Nuclear protester attacked by Labour spin doctor's publisher during live tv interview VIDEO
Jesse Jackson on inequality in the UK: 'Fewer have more, and more have less' VIDEO
The political mafia's that will say anything to get into power
political psycho NEVER trust a political goon that gets lots of mainstream / zionist media attention.

You would think by now the sheeple on both sides of the Atlantic would realise that whether its Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Labour no matter who the public vote for they ALWAYS get the same agenda. Not only are British politicians serving the zionist / freemason agenda they now blatantly have two of their own in charge of the two biggest political parties in the UK , Cameron and Miliband. In the USA they also have zionist selected Obama and the Israeli supremacists both within Israel and abroad control these two super powers that dominate the Middle East on their behalf while they are busily stamping on the foreheads of the Palestinians they continually crush in Gaza .

No matter what excuses they come up for endless warmongering the ultimate goal is to allow zionism to control the main regions of the Middle East where the bulk of the worlds oil fields exist and the main source of power from their use and abuse that should never be in the hands of the zionist / freemason psychopaths whose only interest is greed and not for the benefit of all mankind. Until the issue of just who we are being fooled into voting for is resolved the duped sheeple will continue to select the lunatics that are running the asylum into the dust.

  • Tory scum and filth Osborne deluded in claiming that gigantic chasms between Britain's rich and poor is a recovery and cause for celebration
  • The key role Chicago Jews played in getting Obama to where he is
  • Obama's rogue state tramples over every law it demands others uphold
  • United Nations to probe impact of Bedroom Tax on human rights of poverty-hit Brits
    axe the bedroom tax

    The vile tories and the Libdumbs unrelenting attacks on the poorest sections of society now under investigation by the United Nations that is despite a number of reports passed to the International Criminal Court who have done NOTHING about the use of the tory's assassins ATOS and DWP to trigger suicides in the mentally ill and unstable that they are using to save on the welfare bill.

    THE impact of the Con-Dem Bedroom Tax on the the human rights of low-income households is being investigated by the United Nations.

    The UN's Special Rapporteur on housing Raquel Rolnik is on a two-week tour of UK cities where she will meet tenants affected by the policy as well as officials, campaigners and academics. Under the Westminster government's welfare reform, tenants deemed to have more bedrooms than they need have had their housing benefit reduced since April. Ministers say it tackles an unfair "spare room subsidy" not available to private-sector renters and suggest it will save around £500million annually as part of the deficit-reduction strategy.

    But it has sparked protests across the UK with critics claiming it is forcing families into poverty and will increase the benefit bill by pushing people into the private sector. Rolnik, who will reveal the initial findings of the unprecedented inspection next week, said the UK faced a "unique moment" when the challenge of providing adequate housing was on the agenda. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes housing as part of the "right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being" of a person and their family.

    Rolnik, a Brazilian professor of Urbanism and Architecture, said: "The UK has voiced its commitment to human rights on repeated occasions and this mission will give me an opportunity to assess in-depth to what extent adequate housing, as one central aspect of the right to an adequate standard of living, is at the core of this commitment. "The UK faces a unique moment when the challenge to promote and protect the right to adequate housing for all is on the agenda. "In doing so special attention would need to be given to responding to the specific situations of various population groups, in particular low-income households and other marginalised individuals and groups."

    The visit – at the invitation of the Government – takes in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Manchester and will include sessions in local communities. A UN spokesman pointed out that the UK was signed up to a number of international treaties which protect the right to adequate housing and non-discrimination.

    The final report will be presented in Geneva by the Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council in March 2014.

    Nearly 300,000 “attempts to access websites categorised as pornography” were made from computers within Parliament in the last year

    Porn probe on computers in Parliament

    Nearly 300,000 “attempts to access websites categorised as pornography” were made from computers within Parliament in the last year, official records show. The figure – which represents more than 800 per day – was released by Palace of Westminster IT chiefs in response to a freedom of information request.

    It covers devices linked to the Parliamentary Network, including those used by MPs and ?peers, their staff and other employees. Officials have sought to play down the significance of the total, insisting it was inflated by pop-ups, auto-refresh and other web design features and did not reflect deliberate efforts to access sexual content. They are also investigating the reason for wide variations between the monthly figures – with as many as 114,844 in November but just 15 in February.

