Stone Roses' frontman Ian Brown 'shown gay porn by homopaedo TV weatherman Fred Talbot' at 11
The singer told jurors Talbot had made his class watch a gay porn film when he was an 11-year-old schoolboy

Rocker Ian Brown stunned jurors when he was unveiled as star witness in the Fred Talbot sex trial - and then claimed his former schoolteacher had shown 'gay porn' to 11-year-old pupils. The 51-year-old, famous as frontman of The Stone Roses, walked into Court 9 to testify against Mr Talbot, who is accused of historic sex offences against schoolboys. Mr Brown is not a victim in the case, but was taught biology by Mr Talbot at Altrincham Grammar School for Boys in the 1970s.

Dressed in a blue coat, Ian Brown has took the oath on the Bible. He told the jury teachers were "violent" in the era, but Fred Talbot was an exception. He told court that in one lesson Talbot encouraged his 11-year-old pupils to masturbate, told them how to do it, and asked them about it in a subsequent lesson. Those that told him they had been 'successful' would be 'murmured' to in lessons by him while other pupils did their work.

Mr Brown described another a lesson from his first year at the school, saying: "The blinds were drawn and there was a projector." "He showed me a film. It was years before I realised it had been wrong to show us that film. "It was a three minute film on Super 8 projector and a young guy walks into a room dressed in denims, sits on the bed, takes his trousers down and masturbates.

"It was only a few years later I realised it was perhaps a gay porn film. It wasn't a sex education film." There was then some testy exchanges between the witness and Suzanne Goddard QC, defending Talbot, as she cross-examined him on his evidence. Miss Goddard asked about biology classes and masturbation and suggested part of the defendant's responsibilities as a teacher was sex education.

"I doubt that's on the curriculum," Mr Brown replied. Miss Goddard then asked why he had not told his parents. The witness said: "It was 1974. I was 11 and the teachers ruled with an iron rod. It would have been an embarrassment to tell my parents things like that." Miss Goddard suggested to him that once he knew the defendant was the subject of a police inquiry over alleged sexual offences, he may have looked back at the sex education classes in a different light. Mr Brown said: "Is that what you are suggesting? Suggest on."

Miss Goddard then said perhaps the witness had let his imagination "run away". Mr Brown replied: "You are the one getting paid to defend him. I have got better places to go. "You are being paid to ask the questions, I'm not being paid by anybody." The defence also suggested Ian Brown blames Fred Talbot for the failure of his biology O Level. "I couldn't care less", the musician replied.

Talbot became a TV regular on the floating weather map in Liverpool's Albert Dock for ITV's top-rating This Morning show after his teaching career had come to an "abrupt end" in 1984. The jury heard he resigned his school job after allegedly propositioning a pupil at his home and the headmaster was informed.

But the court heard while working as a teacher Talbot was a "chancer" who used his "boundless energy" and "extrovert personality" to abuse some of the boys he taught, four of them teenage pupils at Altrincham Grammar School. Mr Talbot, 65, of Bowdon, Cheshire, denies ten indecent assaults on boys as young as 14, dating back to 1969. The trial continues.

  • Thatcher's zionist hatchetman Brittan abused children at Westminster VIP homopaedo parties victim told cops
    The former Home Secretary who died last week was at the centre of allegations involving an establishment paedophile ring operating in Westminster

    An alleged victim of a Westminster paedophile ring claimed to police that Leon Brittan abused him more than a dozen times.

    The witness known as Nick said he also saw most of his friends molested by the former Home Secretary who died on Wednesday aged 75. Making the bombshell claims, Nick first spoke to investigative website Exaro last year and identified Mr Brittan as being present at VIP abuse parties. Asked how he knew who he was, Nick told the website: “Well, he told me. Not his full name. He told me that it was Leon. And it was only later in my adult life that I then knew who it was.”

    Friends and colleagues of Mr Brittan, ­including former Cabinet Ministers Michael Howard, John Gummer and David Mellor, last week defended his legacy and poured scorn on the allegations. Mr Howard said: “I think it is a tragedy that his last days were dogged by these quite ­unsubstantiated allegations.” Mr Gummer, now Lord Deben, branded ­unsubstantiated claims as “wicked” while Mr Mellor said: “I am especially sad he died after he was subjected to unwarranted criticism and innuendo.” Mr Brittan himself had always strenuously denied any allegation of sexual wrongdoing.

    But a major police investigation into paedophile rings at the highest level of the Establishment – which includes testimony against Mr Brittan – continues and witness Nick stands by his account. Police are also examining claims based on Nick’s evidence that Mr Brittan was present when two unidentified men, who were part of the network, murdered a boy in a physical beating following sexual abuse around 1981 or 1982. And they have received ­further allegations he sexually abused boys at the Carlton Club in the St James’s area of London, as well as Dolphin Square and elsewhere.

    The Sunday People has published a number of stories in the past 12 months into the ­allegations made about Mr Brittan. The paper decided not to name him because of ­on-going police investigations into the claims. Campaigning MP Tom Watson has worked closely with survivors since he first raised the issue of a VIP paedophile network with links to Downing Street in 2012.

    He said: “Many have urged me over the past two years to reveal allegations against Brittan using parliamentary privilege. “This allows MPs to say things that are not subject to libel laws. Some will ask why I’ve waited until his death to speak out. The reason is simple. I didn’t want to prejudice any jury trial he might have had to face.” Nick says he is devastated after learning of the death of the former Cabinet Minister and fears it may now be too late to get justice.

    After handing a list of prominent people who allegedly abused him, including Mr Brittan, to police he is worried that the death will bring ­investigations to a halt. During an interview with reporters last year, Nick described the abuse he allegedly suffered by Mr Brittan during VIP sex ­parties in London. Nick said the top ­politician treated boys with “complete contempt”, sexually abusing him “probably every time I was there”. He added: “He would treat me like I was not even human.”

    Asked how he would describe Mr Brittan, he said simply: “Nasty, cruel, sadistic and hateful.” Although he has declined to comment publicly after an agreement with Scotland Yard detectives, Nick said he was devastated by the death of the man he claims raped him repeatedly at Dolphin Square and feared for the future of the investigation. He urged police to continue.

    A source close to the Metropolitan Police team confirmed they were preparing to revisit an alleged female victim – “Jane” – who claims Mr Brittan raped her while she was a student. The Met said in a statement on Friday: “A further review of case remains ongoing.” Jane alleges she was raped by Mr Brittan in 1967 before he became an MP and when she was a student in London aged 19.

