Britain in state of decay VIDEO
Poverty Crime: UK shoplifting soaring as tough economic times bite deeper VIDEO
Tory toff Cameron's lack of understanding of public outrage at the Snowden leaks VIDEO
British national security founded on fiction VIDEO

  • Eton tory scumbag Cameron supports a mobile phone system that was always designed as a NWO spy tool from the beginning (Would the public have been as keen to invest in mobile phones if they knew the ultimate goal was as a stasi state spy tool?)
  • Corruption 101: UK MPs to take ethics courses to resist temptation of lobbyists' cash VIDEO
    Council of Europe attack tory scum for manifestly inadequate welfare payments
    Tory mafia and their fascist allies like Harmsworth's Daily Rat ain't happy they are being exposed for their vile attacks on the most vulnerable citizens of the UK

    Eurocrats sparked fury (with the Eton groomed toffs) last night by ordering the UK to double welfare payments.

    The Council of Europe claims the handouts given to Britain’s jobless are ‘manifestly inadequate’.

    Ministers have been told they are in violation of the European Social Charter – potentially opening the door for claimants to take the Government to court to get more money. But ministers say obeying the diktat from the Council, which oversees the controversial European Court of Human Rights, would cost the UK billions of pounds and plunge efforts to reduce the deficit into chaos. To comply, Jobseeker’s Allow- ance (JSA) would have to be hiked by £71, from £67 to £138 a week.

    Last night Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith accused the Council of Europe of ‘lunacy’. He told the Mail: ‘This Government has made great strides in fixing the bloated welfare system we inherited from Labour. It’s lunacy for the Council of Europe to suggest welfare payments need to increase when we paid out £204billion in benefits and pensions last year.’ The Council said Britain had signed up to the Social Charter, which is ‘a legally binding economic and social counterpart to the European Convention on Human Rights’.

    The charter sets out a level of income which certain key benefits – including the JSA, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and State pension – must provide. Britain’s JSA, ESA (both £67 a week) and pension (about £102) all fall well below the £138 a week, or £596 a month, that the Eurocrats have set as the benchmark. Because all three are below a second threshold of £110 a week, they are rated ‘manifestly inadequate’.

    The Council cannot directly punish the UK for these ‘violations’, but its officials say national courts refer to these international standards when deciding on relevant cases. This means benefit claimants could try to use the Council’s condemnation to bolster their case for more money. Tory MPs last night reacted with anger.

    Douglas Carswell, Conservative MP for Clacton, said: ‘We simply cannot afford to spend more money on welfare.’ Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, said: ‘The Government can no longer stand by. They have got to say, “We’re sick to the back teeth of this interference, we’re going to withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights”.’ Last night a spokesman for the Council of Europe said the committee is well aware that changes in benefit payments ‘can be extremely difficult to bring about, certainly in the short term’.

    Iain Duncan Smith laughing
    Tory scum won't stand for selfish, feckless people – unless they're rich
    Sir Edward Leigh, Conservative MP for Gainsborough, has some strong words to say about the selfish way people in Britain behave today. A view, he declared, "has grown up that people are happiest if they are totally liberated. It is about 'me'. We are told Britain has changed and we have to accept it, but don't we have a responsibility to speak out for what's right?"

    Alas, Sir Edward is not speaking out against his party's attitudes to bankers' bonuses. His party is fighting a modest restriction on bonuses, imposed by the EU. Bankers, we are told again and again, are happiest when they are totally liberated. They are perfectly entitled to consider the private matter of their generous rewards to be "about 'me'". Britain has changed, and we have to accept it. Instead, Leigh is voicing his agreement with another Conservative MP, Sir Gerald Howarth. He believes that Britain needs to be more judgmental about parents who split up. It has come to his attention that this sort of thing is happening right across the country, even in his own constituency of Aldershot in Hampshire. Heaven forfend.

    Sir Gerald says that this is costing the taxpayer tens of billions of pounds a year. How come? What are these reprobates doing with their dosh? Eating it? No. They are spending it. They are spending it on rent and food and clothes, in local economies, where it keeps businesses ticking over and, of course, is taxed. The huge sums earned by bankers are often invested abroad, or spent on imported luxury goods. Cash is far more likely to pass through the hands of the wealthy straight into overseas economies. The money given out on welfare is far more likely to stay in UK circulation, being spent and taxed over and over again. Why do the Conservatives continue to insist that tens of billions sloshing around in the personal lives of bankers is good for the economy, while tens of billions sloshing around in the personal lives of ordinary people is bad for it?

