Abbey, David Yool 1617 (BA. Oxford, LL.B.; Advocate; Sheriff-Substitute at Airdrie)
Adams, S. L.
Anderson, J. P. (B.A.)
Angus, R. J. (Q.C. Commissioner, Social Security & Child Support Agency)
Appleton, Edward Victor 1622 [Principal University of Edin. (Honorary Member)]
Arbuthnott, Hugh Sinclair 1644 (The Hon. Hugh of Cairnhill, Foreside, by Forfar. Resigned)
Armstrong, Iain G. (Q.C. Advocate Depute, 2000-present; Clerk of Faculty 1995-1999)

Balfour, G. A. J. - See Taprain, Viscount
Barne, Jonathan Michael (Solicitor, Shepherd & Wedderburn, Saltire Court, Edinburgh)
Barnes, E.W.
Barr, Kenneth Glen 1757 (Resigned, Sheriff of South Strathclyde, Dumfries & Galloway)
Bell, John Robin Sinclair 1683 (MBE in 1999 for services to Scottish charities)
Bell, Stewart Edward 1599 (Resigned on departing to Malaya; Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow)
Berry, William 1758 (K.T, Ch.M.B.M. W.S; Dir. Scot. Life, Scot. Amer. Inv., Inchcape)
Bertram, Robert David Darney 1765 (Ptnr, Shep. & Wedd., Monopoly & Mergers Committee)
Bisset, Norman Shirsinger (Solicitor, C.M.S. Cameron McKenna, Aberdeen)
Black, Duncan Ian 1672 (Architect to the Scottish Development Dept.)
Black, R.obert (Q.C., Professor of Law and Head of the Faculty, the University of Edinburgh)
Blackie, J. W. (B.A. LL.B., Prof of Law, University of Strathclyde)
Blackledge, P. V. P. (B.Mus.)
Blair, John Woodman 1733 (Snr. Ptnr. Anderson Strathearn; Dir. Edinburgh Fund Managers Group)
Blair, Robin Orr 1785 (M.A .St Andrews, LL.B. Edinburgh, W.S; Lord Lyon King of Arms)
Bogie, David W. (Sheriff d.)
Boisseau, C. D.
Borden, Frank Harris 1634 (M.A. University of Pennsylvania; A.B. Trinity College, Connecticut)
Bowie, Simon D. R. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Boyd, Kenneth MacKenzie 1753 (M.A. Edin., Theologian, and Author)
Brand, David William Robert 1610 (Resigned, M.A. LL.B. Q.C.; Solicitor General 1970)
Brodie, Jonathan P. (Advocate, Standing Jr. Counsel to Dept. of Soc Sec. & The Bible Board)
Brown, Ewan (C.B.E., M.A., LL.B., C.A., FCIBS, Prof., Ch. H-Watt Univ., Dir. Noble Grossart, Lloyds TSB)
Bruce, Hon Adam R. (Solicitor/Lobbyist, Dir. McGrigor Donald Public Policy; Tory candidate)
Bruce, Michael Stewart Rae 1732 (Lord Marnoch, Law Lord)
Bruce-Gardyne, Charles Evan 1623 (LL.B., Royal Company of Archers; 14th Laird of Middleton)
Bruford, Alan James 1769 (Author of Gaelic Folk Tales, Archivist, School of Scottish Studies Edin. Univ.)
Buchanan, Nigel Walter 1715 (B.A. Oxford; LL.B. W.S.)
Buist, Robert Cochran 1666 (Investment Trust Manager)
Bullick, Peter Maurice 1759 (Resigned, LL.B. Edin., W.S. Solicitor)
de Burgh, H. W. (Prof. Media & Communications, Goldsmiths College, Uni. of London)
Burns, David S. (QC, Advocate Depute 1991-93, Deputy Com. of Soc. Sec., 1998-now, Lockerbie defence lawyer for Megrahi)
Burns, Richard R.J. (B.A. Oxon., LL.B., Dir. Scottish Life, Baillie Gifford & Co., Mid Wynd Inter. Inv. plc., etc)
Butler, L. (B.A. M.A. P.h.D.)
Butter, Peter Herbert 1615 (BA. Oxon; Prof., Lecturer at Edinburgh & Belfast Universities; Author)
Butters, John Anthony Howard 1735 (B.A. Camb; LL.B. Edin., Scot. Valtn. Advisory Council)
Byatt, Andrew Lorne Campbell (Solicitor with Morton Fraser, Edinburgh)