    The Sunday People revealed Jane’s allegations of how, on a blind date, he tricked her into his flat, locked her in, then raped her . Following Exaro’s report, Mr Watson wrote a strongly worded letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, asking her to ­review the case. Ms Saunders put pressure on the Met to interview Mr Brittan about the allegations, in line with police guidelines. Mr Brittan denied to police that he even knew of the complainant, and entirely rejected the rape allegation.

    After learning of his death, Jane said: “We cannot be left high and dry. People need to know the truth about Leon Brittan. “It was particularly difficult to hear ex-politicians coming forward with flowery tributes at a time when he was still ­under investigation for rape. “I am sure it is also difficult for all of his alleged victims to hear senior figures refer to these allegations as mere ‘conspiracy theories’.”

    Michael, Jane’s partner, added: “It is despairing for his alleged victims to hear lavish tributes.” Campaigning journalist Don Hale said former Labour cabinet Minister Barbara Castle told him that Mr Brittan was “a man she could not trust”. She said he was “a powerful man with many secrets” and claimed colleagues “dare not get the wrong side of him”.

    And she was highly critical of Mr Brittan’s handling of a dossier said to have contained the names of VIP ­paedophiles which Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens handed to him in 1983. Mr Brittan confirmed last year he had received the dossier and it had been handed on to police. But a search of Home Office files could find no trace of it. Mrs Castle’s own files on the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, which was urging ministers to legalise sex with children, were seized by Special Branch officers who raided Mr Hale’s weekly ­newspaper office in Bury, Lancs, in 1984. Mr Hale claims Mrs Castle had warned him that Mr Brittan used Special Branch as his own outfit.

    Now campaigners are desperate for the dead politician’s own files to be preserved for investigators. Alison Millar of law firm Leigh Day, representing abuse victims, said: “It is absolutely vital that fresh efforts are now put into preserving his documents and files to enable the ­inquiry to learn more about what he knew about abuse among Establishment figures during his time in Government.” A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We do not comment on ongoing enquiries.”

    Our biggest duty is to victims of abuse

    The Sunday People did not take the decision lightly to name Leon Brittan as an alleged member of a Westminster paedophile ring. We know we may be accused by his friends of spitting on his grave. We know we may be accused by his family of causing them more pain. And we know we may be accused by the Establishment of shredding the reputation of a distinguished public servant who can no longer defend himself. But to do otherwise would be to abdicate our duty towards the ­victims of historical sex abuse.

    This newspaper has spent months investigating allegations against Lord Brittan. They are many, varied and credible. We did not name him because police were also carrying out ­investigations. They believe the ­allegations to be credible too. Lord Brittan may have appeared before a jury. So our concern was prejudicing a criminal trial. Not our fate in a libel trial.

    His death means survivors of abuse have been denied a shot at the justice they believe they deserve. Whatever the truth, we are in no doubt that there was a disgraceful Establishment cover-up to protect high-profile paedophiles. Had that not taken place, this shameful episode would have been resolved long ago. That is what Theresa May’s historical sex abuse inquiry was designed to unveil.

    Yet 203 days after she announced it there is still no progress. And Lord Brittan cannot now be a witness. That is not good enough. It is not good enough for the survivors. It is not good enough for the country. It is manifestly in the public ­interest for the allegations against Lord Brittan to be publicly tested. It is a matter of common decency and humanity to ensure survivors get the closure that is their due. Whatever the truth about Lord Brittan, it cannot be allowed to die with him.

  • Jewish lawyer and Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan quizzed over homopaedo VIP parties
    Tory grandee Leon Brittan died before he could be ­quizzed over claims he was at parties where children were sexually abused and killed.

    The former Home Secretary was named by an alleged victim as being among a group of powerful men who he saw at the luxury Dolphin Square apartments close to Westminster. The claims, including allegations the VIP paedophile ring murdered three children, are being treated as “credible and true” by Scotland Yard. Lord Brittan made no public comment on the abuse network allegations before his death from cancer at the age of 75 on Wednesday night, but it is understood he was horrified by them.

    Yesterday, former officer Jim Gamble, who ran the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said: “Leon Brittan’s death is a personal tragedy for his family, friends and former colleagues, to whom I offer my condolences. “But a wider tragedy stretches beyond that intimate circle, as the opportunity for him to give evidence to the child abuse inquiry, to clarify issues concerning allegations of a missing dossier, has been lost forever.” Lord Brittan had come under fire over his handling of papers on high-profile paedophiles, passed to him by MP Geoffrey Dickens while he was at the Home Office.

    He confirmed he received the dossier and passed it to his civil servants but denied accusations there was a cover up. Police said the allegations of abuse by a Westminster-based paedophile network spanned a decade at locations across London and the Home Counties. Det Supt Kenny McDonald, who is leading the murder inquiry called Operation Midland, said last month that detectives believed the witness’s claims.

    The allegations emerged when a man known only as “Nick” claimed he was abused during a decade of his childhood when he was driven to “parties” in the capital and Home Counties. He said one of the locations was the flats at Dolphin Square, an upmarket residential development near Westminster. Nick claims to have identified a number of high-profile individuals attending the gatherings in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The names include Lord Brittan, former diplomat Peter Hayman and a former Tory MP who is not being identified.

    Two further alleged victims have told investigative journalism website Exaro that they saw the same cabinet minister at similar events where children were abused at Dolphin Square. Yesterday, a Scotland Yard spokesman refused to confirm whether officers from Operation Midland had made any contact with Lord Brittan. The spokesman added: “We would not discuss individuals we may speak to as part of any ­investigation. Operation Midland remains a live investigation.” It is not the first accusation made against the peer.

    Last October he was accused in the House of Commons by Labour MP Jim Hood of “improper conduct with children”. Under parliamentary rules, politicians can make accusations at Westminster without being sued for libel. Separately, Lord Brittan was being investigated by officers over an alleged rape of a 19-year-old woman following a date in 1967.

    The woman, who is now aged 66, complained to the ­Metropolitan Police back in 2012. Lord Brittan, who denied the allegations and said they were “wholly without foundation”, was questioned under caution last summer. Scotland Yard said on Thursday that their investigation was continuing.

  • Thatcher's vile zionist leaning hatchetman Leon Brittan dead (He recently faced questions over his handling of child abuse allegations during his time in office)
  • How homosexuals are getting round having children VIDEO

    This whole warped system can only lead to tragedy
    Two more ministers accused in the VIP homopaedo scandal: MP wants Secrets Act lifted to let cops speak out
    Scotland Yard has been handed the names of two more former Government ministers accused of sexually abusing children.

