Mass media's homosexual agenda helped protect homopaedo agenda
THEY still haven't got it . The evil bastards behind UK's gutter press continue to pump out homosexual propaganda despite an unprecedented mass exposure of homopaedo's crimes that was rife throughout the last few decades. Many of those crimes directly connected to government and the institutions that harboured homopaedo's and who were used to brutalize youth offenders in prison, the mentally ill and in the thousands of care homes where young boys stolen from their fathers protection during divorce were despicably abused to satisfy the extremes of homopaedo's thirst for young boys and men.

Any man who has faced the family courts knows the lengths twisted judges would go to remove children from their fathers biological protection using the most heinous allegations many who ultimately ended up in care homes for the abusers to have access to children made vulnerable by a horrendous state machine that has been pushing a homosexual agenda for way to long.

How many more young boy's testimony will it take before the government and media paedo protectors STOP pushing the vile homosexual agenda that claims homophobia every time they are challenged on the thousands of crimes against young boys and reports that have recently skyrocketed only thanks to the internet giving a platform to the victims who were ignored by the freemason mafia that masquerades as law enforcement and who regularly destroyed evidence that would have locked the evil bastards up long ago. But instead were allowed to carry on the gross abuse of young boys until the wall of deceit crashed down only recently with the mountain of reports only now being reported in the same gutter press that pushed that agenda for far to long.

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  • UK A dossier containing claims about homopaedo's at the heart of the establishment has vanished
  • UK A second establishment lackey Fiona Woolf forced to step down as chairwoman for abuse inquiry (Butler Sloss already forced out)
  • UK Fiona Woolf at exit door: Westminster homopaedo ring probe chief 'must quit'
  • Second top British judge faces probe over 'defence' of paedo's
  • 1,000 children a week stolen by paedo leaning judges in Britain(VIDEO)
  • European parliament petition hears about 1,000 children a week stolen by Britain's judicial mafia
  • Homosexual top judge 'should be suspended over links to paedo's'
  • Second senior judge exposed as paedo apologist who wanted age of consent to be 14
  • A lawyer "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • London's untouchable murderous VIP homopaedo ring VIDEO
    Scotland Yard investigation into 'murder linked to VIP homopaedo abuse network'
    Scotland Yard investigation into 'murder linked to VIP paedophile abuse network'

    Murder investigation: Police are looking into an historic murder linked to a cover-up of child abuse at a children's home

    Scotland Yard is investigating allegations of a murder associated with claims of a VIP paedophile abuse ring. Detectives investigating claims of historic child sex abuse say they have received reports about a “possible homicide.” In an extraordinary statement the Met refused to give further details of the inquiry or the victim of the alleged murder.

    The chilling disclosure comes after months of investigations into claims that an establishment cover-up was used to conceal the abuse of children. The homicide claim has emerged during the 22 month investigation into claims that VIPS including politicians preyed on vulnerable children at places like the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London. The inquiry codenamed Operation Fairbank was launched in January 2013 following allegations made to police by the Labour MP Tom Watson.

    The MP raised concerns in the House of Commons about a establishment cover-up of a VIP paedophile ring operating at the guest house. It is claimed boys from a local care home were taken to the guest house to be abused by VIPs, including an unidentified senior Tory politician. The guest house closed in 1982 after a police raid during which an under-age boy was removed from the property.

    In a statement the Met said : “Over the past month, detectives working on Operation Fairbank within the Met's Specialist Crime and Operations have been made aware of allegations concerning serious non-recent sexual abuse, said to have occurred over 30 years ago. “Our inquiries into this, over subsequent weeks, have revealed further information regarding possible homicide. “ Police added that details of the murder allegation had not been passed to police before.

    In 1990 German Carole Kasir, who ran the guest house at the time of the allegations, was found dead in her flat at the age of 47. The coroner's inquest concluded that, a diabetic, she had suffered an insulin overdose and had committed suicide. However, there were claims that she had been murdered to stop her talking about what she knew.

    The Yard said : “At this early stage in this inquiry, with much work still to do, it is not appropriate to issue appeals or reveal more information. “Detectives from the Child Abuse Investigation Command are working closely with colleagues from the Homicide and Major Crime Command concerning this information, which is being looked at under the name of Operation Midland.” The Met statement comes just days after Home Secretary Theresa May yesterday admitted that the Home Office could have covered up paedophile allegations in the Eighties.

    She was commenting on the findings of Peter Wanless, the head of the NSPCC, who caried out an inquiry into how the Home Office dealt with information handed over by the late Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens, as well as other allegations in 114 missing, lost or destroyed files. Mr Dickens wrote to Leon Brittan, then the home secretary and now Lord Brittan of Spennithorne, in 1983 to say he would expose eight public figures whom he suspected of child abuse, unless action was taken.

  • 26 young boys abused by homopaedo BBC DJ Chris Denning
  • 900 teenage boys abused in juvenile prisons by homopaedo's VIDEO

  • Former wardens at Medomsley youth detention centre interviewed over claims a homopaedo ring operated there
  • Three cop forces under investigation by IPCC for 'failing to act on child porn intelligence'
  • Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman named as homopaedo VIP who sexually abused boys near Parliament
    peter hayman Another evil establishment bastard perv knighted by the royal parasite and added to a long line of 'sirs' and lackeys who used their position to abuse young boys.

    The former deputy director of MI6 Peter Hayman sexually abused young boys at an apartment complex near Parliament, an alleged victim has claimed.

    Hayman, who died in 1992, was investigated by police in 1978 for possessing inappropriate literature, but was not prosecuted. He has been named as one of a number of paedophiles by a man, now in his forties, who claims to have been abused over a period of three years at Dolphin Square. The information has been passed to Scotland Yard to consider as part of its investigation into historic allegations of sexual abuse at Westminster.

    Hayman, referred to as a diplomat, was pointed out in a photograph shown to man, 'Nick', by Exaro, an investigative news website. 'He used to like to kiss and to touch, liked me to do that to him. 'But it would always culminate in being raped. That is what happened all the time. 'That was normal,' he said.

    Starting in 1979, when he was just 11, Nick claims to have been abused by a number of VIPs in the luxury apartment complex. 'Hayman was rather cold, but then a lot of them were - emotionless. 'He does not feature big for me, as some of the others do. He was not one of the nasty ones,' he added. At the time he thought Hayman was an MP for all the time he spent mixing with politicians, he said.

    'I learned his name over a number of sessions,' he said, adding he was often raped at 'abuse parties' where two senior Conservative MPs sexually assaulted him. The men, who are alleged to include a former Cabinet minister, cannot be named for legal reasons. In 1981 Hayman was ousted as a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), an organisation which promoted sex with children, under parliamentary privilege.

    Three years earlier, he had been investigated by police after a package of 'obscene literature' was found on a bus and traced back to him. In 1984, the Oxford-graduate was convicted of gross indecency following an incident in a public lavatory.

    Sir Thomas Hetherington, the then director of public prosecutions, did not agree to to Hayman being prosecuted and Nick claims this was part of an attempt to protect a ring of high-placed paedophiles. The failure of investigators to prosecute Hayman over the package left Nick 'feeling numb'.

    'I know times change, and if you were caught today leaving that sort of thing on a bus you would be arrested and charged. 'If he had been arrested, would he have given up the others? I doubt it. Would his arrest have led to the disruption of the group which might have made a difference? It could have done. 'Really, it does not surprise me that they did not do anything because of who else was involved, and it just adds to the growing list of missed opportunities for it to end.

