Alan Brigden One very good reason for NOT sending your children to boarding school

Maths teacher who abused boys at top boarding school more than 30 years ago is finally jailed - after victim's shorts he kept for decades were found in his home

Alan Brigden, 67, is the THIRD teacher from elite school accused of sexual abuse.

A second teacher from a top boarding school has been jailed after he sexually assaulted young boys more than 30 years ago. Alan Brigden, 67, began sexually abusing boys between 1977 and 1980 at a school in West Sussex before switching to the notorious St George’s School, in Norfolk. Brigden, who had been living in Holland, was extradited in January after police launched an investigation into St George’s school following reports of historic abuse.

The inquiry led to the arrest of former headmaster Derek Slade who was eventually jailed for 21 years in 2010 for sexually and physically abusing pupils. Slade was found guilty of 50 offences, including possessing pornographic images of children on a computer and sexually assaulting young boys. A third teacher from the school, Alan Williams, was also arrested last year for allegations of sexual abuse but was later found dead at his home in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Police have also suggested more investigations could follow after further allegations of sexual abuse were made against former staff of St George’s, in Stowmarket. Brigden, who was a maths teacher, admitted four offences of assault with intent to commit a serious sexual offence. He also admitted four offences of indecency with a boy under the age of 14 and six offences of indecent assault on a boy under the age of 14.

Shockingly, when officers raided Brigden’s Amsterdam home in January they found a pair of PE shorts and school shorts belonging to one of his young victims from over 30 year years ago, a court heard. Jailing him for five years at Ipswich Crown Court Judge Rupert Overbury said Brigden’s guilty plea had spared his victims from reliving the 'horrors of their childhood' in court. He said: 'All the offences involved a gross breach of trust.

'The offences were persistent and amount, in my judgment, to a campaign of sexual offending.' Jan Brewer, prosecuting, said one of the 14 offences related to his time in West Sussex, with the remaining 13 committed while he was working in Norfolk. The first offence took place in 1977 while Brigden was teaching at Pennthorpe School, in Rudgwick, West Sussex.

While there he took his victim to the Lake District, where he groped him and took pictures. Brigden then left the school and, using the name Morton, began teaching at St George’s School in Wicklewood, Norfolk. While at St George’s, Brigden befriended an 11 year-old boy and took him on a ten-day train trip around England and Wales, where he sexually assaulted him every night.

Miss Brewer said the boy had not liked what was happening to him and had asked to go home. She said the situation had been confusing for the victim as Brigden had been nice to him during the day but every night was like 'a bad dream or nightmare'. Nicholas Bleaney, defending, said Brigden suffered from Parkinson’s disease and there was no evidence he had re-offended in the years following the offences.

After sentencing, one of Bridgen’s victims said in a statement: 'Alan Brigden was a maths teacher at St George’s Boarding School for Boys in Norfolk who had a profound and lasting negative effect on my life. 'I was a vulnerable child when he came into my life, I already had been subjected to an extraordinary scale of brutality and abuse under the regime of Derek Slade. 'I was an easy target for someone like Brigden, a man who was in a position of responsibility and who was supposed to protect and educate children.

'But in fact his motives to place himself in the position were entirely nefarious. 'I cannot relay how much this man manipulated me. I was left to feel everything was my fault, that something was wrong with me. 'I was convinced as a child that telling anybody anything about the abuse would bring nothing but shame, disbelief and trouble to me.

'I was 11 years old, bright, confident and glad to be in the world before I went to St George’s School. 'I hope that now at 43 years I can begin to discover what it might be like to be glad to be in the world once again.' Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Adrian Randall, of Norfolk Constabulary, said: 'Whilst the conviction and sentencing of Derek Slade was a milestone in this investigation, other allegations have been received relating to St George’s School.

'It is just as important that we get justice for those other victims of abuse. 'One of the offences committed by Brigden happened almost 35 years ago, longer ago than the oldest of Slade’s crimes. 'This, along with the fact that Brigden was living abroad and had become a Dutch national, meant our inquiries were even more complex.

'But today’s result demonstrates that time and borders will not stand in the way of dealing with offenders who may think they have evaded the law. 'I hope that the outcome of today’s hearing is of comfort to those victims who now will not have to relive the traumatic experiences they went through at the hands of Brigden. 'He will never again be allowed to work with children, and will be returned to Holland to serve his sentence.'

Slade, a self-confessed paedophile, abused pupils as young as eight and beat them with a cane, slipper or table tennis bat. He also held what he called ‘midnight feasts’ where he would sexually abuse the boys, and famously argued on television for corporal punishment in British schools. Williams, who was a music teacher at the school, was arrested after a number of former pupils made allegations against him.

Prior to his arrest, Williams had been working as the director of music at Ashfold School in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. He was found dead on June 10, 2011.