    Campaigning MP John Mann said he was approached last week by a victim who claims to have been abused by the politicians – one a peer – in the 1980s and has passed the detailed allegations to detectives. The latest phase in his search for the truth about a suspected Westminster child sex ring came as he called for retired detectives to be granted an unprecedented amnesty from the Official Secrets Act to help lift the lid on alleged VIP abusers.

    Allowing former Special Branch officers who witnessed the alleged events to speak out could be central to bringing prosecutions, said Mr Mann. He has now called on Home Secretary Theresa May to lift Official Secrets Act restrictions. The new allegations of child abuse emerged after the Bassetlaw MP handed a carefully-researched dossier about five paedophile rings to police with the names of 22 MPs. It includes 13 ex-ministers, at least two of whom are claimed to have gone to 'abuse parties' held at Dolphin Square, the luxury riverside estate in Pimlico which has been home to dozens of MPs.

    However, Mr Mann said the latest claims, which involve two former politicians who are still alive, are 'entirely separate'. 'Someone has contacted me with some very precise allegations – not just the names but the basis of the allegations – and it is going straight to the police,' he said. He said the key to unlocking the truth behind the saga lies with retired Special Branch detectives who witnessed events and could be 'absolutely critical' in providing information to an investigation.

    He said 'a number' of officers have contacted him, including one who has read a 50-page dossier of evidence amassed by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens which is now said to be missing. He added: 'It is clear there are a lot of people who could provide a lot of information, potentially vital information, to support ongoing criminal investigations. 'But they are not doing so because of the Official Secrets Act. They are fearful of not only breaking the law but the potential effect on their pension. This is absolutely crucial if we are to get some of these ex-officers coming forward and to get prosecutions of some of the former MPs.'

    Scotland Yard is already investigating sweeping allegations made by one man who claims he suffered systematic and organised abuse over nine years until 1984. They want to trace witnesses to corroborate his astonishing claim that three boys were murdered by a sex ring that operated in London and the Home Counties. Mrs May has already said the Official Secrets Act 'should not get in the way' of anybody giving evidence to an official inquiry. But campaigners say the offer does not go far enough and want a guaranteed amnesty.

    Those who sign the Act could face up to 14 years in prison if they breach it by revealing sensitive information, which could include the movements of top politicians. One former Special Branch detective, now aged 81, said he was 'shocked and surprised' to be contacted out of the blue and warned not to speak out about disgraced Liberal MP Cyril Smith. Tony Robinson, who claimed to have found files relating to the MP 'deliberately hidden' in a safe in Preston in the early 1970s, said he was told by his 'old HQ' the information was still protected by the Official Secrets Act.

    The Government is under huge pressure to put its ill-fated child sex abuse inquiry back on track after two panel chairmen stepped down over potential conflicts of interest. A meeting involving more than 100 people including alleged victims will be held on January 14.


    The man at the centre of the Dolphin Square inquiry says he was abused at depraved sex 'parties' from the age of seven. Known only by the pseudonym Nick, he claims to have witnessed horrific acts at the luxury estate in central London between 1975 and 1984.

    After being abused by his father, Nick says he was handed to a gang of top Establishment figures. He has described being driven by a chauffeur, along with a terrified 12-year-old boy, to a luxury townhouse where he watched as a Tory MP strangled the other child. Nick also said he saw a second boy being brutally murdered in front of a Tory Cabinet minister in 1981. A third boy, aged ten or 11, had died in 1979 after being deliberately run over by a member of the paedophile gang in a 'warning' to victims not to speak out, he alleges.

    He says he was taken to Dolphin Square at least ten times for 'abuse parties'. He claimed one MP told him to thrash another boy - and 'sexually punished' him when he refused. After receiving counselling he contacted the investigative website Exaro in May, whose investigators described him as 'intelligent and articulate', before going to the police.

  • Westminster homopaedo ring: Jailed Charles Napier will be told to name VIP abusers

    The former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange and half-brother of a Tory MP will be questioned again by detectives after being jailed last week

    Caged child abuser Charles Napier faces a grilling by detectives who believe he could help expose a network of VIP paedophiles with links to Westminster.

    Officers probing claims that span decades think the former teacher – jailed last week for abusing 23 boys – can name Establishment figures including peers, Government ministers, ­civil servants and police. Napier, 67, was treasurer of the twisted Paedophile Information Exchange, which ­campaigned on behalf of ­paedophiles in the 1970s and 1980s and ­argued that the age of consent should be lowered to FOUR. Dossiers compiled by ­campaigning MP Geoffrey Dickens and handed to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s were said to contain damning ­evidence about the group.

    The allegations now form a key part of the large-scale Scotland Yard probe, which includes claims three young boys were murdered by a powerful VIP network. A source close to the ­investigation said: “Now that he has been jailed police are going to want to talk to him again. “He was treasurer of the PIE. That means he would know the names of a lot of the people ­involved. He must have more to tell the police.”

    Napier was sentenced to 13 years for sex attacks on 23 boys between 1967 and 1983. The pervert ­admitted 30 indecent assault ­charges and one offence of ­indecency against a child. Several high-profile abusers are thought have been members of PIE, including Peter Righton and former spy Geoffrey Prime. The late Labour politician Barbara Castle is said to have named members of the group in a dossier seized by Special Branch in the 1980s amid allegations of a cover-up. The Met Police are now trying to find the missing files and those compiled by Mr Dickens.

    Officers recently revealed there are now 18 separate operations probing ­historic ­allegations in the 70s and 80s – and campaigners believe Napier would have had a full list of those ­involved with PIE. Whistleblower Peter McKelvie, a former local authority child protection chief who has been fighting to bring abusers to ­justice, said: “Napier is an evil, calculating, ­manipulative paedophile. "The charges he was found guilty on were the tip of the iceberg. “In 1993 I spoke to three victims who refused to give evidence.

    “One told me very convincingly that Napier took him to parties where he was introduced to the rich and famous and that Righton was involved in all these activities.” Mr McKelvie believes Napier – who has said he regrets his actions – should now come clean about everything he knows.

    He added: “I don’t believe he has shown one iota of remorse in an adulthood dedicated to the ruthless pursuit of vulnerable children purely to abuse sexually. “As a test of his newfound ­‘remorse’, he can share all the names of the rich and ­famous who ­attended the parties that his victims ­referred to. “As PIE treasurer in its peak period of membership in the mid-1970s, Napier holds the key to the identity of hundreds of dangerous abusers who continued to abuse thousands of children over many decades. “He can now pass all this ­to ­police as testament to his newfound regret and remorse.”

