Shamed Co-op boss to be quizzed over cover-up of homopaedo abuse at Cyril Smith school
Monstrous freemason cover up rife in a growing report of suicides among young boys disturbingly abused by a homopaedo ring that included cops and social services who would have been involved in reports during divorces that would have lead to children being taken into care and into the hands of the perverts getting away with murder. There is METHOD in their madness that every single MP at the time would have been aware of yet did NOTHING.

Former Co-op chairman Paul Flowers will be formally questioned about his role in an alleged ‘cover-up’ of appalling sex abuse at a school founded by homopaedo MP Cyril Smith. The ex-Methodist minister faces an official inquiry into claims that he and others ignored a series of damning reports. At the time, he was vice-chairman of Rochdale Council’s social services committee, which oversaw Knowl View School during a time it was described as ‘a sweet shop for homopaedo's. Boys as young as seven were abused by Smith and his depraved cronies in what is now viewed as one of the country’s worst-ever child sex scandals.

Despite countless warnings, the authorities failed to act and the crimes at Knowl View – for children with learning difficulties and behavioural problems – were kept hidden from the public. This week Flowers will receive a letter saying that he must answer questions from Andrew Warnock QC, who is leading the investigation into Rochdale Council’s handling of the allegations. Nine others will be put on notice in the same way.

Rochdale Council leader Colin Lambert said: ‘The letter is quite strong and lengthy, and they should be worried because the allegation is that they took part in a cover-up. So if they knew and decided not to do anything that is a very serious matter. There are criminal issues here.’

Mr Lambert said Flowers ‘is mentioned in a number of documents because he was involved in at least one of the committees which had an interest in Knowl View’. The inquiry’s findings will be passed to Greater Manchester Police, which last night revealed it is investigating two new reports of abuse. Since late 2012, the force has been looking at a number of allegations relating to the school. Mr Warnock’s inquiry, which will cover the years 1985 to 1995, is to focus solely on the alleged cover-up.

The QC intends to begin interviewing Flowers and the others early next month. Mr Lambert said: ‘If they don’t want to co-operate and answer certain questions then that is enough in itself. ‘The review will be passed on to the police for further investigation and then they will have to answer questions. We are essentially advising certain people that it would be foolish not to talk at this stage. I said in November that no stone would be left unturned in finding out whether there was a cover-up at the council in relation to Knowl View. It is imperative that public trust is restored.’

Flowers was copied in on a confidential letter discussing the council’s response to a report by the local health authority alleging that homopaedo's from a wide area had access to the boys aged seven to 16. Yet alarm bells were being rung constantly by health professionals from 1988 to 1992, when Flowers held key council posts. Between those years three reports were issued detailing serious sexual abuse at Knowl View, yet no one was held to account.

While there is no suggestion that Flowers was involved in any abuse at Knowl View, his time on the council coincides with key developments in the alleged cover-up. It was in 1988 that Dr Alison Frazer, a child psychiatrist at Birch Hill Hospital, first alerted Rochdale’s Education Department. Flowers, then ministering at the Methodist church in Drake Street, was elected as a Labour councillor that year and joined the council’s education committee.

Three years later, Phil Shepherd, a health authority HIV specialist, made a sex education day visit to the school and was appalled by what he discovered. In a devastating report, he wrote at the time: ‘One boy who is homosexual has contact with an adult outside the school. Several of the senior boys indulge in oral sex with one another. ‘Reputedly five of the junior boys (seven to 13) have been or are involved in “cottaging” in and around public toilets.

‘Men as far away as Sheffield are believed to be aware of this activity and travel to Rochdale to take part. One eight-year-old is thought to have been involved . . . some boys have been “forced” to have sex with each other.’ He concluded: ‘We are committed to preventing the spread of HIV. The boys in this school look to us to be increasingly at risk.’ Mr Shepherd’s report was first sent to the-then director of education, Diana Cavanagh. In her reply, she promised action would be taken, but asked him to circulate his report no further and ‘not to undertake any independent action.’

At this time, Flowers had moved on to become vice-chairman of the social services committee. It is unclear if he read the contents of the report. But he was copied in on a letter, written on April 16, 1991, by the acting director of social services, Ian Davey, to Pam Hawton, chairman of Rochdale’s health authority, discussing the council’s response to Mr Shepherd’s report. Mr Davey wrote about a ‘concerted approach to the problem involving police, education and social services’, concluding: ‘I hope you will feel reassured that there is professional action being taken to address the issues at Knowl View.’

In response to Mr Shepherd’s report, consultant clinical psychologist Valerie Mellor carried out an inquiry on behalf of the council. She concluded that a quarter of the pupils at the 48-place school had been involved in serious sexual incidents, ‘over a very long period of time’. Five months later, a pupil and former pupil, both aged 14, were cautioned by police for soliciting in Rochdale’s Smith Street toilets. And it was not until 1994, when the Shepherd and Mellor reports were discovered by chance by the school’s head of care, Martin Digan, that Knowl View closed.

By this time, Flowers had left the council, having been moved in 1992 to Bridlington in Yorkshire by the Methodist Church. Mr Digan said: ‘I have seen with my own eyes the damage done to the lives of the pupils at Knowl View, some of whom have taken their own lives as a result of the abuse they suffered. ‘For decades now they have been let down by everyone especially the police and the local authority who allowed this sweet shop for paedophiles to exist even when they knew what was happening. ‘I am pleased the council has appointed a QC . . . and I will be sharing my knowledge with him.’