  • UK closer to police state after crackdown on Snowden files VIDEO
    Snowden associate to sue UK for detention VIDEO
    Tory councillors quit in protest against freemasons (June 2012)
    tory masons

    Two members of Torridge District Council have resigned from the Conservative Party. Cllr Kathy Murdoch, of Kenwith Ward, and Cllr Gaye Tabor, of Coham Bridge Ward, will now sit as independents in protest against freemasons.

    Cllr Tabor unsuccessfully challenged the Conservative Group Deputy Leader at a group meeting preceding the Council AGM and was unsuccessful. Regardless of this she then decided to put her name forward for Deputy Leader of the Council, with opposition support. When she failed to be elected Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Murdoch stormed out of the chamber stating she could not work with a Mason controlled council. The Conservative council leader Cllr Barry Parsons defends his right to be a Mason.

    He said:

    "I joined the Masons, although I have only been to three meetings in the last 12 months because I have been busy. "If that offends people, well there is no politics involved and I have not used it to my advantage."

    Deputy Council leader Cllr Roger Johnson, who is not a Mason, said:

    "Neither councillor was particularly happy at the annual council meeting, it is just unfortunate. "I certainly hope it won't affect council meetings. "It is quite above board to belong to the Masons and the organisation is a very different animal to what it was 40 to 50 years ago.

    "I have never had a suspicion that things have gone one way because councillors were members of the Masons. "We are very fortunate at Torridge. We have 36 councillors who are doing their best for their communities."

    In total five Torridge councillors are Masons, as declared in the register of interests. As it happens all are Conservatives. What is wrong with being a Mason? I'm not one, I'm afraid, but it sounds rather fun. All very Big Society. A bit of a grown ups version of the boy scouts. Lots of ritual and tradition. Dinners and charitable giving. A mildly religious aspect but you just have to believe in a "supreme being". Most members are Christian but you can be a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist...

    Of course it could be the case that a councillor would be on some committee for a planning application, licensing application, adoption panel or whatever and not declare that they knew the applicant through being a member of masonic lodge. That would be a breach of the rules. But then again the same could be true of 100 other ways that a councillor might know the applicant. The offence of them not declaring it would be no greater or lesser. Why pick on the Masons for a presumption of guilt? Why not a golf club, a rotary club, a church? Why suggest that there is something more sinister, secretive or indicative of corruption about the freemasons? Bernard Levin used to be very good on this in The Times:

    "Freemasonry hysteria … is paralleled to the same principles as those of anti-Semitism, and indeed it has often been to a very considerable extent a stalking-horse for the more ancient vileness. It could hardly be otherwise; attacks on suspect Jewry have almost always been inextricably entwined with anti freemasonry. Hitler lumped them together without distinction of any kind. Thousands of freemasons from Germany, Vichy France and Nazi-occupied Europe were killed in the gas chambers."

  • Tory scum accepted a £93,000 donation in 2005 from a fund run by one of Britain’s most senior freemasons
  • Tory scum on the Isle of Wight reversed a requirement for councillors to declare personal interests such as Freemasonry
  • A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees
  • A list of Lords and Peers of the Realm, who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees
  • Greenwald: UK will be 'sorry' for detaining partner VIDEO
    Welfare cuts imposed by tory /libdum scum are the political equivalent of kicking an old lady’s zimmer away
    THE welfare cuts imposed by Westminster are the political equivalent of kicking an old lady’s zimmer away.

    Perhaps that is why no one from the Tory Lib Dem coalition is prepared to go on a planned STV debate to defend their cruelty to the old, the infirm, the young and the most vulnerable. Last time one of them tried – Tory hatchet man Iain Duncan Smith (pictured) in Edinburgh – he was shamed by disabled protesters and their guide dogs who staged an impromptu demonstration.

    The UK Government’s own figures show that 70,000 disabled Scots will lose money in the change from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payments.

    Another 100,000 will suffer hardship as a result of London’s bedroom tax. A survey by Sheffield Hallam University has found the overall impact of these welfare cuts on Scotland is £1.66billion a year. So it’s perhaps not surprising that the Tory Lib Dem coalition have refused to put up a speaker for the TV debate into the shape of a welfare state in an independent Scotland. They would need to explain why the current cuts mean the UK is doing OK.