    The Sunday People was the first newspaper to track down Napier, who is the half-brother of Conservative MP John Whittingdale. He was found in picturesque Sherborne, Dorset. After we passed our ­information to police, Napier was arrested as part of Operation Cayacos – an offshoot of Fairbank, which was set up to investigate allegations of ­historical child abuse. Leading child care expert Peter Righton Fellow pervert: Former child care expert and secret PIE member Peter Righton

    At the time of our probe we spoke to respected author and journalist Francis Wheen, a former pupil at the boarding school Napier taught at. The 57-year-old said: “He ­recruited a few of us, saying ‘Spend more time in the gym’ and appointed himself gym ­master. "There was a room off the gym and that ­became his haunt. Four or five of us started going down there, vaulting over horses and things like that, in our gym shorts in all our innocence.

    “At the end of it he would take us into his room off the gym and give us beer and cigarettes – ­bottles of Mackeson’s and Senior Service untipped. “We thought this was ­all ­terrifically exciting. Here we were, 11 years old, being given beer and fags. We were thinking that he was on our side, not like any of the other masters. “Of course, this was for an ulterior purpose, which very soon became clear when he stuck his hand down my gym shorts and I had to sort of fight him off.”

    Sick Napier then revealed his ­technique for grooming the youngsters by trying to humiliate him. Mr Wheen said: “He said ‘Don’t be such a baby’ and said I wasn’t grown-up enough for that sort of thing. “He would point to a couple of other boys, saying ‘They let me do it, you just won’t let me because you’re so babyish’. “I think he was hoping I’d say ‘No, I’m as grown up as them’ and let him get on with it but I didn’t.

    “It meant I was excluded from his ‘charmed circle’ but by then I knew where he kept his beer and cigarettes. “I used to break into his room, steal them and then go and sit in the woods.” Mr Wheen visited Southwark Crown Court last week to see Napier sentenced.

    He described the jail term as “a signal the judge was giving – these things will be pursued now, even if it’s 46 years later don’t think you’ve got away with it”. Mr Wheen admitted there had been times before the sentence when he almost felt pity for the pervert – but those feelings quickly evaporated. He said: “I am glad that it’s been done. “I’m glad that it’s happened after all these years.

    “I thought in the last year or two, ‘Well, he’s getting quite old, maybe it wasn’t that serious,’ feeling a tiny bit of pity occasionally. “But I don’t feel that now, hearing as we’ve heard about the sheer extent of what he was doing right under our noses while I was at school with all these other boys. “We just had no idea of the scale of what he was doing and how damaged some of them were by what he did. “Any element of pity disappeared fairly quickly.”

  • Westminster homopaedo ring: Was second man killed over child abuse cover-up?

    bulic forsythe A council official and a caretaker may have been killed to stop them exposing a Westminster paedophile ring, Labour’s John Mann said

    Two men may have been murdered as part of an establishment cover-up into child sex abuse allegations, an MP sensationally claimed today.

    A council official and a caretaker may have been killed to stop them exposing a Westminster paedophile ring, Labour’s John Mann said. The shocking allegation comes as abuse survivors expect Home Secretary Theresa May to axe a panel of experts investigating claims of historical sex attacks by powerful figures. They fear the Government does not “want to get at the truth” of the accusations, according to Mr Mann’s party colleague, Simon Danczuk.

    The murder claims centre on Daily Mirror revelations seven months ago about Lambeth Council official Bulic Forsythe, who died in February 1993 in suspicious circumstances. He had vowed to expose a paedophile ring allegedly linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government.

    Bulic told a witness he suspected vulnerable youngsters were being assaulted by an organised gang at one children’s home said to have been visited by the Labour politician. But days later Bulic, 42, was beaten to death in his flat which was later set on fire. The case has remained unsolved for 21 years. Mr Mann today said social services manager Bulic - and an unnamed council caretaker - could have been killed to silence them.

    The caretaker died in a “suspicious” fire, Mr Mann said, adding that the worker “was providing information and tapes relating to sex abuse and sex parties” in the run-up to his death. He claimed the deaths were “undoubtedly linked” to child abuse at Westminster and “potentially linked to the wider scandal” involving other high-profile figures. “Both were people who were in essence blowing the whistle on child abuse - for whatever motive - and two very suspicious deaths,” he said.

    Mr Mann told Sky News Bulic “had significant information in relation to child abuse”, adding: “The evidence about what he is said to have uncovered is very precise and relates to what’s come much more to light in the last 12 months,” He went on: “It’s clear his death was highly suspicious and that he had crucial information about child abuse.” Mr Mann has handed Scotland Yard a dossier including allegations about the involvement of 22 politicians - some of them apparently still serving - in paedophile rings. The names are said to include 14 ex-ministers.

    He urged the Government to release Special Branch police officers from the Official Secrets Act, allowing them to come forward with evidence. Meanwhile, Rochdale MP Mr Danczuk warned sex abuse survivors could turn to “direct action” as a stalled-inquiry fades into “complete disarray”. Frustrated campaigners have been told Mrs May will scrap a panel of experts appointed to take evidence, and start all over again.

    The inquiry was announced in July but has been hit by a series of setbacks as two chairmen were forced to quit over establishment links. Mr Danczuk blasted “people at the centre of government” saying: “You can’t help thinking they aren’t intent on getting this right.” He said child abuse survivors could not be blamed for suspecting “quite deliberate mistakes by people at the centre of government” over the fiasco.

    Mr Danczuk said people should prepare for “more and bigger, peaceful protests, more challenging of ministers, more challenging of the police to take action”. “There is very little faith in Government in terms of delivering this,” he told the BBC. “You can’t help thinking that they are not intent on getting this right.”

    National Association for People Abused in Childhood boss Peter Saunders said he was “yet to encounter any survivors who have confidence in the process”. A Home Office spokesman said: “The Home Secretary is determined that appalling cases of child sexual abuse should be exposed so that perpetrators face justice and the vulnerable are protected.”

  • FIVE Westminster homopaedo rings are now being investigated
    Labour MP John Mann has handed evidence on 22 politicians including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords to police

    Claims that at least five paedophile rings operated in Westminster in the 1970s and 80s are being investigated by police.

    Labour MP John Mann has handed evidence on 22 politicians including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords to police. Mr Mann, whose list includes 13 former ministers, said: “There are at least five paedophile rings which involved MPs. "It would be inconceivable in some cases that they are not now interviewed.

    Some of the evidence is incredibly strong.” He handed his dossier to officers on Operation Trinity, the Metropolitan Police probe into alleged abuse in children’s homes in Lambeth, South London. Meanwhile, a delayed inquiry into claims of an Establishment cover-up over a Westminster paedophile ring has hit another setback as Home Secretary Theresa May wrote to members of the panel saying she was considering dissolving it. “But I also understand if you decide you do not want to go through such a process.’