    'It was all just a cover-up, whether to protect the group or protect the establishment’s reputation.' Dolphin Square was last week named as one of the locations where abuse was carried out.

    Investigation into what occurred in the complex decades ago forms part of Operation Fairbank, a large scale investigation into allegations of abuse by high-placed public figures.


    1937: Peter Hayman joined the Home Office as a civil servant after graduating from Oxford

    1941: Hayman became assistant private secretary to then home secretary, Herbert Morrison

    1942-1945: He served as a majr in the Rifle Brigade during the Second World War

    1950: Hayman joined the Ministry of Defence as assistant secretary

    1952 - 1954: Part of the UK delegation to NATO

    1954: Aged 40, Hayman joined Britain's overseas intelligence agency

    1955 - 1958: Station chief for MI6 in Belgrade, then know as Yugoslavia

    1958 - 1959: He performs the same role in Malta

    1959 - 1961: Hayman became station chief in Baghdad

    1961 - 1964: Director General of British Information Services in Washington DC

    1964 - 1966: Deputy commandant of the military government in West Berlin

    1965: Granted the CVO by the Queen

    1970 - 1974: High commissioner to Canada

    1971: He is knighted for diplomatic services

    1973: Officially, Hayman became retired. At this point he is understood to have become deputy director of MI6

    1978: Investigated after leaving a package addressed to him on a bus.It contained 'obscene literature' that was handed to police.

    Officers searched his Notting Hill home where they reportedly found diaries describing paedophile fantasies.

    1981: Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens uses parliamentary privilege to link Hayman to the Paedophile Information Exchange

    1984: He was convicted of gross indecency over an incident in a public toilet

  • Homopaedo past of millionaire who vanished from his yacht was jailed in 1995 for molesting young boy
    A millionaire businessman who mysteriously vanished on his luxury yacht is a convicted paedophile, it emerged last night.

    Leonard King had taken his 70ft Sunseeker on a cruise around the South Coast on Sunday, telling his wife he would be back home by dinner time. But when he failed to return she raised the alarm and his £500,000 boat – Stefefree – was found loose near its usual moorings. The yacht was discovered banging up against a wall at Brighton Marina and appeared to have sailed in on autopilot.

    Marina staff who boarded the vessel late on Sunday night found its instruments on and the engines warm – but no sign of 74-year-old King, who is also believed to own a helicopter and a holiday home in the Caribbean. A massive air and sea search was launched involving two helicopters and three lifeboats, but the 11-hour operation was suspended yesterday after authorities failed to find any trace of King. Last night his second wife, Stephanie, said she ‘could not understand’ what had happened to her husband, who is listed as a director of two companies and is regarded as a pillar of the community in their home village of Alfriston in East Sussex. The RNLI described his disappearance as a mystery.

    However, last night it emerged that King was jailed for three years in 1995 for the ‘debauched’ abuse of a boy who he molested for seven years from the age of four during the 1960s. At his trial, King had denied the allegations, insisting his accuser was attempting to blackmail him. He said his accuser had warned him he was ‘going to have the money that if I did not help him I would regret it.... If he did not get the money he would drag me…down with him’.

    But he was convicted at Maidstone Crown Court in 1995 of three counts of indecency with a child and three of indecent assault. The victim said after King’s conviction that it had sent a ‘shot across the bows’ of child abusers, adding: ‘It was not about vengeance, I did it because I wanted to protect other children.’ King has two grown-up sons and a daughter with his first wife. He has been married to his second wife for 38 years.

    Yesterday the 65-year-old said she could not understand what had happened after he went for a sail on Sunday. She said: ‘Len is an experienced yachtsman and has been sailing since he was at least 20. Normally we go together but during the week if it’s calm weather he may go off by himself. ‘He went off just before lunch. I was expecting him home for dinner time. I phoned him several times but his phone was unable to connect so I thought he was on his way back.

    ‘I can’t understand what has happened. He is a very experienced yachtsman. He has all his equipment doubled up and is always careful. That is the way he runs things.’ Detectives are now liaising with his family as they investigate the circumstances of his disappearance. King is believed to have taken the yacht sailing between Brighton and Newhaven, East Sussex.

    After the alarm was raised, lifeboats searched the sea between Newhaven and Shoreham, as far out as two and a half miles off shore. Roger Cohen, Brighton RNLI lifeboat operations manager, said: ‘At the moment this is something of a mystery – the Sunseeker was found within the eastern breakwater of the marina, banging up against the wall. ‘When my crew boarded they found evidence it had recently been operated, but no sign of anyone.’ Sussex Police Inspector Roy Apps said: ‘It is an anxious time for the family. His Sunseeker boat was then found unmanned near the harbour wall at Brighton Marina. We are at an early stage of our investigation and we are liaising closely with Mr King’s family while we make inquiries.’

    One neighbour said King had once given a generous donation to help install a cricket green on the field opposite his house. She said: ‘He did an enormous amount for the village. They are lovely neighbours. They have lived here for 40-odd years.’ Another neighbour said: ‘Hopefully it is a misunderstanding and he will be back tomorrow.’

  • Steve Jobs iPhone monument dismantled in St.Petersburg after CEO homosexual claim VIDEO

  • Removal of Steve Jobs memorial due to 'gay propaganda' law claims to be PR hoax
  • Fiona Woolf at exit door: Westminster homopaedo ring probe chief 'must quit'
    Why they have been pushing the homosexual agenda for far to long. A letter from Mrs Woolf was rehashed seven times at the Home Office to make her appear less friendly with Tory peer Lord Brittan

    Fiona Woolf tonight faced demands to quit as chief of the inquiry into the Westminster paedophile claims after it emerged officials tried to play down her links to Lord Brittan.

    Shock papers reveal Whitehall chiefs wrote a letter on her behalf to Home Secretary Theresa May outlining why she should continue in the role. But it was then rewritten seven more times in a bid to make her appear less chummy with the Tory peer, who this week was accused of “improper conduct with children” by an MP using ­parliamentary privilege. That provoked a vehement denial from Lord Brittan of any wrongdoing. But victims’ groups have already declared they have no ­confidence in Mrs Woolf’s ability to conduct an ­independent inquiry over her links to Lord Brittan.

    And Labour MP Simon Danczuk insisted the scandal of Mrs Woolf’s rewritten letter made her position “untenable”. He said: “Home Office officials colluded with Fiona Woolf. I do not believe she can survive this. She has to go. Theresa May has questions to answer. "Were her officials really working with Fiona Woolf to rewrite this letter? You could not make it up.”

    The emergence of Mrs Woolf’s letter is deeply damaging to Ms May who lost her original choice of inquiry chief, Dame Butler-Sloss, after it emerged her brother Michael Havers was Attorney General at the time of the alleged abuse in the 80s. All seven drafts of the letter were last night published by the Commons Home Affairs committee.

    Furious chairman Keith Vaz said: “It is extraordinary that Mrs Woolf did not even write the first draft of her letter, which was supposed to detail her own ­experiences. The letter then underwent seven drafts, with a multiplicity of editors. "The final version gave a sense of greater detachment between Lord and Lady Brittan and Mrs Woolf than her previous attempts.” Mr Vaz warned he could now haul Mrs Woolf in for a further grilling. He added: “Words, and even facts, have been amended.” Within hours of Mrs Woolf being appointed to the role, it emerged she was a neighbour of Lord Brittan. He was Margaret Thatcher’s Home Secretary when a VIP paedophile ring was allegedly operating in ­Westminster.