    It’s definitely not OK if you are low or average paid, poor, unemployed or disabled. The surge in the number of crippling pay day loans, too, is not OK. The growth in food banks as families struggle to feed their children is not OK.

    Nicola Sturgeon will argue the Yes case in the STV debate, explaining why Scottish people themselves should make the decisions about welfare. She will be pushing at an open door. Over half of all Scots in a recent opinion poll said they thought such matters were safer in the hands of their own Scottish parliament. At the moment, Scotland has no control at all over pensions or benefits, just as we don’t control our own taxes. That powerlessness isn’t OK either. Yes, we have devolution and that helps protect us, up to a point.

    Just last week, it was revealed that 20,000 people had applied to the Scottish Welfare Fund in the first three months of its existence. The £33million fund was set up by Sturgeon to help the most needy affected by Westminster cuts. Alex Salmond and Sturgeon also refused to pass on the 10 per cent cut in council tax benefit imposed by the London Treasury. That has helped 70,000 disabled Scots, ironically the same number who will suffer from Westminster’s switch to PIP. SNP councils, though not Labour ones, have promised no evictions as a result of the bedroom tax.

    But all this is only possible through very careful budgeting of the diminishing grant we receive from Westminster, which is set to get lower still. Scotland sends around £60billion worth of taxes to the Treasury each year but a government we didn’t vote for at Westminster decides how much we get back. If we had that £60billion to spend as we wished, we could create a fairer benefits system, which helped the most needy while still making work pay. Don’t believe the lies about decency being unaffordable.

    This is a UK Government who think it’s okay to spend £100billion renewing Trident nuclear weapons no one needs. For the last three decades, Scotland has sent more to London than we get back in spending. In fact, the surplus amounts to a whooping £800 a person for every year for the last 30 years. And we are more able than the austerity-struck UK to meet the cost of the welfare state in future.

    Official figures show that pensions and benefits consume 52 per cent of the UK government’s money, but in an independent Scotland it would be 48 per cent. Labour will argue the NO case against Sturgeon in the STV welfare debate.

    Maybe that’s appropriate, given that Ed Balls and Ed Miliband have said future Labour government will keep the bedroom tax and most other Tory cuts. So the UK welfare state won’t be OK in their hands either, which is why we need our own.

  • Cameron looking for more excuses to censor the net VIDEO
    'Zero Hour' contracts protested in UK (How to massage the jobless total) VIDEO
    Esther McVey latest tory disabled mugger and the deception spin VIDEO

    watch the response she makes on the suicides caused by her evil parties agenda
    Wicked tory witch Esther McVey on changes (massive cuts) to disabled welfare payments VIDEO

    Tory disabled mugger McVey was on the BBC again today ranting that the tory scum DON'T discriminate against the disabled despite mass suicide of vulnerable dying because of draconian cuts

  • Disabled families have lost a court challenge to social housing benefit cuts (As long as judges and NOT juries are deciding they wont get ANY sympathy)
  • Tory disabled mugger Mcvey was their mouthpiece on GMTV before joining their evil gang(VIDEO)
  • CAPITA and Minister for Disabled People Esther McVey Deny Disabled People Audio Recording of PIP Assessments…
    Wonga and the church are in a massive dispute over ripping off the peasants using fiat currency loans that are more like extortion than short term lending with rates as high as APR 4,217%. That is despite the fact the church had been inadvertently investing in these rip off companies that have flourished since the fascist tory mafia got into power.

    There really is method in the madness of massively impoverishing the poorest sections of society as when they get into real difficulty the first thing they will try and do as some sort of lifeline is borrow and when most of them get refused by the banking cartel , a deliberate ploy , they gravitate to these lenders before they go to loan sharks as a last resort. Many lenders like Wonga have been aiding and abetting the tories with reports in 2012 stating they and other pay day lenders had been paying £1,250 for face-to-face meetings with tory ministers and a shocking revelation that the very bastards impoverishing the population with their manufactured austerity have been getting substantial funding for their party through the very system those to poor to survive have been forced to use as a stop gap for draconian cuts to welfare that affect not only the unemployed but those on low incomes.