    In this particular case, it's easy to see why. The people whose lack of ethical probity Howarth despises are poor. Poverty, to men such as he, is a moral failure. Conversely, wealth is seen as a moral success. Which is why so many people are appalled that Martin Scorsese's new film, The Wolf of Wall Street, should depict stockbrokers as every bit as self-indulgent and crooked as Raymond Hull, the drug-dealing father of 22 children who inspired Howarth's comments. Now, let it be said that Hull himself certainly deserves to be excoriated. The 58-year-old has 22 children by 11 women. He hasn't worked for 10 years, but was sentenced to 18 months in jail for cannabis dealing. He has been given a suspended sentence because he says he has to help his 26-year-old girlfriend, who works in a bakery, to look after their seven-month-old baby. This from a man who boasts that: "I only remember one birthday I think. And don't ask me to name them all including my grandchildren." Of which there are 19. There are very few people in Britain who would have any sympathy at all with this behaviour.

    Yet, Conservatives who agree with Howarth that Hull is just an extreme example of an ongoing problem would probably reject the idea that Jordan Belfort, the man whose criminal and debauched antics inspired The Wolf of Wall Street, is just an extreme example of another ongoing problem. They cling to the idea that the wealthy are imbued with a sense of public service while the poor are out for what they can get, despite the fact that the world is littered with counter-examples. Howarth insists that it's the children he is concerned about. He cites research, says the Telegraph, suggesting that children with separated parents are more likely to live in poverty, more likely to suffer from behavioural disorders and more likely to commit crime or abuse drugs. What he doesn't seem to understand is that poverty puts huge strain on relationships in the first place. If your marriage breaks up and there's some financial stability, it's much easier to handle matters in a civilised way that is less damaging to children.

    I was struck, watching Lucan, the recent television adaptation of John Pearson's book The Gamblers, by how that aristocratic London world of the 1960s was the last gasp of the double standard whereby the aristocracy could manage their sex lives and their family affairs as they pleased, while the middle and working classes were so painfully aware of "respectability". That division, so advantageous to the elite, is what Howarth and his ilk really yearn to return to. Yet the promise of free-market liberal democracy is that anyone can achieve the freedom conferred by wealth and success. But people without wealth and success can be highly susceptible to the idea that at least they can grab the freedom. Howarth particularly chastises the church for failing to promote marriage and focusing instead on being critical of poverty. People have stopped believing that they are poor and others are wealthy because of some godly moral design that is a mere dress rehearsal for an afterlife in which discipline and restraint is rewarded. People no longer believe that they should endure unhappiness because they no longer believe that they will get their reward in heaven.

    Certainly, in a better society, people would understand that to bring up children one should have commitment to those children, and should be able to provide the considerable financial stability that is necessary to do so. But in a political and economic culture that rejects the idea that "wealth creators" should provide their employees with stable conditions, room for advancement and a decent living wage, it's difficult to see where any kind of authoritative endorsement of such values can spring from. The last Labour government decided that it was best to let a little-regulated financial system get on with things as it saw fit, with the state subsidising its failure to provide decent pay with tax credits. The current coalition government prefers to continue protecting the financial system while limiting benefits.

    Both parties acknowledge that the "feckless poor" are a problem, Labour by emphasising "responsibilities as well as rights" just as regularly as the Conservatives do, but with more carrot and less stick. But what the political classes really have to ask themselves – and I'd be keen to know Howarth's views on this – is why they believe it is going to be easier to change the attitude of the poor to social duty and responsibility than it is to change the attitude of the rich. Isn't the reality that if you are unable to inspire those who are comfortable and financially secure to make personal sacrifices for the common good of society, then there is absolutely no chance that you can inspire such generosity in the uncomfortable and financially insecure?

    If the Conservatives want a moral revolution, then they should be thrashing matters out with their friends in high places, not using the example of a man whose behaviour is repellent to virtually the entire population in order to reassure those friends in high places that it's the common people who are creating all the problems, with their inability to settle for a hand-to-mouth life of insecure work, voucher-clipping and general acceptance of their challenging lot. Thankfully, the Conservatives are now beginning to acknowledge this problem, with influential support for an increase in the minimum wage to £7 an hour. It's a small step, but in the right direction, at last.

  • Space junk more precious to the tory scum than human life VIDEO

    A common failing of fascist dictatorships are where outlandish science projects are seen as more important to the political filth than making sure the peasants have a decent standard of living. If it's not the International Space Station, Cern's Large Hadron Collider or many more outlandish science projects there is NEVER a shortage of money for projects that don't provide positive results for all mankind just the multi-nationals who run them as well as the well heeled scientists who seem remote from the plight of their fellow men.
    Tory thug IDS ain't happy with the truth

  • Lunatic psycho tory henchman IDS not happy he is being exposed for the massive rise in food bank use
  • Cameron's 'mission accomplished' = Afghan war was a waste VIDEO
    Bizarre': UK treasury finds fresh billion to throw into foreign aid VIDEO

    While they are starving Britain's peasants
    Zionist leaning Tory scum and filth spend £1,000,000,000 on Israeli drones VIDEO

    While zionist Cameron and his tory henchmen destroy the peasants with massive
    austerity and welfare cuts they are busy handing the zionist mafia in Israel £1 billion pounds for spy drones.
    Ex Tory Cabinet minister 'caught on camera at homopaedo party'
    tory rat A former Tory cabinet minister is to be questioned by detectives after a video filmed at an underage sex party was seized by police.

