Racist lawyer controlling Womens Aid gets the boot

Katie Ghose. Footage emerged of her praising Ukip’s Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell

Maybe one of the most VILE organisations on the planet with lawyers / lesbians running the show and trying to suggest they HELP 'vulnerable' women when they USE ex-wives for their own extreme feminist ends. The latest sacking of a racist leaning lawyer Katie Ghose only confirms what we have been exposing for decades a very nasty blot on the British landscape that needs exposed and severed. Men have been blatantly smeared in reports these evil witches supply to courts as if they are telling the truth when all it does is aid the corrupt lawyers and judges running those courts for their own and the Crown's self enrichment schemes.

Women's Aid chief Katie Ghose steps down after publicly praising Ukip

News of her comments sparked outrage from black and ethnic minority groups and others

The chief executive of Women’s Aid, Katie Ghose, is stepping down from the domestic abuse charity after complaints from black and minority ethnic women’s refuges about her public praise for Ukip. London Black Women’s Project wrote to Women’s Aid this month calling on the charity to remove Ghose from her post after video footage was circulated on Twitter showing her praising Ukip’s “passion for a new way of doing politics”, referring to Douglas Carswell as “an outstanding MP” and lauding Nigel Farage.

Several other groups also expressed anger at Ghose’s comments, made at the Ukip annual conference in September 2015 when she was the chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society, demanding that Women’s Aid take action because they considered her views on race made her “untenable as a CEO of Women’s Aid”. That same month at a fringe event organised by the society at the party’s conference in Doncaster, the Electoral Reform Society hosted the former Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins who said she “wouldn’t mind” if the House of Lords was gassed. Ghose does not appear to intervene or challenge Hopkins about her remarks in the video.

Amrit Wilson, former board member of Imkaan, a Black, South Asian and minority ethnic women’s organisation dedicated to combating violence against women, who shared the videos on Twitter, welcomed Ghose’s departure from Women’s Aid. She said: “I welcome it but Women’s Aid needs to question why this happened and make sure that future appointments are not only carefully vetted but given to people with substantial experience of the women’s sector.”

Aaliyah Davis, of the direct action group Sisters Uncut, said she felt that although Ghose was acting in her capacity as the chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society at the Ukip conference, her praise for the party had “overstepped the mark”. “We were deeply concerned at the kind of language she was using. It felt like she was trying to garner support from Ukip. I and other members of Sisters Uncut feel she overstepped the mark saying that Ukip had been robbed and rightly there should be more Ukip MPs and it flies in the face of her position at Women’s Aid.”

Davis said Ukip’s xenophobia and racism meant that Ghose’s behaviour was “shocking”, considering she would be appointed to lead the UK’s biggest domestic violence charity that has to represent migrant women and BAME women. “She didn’t need to say these things. It’s surprising this didn’t come up in the recruitment process – it feels like feminism has taken a back seat.” In a statement, Women’s Aid said Ghose was leaving “by mutual agreement with the charity’s board.

It added: “Katie, as chief executive, has led Women’s Aid through a period of growth in our profile, impact and partnerships. She has achieved a huge amount in her time with us and brought her considerable leadership abilities to achieve influence in Whitehall and Westminster. The trustees thank her for her commitment, hard work and professionalism and wish her the best for the future.” The charity said it could not comment further for legal reasons.

  • How could a cheerleader for Ukip ever become CEO of Women’s Aid?
  • The untold truth about Women’s Shelters (That some of the women associated with running the shelters are lesbian and make sexually advances to new women who come to the shelter)
    WOMENS AID Womens Aid who only see bad in good men and good in evil women

    Without a doubt one of the most vile organisations on this planet are WOMEN'S AID.

    Bugger all to do with helping women and plenty to do with providing the ammunition for crooked CROWN divorce judges and lawyers to help themselves to mens' assets, homes and children. Also to aid the golddiggers who make themselves millionaire's on the back of laws instigated and operated by freemasons who totally control the legal system.

    Women's aid is full of man hating lesbians only to happy to provide really dodgy reports for crooked lawyers and their massive claims for legal aid . Rubber stamped within the legal aid offices by homosexuals like Douglas Haggarty who enjoy the company of rent boys . Lawyers who are homosexuals, lesbians and radical feminists who fund, behind the scenes, these supposed independent organisations who are a front for massive fraud and corruption and the excuse to help relieve men of their hard earned wealth.