Callendar, Alexander Dougal 1614 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin, W.S.; Captain Q.O.C.H.)
Cameron, Ewan Kennedy 1674 (M.A., LL.B. Edin., W.S.)
Cameron, John Alastair 1776 (Lord Abernethy, Law Lord)
Cameron, J T
Cameron, 1681 Kenneth John (of Lochbroom, Law Lord)
Cameron, N. M.
Campbell, Colin John 1764 (A.R.I.C.S., Q.A.L.A.S., Chartered Surveyor)
Campbell, Hugh H. (QC, F.C.I. Arbitrators, B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin.,)
Campbell, Niall Gordon 1756 (Civil Servant, Head of Justice Dept., Ex-Development Dept., Scot. Off.)
Campbell, R. M. M.
Campbell, William David 1741 (Architect, A.R.I.B.A.;)
Campling, James Robert 1713 (Works Director)
Cavaye, David B. M. (Investment Mgr. Securities Trust Scotland/Martin Currie, Saltire Court)
Chapman Cambell, R. H.
Clarke, John Gwynne 1663 (Resigned, Lecturer in French)
Clarke, Matthew Gerald (Law Lord, Lord Clarke, as QC said Skye toll paperwork was flawless)
Clyde, James John 1688 (Law Lord, Ex-Lord Advocate, son of 1403 & grandson of 1131)
Cohen, Laurence Jonathan 1603 (Lecturer & Fellow, Oxon, Edin., Dundee, St. Ands., Princeton & Harvard)
Considine, Hugh McKay 1601 (Resigned, Edinburgh Academy 1932-37; B.A. Camb. LL.B.)
Cosser, A. J. (LL.B.)
Cowan, Charles David Symington 1602 (Paper Trade; Manufacturing; Stockbroking)
Cowan, John Michael (LL.B., Solicitor, Condies, Perth)
Cowie, William Lorn Kerr 1631 (Law Lord, Lord Cowie)
Craddock, I D
Craig, Maxwell Davidson 1729 (Non-resident, Minister Ch of Scot; Asst. Prin. Min. of Labour)
Craig, T. M. (B.Sc., A.R.C.S.I., G.M.I., Mech.E.)
Crawford, George Douglas 1790 (Journalist, Editor of 'Scotland', Economist, Scot. Coun. Dev. & Ind.)
Crerar, James Drummond 1717 (Solicitor, Dickson McNiven & Dunn, W.S.)
Croker, Patrick Thomas Crofton 1719 (B.A.Oxford, Schoolmaster, Fettes College, 1959-65)
Crole, Robert Lake 1695 (Schoolmaster at Fettes and Geelong G.S.)
Crowther, A. V.
Cullen, W D
Currie, James David Peterkin 1738 (Ship-owner, J.P., Chairman of Jas. Currie & Co., son of 1468)
Curtis, R. S.

Davidson, Charles Kemp 1636 (Law Lord, Lord Davidson)
Davidson, D. (Advocate Donald Davidson?)
Davidson Kelly, C. N.
Dawson, W. A. C.
Derby, Peter Jared 1784 (B.Sc. Queens Univ., Belfast; Master of Worshipful Co. of Actuaries)
Dessain, S. J. F.
Dickson, A. W. M.
Dickson, Robert Hamish 1792 (Sheriff at Airdrie, son of 1483 Sheriff at Hamilton)
Dorman, N. R. V.
Douglas, Hugh Scott 1656 (B.A. Oxon. LL.B. W.S.)
Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Alexander 1772 MSP (QC; Ex-Minister of State, Scot. Office, {Skye Tolls})
Douglas-Home, Rt. Hon. Sir Alec 1755 (Ex-P.M. of the U.K., Ex-Chair Bilderberg Group)
Draper, O. A. T.
Drummond Young, James Edward ( Law Lord, Lord Drummond Young)
Duff, Donald Campbell MacRae 1679 (Resigned 1958)
Duff, Ronald Roxburgh 1728 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B; W.S.)
Duncan, D. M. G. (LL.B.)
Duthie, C. E. (M.A., Spec. Soc. Librarian 2002/3, public apologist)
Dymock, Ian William 1772 (Physician, author of 'Clinical Pharmacology')

Elliot, J. C.
Elliot, Gerald Henry 1640 (Sir Gerald, Royal Co. Archers; Chmn. Christian Salvesen, Forth Ports, etc.)
Elliot, P. R.
Elliott, Walter Archibald 1613 (Q.C. Barrister; Staff Captain Scots Guards)
Elston, David Aitken (Solicitor, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh)
Errington, Humphrey John 1780 (Shipping, then, Cheesemaker, Lanark Blue)
Erskine, Donald Seymour 1652 (Fellow of the Chartered Land Agents Society, estate agent.)

