This information has been received from 'Angus the Mole', believed to be a member of the Aberdeen-based Snitch & Grassers judicial abuse watchdog – the accuracy of which is supported by feedback from the ‘Prisoners of Conscience International’ group.

Message reads:

Rusty appeared at Aberdeen’s Castle St Sheriff’s Court No 1 on Wednesday morning, 9th May, before Sheriff Summers. Court was dealing with bail applications.

Court was halted at 11:00 and Rusty with solicitor attended private /‘in camera’ closed session hearing in Sheriff’s chambers with outside Procurator Fiscal representing The Crown - and Clerk of Court.

The Crown’s petition was to modify Rusty's bail conditions to enforce him to remove any and all references he had made 'anywhere' on the internet regarding the Complainant - including his Skewed News Views weblog - plus any references to Robert Green / the Hollie Greig case / COPFS / SLAB / Holyrood - and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. They further petitioned to have bail conditions modified so he could not ‘cause’ any third party to post comments concerning the case / Hollie Greig-related sexual abuse / Aberdeen paedophile ring scandal and have the Skewed News Views weblog closed down and deleted from the Google ‘ethernet / cyberspace’.

Sheriff Summers denied the Crown’s petitions as they contravened existing laws inasmuch as any comment posted by Rusty that generated ‘debate’ - and thus further comment - would place him in breach of bail conditions. Further, it would be futile to order the removal of any blog post that had been mirrored / reposted or linked. Hence the COPFS lost out on that one and original bail conditions remain the same – as does the published primary line of Rusty’s defence: An IP address is NOT a person.

PS The case was only listed internally, not externally/online, hence there being no supporters in attendance because no one knew where to go. Nice one.