Even after the school was closed in 1995, the council’s then-chief executive, John Pierce, was insisting there had been no cover-up. Mr Pierce said at the time: ‘The police have also stated quite clearly they do not believe there is any substance in allegations of a cover-up relating to incidents at the school, and that all the issues involved were investigated at the time by a number of agencies and the necessary action taken.’ The police did investigate the crimes again in 2000 and, in 2002, a man was jailed for a year for three counts of indecent assault and eight counts of gross indecency.

At the time, however, officers said there was not enough evidence to charge other individuals and that no specific allegations were made at that time against Cyril Smith. Two years after the MP’s death in 2010, the authorities admitted that Smith had been protected and should have been charged. Last week, Greater Manchester Police admitted that seven people had come forward to report abuse by the MP and others at Knowl View from the 1970s onwards, and that officers were looking at ‘at least 11 suspects’.

One former pupil, 41-year-old Chris Marshall, who was seven when he attended the school, said: ‘Our lives were a living hell. Teachers would take pupils to a public toilet in Manchester where the boys would have sex with men who had travelled from all over the North. ‘Men would come to the school and we were made to have sex with them. I was forced to perform a sex act on the late MP Cyril Smith, who we called “the Fat Man”. It had such an effect on us that some of the boys have either committed suicide or are in prison. ‘I feel let down by the council because we were vulnerable children and they were supposed to be taking care of us. Instead we were exposed to the most horrible acts of depravity.’

Around the time of the reports, Flowers and his colleagues on Rochdale social services committee were facing calls to resign over the Satanic abuse scandal when 16 children were wrongly taken from their parents and rehomed, some in Knowl View. Flowers had close political links to Smith – they were members of Rochdale council at the same time. Smith, originally a Labour councillor in Rochdale, later became a Liberal and then a Liberal Democrat MP for the town from 1972 to 1992. His brother, Norman Smith, who was mayor of Rochdale in 1986-87, said that Flowers sat on council committees with Smith.

‘Cyril was more involved with [Flowers] than me,’ he said. ‘They knew each other by being on the council, and of course he was a prominent minister. They were on committees together.’ Last night Flowers’s lawyer Andrew Hollas said: ‘I have no wish to engage in any discussions with anybody from your newspaper.’



Pupils as young as seven lived at the school in Rochdale, the Northern mill town where Cyril Smith was a councillor before being elected its MP in 1972. However, at the same time the school opened, Smith was being investigated by local police for spanking young boys at a hostel he had set up in the 1960s.

Q - How was a man suspected of indecent assault allowed to run a special school?


Child psychiatrist Dr Alison Frazer was asked by the council to interview Knowl View pupils, and her worrying report was sent to Rochdale’s Director of Education. Flowers was a member of the council’s education committee at the time – but it is not known if he or others read the study.

Q - Did Flowers and council do anything about first warning?


Aids prevention officer Phil Shepherd was shocked to discover illegal behaviour at the school. His damning report – which revealed that paedophiles flocked to public toilets in Rochdale to take advantage of Knowl View boys as young as eight – was sent to the council. Flowers was copied in on the council’s response.

Q - Why did Flowers and council ignore second report?


Knowl View’s head of care, Martin Digan, discovered by chance two earlier reports into sex abuse at the school in the headmaster’s office. He took them to police and the Knowl View was closed down by the council in 1995. However, there were no prosecutions. By this time, Flowers had left the council, having been moved in 1992 to Bridlington by the Methodist Church.

Q - Why did police fail to investigate these reports?


Two years after Smith’s death in 2010, the new MP for Rochdale, Simon Danczuk, revealed to the Commons what the ‘29-stone bully’ had really been like, and asked the Home Secretary to investigate if MI5 had helped cover up his paedophilia. The Crown Prosecution Service then admitted Smith should have been charged decades earlier, while Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Police said they would re-open their inquiries.

Q - Why did it take police so long to start a thorough investigation?


This newspaper revealed last year, right, that Flowers had been vice-chairman of Rochdale’s social services committee at the time increasing numbers of sex abuse allegations were being made about Knowl View School. As a result, in January Rochdale Council instructed barrister Andrew Warnock QC to review its handling of the special school in the 1980s and 1990s.

Q - Did Flowers, his Rochdale colleagues and police cover up abuse for 26 years?


  • Abused by cops at guest house used by 'VIP homopaedo ring'
  • Cyril Smith 'protected by a high-level Westminster homopaedo ring' claims MP
    Labour’s Simon Danzcuk - who exposed Smith - claimed the Liberal grandee was part of an “informal” network of perverts who stalked the corridors of power

    Child abuser Cyril Smith was protected by a high-level Westminster paedophile ring, the MP who exposed him claimed. Labour’s Simon Danzcuk said the Liberal grandee was part of an “informal” network of perverts who stalked the corridors of power. He said: “Had he been prosecuted, then the house of cards would have fallen, in terms of that paedophile network, and it could have brought the government down.

    “Once he became a member of Parliament in 1972, I think he joined an, obviously informal, network of paedophiles that existed in and around Westminster.” The claims came as fresh doubt was cast in Nick Clegg’s instance that no Liberal Democrats knew about Smith’s activities. Police have said Smith attended Elm Guest House in South West London, where underage rent boys and youngsters from a children’s home were reportedly brought to have sex with adult men.

    Other high profile figures are said to have been visitors including senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman and an MI5 officer. Mr Danzcuk, MP for Smith’s former constituency Rochdale, says that police received at least 144 complaints about Smith but MI5 and Special Branch pressured them into backing off. He claimed child abuse allegations against Smith were even raised in public at a Liberal party conference.