    A dossier was handed to him at that time detailing some of the crimes – but it was given to civil servants. No action was taken. It has since disappeared. Mrs Woolf’s letter to Ms May initially said she was not close to the Brittans but admitted attending dinner parties with them. She said she had met the peer’s wife for coffee and at ­occasional social functions. And an early draft mentions how Ms Woolf and Lady Brittan both serve as magistrates in London. It said: “Lady Brittan and I have sat on the same bench.”

    But the final draft read: “I do not recall serving in the same court at the same time but it is possible this did happen on a rare occasion.” Ms Woolf’s letter first stated she was introduced to Lady Brittan “by a mutual acquaintance”. By the final draft, this had been changed to “a third party”. The first letter also said Mrs Woolf was invited to dinner by the Brittans in 2008, and she “returned the compliment” six months later. It describes “another exchange of dinner parties” between them in 2011.

    There is no mention of anyone else being invited. But in the final draft, all the cosy phrases are removed and the attendance of “other guests” added. And the note initially said Mrs Woolf had no social contact with the Brittans “since about 2011”. In later drafts this was changed to April 2013. The first draft also referred to four dinner parties which the group attended, either at Mrs Woolf’s home or at the ­Brittans’. This was later changed to five.

    Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the scandal of the altered letter could result in the historical sex abuse probe collapsing. She added: “Months after she first announced her inquiry into child abuse, Theresa May has failed to get it off the ground. “This inquiry will fail if no one has confidence in it and particularly if victims do not trust it. It won’t work if there is a perception that information has been covered up about those leading the inquiry, or any conflict of interest.”

    Mr Danczuk said the impact on victims who have waited decades for justice would be hard. He added: “The survivors of child sex ­exploitation will be ­devastated. They have put so much faith in this inquiry.” Alison Millar, a lawyer representing abuse victims, said of Mrs Woolf’s letter: “The full extent of her relationship with Lord and Lady Brittan, which is still not entirely clear, slowly unravels through these drafts. "This will only cement in the minds of my clients that she is not the right person to head this inquiry.”

    In a letter to Mr Vaz earlier this week, Mrs Woolf insisted she had tried to be “as comprehensive and transparent as was realistically possible”. She wrote: “Given the detail involved, and the time it takes to identify and interrogate many records, this inevitably involved a considerable element of iteration in terms of the drafting. “I spoke at length to both the solicitor and counsel to the Inquiry.

    “I made clear my initial thoughts about the points which the letter should cover. On the basis of that, they produced a first draft of that letter. “I reviewed and reworked the draft with their assistance. Once content, I sent my letter to the Home Secretary.”

  • A second establishment lackey Fiona Woolf forced to step down as chairwoman for abuse inquiry (Butler Sloss already forced out)
  • Duped: What campaigners felt when they found abuse inquiry chief had secretly decided to resign - BEFORE emotional meeting
  • Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan named a paedo at Westminster
  • Victim of historic child abuse launches a legal challenge against Fiona Woolf chairing investigation
  • UK establishment lackey Butler Sloss forced out of abuse inquiry(VIDEO)
  • Establishment having a laugh putting establishment lackey Butler Sloss in to head abuse inquiry (She was head of the family court judicial mafia when thousands of children were put into homes only to be abused)
  • Butler Sloss biography as head of Britain's judicial mafia
  • 'Conflict of interest' raised over Butler-Sloss role in child abuse inquiry (Brother behind previous cover up)
  • 'I won't quit', says former head of Britain's judicial mafia on sex abuse inquiry after brother is linked to homopaedo cover-up she is investigating
  • Butler Sloss has a family history of establishment cover ups of homopaedo abusers(VIDEO)
  • Butler-Sloss sister of the Attorney General who helped bury the Dickens Dossiers and closed down the investigation into Elm Guest House, to chair abuse inquiry??
  • ‘Tainted’ peer Butler Sloss in homopaedo cover-up review refuses to quit
  • Apple CEO comes out of the homosexual closet VIDEO

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as homosexual saying his sexuality is the 'greatest gift God has given me'
  • Apple CEO: 'I'm proud to be a homo(VIDEO)
  • One very good reason not to buy or wear 'JOOP AD! Real Men Wear Pink!' VIDEO
    Archbishop of Canterbury admits child abuse rampant in Church of England VIDEO
    Companies financing and pushing a homosexual agenda
    A list of UK government agencies and private companies financing and pushing the homosexual agenda onto their work forces and the public in general . We have absolute proof the CROWN uses homosexuals and lesbians throughout lengthy divorce battles to destroy heterosexual men and their families. Social services are rife with lesbians and homosexuals doing the dirty work for freemasons.

    We also have proof homosexual lawyers are on the boards of the lawyers gravy train legal aid who fund a vast empire of greed that sees men losing their estates but especially their children into a care system run for the exclusive appetite of homopaedo's.

    There is NOTHING to be proud about such a dangerous and devious agenda being used to move vast estates of men into the hands of the freemason run companies and government departments that are behind this vile tyranny. The same police forces imposing this on the public are the same bastards that have allowed thousands of paedo's to avoid jail by refusing to investigate them over many years. BBC's Jimmy Savile and Liberal MP Cyril Smith are at the top of the disgusting pile of perverts who got away with murder thanks to many on this list who funded and protected their debauchery. The very political bastards in power claiming to set up an inquiry on those abuses are the same bastards pushing and protecting their agenda using public funds.

    stonewall backers

    Stonewall's Top 100 Employers 2014

    1 Gentoo
    2 Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
    3 The Co-operative (see the history of former CEO Paul Flowers for further evidence)
    4 Accenture
    5 EY
    6 Home Office (Sat on massive paedo list for years)
    7 IBM
    8 Simmons & Simmons
    9 Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue Service
    10 Barclays
    11 Leicestershire County Council
    12 National Assembly for Wales
    13 St Mungo's
    14 Morgan Stanley
    15 Bristol City Council
    16 Derbyshire County Council
    17 Lloyds Banking Group
    18 Environment Agency
    19 Baker & McKenzie LLP
    20 London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
    21 North Wales Police
    22 South Wales Police
    23 Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
    24 Metropolitan
    25 Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service
    26 Liverpool John Moores University
    27 Newcastle City Council
    28 The Security Service (MI5)
    29 Leicestershire Police
    30 CMS Cameron McKenna
    31 Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service
    32 Herbert Smith Freehills
    33 Your Homes Newcastle
    34 Department of Health
    35 Crown Prosecution Service
    36 Hogan Lovells
    37 Ministry of Defence
    38 Office for National Statistics
    39 University of the West of England
    40 Royal Bank of Scotland Group
    41 Cheshire Constabulary
    42 Creative Skillset
    43 London Borough of Waltham Forest
    44 Tower Hamlets Homes
    45 Department for Work and Pensions
    46 Derby City Council
    47 Eversheds LLP
    48 Genesis Housing Association
    49 Pinsent Masons
    50 West Yorkshire Probation Trust
    51 Action for Children
    52 Cardiff University
    53 Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
    54 Bury Council
    55 Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
    56 PwC
    57 University of Liverpool
    58 Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
    59 London Borough of Tower Hamlets
    60 Suffolk Constabulary
    61 Riverside
    62 South East Coast Ambulance Service
    63 Suffolk County Council
    64 West Sussex County Council
    65 Clydesdale Bank
    66 Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
    67 Hertfordshire County Council
    68 Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust
    69 London Borough of Hackney
    70 London Borough of Islington
    71 Norton Rose Fulbright
    72 Land Registry
    73 Northumbria Probation Trust
    74 South Tyneside Homes
    75 Victim Support
    76 Core Assets Group
    77 Leeds City Council
    78 Transport for London
    79 The Army
    80 Royal Navy
    81 Tate
    82 Newham College of Further Education
    83 Sheffield City Council
    84 Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
    85 University of Sheffield
    86 Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
    87 Citi
    88 Nationwide Building Society
    89 Nottingham City Homes
    90 American Express
    91 Aviva
    92 Birmingham City Council
    93 Somerset College
    94 Sussex Police
    95 Touchstone
    96 Citizens Advice
    97 County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust
    98 Dyfed Powys Police
    99 Plus Dane Group
    100 Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

  • First homosexual airline commercial 1996 VIDEO
    Homosexual tourism scam in Lanzarote
    anzarote An ambitious plan to raise Lanzarote’s profile on the European gay tourism scene has turned out to be a con which has left many on the island red-faced, including local officials and media who provided strong backing for the project.