    The video, along with a number of photographs, allegedly places the ex-MP, a household name, at a depraved orgy organised by a paedophile. The photographs were seized from a known child sex offender earlier this year and the video is believed to have come from another source. The veteran Tory, who we cannot name for legal reasons, is understood to deny any wrongdoing. But an alleged victim, who claims to have been at the event three decades ago, has come forward.

    Detectives used pictures of the alleged victim when he was a boy to cross reference with those of him at the party. Sources close to the investigation have made known the shocking new revelations to the Sunday Mirror and investigative news website Exaro. We previously revealed that the former minister was being investigated by detectives over allegations of child abuse.

    The key witness said: “The police tell me that they have photographic evidence that I went to these parties. They have a photograph of me as a child, and it matched some other photographs that they have of me. They have a bit of film as well.” Officers are due to begin a separate operation in the New Year into the sex party allegations as a spin-off from Operation Fairbank, which last year looked into allegations of abuse by politicians at the Elm Guest House in south west London. While the video and photographs allegedly place the ex-minister and the victim at a party where boys were supplied to men, they do not prove that the former politician carried out any abuse.

    But one source, a specialist in child protection, said: “This is potentially bombshell stuff. I have long been aware of the fact that these parties took place in London. This could be very significant.” Detectives believe that some of the sex parties – some of which are believed to have been attended by paedophiles Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith – were organised by Britain’s most notorious child abuser, Sidney Cooke, as we revealed in February. Cooke led the ring of four jailed for killing Jason Swift in Hackney, East London, after gang-raping him in 1984. The alleged victim claims he was ­trafficked, along with other children, to Holland by Cooke’s gang.

    Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit has been working with Dutch police, and an officer from Amsterdam attended an interview by Met detectives with the key witness. The Sunday Mirror told in February how the minister had been photographed by police in 1986 entering a property where one of the sex parties was being held, but no arrests were made. Cooke, now 86, would pick up the unsuspecting teenage boys from streets around Kings Cross. He would drive them to places across North London where paedophiles lay in wait to rape them repeatedly.

    A former officer, who worked on Operation Orchid which convicted Cooke and his gang, claimed they had taken pictures of the minister and that 16 members of an alleged VIP paedophile ring were due to be arrested. But the day before the arrests were to be carried out, detectives were told the operation had been disbanded. Scotland Yard said they would not comment on an on-going investigation.

  • Number 10 eviction notice
    No.10 eviction notice
    British Home Office once funded the perverted Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
    home office The head of the Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations that the Government gave tens of thousands of pounds to a notorious paedophile group.

    Civil servants are trawling through decades’ worth of files to look for any evidence that the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex.

    The extraordinary move has been triggered by Permanent Secretary Mark Sedwill following claims by an ‘insider’ that the Voluntary Services Unit (VSU), which gave annual grants totalling thousands of pounds to charities, had provided financial assistance to the network of abusers. Labour MP Tom Watson says a retired Home Office employee told him he had raised concerns in the 1970s about the funding, but was warned to drop the matter.

    Mr Watson told The Mail on Sunday last night: ‘We are lifting the lid on a murky period in political history. It feels as if we are getting closer to getting the answers that many people have been looking for for a long time. ‘People will be astounded if we discover that a Government of any political hue was funding the PIE.' A spokesman for the Home Office confirmed: ‘We are aware of the allegations and the Permanent Secretary has commissioned a thorough, independent investigation into what funding the VSU previously provided.’

    It is hoped the inquiry will finally uncover the truth about the links between paedophiles and the State following almost 40 years of claims of an establishment cover-up. PIE was formed in the early 1970s and openly called for the age of consent to be lowered to four, despite public outrage. In 1976 morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse accused a gay charity that did receive Government grants, the Albany Trust, of helping fund PIE, but this was denied at the time.

    A one time chairman of PIE, Steven Smith, worked as a heating and lighting engineer at the Home Office’s headquarters in Whitehall until he was exposed by a Sunday newspaper in 1982. He went on the run but was jailed for possessing 3,000 drawings of child abuse two years ago. After a PIE leader Tom O’Carroll was jailed in 1981 it emerged that a retired diplomat, Sir Peter Hayman, had been a supporter of the network and police had discovered his collection of obscene diaries but decided not to prosecute him. The MP who exposed him, Geoffrey Dickens, also handed three dossiers on PIE and alleged child abusers to the Home Office and the Director of Public Prosecutions but it is claimed they were ignored.