    It is the latest setback to the stalled probe into allegations of an Establishment cover-up over a Westminster paedophile ring of powerful figures. The first chairman, former judge Baroness Butler-Sloss, quit after it was revealed her late brother was Attorney-General when a high-profile paedophile escaped prosecution. The second, Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf, went after losing the support of victims’ groups.

  • Former newspaper boss tells police of VIP homopaedo cover-up claim
    Ex-news editor who was issued with warning against reporting on allegedly powerful paedophile ring is interviewed by police

    A former local newspaper executive who claims that he was issued with an official warning in the early 1980s against reporting on an allegedly powerful paedophile ring has been interviewed by police.

    In a sign of growing concern that there has been a cover-up of the involvement of politicians in the sexual abuse of children, Hilton Tims, 81, was approached by officers and asked to tell all that he knows about the affair. Last month the Observer reported Tims’s claim that his newspaper, the Surrey Comet, had been issued with a D-notice – an official warning not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when he sought around 1984 to report on a police investigation into Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south-west London, where a group of notorious paedophiles was said to have been operating. Officials running the D-notice system, who work closely with MI5 and MI6 and the Ministry of Defence, said they did not believe that such a notice would have been issued, but admitted that some records relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s have been destroyed.

    Following the revelations, it has emerged that Tims, who was news editor of the Surrey Comet between 1980 and 1988, was interviewed by an officer working for Operation Fernbridge, the criminal investigation examining claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by prominent men, including senior MPs, top police officers and people with links to the royal household. Tims said: “They wanted to have my story from my own lips.” He told officers that the D-notice was issued when he asked one of his reporters to look into a police investigation into a paedophile ring based at Elm Guest House which the paper understood had been “getting boys from a care home”. Tims said the paper subsequently dropped its inquiries into the story.

    The development follows Scotland Yard’s decision last week to publicly describe claims that a Conservative MP strangled a boy of 12 as both “credible and true”. Officers, who have appealed for witnesses to come forward, are investigating the claims of an alleged victim, known as Nick, who says he was molested from the age of seven to 16, between 1975 and 1984. He claims to have seen a Conservative MP kill a boy at an orgy in a London townhouse in around 1980, and to have witnessed a Conservative cabinet minister watch two men kill another boy in a sexual assault a year later. Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager whose allegations about a paedophile ring brought the issue to the attention of Tom Watson MP and the police in 2012, said it was clear that there had been a cover-up.

    He said: “The good and honest police officers on the ground always wanted to take their criminal investigations into this as far as they could go. It was higher up the hierarchy where things went awry. “It is encouraging that the police are now pursuing this. The evidence has always been there and now it is finally being examined.”

    Last week the home secretary Theresa May met survivors of child sexual abuse, along with McKelvie, to discuss the future of the independent inquiry that she set up in the summer. The inquiry has lost two chairs over accusations of conflicts of interest and the survivors told May that they had also lost confidence in the makeup of the rest of the panel due to examine allegations of organised institutional child abuse. It was reported on Saturday night that May intends to scrap the panel. She wrote to each panel member last week to say she is considering converting it to a statutory inquiry, or set up a fresh statutory inquiry or a royal commission, according to Exaro News which published extracts from the letter.

    Earlier this month it was revealed that two members of the panel had been accused of sending threatening or insulting emails to victims who had criticised the inquiry. Lawyers for one abuse survivor had written to the home secretary to complain of a string of unsolicited communications, including an allegedly threatening email sent two days before an official meeting that both panellists and an abuse survivor were due to attend.

    The victim, who is on medication for post-traumatic stress disorder, was left too anxious to attend the “listening meeting” in November. McKelvie said: “At the meeting on Monday the home secretary was friendly and purposeful and promised a timetable for the inquiry, and hopefully the name of a new chair, by the end of January. But we were adamant that disbanding the panel as it stands is non-negotiable. The inquiry cannot be compromised from day one like this.”

  • UK cops confirm claims about murder of 3 boys by VIP homopaedo ring VIDEO
    Three murders now connected to London VIP homopaedo ring
    Detectives are investigating three alleged murders as part of an inquiry into historical child abuse, the Met Police has said.

    Officers made a public appeal for information relating to Dolphin Square estate in Pimlico, south-west London. Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse said no confirmed identities or bodies of victims had been found. Allegations of a paedophile ring involving prominent figures in the 1970s and 1980s are being investigated.

    Operation Midland, which is under the umbrella of Operation Fairbank, is one of a number of ongoing inquiries into historical abuse.

    'Credible and true'

    Detectives said they were also examining whether children were abused at locations across London and including at "military establishments". The inquiry is also working through historical missing persons reports and unsolved child murders to look for possible links to the case. However, officers said the search was being hampered by out-of-date records from the past.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse said no bodies of victims had been found The appeal has been made as part of Operation Midland, which stems from allegations made by a man known as "Nick", who says he was abused by a paedophile ring including high-profile people from the age of seven to 16. He has told police he was taken by car to "parties" where he was abused by men, including at least one flat in the Dolphin Square estate.

    Asked about the claims, Det Supt Kenny McDonald - who is overseeing Operation Midland - said officers who had spoken to him thought his account was "credible and true". Det Supt MacDonald appealed for other boys who might have been abused to come forward. "We are working hard to try to establish the number of boys involved. I would like appeal to those boys to trust me I will support you and do all in my power to bring the abusers to justice," he said. BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds said it was the first time Operation Midland had confirmed the number of possible murders officers were investigating.

    'Very powerful people'

    He said the allegations were that three children had been murdered. The claims also included allegations a child had been run over. They involved an alleged paedophile ring including "very important people", our correspondent added. It comes after Nick gave his first broadcast interview last month, telling the BBC his abusers had no hesitation in doing what they wanted.

    "Some of them were quite open about who they were. They had no fear at all of being caught, it didn't cross their mind," he said. The abusers "created fear that penetrated every part of me, day in day out", he added.

    "You didn't question what they wanted, you did as they asked without question and the punishments were very severe. "They were very powerful people and they controlled my life for the next nine years,"

  • Homopaedo private school teacher 'as bad as Savile': He abused thousands of Kenyan boys over four decades
    A British charity boss who travelled to Kenya to abuse boys could rival Jimmy Savile as one of Britain’s most prolific child-sex offenders, police say.