    The first flight by new carrier Gay Airlines, in pink aircraft livery, was due to arrive on the island on October 3 from Gatwick to be welcomed by the authorities in Tías but it failed to materialise, confirming growing suspicions that the whole idea was a scam that had duped a large number of people.

    During the previous months, local media had given prominent coverage to the holiday initiative by a Dutch man calling himself Richard Essen, who in meetings with at least one mayor had set out his ambitions for an exclusive gay experience in Lanzarote, using plush hotels and even separate check-in facilities at the island’s airport. Several victims have now come forward to report that they were hired as employees of the non-existent company, moving to Lanzarote and paying their own expenses to work for several weeks representing it before they realised it was a con. According to various local sources, Essen – whose real name has been circulating on various social media sites of late – has been trying to sell shares in his company in tranches of up to €5,000 each and has allegedly been involved in similar holiday scams elsewhere in the Canaries.

  • Paedo protecting social work head gets £40,000 pay off (NOT jailed) VIDEO
    Freemason cops selective as to which paedo's will get charged VIDEO

    Meanwhile the 'pillars of the community' can continue their vile trade
    Homosexuality row overshadows Vatican celebration VIDEO
    Lib Dem MP 'told aide to destroy evidence of Cyril Smith's homopaedo abuse'
    A leading candidate for the Lib Dem presidency was yesterday accused of helping cover up Cyril Smith’s vile catalogue of child sex abuse.

    Liz Lynne, who succeeded Smith as MP for Rochdale, allegedly ordered her PA to destroy several pages of notes containing a stream of allegations against the paedophile. They detailed a litany of abuse at the Knowl View children’s home in Rochdale, which closed in the mid-1990s.

    The PA, Deborah Doyle, said she had taken the notes during a 1996 telephone conversation with a former manager of the home, Martin Digan. Mr Digan had contacted Miss Lynne’s office in Rochdale as claims of widespread abuse had begun to emerge at the home, where boys as young as ten had been raped. He claimed that Smith knew of abuse at the school and that it was being covered up by both the home and the local authority. But Miss Doyle said her boss did not want to meet Mr Digan and instructed her to get rid of the notes. ‘I was surprised when Lynne said to me, “Don’t put the notes in the bin. Destroy them”,’ said Miss Doyle.

    ‘I think I took them home and put them on my fire,’ she said. ‘It was the only occasion I can remember when Liz or I did not act on a piece of constituency work, which is why it stuck in my memory.’ Liz Lynne, who was MP for Rochdale from 1992 to 1997, is one of four Lib Dems hoping to take over from Tim Farron as president of the party. Last night she denied all knowledge of the claims. She told The Guardian she had no recollection of notes detailing child abuse allegations that were written or destroyed by a staff member.

    And she said she did not remember being approached by Mr Digan, who was a former social worker at Knowl View. Earlier this year, the politician told the Mail how she had heard ‘inklings of rumours’ about Smith’s involvement in child abuse – but did nothing about it as she thought the stories were spread by political opponents. The scale of the abuse was revealed in a book earlier this year by Simon Danczuk, the current MP for Rochdale. He said: ‘I am very distressed by this revelation, particularly as I repeatedly tried to contact Liz Lynne to hear her side of the story for our book on Cyril Smith. She never returned my calls and now I know why. ‘If Lynne had acted on the information she was given in 1996 then she could have saved lives as some of the abused boys have subsequently gone on to commit suicide.

    ‘For years victims have been ignored and Lynne had an opportunity to make a difference and champion their cause. ‘But she was too afraid to stand up to Cyril Smith and that’s why she’s not fit to be anywhere near frontline politics, especially not as the next Lib Dem president.’ The Guardian reported yesterday that Deborah Doyle, who worked for the former MP between 1995 and 1997, said she took three or four pages of notes from a long telephone conversation with Mr Digan in 1996.

    Miss Doyle revealed that when she was first offered a job in Miss Lynne’s office, she had to be personally interviewed by Smith. ‘It was like the 1950s. Everything had to go through Cyril, but he wasn’t even a councillor,’ she said. Miss Doyle said she left her job after Miss Lynne lost her seat in 1997 and went on to become an MEP for the West Midlands until she stood down in 2012. She was not entitled to redundancy pay, but Miss Lynne gave her £1,000 from her own pocket.

    She said she told the police about the conversations – but does not know if they were acted upon. She added: ‘Liz is essentially a good person. I am sure that if she had been forced to look into these allegations, she would have been horrified... but at the end of the day she is a politician and may not have felt comfortable taking on Smith.’ Mr Digan was responsible for passing a dossier of evidence to the police which eventually saw the school shut down in the 1990s.

    He told the Guardian that he had arranged visits with Liz Lynne but they were always cancelled. ‘She never got back to me. The shame is that many abuse victims could have been helped if Lynne and many others had taken the abuse at Knowl View seriously at that point,’ he added. Last night Miss Lynne said: ‘I have no recollection whatsoever of anybody contacting me about allegations against Cyril Smith or child abuse at Knowl View school.

    ‘If anyone had come to me with serious allegations like that I would obviously have acted upon it.’ Yesterday, at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, president Tim Farron appeared to joke about the party’s slew of sex scandals. He said: ‘Of course there are some parts of the job I am happy to pass on. The next time any of you get caught with your pants around your ankles, the media can call someone else to make a comment.’

  • Irish homo promoter David Norris claims WEST is anti-homosexual VIDEO
    Homopaedo doctor protected for two years by UK's masonic establishment VIDEO

  • Hospital 'failed' boy victims of homopaedo doctor
  • UK'S masonic establishment protected jewish homopaedo teacher for over two years VIDEO

    Freemason judges refused search warrants , masonic cops took over 9 months to interview him and still did NOT charge him, masonic run home office had details of his online perversions for over two years and did NOTHING so he could carry on secretly filming young boys in school dressing rooms.

    Indecent images of pupils were discovered on the computer of an Essex deputy head teacher who was found dead a day after he spoke to officers. Martin Goldberg, 46, a maths teacher at Thorpe Hall School in Southend, died on 10 September. Police found images on his computer of boys undressing in the school's changing rooms and at a leisure centre.

    Essex Police questioned him on 9 September but were refused a search warrant of his home by magistrates. A senior officer said it was because the magistrates "didn't feel the case was sufficiently made out". Goldberg was not arrested as not enough evidence could be gathered.

    It has emerged officers were told in November 2013 about Goldberg buying videos of naked boys. "It is important that we understand why it took months for the force to act on this information," Essex's Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston said. "There may be valid reasons, but we deserve an explanation". The ten-month gap has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for scrutiny. The body said there was "no indication" officers failed in their dealings with Goldberg on 9 September.