    Charles Baker, a former activist from the Social Democratic Party, told the BBC he was warned by HQ that the sister party faced a scandal in 1983. “There was this alert that one of the other parties had got hold of the fact that Cyril Smith had interfered with boys yet again – I underline the word again,” he said.

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    These are the same EVIL bastards, many of them Libdem lawyers, that smear heterosexual men as abusers with domestic violence propaganda that leads to men's sons being taken into care and into homes to satisfy the vile perverted appetites of evil bastards like Liberal homopaedo Cyril Smith.

    Squirming of the Lib Dems: Clegg and Co's claims that they knew nothing about Cyril Smith's paedophilia crumble

    Nick Clegg claims he was too young to know about Smith's abuse Also says he interviewed Lib Dems but 'no one said they did' either Now it emerges rumours were rife in Commons from 1970s Ex-leader David Steel admitted speaking to Smith about allegations

    Claims by Nick Clegg and other senior Liberal Democrats that they knew nothing about the depraved activities of serial child abuser Cyril Smith were crumbling last night. Mr Clegg had said that when all Lib Dem MPs and peers were asked two years ago whether they had heard of the child abuse claims against the 29-stone MP for Rochdale, 'no one said they did'.

    But ex-leader David Steel admitted speaking to Smith about the allegations as long ago as the 1970s and his office issued a statement about them to the Rochdale Alternative Press newspaper in 1979. A former colleague of Lord Steel, David Alton, told Channel 4's Dispatches that he discussed last year with Steel the allegations made by the paper about boys being stripped, beaten and subjected to bizarre 'examinations' by Smith. Lord Alton claims Steel made 'a facetious remark' that the accusations were 'no different' from what went on in public schools all over the country.

    Former Liberal MP Michael Meadowcroft told the same programme there had been persistent rumours in the party that 'Cyril liked boys' but that nothing was done. On a day of denials and confusion, deeply embarrassing footage emerged of Mr Clegg, Lord Steel, Simon Hughes and other party grandees paying tribute to Smith for a video to celebrate his 80th birthday in 2008 -- even though rumours of Smith's paedophilia were by then rife in Westminster. Challenged by the Mail yesterday, Lord Steel refused to answer questions. He said: 'I can't say anything, because I'm suing you.'

    Nick Clegg said he was a 'great admirer' of the former MP for Rochdale and said the party owed him a 'debt of gratitude', while former leader Lord Ashdown said he stood high in the affection of his parliamentary colleagues. Lord Steel praises him for setting the party back on the 'road to recovery'. And Simon Hughes, now justice minister in the Coalition government, told Smith he was 'still remembered with love and affection by millions'.

    The video, shot by Rochdale filmmaker John Farringdon was shown at the party at Rochdale town hall in 2008. It includes tributes from Tory and Labour politicians, including former Speaker Michael Martin; as well as from celebrities including Jim Bowen, the Bullseye presenter, and Coronation Street actor William Roche.

    Entitled 'Nice One Cyril', it describes the former Rochdale MP as 'one of the most popular MPs in British history'. It includes an archive interview with Smith in which he says: 'I don't think I've got any serious regrets'. Smith was eulogised as a 'legend' despite rumours about his involvement in the abuse of young boys

    In his message from his office in Westminster, a fresh-faced Mr Clegg reminisces on the video about meeting him in his Rochdale front room. 'You are and always have been in so many senses of the word, in all senses of the word, a larger than life figure,' he said.

    'It's extraordinary for me as a politician from a younger generation to see the way in which your reputation still lives on, not only in Rochdale and the whole region, but actually in Westminster here too. If it wasn't for people like you, who kept the party going through thick and thin, at a time when the party was much smaller than it is now, I wouldn't be leading the great party that I am leading now. 'I'm a great admirer of you personally, but also owe you a great debt of gratitude politically too.'
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    Homopaedo abuse protected by freemason cops and Britain's main political parties
    cyril smith nick clegg The main reason they are pushing the homosexual agenda and Clegg's Lib Dem party is stuffed full of lawyers

    The man who knew nothing: As Cyril Smith furore grows, MPs and child campaigners scorn Clegg for claiming that he was too young to know about his abuse. He was facing a growing clamour last night to reveal what he knew and when about the Cyril Smith homopaedo scandal.

    The Lib Dem leader, who had issued glowing tributes to the 29-stone MP, said yesterday that he was too young at the time of Smith’s vile acts to have known about them. But politicians and child protection campaigners said his denial was not credible given the evidence that Smith’s activities were widely known in Westminster and his Rochdale constituency. And senior Lib Dem Vince Cable conceded last night there could have been an establishment cover-up of ‘paedophilia on a very large scale’. Allegations against Smith were published in magazines in 1979 and aired publicly at an election hustings in 1987, while prominent Liberals confirmed they had heard the rumours over many years.

    Yet Mr Clegg described Smith as a ‘beacon’ and an ‘inspiration’ on his 80th birthday in 2008, and said he was ‘deeply saddened’ at his death two years later. He tried to withdraw those remarks yesterday when faced with the revelations about how the predatory MP’s serial abuse of vulnerable boys as young as eight was covered up.

