A twisted media with a twisted mindset


We have been following the compliant media in the last few weeks and how unitedly they paint pictures of events that mask or distract from the truth of what is really going on . Further investigations into Jimmy Savile, who was revered in the establishment rags until his death, has thrown up some more interesting facts about London and the elitist clubs that harbour devious minds like Savile.

The Antheneaum Club is one example of how scumbags like Savile with ego's to match get into self appointed elitist clubs that serve not only their ego's but the ruling royal mafia and due to their status, well above their intellect, are used to influence the peasants and how scumbags like Savile could get nominated for membership. The Antheneaum club was anguished at later revelations that Savile was finally exposed in the establishment rags as a serial paedo who rampaged across Britain getting away with an extraordinary amount of vile sleaze and yet protected by those same influencers throughout his career. see HERE .

The VILE Desmond controlled Daily Star paid gushing tributes to Savile on his death HERE .

The VILE Harmsworth controlled Daily Rat paid the same gushing tributes HERE .

As did the VILE Barclay Brothers controlled Telegraph HERE.

who despite praising his talents, with many people over decades wondered what they actually were, mentioned the fact that

"Savile always claimed that the key to his success on Jim’ll Fix It was that he actually disliked children, although in later years he maintained that he had offered this explanation to allay any untoward suspicions that he liked them too much. Rumours of under-age sex circulated for some years, although the fact that no allegations of impropriety ever appeared in print seemed to confirm Savile’s own insistence that he had “no past, no nothing”. "

As well as

" In later years he even refused to have a computer in his home, explaining that he did not want anybody thinking he was downloading child pornography. "

So despite all of Britain's rags providing glowing obituaries there were hints they already knew a lot of Savile's dark history but refused to blow the whistle and they are all complicit in his crimes against children. Other interesting facts came out in the Telegraph in that Savile's outlandish claim that he set up the world's first disco in a freemason hall in Leeds

"in an upstairs room in Leeds owned by the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, where customers were charged a shilling each to dance to records by Glenn Miller and Harry James. "

Later pictures of Savile's jewellery and his masonic burial showed he was steeped in freemasonry and used those connections to get promoted to Mecca ballroom manager and with a long trail of positions that many ordinary UK punters would struggle to get into and in the end Savile himself was nothing more than ordinary but with the ability to get extraordinary positions of power, influence and money. Using them to always promote the royal parasite and her Downing street lackeys like Margaret Thatcher at every opportunity. Savile's history shows how a twisted media, who can either promote those working for the British establishment even if they have a sordid dark past behind the cameras while they will with enormous venom attack, for decades, anyone who dares rock the establishment boat.

The most recent events of this week show that in action and primarily a major distraction from where many supposed global terror threats have originated and NOT where those rags are pointing the sheeple towards with incessant coverage that no doubt will still be hitting their front pages for months to come.