St George’s school was originally set up as military boarding school by Oxford-educated Slade in 1977 but was moved to the site in Finborough in 1980. It is now known as the Finborough School and has no links to St George’s.

Slade eventually left in 1983 after escaping other charges made against him following an investigation by BBC Radio 4.


'I was a vulnerable child when he came into my life, I already had been subjected to an extraordinary scale of brutality and abuse under the regime of Derek Slade.

'I was an easy target for someone like Brigden, a man who was in a position of responsibility and who was supposed to protect and educate children.

'I cannot relay how much this man manipulated me. I was left to feel everything was my fault, that something was wrong with me.

'I was convinced as a child that telling anybody anything about the abuse would bring nothing but shame, disbelief and trouble to me.

'I was 11 years old, bright, confident and glad to be in the world before I went to St George’s School.

'I hope that now at 43 years I can begin to discover what it might be like to be glad to be in the world once again.'

- Victim of teacher Alan Brigden

    London’s gay pride celebration is under threat following a cash dispute between the organisers and contractors staging the event.

    Sources close to Pride London, which usually attracts about a million people, said today that organisers have just 24 hours to save it after contractors threatened to walk out over unpaid bills. The event is due to take place on July 7 and this year doubles up as World Pride, with visitors expected from across the globe. In recent weeks there have been a series of crisis meetings between organisers and key stakeholders including the Metropolitan police, Westminster council and City Hall.

    Sources told the Standard that Pride’s organisers owe four contractors cash from last year’s festival. Key figures have sought assurances from Pride, whose patron is Sir Elton John, that all unpaid bills will be settled. The four contractors are understood to be AP Security, Eve Trackway, Westminster Licensing and AD Health & Safety. It is believed more than £65,000 is owed from last year, though organisers today denied that was the figure.

    Patrick Williams, chairman of Pride London, said he believed the parade and concerts would go ahead. But the Standard understands that if a security provider were to pull out, the event may have to be cut back or even cancelled. A march could still take place, but the main parade or concerts and parties in Trafalgar Square and Soho may be lost, the source said: “Pride could still happen, but it won’t be Pride as we know it. Money is owed.

    "If the dispute is not resolved in the next 24 hours the event may have to be massively scaled back. All the floats that are such a key part of the Pride parade may not be allowed to go through central London.” Mayor Boris Johnson is understood to be furious the dispute has not been settled.

    With weeks to go until the Olympics, disruption to such an event would be a major embarrassment for London. Mr Williams said contractors were “being paid gradually as we get funds in. In relation to AP Security we have paid what we need to pay for this year. What was in dispute ... is something for last year.” He said he was confident the parade and other events would go ahead: “Come hell or high water we must make this happen. I’d fight tooth and nail for nothing to be cancelled.” Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said: “London is hosting World Pride. People are coming from the four corners of the globe. Any scaling back of the event would be a PR disaster.” Elton John was unavailable for comment.

    US prosecutors have described ex-college football coach Jerry Sandusky as a serial predator, on the first day of his sexual abuse trial.

    Mr Sandusky, 68, denies 52 criminal counts of abusing of 10 boys over 15 years at Penn State university. Defence lawyers said the witnesses were accusers, not victims, adding some may have a financial stake in the outcome. His November arrest prompted a crisis at the university, which has a celebrated college football tradition.

    The team's veteran head coach, Joe Paterno, was fired from his position after accusations of a cover-up began to emerge. University President Graham Spanier was also sacked amid the unfolding scandal. If convicted on all counts, Mr Sandusky could be sentenced to more than 500 years in prison.

    'Love letters'

    On Monday, prosecuting lawyer Joseph McGettigan III apologised to the jury for the graphic and disturbing testimony they would hear over the course of the trial. He said Mr Sandusky took advantage of vulnerable boys without fathers or stable family situations through Second Mile, a charity the coach founded in 1977.

    In Jerry's culture, growing up in his generation, where he grew up, he's going to tell you it was routine for individuals to get showers together”
    Joe Amendola Defence lawyer

    Mr McGettigan described Second Mile as the "perfect environment for the predatory paedophile" and told the jury the witnesses were people with "real experience". "You will know they were violated," Mr McGettigan told the court. But defence lawyers countered that it was not unusual for people Mr Sandusky knew to shower together - something Mr Sandusky has admitted to doing. "In Jerry's culture, growing up in his generation, where he grew up, he's going to tell you it was routine for individuals to get showers together," defence lawyer Joe Amendola said.

    "I suspect for those of you who might have been in athletics, it's routine." The lawyer's comments appeared to suggest Mr Sandusky might take to the stand himself. Mr Amendola also anticipated testimony from a former graduate assistant on the football team, Mike McQueary, who allegedly witnessed Mr Sandusky assaulting a boy in the university's changing room.

