We NEVER circulate video's of any description that are remotely linked to Alex Jones and David Icke.

We have circulated enough articles as to their less than honest agenda despite them claiming to be part of the TRUTH movement. But they will suggest they can give you advice on the New World Order if you buy something or subscribe at cost to something or even purchase one of their t shirts , mugs or other tacky bric a brac.

However, and this has been going on for a number of years, we get sent video's to view and pass on that we are now sometimes forced to watch from end to end despite the lack of time we have to view the many items that pass through our groups. What starts off as reasonably professional looking video's, usually ends up about midway through with either Jones or Icke popping up ranting in their usual way and lets them continue to circulate themselves as some sort of spokespersons for the activist movement, that is despite many seeing through their facade. They do NOT repeat DO NOT stand for anything remotely to do with activists who have the physical and mental scars and have suffered gravely from the long term harassment and persecution by the state and its many legal arms . Not pouncing around in luxury thanks to gullible victims falling for their scams. Ask Icke or Jones to explain why they think they can talk on behalf of activists when they still live in luxury homes and apartments the FIRST thing an activist would lose if they dare challenge the state apparatus? Homelessness is THE major weapon used against any dissenters.

Real activists seldom have the finances or the wherewithal to come close to setting up the vast entertainment complex Icke and Jones now use thanks to their backers while encouraging the sheeple to part with money they can ill afford to buy their dodgy dvd's, books etc. They are racketeers that are jumping on a bandwagon and taking away the need for real activists to focus on those who are far more modest and unassuming and making real inroads into exposing the elites agenda. The big mouths who pretend to care about what is going on are to busy lining their pockets on the backs of the millions suffering under the vile regimes that masquerade as law and order across the globe and the main reason we want nothing to do with these pair of toerags. Why don't they give some help to the homeless and poor who are the major victims of this New World Order agenda instead of cashing in on other people's suffering?