    Changing room images

    The images, both videos and stills, are believed to have been made from a camera concealed inside a bag from 2000 onwards, and "would appear to be of boys aged from nine to 12," police said. Detectives have identified four children from the footage and have spoken to their parents. They said there is no evidence of any other offences involving physical contact with the children.

    Police said 75 images, which were classed as "indecent", were from the changing rooms at the independently run, co-educational school. A further 465 were found to have been taken at the leisure centre's swimming pool and 38 from "two other locations". Officers said in most of the pictures, the children's faces were not visible, or the quality of the image was so poor that they could not be identified.

    Goldberg, who lived alone in Shoeburyness, had taught at Thorpe Hall school for 23 years. In a statement, head teacher Andrew Hampton said governors and staff were "very shocked" by the news, and everyone felt "surprised, angry and betrayed". "There were no indications whatsoever that Mr Goldberg was leading a double life," he said.

    Chief Superintendent Luke Collison: "In total 75 images in the school's male changing room would be classified as indecent". "An incident such as this is very alarming and no-one could have foreseen it." Mr Hampton said an inspection of the school's safeguarding policies in March this year found no improvements were needed.

    "Despite this, we are re-enforcing our safeguarding procedures to ensure our provision goes beyond the highest standards expected of all UK schools and are as watertight as it is possible to have them," he said. A former student, who wanted to remain anonymous, said pupils were shocked and saddened at the news, but added that Goldberg had been a respected teacher at the school. Southend Borough councillor Anne Jones, responsible for children and learning, said the local authority had been working closely with police and the school.

    "The council's primary focus at this time are the children and families directly involved from Thorpe Hall School," she said. Mrs Jones also said there were "rigorous" safeguarding arrangements in place at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, where some of the images were taken.

  • Full article here
  • Freemasonry is a Jewish organization - Jerusalem regarded as the birthplace of Freemasonry (VIDEO)
  • Homopaedo priest and children's home boss accused of abusing young boys in the 1980s
    Anthony McSweeney and John Stingemore Anthony McSweeney, 67 and John Stingemore, 73

    A Catholic priest and a former children's home boss have appeared in court accused of indecently assaulting young boys.
    Father Anthony McSweeney, 67, and John Stingemore, 72, are charged with abusing young boys in their care during the 1980s. Both men are accused of together indecently assaulting a boy under 16 between November 1980 and July 1981 at Grafton Close children's home in Hounslow, west London.

    The home is at the centre of Operation Fernbridge, a Met probe launched last February looking into claims of a paedophile ring operating out of the Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London. As part of the probe investigators are looking into claims that children were taken from the home to the Elm Guest House to be sexually abused. Detectives are examining allegations that several high profile figures including the late MP Cyril Smith, abused children from Grafton Close at the guest house.

    McSweeney, from Pease Pottage, West Sussex, was a trainee priest at the time of the alleged attacks. He was leading the congregation at St George's Church in north Norwich when the claims against him emerged. Stingemore, from St-Leonards-on-Sea, was in charge of the Richmond Council-run home between February 1980 and July 1981.

    He is also charged with two further counts of the same offence, one count of taking indecent photos of the child, one count of conspiring to bugger and one count of buggery. Both men appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court today for a brief hearing. Dressed in a black suit, red patterned tie and red pocket square, McSweeney spoke only to confirm his name, age and address.

    Stingemore, wearing a blue anorak, sat hunched in his wheelchair throughout the hearing and only sat up when asked to confirm his identity. McSweeney indicated a not guilty plea to the charge while no indication was made on behalf of Stingemore. Both men are already due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court in February charged with a string of similar offences. McSweeney is due to stand trial accused of taking an indecent photograph of a child and two counts of indecent assault on a male person in the 1980s.

    He also faces three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and a further count of possessing indecent images. He will stand trial alongside Stingemore, who denies five counts of indecent assault on a male person, indecency with a child and taking an indecent photograph of a child.

    The home was run as an adolescent unit where children were assessed before being placed into foster care or more permanent homes. Stingemore and McSweeney, who were released on unconditional bail, are due to next appear at Southwark Crown Court on September 9 when it is thought an application will be made for the two cases against them to be joined.

  • Fischer On Homosexuality: People 'Don't Want To Visualize It Because It Is Disgusting' VIDEO
    Disturbing allegations from 2013 about Cliff Richard now under investigation VIDEO

  • Cliff Richard flying home from Portugal within days to face sexual abuse allegations
  • Sir Cliff Richard 'is returning to Britain' to face underage sex assault quiz as more people have come forward with information in past 24 hours (Another knight about to fall on their homopaedo sword?)
  • How can a jewish homopaedo MP get protection from freemason cops?
    Freemason cops claim they were blocked from arresting a high-profile Labour MP suspected of child abuse more than 20 years ago, it was claimed yesterday.

    Greville Janner, now Lord Janner, was interviewed by appointment as part of a major inquiry into attacks on boys at Leicestershire care homes in 1991. The prominent politician and campaigner, who represented Leicester West, was accompanied by his solicitor and did not face charges. Detectives had taken legal advice from a senior lawyer on the rare and potentially controversial move of arresting the serving politician.

    This would have given them the power to search his home and offices, as well as taking his fingerprints and other evidence. But sources close to the case told The Times that at the last minute the planned arrest was blocked. It is not known by whom. Arrangements were made instead for Lord Janner to attend a police station by appointment with his solicitor, Sir David Napley.

    Leicestershire Police confirmed yesterday that the decision is being re-examined as part of Operation Enamel, which is looking at allegations against Lord Janner and others. Investigators have consulted Kelvyn Ashby, the officer who led the original case and has since retired.

    Lord Janner, now aged 86, faces more than 20 allegations of historic abuse at children’s homes, including claims of rape and sexual assault. They suspect he used his hobby as a magician – he is a member of the magic circle – to get close to his victims and gain their trust. One man said he was seven-years-old when the politician visited his care home and left him ‘scarred for life’ by sexually assaulting him.

    But in an unusual move, police have not interviewed Lord Janner under caution or arrested him over the damaging allegations. This is despite searching his home in Golders Green, North London, and Parliamentary office during the course of their nine month inquiry. It is believed that the Labour peer’s poor health, he suffers advanced dementia, has prevented officers from speaking to him.

    A partial file of evidence has been sent to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which is providing the police with ‘investigative advice’. Yet, some fear Lord Janner’s rapidly failing health could lead to him escaping prosecution. He has strongly denied the allegations against him in the past. It will ultimately be for the CPS to decide whether there is enough evidence and it is in the public interest to put him on trial.

    In 1991, the MP received all-party support when he told the House of Commons that there was ‘not a shred of truth’ in the allegations made against him. Lord Janner has not registered his attendance at the House of Lords since police raided his £600,000 North London apartment last December. The investigation into Lord Janner and others is one of dozens of historic abuse inquiries taking place across Britain.

    Chief constables are so concerned that they have brought together a nationwide group to oversee cases involving ‘persons of public prominence’. Lord Janner, who represented Leicester North West and then Leicester West for 27 years, was made a life peer on his retirement from Parliament in 1997. The father-of-three, whose wife of more than 40 years died in 1996, became a barrister in 1954 and was appointed a QC in 1971.

    He is associated with a number of Jewish organisations, having served as president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews from 1978 to 1984. He chairs the Holocaust Educational Trust and is vice-president of the World Jewish Congress. The Labour peer is described on his website as ‘a key international figure in efforts to seek compensation and restitution for Holocaust victims.’