    "We don't think that he lied. What we think is that he saw something and made assumptions," Mr Amendola said. Several alleged victims, now aged between 18 and 28, are due to testify and will be publicly identified for the first time during the trial. The wife and son of Joe Paterno, who died in January from lung cancer, may also be called to the stand.

    ABC News has reported that "love letters" from Mr Sandusky to one of his alleged victims may be used as evidence during the trial. Defence lawyers also hope to call a psychologist to testify about histrionic personality disorder. They said it would help explain that the content of the letters was consistent with the behaviour of people with the disorder.

    Defence strategy

    A jury of seven women and five men was selected last week from Center County, where Penn State is located. Eight of them have ties to the university. Reports from two grand jury investigations allege that Mr Sandusky sexually abused boys during his time as assistant football coach at Penn State and that incidents took place at Penn State's football facilities as well as his home. Earlier, Mr Sandusky's lawyers tried to delay the trial, and on Friday the judge turned down a request to have some or all of the charges dismissed.

    The state attorney general's office and federal authorities are also conducting separate investigations and correspondents say these could lead to further criminal charges. Additional alleged victims have come forward since Mr Sandusky's initial arrest. Two other Penn State administrators are awaiting trial for failing to report the suspected abuse and lying to the grand jury.


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    The recent sudden death of a lawyer in Pakistan raises very serious questions on the role homosexual men are now being allowed to play in society.

    Paul McBride was not only a lawyer but a member of the Scottish Legal Aid Board. For any man facing divorce in Scotland they should know how SLAB are behind the ruthless persecution and fleecing of men facing enormous legal pressures in Scotland. Only through SLAB sanctioning massive legal actions against men have they been able to remove vast swathes of estates right across Scotland with HOMOSEXUALS behind that decision making. Not only was homosexual McBride part of this evil cabal but another notorious homosexual Douglas Haggarty was caught with a rent boy in a Glasgow shopping mall, charged and then was allowed to carry on in his powerful position of writing cheques to pay for the long term abuse of men in Scottish courts.

    To have at least two known homosexuals and maybe more hiding within the ranks of one of the most powerful organisations in Scotland that is supplying lawyers with an endless stream of money to take equally endless actions against divorcing men is cause for very serious concern. Here is the state effectively sanctioning and empowering homosexuals to destroy men under the umbrella of a legal mafia and who also use reports from social services that use a high number of lesbian and homosexuals within its ranks doing enormous harm to separated fathers and their children.

    We as some of the victims of this vile cabal will only get justice when these facts are fully exposed as do the Scottish people who need to rise up against this monstrous abuse of power by people previously classed as committing criminal acts but now given power over the very men that would ensure the proper curtailment of their perverted activities. While the Scottish political establishment give ever more power to homosexuals, and the above proves how that can happen, they are also effectively giving them the power to crush men who would oppose their agenda. Freemasonry has also played a major role in selecting a particular type of men and putting them in positions of authority to undermine men not part of their creepy satanic network of power.

    The Speculative society, a notorious elitist freemason network in Scotland, with many senior legal figures has been behind the massive injustice that includes the cover up of the Dunblane massacre and the Lockerbie bombing and also the selection of homosexuals for key positions within the Scottish legal establishment , McBride and Haggarty only two of many homosexuals who have played a major part in the destruction of men's families and estates. Many of those targeted men now homeless and penniless thanks to the part those homosexuals played in the decision making process.

    We are sure this phenomena isn't just a quirk happening in Scotland but with similar circumstances in other UK influenced countries like Canada, Australia and America and were men are facing the same appalling abuses in family courts. We are taking steps to expose this vile abuse of the law to empower homosexuals while greatly weakening heterosexual men caught up in their mad perverted form of (in)justice.

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    paul trotter A man has admitted sexually abusing 13 boys in his care while working as a children's activity supervisor on luxury cruise ships.

    Paul Trotter, 34, filmed himself assaulting the children on board three cruise ships operated by Cunard. Swindon Crown Court heard the offences, most of them against children under the age of 13, happened between 2007 and 2011. He no longer works for Cunard.

    Trotter, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, will be sentenced on 11 May. He admitted 12 counts of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13, one count of sexual activity with a child under the age of 13, five counts of taking indecent images of a child, five of making indecent images of a child and one of possessing indecent images of a child. The abuse took place between November 2007 and August 2011.

    'Appalling crimes'

    Judge Douglas Field told Trotter - who was arrested in August while living in Salisbury - that he would remanded in custody to return to the court for sentencing. He also ordered him to sign the sex offenders register.

    We will do everything in our power to put in place every possible safeguard for children” Peter Shanks Cunard (a bit late!!!!!!!!!!)