    Following calls by child protection campaigners, an independent review was held in February this year of all Home Office files from 1979 to 1999 to ‘identify any information received about organised child abuse’. Led by an HMRC investigator, it examined 746,000 files and identified ‘13 items of information about alleged child abuse, including four cases involving Home Office staff’. These four workers were all dismissed between 1996 and 1998, recent Freedom of Information documents state, but no evidence was found of links between them or use of ‘Home Office equipment or facilities’.

    The review concluded that the Home Office ‘did pass on to the appropriate authorities’ all the information it received about child abuse, as well as taking action against suspected staff. Whitehall sources said the new review was at an early stage.

  • MP's giving themselves an 11% pay rise should spark a revolution
    masonic houses of parliament

    What happened to 'We are all in this together'? THEY are laughing at the peasants who believe they vote these scum and filth into power to look after them. THEY only look after themselves with both left and right one and the same corrupt fraudsters who swear allegiance to CROWN power and are paid to raid the coffers of the unsuspecting public. A bunch of liars and thieves that throughout history have done nothing to narrow the gap between their rich backers and the peasants.

    MPs are set to receive an 11% pay rise when a parliamentary watchdog publishes its final recommendations on salaries this week.

    The rise is due after the 2015 general election and will take pay to £74,000. But the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is also expected to announce a squeeze on pensions and the resettlement grants that MPs are given when they leave Parliament.

    All three party leaders disagreed with the rise when it was first proposed. However Ipsa does not need to get the agreement of Parliament to bring in the changes. The pay rise for MPs is expected to cost the public purse £4.6m.

    But Ipsa is also set to increase the amount that MPs have to contribute to their pensions, and to downgrade MPs' final salary scheme to a career average in line with the rest of the public sector.

    We believe that the cost of politics should be going down, not up” so says Downing Street

    Ipsa was created by Parliament in the wake of the MPs' expenses scandal in 2009.

    Tea and biscuits

    A Downing street spokeswoman said MPs' pay was "a matter for Ipsa", but added: "The government has submitted its views to Ipsa as part of the body's consultation on MPs' pay. "It made it clear that, while Ipsa is an independent body set up by Parliament, in future decisions on remuneration it expects Ipsa to take into account the government's wider approach to public service pay and pensions. "We believe that the cost of politics should be going down, not up."

    Prime Minister David Cameron has stopped short of matching the pledge by the other party leaders to reject any extra money, and some Tory MPs support the increase. But he has said Westminster pay should not rise while others face restraint. Ipsa previously said it had looked at increasing the current salary of £66,396 to anywhere between £73,365 and £83,430, but opted for a lower figure "in recognition of the current difficult economic circumstances". A lot of backbench MPs believe they should be paid more.

    After 2015, it proposes that MPs' wages would increase annually in line with average UK earnings. The changes would also see a £15 dinner allowance and claims for tea and biscuits scrapped. And it would mean taxpayer-funded taxis were only permitted after 23:00.

    There would also be a crackdown on claims made for running second homes, with costs such as TV licences and contents insurance no longer being met. The public will be "furious that the pay rise comes at a time when MPs urge public pay restraint and the chancellor tells us he can't afford to ease the burden of taxes on hard-pressed households and businesses".

  • Commons pay watchdog is expected to cause public outrage by pressing ahead with an 11 per cent hike for MP's
  • Broken Britain: The ‘Them n Us’ Divide
  • The rantings of a psychopath

    Anyone who has been watching the Eton groomed twat masquerading as a Chancellor during the Autumn statement and talking himself up as if he has created a mini financial recovery can see a psychopath operating at their extreme. A government that has brought millions of UK citizens to their knees with debt and unable to keep up with the massive rises in costs especially energy rises.

    A government that has psychologically tortured thousands of the vulnerable, dependent on state help, to death using the DWP and ATOS, thousands who have died in hospitals and care homes for the elderly thanks to wide spread abuse and lack of resources.

    Millions of men fleeced of their life's work thanks to the continued corruption in courts the length and breadth of Britain. Thousands of children dying due to social work failures and poverty and abused in state care homes. Listening to psychopath Osborne you would think the miracle he imagines in his deranged mind was real when in reality it is pure fiction manufactured to justify his attacks on millions of ordinary citizens to satisfy the greed of London city. He rants about HARD WORK when he and his tory cronies have never known what it is like to do any physical work most of them living a life of opulence on the back of inherited wealth from tax dodging forefathers meanwhile he raises the age of retirement to 70 years of age stating that it is so that people retire only for one third of their life.