Fairbairn, Sir Nicholas Hardwick 1677 (Solicitor General, 1979-1982)
Ferguson, James G.D. (Ex-Chair. St. Ivory, Ch. Val. & Inc. Trust, Dir. Monks Inv. Trust, Comm. Fund Managers Assoc.)
Fitch, R. E. I. (M.A.)
Ford, P. J. (Dr. Lecturer and Professor at Edin. University)
Forfar, David O. (Sen. Lect. Dep. of Actuarial Maths & Stats. Heriot-Watt Uni., author)
Forman, P M
Foster, A. J. E.
Foulis, Alexander Douglas 1635 (Bookbinder)
Frain-Bell, William J. (Advocate, Tory cand., Mem.Young Int. Arb. Pract. Gp., Ed.Firm Magazine)
Francis, Derick R. Le B (Advocate, member of the English Bar; Registered Insurance Broker)
Fraser, I. A. (M.A., Dir. School of Celtic & Scottish Studies, Univ. of Edin.)
Fraser, Sir John 1590, Bart. (Honorary Member, Principal of the University of Edinburgh)
Fraser, Peter Lovat (Q.C., Sol. Gen. 1982, Lord Fraser of Carmyllie, Lord Advocate 1989)
Fyfe, Norman Alexander (Solicitor Miller Beckett & Jackson, Glasgow)

Galbraith, Norman Dunlop Galloway 1611 (Ship-owner, Sub-Lieutenant, Home Fleet)
Galbraith, William Campbell 1696 (Q.C.; Chair, Tribunal DHSS, 1997; Chair, Tribunal MAFF, 1994)
Gieben, Abraham Herman Cornelius Sinclair 1685 (non-resident Member, M.D. Amsterdam)
Gillies, William (M.A. Edin., B.A. Oxon., Prof. Hd. of Dept. Celtic Studies, Gov. H. & I. Ent.Trust, author)
Godfrey, A. M.
Gotelee, Jonathan (Architect)
Graham, J. A.G. (M.A., M.Phil.)
Grant, D M K
Grant, Douglas 1591 (F.R.S.E.; T.D. Publisher, Brother of 1538; Cousin of 1587)
Grant, Ian Robertson 1587 (B.A. Camb. Antiquarian Bookseller and Editor of the 1968 History)
Grant, Robert William 1740 (C.A. son of 1496 Lord Grant MP, Lord Advocate)
Grant Scott, W. (A Dr W. Grant Scott made submission to City of Edin. Council Dev. Sub- Comm. 23/8/00. Same man?)
Grieve, Christopher Murray 1762 (Hugh MacDairmid - Poet, Honorary Member)
Griffiths, John Robert (Solicitor, W.S., Partner Shep. & Wedd., Chair. Emp. Law Soc. of Scot.) Grossart, Angus McFarlane McLeod 1744 (Ch. Brit. Assts. Trust/ISIS, Noble Grossart, Royal Bank of Scot., Scot. Inv. Trust etc.)
Grossart, Hamish M. (Hamish, Dir. Martin Currie, I&G, Royal Doulton, Cairn Energy, Indigo Vision, Scottish Radio Holdings)
Guest, Simon Edward Graham (Solicitor with Bell & Scott, Edinburgh)
Guild, Ivor Reginald 1588 (Ex-Snr. Prtnr. Shepherd & Wedderburn; Chair Dunedin WWI Trust; etc)

Halblander, C. J. M.
Haldane, James Martin 1754 (KT., Chair. Audit Comm. Univ. Stirling, Dir. Scot. Life, Inv.Cap. Trust/ISIS, C.A. Cheine & Tait)
Hamilton, Arthur Campbell 1793 (Law Lord, Lord Hamilton)
Hammond Chambers, R. A. (Alex, Chair Ivory & Sime, (now ISIS), Dir. Dobbies Gdn. Cntrs., etc.)
Hamnett, Thomas Galloway Ian 1668 (Advocate and lecturer at Edinburgh & Bristol Univs.)
Hardman, J. D.
Harris , P. A.
Harrison, Patrick Kennard 1694 (Principal, Scottish Development Dept.)
Hart, Thomas David Mure 1775 (C.A. in Brewing)
Hayes, James Almand 1768 (Extruded, Graduate of Georgia Military Acad; Theatre Director)
Heath, Peter Laughlan 1659 (B.A. Oxford; Prof. of Philosophy, Univ. of Edin. & Virginia, Author)
Heggie, C. A. (LL.B. Solicitor, Bell & Scott, Edinburgh)
Henderson, William Gebbie 1690 (M.A. Edin., Publisher)
Hennigan, Brian (Writer, Vice-Chair of Mediabase)
Henry, A. C. (Sheriff at Glasgow?)
Hepburn-Scott, Henry Alexander 1585 (Lord Polwarth, Resigned 1947; Governor BOS; Dir. various)
Hodge, Robin M. (Publisher of the List, events guide for Edinburgh & Glasgow)
Hogg, M. A. (Faculty of Law Univ. Edin, co-author Prof. Hector McQueen)
Hollis, Edward C.R. (Architect, Lecturer, Media Arts, Napier Univ., Spec. Soc. Secretary 2002/3)
Holmes, H. M. (of H. H. Holmes, Accountants, specialists in Tax planning, Edinburgh?)
Holroyd, Nicholas W. (Advocate, Ex-tutor Univ. Edin., 'Delict & Civil Court Pt')
Hook, William Thomson 1608 (M.A. LL.B. Edinburgh, Sheriff at Greenock)
Hope, George Archibald 1742 (C.A. apprentice)
Hope, James Arthur David 1750 (Lord Hope of Craighead, Law Lord, son of 1399)
Hope, Hon. J. D. L. (Solicitor, son of Lord Hope of Craighead 1750, grandson of 1399)
Horden, M. J. W.
Huggins, Martin 1777 (Dir. Edinburgh School of English; Business Consultant)
Hunter Gordon, H (B.Sc.; Governor Moray House Institute of Education)