    Det Insp Nicki Davey, of Wiltshire Police, said "a great deal of work" had gone into identifying Trotter's victims, with the co-operation of Cunard. She added: "Wiltshire's Child Abuse Investigation Unit has fully supported parents throughout this investigation with the assistance of the NSPCC. "Paul Trotter worked in a position of trust with children. He has abused the trust placed in him by the children and their parents.

    "His admission of the charges will mean that the families do not have to experience the distress of a trial. "We would like to acknowledge their co-operation and understanding following our visits to them."

    'Areas for improvement'

    Cunard president and managing director Peter Shanks said: "Our safeguards were strict but sadly did not stop this one individual from managing to circumvent the system and manipulate those around him. "We are now working with the NSPCC and have already identified changes in three key areas for improvement." The Queen Elizabeth cruise liner, which is operated by Cunard .

    The cruise ship company, which operates the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, added it had asked the NSPCC to audit its policies and procedures. As a result, it has changed its recruitment process, introduced new training and improved on board supervision of the youth centres. Mr Shanks added: "We will do everything in our power to put in place every possible safeguard for children."

    The NSPCC said it was working closely with Cunard to help improve its child protection policies and will be presenting its recommendations shortly. John Grounds, director of child protection consultancy at the charity, said: "While nothing will ever excuse Paul Trotter's crimes, his guilty pleas are welcome as this should save his young victims having to relive their ordeals while giving evidence in court at a later full hearing."


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    Judge looking for a deal to save the pervert time in jail.But the BBC as ever try and make out the judge is the good guy .

    A Scoutmaster who abused three boys 40 years ago has offered to pay £16,000 to his victims in order to avoid prison.

    David McDonald, 78, told a court he had liquidated his assets and given the money to his solicitor. Sheriff Lindsay Foulis told McDonald that he could avoid prison if he was prepared to hand the money over. The sheriff ordered him to pay £11,000 to one victim, who had been subjected to the most sustained period of abuse, and £2,500 each to the other two.

    However, Sheriff Foulis deferred the final sentence in the case for two weeks to allow the cheques to formally clear into the victims' bank accounts. Perth Sheriff Court was told that McDonald had been prepared to sell his car and cash in his shares portfolio to raise funds for compensation for the abused trio, who are all now middle-aged. "To some extent, one can take a broad axe approach to the exercise," Sheriff Foulis told Perth Sheriff Court. "My primary concern is compensation for the victims.

    "For two victims, £2,500 would represent some recognition for what occurred. But a far, far greater sum is appropriate in relation to the other victim. "My primary concern is that the victims can receive some monetary recognition for what they have gone through. Thereafter I will deal with the imposition of a fine." The sheriff said: "He knew very well he was abusing the trust of the boys and their parents. There was planning and this was a calculated act on his part. This was a gross breach of trust.

    "If he is going to avoid a custodial sentence then society demands a very significant alternative sentence. It is his capital position that is of significant interest to me. "And I don't wish to appear morbid but if I were to make a compensation order my concern first and foremost is for the victims. We are all mortal, but folk who are 78 are perhaps more mortal than those who are 55 or younger, if you get my drift." Sheriff Foulis said the victims had been left with significant "emotional baggage" as a result of carrying the secret of what McDonald had done to them for more than four decades.

    McDonald, a senior Scout for several decades, was still on the executive committee when police began investigating the abuse. He also gave Second World War talks in schools as part of a Heritage group.

    'Pressure points'

    The frail pensioner, who used sticks to walk into the dock - admitted charges of sexually assaulting boys in his care. The Scoutmaster told the boys he was giving them special training for their First Aid badges and offered to show them "pressure points" before sexually assaulting them. The court was told that the lives of McDonald's victims had been blighted for the past four decades because of the abuse they had been subjected to in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    Despite admitting the offences, McDonald claimed he had "little recollection" of sexually abusing youngsters he was supposed to be looking after. The victims, all now in their 50s, came forward after one of them broke down in front of his wife and told her what McDonald had done, leading to the police being called in. The victims were aged between 11 and 15 and had contact with McDonald in his role as the Scoutmaster in Coupar Angus in Perthshire.

    McDonald, from Coupar Angus, admitted sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy in the back of his estate car while camping during 1968. He admitted carrying out the same serious sexual abuse on another boy in his car outside the Scout hut in Coupar Angus during the following year. And he admitted that on various occasions in 1970 and 1971, in Tullybaccart, Newtonmore and Coupar Angus, he repeatedly sexually abused a third member of the troop.

  • Pervert scoutmaster ordered to sell house to pay compensation to victims
    Prisons chief admits failings in service over sexual abuse of 26 former young offenders who were sexually abused by prison officer Neville Husband

    The former director-general of the prison service Martin Narey has admitted that the service dealt inadequately with sexual abuse during his tenure, following a Guardian investigation into the sexual abuse of young offenders by prison officer Neville Husband. Narey, who worked with Husband and was director-general from 1998 to 2003, admitted to the Guardian: "As director-general, I was intolerant of physical abuse and racism and sacked a lot of staff ... but at that time there was very little awareness of male-on-male sexual abuse, either in prisons or in wider society."