    Simon Harris, 55, abused ‘thousands’ of street children for years despite being a registered sex offender, a landmark case has revealed. Yesterday he was found guilty of eight charges of indecent and sexual assault on five homeless Kenyan boys – one of whom was just nine. But police believe the abuse carried out by Harris, who formerly worked as a teacher in a British private school, could have spanned four decades, and the number of victims could be ‘in the thousands’. A total of 46 Kenyan homeless children testified against Harris, but police say this number is ‘just a drop in the ocean

    The boys Harris targeted were subjected to horrific ordeals for hours on end in his luxury Kenyan home. One of his alleged victims – who bravely gave evidence from Kenya via Skype – was so traumatised by his ordeal that he killed himself during the proceedings, a fact that was revealed to the jury only yesterday. Charities last night demanded to know why Harris – described as a manipulative, predatory and dangerous abuser – was able to travel freely to Kenya. There were also questions over why, despite signing the sex offenders’ register in the 1980s, he was unmonitored there and able to gain access to dozens of vulnerable children. A serious case review is under way into how he was able to slip through the net of West Mercia Police and social services. Another review will look at whether legislation needs to be tightened over travel bans for sex offenders.

    Police had been aware of the former Latin teacher as early as 1989, after reports of inappropriate behaviour towards children at Shebbear College, a boarding school in Devon. He was not prosecuted as parents did not want to put their children through a court case, but his notes would have been kept on record. He was jailed and placed on the sex offenders’ register for life in 2009 for possession of child pornography. He was also issued with a Foreign Travel Order – which bans sex offenders from travelling abroad. But he is alleged to have overturned this in a magistrates’ court by forging documents from Kenya claiming he could travel. Between the early 1990s and the spring of 2013, the paedophile spent six months a year in the Kenyan town of Gilgil. He ran a charity called VAE, which helped arrange teaching placements in Kenya for British gap-year students.

    Police say Harris used the charity to offer a presentable face to the community. But Birmingham Crown Court heard how he took groups of street boys to his luxurious home in the hills, known as the ‘Green House’. His victims told how he enticed them with the offer of sweets and food. Once there, he plied them with drugs and alcohol, bathed them and rubbed them in oils before sexually assaulting them, a jury was told. Those he ‘fancied’ would sleep in his bed – unclothed so ‘they would not dirty his sheets’. One boy told the court Harris threatened to kill him if he ever spoke of the horrific abuse.


    Known only as ‘the boy in the striped shirt’ to protect his identity, this 11-year-old was sexually assaulted by Harris when he was just nine. The first street boy to give evidence via Skype in the paedophile’s trial, he described how he was ‘tricked’ into Harris’s bedroom before being raped. Harris was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault against the child.

    Evidence: The young victim

    The boy and his younger brother were abandoned by their alcoholic mother at a young age. Fighting for survival, they joined up with a group other street boys, begging and eating from rubbish bins, which is how they came to meet Harris. According to the boy, they knew Harris as ‘a good white man’ because he gave them juice, bread and biscuits. But he began to be puzzled by Harris’s kindness and noticed certain boys being selected to stay overnight in his room.

    Soon after this, he was picked out. He said he was ‘tricked into the bathroom and bathed by Simon Harris’, who instructed him to sleep on his bed. That night he was raped. ‘I think he was a bad person to me,’ he said. He added that he has not spoken to other street boys about it because ‘it was too painful’. The boy was rescued by Kenyan homeless charity, Restart Africa, which is dedicated to helping street children and funded entirely by donations. For more information visit www.restartafrica.org Harris was initially tried in relation to assaults on nine street children – he was acquitted of attacks on four of these children yesterday. But since his trial began in October, 46 alleged victims have come forward, police revealed last night.

    Kelvin Lay, the senior investigating officer for the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), said he believed this was ‘just a drop in the ocean’. ‘Harris is among the most prolific child sex offenders I have ever known,’ he said outside court. ‘He hoped that by targeting the most vulnerable children in a rural location in Africa, he would get away with it. Given a culture of extreme taboo regarding homosexuality in Kenya, we think those who have testified is only a very, very small fraction of his total number of victims.’ Mr Lay compared Harris to Savile, saying: ‘I don’t think there is anyone else with this many potential victims out there.’

    One witness in the trial, Dan Ndiritu, who runs a Kenyan charity, Restart – which now cares for many of the boys who were allegedly abused – says he reported Harris to Kenyan police ten years ago. But the offences came to light only when a street child spoke to Channel 4 documentary-makers who were filming in Gilgil last year. Weeks later an inquiry was launched by West Mercia Police and CEOP. Several more children came forward to complain about Harris and he was charged in July 2013. Harris – who lived in a cottage in Pudleston near Leominster, Herefordshire, before he moved permanently to Gilgil – was charged with additional offences linked to Kenya in October 2013.

    Mr Ndiritu told the Daily Mail: ‘I had suspicions for many years. He would pick boys up in his car most days and I would see him smoking bang (cannabis) with them. No one knows how many victims he has, because most boys are too ashamed to talk, but I think there could be thousands. Many were sexually abused several times – they would go back because they wanted food and they wanted money. They felt they didn’t have a choice.’ He added that, tragically, most of these boys are now assaulting younger boys. Harris was yesterday convicted of three indecent assaults, five sexual assaults and four charges of possessing indecent images of children. He was acquitted of a further ten charges.

    The jury failed to reach a verdict on one charge of rape of a nine-year-old. Harris appeared alarmed when some of the ‘not guilty’ verdicts were read out and nodded his head upon hearing ‘guilty’ verdicts. It emerged last night that one young Kenyan man who testified against Harris is believed to have committed suicide during the court case. Michael Kamondia died on December 7, just days before the jury retired to consider their verdicts. The charge relating to Mr Kamondia’s allegation was withdrawn midway through the trial because of a legal technicality. Harris also pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent assault against three boys between the ages of 13 and 14 at Shebbear between 1986 and 1989. The case was adjourned to January 30 for sentencing.

    Harris is 'very dangerous sex offender' who may have abused 'many more victims' say police after landmark investigation Detectives who investigated 55-year-old Simon Harris said it was entirely possible 'many more victims' were preyed upon by the former public school housemaster. Harris's offending in Kenya stretched over 11 years, between 2002 and 2013.

    He was only brought to justice after an investigation by the National Crime Agency and the police force into the former teacher's movements in Kenya, in what is understood to be one of West Mercia's Police most expensive ever criminal inquiries. The force's Detective Chief Inspector Damian Barrett said: 'There's no doubt he targeted young boys who were living on the streets in Kenya,' said Mr Barrett. 'They had a very poverty-stricken life and he's exploited that vulnerability such that I think they suffered the offending against them because of the benefits they had.'