    The BBC are forever giving platforms to these odious groups who, through government subsidies, make a living from defaming, denigrating and smearing men as the bad boys come divorce time. For to long men have been shafted by a conspiracy that encompasses some of the most vile individuals on the planet starting at Queen Lizzie and down through her command center at the United Grand Lodge of England to the Duke of Kunt who masterminds the judicial mafia in a global sting that makes all other thievery pale next to what these evil bastards get up to on a daily basis.

    Destroying men for profit has been the age old way the ruling mafia have profited from the machinations of the law that they themselves do not follow. Princess Diana was a perfect example of how despite being married to the second richest despot on the planet after MUMMY she walked away with a fraction of what she should have been entitled to under the modern tyranny of divorce. It would be an interesting scenario to see what Old Phil the Greek would get if he decided at his ripe old age to divorce Lizzie.

    All of her wealth held in TRUST to ensure NO ONE absolutely NO ONE can touch her with a barge pole and the fact she controls every last one of her freemason controlled judicial mafia NO ONE has a hope in hell of taking her to court in HER MAJESTY'S courts and for her pleasure. We have no democracy when a single individual is free from being dragged into the very hell holes all the rest of the peasants are finished off in just to keep her and her ilk in the lifestyle SHE thinks she deserves. A revolution is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG overdue.

  • Women's Aid support claims of abuse on CBB show despite a known liar Roxanne Pallett making the claim(Roxanne's a known, compulsive liar)
  • Tracy Beaker star Connor Byrne, 55, has claimed Celebrity Big Brother housemate Roxanne Pallett, 35, falsely accused him of violence when they worked in panto together last year
  • Former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett has apologised and said she "got it wrong" on CBB

    Pallett CRAWLED back on CBB tonight after she walked off claiming she had been physically assaulted now admits it was a fiction drummed up in her head. She even admits she has worked with Womens Aid who groom women to believe they are victims of BAD men when they are being psychologically brainwashed to destroy men they cross paths with. Pallett is only ONE of thousands of women who will go to any lengths to destroy a mans life and career supported by the lesbians and lawyers running Womens Aid, running up huge legal aid bills in the process that men have to pick up the tab for into the £MILLIONS!!!!!!!!

    Former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett has apologised and said she "got it wrong" after she claimed that actor Ryan Thomas punched her in the Celebrity Big Brother house (While evil Womens Aid backed her to the HILT a known LIAR)

    Roxanne Pallett's apology over CBB 'punch' row slammed by Ryan Thomas's brother

    The brother of Ryan Thomas has blasted Roxanne Pallett's appearance on Jeremy Vine's new talk show this morning, branding the interview 'pathetic'.

    Former Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett has apologised and said she "got it wrong" after she claimed that actor Ryan Thomas punched her in the Celebrity Big Brother house. But the brother of Ryan Thomas has blasted Roxanne Pallett's appearance on Jeremy Vine's new talk show this morning, branding the interview 'pathetic'.

    The actress previously alleged Thomas "punched me like a boxer would punch a bag" but has now said she could see his actions were not deliberate. In her first interview after quitting the reality show on Saturday, she told Channel 5's Jeremy Vine: "At the time it hurt. But when I looked back on that footage as soon as I left the house - the first thing I did was view that clip - and I got it wrong, I really got it wrong. "After it happened I just felt like, I don't know how to explain... my mind ran away with me.

    "I'm a sensitive person, my friends and family can vow to that, everything in that house was so heightened, a look, a comment, an action. "Your insecurities are heightened, your sensitivities, the only thing I can explain is it was, in the moment, it felt worse than it was.

    "I can't prove a feeling. I can't show you a feeling. It was the word 'deliberately' that I regret." Adam Thomas is not going to be forgiving her any time soon.

    The Waterloo Road and Emmerdale actor tweeted: "Jeremy vine to [sic] scared to speak up too pc pathetic interview !! ... to everyone that knows her and knows the real her and the lies and the stories she has spun for several years it is so frustrating to watch ... good scene tho Rox annnddd cut!!" Coronation Street star Thomas was left in tears after Pallett claimed he hurt her by punching her, which many viewers defended as merely play fighting. She said: "I massively apologise to not just Ryan but to his family and friends and his fans and every single person who watched that and completely and justifiably saw an over-reaction to what wasn't a malicious act.