    Husband, who ran the kitchen at Medomsley detention centre in County Durham, is known to have sexually abused teenage boys between 1977 and 1985. When the prison service suggested that he be promoted to a different establishment, governors wrote letters supporting his applications to remain at Medomsley. When he was finally moved, to Deerbolt young offenders' institution, another allegation of sex abuse was made. Husband left the prison service in 1990 and went on to run two churches in Gateshead, where children in his congregation also complained of abuse, though parents did not pursue the matter. He was eventually convicted in 2003 of sexually abusing five young inmates at Medomsley and sentenced to eight years. He died a year after his release in 2010.

    The Guardian investigation has found that 26 victims have so far come forward. It is estimated that Husband abused hundreds of young offenders during his 25 years in the prison service. Shockingly, Husband's interest in young boys was known as far back as 1969, 34 years before he was convicted, when he was arrested at Portland borstal, Dorset, and charged with the importation of pornography from Europe. The material seized included sado-masochistic images involving teenage boys. Husband admitted showing the material to boys in his care, but the charges were dropped when he said he was conducting research into homosexuality. At Husband's trial, prison officers admitted "there was general knowledge" among staff about Husband's sexual abuse but that they did nothing about it.

    Speaking in today's Weekend magazine, the former Medomsley boys, now men in their 50s, talk about Husband's impact on their life. Kevin Young became addicted to drink and drugs; Richard Hall attempted suicide and says he still thinks about killing himself every day. Young went to report his abuse the day he left Medomsley, but he said police told him not to pursue the complaint unless he wanted to be returned to the detention centre. Until recently, Durham police denied that he had made a statement on his release, but they now admit that a number of complaints were made by former inmates, "particularly in the 1970s and 1980s". Victims now say they are considering suing the police. Narey, who went on to be chief executive of Barnardo's, the charity for vulnerable children, believes that the officers who had failed to report their suspicions should be investigated. "There is hardly a hair's-breadth of culpability between Neville Husband, who abused children, and any of the staff who apparently knew about this and failed to take their concerns forward. In my view there is a case for the police considering whether their failure to protect children amounted to aiding and abetting." Nick Hardwick, chief inspector of prisons, said: "It would be dangerously complacent to imagine these things could only happen in the past. There is always a danger that in closed institutions – be they prisons, children's homes or hospitals – abusive behaviour by some staff becomes the accepted norm. We need to recognise the vulnerability inherent in the situation of every detainee ."

    David Ramsbottom, the former chief inspector of prisons, said: "In light of what is described, it is essential that the authorities review current procedures, to satisfy themselves that every practical measure is being taken to try to ensure that such abuses cannot happen in any establishment containing young people. It has everything to gain and nothing to lose from a public inquiry, because it can be seen to have been telling the truth, which will increase trust in it. If it refuses to conduct affairs openly, it has only itself to blame if its word is not believed. But time is the enemy here – it would have been so much better had the inquiry been conducted 20 or more years ago." When the Medomsley victims sought compensation after Husband's conviction, the Home Office used the statute of limitations to avoid payment. Eventually, in 2009, it paid out £512,000 to 12 men. But cases are still being settled. When asked whether it still had the records from Medomsley, which was shut down in 1988, the Ministry of Justice told the Guardian: "There is ongoing civil litigation concerning the establishment, so it would be inappropriate at this stage to comment on what evidence is or is not available." The victims of Medomsley have never received an apology for the abuse they suffered in care. When Stephen Byers, then MP for some of the victims, wrote to the then justice minister, Jack Straw, in 2010, Straw replied: "The terms of the agreement did not include an apology."

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    London mayor steps in to stop buses carrying Christian group's ads that claim therapy can stop people being gay

    The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, intervened to prevent a Christian advertising campaign from promoting the idea that gay people can be converted to heterosexuality. Just days before the posters were due to appear on buses in the capital, Johnson ordered his transport chiefs to pull the adverts booked by two conservative Anglican groups following outrage among gay campaigners and politicians saying that they were homophobic. The adverts were booked on behalf of the Core Issues Trust whose leader, Mike Davidson, believes "homoerotic behaviour is sinful".

    His charity funds "reparative therapy" for gay Christians, which it claims can "develop their heterosexual potential". The campaign was also backed by Anglican Mainstream, a worldwide orthodox Anglican group whose supporters have equated homosexuality with alcoholism. The advert was due to say: "Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!" Johnson, who contacted the Guardian to announce he was stopping the adverts within two hours of their contents becoming public, said: "London is one of the most tolerant cities in the world and intolerant of intolerance. It is clearly offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses."