Inglis, James Crawford Roger 1625 (Ptnr. Shep. & Wedd., Dir Royal B.of Scot, Chair. Brit. Ass. Trust; associate of George Bush Snr)
Ingram, Paul Alexander 1616 (Chartered Surveyor; Captain Royal Artillery)
Ingram, Thomas Theodore Scott 1693 (Senior lecturer in Paediatric Neurology and Author)
Ireland, Ronald David 1632 (Q.C., Sheriff Principal, Hon. Prof. of Law Univ. of Aberdeen; Author)
Irvine, R G
Ivory, Brian G. (CBE, Non-Exec. Dir. Halifax/Bank of Scotland, Dir. Scot/Amer. Inv., ex-CEO Highland Distillers)
Ivory, J (B. Comm., C.A., Trustee, Advocates for Animals)

Jauncey, Charles Eliot 1621 (Law Lord, Lord Jauncey of Tullichettle.)
Jenkins, D.H.R. (M.B. Ch.B.)
Johnson, R. E. C. (B.Sc.)
Johnson, Robert Smith 1592 (B.A. Cambridge, LL.B. Glasgow; Advocate Depute)
Johnston, A B M
Johnston, Alan Charles Macpherson 1760 (Law Lord, Lord Johnston)
Johnston, Alastair Graham 1654 (Resigned, M.A.)
Johnstone, John Raymond 1633 (C.A. in Investment Trusts)

Keith, The Hon Henry Shanks 1605 (Law Lord, Lord Keith of Kinkel, d. 2002)
Kelsall, John Ainsworth 1726 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin, Solicitor)
Kenyon-Slaney, Robert Ivan 1653 (Tobacconist & Snuff dealer, ceased to be a member, d.1984)
Kermack, S O
Kerr, Andrew Mark 1771 (B.A. Camb., LL.B. Edin., W.S. Solicitor., Ctte. Memb., Clerk, W.S. Library)
Kerr, Bruce A. (Sheriff at Glasgow, member of Judicial Appointments Board)
Killick, David Henry Rothwell 1749 (Non-Resident, Barrister, Merchant)
Kincade, James 1687 (B.A. Trinity, M.A., B.Litt. Oxford, Teacher)
King Murray - See Murray R J K

Laird, David Logan 1772 (Solicitor with Thorntons W.S. Forfar; Board of Inver Dist. Salmon Fisheries)
Laird, Michael Donald 1636a (Resigned, Michael Laird Partnership, Architects, Edinburgh)
Laird Craig, Adrian J (MD, TM Robertson Wine Cellars Edinburgh, Pres. Inst. Wine & Spirits Scot., Old Stoic)
Lall, Vikram (C.A., Dir. Malcolm Group, Ex-Grampian Holdings, Noble Grossart, Dir. Brewin Dolphin, Member Scottish Industrial Development Advisory Board)
Law, James 1628 (Q.C., Member of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board 1994)
Law, Ralph Hamilton 1680 (Under-Secretary, Dept. of Fisheries, Scotland)
Lawson, K.
Learmonth, Alastair M. (Advocate, Tutor in Evidence, University of Edinburgh)
Learmonth, Ian Robertson 1783 (Stockbroker)
Leckie, P. Ross (Dir. Martin Currie, author of 'Bluff your way in the Classics', journalist 'Scotland on Sunday', Tory candidate, Spec apologist)
Leeming, D. B. B.
Leslie, R. K.
Leslie, William 1658 (B.A. Camb. LL.B. T.D. W.S.)
Liddell, Hamish George MacDuff 1604 (B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin; Ptnr. J&H Mitchell, Perth; cousin of 1594)
Liddell, Andrew Colin MacDuff (Solicitor, J & H Mitchell, Pitlochry)
Lindgren, David I. (Solicitor & Partner, Fyfe Ireland W.S.)
Lockhart, H.
Lorimer, D.
Lorimer, Robert Lewis Campbell 1638 (Author & Publisher, d.1996)
Lothian, Andrew (M A; Sheriff, Lothians & Borders, Edinburgh)
Lowe, Ian Douglas 1761 (M.A. Camb., Dip Agric. Camb., M.B.A. Harvard; Company Director)