    Has he seen the stats for deaths of men that know what it is to WORK in mining , shipbuilding and steel mills? How does he think those men can continue to work until 70 when few ever reach the average age of life expectancy yet will end up working until they drop thanks to ruthless callous mobsters who have lost touch with reality.

  • The plan is working, says psycho Osborne (but only for his rich tax dodging backers in the city)
  • Osborne is making people work until they drop': Chancellor to unveil 'fantasy land' pensions shake-up that will make under-50s work until they're SEVENTY
  • Osborne's "people getting richer" claims exposed as outrageous spin
  • Tory henchman Osborne's financial miracle is a massive devious lie
  • A Brand new politics VIDEO
    Even tory Goldsmith admits the three main UK political parties have forever failed the public VIDEO
    Britain's three political party leaders (royal wags)meet the same boss at Buckingham Palace
    three royal wags
  • All the royals men meet at Buckingham Palace HERE
  • Reputation Purge: UK's Tory lying filth clean website to 'brush broken promises under carpet' VIDEO
    Pitcairn Paradise: UK funnels huge sums into Pacific islands VIDEO
    Austerity Hypocrisy Dooms Tory Re-Election
    Once again, the latest and the greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

    The state of dark, rebellious passions which now rule the ranks of Broken Britain’s common herd society – the very ‘sheeple’ that this Con-Dem Nasty Party Coalition assume with unqualified arrogance to lord it over – are those of acrimonious dissent and do not bode well for Tory or Lib-Dum candidates alike at the ballot box come the day of reckoning in 2015. The entire pissed-off voting demographic of our once sceptred isle is ready and raring for this next general election in May 2015 – counting down the passing days alike the hapless Estragon and Vladimir waiting for Godot - (who unbeknown to his pals copped for a fatal ration of NHS Trust Liverpool Care Pathway treatment after being hospitalised with an ingrowing foreskin some days previously and most definitely won’t be arriving as scheduled).

    With fanfare and vengeful relish, on the 7th May 2015 we can express our collective ire at the voting booth and hoof this absurd Tory-dominated coalition vaudeville dog n pony show out of office – and hopefully not put an X down for the also-ran election pledge-breaking Lib-Dum ‘Loser’s Party’ - or the child wunderkind-led New Labour incompetents whose mismanagement of domestic and international affairs caused this flatline economic calamity in the first place. At a pinch the indestructible Nutty Nigel Barrage and UKIP sounds a fair alternative choice, or the equally bonkers tree hugging crowd, or the BNP – or the EDL – or even Screaming Lord Sutch’s Raving Loony Party – or do we return to a system of autonomous tribal collectives, dump the Crapitalist monetary ripoff and go back to barter trading?

    While no fucker or their dog actually won the 2010 general election, and Cabbage Patch Dave’s Nasty Party garnered a few more votes than the Gordon Cyclops Broon and the New Labour dog wankers – things were still pretty free and easy until the Tory’s Minister for Social Misery, Iain Duncan Shit – assisted in no minor way by the train fare dodging Chancellor George ‘Spankies’ Osborne and Her Royal Pompousness, Employment Minister Esther ‘Blonde Moments’ McVey - set out on a pre-plotted course of strategic social engineering strikes to devastate the dignity of the unemployed and disabled with their respective ‘lettres de cachet’ – so they were branded as common herd pauper scum, then subsequently disenfranchised and cast out, stigmatised by the ruling hierarchy as the wretched of the earth. Let’s be clear on one fact here – the ‘disenfranchised’ were not just a slew of ne’er-do-well workshy scroungers and disabled impersonators with their little walking sticks and limp wrist slings – the social benefit addicts that hang around outside boozers all afternoon rolling ciggies and mainline on jobseekers allowance, sick pay and housing benefit – but the actual poor and needy ostracised in situations of acute want and distress, abandoned by this duplicitous nanny state, to survive by their wits and own devices. Not an easy task for those frail of limb and short on mental acumen.

    In utter disgust we perceive these merciless, empathy-deficient pondscum twats such as the above-named trio and their 640-odd House of Conmans cohorts – along with the Shitehall civil service jobsworth bureaucrats – who simply erode the integrity and trust required for democracy to function. To wit, their actions are tantamount to treason. And the main blame for this state of affairs lies squarely with Iain Duncan Shit, the DWP’s welfare benefits-slashing answer to Freddie Kruger. Blighted as he might be with a legion of palpable faults, he’s thus deservedly earned the thousand and one pejoratives that serve to describe his sub-human condition to a tee – and branded as a smug cunt about sums him up - end of story.