    The Lib Dem leader said: ‘I would never have dreamed of saying the things that I said if I was aware of the truly horrific nature of the actions which he is alleged to have undertaken over a long period of time.’ He added: ‘Cyril Smith stood down as an MP 13 years before I became an MP. Many of the actions, the repugnant actions, which we now learn about took place well before the party I now lead even existed – in fact, took place before I even existed. ‘Given those facts and that chronology, it is – as my party has made quite clear – not surprising that the Liberal Democrats, who were founded in 1989, two or three years before Cyril Smith stood down, were not aware.’

    But critics rejected Mr Clegg’s bizarre defence, pointing out that his party evolved out of the old Liberal Party and most Liberal MPs and activists became Lib Dems. John Mann, the Labour MP for Bassetlaw, said: ‘That’s a pathetic excuse – as pathetic as you can get. They are the same party. Clegg really needs to show some leadership on this. ‘I don’t believe that they knew nothing. The Liberal Democrats need to hold their own investigation into what they knew and what they covered up.’

    Business Secretary Mr Cable told ITV’s The Agenda: ‘It is horrific, it is really horrible. Let’s remember this was a very long time ago. We’re talking 40-50 years ago. 'This is the (Jimmy) Savile era. I was actually a member of the Labour Party when all of this happened. I’ve no personal recollection of it.’ Asked whether the case was an establishment cover-up, he said: ‘That’s the suggestion. These are allegations. They are very serious. This is criminal paedophilia on a very large scale.’

    Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: ‘I would have thought that somebody of the stature of the leader of the Liberal Democrats would at least find out what they needed to find out before making a statement about such a controversial figure. 'I have lost count of the number of people I have spoken to in the last 24 hours who said it was well known how dodgy Cyril Smith was.’ He added: ‘It is incredible that they should be denying this now – what that will be doing is rubbing salt in the wounds of his many victims as well as survivors generally.’

    Former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik said Mr Clegg could not ‘wash his hands’ of Smith’s abuse because it happened before he took over the Lib Dems. He added: ‘If you’re leader of an organisation, you have got a responsibility to know what is going on in it. You can’t simply hide behind history and say it was none of your business.’ A devastating new book by Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk discloses how politicians, police and the security services left Smith free to molest children for four decades. Fresh revelations from the book serialised in today’s Daily Mail include:

    Smith was a leading figure in a paedophile ring which carried out sickening abuse at Knowl View, a school for boys with learning difficulties in Rochdale.

  • The MP called for police to raid the home of a whistle-blower who went public with claims that pupils as young as eight were being subjected to extreme sexual abuse.
  • He then arranged for members of the paedophile ring to bombard the whistle-blower with threatening phone calls, vowing to abuse his children.
  • Smith befriended serial sex abuser Jimmy Savile and starred with him in a party political broadcast for the Liberal Party.

  • In 1979, the Rochdale Alternative Press newspaper printed allegations that Smith had abused young boys, which were repeated by the national satirical magazine Private Eye. David Steel, then Liberal leader, was told about the claims. His spokesman responded at the time: ‘All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms.’


    Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who lifted the lid on Cyril Smith’s crimes, has accused the BBC of ‘extraordinary bias’ in its coverage of the affair. BBC News ignored the Mail’s Saturday front-page revelations, only to change tack 24 hours later, when Smith’s family said they were ‘saddened and concerned’ by its publication. In a hostile report, the BBC website said the family believed Mr Danczuk was ‘motivated by political and financial gain’. The Labour MP, who is sending a formal complaint to Director General Tony Hall, said: ‘Here we have a book showing that Cyril Smith was a paedophile for more than 40 years, and the BBC’s first reaction is not to ask why it was covered up, or to look at the horrors his victims went through and the lives he ruined. Instead, they ask whether the bloke who wrote it is biased. I’m flabbergasted.’

    Mr Danczuk added: ‘The fact that this story is being led by the Daily Mail has driven the BBC to take a particular view. It’s hugely disappointing. If this book had been serialised by the Guardian, it would be leading their news bulletins.’ A BBC spokesman said: ‘[Cyril Smith] is an ongoing story that we have covered extensively in the past, and will continue to report on as and when there are developments that warrant it.’ Smith’s alleged abuse of boys was also publicly raised during the 1987 general election campaign by his Labour opponent, David Williams.

    Mr Williams told the Mail: ‘Everyone in Rochdale had heard rumours about him, and I believed they should be properly investigated. Perhaps it was dirty politics on my behalf, but Cyril Smith was a dirty politician, so I decided to do it.’ Mr Danczuk says that Smith’s ‘penchant for boys’ was an ‘open secret’ and widely discussed in bars around Parliament. Michael Meadowcroft, a Liberal MP from 1983 to 1987, has said that ‘whispers’ that Smith ‘liked boys’ circulated in Westminster. Liz Lynne, Smith’s successor as Lib Dem MP for Rochdale, said she heard ‘inklings of rumours’ but defended Smith to her friends and colleagues. She added: ‘I never saw any evidence of impropriety – if I had, I would have gone straight to the police.’

    Despite clear evidence that Smith’s sickening activities were well known, a string of senior Liberal Democrats have insisted they had were taken by surprise when his abuse was exposed after his death. A spokesman for Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem leader, said he ‘absolutely and categorically denies any knowledge of any such allegations’. Baroness Shirley Williams, a founding member of the SDP and now a Lib Dem peer, added: ‘I went to Harvard in 1986 as professor at the Kennedy School and did not return until 1996, so I cannot comment on rumours about Cyril Smith or what actions if any were taken in those years.’