McAllister, Richard A. (Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh)
MacAskill, Jamie (Deputy News Editor, Sunday Mail, Scotland)
McCall Smith, R. Alexander {Sandy} (Prof. of Medical Law University of Edinburgh)
MacColl, Gavin L. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
McCosh, W. G.
McCulloch, Andrew Jameson 1766 (of Ardwall, Solicitor, and author of 'Galloway, a land apart')
Macdonald, Alistair Archibald 1660 (Sheriff substitute at Caithness, Orkney, & Zetland)
McDougall, Douglas C.P. (Ex-Prtnr. Baillie/Gifford, Chair. IMRO, Dir. Scot. Inv. Trust, Monks Inv. Trust, etc.)
McEachran, Colin Neil 1789 (QC, Advocate Depute 1974-77; Pres. Pensions Appeal Trib. 1994-present)
McFadden, John Alexander Crawford 1751 (M.A. LL.B. Aberdeen, Solicitor)
MacFarlane, C. W. (Q.C. LL.B., Sheriff of Glasgow & Strathkelvin, at Glasgow)
Macfie, John W.S. (Solicitor, Hon. Sec. Scot. Tartan Soc., Edinburgh)
McGhie, James Marshall (Law Lord, Lord McGhie, Chair. Scottish Land Court, President Lands Tribunal for Scotland)
McInnes, John Colin 1731 (B.A.Ox, LL.B. Edin; Q.C., Sheriff, Mem.Invest. Powers Tribunal)
McIntyre, Robert Gordon 1691 (Executive with Morgan Crucible Co., (US-convicts), son of Lord Sorn)
McIver, Calum Alexander (Solicitor, D. L. A. Scotland, Edinburgh)
Mackay, 1676 James Peter Hymers (Lord Mackay of Clashfearn, Ex- UK Lord Chancellor.) Mackay, Peter 1791 (Sen. Civil Servt. Retd., Dir. Scottish Council Foundation, Dir. several companies)
Mackenzie, J.G. (M.A., LL.B. Cantab., Advocate)
MacKenzie, L. D. M. (M.A. Edinburgh, Director DG XXIII, European Commission (Info Tech)
Mackie, C.A.
Mackie, E. J. (LL.B.)
Mackie, Thorold (Investment Analyst, ING Barings Charterhouse Securities)
Mackness, Robin Frederick Stewart 1743 (B.A. Camb., Importer & Manufacturer)
MacLaren, I F
Maclean of Dochgarroch, Alan
MacLean, Colin P. B. (Dir. British Assets Management Trust, ISIS, MD Scot. Val. Man. Trust, Scottish Provident etc.)
MacLean, Ranald Norman Munro 1736 (Law Lord, Senior Legal rep. of Judicial Appts. Board.)
McLean, Robert Younger 1657 (B.A. Camb., A.M.I.E.E. Electrical Engineer)
MacLehose, D.
McLeod, Hugh Roderick 1675 (B.A. Cambridge; Ship-owner)
McLeod, J. M. N.
McLeod, Norman Donald 1678 (Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow)
McLure, P.L.H (B.A. Oxon. LL.B. W.S.)
MacNaught, R. H. A. (B.A. Oxon., LL.B. Edin., Solicitor)
MacNeill, Calum H S (Q.C., Advocate Depute1998-2001, Edin. Acted v. Skye Toll protesters)
McNeill, James W. (Q.C. Advocates Library, Parliament House)
Macphail, Iain Duncan 1745 (Sheriff Principal, Lothian & Borders)
MacPhee, N. W. M. R.
Macpherson, Robin Ian (Solicitor & Partner, Brodies W.S., Edinburgh)
McVicar, Euan Forbes (Solicitor, Associate, McGrigor Donald, advised Bank of Scot. on PFI)
McVicar, Neil 1589 (M.A., Oxon., LL.B. Edin., Q.C., Chancellor to the Bishop of Edinburgh)
Mair, Hamish J. G. (Dir. Martin Currie Inv. Man. Ltd., Mgr. Martin Currie Return Trust)
Marquis Edward Graham 1607 (M.A. LL.B. Cambridge, practiced as English Solicitor)
Martin, R M
Maxtone Graham, Robert Mungo 1669 (Advocate, author of the Society's literature)
Maxwell, Peter 1618 (Resigned, BA. Oxford, LL.B. Q.C.; grandson of 1027)
Menzies, Duncan Adam Young (Law Lord, Lord Menzies, as QC acted v. Skye toll protesters)
Mercer, Walter M.D. (Advocate, Visit. Lect., Univ. Aber., Mem. Privacy Law Comm., Law Soc.)
Mercer-Wood, S. Z. K.
Michael, P. A.
Millar, Angus George 1641 (Investment Trust Manager)
Milligan, J G
Mitchell, James Lachlan Martin 1643 (Sheriff)
Mitchell, Geoffery D. M. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Moncreiffe of That Ilk, Sir David Gerald 1606 (Bart. & 23rd Laird of Moncreiffe; cousin of 1594)
Moncreiffe, Rupert Iain Kay 1594 (Sir Iain Moncreiffe, MA, LLB. PhD; Brit. Emb. Moscow 1946)
Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Walter William (of Buccleuch & Queensberry)
Moran, Joseph Michael 1612 (Resigned; Draftsman Lord Advocate's Department)
Morison, Alastair Malcolm 1665 (Law Lord, Lord Morison; son of 1417 Sir Ronald Morison)
Morrison, Stephen Andrew Simpson (American Solicitor, regd. w/Law Society of Scotland)
Mowat, Ian Alastair McIvor (Solicitor, Haig-Scott, Edinburgh)
Muir, Andrew Gray 1692 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin., Solicitor; Son of 1442)
Murray, John 1718 (Q.C., F.C.I. Arb; & Professor, Formerly Lord Dervaird, resigned prior to 'Magic Circle')
Murray, J. A. S.
Murray, Ronald James King 1670 (Q.C. MP; Law Lord, Lord Murray; Lord Advocate 1974)
Murray Threapland, A. (M.Sc.)