    A Leicestershire police spokesman said it is ‘investigating several complaints in relation to Operation Enamel — it is an inquiry into allegations of criminal conduct and all appropriate lines of inquiry will be progressed.’ Asked if the decision not to arrest Lord Janner was part of the new investigation, the spokesman said: ‘This is an operational matter, no further details will be disclosed.’

  • Homosexuals and their vile paedo networks
    peter tatchell Never once has Peter Thatchell, homosexual spokesperson in Britain, raised his voice against the homopaedo rings behind the wall of abuse. He was part of the toxic homosexual groups demanding the lowering of consent but instead when that failed changed the goalposts by demanding homosexual marriage and the right to adopt young boys who in many cases are later abused by their adoptees, see links for evidence.

    Lets make it crystal clear what the controlled gutter media have been doing for decades, trying to smear ALL men as paedo's by refusing to report that the vast majority of abuse is being perpetrated by homosexuals on young boys and the press FAILING to mention the fact that the children being abused are young boys and another excuse to class heterosexual men in the same vile category.

    It is only recently the media has been under pressure to accurately report this thanks to the internet giving a voice to the thousands of men, who as young boys, had been abused by homopaedo rings connected to the masonic blackmail network that Cyril Smith and tory scum like Keith Joseph, Rhodes Boyson, Dr Alistair Smith, Nicholas Fairbairn and Michael Havers were all part of. There has been a homosexual agenda way back to the fifties that has tried to reduce the age of consent so that these vile perverts can access young boys with impunity and via the notorious PIE network that was being funded by the British government who during the Thatcher and Blair years have promoted homosexuality as if it is the norm.

    When two of the most evil prime ministers lend their support to such a cause you can be sure there will be something very nasty lurking in the background and that has been proved of late with even the gutter press forced to expose that high ranking politicians, judges and lawyers who have been party to the most heinous of crimes and who were behind legislation that has made it MUCH easier for homosexuals to carry out their attacks on young boys.

    The gutter press, who aided and abetted their cover up, have been busy pushing the homosexual agenda and now are forced to admit what was obvious to the heterosexual male population that this was their ultimate goal total debauchery and part of their satanic rituals created within their secret society network of power. Men have realised for a long time that these evil bastards in power do not have the best interests of the fathers who have been trying to protect their own sons from the vile activities of the monsters in our midst who have been allowed to get away with murder for far to long after the judicial mafia had taken those children and put them in to care homes for these vile bastards to get access to them using the secretive family court system.

  • Homopaedo cover up at Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland VIDEO

    A former army intelligence officer has said he was ordered to stop investigating allegations of child sexual abuse at a boys' home in the 1970s. Brian Gemmell said a senior MI5 officer told him to stop looking into claims of abuse at Kincora Boys' Home in east Belfast. He said he presented a report on the allegations to the officer in 1975.

    In 1981, three senior care staff at the home were jailed for abusing 11 boys. Brian Gemmell has called for a new investigation, as Chris Buckler reports It has been claimed that people of the "highest profile" were connected to abuse at the home.

    Mr Gemmell, who worked as an intelligence officer in Northern Ireland in the 1970s, has called for a fresh investigation into the home. He has previously spoken anonymously about his investigations into Kincora, but said he had decided to go public because he feels the allegations need to be investigated again.

    The former intelligence officer said that he learned details of what was happening inside the home while gathering information about loyalists. He said he was told he was running two agents who had close links to Kincora.


    However, after presenting his report to a senior MI5 officer, Mr Gemmell said, he was told to cease his investigation. He said: "I was summoned to go and see him. I went up thinking he was going to be pleased with me. "He bawled me out. He was rude and offensive and hostile.

    "He told me not just to stop any investigation into Kincora, but to drop Royal Flush [an agent he was running]." Mr Gemmell said Kincora should be investigated again but said "there is not a lot of hope" that it will happen. "I think there's more hope than there has been in the past. Although there's not a lot, there is more than in the past."

    Earlier this month, another former Army officer, Colin Wallace, said any new investigation of Kincora must have access to information from intelligence agencies. Mr Wallace said he received intelligence in 1973 to say that boys were being abused, but claims some of his superiors refused to pass on the information.

  • Full article here
  • Britain's homopaedo establishment used freemason cops and special branch to hide their sinister debauchery
    don hale Don Hale was threatened over exposure of establishment homopaedo's

    Chilling day Special Branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers: 16 MPs' names mentioned in 1984 report on paedophile lobby's influence in Westminster

    The knock on the door came early one day in the famously dry summer of 1984. It was just after 8 am, and Don Hale, the young editor of the Bury Messenger, was reading the daily papers at his desk as his reporters were beginning to arrive at the office. As Hale, then 31, answered the door, a trio of plain-clothes detectives barged in, followed by a dozen police officers in uniform. What happened next was, in Hale’s words, ‘like something out of totalitarian East Germany rather than Margaret Thatcher’s supposedly free Britain’.

    The detectives identified themselves as Special Branch, the division of the police responsible for matters of national security. ‘They began to flash warrant cards and bark questions,’ says Hale. ‘It was as if they were interviewing a potential criminal rather than a law-abiding newspaper man. ‘The officers told me that I should abandon plans to print a story that was scheduled to run in our next edition. If I didn’t, they told me to expect a long jail sentence.’

    Initially bewildered by their threatening tone, Hale soon worked out the purpose of the police visit. The focus of their attention was an incendiary dossier he had been handed a few days earlier by long-serving Labour politician Barbara Castle. A powerful feminist and stalwart of the traditional Left, who served in Harold Wilson’s Cabinet, she was for years the MP for nearby Blackburn. One of her lifelong interests, as a principled advocate for the vulnerable and powerless, was child protection. To that end, she had become concerned at the rising influence of the paedophile lobby, which was then infiltrating the political Establishment, developing links with senior public figures, including MPs, peers, civil servants and police officers.

    Mrs Castle was particularly alarmed, Hale recalls, about the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which had become officially ‘affiliated’ with the influential National Council for Civil Liberties, run by future Labour frontbenchers Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey. ‘To her frustration, politicians seemed unwilling to discuss this important issue,’ says Hale. ‘So, being aware of my investigative work in the local media, she approached me and we agreed to a meeting.’ Over tea and a bun at a local cafe, Mrs Castle opened a battered briefcase and handed Hale a bundle of extraordinary documents. They included typewritten minutes of meetings that had been held at Westminster in support of the paedophile agenda, along with details of a host of Establishment figures who had apparently pledged support to their cause.

    No fewer than 16 MPs were on that list, several of them household names. Also mentioned multiple times was Tory minister Sir Rhodes Boyson, a well-known enthusiast for corporal punishment, and Education Secretary Sir Keith Joseph. ‘I don’t suppose you’d be interested in writing a story on this,’ Mrs Castle asked in what Hale describes as a tone of weariness. ‘She perked up when I told her that yes, I would be interested,’ he says, ‘though I warned her that I would have to make inquiries with the authorities about some contents of the dossier.’ Accordingly, a few days later he put in a call to the Home Office.

    ‘I could detect the antagonism from officials as soon as they answered,’ he says. ‘The institution that should have been protecting vulnerable children seemed more interested in stopping the Press from prying too closely.’ It was the morning after Hale made his call to the Home Office that Special Branch officers turned up at the Bury Messenger. Pushing him into a corner, they began barking orders.

    ‘Let me assure you that this story is not in the public interest,’ said a detective. ‘It cannot be printed, as a matter of national security.’ ‘That can’t be right,’ Hale told him. ‘Look, we’re not here to argue,’ the detective responded. ‘Are you going to hand over your papers?’ ‘No,’ Hale replied.