    Lord Steel, who put Smith forward for his knighthood, has not commented on the revelations. Solicitor Alan Collins, from law firm Slater and Gordon, who is representing a number of Smith’s victims, said there was a discrepancy between the mounting evidence that the MP’s abuse was widely known and the Lib Dems’ claims of ignorance. He added: ‘The story I don’t think is going to go away because there is this mis-match that doesn’t make sense.’

  • The book shaking Westminster, how homopaedo Cyril Smith led a ring of abusers who launched night-time raids on a school for vulnerable boys
  • Dead Paedo's Society
  • British Establishment protected homopaedo MP Cyril Smith
    Cyril Smith Another royal lackey like Jimmy Savile protected by the freemasons at the top

    A deeply disturbing book by Simon Danczuk details Cyril Smith’s grotesque serial sex abuse of young boys, and the sickening cover-up that allowed him to continue his depraved activities for more than 40 years.

    Reading the harrowing testimony of teenage victims, and of the anger and exasperation of honest police officers whose efforts to bring the Liberal MP to justice were thwarted again and again, there can be absolutely no doubt that the conspiracy to protect this monstrous predator was orchestrated at the highest levels of the British Establishment. The book, by Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who now represents Smith’s old constituency of Rochdale, reveals how repeated attempts to prosecute the 29-stone paedophile were rapidly shut down, and detectives threatened with the sack if they didn’t back off. At different times MI5, Special Branch and the Crown Prosecution Service allegedly executed the cover-up, but who was instructing them and precisely why remains a mystery.

    The Liberal Party had most to lose from Smith’s exposure and shamefully supported him long after rumours of his vile activities became rife in Westminster. In 1988, Liberal leader David Steel even secured him a knighthood. But could the Liberals alone have organised such a comprehensive and protracted cover-up?

    To hush up Smith’s crimes so comprehensively over four decades would surely have needed the collusion of senior politicians of all parties, Whitehall mandarins and law enforcement chiefs. That’s one reason why pressure was growing yesterday for a full inquiry. This is the least his victims – some of whom are now preparing to sue the Lib Dems – deserve. Mr Danczuk’s courageous book has opened up a stinking can of worms and it seems clear that only a proper judicial investigation can uncover the whole unsavoury truth. MPs and victims are also calling for Smith to be stripped of his knighthood.

    When the same demand was made recently over Jimmy Savile, the Cabinet Office said there was no mechanism for revoking a knighthood posthumously, but they would look into creating one. Few would deny that for Smith and Savile to retain knighthoods – even in death – is not just an affront to their victims, but a stain on the whole honours system.

  • Cyril Smith victims may sue LibDems as a powerful book reveals how the homopaedo politician's crimes were covered up by political allies who bullied cops
  • The boy he abused in his Commons office: Victim of hompaedo MP Cyril Smith speaks of how he was groomed and ruthlessly abused - but politicians who knew did nothing
  • Cop files on Cyril Smith CLAIM high-ranking Lib-Dems bullied detectives into not prosecuting him for child abuse
  • Freemason cops claim they were forced to let Cyril Smith off the hook: Devastating book reveals how his powerful Lib Dem friends saved him from exposure as a homopaedo and a victim gives his account of the abuse he suffered
  • Liberal party, cops and MI5 covered up homopaedo's MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse
    These are the evil bastards, many are freemasons, that are protecting while manufacturing ever more legislation to make the homopaedo's vile agenda become ingrained into law.

    The shocking scale of the Establishment cover-up of former Liberal MP Cyril Smith’s sickening sex abuse of boys is revealed today.

    For four decades, the depraved 29st politician was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight. Police received at least 144 complaints by victims of the predatory paedophile yet the authorities blocked any prosecution – allowing Smith brazenly to continue his abuse. The Liberal Party even put his name forward for a knighthood in 1988 in spite of the rumours of his sordid activities swirling around Westminster.

    David, now Lord Steel nominated him for the honour despite knowing of the allegations about the bachelor MP for Rochdale, the ex-Liberal leader’s involvement emerging only in recent weeks after a Freedom of Information battle. At Smith’s 80th birthday party, a gushing message from current Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was read out, which said: ‘You were a beacon for our party in the ’70s and ’80s and continue to be an inspiration to the people of Rochdale.’

    Now, an explosive new book serialised in the Daily Mail details how Smith – who died in 2010 aged 82 – was repeatedly protected despite being arrested for a string of sex crimes. Written by one of Smith’s successors as MP for the Lancashire constituency, Labour’s Simon Danczuk, the book reveals:

    MI5 and Special Branch officers put pressure on police to drop investigations;
    child porn was found in Smith’s car but police were ordered to release him;
    he was repeatedly arrested for ‘acts of gross indecency with young lads’ in public toilets but no action was taken;
    Smith was a visitor to the notorious Elm Guest house in South-west London, now the focus of a Scotland Yard investigation into an alleged VIP paedophile ring;
    senior Labour figures’ support of the Paedophile Information Exchange helped keep Smith ‘hidden from scrutiny’.

    In his book, Smile for the Camera: the Double Life of Cyril Smith, Mr Danczuk details Smith’s ‘rapacious sexual appetite’ and highlights chilling similarities between the northern MP and fellow paedophile Jimmy Savile. Like the DJ, Smith – who in 1973 appeared on Savile’s Clunk Click TV show – portrayed himself as a charitable man supporting young boys to provide cover for his sordid activities. But unlike in the Savile scandal, police forces around the country repeatedly investigated sex abuse allegations against Smith yet their efforts to prosecute the MP were constantly blocked.