    With Duncan Shit, if he was a black feller, then we could perhaps put this failure to comprehend the misery he’s causing down to some congenital mental aberration, such as the Bell Curve Deficiency Syndrome – same problem as afflicts Barky ‘Drone Wars’ Obama - the Kenyan-Indonesian ‘Harry Lennix’ clone – that ‘darkie’ Muslim cuckoo currently squatting in the White House under false pretences and trying his damndest to beat Dubya Bush’s and Tony Bliar’s war crimes body count records. But alas, 20/20 hindsight does not provide a facility to revise or correct the flaws of past government actions, hence worthless onanist twats like Mr Duncan Shit simply fall into Parliament’s perpetual recycling of duff politicians process, with the tosser hoofed out of the party leadership post due his reliance on the evasive art of temporising – a habit evolved following a lifetime of making the wrong decisions.

    Thus ousted as Fuhrer of the Nasty Party, alike his equally useless Tory contemporaries - closet case Willy ‘Fudge’ Vague and the bloodsucking Michael ‘Drac’ Howard - the not fit for purpose hypocrisy-ridden Iain Duncan Shit, while basking in the perverted schadenfreude joys he derives from turning Broken Britain’s welfare benefits system into a hit n run, scorched earth hopscotch game, has conveniently engaged selective memory mode to overlook the fact he personally took a year off work when his missus was ill. Oh yes, and all fully paid up - with us, the hapless taxpayers, getting shafted for the cost of that holiday - and nary a single ATOS check on his ability to do even part-time work – whereas any other fucker and their dog tried to pull a stunt like that and their welfare benefits get the chop.

    Then in charge of this millionaire’s cabinet of tosspots we have Mr Austerity himself, Posh Dave Scameron, a ‘man tits’ flabby self-delusional buffoon who believes that in the eyes of the common herd (us) the Tory Party now constitutes an actual reformist ‘belief system’ – with him as the cult’s Messiah. But Bullingdon Dave, current mouthpiece for the Great and the Good, fails to comprehend the stark realities of cause and effect inflicted on the heads of innocents by his fatally flawed coalition’s mismanagement of domestic and international / foreign policy affairs – and the devastation wrought not only on the economy of our once-sceptred isle but that too of our iconic welfare state safety net – specifically designed to cater for the diversity of human needs – and the once-boasted pride and joy of society’s victims - the real needy and benefit scroungers likewise.

    Successive governments have worked for decades on delivering this Womb to Tomb welfare state and hence embellished the entitlement culture to an inbred cradle to grave expectation that borders on addiction – then the Tory Nasty Party, in their frustrated incompetence and ineptitude over how to reduce the national debt (just default) start slashing family and single parent benefits and can’t comprehend why they are pilloried by unemployed, homeless, gut-hungry mobs every which way they turn now the iconic privileges have been blocked. And let’s not mention the £££ zillions ‘wasted’ on foreign aid charity and funding neo-imperialist wars of aggression – all of which would be better spent here in Third World Broken Britain.

    Regardless, with hindsight thrown to the vagaries of the four winds, the austerity juggernaut lumbers on, claiming fresh victims with each passing day - crushing the Remploy facilities, paring down pensioner’s winter fuel allowance payments by £50 quid (as ‘unregulated’ gas and electric tariffs soar); imposing draconian second bedroom taxes - and all the while the House of Conmans bludgers are giggling away, personally ignoring the flatline state of our de-industrialised nation’s finances and while refusing to accept a ‘benefits cap’ on their Parliamentary expenses, are regardless and without a hint of self-regulatory control, shamelessly pushing for an 11% pay raise. Yet we, the common herd, the 99%, the great unwashed, the useless eaters, the wretched of the earth, - who just happen, by circumstance of our toil and sweat, to be the ones actually funding the lifestyles of this privileged class - who by self-proclaimed divine right to rule have been sneering down their lardy-da toff class noses at the peasantry and lording it over us for centuries – nay, millenniums - and hence we are fully inured to being shit on by inbred bloodline mongrels who’ve been swimming too long at the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Homelessness and youth unemployment, along with the myriad ills of our diseased economy, collectively represent the mechanism – explosive charge, shrapnel and detonator - of a socio-political time bomb of sub-nuclear proportions just tick-ticking away in the background of Broken Britain’s neglected inner city urban sprawls – our slum ‘projects’ and ghettoes.

    Hmmm, come the Day of the Rope …… rebellion …… enough said.

  • Only psychopaths believe nuclear power is safe



    Three mile island, Chernobyl and now Fukushima still have NOT dented the political psychopaths view that nuclear power stations are good for humanity and using global warming to offset the argument that we need this form of power despite toxic radiation poisoning encircling the globe as it is now doing BIG TIME with Fukushima.

    You may be sitting a few thousands miles away thinking your safe enough from this disaster but just now high levels of radiated water are spilling into the Pacific Ocean uncontained leaving the waters around Japan with highly concentrated radiation from the water they used to try and stop any meltdown. That water is now heading across the Pacific to mainland America and Canada and no doubt rising in plumes into the atmosphere to fall somewhere on earth as rain.