    His main rival in next month's mayoral election, Ken Livingstone, said Johnson should never have allowed the adverts to be booked. "London is going backwards under a Tory leadership that should have made these advertisements impossible. "They promote a falsehood, the homophobic idea of 'therapy' to change the sexual orientation of lesbians and gay men." The Christian groups insisted the advert had been cleared with Transport for London (TfL), which is chaired by the mayor. Davidson said: "I didn't realise censorship was in place. We went through the correct channels and we were encouraged by the bus company to go through their procedures. They okayed it and now it has been pulled."

    CBS Outdoor, the media company that sells the bus advertising sites, said the ad had been passed for display by the Committee of Advertising Practice. It is understood TfL was due to make around £10,000 for allowing the adverts to run on about two dozen buses across five routes. The campaign was an explicit attempt to hit back at the gay rights group Stonewall, which as part of its lobbying for the extension of marriage to gay couples is running its own bus adverts saying: "Some people are gay. Get over it." The Christian groups used the same black, red and white colour scheme as Stonewall and in a statement announcing the campaign accused it of promoting the "false idea that there is indisputable scientific evidence that people are born gay". The gay ex-vicar, Labour MP and former minister Chris Bryant, said the advert was cruel for promoting the idea that you could become "ex-gay" and he said it would particularly hurt teenagers struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

    "The emotional damage that is done to the individuals who try to suppress their sexuality, the women they marry and the children they might have is immeasurable," he said. "Most sane Christians believe that homosexuality is not a lifestyle or a choice but is a fact to be discovered or not. The pretence that homosexuality is something you can be weaned off in some way is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of creation." Ben Summerskill, the chief executive of Stonewall, said the adverts were "clearly homophobic" and added: "The only reason some gay people might want to stop being gay is because of the prejudice of the people who are publishing the ad. "The promotion of this voodoo therapy is hugely irresponsible given the damage that it appears to do to some people."

    Both men said the advert should not be banned, however, because they believed in freedom of speech. Attempts to "treat" or alter sexual orientation have been strongly condemned by leading medical organisations. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has warned that "so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish" and concluded in 2010: "There is no sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed." The British Medical Association has also attacked "conversion therapy", a related field to reparation therapy, passing a motion asserting that it is "discredited and harmful to those 'treated' ".

    The Rev Lynda Rose, a spokesperson for the UK branch of Anglican Mainstream, said her group adhered to scripture that all fornication outside marriage is prohibited and believed that homosexuals were "not being fully the people God intended us to be". She said therapies endorsed by Anglican Mainstream and Core Issues were not coercive and were appropriate for people who wanted to change their sexual attractions, for example if they were married and worried about the impact of a "gay lifestyle" on their children. The decision to pull the adverts is being seen as a potential boost for conservative Christian organisations attempting to become more politically active in the UK. "Banning this is usually a fairly good way to encourage a sense that people are being marginalised and persecuted," said Simon Barrow, co-founder of the Ekklesia thinktank which has tracked the progress of what it calls aggressive conservative Christianity. "It could be part of a developing tactic to draw attention to themselves and a way of using victimhood to galvanise sympathy and support."

    Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate, said: "From personal experience as a gay Christian, I can tell you that it's much better to be out than in. We should be celebrating the diversity for which London is known, not denigrating it. Revelations about the adverts came as Johnson was due to appear at a hustings organised by Stonewall on Saturday.

    • The original version of this article stated that 'the ad had been passed for display by the Committee of Advertising Practice and it complied with Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines'.

    In fact the ASA does not pre-clear adverts and had nothing to do with the decision to pass the advert. The article has been amended to reflect this and to also remove a subsequent quote misattributed to the ASA.

    Steve Abrams, 51, understands what caused his homosexuality and resents that society and gay activists lied to him. Society has descended to the point where the State is actually foisting a developmental disorder on its citizens.

    "As an adult and after great pain (I am HIV positive) I realize everything that I thought I was and was told I was is a enormous lie....[Homosexuality] is not a choice. It is a compulsion brought on by an arrested development. It then becomes an addiction like an alcoholic or drug user."
    by Steve Abrams (henrymakow.com)

    I suppose you could say that I am a recovering homosexual. I'm not fully recovered, but I don't think calling myself a homosexual would be correct. Perhaps a better description for me is someone with homosexual tendencies. You see, I don't believe anyone is born gay and I say this with great pain because my journey or life has not been a happy one.