    The sheeple who buy into the vile bile that the tories are somehow turning around the economy by starving the poorest sections of society should realise this is just another means for any company involved in this vile lending racket to aid and abet the return of a malicious party getting into power through making the population much poorer which then provides a massive advertising budget gained through making the poor pay through extortion by pay day lenders.

    To know that these evil establishment bastards could return on the back of poverty and not through the enrichment of British citizens shows the lengths they will go to get into power again.

  • Loan firm’s wonga buys the ears of ministers
  • Private equity firms behind expansion of Wonga.com
  • Archbishop of Canterbury still determined to create alternative to Wonga, which he says has 'destroyed' lives
  • Thank God we have an archbishop who views Wonga's loans as modern slavery
  • Home Office's nasty big brother posters
    home office
    UK government ignores private detectives corruption and hacking VIDEO
    Don't Stop Me Now (Ode to tory henchman Osborne) VIDEO
    Cameron says UK has 'relatively' honest police force (June 2013) VIDEO
    The Common People (sums up the tory scum) VIDEO
    Savile wasn't just a predatory paedo he was a mouthpiece for the royal parasite's and Thatcher on his BBC shows. The BBC gave him total control of how he promoted these evil bastards like himself at every opportunity despite his long history of child abuse, proving the UK is run by a bunch of perverts, bullies and abusers.

    Tory monster Thatcher made FIVE attempts to secure knighthood for Jimmy Savile while her aides warned of his ‘strange and complex’ life

  • Tory PM first asked he be made 'Sir' Jimmy in 1984, secret documents show
  • Civil servants warned her off because of his boasts about his 'lurid' sex life
  • He was finally knighted in 1990, Thatcher's final year in office

  • Margaret Thatcher made five attempts to get Jimmy Savile knighted while she was prime minister despite aides warning of 'continued misgivings' about his 'strange and complex' private life. She took six years to get the paedophile star made 'Sir' because civil servants persistently blocked her requests, secret Cabinet Office papers revealed today. Documents from during Lady Thatcher's time in Downing Street show her advisers had 'worries' about Savile being knighted because of 'unfortunate revelations' about his private life. Savile had boasted about having sex with women he approached at charity events and also how he was violent.

    The new paperwork shows the Tory leader first asked that Savile be knighted in 1984, but mandarins said they were concerned after he spoke to the press about his 'lurid' sex life. After another attempt was sidelined her private secretary Nigel Wicks wrote to head of the civil service Robert Armstrong to say the prime minister was 'most disappointed', adding: 'She wonders how many more times his name is to be pushed aside. She would therefore like you to consider further the inclusion of his name on the (honours) list'. Armstrong had earlier warned Wicks that 'the case of Jimmy Savile is complex', because 'he has made no attempt to deny the accounts in the press about his private life'.

    After Thatcher recommended him again documents show that it was rejected because of his promiscuity, after aides said that as the government tried to deal with the spread of Aids in the 1980s, honouring him would send out the wrong message. Another adviser's letter to the PM, published in The Sun today, stated: 'Mr Savile is a strange and complex man.' It adds: 'Fears have been expressed that Mr Savile might not be able to refrain from exploiting a knighthood in a way which brought the honours system into disrepute.'

    Another note, from Mrs Thatcher's then private secretary, repeated the concerns. It added: 'We have again considered the name of Mr Jimmy Savile, whom you have of course considered on previous occasions. We have again concluded that he should not be recommended.'

    'She (Thatcher) wonders how many more times his name is to be pushed aside. She would therefore like you to consider further the inclusion of his name on the (honours) list' - Thatcher's private secretary in letter to head of the civil service

    Overall Thatcher was talked out of getting him knighted four times.

    The television star was finally knighted for his services to charity in 1990, Lady Thatcher's final year in power. Letters released last year shows there was a warm relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile. The Top Of The Pops presenter sent an adoring letter to the then prime minister in 1980, singing her praises and declaring his love for her. She responded by inviting the now-disgraced DJ to lunch at Chequers, spending 11 consecutive New Year’s Eves with him and finally overseeing his knighthood.