    He added that Harris, who was living in Kenya running gap-year teaching charity VAE, 'created an environment allowing him to groom those around him, enabling him to commit sexual offences. He's a very dangerous individual'. Police said what made Harris's offending all the worse was that his vulnerable victims were given a choice between a desperately hard life on the streets of the nearby town or going home with their abuser. Mr Barrett said the victims 'did not like what was taking place' but were 'putting up with the offending' because he would feed and pay the boys for doing chores around his house, and in some cases put them through school - which costs money in Kenya.

    Detective Inspector Jon Roberts, who travelled to trace Harris's Kenyan victims, said the former teacher 'deceived friends' and fabricated the cover story of a benevolent charity educator to get what he wanted. The officer, experienced with child abuse cases, said Harris's method of targeting such vulnerable children had been 'difficult to come to terms with'. Det Insp Roberts described their abuser as a man who 'not only groomed these children, but ... has lied to his friends about his previous conviction to cover up the abuse he's been meting out'.

    He described Harris's charity VAE which brought English students in to teach in deprived Kenyan schools as 'a cover story' and 'part of his grooming process to abuse these children'. Of the youngsters, Mr Roberts said he observed their gruelling daily existence just to survive life in the shanty town of Gilgil 'living in the gutter, in shop doorways and sleeping rough'. 'These aren't just the most vulnerable children in Africa, they are some of the most vulnerable children in the world and that's difficult to come to terms with,' he added.


    A brave young Kenyan man who testified against one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders is believed to have taken his own life during the court case. It emerged that towards the end of Harris' trial that one of the original complainants in the case, Michael Kamondia, had taken his own life. Mr Kamondia had been among several boys and young men described as incredibly brave by police officers after testifying across a 6,500-mile live video link from Kenya earlier in the eight-week trial.

    He died on December 7, just days before the Birmingham Crown Court jury retired to consider verdicts, the Crown Prosecution Service said. The charge relating to Mr Kamondia's allegation that he was raped by Harris as a 15-year-old had appeared on the original trial indictment but was withdrawn after a legal technicality emerged over the time allowed in English law for when such accusations can be dealt with by a British court. However, Mr Kamondia's testimony itself was not withdrawn as evidence, as it was considered a material part of both the prosecution and defence case.

    Case judge Philip Parker QC described the man's death as 'very sad'. Detective Inspector Jon Roberts, of West Mercia Police, was the officer tasked with going to Kenya to make contact with potential witnesses and complainants. He described how difficult it had been for British officers just to establish trust with the boys in a culture where the subject of the sex offending is considered highly taboo, and where relations between the street children and local police were dire.

  • VIP homopaedo networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close', retired cops claim
    Almost 30 former detectives have turned whistleblower in an online forum to expose how undercover operations were suddenly “canned” by powerful figures Homopaedo ring included cops and a string of lawyers.

    High-level probes into VIP ­paedophile networks were shut down as police closed in on a number of powerful ­figures, former officers claim.

    In an extraordinary development, detectives have turned whistleblower to expose how undercover operations were suddenly “canned”. Almost 30 officers have been venting their anger online – heaping ­pressure on the probe by Scotland Yard and the Government into widespread claims of historic sexual abuse. One former officer called Jim wrote: “This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. “It goes to the very heart of our establishment.”

    The allegations surfaced during a ­four-month investigation by the Exaro news website into a secret members-only chat forum used by former and serving Metropolitan Police officers. Use of the locked forum is vetted so that only people who have worked in or closely alongside the force can join or see the discussions. Along with the officers and a sixth man – a government worker who signed the Official Secrets Act – a further 11 ­policemen claimed colleagues had told them of similar cover-ups.

    One, who said his investigation into a paedophile ring was shut down, claimed: “As the operation expanded up the greasy pole of high society, the job got canned.” We have protected the identities of the whistleblowers – some of whom claim that surveillance officers watching a ­paedophile ring even led them to fellow officers and a string of lawyers. An officer with two decades of service claimed his crime squad at a station in central London was shut down because it got too close to the establishment.

    And a retired sergeant with 30 years’ service said evidence of abuse from a notorious care home was “destroyed” and a detective on the case was discredited by “corrupt politicians”, “corrupt high- ranking officers” and “religious people”. A government worker using the false name Jonathan claimed: “The cover-up began in 1985 when operations were closed for no apparent reason except prominent persons were allegedly ­involved, and again in 1990 and again over the North Wales child abuse. “Successive governments continued the practice, so don’t hold your breath that anything will change any time soon.”

    The web discussions began in July after an officer posted newspaper claims, by child protection campaigner Chris Fay, that there had been a cover-up. Mr Fay, of the now-defunct National Association of Young People in Care, said he was warned off claims surrounding Elm Guest House in Barnes, South West London – the alleged VIP boys brothel. Responding to claims that Mr Fay was threatened at gunpoint, an officer known as Samantha, who had jobs including surveillance during a 27-year career, said: “I believe it. I know of instances where Special Branch crossed boundaries any police officer would find abhorrent.

    “They did feel the rules didn’t apply to them. I and others have seen and heard or been present when things have been glossed over, hidden or destroyed.” A policeman called Matthew wrote to another officer: “Dave, I don’t know if you were on 8 Tactical Support Group when we did the surveillance op on the paedophile ring but all we were following were lawyers and police officers. Oddly as the op expanded up the greasy pole of high society the job got canned.” The axed probe took place in the late 1980s and was in a spin-off from Operation Circus, a Met investigation into the abuse of vulnerable boys lured from the ­so-called Chicken Rack – an area near Piccadilly Circus Tube station.

    In August, a claim emerged from Bob, another retired sergeant with 30 years’ service. He cites a quashed probe into a care home mentioned in the Press in ­connection with alleged abuse by VIPs. He wrote: “My position is from ­first-hand, knowing what the government and high ranking officers did to a DC who possessed solid evidence. They destroyed the poor fella, all evidence was destroyed or disappeared. Yes, it involved the care home we are all reading about.” In October, former detective ­constable Stevie claimed: “In the 90s a middle-class paedo ring was uncovered at KF (Newham police station). It linked into a massive undercover paedo job run by (police ­officer’s name removed). The UC found it went to Cabinet level and four years of work was pulled overnight.”

    A total of 11 officers who say they heard second or third-hand of cover-ups make a series of similar allegations, including the existence of a secret file dating to the 1960s of abuse claims against a celebrity recently linked to alleged historic abuse. And it was claimed Special Branch shut down an operation linking high-placed establishment figures with abuse in 1986 or 1987, destroying all evidence. Officers claim Operation Hedgerow – a probe which saw a barrister, a company director and others jailed over widespread abuse of vulnerable boys in 1989 – had “got very close to Parliament”.