    A lot of people who believe they were born this way say they are happy with it and maybe they are but that doesn't make it right. A lot of people are happy with their condition but I am not. Even while living as a gay man in the gay community, I always felt uneasy about it but couldn't express it to other gay people as I would be accused of being a traitor or giving into the Christian mindset. But my story has to be told because I believe other people with homosexual tendencies are also not happy with it, and also cannot express what they feel. I think we are in the minority though. Here is my story in brief: As a young kid I was pretty bright and innocent but I was also weak. I had no strong father figure or role model to identify with, so I identified with the strongest influence in my life, my mother and various women.

    I took on their identity and lost my male identity. I believe there is such a thing as a male spiritual identity, not in a macho or pejorative sense. When I took on the identity of a woman I became like them and lost touch with my own identity. Consequently, my path to God was disrupted. I was not sexually abused as a child so I don't think that was the reason I became this way, though I think some children are and they may become a homosexual. This depends, I believe on the child itself. My father died when I was 5 years old. My mother who had anger and mistrust towards men due to her own upbringing projected these feeling onto a weak child who then identified with his mother's feeling and rejected the masculine or male identity within.

    I believe this the root cause of homosexuality. There are other causes, but this is the main one. As I got older, around 10 or 11 years old, I began to look at men in a sexual way. This of course disturbed me, but I didn't understand what had happened to me. It caused confusion and conflict which I have felt ever since. Now I understand it. As an adult and after great pain (I am HIV positive) I realize everything that I thought I was and was told I was is a enormous lie.

    I have read with great interest on various sites about the Illuminati. It makes sense that wicked people with power and money want to control everyone. The best way to do this is by destroying the family, particularly the relationship between children and their fathers. Society in general is accepting the propaganda & brainwashing. Even Conservatives and Christians do not understand entirely what is going on. Everyone is lost. But strangely, Conservatives and Christians seem to be more lost because they should know better but they don't.

    Many Christians know homosexuality is wrong but they don't understand the reasons why. They usually say things like "It's a choice!" and I can speak from experience. It is not a choice. It is a compulsion brought on by an arrested development. It then becomes an addiction like an alcoholic or drug user. At present I am in a Civil Partnership with a man so that has been a problem for me as my thinking and view of the world has changed. This was only done for financial reasons anyway and we live like brothers really, I mean no physical relationship. He accepts this.

    Strangely he does agree with me on certain things like marriage is for heterosexual couples and that children raised by a man and woman have a better start in life. He also agrees that there is too much political correctness and that freedom of speech is important whatever their opinion, so maybe there is hope for him as well. I am now a 51 year old man who has wasted his life with periods of great torment and feeling lost in a world gone mad. But waking up to the truth is better late than never!

    It disturbs me to see how society has been brainwashed to accept the homosexual agenda. I also think we, as a society. are to blame for giving up our principles and accepting it. It's now time for society to wake up!! I don't know if there is hope for me to recover and lead the life God meant for me but I feel this article is a good first step.

    The Illuminati are replacing heterosexual norms with gay norms in order to undermine the gender identity of 98% of the population. So far, society has been blind to this insidious attack which ranges from relentless psychological warfare in the mass media, to "grooming" in public schools, to actual physical overtures.
    by Henry Makow Ph.D. (slightly updated from Nov 11, 2002)

    I'm "coming out" as a homophobe and I urge more people to join me. I am defining "homophobe" as someone who is afraid of homosexual predators, hence the suffix "phobia" from the Greek "Phobos" or fear. Gay activists use this term to bludgeon their opponents. Let's embrace it instead. I had always accepted the mass media's portrayal of gays as a colorful minority like the Croatians, who have a special "sexual orientation." They meet each other at their bars and do their thing. As long as they kept it within their own community, what did I care? But they don't. To my surprise I recently learned that most gays prefer heterosexual males. My source is a book, The Caricature of Love, (1957), by Dr. Hervey Checkley, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Medical College of Georgia.

    A gay friend also confirmed this fact to me. Google "straight men" and you will get almost 30 million results, most of them homosexual. Bottom line (excuse the pun) many homosexuals are predators. I also learned that many gays prefer youths, and these experiences often turn victimized children into homosexuals and distort their lives. A survey of readers of the gay magazine The Advocate indicated that 21% of respondents were sexually abused by an adult by age 15. This seems to be one way that homosexuals "propagate." According to a research paper by psychologist Dr. Judith Reisman entitled Crafting "Gay" Children: An Inquiry, between 1-2 million gay males (2% of the adult male population of 90 million) abuse 6-8 million boys. The ratio is 3-5 boy victims to one gay male compared to one girl victim per eleven straight males.