    "In that moment, because I am sensitive and I was emotional, I mistook what was playful. "He did apologise, and he did say his ring caught me. It was the word 'deliberate' that I regret because I doubted his intention and there was no malicious intention behind that and that is what I apologise for because I shouldn't have questioned his motivation."

    When Vine said if there had not been cameras there to show what happened, the accusation could have ended his career, Pallett said: "He couldn't disprove his intention and I couldn't disprove or prove a feeling. "But since I've been out of the house the first thing I did was look at the clip and speak to my family and reflect in a normal environment, because it wasn't a normal environment.

    "My judgment was clouded, my sensitivity was heightened, I wasn't thinking straight and that is something I'm going to have to go away and work on to become a better person." Speaking about the impact the incident could have on victims of abuse, she said: "I've actually been a victim of domestic violence years ago, I've spoken out about this briefly.

    "I've worked with Women's Aid because of my own experience and perhaps they were right in their recent comment that my reaction is perhaps a telltale sign of that fact that I have been in a situation like that in my life. "I have become conditioned, I am over-sensitive to certain things because of things like that, but I am devastated and would be mortified to think that even one person out there felt that I had discredited or undermined abuse because that was not my intention."

    Pallett said she has had to go off Twitter because of the abuse she has received online, saying: "I've had to take a massive step back from everything in my life, I can't look at it. "But I don't blame everyone, I understand, if I had been at home watching this I would have been confused by my reaction." Pallett denied suggestions she was doing the interview in order to protect her career.

    She said: "I chose to be here today. In fact I was advised not to. I'm not getting paid for this interview, I wasn't told to do this interview. In fact it's been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, to come here today. "It's affected my family, my friends, people that have detached themselves from me. This is my reality now. I'm here today to acknowledge a mistake."

    Pallett also responded to further allegations made by her former co-stars against her, saying: "I think we all make friends and enemies along the way in life and in jobs. "Unfortunately when you make mistakes there's a lot of people who want to contribute to the backlash."

  • While Pallett has been widely denounced for undermining genuine victims of domestic violence, the charity Women’s Aid has supported her
  • Lunatics at Womens Aid back lying devious Pallett for claiming violence when there was none (This is the same lawyer run mob whose statements are read in court every day by crooked lawyers using their support of devious women to fleece their ex husbands)
  • Roxanne Pallett cries (wolf) and calls herself ‘the most hated girl in Britain’ as she admits she’s scared about her future after Ryan Thomas punch row (Lying devious Womens Aid lackeys getting their day)
  • Celebrity Big Brother’s Ben Jardine slams Roxanne Pallett as ‘cold and calculated’ after manipulating him over Ryan Thomas punch scandal
  • Lorraine Kelly urges Roxanne Pallett to seek help and ‘get her head straight’ after accusing Ryan Thomas of punching her in Celebrity Big Brother (Sam Attwater who played Leon Small on EastEnders in 2010 – branded Roxanne “dangerous” and said she was the one who "hit him")
  • CBB’s Roxanne Pallett slammed by TWENTY of her ex-Emmerdale co-stars who back Ryan Thomas over ‘punch’ row
  • Emma Willis admits Roxanne Pallett interview was ‘uncomfortable’ as Rylan Clark-Neal brands her fake (How a lying bitch can destroy a man's career in one solitary unsubstantiated allegation of violence. Many divorcing men face homelessness, pennilessness and childlessness on the back of these vile lies perpetuated by crooked lawyers and with Womens Aid backing)
  • Ryan Thomas’ brother Scott thanks Emma Willis for ‘not holding back’ during Roxanne Pallett interview on CBB
  • Roxanne Pallett exposes how her claims of violence are demands for POWER AND CONTROL (Britain's judicial and legal mafia's use claims of violence to demand POWER AND CONTROL over mens estates)
  • Women's Aid support claims of abuse on CBB show despite a known liar Roxanne Pallett making the claim(Roxanne's a known, compulsive liar)
  • Tracy Beaker star Connor Byrne, 55, has claimed Celebrity Big Brother housemate Roxanne Pallett, 35, falsely accused him of violence when they worked in panto together last year
  • CBB exit of Roxanne’s ‘mockery of victims of abuse’ (You can find the same bullshit every day in divorce courts by the lying witches bleeding their former husbands using victim status)