Nelson, Douglas 1661 (Resigned, M.A., LL.B.)
Nicolson, Harold Alexander 1645 (LL.B. W.S.)
Nimmo Smith, William Austin (Law Lord, Lord Nimmo Smith, Co-author 'magic circle' report)
Noble, Ian Andrew 1782 (Ex-Chair Skye Bridge Co; Ex-Chair Noble Group; Noble Grossart, etc )
Noble, Iain William 1650 (M.A. LL.B. WS)

Oberlander, Jon R. (Dr., Reader in Cog. Science, Div. of Informatics, University of Edin.)
Oddy, Revel 1722 (Assistant Keeper, Royal Scottish Museum)
Ogilvy, F. G. A. (B.Sc.)
O'Neill, Francis 1737 (Life Insurance Manager, Electrical Engineer)
Osborne, Kenneth Hilton 1721 (Law Lord, Lord Osborne)

Packe, T. G. Packe (T.G.Packe, Chartered Surveyors, Linlithgow)
Paterson, John Veitch 1648 (Resigned, Sheriff at Selkirk)
Pearson, Francis Salmon Gillespie 1727 (Resigned, Advocate & Schoolmaster at Harrow)
Pearson, Nigel William 1779 (Solicitor, Rabobank International)
Peck, Julian Forbes Arbuthnott 1626 (Accountant & Co Director, Flemings Merchant Bank)
Penney, Michael Alexander Campbell 1646 (Son of 1394, Auditor to C of S; Nephew of 1454 Planter)
Perfect, Alan Peter George (Resigned)
Perring, C. J.
Peterson, John Murray 1647 (Sheriff)
Phemister, John Clark 1651 (Physician, Resigned)
Prince Philip, 1662 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, K.G. (Honorary Member)
Pierrepont, John 1600 (Resigned, D.F.C; Merchant Taylor and Freeman of the City of London)
Picton-Philips, P. J. C. (M.A.)
Pinkerton, John Macpherson 1767 (B.A.Oxon. LL.B .Edin. Advocate; Auth. Minutebook of the Fac.of Ads)
Pollock, Alexander (Sheriff, Grampian H&I, Aberdeen)
von Poser und Gross Naedlitz, M.
Prenter, Patrick Robert 1752 (B.A., CBE, Hydr.Eng., Ch. Midl. Chamb. Com., P.P.Scot.Eng., Dir.LothH.A)
Prosser, W D