    At this point, the officer produced a document, signed by a judge. It showed that his previous remark about not printing the story had not been a request, but an order. The document handed to Hale was a D-notice — a relic of wartime censorship that could be served on newspaper editors, allowing the Government to block any story that threatened national security. ‘If you don’t comply with this notice, we will arrest you for perverting the course of justice,’ the detective barked. ‘You will be liable for up to ten years in prison.’ At this point, Hale’s resistance collapsed. He had been plunged into a situation for which he had little experience.

    In his first editorship and married with two children, he says he couldn’t afford to casually put his family and career at risk. The papers from Mrs Castle were swiftly confiscated, as were Hale’s notes and even his typewriter. ‘When I asked the reason for this strange act of expropriation, I was told it was being taken in case of allegations of fraud,’ he says.

    ‘One point I found interesting was that they all spoke with London accents,’ says Hale. ‘Not a single man was from Lancashire. It was obvious this was a Metropolitan Police raid, planned in the capital. ‘This was confirmed when, disobeying Special Branch’s instructions, I phoned Bury police about the incident. They knew nothing of it and were astonished.’ Rather less shocked was Barbara Castle. When Hale saw her a few days later, she told him: ‘I thought this might happen.’

    ‘I wish you’d told me,’ he replied. ‘I was totally unprepared. If I’d known, I might have been more discreet in my inquiries to the Home Office or been able to hide some of the papers.’ Mrs Castle apologised. ‘Well, this certainly shows the extent of the cover-up,’ she said. ‘We are fighting a formidable foe.’ Sadly, it wasn’t a foe that Barbara Castle would live to see defeated. Thanks to the D-notice, Hale never made further inquiries or made public the contents of the dossier. Castle went to her grave in 2002 with its contents still secret. She wasn’t the only one. In a scandal that has gripped Westminster, we recently learned that a similar dossier was handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983 by the late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.

    Lord Brittan says he passed on that dossier to civil servants and prosecutors. But its contents seem never to have been properly acted on. Last week, the Home Office was forced to admit it is one of no fewer than 114 files relating to the paedophile lobby and PIE that are ‘missing’, presumed destroyed. Amid growing public disquiet, two public inquiries will now attempt to establish what happened. The first, by NSPCC head Peter Wanless, will focus on how the Home Office handled recent allegations of child abuse in the early Eighties. It will report in nine weeks.

    Another investigation into the handling of child-abuse allegations by a range of public institutions, including schools, care homes and the Church, will last much longer. It is seeking a chairman, following this week’s resignation of the initial appointee, Baroness Butler-Sloss. Against this backdrop, Hale’s decision to reveal what happened in his office in 1984 carries huge significance, on a number of levels. Take, for example, his revelation about the role of Special Branch in shutting down his coverage of Establishment links to paedophiles.

    It comes just a week after Tim Hulbert, a former Home Office employee, revealed that in 1979 he had been told to wave through the renewal of a £30,000 grant for PIE. Hulbert says his boss Clifford Hindley — a suspected paedophile — claimed ‘PIE was being funded at the request of Special Branch, who found it politically useful to keep an eye on paedophiles.’ If that isn’t coincidence enough, take also Hale’s revelation that two prominent Tories, Sir Rhodes Boyson and Sir Keith Joseph, were named in Castle’s dossier. This week, a former Tory activist called Anthony Gilberthorpe told a Sunday newspaper that he had been asked to procure under-age boys for drink and drug-fuelled ‘sex parties’ at political party conferences in the early Eighties.

    And who were the two most senior figures Gilberthorpe named as being present at the debauched events? None other than Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson. While neither man is alive to defend themselves, and should, of course, be considered innocent until comprehensively proven guilty, this does, at the very least, appear uncanny. A third extraordinary coincidence concerns an event that occurred a few days after Hale’s visit from Special Branch.

    When he first read Mrs Castle’s dossier, he had noticed that some of those named as parliamentary supporters of the paedophile lobby were Liberals. With this in mind, he’d contacted Jeremy Thorpe, the former party leader who, despite his retirement from front-line politics, remained a national figure. ‘Over the phone, Thorpe told me he would send someone from the party to discuss the matter with me in person at my Bury office,’ says Hale. And who should appear soon after but Cyril Smith, the apparently genial MP for Rochdale. We now know, thanks to heroic investigations by the present Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, serialised by this newspaper, that Cyril Smith was a predatory paedophile who ruthlessly exploited his status to exploit vulnerable boys.

    At the time, however, Hale was totally unaware of Smith’s sordid private life, and his name didn’t feature in Castle’s documents. ‘Perhaps my suspicions should have been raised by his dismissal of Barbara’s dossier when we met,’ he says. ‘It was all “poppycock”, Smith claimed, a result of Barbara “getting her knickers in a twist” because she was bored with her position as an MEP in Brussels. ‘Downplaying the whole business, Smith sought an assurance that I would not run any story about the dossier. When I refused, he left in a disappointed mood, and I continued my ill-fated investigation.’

    We now know, of course, that Cyril Smith spent his life using friends within the Establishment to cover up paedophile activities. And the organisation which, more than any other, presided over shoddy cover-ups on his behalf was, once again, Special Branch. As Danczuk has revealed, a Lancashire police dossier on Smith containing credible allegations of abuse disappeared in the Seventies after being commandeered by Special Branch, who then demanded that local detectives stop investigating him.

    Officers in Northamptonshire were instructed (via a phone call from shadowy officials in London) to release Smith from custody in the Eighties, after child porn was found in his car boot. Meanwhile, policemen in London have revealed they were repeatedly told, by unnamed superiors (also believed to be Special Branch), to release the 23 stone MP after he was caught performing sex acts with young boys in public toilets in St James’s Park. Don Hale, who is now 61, was in 2001 voted Journalist of the Year by What The Papers Say — an award normally reserved for reporters from the national media — for a brilliant campaign as editor of the Matlock Mercury in which he helped clear the name of a man who had wrongly been jailed for more than 20 years for a murder he did not commit.

    He knows only too well how deep the tentacles of Smith and fellow paedophiles extended into the Establishment of the time. A few years later, he was contacted by reporters from the News Of The World, who had somehow learned of Castle’s paedophile dossier and wanted to talk to him about it. Soon after meeting them, Cyril Smith turned up unannounced in his office, claiming he ‘just happened to be in the area, ’ says Hale.

    ‘But the real reason was all too apparent: he had heard about the reappearance of the paedophile story and wanted to make sure that I would not pass on the information I had been given.’ In truth, however, there was no real chance of Castle’s dossier of information becoming public. The News Of The World was also told to ‘spike’ (not publish) the story, for reasons of national security.

    ‘Their reporters were leant on just as heavily by Special Branch as I had been,’ says Hale, barely able to suppress his anger. ‘The Press is a key weapon in a just society to expose wrong-doing. ‘But this whole saga shows that, in the case of paedophilia in the Seventies and Eighties, the Establishment had a profoundly warped sense of morality, preferring cover-ups to crime fighting.’

  • Matt Sandusky reveals true horror of his years of abuse at the hands of homopaedo stepfather Jerry
    Matt Sandusky and his homopaedo stepfather Jerry. One very good reason NOT to let homosexual's adopt

    'I thought maybe that was just the way he was with his family.' Matt Sandusky reveals true horror of his years of abuse at the hands of father Jerry to Oprah but says he STILL regrets speaking out against him

    Matthew Sandusky, Jerry and Dottie’s adopted son and a key witness in the sexual abuse trial, has revealed that the Penn State coach had singled him out at age eight and spent years grooming him for molestation. The 35-year-old husband and father opened up to Oprah Winfrey about the seven years of torment at the hands of the manipulative and controlling Jerry Sandusky in an exclusive hour-long interview that aired Thursday night on OWN. Matthew, one of the six children adopted by the Penn State coach, revealed that the Sandusky home was a very happy place to be - until bedtime.