    A constitutional bar preventing the dead from having their knighthoods removed means the government cannot strip Savile of the accolade Those given a knighthood are awarded lifetime membership to a ‘living order’ and the title no longer exists when the holder dies. The TV host, who died aged 84, was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 1990 - an award which followed the OBE he was given in 1971. Whitehall sources admitted they considered awarding him a posthumous knighthood – so he could then be stripped of it. The Queen has the power to remove honours after they have been recommended by the forfeiture committee. Last year Fred Goodwin, former chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, was stripped of his knighthood.

    Savile raised more than £30 million for good causes, including £12 million to rebuild the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He died in October 2011, but his grave crimes only came to light the following year.

    A report by Scotland Yard and the NSPCC said he DJ spent ‘every waking minute’ thinking about abusing children and used his celebrity status to that end. Eighteen girls and ten boys aged under ten were abused – the youngest being a boy of eight targeted at his school. Allegations of sexual assault have been made by 450 individuals, aged up to 47, and some have yet to be interviewed.

    The 214 confirmed offences included 34 rapes and stretch across 28 police force areas. The most recent was in 2009 but they date back as far as 1955. Of his victims, 73 per cent were children, with youngsters aged as young as eight when they were targeted. Yesterday the BBC, whose premises were used by Savile for abuse, admitted its soul-searching about why it failed to expose the scandal has so far cost the licence fee payer almost £5million.

    The bill for three internal reviews launched after BBC2’s Newsnight failed to broadcast allegations of abuse against the DJ and TV presenter includes huge legal fees for senior staff and for consultants employed to black out chunks of a damning report. The bill currently stands at £4.9 million not including tax and VAT, which is equivalent to the cost of 33,677 licence fees. The corporation’s annual report also revealed pay for senior managers soared by 60 per cent to £4.1million, swollen by controversial ‘golden goodbyes’ for bosses forced out over the handling of the Savile affair.

  • Creepy Savile strange and complex yet still got a knighthood thanks to vile Thatcher
  • Tory Scum - Fuck off back to eton (MilitantRaverMix) VIDEO
    mps pay

  • MPs' pay rise: how politicians' pay has risen quicker than the workers'
  • Owen Jones on austerity VIDEO
    'We are all in this together' say noses in the trough MP's VIDEO
    Feast in Time of Crisis: MPs pay rise causes outrage in UK VIDEO
    The utter lies peddled by the tory scum and filth to justify massive inequality in Britain VIDEO
    thatcher zionism
    military funeral Watch the scum and filth laying it on heavy all this week that THEY care about dead soldiers when in fact THEY DON'T.

    Eton groomed toff Cameron goes off on his hols proving he doesn't really give a shit about murder on the streets of Britain. The deception is that the ruling mafia have to replay time and again a front for the psychopaths that rely on the peasantry to fight their evil wars and who are repaid with tacky worthless medals and trinkets dished out by the ruling mafia and the deception that the instigators of those wars CARE.

    They DON'T care they only USE and in using they manufacture endless bullshit to justify sending young men, usually from poorer backgrounds, into war zones to be maimed and murdered while the BIG chiefs sit 100's if not 1000's of miles away pontificating that war is good for protecting our freedoms. Anyone who lives in the UK and has tasted the wrath of the judicial or police mafia's knows where the real terrorism lies as there are more men psychological murdered by the royal lackeys scum and filth than all terrorism threats rolled into one.

    The media have gone overboard this week trying to create hero's out of those murdered due to the damage being done by a global psychopathic regime, the sad reality is that every last one employed as murderers for a UK state believe that those same psychopaths CARE when it is just one more dead body lining the streets to prop up the biggest and most brutal murderous regime on the planet. No matter how much hue and cry they and their media stir up, hero's are not made from war or the repercussions of war , hero's come from resisting the tyranny that from time to time masquerades as some sort of caring dictatorship that has brutally triggered wars murdering millions globally but especially in the Middle East for and on behalf of the Israeli supremacists pulling the strings of the political mafia that all jump when the masonic masters shout KILL.