Rackowe, Robin 1712 (B.A .Camb., Pres. International Marine Fisheries Company; Adviser Vietnam Govt.)
Ramsay, Alan Douglas Monro 1723 (of Bowland, B.A. Oxford)
Reid, Ainslie Macdonald (Solicitor Dundas & Wilson, CS, Saltire Court, 20 Castle Terrace, Edin.)
Reid, Richard R. (Advocate)
Rennie, Archibald Louden 1682 (Priv. Secy. to Secy. of State 1962-63; Ass. Secy. to S.H. & H. Dept.)
Rice, P A
Richardson, M. H.
Riddiough, Ralph Leigh (Solicitor, Fyfe Ireland W.S., Edinburgh)
Risk, M. J. R.
de Roeck, R. S.
Robertson, I M
Robertson, R. B.
Robertson, William Brian (Solicitor, of Lindsays W.S., Edinburgh)
Robinson, D B
Rose, Morris James Alexander 1624 (Sheriff)
Ross, Donald MacArthur 1642 (Ex-Lord Just. Clerk, V-Pres. RSE; Resgd., Architect of JAB)
Ross, D M
Ross, Sinclair Alexander 1763 (Solicitor, Russell & Aitken, Falkirk)
Rowe, J E R (B.L.)

Sadler, David Gerald 1746 (B.A. Oxford, W.S.)
Salveson, Andrew E. H. (Board of Grampian Enterprise, 1995-98)
Sambrook, Harold Keith 1673 (M.A. Camb. Publisher)
Scott, Malcolm C. N. (Q.C., Director, Mid Wynd Int. Inv. Trust/Baillie Gifford)
Scott Moncrieff, John Kenneth (Solicitor, Murray Beath Murray W.S. Edinburgh)
Shearer, I. G.
Shewan, A.
Simpson, David Macdonald 1794 (B.A. Oxon., F.F.I., Actuary, Memb. Disc. Comm. Fac. of Ads.)
Simpson, Philip J. D. (Advocate, 'Chapters in a History of Private Law in Scotland', etc.)
Simpson, Patrick William (C.A., Dep. Chair. Edin. New Town Cons. Trust, son of 1285, brother of 1581, nephew of 1302 & 1381)
Smelt, J. C.
Smith, Alastair Melville John (Solicitor to the Advocate General)
Smith, G. T. E.
Smith Ralph A., (QC. Advocate Depute 1994-95{ad-hoc}, Jr. Counsel to Lord Pres. 1998-99)
Smith, Ronald Elsworth 1786 (B.A. De Pavio, M.A. Edin., Dip. Ed., Philosopher)
Smith, Thomas Brown 1595 (Broun Smith, Prof. of Law at Aberdeen & Edin; author of law books)
Speirs, John Garret 1749 (Non-Resident, Oxford M.B.A., Industrial Engineer)
Spence, M. A.
Staniforth, John Broke Duncan 1781 (Marketing)
St Clair, D. M.
St Clair, J. B. (Advocate, Co-author 'Law of Corporate Insolvency-Scotland' w/Lord Drummond Young)
St John, Edmund Oliver 1649 (B.L. W.S.; Member of Rent Assessment Panel for Scotland 1994-95)
Steel, William Macpherson 1596 (B.L. Edin. W.S.)
Stein, Colin Norman Ralph (BA (Hons), LL.B., Sheriff of Tayside Central & Fife at Arbroath)
Stevenson, P. D. (Director of British Energy, {currently enjoying 650m public overdraft})
Stevenson-Hamilton, A. J.
Stewart, David Logan (B.A. Cantab. LL.B. W.S. Solicitor Morton Fraser)
Stewart, Keith D. (Advocate, Edinburgh)
Stewart, Quintin Kennedy 1734 (B.L Edin. Solicitor; Secy., Scotch Whisky Association1997.)
Stewart, William Ian 1629 (Sir William, Pres. R.S.E.; Q.C., Solicitor General 1972)
Stirling, John Boyd (Solicitor with Bennet & Robertson, Edinburgh)
Strachan, Michael Francis 1586 (B.A.Camb. MBE. Ship-owner, Salmonier Shipping Company)
Strachan, Timothy Warren 1639 (Clerk of the Faculty of Advocates, 1958-67)
Strang Steel, Malcolm Graham (Solicitor with Turcan Connell W.S. Princes Exchange)
Stuart, Alexander John Mackenzie 1620 (BA. Camb. LL.B. Edin.Advocate; Captain Royal Engineers)
Stuart, Michael Albert ,(B.A. LL.B. Solicitor, Maclay Murray Spens)
Sutherland, Alister Macdonald 1716 (Solicitor, Burness W.S. & Sec. Leven Dist. Salm. Fish. Board)
Swan, G. N. I.
Swann, Michael 1778 (Professor, Principal University of Edinburgh. Honorary)