    This is based on data on 33 million boys and 32 million girls under the age of 18. Reisman says that since 100% of gay males do not sexually assault boys, the 2% homosexual population harbors a vast pederast subculture committing multiple repeated child sex offenses. (p.8) Nevertheless lesbian feminist and gay activists, by their own admission, are dedicated to recasting society in their own image. They want replace heterosexual norms with homosexual ones. Since 1970, gay-feminist activists have waged a campaign to foster homosexuality among heterosexuals. They are candid about this goal. "The end goal of the feminist revolution is the elimination of the sex distinction itself," says Shulamith Firestone (The Dialectic of Sex, 1972, p.11)

    "Heterosexual hegemony is being eroded," says Gary kinsman. "The forms of sexuality considered natural have been socially created and can be socially transformed." (The Regulation of Desire: Sexuality in Canada, 1987, p.219) "In a free society, everyone will be gay," says Allen Young, a pioneer of the Gay Liberation Movement. (John D'Emilio, Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America, p.322)

    Unlike us, gays understand that their campaign for "equal rights" will erase the distinction between gay and straight. In the words of gay historian Jonathan Katz.

    "In one sense the right is right...to accuse the gay and lesbian rights movement of threatening homogenization....if gay and lesbian liberationists ever achieve full equality, they will do away with the social need for the hetero/homo division. The secret of the most moderate, mainstream gay and lesbian civil rights movement is its radically transformative promise (or threat, depending on your values). The Invention of Heterosexuality, 1995, p.188.

    (Section in bold is from "The Other Attack on Our Manhood." See also "American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation.")


    The Illuminati media suppresses most negative information about gay life.

    In her monograph, Reisman refers to the suppression of data on gay violence against children, child pornography, sex rings, serial murders, and inter-gay domestic battery. Another example of media complicity is the Boy Scouts' ban on gay scoutmasters. There was no mention that about 100 cases of sexual molestation by Boy Scout leaders occurred every year. According to the Washington Times, (June 15,1993) between 1973 and 1993, 1,416 scout leaders were expelled for sexually abusing boys.

    The Boys Scouts' action belatedly recognized their obligation to protect their wards. Is there any question they are liable? Yet amazingly the Scouts have come under scathing attack for "discriminating" against gays. The pederast magazine "Palaver" advises pedophiles to take positions like Boy Scout leader: "If you want to spend your time with children you must have a legitimate reason for doing so; as a teacher helping children learn... as a play or youth leader helping children to enjoy their leisure time" (Crafting Gay Children: An Inquiry, p.19). In 1992, the North American Man/Boy Love Association specifically targeted the Boy Scouts. They passed a resolution calling on the Boy Scouts "to cease in its discrimination against openly gay or lesbian persons in its appointment of scoutmasters" in order to "permit scouts to be exposed to a variety of lifestyles." (See "The Nazis in America" in "The Pink Swastika" by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams).

    In their literature, gays portray adult advisers as playing a hands-on role in initiating the young to homosexuality. According to "The Pink Swastika", the moral courage exhibited by the Boys Scouts of America is not shared by all youth organizations. The Girl Scouts allows lesbian leaders in its organizations and has expelled at least one heterosexual leader who refused to keep this policy a secret from parents. "Big Brothers" and "Big Sisters" actively recruit homosexuals in many cities and lobbied the Boys Scouts to do the same saying "non traditional volunteers can serve the best interest of children."

    And of course, all of this mirrors the push into public schools where youth are prematurely introduced to sex education and introduced to homosexuality as a healthy "lifestyle" option. "Gay rights" activists have targeted the Boy Scouts. An ostensibly "spontaneous" outcry against the Boy Scouts has arisen across the country, led by the United Way Agency, which pulled its funding of BSA in many cities. Homosexuals at the highest rank of the US government attempted to intimidate the organization. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders used her post to castigate Scout officials (USA Today June 2, 1994) and Interior secretary Bruce Babbitt signed an order prohibiting Boy Scouts from volunteering in national parks (Washington Times, May 28,1993).

    As of June 2001, at least 359 school districts in 10 states have forbade the Boys Scouts from using their facilities, according to a gay organization quoted in the Washington Times, Nov. 1, 2001. Congress has just tabled legislation to deny funding to these school districts. Homosexuals, both feminists and gays, have gained incredible power by successfully disguising their true character and their true agenda. This is how subversive movements such as Nazis and Communists function. Under the guise of being a persecuted minority seeking human rights, homosexual activists are actually using the state to persecute heterosexuals. They are waging successful war against heterosexuality -- masculinity, femininity, marriage and the nuclear family, the sources of our identity, love and meaning.

    Their goal is to supplant heterosexual values with their own. Society is in a state of denial about this vicious subversion, which takes practical form in the actual seduction of heterosexual youth. I'm not holding my breath but I'd like the people responsible for promoting homosexuality and radical feminism (a form of lesbianism) stand trial at an international court for sabotaging society and the lives of millions of naive men and women. The Illuminati is a satanic cult. They are gradually inducting humanity into their cult. Destroying our heterosexual identity is the first step to re-engineering mankind.