  • Eton tory toff Cameron off on his holidays with murder on the streets of Britain
  • Mother of soldier killed in Iraq savages Cameron for Ibiza break in middle of terror crisis
  • Mass murdering tories henchwoman May on murder of soldier VIDEO

    These bastards killed ONE soldier the evil tories with their partners in crime ATOS and the DWP are killing thousands. Theresa May uses a soldiers death to allow the tory scum and filth to get on their high horse about how THEY won't tolerate terrorism yet they themselves are the biggest terrorists of all and doesn't include the warmongering across the globe they have supported and instigated. Thousands of innocent fathers being murdered by the family courts and they talk about the RULE of law and laws that are oppressing men to a point were they want to kill themselves.

  • Atos an arm of the DWP: mass murderer by another name
  • Family courts: mass murderer by another name
    Mike Wallis and Stephanie Bottrill
    Mike Wallis and suicide victim Stephanie Bottrill

    Bedroom Tax suicide: Brave driver who tried to save Stephanie Bottrill begs Coalition to scrap charge

    He begged David Cameron to scrap the tax to prevent any more householders taking their lives as Stephanie did because she could not afford to pay. A driver last night told how he tried to revive Bedroom Tax victim Stephanie Bottrill after she jumped in front of a lorry. Mike Wallis braved traffic to reach her stricken body, but his efforts to resuscitate the mum of two failed. And he begged David Cameron to scrap the tax to prevent any more householders taking their lives as Stephanie did because she could not afford to pay.

    The 27-year-old said: “It’s disgusting. I only found out yesterday she had committed suicide over the Bedroom Tax. "It’s so shocking that it has put someone up to do something so extreme. These ­politicians sit in cushy offices in London not realising the impact they have on people’s lives. “They should have given it more thought.” ­ Stephanie left a suicide note blaming the Government for her dire financial plight after she was hit with an £80 Bedroom Tax bill. Her children had left the council house in Solihull, West Mids, leaving two spare rooms.


  • Protesters shouting 'racist Nazi scum' barricade Ukip leader Nigel Farage in pub
  • Austerity but NOT when the tory scum are spending £160 billion on new DODGY military equipment VIDEO

  • Bedroom Tax suicide: Brave driver who tried to save Stephanie Bottrill begs tory / libdem scum and filth to scrap charge
  • How corrupt is Britain?
    corrupt britain Dr David Whyte says we need to challenge abuses of power in politics, the police and corporate sector.

    What is it we mean when we talk about "corruption"? The World Bank's definition of corruption, probably the most widely used is simply "the abuse of public office for private gain". This is the definition used by the major anti-corruption NGO Transparency International. But the historical experience of Britain shows that this definition is far too narrow to allow us to understand the problem in all of its dubious glory. It is a definition that has its origins in thinking about the problem of corruption as something which affects developing or economically 'backward' societies that fail to respect the liberal division between 'public' and 'private' domains. But there is a growing awareness in academic research, media reporting and public discussion that the problem of corruption actually has its origins closer to home. As anthropologists Dieter Haller and Cris Shore noted a decade ago, after the collapse of Enron and Worldcom: "Europeans and Americans cannot assume that grand corruption is something that belongs primarily to the non-Western 'Other' or to public-sector officials in defective state bureaucracies [but] can also be found in the very heart of the regulated world capitalist system."

    There is now a daily diet of corruption scandals hitting the headlines in Britain, a country that previously claimed a proud, if naive and largely mythical tradition of fair play, of open politics and clean business. There always been more than a vague whiff of racism in the claim that we're not a corrupt democracy, unlike many of our European - especially Mediterranean - counterparts. If we have corruption in British public life, we have always been told, it is only at the margins of our public and private institutions. Thanks to the daily reporting of major newspapers getting involved in phone taping and pay offs to police officers, the seemingly endless examples of the falsification of police statements in some of our highest profile cases such as Stephen Lawrence and Hillsborough, LIBOR rate-fixing, personal protection insurance mis-selling, horsemeat in our burgers, arms companies bribing foreign governments, drug companies illegally paying other drug companies to keep accessible medicines off the market, politicians being paid to ask questions and fixing expenses claims and so on and on and on, this whopping great myth is not longer plausible.