Taggart, C. A.
Tait, Ivan Ballantyne 1720 (Surgeon F.R.C.S.E., F.R.C.S. Eng.)
Tart, A. K.
Taylor, J. S.
Thin, Douglas Ainslie 1714 (Bookseller & Publisher)
Thompson, J. B. S. (LL.B.)
Thomson, B. J. P.
Thomson, Gordon Graham Turner (BA. Camb.; Printer, schoolmaster, & television producer)
Thomson, Nigel Earnest Drummond 1684 (Advocate & Author, Sheriff-Substitute at Hamilton)
Thomson, William Ronald Erskine 1770 (Ch. British Assets Trust, Charlotte Sq., Dir. ISIS Trust etc)
Tindall, B. H. Tindall (Lecturer in Architecture University of Edinburgh)
Tindley, P. J.
Todd, D. W. S.
Topping, Michael Robert 1739 (M.A., LL.B. lecturer in law Edinburgh University; Prof. Addis Ababa)
Traprain, Viscount 1724 (4th Earl of Balfour, Gerald Arthur James Balfour, JP {of Whittinghame}.)
Tyndall, Mark R.J. (Founder of Artemis Unit Trust Managers)
Tytherleigh-Strong, G. M. (Physician, granted non-residing privileges)

Upton, Michael G. J. (Advocate)
Urquhart, Ronald MacDuff 1664 (B.A. Oxford, LL.B. Edin., T.D. W.S)
Usher, Harry Graham 1730 (B.A.Camb., Merchant)

Vink, Peter Hendrik Johan de 1787 (Peter de Vink, Financier; Mem. S.I.A.B; M.D. of E.F.G.H; etc)
Voelcker, Richard Paul 1689 (Resigned, M.A. Agriculturist)

Wailes-Fairbairn, N W
Walker, Michael James 1725 (Ch. J.Walker Timber, Aberforth S L plc, Dir. Lothian Health Board.)
Walker, Nigel David 1671 (M.A. Oxon, Ph.D. Edin., Ass. Sec. Scottish Home & Health Dept.; Author)
Walker, William MacLelland 1667 (Q.C., Social Security & Child Support Commissioner)
Ward, Max C.B. (Ex-Scottish Mortgage, Manager Baillie Gifford, Scot. Investment Trust, etc.)
Warner, Graeme C. (Sheriff, Grampian H&I, Aberdeen)
Waterlow, Simon Gordon 1747 (Non-Resident, B.A. Camb., Printer)
Watson, John Donald Mackenzie 1627 (C.A.)
Watt, Edward Bruce (Solicitor, Henderson Boyd Jackson W.S., Edinburgh)
Watt, B. T.
Watt, Robert James Gordon 1655 (B.A. Camb.LL.B. WS.)
Wedderburn, Thomas MacLaglan 1598 (B.A. Camb., C.A., W.S., brother of 1517)
Weir, D B
Weir, Evan Hugh 1637 (B.A. Cambridge, LL.B, W.S.)
West, David Alexander 1686 (B.A. Camb., Lecturer in Humanity Edin., Author)
Wheatley, M. R. P. H. D.
Whiteman, R. D. (M.Phil., Minister of the Scottish Episcopalian Church)
Wilberforce, R. W.
Wilkins, R. M. (B.A., MSc)
Willey, G. J.
Wilson, Calum S. (Advocate, Advocates Library, Parliament House)
Wilson, Ian William Scott (Master Printer, President, Junior Chamber Scotland, 1952-53)
Wood, Malcolm James (Solicitor with Standard Life Assurance Co.)
Wood, Thomas Andrew Urquhart 1609 (B.A. Oxon. Advocate; Sheriff-Substitute at Glasgow)
Wright, J. G. L. (member, Friends of Dundee City Archives)
Wright, John N. (QC, Dep. Commnr., Soc. Sec. Child Supp; Mem. Lands Tribunal for Scot. )

Young, Sir Stephen Stewart Templeton (Sheriff Principal, North Strathclyde, Trinity Coll., Ox.)
Younger, Robert Edward Gilmour 1788 (The Hon. Sheriff of Tayside Central & Fife)

Dated List of Members who have been admitted to 'Honorary Privileges'.

12 October 1954 HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh*

2 July 1975 Ivor Guild

2 July 1975 Professor Alan Watson*

15 October 1980 Sir John Burnett*^

16 December 1987 Sir David Smith*^

23 June 1989 Rt Hon Lord Mackay of Clashfern PC

9 February 1994 Professor Geoffrey Barrow*

29 November 1995 Professor Sir Stewart Sutherland*^

13 January 1999 Allan Massie*

10 January 2001 Rt Hon Lord Hope of Craighead PC

13 March 2002 Very Rev Gilleasbuig MacMillan*

* Not previously Members of the Society
^ Principals of Edinburgh University