    None of us are so far from the point of the disaster that we can be complacent yet the psycho's in the tory government running Britain with a murderous hand have decided in their very warped wisdom that what Britain needs right now is another nuclear power station. We have been exposing how the poor and vulnerable are being murdered by the tory state assassins at ATOS and DWP psychologically torturing and pushing the vulnerable into committing suicide while those with terminal illness are shown a cold callous indifference to their dire financial plight by the tory gangsters and who are dying in their droves, at the last count 32 per week. So it will come as no surprise that they clearly do not give a damn about human life and are quite prepared to see a further addition to the already over subscribed use of nuclear power stations in Britain.

    The sheeple who have voted these scum and filth in need to waken up before a disaster similar to Fukushima hits the shores of the UK as the mobsters in control seem to be so far advanced in their psychotic state that they are still trying to convince the public that nuclear reactors are a GREAT idea.


    "Britain's government and main opposition parties support nuclear power and anti-nuclear sentiment among the population is muted by comparison with other parts of Europe."

  • Fukushima's DEAD zone
  • Britain to build Europe's first nuclear plant since Fukushima
  • Extensive archives of the Fukushima Symposium (VIDEO)
  • Fukushima: Media given rare look inside stricken nuclear plant (VIDEO)
  • 'Shut down all nuclear power plants!' anti-nuclear activist Dr Helen Caldicott (VIDEO)
  • Medical Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident (VIDEO)
  • Fukushima poisoning the world's oceans
  • Mass murder of the sick, vulnerable and elderly in far from GREAT Britain VIDEO
    Former prostitute pictured with George Osborne raided by cops on eve of book about her dominatrix past
    osborne ande mistress pain Freemason cops use 'DRUGS' as an excuse to batter down any victims door they want to persecute

    The former dominatrix once pictured with George Osborne claims that her home was raided by police just days after she announced she was planning to write an autobiography.

    Natalie Rowe, who has made completely-denied claims about the chancellor, alleges that up to 12 police officers stormed her home looking for drugs. The former madam, who plans to publish a book describing her alleged connection with the politician, says that while they raided her home an officer asked her about the autobiography. Mr Osborne was embroiled in a scandal in 2005, when a picture surfaced showing him in his twenties sitting alongside Miss Rowe when she was working as a dominatrix known as 'Mistress Pain'. She told the Sunday People: 'I'm not into conspiracy theories. 'I'd like to think the fact that I've been unfairly targeted by the police has nothing to do with the fact that my book is about to be published, which happens to be very embarrassing for the Chancellor. 'But it's certainly made me wonder.'

    The former madam claims that her home was raided on October 2, and she was locked in her living room while police searched her home. They told her they had been tipped off by a member of the public that there were drugs in her property - a claim that Miss Rowe strongly denies. She claims that she was not allowed to call a lawyer and officer spent nearly two hours combing her home for drugs, but they did not find any.

    She says that she warned them not to read the manuscript of her book, which she had left on her bed, and was asked if she was 'writing her memoirs'. Miss Rowe also claims that when she called up to complain about how police stormed her home, she was told that she was about to 'open up a whole can of worms'. The former dominatrix has made an official complaint to police and plans to contact the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

    When Miss Rowe met Mr Osborne, she was dating William Sinclair, a member of one of the country’s biggest landowning families. He and the future Chancellor were members of Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club, a male-only institution with a reputation for heavy drinking and riotous behaviour. Miss Rowe has previously claimed that Mr Osborne knew that she had an escort agency and once discovered whips and sex toys in her apartment. She said he had 'found it quite amusing.’

    She said the party at which Mr Osborne was photographed was held to celebrate her becoming pregnant by Mr Sinclair. She added: ‘It was definitely cocaine on the table.

    ‘I remember vividly on that particular night I said to George, jokingly, "When you are prime minister one day I will have all the dirty goods on you" and he laughed. Although the picture was taken before Mr Osborne entered politics, it was published when he had taken centre stage in the Conservative party as shadow chancellor. The Conservative Party has been contacted for comment.

    A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'Following information received, officers based in Kensington and Chelsea obtained a warrant to search an address under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 on October 2. 'No drugs were found and no one was arrested. 'A formal complaint was received on October 9. It has been referred to the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS). We are not prepared to discuss further.'

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  • Why Fascists Hate Anarchy
    The fear of statelessness, randomness, and unpredictability.

    Classical fascism and classical anarchism are philosophical brothers with a lengthy history of fighting each other. Both were composed of former Marxists equipped with militancy and syndicalism interlaced with visions of a natural order. The primary difference between the fascists and the anarchists is the question of the state. The former views the state as paramount to a decent order, the latter views the state as problematic.