    There is now more than enough evidence in the public domain to show that corruption is endemic in our political institutions, our businesses and our police and security forces. We live in a world in which the boundaries between public and private power are increasingly blurred. Corruption appears to be spread through British public life using increasingly complex systems of capillary connections which show no respect for the boundaries between public and private domains. The narrow terms of accepted definitions of corruption simply don't capture what is going on.

    It is for this reason that the University of Liverpool and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is organising the conference "How corrupt is Britain?" The conference will challenge the long-outdated assumption that firstly, corruption is a problem that is most serious in far-away places, in governments that do not have our traditions. And secondly, that corruption is something that we can understand merely as a problem that stems from the actions of a minority of public officials who are 'on the make', rather than something that cuts across a growing plethora of powerful institutions, whether they are nominally 'public' or 'private'.

    The conference will have speakers and activists who are determined to challenge the abuse of power in politics, in the police and in the corporate sector. Rarely, if ever, do we talk about those things in the same place; even the best investigative journalism fails to make direct links across those different spheres of public life in Britain, or fails to question why all of this is beginning to rise to the top in all of our most trusted and venerated institutions. 'How corrupt is Britain?' will begin to join the dots across the public and private domains, and will begin a dialogue between campaigns for police accountability, tax justice, executive pay, political and corporate accountability, and the transformation of the financial sector. We invite you to join this dialogue.

    Dr David Whyte, University of Liverpool

  • Conservative 'Friends of Israel' a top zionist
    paul charney Paul Charney Chair - 'A solicitor and former IDF lieutenant made aliyah from South Africa in 1986 and served in an armoured division of the Israeli army for four years until 1996. Charney is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel and previously worked with the Jewish Association of Business Ethics(???)

    When, last November, Israel announced plans to build a settlement on E1, Charney said “Israel is taking steps to send out a message that the Palestinian leadership cannot keep undermining the peace process through unacceptable unilateral actions. The Zionist Federation will continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself from the rejectionist steps of Palestinian’s leadership”. You can follow his response to any questioning of Israel’s use of force (right to defend itself) at https://twitter.com/paulcharney

  • Zionist Federation morphs into ‘Israel is always right’ taskforce
  • Zionist Federation present the Jerusalem Prize to evil tory henchman Michael Gove
  • Jews for Justice for Palestinians
    cameron and obama freemasons

    cameron clegg miliband

    The zionist / freemasons are fucking with us politically by controlling the existing government lackeys and the ALTERNATIVE. It's crystal clear in both the UK and USA, whose political systems are totally dominated by Israeli supremacists via freemasonry on both sides of the political fence.

    In the UK the zionists are no longer disguising the fact, in that Cameron a right leaning zionist and Miliband a left leaning zionist are supposed to represent different political spectrums or each give that impression when in opposition but both represent parties that have heavy allegiances to Israel with their 'FRIENDS OF ISRAEL' factions. However when they get into power they carry on pushing through legislation that always favours their wealthy freemason/zionist backers leaving the peasants with the clear impression that this form of democracy is an utter joke and with a media hell bent on ONLY giving platforms to the political parties that are condoned by the Royal parasite and her merry band of masonic henchmen. They ALWAYS must be blackmailable and will kiss the royal arse at every opportunity and in no way represents the will of the people who are usually pushed down a road by the media propaganda that seldom provides any REAL political alternative.

    Until the sheeple waken up to the fact that neither side, despite being given many chances to prove they are in fact working for the peasants, are EVER going to ensure a level of equality with the spread of wealth getting to all sections of society while sinister dark forces remain in control of countries broken by an evil agenda. Only an urgent demand for change will improve a vile form of politics and its machinations where the sheeple believe they have some sort of choice even though the horses (donkeys) running the race all have the same owner.


  • Royal parasite gets £36,000,000 in state hand outs for 2013/4 (More than 12,000 benefit claimants get in year to live on)
  • Queen gets £6m tax-free pay rise as peasants are ground into the dust (What exactly does she do for a supposed salary? Plant a tree? Pull back a curtain to open some new arcade? Smash a bottle off a new ship? (rare now) Go on global holidays at tax payers expense?)
  • Vile tory cabinet and the large state hand outs they get for screwing the peasants (Not forgetting the massive expenses for everything they need to live a life of opulence)
  • How the Royal parasite keeps herself off the top of the RICH list (Her personal wealth in 1989 was £5,200,000,000 not counting the fact she also owns one sixth of the world's land mass yet she still gets state handouts as benefits into the millions)
  • Goodnight with George Galloway Thatcher episode, Explosive! VIDEO
    Owen Jones discussing the vile tory bedroom tax on Sky News VIDEO
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    Political Corruption is a Crime Against Hope
    akaash maharaj I wrote the article below while participating in the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Brasilia, in my capacity as member of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption delegation.