    'The overnight visits were... they were good,' Matthew said during the interview. 'I mean, except for that one part: bedtime. Bedtime was the bad part.' Speaking out: Matthew Sandusky detailed his abuse at the hands of his father in an interview Thursday He explained: 'Any other time that we were in the home with the family, it was fine. You'd look at that family and you would say, "Wow. I wish that I had brothers and sisters that cared about me. I wish that I had a mother who cooked dinner every night for the whole family. I wish that I had all of these things. 'But then at bedtime, his ritual began.'

    According to Matthew, his father had all the children sleep in either underwear or mesh shorts to 'let their bodies breath.' As the family prepared to turn in, Jerry would enter his bedroom and 'blow raspberries' on his stomach, then move his hand 'south', rubbing up against his genitals. The bedtime ritual often involved Sandusky tickling the boy, pulling him off the bed and rolling around on the floor with him. ‘He would just be laying on me, he would be aroused,' Matthew recalled.

    ‘Then, as I now know, it’s oral sex – he’s doing it to you,’ Matt said, adding. ‘it’s very confusing to you because…you have a reaction. ‘For him to have done those things to me… forced me to do the same to him.’ The abuse victim revealed that while his adoptive father digitally penetrated him, the two never had anal sex - but not for lack of trying on Sandusky's part, according to Matthew.

    ‘In my mind, the only thing I could tell myself is, he’s gay,' he said. Matthew first met Jerry at age seven or eight through The Second Mile summer camp for underprivileged children, which Sandusky founded in the early 1970s. The boy came from a broken home, and his single mother enrolled Matthew in the camp to provide the child with positive male role models.

    Matthew said that his family’s abject poverty and his rough upbringing had made him the ideal victim for a predator. ‘He chose me and he picked me out from a camp of hundreds of other children,’ Matthew told Oprah when asked if he believed Jerry Sandusky targeted him from the beginning. Looking back on his relationship with the powerful football coach, Matthew said that manipulation on Sandusky’s part started from the first day they met.

    The 35-year-old Mr Sandusky detailed what he calls Jerry Sandusky’s ‘grooming process,’ in which the child molester gradually went from touching Matt on the knee while driving him to football practice to fondling and oral sex. ‘He would move further up my leg,’ Matt recalled, describing Sandusky’s actions as ‘awkward’ and nothing he had ever experienced with an adult before. He added: ‘I thought maybe that just the way he was with his family.’

    Matthew said a lot of the sexual contact took place in the locker room showers after racket ball games beginning when he was about 12 years old. As a child who came from nothing, Matt said that for awhile for he was willing to accept the '10 per cent' of torment at the hands of his adoptive father in exchange for having a real family. ‘Jerry Sandusky was everything a child would want,' he told Oprah.

    As a teenager, Matthew spiraled out of control, often getting in trouble, doing drugs and failing in school. Things came to a head when at age 16 he was arrested after accidentally burning down a barn. Jerry Sandusky confronted him and offered Matthew a stark choice: he could either move in with the family, or face time in a juvenile detention center. A year after Matthew settled in with the Sanduskys, he attempted to take his own life.

    Following the suicide attempt, Matthew told Oprah that the sexual abuse stopped - but the manipulation continued. The 35-year-old recalled how Jerry Sandusky would pull him into a room alone and check in with him to make sure that he did not talk to the police. Jerry and Dottie formally adopted Matt at age 18, giving him their last name in order to pave the way for him into Penn State, where Sandusky had friends in the administration.

    Addressing the significant delays in the investigation cited in a recent attorney general report, Matthew said Jerry Sandusky’s reputation in the community as a figure of authority and a leader convinced everyone for a time that he was innocent. Referring to his adoptive father’s pedophilia as an ‘illness,’ Matthew said that in his own ‘warped way,’ Jerry sincerely believed that he was expressing his love and caring for him and the other 31 victims who have come forward. ‘I think that he believed the things he was doing to us… it was love,’ Matthew said.

    Sandusky, who retired in June 30, 1999 as Penn State's defensive coordinator, was convicted in 2012 of molesting 10 boys over 15 years, some in the football team's showers on campus. The 70-year-old is now serving a 30- to 60-year state prison sentence. He had been expected to be a defense witness for his father until the trial, when he told investigators that he also had been abused.

    His story first became public when a secret tape of a 29-minute interview he did with police during the middle of his father's trial was leaked to NBC. He said he would sometimes cower 'in a fetal position' in his bed trying to avoid his father. In total, he said he suffered seven years of molestation at the hands of his adoptive father. He initially denied there had been any abuse before speaking out.

    In his hour-long conversation with Oprah, Matthew Sandusky explained that he had a change of heart about his role in his father's trial after he spoke with Victim 4, whose story of abuse at the hands of the coach sounded all too familiar. ‘How does he know my story?’ Matt said he wondered while listening to the man describe how Jerry would pull his arms back in the shower and have the boy touch his genitals. ‘His story was my story.’ But Matthew's decision to speak out and tell the truth about the abuse he had suffered came at a price, and to this day he believes that he should have kept quiet.

    ‘I can handle people attacking me; I handled the abuse… I can take it,’ Matthew said, growing emotional. ‘My wife is an innocent. My children… they’re innocent.’ In an interview for a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in January, he said that he felt 'betrayed' by the entire Sandusky family after he took the decision to testify against his father. Dottie Sandusky, Jerry's wife of 50 years, has publicly condemned her adopted son, accusing him of lying in hopes of getting a settlement from Penn State. The Sandusky family also claimed that Matthew had stolen jewelry from them.

    The 35-year-old abuse victim dismissed Dottie's allegations, insisting to Oprah that he was not guilty of theft, and that his decision to come out and talk about the torment he had endured was not motivated by money - but rather by a desire to stop being a coward. 'I had numerous opportunities to tell people… and I didn’t. I was afraid of that man,’ he said of Jerry. Referring to his adoptive family, Matthew added: ‘They cared about me, they loved me. I owed that family everything. Everything I was and am I owed to them.'

    When asked if he believes Dottie Sandusky was kept in the dark about the abuse, Matthew Sandusky expressed doubt, but noted that the wife had never walked in on any sexual activity beyond some bedtime roughhousing. ‘In my mind I find it hard to believe that she would not have some kind of inclination,' he told Oprah. Last year, Matt reached a settlement with Penn State and petitioned to legally change his name, and that of his wife and four children.

    The interview comes a few weeks after Pennsylvania's attorney general released a review of the prosecution but found no evidence of political interference by then Governor Tom Corbett. The report, however, did reveal three years of 'inexplicable delays' to prosecute the former Penn State football coach on child abuse charges.

    The pedophile's home was not searched and the report notes that it took a full year, from March 2009 until March 2010, for the office to recommend charging Sandusky when 'Victim 1' came forward. It took more 18 months before Sandusky was arrested because the prosecutor's supervisors believed the testimony of one victim would be 'insufficient against a community icon like Sandusky'.

  • 'We are not in denial': Homopaedo Jerry Sandusky's family rally around the convicted child molester and proclaim his innocence after explosive Oprah interview with his adopted son Matthew