret society to dictate government policy.

    Those living in Britain today know this is not a happy land. The question of Brexit is still unresolved and Britons know the British State, the politicians, the bankers, the bosses, compose a jamboree for fat cats and stuffed pockets. But occasionally we get to peek deeper under the curtain. That’s what happened when the Guardian printed an article that blows wide open the big secret: that Freemasonry Lodges control both the House of Commons and the House of Lords at Westminster! The article describes THREE lodges that infest the heart of British democracy:

    The NEW WELCOME Lodge

    This is for MP’s, Peers (members of the House of Lords) and Parliamentary Staff (the elected/selected members of the Houses and their civil service staff.)

    GALLERY Lodge

    This is for members of the Political Press Corp, the journalists and reporters who directly cover parliament.


    For “other journalists” therefore, a network of influence over the city of London and the wider nation.

    The guardian also says:

    One current member of New Welcome told the Guardian that its members keep Gallery Lodge masons at arm’s length, on the grounds that while they are fellow members of the brotherhood, they are still journalists, and “they wouldn’t want journalists listening to their conversations”. This article exposes something that has been kept quiet for a long time: exactly how the lodge system stitches up Westminster.

    Lords and MP’s are all in it together, shaking hands with rolled up trouser legs no matter their affiliation! Small wonder Britain struggled for a cigarette paper between the parties from John Major, through New Labour, Blair and Brown, onto Cameron/Clegg and now May.

    The legacy of the EU on the UK Parliament is a well cushioned bed of cosiness with corporatism and it’s the people who have been getting a rough deal! The Lodge system looks after its own while wealth inequality in Britain has gone stratospheric the last two decades. The Guardian also says: “so discreet are the members of Gallery Lodge that few journalists working in the lobby appear to be aware of its existence.”

    I bloody bet! Letting it be known that the top political journo’s were in the same lodge, bound together by secret allegiance, to stitch up the reporting of the news. No wonder they keep it quiet! Next time we look at that man on the lawn with a microphone we need to ask: whose speaking here? The news channel? Or the Gallery/Alfred Robbins Lodge?

    The Guardian pushed their investigation to question the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

    From this, they reported “UGLE said Gallery Lodge currently has 45 members and Alfred Robbins Lodge – which is named after a former newspaperman and prominent mason – has 18 members.” Of course, the statements from Masonry want to downplay this revelation. “Oh, nothing to see hear, nothing to worry your little heads about” is just the kind of condescension the British people have endured from the British establishment for centuries.

    But it cannot hide the FACT that this secret network with clear power and influence makes its lair in the bowels of the Palace of Westminster. If Britain is EVER to drain the sewer then it MUST find a way to flush these organisations OUT of politics and the civil service. If a politician or a civil servant is a member of a lodge, they must be made to declare it.

    Let Freemasonry be the harmless rotary club doing charity work it prefers to pretend to be, but let us ensure it can NEVER be the SPIDER at the heart of a web of power, subverting democracy and the will of the people, syphoning the country’s wealth away to crony globalist friends! Oh yes! Reform in Britain is needed alright! And there is nothing else like knowledge to empower.

  • Proposed domestic abuse bill drafted to protect victims or used as a tool by the legal mafia to track men while they steal their homes, bank accounts and children? (All of it drafted like draconian gender biased apartheid style legislation)
  • Huge Freemason Network Found To Control British Parliament
  • Holyrood mafia rub shoulders with the rotary club (an executive arm of freemasonry)
  • Huge military arsenal keeping the royals in power used to salute new sprog (Meanwhile peasants remain unarmed thanks to draconian gun control that sees only the elite with guns. Try using machine gun totting marksmen outside your own house to protect it like the royals do and see what happens)
  • Tory scum's shocking and brutal treatment of Windrush generation

  • Government knew for years that Windrush generation hurt by 'hostile environment'
  • Windrush exposes the ruthless and brutal tory regime that left a victim homeless after brain surgery

  • 'I thought I would die': Windrush man left homeless after brain surgery
  • Evil tory treatment of Windrush migrants refused homes, pensions, welfare and threatened with expulsion
  • Windrush fiasco exposes tory racism blocking black victims rights

    The brutal tory regime will go to any lengths to stop British citizens from accessing pensions, health and benefits.