    During our ten-hour flight, my seatmate told me that he was travelling to Brasilia on a pilgrimage to meet the faith healer “John of God”, hoping for a cure for his daughter’s Parkinson’s disease. I replied that I was travelling to address the International AntiCorruption Conference, hoping to build a consensus amongst parliamentarians and NGOs to use international law to fight political corruption. My seatmate looked at me with an air of sympathy and scepticism. To him, I was obviously the one chasing a miracle.

    We live in an age of dire cynicism about corruption in politics. Nearly three-quarters of Canadians surveyed for Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer judged their government’s efforts against corruption to be “ineffective”. By this measure, Canadians have a lower opinion of their own government’s commitment to public integrity than do Pakistanis, Iraqis, and Nigerians. Since then, ongoing revelations by Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission of an orgy of bribery, influence peddling, and organised crime in the corridors of power have done little to improve the standing of Canada’s governing class. Globally, the consequences of political corruption almost defy understanding.

    The World Bank estimates that more than $1 trillion are paid in bribes every year, the largest of which are to obtain state contracts and monopolies. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that multinational criminality moves $2.1 trillion per year across borders, enabled by the active collusion or passive inattention of regulators. The Tax Justice Network estimates that governments lose $3.1 trillion per year because of tax evasion, disproportionately by those with the resources to sway policy makers or public servants. By comparison, meeting the much-vaunted Millennium Development Goals – eradicating extreme hunger and poverty, establishing universal primary education, reducing child mortality by twothirds, reducing maternal mortality by three-quarters, halting the spread of HIV and malaria, halving the proportion of people without access to clean water and sanitation, and promoting gender equality in schools and the workforce – would cost no more than $481billion in development. What the world loses to corruption in a single year would be enough to end the worst forms of human misery and transform human civilisation, at least a dozen times over.

    Political corruption robs citizens of our own resources, our fundamental rights, and our very identities as members of a free and equal society. It makes the weak prey to the strong, and delivers control of society into the hands of the unjust. It debilitates the nation, undermines the rule of law, and rots public confidence in democracy. It is a crime against hope itself. Corruption takes many forms: the theft of public resources; the sale of political influence; the betrayal of the public trust. In all cases, however, corruption thrives when political power is able to operate in the shadows, and it withers before the glare of public scrutiny. The solution to corruption is therefore extraordinarily simple to describe, though fiendishly difficult to achieve: a vigilant, relentless, and fearless community of citizens and parliamentarians, standing together between our leaders and the levers of power.

    Parliamentarians are the watchdogs of democracy, and it is tragic that so many citizens of so many nations perceive our watchdogs as having muted their bark, muzzled their bite, and been neutered by the very powers they were meant to hold at bay. It is a perception that is too often justified, but it is a perception that is just as often desperately unfair. There are parliamentarians around the world who risk their lives every day to speak for those who would otherwise have no voice. There are parliamentarians who tilt at the powerful for no better reason than to shield others. There are still parliamentarians who understand that election to office is not a licence to rule, but a contract to serve. Civic organisations, parliamentarians, and global institutions have come together this week in Brasilia at the International Anti-Corruption Conference, in an effort to join forces in the fight against corruption. It is the single largest anti-corruption gathering in history.

    We have seen a parade of noble laureates and village volunteers. We have wrestled with strategies that tell of vision and of folly. We have heard cries of optimism and howls of impotent rage. But ultimately, this gathering will succeed only if it ends by inspiring cynical citizens to believe that the political process can be part of the solution, not only part of the problem; by stirring courage in timorous legislators to stare down those who know no restraint; and by convincing both groups that together, we can achieve the victory over corruption that none of us can reach alone.

  • GOPAC (Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption) network


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