    The book details how police officers were threatened with dismissal and gagged by the Official Secrets Act if they attempted to expose the politician’s sordid activities. Mr Danczuk, Rochdale MP since 2010, first raised Smith’s case in the House of Commons in 2012 after victims contacted him to tell of their ordeals at the hands of the ‘29st bully’. One young Liberal activist was sexually assaulted in Smith’s office in the House of Commons in the 1980s as other MPs, including then Labour leader Michael Foot, walked by.

    Days later, the Crown Prosecution Service revealed that his victims’ claims were investigated by police on three separate occasion – in 1970, 1998 and 1999 – but each time files were submitted to prosecutors, they were rejected. The CPS belatedly agreed that Smith should have been prosecuted and Greater Manchester Police publicly acknowledged, amid ‘overwhelming evidence’, that he did sexually and physically abuse young boys. The book, co-written by Matthew Baker, reveals that as far back as the 1950s, Rochdale police had their suspicions about the politician.

    Smith, MP for Rochdale between 1972 and 1992, was governor of almost 30 schools. In the 1960s, he helped to open Cambridge House children’s home, where he abused boys, often subjecting them to spurious medical examinations. But when police launched an investigation, the chief constable of Lancashire personally intervened to stop it. In the 1970s Smith was arrested on a number of occasions in public toilets in London’s St James’s Park, a regular haunt for young male prostitutes after dark, but always walked free.

    The cover-ups continued in the 1980s when Smith’s car was pulled over on the motorway near Northampton and traffic officers discovered child porn in the boot. ‘The police were naturally disgusted and wanted to press charges,’ says the book. ‘But then a phone call was made from London and he was released without charge.’ When Rochdale police first started investigating him in 1972 they were threatened by the council’s Liberal leader and, according to Mr Danczuk’s book, rumours of his activities were well known in Westminster for many years.

    But the Liberal Party, bruised by the negative publicity surrounding the 1979 conspiracy to murder trial of its leader Jeremy Thorpe and aware of Smith’s ‘electoral Midas touch,’ was eager to sweep the problems under the carpet . David Steel, who took over from Mr Thorpe as party leader, even recommended Smith for his knighthood despite knowing of the sordid rumours that surfaced in 1979 that the MP had abused young boys. The Cabinet Office had previously refused to disclose who had put Smith forward – claiming it would breach data protection rules – but the Information Commissioner’s Office ruled earlier this year that there was a ‘legitimate public interest’ in it being disclosed.

    A spokesman for Mr Clegg said last night: ‘Clearly he would never have paid tribute to Cyril Smith if he had had any idea about these horrible allegations.’ The book also describes how Labour politicians’ support for a notorious paedophile group that campaigned to legalise sex with children helped Smith evade justice for years. Earlier this year the Mail revealed the extraordinary links between the National Council for Civil Liberties and the Paedophile Information Exchange.

    Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman, her MP husband Jack Dromey, and former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt held key roles in the NCCL, which in 1975 granted ‘affiliate’ status to the group of predatory paedophiles. Smith was friends with PIE founding member Peter Righton and Mr Danczuk said the NCCL’s backing for PIE helped Smith’s crimes remain secret. ‘Worryingly, it seemed a fair few on the Left, including some who have subsequently become key figures in the Labour Party, were fooled into giving this hideous group shelter. ‘All of which helped Cyril’s cause and kept him hidden from scrutiny.’

    Smith was a visitor to Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south west London, which is at the centre of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge. A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: ‘Cyril Smith’s acts were vile and repugnant and we have nothing but sympathy for those whose lives he ruined. His actions were not known to or condoned by anyone in the Liberal Party or the Liberal Democrats.’ 'I've come to examine you': From bogus medical examinations to punishment beatings, how paedophile Cyril Smith used his powerful public image to abuse boys

    The huge man, all of 29st, unlocked the door with his own key and burst into the teenager’s room. ‘Take your clothes off,’ he ordered the orphaned youngster, who was sick with the flu and had taken to his bed in the hostel instead of going to work. ‘I’ve been told you’re ill and I’ve come to examine you,’ the man declared. Yet this was no doctor, but a councillor and businessman, a respected and well-known figure in the local community.

    ‘He was a colossus, more than three times my size,’ the lad recalled years later, in graphic and disturbing testimony. ‘I remember his eyes watching me like a beast sizing up its prey. In the folds of fat around his neck I could see rivulets of sweat. ‘Shaking with fear, I did as I was told. He bent down and clasped me with huge hands like shovels. Suddenly he grasped my private parts and began to squeeze. I screamed.

    ‘Violence flashed in his eyes. “Now, now, lad. I’ll have none of your petulance. This is for your own good. I’m checking to see if there’s anything wrong with you,” he said, as he forced his way between my thighs again. ‘I don’t know how long it lasted, but it felt like hours. ‘When he rose there was a faint smile on his features, which twisted into a sneer as he said: “There’s nothing wrong with you, lad. You’re swinging the lead, trying to bunk off work.” ‘ “No,” I stammered. “I’ve never had a day off in my life. I’m sick.”

    ‘He lunged towards me and in one brutal movement threw me over his knee. Thwack, thwack, thwack. ‘His monstrous hand rained down on my bottom, smacking me until I thought I’d pass out. I cried out in pain, but that only made him hit me harder. ‘When he finished I was trembling and whimpering as he held me down and told me: “It had to be done, lad.”

    ‘Above his heavy breathing I could smell his rancid body odour. With a wet sponge, he then began to stroke me, rough hands sliding over the welts he had made. ‘He was humming to himself, broken every now and then by strange squeals of pleasure. “There, there,” he kept whispering, his breath bearing down on my neck. ‘When it was over he let me slide to the floor, cleared his throat and adjusted his braces. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and mopped his brow. ‘ “You’ll know better now,” he said, and made his way out.