  • Windrush: 'Hostile Tory environment policy like Nazi Germany'(VIDEO)
  • Tories' immigration policy compared to Nazi Germany 'by ministers in their own government'
  • Another tory plastic war

    Good to see the tory mafia have their priorities right while the world is seemingly
    in collapse they concentrate on the mundane.
    Labour MP Ruth Smeeth's anti-Semitic claims against Labour party (Despite working for Israeli lobby) VIDEO

  • In 2016 Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth called for Corbyn to quit in favour of a leader with backbone to tackle anti-semitism
  • Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth, in 2005 became director of public affairs and campaigns at pro-Israel group the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Today in the commons she attacked Labour and Corbyn over anti semitism)
  • In 2016 Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth left Jeremy Corbyn’s launch of an antisemitism report in tears after being accused of colluding with the right-wing press
  • UK Labour MP Ruth Smeeth was funded by Israel lobby
  • Labour MP Ruth Smeeth ’s anti-semitism claims don’t add up
  • May claims she's NOT Trump's poodle

  • Can anybody really believe May and the tory mafia give a fuck about Syrian children when millions of British children and their families face endless impoverishment from a brutal and ruthless tory austerity regime?
  • During lawyer Tony Blair's time as Prime Minister he claimed 'I'm not Bush's poodle'
  • Brutal tory regime at it again

    May and the tory mafia don't give a fuck about anyone especially Syrian victims

  • Fiasco that shames Britain: Amber Rudd faces call to quit as she's forced to admit Caribbean migrants to Britain could have been kicked out by mistake
  • Lunatics running the asylum VIDEO

  • BBC the utter mouthpiece for a brutal tory regime(VIDEO)
  • Brutal tory regime not happy with murdering thousands in UK now want to do same in Syria


    She and her mafia should be jailed for genocide against Britain's poor and vulnerable

  • May and the tory mafia's brutal regime and the long trail of the dead
  • Which countries executed the most people last year? (Thousands of deaths in the UK thanks to psychological and financial torture of vulnerable citizens NOT recorded from genocidal sanctioning and removal of support. You do NOT need to execute to kill citizens the tory gangsters have alternative methods)(VIDEO)
  • ‘UK govt behaving like a mafia state’ claims ex-OSCE VP on Skripal case VIDEO
    Can you ever believe a tory government?

  • Boris Johnson under fire over ‘proof’ in Salisbury poison attack
  • Kremlin blasts Britain for 'bluffing' over claims Russia poisoned spy Sergei Skripal as Porton Down boss admits they cannot prove where the nerve agent came from and Putin says 20 nations could have done it
  • All Russiagate Roads Lead To London: Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence
  • Britain’s Not So Distant History of State Sponsored Assassinations
  • Big embarrassment for Britain: lab findings spark social media uproar
  • Kremlin says “idiocy has gone too far”, Brits need to apologize
  • Johnson and May are Hiding as Their ‘Novichok’ Lies Dissolve
  • The story so far: How to keep an evil murderous government in power


    First create a false flag to blame Russia on something and get the USA and Nato mafia to back that lie.

    Associate the OTHER party, that isn't part of the mass murder of the peasants thanks to austerity and sanctioning of the poorest sections of society, with sympathy for a possible alternative reason for the false flag. Attack the other party for daring to suggest the evil government narrative might not be entirely correct.

    If that isn't having a big enough impact use the Israeli mafia to seed dissent and instead of showing sympathy for the Palestine mass murder by zionist warmongers force the other party to bow to the demands of the Israeli lobby admitting that not showing sufficient sympathy for Israel is anti-semitic and Hitler-like for daring to do so.

    The OTHER party has already been dismantled by a former warmonger and his place men have been embedded and used to turn a supposed working class party into a second party of the toffs that is no longer funded by the workers but by a small clique of rich zionist backers who ensure they have to support Israel to the hilt.

    These are the seeds being sown for the scum and filth to call for another sudden election while their gutter press have done sufficient damage to the other party to ensure the sheeple wont dare to vote for them as they would then be connected with all of the above.

    This has been going on for decades in Britain and wont change until a truly representative party of the ordinary voters is found and will stand up to the malicious attacks that see time and again a vicious fascist regime hell bent on doing ANYTHING to stay in power. Only the truly dimwitted could continue to believe the yarns being spun to keep the party in power that only ever bows to their ultra rich backers and the zionist agenda.

  • Proof the Israeli mafia are manipulating the world's political systems
  • Murdoch rag paints May as allied with EU over spy attack despite Brexit
    Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks VIDEO
    May I tell a pack of lies AGAIN? VIDEO
    Barclay Brothers rag portrays May like Mother Theresa during spy poisoning
    Ex-mayor of London Ken Livingstone comments on UK-Russia scandal over Skripal case VIDEO