When someone claiming to be a world expert on conspiracy's wants you to buy their latest DVD's and a myriad of other trinkets, you have to ask what are the reasons for classing themselves as activists? Activism should be a non-profit making coalition with men uniting with their fellow men while NOT trying to rip them off as if they are the world experts on what the hell is going on in this world.

Men are wise enough to work out that if they FUCK UP i.e. mess with the powers that be their lives can very quickly come crashing down on them and there are many millions of homeless men that have found that out to their cost. That is the men who have buried their heads in the sand hoping they would not be the next target for the masonic thugs who use a form of enslavement that psychologically coerces men to do their bidding .

If they don't there are many devious ploys that are used to knock men back into subservience or destroyed in the process. Why do so many men go NUTS once they start to separate? It is only then most men realise what they have been avoiding for all the years they worked their butt off to pay for the roof over their head and to survive in a world were they are only three pay cheques away from being booted onto the streets.

The clandestine soothsayers are busily living off the spoils of the men who foolishly paid good money for the self appointed experts to advise them on the DOOM laden future ahead. Icke and Jones are two examples of cretins living off the facade that somehow they see themselves as activists. They are not activists but money making entities that have only ulterior motives to elevate themselves to a status on the backs of lies and deceit. Time to get rid of the con men and disinfo artists who aren't anything like the REAL activists who have lost much of their estate due to the persecution meted out by the masons who control the police, judges and lawyers that ensure the heavy hand of the law crushes dissent. Well for hundreds of years they have done that BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!