    ‘The door clicked shut. For a while the only thought I entertained was death.’ When he calmed down, the shattered youngster pulled his wits together. ‘I dragged my clothes on, gathered my things into a duffle bag and ran. I spent the next night huddled in a bus shelter,’ he said.

    ‘That winter of 1963 was the coldest in 200 years. But that was nothing compared to the chill left in me for the rest of my life.’ The sadistic bully who administered this beating at Cambridge House, a boys’ hostel in the Lancashire mill town of Rochdale — and in the process tainted this bright young man’s life — was Cyril Smith. In 1963, he was already an enormously powerful local figure, a political godfather with fingers in many pies.

    Known as Mr Rochdale, he later became the town’s mayor, then its Liberal MP, and for 20 years strutted the national stage. At Westminster, on television and in the media, Smith was a big man in every sense. He was one of the most popular faces in politics, using his oversized appearance, humour and in-your-face northern bluffness to stand out in a world of grey, indistinguishable politicians.

    But just like Jimmy Savile — whom he counted as a friend — Smith used his public image as a shield while manipulating his way into positions of influence over vulnerable young people he then ruthlessly abused. And, like Savile, he deployed his professional success, powerful personality and highly placed contacts to ensure he was never held to account. It was only after his death in 2010 at the age of 82 that men like that victim from Cambridge House felt safe to speak out. Yet Cyril Smith’s dark side has always been talked about in Rochdale — and the whispers echoed through British politics.

    One of the most shocking elements of his story is how the truth was known to the police and in Westminster, yet concealed from the wider public, allowing a paedophile to hide in Parliament. When I first arrived in Rochdale as its prospective Labour candidate in 2007, I, too, was taken in by him. It was 15 years since he’d stood down as MP but he continued to cast a spell over the town.

    Case studies

    I’d be woken at 2am by people asking for urgent help on a problem. When I pointed out it was the middle of the night, I’d be told: ‘Cyril would always help us whatever time it was.’ A working-class boy made good, he oozed supreme confidence and had a common touch that broke down barriers, shuffling around Rochdale market in carpet slippers to buy a bag of tripe. Although he was officially ‘retired’ from politics, he still sat in an armchair on street corners, smiling like some saintly monk while people queued to hear his homilies. Councillors couldn’t get elected without his backing.

    At first, I respected him for his homespun politics, his spit-and-sawdust grit and his passion. But in time, the scales fell from my eyes and I was confronted with absolute horror. Once you looked beyond the jolly clown playing for the camera, there was a sickening, dark heart. 'He'd grope all the boys as he gave out awards'

    I saw it in police files that had been hidden for years and I heard it in the desperate voices of grown men Cyril had abused as boys. As soon as the first victim approached me, there was no turning back. Every email, every phone call, every meeting uncovered more about his double life. And the more I found out, the more I came to realise that this wasn’t just about abuse, it was about power — and a cover-up that reached from Rochdale all the way to the very top of the Establishment.

    Smith posed as a tireless worker for children — at one point he was governor of 29 local schools and set up a youth charity, Rochdale Childer — using it all as a cover to prowl from classroom to classroom and youth club to youth club. His happiest hunting grounds were Cambridge House, a hostel for ‘working boys’ he helped set up with other politicians, and Knowl View, a residential school for children with learning difficulties, where he was a governor and had his own set of keys, coming and going at will. To sit before the men he abused there and listen to them recount their ordeals is an experience no one can prepare for. There is anger, confusion and a deep sense of shame as they recall violence, spanking and groping that will never be erased from their memories.

    Smith would carry out bogus medical examinations as an excuse to fondle them, or beat them as supposed punishment for breaking the rules — then ‘comfort’ them afterwards. Those who defied him were hit and smashed against walls. Boys’ teeth were knocked out and their bodies treated like playthings. Other details of Cyril’s abuse filtered through to me almost casually. The cleaner in my office mentioned in passing how he once played for a football team as a teenager and Smith presented the awards every year.

    ‘He’d grope all the boys as he was presenting their medals,’ I was told. ‘We complained to the coach, but he said we’d have to put up with it because Cyril was the sponsor and paid for the do.’ I listened, horrified. It was presented as just another everyday story of Cyril abusing boys — as if everyone knew. I began to wonder how many other public figures over the years had received calls and letters about Cyril and not acted on them. I imagine there were a few. 'I cried out but it only made him hit me harder'

    Certainly, when I started to ask questions after getting elected, a fellow Labour MP approached me and told me to leave Cyril alone. ‘Don’t attack him, steer clear of him,’ he said. ‘It’s not worth it.’ It wasn’t just the words that irritated me, it was the look that followed. It more or less said: ‘Play the game, this is how it works, and if you want to join our club then obey our rules.’ One of the most troubling whispers that repeatedly reached me was that Cyril had been protected by MI5. But, initially at least, no one was prepared to go on the record about it.

    A former Labour MP I approached started to talk but went silent after a few sentences. ‘No good will come of this,’ he said nervously. ‘It’s best left.’ And then he shut the door on me. A former police officer I tracked down to his pub in Cheshire went white when I mentioned Cyril’s name. ‘I can’t talk about that time,’ he said, and again the door was closed. It was hard not to conclude that powerful forces were still at work to protect Smith’s name. But the voices of the victims could not be silenced, and in the autumn of 2012, in Parliament, I named Cyril as an abuser. After I spoke publicly, more stories flooded in, and not just from victims.