    They also claimed Operation Ore, which snared child porn perverts through credit card payments to sick websites in the early 2000s, had its “wings clipped”. In a discussion thread in July, a Met officer called Dale wrote: “About time Op Ore was resurrected. It was squashed due to political pressure. A good time to bring it back. Should ruffle feathers.”

    Frank, who served in the Met before moving to the US, added: “Op Ore had its wings clipped from the beginning. It’s time to remove political interference.” Adam, in the Met for 30 years, replied: “Hedgerow might be more interesting, got very close to Parliament.”

    The Met Police declined to comment last night.

  • Two undercover cops abused former child actor at guest house 'used by VIP homopaedo ring'
    Two former cops are being investigated over claims they sexually abused a former child actor at a guesthouse allegedly frequented by VIPs and politicians, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

    Lee Towsey claims two undercover officers, who were themselves investigating abuse claims, sexually assaulted him at the Elm Guest House in South-West London. The guesthouse is at the centre of a police investigation looking into allegations that young boys were abused by Westminster politicians, judges, pop stars and a member of the Royal household.

    The new revelation comes amid a flood of serious allegations, including that police covered up the name of an MP who abused a child at the former guesthouse. Earlier this month, Home Secretary Theresa May described claims that MPs murdered and abused children at an exclusive block of flats as ‘the tip of the iceberg’. In an interview with The Mail on Sunday in April, Mr Towsey said he had sex with two officers who were gaining intelligence on the guesthouse prior to the June 1982 raid. Mr Towsey worked as a masseur at the guesthouse but was 16 at the time of the offences, which was under the age of homosexual consent then. He said: ‘The first came in April and I had sex with him. ‘He turned out to be one of the officers who later raided the house.

    ‘He came back about three weeks later and hired a room. He stayed two nights and on the second night his partner stayed too. ‘I ended up having sex with them. Afterwards they asked me “how much” and I told them that they were not clients and I felt insulted they wanted to pay me.’

    Mr Towsey, who appeared in Grange Hill and Doctor Who, was taken to Richmond police station after the raid, where, he claims, he saw the second officer. Metropolitan Police detectives launched the investigation after Mr Towsey reported the allegations to police in early 2013. It referred the matter the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), but the watchdog decided not to investigate and sent the case back to the Met. The Met’s Directorate of Professional Standards is now leading the investigation, Operation Yvonne, into the former officers, who were police constables at the time of the alleged offence. Scotland Yard has refused to release their names.

    After the raid the guesthouse owners, Harry and Carole Kasir, were convicted of keeping a disorderly house and having obscene videos. They were given a two-year suspended sentence and fined £1,000. Mr Towsey’s lawyer said police had now asked his client to provide a further statement about the claims. Nigel Fisher, of Fletcher Day solicitors, said: ‘We are pleased police have now officially launched an investigation into the events. ‘It is an important step in taking Lee’s case further. Police have asked Lee to give a further statement which he is doing in the next couple of weeks.’

    Operation Yvonne is the latest off-shoot from Operation Fernbridge, which is looking into claims children were abused at the former guest house, which is now a row of flats.Police have already confirmed the disgraced former Liberal MP Sir Cyril Smith, who Mr Towsey said was one of his clients, was a visitor. Police are probing allegations VIPs preyed on boys who were brought to the guesthouse in Rocks Lane, Barnes, from a nearby children’s home.

    It has also been suggested that police or security services covered up the name of a politician who allegedly abused a child taken into custody the night of the raid. A social worker who was at the police station claimed details of the boy’s account were left out of his police statement. It's vital the role of the police is examined

    The social worker said that the boy had spoken of a man called ‘Uncle XXXXX’ and that the man worked ‘at the big houses’ – the Houses of Parliament. However references to both ‘Uncle XXXXX’ and the Houses of Parliament were left out of what should have been a verbatim account of his statement. Simon Danczuk MP, who spoke to Mr Towsey after it emerged that Cyril Smith was a regular visitor to the guesthouse, said: ‘These latest allegations are very worrying and suggest that the awful experiences young lads had to endure there were compounded by a botched police investigation.

    ‘If we’re going to uncover the truth of what happened at Elm Guest House it’s vital that the role of the police in investigating these criminal activities is examined thoroughly.’ As well as Operation Fernbridge, the Met has a number of active investigations into VIP-related child abuse ongoing. Operation Fairbank is looking into claims a paedophile ring had links to Westminster, while Operation Midland is looking into explosive claims boys were abused and even killed by Conservative politicians at Dolphin Square, a block of flats in Pimlico, London.

    The Home Office, which came under fire for losing a dossier of alleged abuses given by Geoffrey Dickens to former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983, is conducting a public inquiry into historic abuse. A Met police spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that allegations of historical sexual abuse against two former officers, alleged to have taken place in the 1980s, were passed to the IPCC for its consideration. It referred the matter back to the Met for local department of professional standards investigation.’ A spokesman for the IPCC said a senior investigator assessed the available information and decided the force should continue with its own investigation. The spokesman said: ‘We asked the force to refer the matter again if any evidence was found that may merit this decision being reconsidered.’ ... and new probe launched into child sex abuse at Jonathan King disco

    A police probe into a celebrity paedophile ring, which led to the convictions of pop mogul Jonathan King and DJ Chris Denning, has been sensationally reopened, the Mail on Sunday can reveal. An independent report into Surrey Police’s high-profile investigation into the Walton Hop disco has found the original operation did not fully explore all lines of inquiry. Surrey’s Operation Arundel, which ran for six years from 2000, centred on the disco in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey where King and Chris Denning picked up victims in the 1970s and 80s

    Visitors to the disco are understood to have included a string of celebrities – including pop stars and famous TV personalities. King, 70, ex-Radio 1 star Chris Denning, 73, and Robert Randall, a DJ at the disco, were prosecuted. Several well-known figures were arrested but not charged, including TV presenter Matthew Kelly and former Bay City Rollers manager Tam Paton. Now it can be revealed that an independent report by Merseyside Police to ‘establish whether there were any further investigative lines of enquiry’ identified a number of actions, which Surrey Police said they ‘are now progressing’. The new operation, codenamed Ravine, will draw on information from the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree.

    Last month, Yewtree detectives secured the conviction of Denning on 40 charges against boys aged from nine to 16 in the 1970s and 1980s. He is due to be sentenced next week. No arrests have been made and police have asked anyone with information to come forward.