    In contrast to the anarchists, the fascists are far more fearful of the Black Swan. The “Black Swan” theory is an attempt to explain rare and unexpected high profile events driven by chance and randomness that immediately falsify inductive logic. The Black Swan is more or less a metaphor to show the ways in which humans rely on “the experts” or “the intellectuals” to predict a calculated future based on historical information—when in reality the experts and intellectuals are clueless as to what will come. The Black Swan event is entirely unpredictable yet seems explainable in retrospect — everything is always obvious after the fact.

    Examples of Black Swans include the birth of religions, the rise of new political powers, stock markets crashing, large scale terrorist attacks, things like the computer being invented, governments collapsing, and so on. Contrary to fascist belief, the history of the world has been driven by a small handful of random, unpredictable, and devastating Black Swans. It should be noted that the Black Swan can be seen as positive as well as negative, depending on your circumstances.

    Now to be fair, most of the contemporary anarchist movements fear the Black Swan, as well. Anarchists believe they are following rational, truthful and factual calculations when in actuality they are following a belief of certainty based on hindsight and dubious predictors. In other words, most anarchists are planning a future of white swans. The various anarchist intellectuals allude to a truth of a conclusion which offers a vision of what their particular form of anarchy might “look like.” And yet this conclusion is so fragile. It only takes a single black bird to come along and bring it all down. The Black Swan character of anarchy is too shocking, too surprising, and too non-systematic — even for anarchists. If anything, to ‘be an anarchist’ is to recognize that anarchy is so disorderly, so unpredictable, and so original as to disrupt itself by creating a massive feeding ground for more Black Swans to join in. Of course anarchists can not possibly predict the future activity of anarchy. It would seem to me that to ‘be an anarchist’ means that we must allow ourselves to think in a way that allows anarchy to surprise us, and strangely so.

    The fascist, however, struggles with the randomness of the world. He takes himself to extreme lengths to prevent the inevitable and unstoppable Black Swan from entering in. He is overly conservative toward the negative Black Swan and thus remains hostile to the positive Black Swan. For instance, the fascist clings to “state power” as a necessary tool to survival — even as the failed nation-state hollows out and allows for new systems of governance to emerge.

    When one studies the history of the modern state one will find a centralization of top-down decision-making by self-serving leaders whose decisions are incredibly fragile because those who control the state are working within a particular framework to maintain power. The state is inherently weak due to it’s inability to allow for its parts to be regularly destroyed and reconstructed, as seen in nature’s strongest systems (biological evolution, the human body, etc.). Internal destruction is a necessary component to the development of a strong, ever changing natural system that functions beyond the constraints of a conventional state. Just as anarchy generates new modes of human creative ability, so does it too carry the less fashionable but equally important process of eliminating weakness.

    In fear of the negative Black Swan, the fascists prefer to disband weakness by attempting to use the state to starve society of volatility, randomness, and unpredictability, thereby constructing a monstrous parent state in opposition to harm, and annihilating the self-organization and spontaneous healing of human nature through systematic self domination. Humans who attempt to hide from nature’s chaos will only be harmed by nature more than they will benefit from nature. One can not respond robustly to nature’s bombshells without recognizing and honoring the volatility and randomness of human nature while remaining free to tinker and experiment with individual and tribal fitness.


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  • Tory scum and filth try to take moral high ground on porn (Lecturing to the peasants yet their own kind are charged with homosexual rape)
  • Tory henchman Osborne singing the tory tune of 'Bash the Jobless'
    George Osborne started the day as Mr Bumble and finished as Billy Liar.

    In the morning he echoed Oliver Twist’s workhouse beadle, accusing the undeserving of wanting “something for nothing” and demanding they toil for gruel.

    Shameless Osborne either lacks self-awareness or this wealthy Conservative, born with an entire silver dinner service in his mouth, has undergone an irony bypass. Because he’s a posh poster boy for the very “something for nothing” culture he claims to detest, in time a baronetcy will come his undeserving way. Sensitive soul, Sir George. He likes to dish it out but doesn’t like to take it back.

    A Tory spin doctor insisted it was unfair to portray him as calculating and heartless. Double tough. Singing the Tory traditional tune of Bash the Jobless to deflect criticism of his own economic failures is scapegoat politics. Just when I thought Osborne couldn’t get any worse, he changed to Billy Liar. The Treasury fantasist thinks he’s engineered an economic miracle.

    I don’t know what they smoke his end of White-hall but it’s left him delusional. History’s slowest recovery a sensational achievement? Did he forget he was down-graded after running out of credit, stripped of a Triple-A stamp? If plummeting living standards are success hallmarks, I shudder to wonder what he’d call failure.

    Behind the security fences here, champagne corks are popping. Braying Tories party as if austerity is over for them as Osborne prepares 10 more years of misery for everybody else. Deceitful Sir George is reviving the Con in Conservative.

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