    Many — as I will describe in detail in the coming days of this series — were from police officers saying Smith’s crimes were widely known to them but their superiors refused to act. I was told of officers who found child pornography in the boot of Smith’s car, only for a mysterious call from London to tell them not to charge him. I was told how Smith’s case was used during police training on child abuse, with one instructor admitting there had been 144 complaints against him. Mysteriously, when this became known to her superiors, the instructor was silenced and moved to another job.

    I was told how Smith was repeatedly detained for acts of gross indecency in toilets in St James’s Park, London, only for orders to discontinue inquiries in each case. And I was told how, when other inquiries were completed and revealed compelling and disturbing evidence that Smith was a serial paedophile, they were ignored. It’s now known that on three separate occasions files were passed by Lancashire Police to the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Crown Prosecution Service containing details of Smith’s abuse. Yet on each occasion no prosecution was pursued. It is as though Cyril was untouchable.

    On one now notorious occasion, files of evidence on Smith held by Special Branch were removed by MI5 officers from the safe at police headquarters in Preston and taken to London. They were never seen again. This was just one of several cover-ups which I will reveal in detail later in this series. Some will no doubt argue that things have changed. The cover-up of Cyril’s abuse was a long time ago. The values of the Seventies are a lot different to the standards expected in public life today. People wouldn’t stand for that now. Awareness of child abuse has improved tenfold. No one would tolerate this kind of behaviour among colleagues, surely? I would like to believe this view, but all the signs I’ve seen suggest it’s not the case.

    Cyril wasn’t the only abuser in Rochdale, and he was influential enough to ensure that other abusers were allowed to hang on to his coat-tails and carry on, undetected by the authorities. The problem that the town has to face up to, I believe, is that paedophile gangs have been operating there for years. A leaked report to the local health authority, by a council HIV prevention officer named Phil Shepherd, warned that men from as far away as Sheffield travelled to Rochdale to abuse boys at Knowl View School.

    I will tell the full, horrifying story behind this report, and how it became public, later in this series. But it instantly invites the questions: Who was organising this? Who knew what was happening? Who chose to remain silent? A number of police officers have told me that Cyril was just the tip of the iceberg and, unfortunately, I expect more stories of his abuse to emerge.

    I think in time we’ll hear that there were more abusers in Parliament, more terrible cover-ups. And it won’t be just one political party that’s guilty of harbouring abusers.

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    Is it any wonder these sick fuckers back the homosexual agenda? Meanwhile these are the same evil bastards that SMEAR heterosexual men as the abusers of their families while pushing through more powers for divorce judges and lawyers to decimate those men.

    The trial of Nigel Evans has given the outside world a glimpse of sexual politics in Westminster. Although he was cleared of all nine charges of rape and sexual assault, the former Commons Deputy Speaker spoke of his involvement with a man 33 years his junior, who had previously done work experience in Westminster.

    And like the claims of sexual impropriety against the Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard - claims he continues to deny - the trial raised questions about the conduct of powerful politicians, and the apparent reluctance of political parties to deal with such allegations.

    When I was there, older men would explore their sexuality and be predatory to younger men

    Channel 4 News has been investigating sexual harassment in Parliament. We spoke to 70 people hailing from all political parties and sexual orientations, and found that this is something that's really part of the fabric. Researchers from Firecrest Films discovered that a third had personally experienced sexual harassment which they saw as an abuse of power. A further 21 per cent told us they had witnessed someone else being sexually harassed, or that a friend had confided in them. And less than a half (46 per cent), said they had no first or second-hand knowledge of such behaviour.

    Scared to speak out

    The people we spoke to didn't want to talk on camera, because they were too fearful of blighting a nascent political career. But here's what they told us. "At an event for young political activists I was asked to go to the gents by a certain MP who had always been a nice guy. I just brushed it off. "The MP suggested I go to the toilets with him at about 1am, but then at 3am I saw him going back to his hotel room with a guy who looked about 18," one said. "He invited the office to a gay bar, and came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder. Then one time he slid his hand right down my back, and I moved it away," said another.

    Our investigation revealed that young men are more likely to get harassed than women. Some 40 per cent of men we spoke to had received unwanted sexual advances. One woman watched it happening. "I watched men coming on to men, and men hiring men that they wanted to sleep with. I saw male MPs and researchers having relationships. "When I was there, older men would explore their sexuality and be predatory to younger men."

    The gay equality campaigner Ben Summerskill told us that this is a cross-party problem, and it's the peculiar nature of the Westminster workplace that's to blame. "Sexual harassment is part of the culture of Westminster. In the last decade I've heard of dozens of cases from men and women...people are vulnerable as they're often political obsessives and have never worked anywhere else. "For both sexes the MP can say that if they oblige them, it might help their career enormously. There's no HR, no structure for people management or supervision," he said.

    The lack of an HR department, and the inadequacy of grievance procedures were both issues highlighted in the wake of the Lord Rennard story, and indeed the Lib Dems admitted failing to deal with the allegations properly over a period of years. And yet despite all political parties promising to treat sexual harassment seriously, behind the scenes it's clear that senior MPs have failed to grasp the nettle. We're told one Tory MP expressed the view just last week that those who believe themselves to be victims of unwanted sexual advances should toughen up - or as the MP put it: "Grow a pair". Clearly, the culture won't change until serving MPs not only recognise that there's a problem, but also decide that something must be done about it.

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